Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 22, 2013 on FOX
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  • Lucy, really dead?

    Maybe Lucy's not really dead. We actually didn't see the shooting, only heard a shot an assumed she's dead. Maybe she'll surface later, injured. I love this program! I hope it doesn't get cancelled.
  • Touched

    could be a lot of things i could say about this episode, but it doesn't all compare to the end of the episode, where Lucy get killed! The moment they were about to separate, i knew something was going to happen. Jake and Amelia, should have stayed are strong when they are could have done

    I wonder what is going to happen to love this show, but to be honest, i loved the first season more then this one is so focused on Amelia and the killer...

    First season, you saw people all over the world, connecting in one way or the was awesome to only connection i saw this episode was the was helping Calvin and his dad helping Martin and i like about the series to find out that the dad is the father of the like this series it!!!moreless
  • Terrible and Sad Ending...

    I have to say that was really ad and disturbing - I could believe they killed her off. I was hoping that both Jake and Amelia and their respective parents would work together to bring down the bad characters in the show. Although the show is now more exciting with a story-line to it - I have to say that it is turning out more like 24 - I cannot help but think Keifer is more like Jack Bauer than a simple father. I am enjoying this show but that ending was really hard to take, after all that time searching for her daughter she gets killed.moreless
  • Really Martin?

    I was really disturbed by ending. Why he didn't get her to safety before he let them go and how Jake didn't stop them seems against all we have been led to believe about seeing the future and the kids powers. Did I miss something?
  • Touch.

    As i said before i knew Tony was behind Amelia's kidnapping & Calvin's mother being murdered, as for the Teller Institute where Tony had Amelia, it was really too good to be true. Lucy & Amelia just getting away like that, the four of them should've stayed together, but it was not meant to be. From what i heard Maria Bello didn't want to do another season, so they killed her character off, which is such a shame. (I Love This Show, But The Ratings Dont Look So Good).moreless

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