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FOX (ended 2013)

Season 2 postponed until January 2013!

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    antdude wrote:

    bumped to January for Gordon fracking Ramsay, are you kidding me?!?! I hate Fox as a network, right up to Rupert Murdoch himself, for the sake of the greater good...but every time I think I've run out of reasons to hate them, they throw me another one. Let's face it, the very subject matter of shows like Touch is incompatible with most of the dumbed-down, cookie-cutter, "reality tv" programming that still dominates the airwaves after all these years...I just want to watch my show, on the originally scheduled date, I don't need another screaming old know-it-all blowhard on my screen. It's no wonder I find myself watching tv less and less in favor of online content...I guess we should just be thankful they didn't cancel it yet. Idiots.
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