Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2013 on FOX

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  • WTF has gone wrong with this show?

    Season 1 was intriguing - Jake making what appeared to be random connections, bringing people and events together across the globe. Not too much violence. Each episode stood on its own. Then there's season 2. A serial story that makes sense only if you watch each ever increasingly violent episode. How is it that the bad guy can survive a 1/2 dozen 9mm shots to the chest followed by a 4 story fall? The writing has squarely moved from fantasy to bullsh*t. I'm about done with this series. I can watch Dexter & Sons of Anarchy when I want violence. This show used to be cerebral, now it's just crap. Oh, and someone find Kiefer his inhaler. He get out of breath just walking across the kitchen. what's up with that?
  • Touch is getting darker and "broken"...

    The light side and the humour were the things I was enjoying the most (back in Season 1).

    The writers/producers are moving further and further into "24" territory and characters are making stupid choices all episode long (Lucy most of all)...

    it's a pity and leaves me frustrated. Why go from being mostly uplifting to mostly bringing down? There's enough of that on TV already.

  • Almost back

    I almost lost it over the last episodes. The way Lucy acted might have been the actions of a mother, but they were to gross to be a good part of the story. This episde made maore sense. This season is not as good as the first one. All theose interconnecting persons with their problems and Jake making it right in some way was far more attractive then this season. Almost no problem solving except for their won and no comic relief like the Japanese girls last year. I'll hang on another few episdes probably.
  • Touch season 2 not nearly as good as season 1

    Okay, I've generally enjoyed this season, but not nearly as much as the first season. They have changed the format of this show and is just this stupid conspiracy etc. and NONE of the "we're all one" from last season where all the story lines from people all over the world would some how intertwine. I LOVED the Japanese girls with the cell phone. Last year was magic. This year is ho hum.

    But this latest episode is a new low in this season I think. they're after Jake. And they ALMOST find Amelia AGAIN but don't. Give me a break. I can get this on any show. Bring back the Touch of last year.
  • Broken

    Broken was a perfectly entertaining episode of Touch. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written , there was lots of character growth and plot development. It was interesting to see Lucy make the choices she did. It was great to get more depth in more characters. I liked how everything played out. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • From clever to stinky

    What has happened to this show. The first season was good even though it was not perfect. I loved how everything was entwined with things Jake did. But then this season came along and it has become a big mess. This Amelia arc has gotten on my last nerve, after this weeks episode I don't think I will watch it any more, which is a pitty since I have invested my time watching this from the beginning. I can't stand this evil priest arc either it is annoying the crap out of me too. Why did they take a fare show and turn it into irritating story lines, with nothing but Jake's dad and Amelia's mom running around almost saving her but not quite doing it by the end of the episode. I am really hating this foolishness of a a shame, because I did like this show until it became such a mess. I really don't see it making it past this season. It has just become silly and boring.