Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2013 on FOX

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  • Touch

    I am a teenager and I love Touch... whoever said it is bad just doesn't understand it.
  • Yup worst episode so far

    This show is definitely starting to get on my nerves, not entertained but irritated especially after he cops a spanner numerous times, knifed in leg, shot with a full mag, dropped from the roof all to walk away showing his Kevlar DUH! Gimme a break how stupid do the writers think we all are? There wont be a 3rd season pretty much guaranteed here, so they might as well start planning its ending and give us a good one. ok so how many hands down do I deserve for this truth?
  • Worst episode so far

    The most unlikely series of events took place in this episode. I know it's TV, but make some attempt to make the plot and action a little believable. It's not 24! (I love and miss that show). For example, in the past, Guillermo has been shown to be very patient before killing his victim. Not this time. Guillermo found out where Jake was and instead of tailing Jake and Martin to wait and attack when Jake was more isolated or more easier to get to, Guillermo decided to try killing the boy at a crowded place. He cut off the electricity, but they still had light. You would think they would be safe. Nope. Producers/writers had to make Jake run in the dark and go somewhere isolated. Also in this episode, Guillermo killed innocent/non-gifted people. I guess that rule got tossed. He got beat up and injured numerous times. He was stabbed and shot repeatedly and fell off the roof. However, despite all that, he got up and walked away. We then find out he was wearing a vest. But why was he? Does he always wear a vest when he goes to slit people's throat? I don't think so. I guess he was just in the mood that night. I just wished the writers and producers had taken a bit more effort and thought into the episode. It seems like they were trying to make the episode action-packed and rushed things. I really liked season 1, but I fear season 2 is going downhill. At least we learnt more about Jake's and Amelia's abilities and more about Guillermo. That was good.
  • The Good and the Bad

    AS tv shows goes in general "Ghost" was an excellent thriller episode to entertain viewers mid-season. It had the mysterious storm, a maniacal murder, tension, and it all built up to a climactic encounter that left viewers sitting on the edge of their seats. But, unfortunately, as Touch episodes go, the episode appears to represent the full extent of the deviation the show has taken from it's original premise.

    The first season of Touch was set around a sequence of numbers, and a numerically gifted child who understood these numbers, and whose duty it was to make slight adjustments to events so that greater events occurred. The first season did this very well up to the end, and the multiple simultaneous plots made for very enjoyable viewing. The show kept you thinking about how the plots would be linked and how different characters would recur later on (The Japanese girls, the mobile phone). The series was also always prefeaced by Jake monologuing about some aspect of science, and how numbers were related to it, but also how the matter he was discussing could be applied to humans, through the plot of the story. All in all an well thought out concept, and very well balanced if you enjoyed tv shows that kept you thinking, and got you to learn things, and consider things.

    This season has taken a different turn, and for obvious reasons. It is clear from seeing which tv show genres have become popular recently, that tv audiences these days like to watch tv shows about people doing stupid things, stuff blowing up, and all in all stereotypical testosterome driven rubbish tv. Touch initially tried going against this observation, but as of season 2 seems to have decided there are not enough people out there who want to see more than celebrity scandal when they turn on tv. So, the show took a much more action drama twist. All of a sudden Jake is now part of some religious belief, and is revered by people as a member of "the 36". Furthermore, as hinted in previous episodes and evidenced in this one, he is also psychic, super powerful, and has the ability to use some derivation of "the force" to make other members of "the 36" to have emotional breakdowns. This supernatural element that has been introduced to the show is probably the main thing that has pissed me off..... it's like the writers are falling back on whatever they can to keep the show afloat, and it's not on. If the ship is going down it's a shame, but let it go down with at least some of the qualities it started with.

    Also, for all his ability to predict the future through numbers, apparently Jake's powers are brought to a halt if he runs out of paper and pens... which seems ridiculous. Up until recently Jake has been a character that is only present in body in the show... which uniquely worked for this show. He was clearly above the fear and the chaos of the world, and for the most part he found comfort in his numerical pattern. But in this episode Jake is reduced to a mortal. He expresses fear for his own safety and wellbeing, but not for any of the people who died to keep him alive. He cowers and hides. He impulsively and naively hides behind things, and he starts mistaking numbers (not quite sure how he can mess up something he innately knows, but ok?) The humanising of this character takes away the mystery and awe we have for me, and takes from the essence of the show.

    But as I said, this episode had guns, murders, murderers, lots of blood, a dark storm, and a confrontation scene with Kiefer Sutherland beating into a random priest he found on top of a building. That priest then up and walks away from about a half dozen bullets to the chest, and a dive off a building.
  • Ghosts

    Ghosts was a very interesting episode of Touch. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character growth and plot progression. This episode marks a few revelations about Jake and the other 36 as he and Amelia demonstrate more exceptional abilities. There was lots of action and suspense as a killer stalked a darkened building. I liked how everything played out and hope the revealed abilities of Jake and Amelia are handled wisely. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Touch has lost its touch

    I'm about having it with Touch now. The Guillermo character is a living phenomen. Not only took he some severe beating with a pipe wrench which should have made anyone inoperable. He also took some beating man to man and got shot nine times before he took a 20 feet dive onto a car below. Did it hurt him? Not much. He's like Superman. I can see this cat and mouse game go on for the remainder of the season but by I will be long gone by then. Sad to see a good show degenerate. Especially when season 1 was so promising. I feel confident the show will be canned after this season.
  • Booooooooooooooooooooooom!

    For the best episode of the season so far, very suspenseful, very dark and Martin save Jake are the best parts.