Season 1 Episode 9

Music of the Spheres

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 10, 2012 on FOX
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    Touch: A Peek Behind the Veil

    We got quite a bit of backstory in “Music of the Spheres.” It was a long time coming and I appreciated it.

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    Martin exposes a dishonest parole officer who is forcing his parolees to commit crimes and a Brazilian street musician tries to win the heart of a beautiful woman by using his guitar. Meanwhile, Jake bonds with another boy who is unable to speak as Martin and Clea uncover new information about Amelia.


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    • Music of the Spheres

      Music of the Spheres was another perfect and very entertaining episode of Touch. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was interesting to see how Elliott was taking care of his brother Andre and being used by a corrupt probation officer. The stories were well written and the actors were amazing. I liked how every thing played out. I liked that Clea stood up to her boss and questioned her. So far I have shed tears during every episode. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
    • Interesting again!

      Another pretty interesting OTouch episode. This time, I was multi-tasking and watching it, but I still really enjoyed it. There was suspesne with the gun scene, there was intrigue with the love storyline and there was a fair bit of drama as well.

      I absolutely loved how everything resolved itself! Absolutely amazing!

      I'm really loving this show, and I hope the producers keep producing such amazing episodes! Keep it up!!! :)moreless
    Scott Michael Campbell

    Scott Michael Campbell

    John Tenney

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    Louis Ferreira


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    Tre C. Roberts

    Andre Demar

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    Roxana Brusso

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    Bodhi Elfman

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      • Avram: Kabbalah calls them Lamed-Vav Tzadikim, the 36 righteous ones. God will allow humankind to exist as long as there are 36 righteous people in the world. These hidden 36, no one knows who they are. But they walk among us, blessed with the capacity to feel the suffering of the entire human race. And they work to alleviate that suffering, to make small changes to the spinning of the Earth. To repair the universe, if you will.
        Martin: Do you think Jake is one of these 36?
        Avram: Yes. Unless he's not. Who knows? Might just be hooey, some words written in an old book.

      • Elliot: What's the matter with the kid?
        Martin: Excuse me?
        Elliot: Why doesn't he talk?
        Martin: He's different. He uses numbers to talk. Why would you ask me that?
        Elliot: My brother doesn't talk either. Maybe he could show my brother how to talk with numbers too.

      • Clea: Hey. How'd it go?
        Martin: You were right. All I had to do is say the magic three words.
        Clea: "Legal physical custody" strikes fear in the heart of every social worker.

      • Jake: (closing narration) The Earth, as it rotates, emits a frequency, a musical note at 7.83 hertz. But this frequency alters slightly for reasons as yet uncertain. Some postulate solar flares as the cause, or electrical disturbance in the atmosphere. But maybe there's a simpler explanation. Maybe the sound of the planet is influenced by the 7 billion souls whirring around it. Each producing their own music, adding their own harmony.

      • Jake: (opening narration) The chromatic scale consists of 12 tones arranged in time and sequence. These 12 simple tones create an infinite variety of music. Harmony and dissonance,tension and resolution; all can be described by the mathematical ratios between tones. If we could translate all ratios into sound, we could hear the music of the spheres, a sound as immense, as powerful as the universe itself. As quiet as a single stone. As beguiling as the human heart. For some, music elevates the spirit to a place of transcendent beauty. Others simply hear the beauty in the numbers themselves.

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      • Original International Air Dates:
        Canada: May 10, 2012 on Global
        Norway: May 21, 2012 on TV2
        United Kingdom: May 22, 2012 on Sky1/Sky 1 HD
        Australia: June 17, 2012 on TEN
        Finland: December 4, 2012 on MTV3

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