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Official discussion thread: "Tessellations" - Spoilers

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    Please discuss "Tessellations" in this thread. Thanks.
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    Very good episode again. I really like this series. The episode had a lot of small revelations about the big conspiracy and I'm loving this story line. So bad the finale is nly in two weeks. I hate mini hiatus. xD

    I've read some reviews though andI don't understand why all the hate with this show.You guys are only pushing it to it's cancellation next year.Then you complain that Fox is bad and cancels everything, but you guys made them do it afterall.

    Fox already pushed the second season to Fridays, the death slot. That didn't help Fringe and sure will not help Touch. I hope the show gets at least a proper series finale when they cancel it. If you guys keep acting like this on every episode Touch will never get past second season.

    I hope I'm wrong though. Keifer Sutterland is a great actor and I love seeing him in the screen again, after watching all seasons of 24, I really missed him.

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