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Tess (Della Reese, The Royal Family) and Monica (Roma Downey, A Woman Named Jackie) are two angels sent to earth to help people with their problems. Helping them are Andrew and the new angel, Gloria.

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    • a memorable show

      I love this show and has always been amazed by the main casts and guest stars who have acted on each episodes and of course, Roma Downey who played Monica very well on each episodes - she's so talented. I also love the angels of death's role (Andrew) whom was portrayed by John Dye. Touch of an Angel is the kind of show that has a special gift for touching and inspiring people that are surrounded by the show. This is the show that will be forever missed and thankfully, I saw this being sold yourdvdcorner .com . Well, I received a good copy with great quality. I'm glad that I can watch this again during my leisure time because this show is very interesting! Moreover it is packed with all the complete episodes from the whole 9 Seasons of this show! Watching this inspirational TV series will make you witness how important life is, so let's treasure every moment like what this show taught us.moreless
    • Thank you

      Love this show!!! Thank you for making me a better christian.
    • love is filled

      love the show i believe in the love of our lord I have found the theme song of TBAA in a local shop a mate has bought the first epizode for me I've been watching TBAA every morning when I can. Going to church I believe. Thankyou
    • A wonderful show which never loses its appeal, no matter how often you watch it.

      When Roma Downey, Della Reese and John Dye, among several others, burst onto our screens as angels, sent by God to help Man find his way in life, who would have thought it would have been such a success.

      From its beginnings in 1994, this show set the bar high and yet managed to reach it just about every week. Sweet, coffee-loving, gentle Monica was almost the opposite of no nonsense Tess and both were beautifully balanced by others such as Andrew, the compassionate Angel of Death and the young Raphael who was always there to lend a hand.

      Regardless of the subject matter, each episode was written, directed and acted in a caring, sensitive manner which always made it a joy to turn on your television.

      If you haven't seen this excellent show, then do yourself a favour and tune in.

    • The show sends an incomplete message.

      I've been watching the reruns for a couple months now and have really enjoyed them. I think it's a great story line and very moving. Della Reese and Roma Downey are wonderful together. The only part that really bothers me and the reason I would stop watching is they leave out our Savior. They only mention God and I have never once heard them mention His Son Jesus. Since the only way to Heaven and to God is through Jesus this is really disappointing and I believe it sends the wrong message. John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. It's great acting and good story lines but unfortunate they leave out the most important part of salvation.moreless

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