Season 2 Episode 10

Two of a Kind

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2013 on FOX

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  • Touch is a gem of a show

    I absolutely love this show, and am praying that Fox will renew it. If not, then another network definitely should pick it up. It's so nice to have a show that is a little different than all the other shows on TV.
  • Fighting the Good Fight, Dying the Slow Death

    I will be honest, I did not hate this episode, but at the same time a lot of it made very clear to me a fact that I have been trying to deny for a while now, this show is on it's last legs, it is the victim of a suicide by sellout.

    I liked how this episode tried to get back to it's roots after spending so much time just showing Kiefer Sutherland in dramatic situations and attacking people. Granted there was still some of that in this episode, but thankfully it was minimal and artistically placed, so did not take from the plot as a whole. They brought back some of the earlier characters, and gave them connected story arcs, which I felt was a nice nod back to series one, and definitely led to me enjoying this episode more than if that aspect of the story was not there.

    Sadly, the episode was not without it's flaws. First and foremost, and I cannot stress this enough, JAKE DOES NOT TALK, HE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO TALK. This show was developed around the premise that the child does not speak, he is so overwhelmed by whatever god-given perception of the world that he either cannot or chooses not to speak, and moreover, that he only does things to fulfil a grand design, to make things happen as they are supposed to. That did not happen here. Somehow, Jake's using of the cipher caused him to briefly develop a fever, which then miraculously and inexplicably disappeared the next day. Nevertheless, something about this fever granted Jake the gift of the gab, and allowed him to tell his father to "find him". Now a) what a ridiculously cryptic first thing to tell your father, b) saying that had no impact on the flow of events, and therefore merits as nothing more than tangible proof that society has beaten the incredible out of Jake, and he is becoming "normal", and c) JAKE DOES NOT SPEAK. They can't pitch an entire tv series around a child who see's things in numbers but doesn't speak, and then decide the child should speak towards the end of season 2. I'm sure that was supposed to be some kind of "aww" moment where we all get a tear in our eyes because of the significance of the moment, and how it hints at there some day existing a happy, vocal, baum family. Sad to say, this story shouldn't end with a "happily ever after" ending, sorry Martin Baum, or Martin Bishop, but it doesn't. An ending with Jake talking and all that would just be a defeat so far as I can see it.

    I like that they brought Avram back, he was a good character, and has played his secondary role well throughout the series. But saying that, a devoutly religious man meets 2 children who are the physical proof that his belief in a God is correct, follows them on a bus to the airport, and then loses them to get phone signal? And furthermore, if he does believe that Amelia and Jake have been chosen by god, why was he so willing to just go on home and wait for them, when it was an all too real possibility that the man who had attacked him before, could have been about to murder them at that same moment? Seems a bit selfish.

    They brought Jake's super secret telepathy back in this episode, which I was less than thrilled about. For all of the spirituality that has been brought into the series this season (not thrilled about that either, but that's a story for another day) the powers have at least been explicable; the person is gifted with the ability to perceive these numbers in some form or another, they are also given an intense passion for one particular field/speciality (architecture, mathematics, fluid dynamics, archeology) much in the same way a "prodigy" or a "savant" might be. This passion is then reinforced by the existence of the numbers within all things, and thus they have a deeper understanding of their field than most people. All copacetic here. But why is god also selectively giving some of them telepathy? And surely if Jake can talk to any of the 36 when they are in close proximity, he could have warned the rest of the 36? Put some notice up on the telepathic notice board saying "hey guys, watch out for European with religious blade and a hunting dagger, he's bad news"? But no, instead he chooses to use his inexplicable gift to just mess with and traumatise Guillermo.

    For all of my ranting about this episode, it did have some good parts to it, and it did give a bit of a nod back to the original way the series was done, which I also enjoyed. Still, this episode does represent the coming inevitable end of the series, and that is something that saddens me greatly.

    This show will be missed when it is gone
  • Lamed Vav

    Good episode. The 36 is not a new concept to me. I have known of it for many years. In Hebrew they are called the Lamed Vav or Nistarim (Hidden Ones). There is much on the internet about the Lamed Vav. Search for Tzadikim Nistarim

    PS. I am fluent in the Hebrew language ancient and modern, written and spoken.

    I look forward to the remaining episodes. I feel this will be the last season and I hope and trust they will end it well with a deserving ending.
  • There is more then only three episodes to tell

    I liked this episode. It gave us some insights in the developemnet of Jake and gave new insides in Amelia. Setting up so many new things means that not everything can be resolved in three episodes. There probably is a link between 'the nest of seven' and the (now) seven (out of 36) in the sleeping clinic. What will happen if seven get together? There must be some more on the Ortiz story then just killing. Who is 'The one'?

    And, I'm not sure Lucy is dead. This show always gave us a view of the killed, but not with Lucy. We heard a shot, we heard of a body found in a car but we never saw her dead. So, she'll probably return in episode 13.
  • Two of a Kind

    Two of a Kind was a superb and very entertaining episode of Touch. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of suspense, character growth and intrigue. Guillermo was on the hunt as Jake and Avrim find Amelia and try to save a life. Martin figures things out and gets to where he needs to be. I couldn't believe Avrim would leave the kids for a cell signal but it worked out. Calvin made an interesting choice. I was surprised at how things played out. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
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