Season 2 Episode 5

Eye to Eye

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 01, 2013 on FOX

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  • Great

    Great episode.. Loved it

    Nicely done! It was really close to getting Amelia then [boom!] Calvin ,his brother, and his mom took her and ripped her straight out of Lucy's arm after 3 years. I REALLY didn't like them doing tat to Lucy and Amelia. oh before I forget, go to and go to clips I really recommend that you watch the 4 episode clips from broken they are really good! I love touch!
  • Nicely done Eye to Eye...

    They were sooooo close could see her daughter standing three years searching, it was finally Till that old (nice acting) hag and her son took her almost jumped off my seat of Damn damn and damn!!!!

    What's his name, killed that he is nothing but a common that he is on a mission, but he is already sidepathed the Hope someone kills him the same way, he keeps killing people.....

    Can't this all is going to end this good job
  • Eye to Eye

    Eye to Eye was a perfect and very exciting episode of Touch! I really enjoyed watching because there was lots of suspense, drama and intrigue. The character growth was awesome and the plot development was well paced. There were some interesting revelations and some questioning their path. I liked how everything played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!

    I actually laughed watching Kiefer Sutherland yell that. Welcome back, Jack Bauer.

    No but seriously, I totally think Sutherland deserves to have a career after 24 but I can't help but to think he was either miscast in this role or just too rigidly typecast as Bauer.

    Every time his character is stressed or on the offensive, all us viewers - or at least me - see is his Jack Bauer-mode, muttering "damn it" between his teeth or something similar - which is in part aggravated by the fact that his physical appearance is almost exactly like on 24, sans the bullet-proof vest . They should've at least dyed his hair or let him grow a beard.

    I'm not criticizing Sutherlands acting, on the contrary I'm amazed at the array of emotions he's able to display and he's doing some solid work here. I just feel that the "against-all-odds lonely hero" theme is a little too close to 24 for Sutherland to be the perrfect choice to star.

    Apart from that, I'm enjoying the second season of Touch more than the first. So far, I think that the shift in focus towards conspiracies involving evil corporations, supergifted children and religious fanatics are a welcome inprovement over the feel-good "Two totally unconnected and miserable people across the globe can miraculously connect and improve their lives. Awww!"-episodes that was season 1. Remains to see where this takes us. Speaking of religious fanatics searching the globe for divine purpose, someone call Mikael Nyqvist. I hear his out of a job, maybe we could see him on Touch yet. :)
  • Really Close This Time

    Amazing episode. Jake and Amelia really understand each other and more Martin did the right choices in this episode, but Lucy make terrible choices and now the trust between both is really close to breaking.

    Plus: I read people complain about Amelia not escape and try to find his mommy, I think is because is not the right time, if you understand Touch so you know is all about destiny and connections to make things better for the greater good.