Season 1 Episode 7

Noosphere Rising

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2012 on FOX
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Martin tries to locate Arthur Teller's mysterious workshop and ends up playing high-stakes poker with another professor. Meanwhile, a young man in Italy is assisted by a video blogger who creates a viral video to track down a woman the man had known only briefly. A city slicker who plans to sell off his dead father's ranch in Australia learns a lesson from a horse that makes him appreciate the country life his father chose. Much to Martin's chagrin, Martin's sister-in-law, Abigail Kelsey, visits Clea and Jake at the boarding facility.


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  • Major mistake in this episode

    Some people commented on a mistake in the numbers on the blackboard (which I think was actually intentional as Jake fills it in later on in another episode), but the MAJOR error in this episode that bothered me greatly was that Martin found an unconscious man and responded ENTIRELY wrong. First finding someone unconscious and being unable to walk them is a very serious life threatening situation and he should have immediately called 911 not pressed redial. Secondly, when a diabetic is unconscious a hypoglycemic crisis is WAY more commonly the cause than a hyperglycemia one. If hypoglycemia is the cause then injecting insulin would have killed him. NEVER INJECT INSULIN INTO AN UNCONSCIOUS DIABETIC!!! This is a major flaw on the part of the writers and I am surprised that no one corrected that before it got to production. (I seriously hope that there are no diabetics in the crew for this show! Cause apparently no one there is properly trained in first aid!) What Martin should have looked for would have been glucose tablets (not that that is a proper response either as you really shouldn't try to put anything into an unconscious person's mouth) Giving sugar to someone whose blood sugar is high is far less dangerous than giving insulin to someone who's blood sugar is to low. Not to mention that insulin needs to be carefully regulated and not just injected by someone who doesn't know the proper amount to give! The what he should have been injecting IF he was going to inject anything would be glucagon not insulin...

  • End of the series for me

    "Science can't explain it but religion can... it's called prayer" I think Sutherland should go back to killing people in spy shows.

    "This number sequence is an algorithm"

    "We can't see the patterns in nature" Actually... we are really really good at this.... Fibonacci's book was written 1202.

    The show want's to use science when it's convenient or sounds good to do so, but is primarily a subtle anti science show.moreless
  • Noosphere Rising

    Noosphere Rising was a perfect episode of Touch. This episode had amazing stories and lots of feel good moments. It was interesting to see Abigail who came to seek custody of Jake to protect him, though she didn't say from what. A little air of mystery was definitely in the air. I liked how Clea was protective of Jake. Martin goes on a quest to discover Arthur's work and meets interesting people tied into other plot lines. I loved Natalie's story the best and how she found her love after all. It was funny to see city slicker son trying to ride his fathers horse. I love the way this show makes you feel when viewing it. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Very good episode! But I also noticed that mistake. :)

    Well I also picked up on the mistake that Martin should've written the number 6 prior to the 1188. :P It's a shame they messed that up, because the rest of the episode was rather flawless.

    I thought the story with the video blogger Natalie was really very cute and well done! I love how it went and how it ifinished!!!

    The other storylines were also good, and I enjoyed the poker scenes. The story with Logan and Stacy were well done,, and I wonder what Martin will discover in Teller's place!

    Also, Sarah's sister shows up, and that could complicate things... should be interesting for sure!

    Keep up the high standard of episodes, Touch!!! :)moreless
  • Good show, found mistake?

    I like the show and this episode. Was there a mistake? Should Martin have written the numbers 6 1188 instead of just 1188?
Catherine Dent

Catherine Dent

Abigail Kelsey

Guest Star

Eyal Podell

Eyal Podell

Professor Logan Coteweiler

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Deidrie Henry

Deidrie Henry

Maggie Miller

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    • Natalie: Daryl called me. He said that I was making a fool out of myself with these videos and the whole thing was silly and uncool. Well, nobody's ever accused me of being cool. I was imagining what it must be like to have someone search for me like that. Fly across the ocean to meet me on my birthday.

    • Jake: (opening narration) Numbers are constant. Until they're not. Our inability to influence outcome is the great equalizer. Makes the world fair. Computers generate random numbers in an attempt to glean meaning out of probability. Endless numerical sequences lacking any pattern. But during a cataclysmic global event, tsunami, earthquake, the attacks of 9/11, these random numbers suddenly stop being random. As our collective consciousness synchronizes, so do the numbers. Science can't explain the phenomenon, but religion does. It's called prayer. A collective request, sent up in unison. A shared hope. Numbers are constant, until they're not.

    • Jake: (closing monologue) During cataclysmic global events, our collective consciousness synchronizes. So do the numeric sequences created by random-number generators. Science can't explain the phenomenon, but religion does. It's called prayer. A collective request sent up in unison. A shared hope, fear relieved, a life spared. Numbers are constant, until they're not. In times of tragedy, times of collective joy, in these brief moments, it is only the shared emotional experience that makes the world seem less random.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: April 26, 2012 on Global
      United Kingdom: May 1, 2012 on Sky1/Sky 1 HD
      Norway: May 7, 2012 on TV2
      Australia: June 3, 2012 on TEN
      Finland: November 20, 2012 on MTV3


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