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  • Widower Martin Baum learns that his eleven year-old son son Jake has a unique gift. This gift leads father and son on a series of adventures.

    I can't say I was a huge fan of "Touch" but I can say I liked it enough to have watched the show from the beginning and stayed with it for its entire two year run. What drew me to watch the show every week was its very unique premise. It is a very clever idea that made the show worth your time. It was almost like "Muder, She Wrote" in the sense that each episode had its own mystery and the viewer became interested in seeing the mystery solved. Another positive aspect is the show's cast. Emmy winner Keifer Sutherland was very good as Martin Baum. David Mazouz was just as good, if not better as Martin's gifted son. Mazouz had probably the most difficult and challenging role in the whole series and he met that challenge quite well. He was very convincing in his role. The second and final season was better than the first in that it was more entertaing and had better characters. It's unfortunate that "Touch" did not have a large enough audience to run longer, but the two seasons that it did have were quite good.