Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 10, 2013 on FOX

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  • A Satisfying Resolution and A Glimmer of what Could have been.

    I was pretty apprehensive in watching in this episode as I saw the news on here that Fox cancelled Touch, and was afraid there was going to be a freaking cliffhanger that would piss me off knowing I would never get a resolution. But to my surprise everything wrapped up nicely with a bow and there still was a small cliffhanger but nothing that would causing me to have to sleepless nights wracking my brain about what could have been.

    I wish Fox would have at least given Touch a third season so the characters could have been fleshed out even more and I would love to have seen Amelia get back with her dad. It seemed Tim Kring must have seen the Grim Reaper coming for his show to have wrapped up the main story thread for Season 2 in 'Leviathan'. It was actually a very good episode for a 'series finale' and I feel very gratified watching compared to other shows that were cancelled prematurely ahem 'Firefly' and 'Dark Angel'.

    Touch provided a great opportunity for Kiefer to step out of the shoes of Jack Bauer and into a new role and I believe he really came into the character and I especially loved the nod to Jack with tonight's torture scene but now it looks like Kiefer will be stepping back into Jack Bauer's boots again with the announced possibility of a 24 Mini-Series whoo hoo!!

    Like I mentioned earlier I would love to have seen a 3rd Season of Touch but to anyone who's on the fence about watching this episode take the dive and enjoy!!!