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Official discussion thread: "Safety in Numbers" - Spoilers

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    [1]Mar 28, 2012
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    Please discuss "Safety in Numbers" in this thread. Thanks.
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    [2]Mar 29, 2012
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    This has got to be one of my favorite episodes of this series so far!! I absolutely loved it, loved it even more than the pilot, and the episode before that too. It seems as though the storylines that weaved together this episode seemed that much more fantastic, and that much more heartfelt and meaningful than the earlier ones. I think it's the whole "invisible prince," storyline, as well as the dance battle. Way cool!

    I loved watching the girl in her red dress, meet up with those asian girls from the pilot, and then the finding of the phone left behind. And Ooooh, I love watching Twitch in t.v. shows. The dancer, known as "Beastmaster," auditioned on So You Think You Can Dance, on Fox, several seasons ago, and he's been a staple on their programming for a few seasons now, I think last I saw him he was on Bones. Love that it was a little boy that beat him out, and the boy was pretty good too!!

    I loved that storyline, with the sister trying to rescue her friend from the man that beat her, and her final stand for her, and the women in the village joining her... and the girl in the red dress meeting up with the dancer on the hill, that was so sweet! What a great story, it really brought tears to my eyes tonight.

    I'm curious how, and forgive me because I'm not that familiar with all the characters' names, but danny glover's character knows the director of the facility that Jake is staying in...

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    [3]Mar 30, 2012
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    Well, this episode was a definite improvement from the previous ones. Pretty much everything was better now, from writing to the overall pacing of the episode. Could've used a few less lines of "He's trying to communicate" at the start of the episode, but I guess it's to get the new viewers on track.

    I'm certainly going to watch the fourth episode, if the series keeps improving like this I'll stick around for the whole season.

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    [4]Apr 1, 2012
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    Enjoying the series so far but one minor gripe and one question about this episode:

    1 minor gripe: this plot is more than a little bit of a rip off of the Fisher King. I'll leave it at that as it's not a complete crib and you could just say that some of the ideas have been 'borrowed'.

    1 question. Have raised this in the thread about the opening episode but I really don't get the premise of the mobile phone being deliberately passed around the globe. If I accept that this goes on I don't quite understand how the phone from the pilot is still floating around now, given that it was probably sent back to it's owner after it swapped for a new oven in Baghdad and must have been wiped given the dialogue of the bombers? The only explanation that I can think is happening here is that events we've seen in earlier episodes from outside of the Kiefer/Martin centred story are still unfolding while we're watching the episodes, i.e. the ending we've viewed in the pilot hasn't happened yet in episode 3. Hope that makes sense. Any thoughts would be welcomed :-)

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    I never thought of that question will you brought it up...the mobile phone was in the hands of the kid with the bomb in episode 1...the asian girls had given away possession of the in E 3, how on earth did they have it back??? maybe i missed something lol
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