Touché Turtle and Dum Dum

Season 2 Episode 16

Red Riding Hoodlum

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 10, 1963 on

Episode Recap

Little Red Riding Hood calls Touche Turtle to help her. She need to get to her Grandma's house and there is a wolf in the woods waiting for her. Touche leaps into action and Dum Dum follows.

Touche finds the wolf and chases him off and thinks that his job is done. Dum Dum informs him that according to the story , the wolf is headed for Grandma's house. They race to get there and make it before the wolf does. Touche dresses up like Grandma and they put Grandma in the closet. The wolf comes along and Touche starts to chase him around with his sword. The phone rings and Grandma has let herself out of the closet and answers it. It is Red Riding Hood and Grandma tells her to hurry on over.

Touche forgets where they were and the wolf tricks him into giving him the sword and now the wolf starts chasing Touche around. Red Riding Hood comes in with the basket of goodies and the wolf grabs it. Grandma chases him with a shotgun and now Touche says that their job is done.