Touched by an Angel

CBS (ended 2003)




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    • Psalm 151
      Psalm 151
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      Monica, Tess, and Andrew celebrate Monica's 100th assignment with a cake in a park. In the same park Audrey, a single mother who writes commercial jingles, celebrates her son Petey's birthday. Petey tries to blow out the candles but is racked with coughing, an effect of his disease, Cystic Fibrosis. Monica arrives at Petey and Audrey's home as a prospective border she meets Celine, Petey's best friend who is Celine Dion's number one fan. Celine introduces Monica to Audrey and Monica moves into their home. Petey plays a song for Monica on tape that Audrey began to write when Petey was born but has since been unable to finish. When he collapses on his way home from school, Petey is rushed to the hospital where, upon his release, he and Celine overhear some nurses saying he doesn't have much time left to live. Petey tells his mother, who is having trouble accepting the fate of her little boy, that when he dies, he wants to die at home. Petey, with Monica's help, begins to compile a list of things he wants to do before he dies. His items include: Learn to play the piano, find a home for Fluffy (his pet iguana), find someone to sing with Mom, find someone to shovel the snow. With Tess and Andrew's help these things come to pass (Tess agrees to take care of the iguana). Petey and the angels move on to more tricky items on the list, including introducing Celine to the real Celine Dion. Celine is blindfolded and taken to a concert hall to meet Celine Dion in her dressing room before the show. Celine Dion tells Petey and Celine, who is in shock, that she will sing a special song for them. Later during the concert she sings "Love Can move Mountains" to the children. At the end of the concert Petey becomes very sick and, at the hospital, Audrey comes to the realization that her son will soon die. Celine, with Tess' help, resolves to help make it possible for Petey to die at home, another item on his list, and they visit the HMO in hopes of getting a medical waiver allowing this. When they are denied Tess demands to see the manager, who happens to be Celine's father. when he says he cannot make an exception to a rule, even for Petey, Celine returns to his office in a gown and pearls, and sings "Love Can Move Mountains." She pleads with her father to prove he loves Petey and he pulls some strings. Petey is brought home and, while he sleeps, Audrey discovers his list, including that wish that Audrey would finish her song. Audrey tries to finish the song, but breaks down in tears when she can't get past the first verse. Monica reveals herself to Audrey, comforts her, and asks her to tell the whole world about Petey's love with her song. Audrey works all night to finish the song, and in the morning wakes Petey, telling him to cross that item off his list. Petey is taken outside to find many neighbors gathered to perform Audrey's finished song, "The 151st Psalm," the main chorus is which proclaims. "For as long as I shall live I will testify to love!" Petey tells Andrew, "It is finished," and the young boy dies as the crowd continues to sing his song. Monica crosses the final item off Petey's list: "Go to Heaven."moreless
    • Godspeed
      Season 5 - Episode 26
      Major Josie Saunders grew up reading all about Charles Lindbergh. It was Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic, along with Josie's own desire to make her mother proud, that fueled her drive to join the Air Force and later NASA. When, just a few days before her first mission to space, Josie learns from a NASA P.R. man, Andrew, that her mother has died, the frightening reality of what she's about the do hits home. When she returns home for the funeral and joins her fellow astronauts, we learn that one of the mission's Capcoms, Greg, is Josie's husband. In a private moment, he expresses some concern about her emotional readiness for the mission. He rightly asses that she might be angry and a little scared, but she denies it. Then she meets Diana, a brave little girl with brain cancer, who asks her to deliver a letter to God while she is in space. Josie becomes suddenly awkward and ends her time with Diana, throwing the letter away. Later, she tells Greg the truth. "I don't know where my courage comes from. I don't even know if I ever had it." She is afraid. One night, Diana's words echo in her dreams "What if something goes wrong?" When she wakes up screaming, Tess a NASA nurse, comforts her and we learn that while Josie loved her mother deeply, they did not really see eye-to-eye. Her mother had a strong faith, but since the death of her father, Josie had given up on God. She had always just wanted to show her mother what she could do by herself, without God, without prayer, like Lindbergh crossing the Atlantic. Tess assures her that Lindbergh was never alone and begins to tell the story of Lucky Lindy as Josie has never heard it before. But she only gets so far before Josie falls asleep. On the day of the mission, Josie meets Sally Ride, who does much to comfort her, and Tess does her part too. She tells Josie that Lindbergh was visited by an angel during his historic flight, and that it was God who got him through, not just his own ability. Josie reminds Tess that she does not believe in God and goes to the shuttle angry, if not quite so scared. The mission goes smoothly until the spacewalk for which Josie had trained so hard. Her tether breaks and then communication is lost, and as she floats off into the dark, soundless solitude of space, the real fear sets in. But she is visited by Monica, Lindbergh's angel, who tells her to tether herself to God, and to trust him in prayer. She gives her Diana's letter, which Josie finally "delivers" to God. Communication is restored and as the shuttle comes to get her she asks Greg, back at mission control, if Diana is there. She is, he assures her, Andrew has made sure of that. Josie tells Diana, "I can't be with you during the surgery, but I'll be praying for you. Every day. Just like my mother prayed for me.moreless
    • I Will Walk With You (1)
      Season 9 - Episode 21
      Monica meets Tess in the desert, at the same bus stop where she began her job as a case worker. It is from this, the place where her first assignment began, where she will take on her final one. If all goes well, Monica will advance from caseworker to supervisor. She can't wait to get started, so that she can start work as supervisor at Tess's side. But Tess tells her that it won't be that way. She's put in for a new position as well, back in heaven sitting at God's feet and singing his praises. She hasn't been training Monica to be her partner, she's been training her to be her replacement. Monica is upset to hear the news, but her goodbye is cut short by the arrival of the bus. She climbs aboard, wondering where she is going and what her assignment will bring. On board she meets Zack, a traveling handyman, seemingly without a care in the world. She asks where he's going and he tells her he's going where she is, Ascension, Colorado, the bus's final stop. When they finally arrive in Ascension, they are greeted by a feeling that something is missing. It doesn't take them long to discover that thing that it absent, is the children. There are no kids here, but there is plenty of evidence that they once were. Bikes lay discarded beside the diner, toy trucks, lie in the grass by the school, and joyless adults wander through their days pondering the emptiness in their lives. Two years prior all of the children were killed when the school's boiler exploded. Now, the only thing the adults want more than to forget, is justice for the person responsible. It turns out there was a witness to the whole thing, Joey Machulis, one of Monica's former assignments. And he's not the only familiar face in town. His brother, Wayne, is the sheriff, and Sophie, a formerly homeless acquaintance of Monica's is here too. Also, Mike, a big time lawyer who Monica saved during her search and rescue days, is the Mayor. Knowing that there is no such thing as coincidence, Monica tries to figure out what she is doing here and how she can help. The answer soon becomes clear, as Carver, an out town developer, claims to have seen Zack somewhere before. In fact, it was by the school the day of the explosion. Such a small claim, from an unreliable source, is all the grieving townspeople need to become incensed. While there is little justification, their small world turns on its end, and suddenly everyone is looking at Zack as a killer of children. Monica is astounded.moreless
    • Fool For Love
      Fool For Love
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      Sara Parker, a successful big city District Attorney, is forced to some to terms with her past when an ex-boyfriend, Jesse, is arrested and she must interrogate him. Rather than face Jesse, who still has some strange kind of hold over her, Sara retreats to a pub for some sanctuary. Monica who is waiting tables at the bar while Tess serves drinks, offers to listen to Sara's story. Sara is reluctant at first, but then proceeds to tell Monica her story of ten years ago. As 17 year-old high schooler, Sara meets Jesse, a handsome troublemaker. Much to her mother's disdain, Sara and Jesse fall in love and, when he suggests they move to California to start a new life, Sara agrees. Sara is worried when she finds a gun in Jesse's glove compartment, but when Jesse says it's for protection she's too blinded by love to disagree. Soon, however, their money runs out, their relationship sours, and to take matters worse Sara learns she is four months pregnant. In order to get some money Jesse robs a liquor store. Sara meets Andrew who, posing as a hitchhiker, tries to convince her to return home. Sara, unwilling to admit she has made a mistake, stays with Jesse. The baby is born at a motel and Sara names her Abby. Sara and Jesse meet Sam, posing as a motel owner, who lets them stay at his motel and offers to let Sara phone home. A furious Jesse refuses and storms out of the room. When he returns, Jesse is in a much better mood and explains to Sara that he met a man who sells babies on the black market, and who will give them $10,000 for Abby. Sara is horrified and rather than let this happen, she takes Abby while Jesse is asleep, and leaves her in a church sanctuary with a note. Sara has a change of heart and realizes she can't leave her baby, but when she returns to the church Abby has already been taken. When Sara goes back to Jesse he hits her and leaves. Sam takes care of Sara, helping her to get back on her feet, and ultimately through law school. Back in the present-day, Sara admits to Monica that Sam was the closest thing to an angel she has ever known. Monica tells her that she's right, that Sam is an angel, and that her Tess, and Andrew are angels as well. Sara can't believe that God can love her after all that she has done, but Monica reminds her of the prodigal son and how God waits for his children to return. Sara admits that she wants to return to both God and to her home, and with this choice Jesse's spell over her is broken. When she returns home, Sara's mother is overjoyed, but tells her of a little girl named Abby, whom Andrew had brought to her ten years ago, after she was abandoned in a church. Having reunited Sara with both her mother and daughter, the angels drive off, their mission complete.moreless
    • There, But For the Grace of God
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Monica is stripped of her angelic powers to help a proud, homeless man named Pete. She also befriends Sophie and Zack a Desert Storm vet. Monica realizes that she has stood judgement on homeless people and after a prayer she washes Pete's feet. Sophis is reunited with her family. Zack trades his Marine corp rine for Pete's wifes ashes and a quarter to call home. With God's help Pete is able to go to Colorado to spread his wifes ashes.moreless
    • The Pact
      The Pact
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      The angels arrive at a camp for HIV positive teenage girls to find two veterans, Nikki and Erin picking on the "newbies" Melanie, Kim, and Abby. Acting as counselors, the angels get to know the girls and try to help them deal with their fears. Rafael speaks to Melanie, learning her mother died of Aids when she was a child. Melanie tells him of the song, "Duerte Me Lindo," which her mother used to sing. Meanwhile, develops a crush on Andrew and is heartbroken when he seemingly rejects her. Tired of painting the names of past participants who are no longer alive on a rock known as "the face," Erin talks the other girls iinto a suicide pact as some way of ending life their own way, without pain or pity. The girls then steal drugs from the infirmary where Rafael is working and prepare a suicide cocktail. As the girls all meet at "the face" to go through with the suicide, the angels arrive. Rafael begins playing "Duermete De Lindo" and Melanie loses her resolve to kill herself. As the other girls follow suit, only Nikki remains intent on suicide. The angels then appeal to Erin to take the lead and she convinces Erin to give up the suicide plan. They realize that their best times may lie ahead, they lead them in singing Melanie's song.moreless
    • Shallow Water (2)
      Shallow Water (2)
      Season 7 - Episode 25
      Cynthia and J.D. meet with Diana Winslow, who is still in denail that her son, Danny, is dead. Monica goes to the long-term acute center where Carter and Lila wait with their son, Joshua, who lies unconscious on life support. Monica hopes that they might be able to help her locate their other son, Jed, in order to help Diana remember what happened the night of the accident. Carter doesn't know where Jed is and wants nothing to do with him. But Lila feels differently and admits that perhaps Diana is right, that this family needs a reunion. Acting on a tip from Lila, Monica drives J.D. and Cynthia to Memphis in search of Jed. They follow the sound of a man singing until they finally find Jed on a street corner, dirty and disheveled, some spare change in his guitar case from passerby. Monica asks J.D. to convince Jed to return home to Nashville and begin the healing process. J.D. tells Monica he's no good at preaching, but Monica tells him to reach out to Jed through music. As Dr. Markham predicated, when Diana sees Jed for the first time since the accident, the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place. Dr. Markham facilitates as Diana remembers the accident. In flashback, we see Diana awaken to find the bus has crossed the yellow center line into oncoming traffic. She shouts to awaken the driver who has fallen asleep at the wheel, but he doesn't respond. The others awaken, horrified, as the bus plunges over the embankment and sinks into the lake. Dr. Markham helps Diana stay with the moment as she cradles her son Danny's lifeless body in her arms. Diana returns to her son's gravesite with her family where she is finally able to acknowledge his death and say goodbye. Jed speaks with his mother and admits that while he never stopped believing in God, he feels further away than ever. Privately, Dr. Markham tells Monica that she feels that Diana needs to overcome her "God obsession" in order to fully recover. Dr. Markham helps Diana begin dealing with her griefm but warns her against tryiing to do too much too soon. But Diana is determined to bring her family together and assures Dr. Markham that she may have lost her mind, but she never lost her faith. Diana tries to get Carter to agree to a family reunion, but he refuses to leave Joshua's bedside. But Diana won't give up, urging him to forgive Jed and to let go of Joshua. Monica reveals herself as an angel and explains that while Joshua is brain-dead, his spirit is alive. One by one, Josh tells his family what they need to know to let go and move on with their lives. Monica tells Carter that after singing about revival for the past thirty-five years, the time has come to live it. The Winslow's return to the lake where it all began and Jed and Carter make their peace. Carter admits that deep down, he blames himself for the accident, because he lost his temper and made them drive all night. J.D. then takes his cue from Jed to re-baptize the family in the lake. The family then gathers to take Joshua off life support as Andrew escorts him to Heaven. As Monica and Dr. Markham part ways, Dr. Markham acknowledges the possibility that she, too has grown from this experience.moreless
    • Restoration
      Season 7 - Episode 4
      Cantankerous 102 year-old film director Chandler Crowne wants to die, but Andrew tells him he's got unfinished business. Enter Stevie Noonan, twenty-something student filmmaker who's making a documentary about the famous director who built his reputation on dark, depressing subject matter. Stevie's task is to persuade the reclusive genius for the dark films which became his trademark. In flashback, we find a young Chandler directing his leading lady, Ruby, in an ambitious and inspirational film called "Redemption." Besides dealing with a temperamental leading lady, Chandler had to contend with Sid Lumsky, the head of the studio, who fires one of his actresses for having an affair with a member of the crew. Forced to choose from a bevy of young unknowns, Chandler chooses Monica. Chandler then breaks off prematurely, leaving Stevie with unanswered questions. On her way out, Stevie lifts Chandler's pocket watch, only to return later with the pawn ticket as a bargaining tool to get him to give her the exclusive she needs. Chandler resumes his story as we flash back in time to the day Chandler filmed the fateful scene which changed his career.... and his life. With Lumsky breathing down his neck to finish shooting Chandler films a stunt involving Ruby crashing into a tree. The stunt goes awry and Ruby is killed. But Stevie, aware deaths during the making of movies were not uncommon in those days, doesn't understand how that changed his whole cinematic vision. With her deadline approaching, Stevie returns the next day with Chandler's watch, hoping to get the missing piece of the puzzle. Chandler explains how her argued with Lumsky over the ending of the movie and how he snuck into the projection booth the night of the premiere and cut the happy ending. Lumsky was furious until he heard the enthusiastic audience reaction. Chandler explains he cut the ending because he was mad at Lumsky. But Stevie is still unsatisfied, having expected some sort epiphany. Stevie lashes out at Chandler for belittling her search for answers, hoping to find answers for her own personal pain. Monica then reveals herself an an angel to Chandler. She explains how God gave him a gift, which he could have used to encourage and uplift millions. But instead, he only used it to perpetuate his private pain. Monica tells him it's not too late to encourage one person, Stevie. Chandler finally confides in Stevie that he changed the ending to his movie, not because he was mad at Lumsky, but because he was mad at God. Not only were Ruby and Chandler married, but she had told him that she was carrying his child. Chandler then screens the original unedited version of the film for Stevie, with the restored happy ending. Stevie is moved, but remains dubious about the real world, which doesn't always deliver happy endings. Chandler encourages her to look again, that life is what you make it, and gives her the original restored version of the film, before Andrew escorts him to the hereafter.moreless
    • Jacob's Ladder
      Season 2 - Episode 16
      As Monica studies a sleeping man in a run-down apartment, Tess appears and informs her she's in the wrong place, 801 Cedar Street Jacksonville, Florida rather than Jacksonville, Illinois. After using her angelic powers to tidy the apartment, Monica stoops to pick up a bag under the bed when the police burst in. The bag she's holding is full of cocaine, and the police arrest her. During interrogation, her claim that she's an angel makes her a candidate for a mental hospiptal. At her arraignment, Monica alone can see Sam, the angel from special services. He tells her the simple mistake of going to the wrong address has set events in motion that have to play out, but no matter what happens God will never laeve you of forsake her. Monica is assigned a court-appointed attorney, Jake Stone, a Vietnam veteran and hardened cynic. He tries to convince her to plead guilty but mentally ill. She refuses, however, and insists on a competency hearing. In the meantime, Monica is remanded to a psychiatric hospiptal where she shares a room with Claire, who also claims to be an angel but keeps repeating the phrase, "May Day." At the hearinig, Jake produces Terry Hayman, the woman from Jacksonville, Illinois that Monica was supposed to help. Terry describes her encounter with Tess, which corroborates Monica's story. The judge declare her competent to stand trial, but anxious to avoid placing angels on trial is ready to dismiss charges based on a legal technicality. A skeptical Jake tells her a real angel would resemble Claire, whom he met in Vietnam. During the fall of Saigon, Jake attempted to rescue a little girl, May Ling, nicknamed "May Day." As he helicoptered away, the girl fell from his grasp but was rescued by Claire. Realizing that Claire is indeed an angel, Monica asks to return to the mental hospital. There, Monica helps Claire remember who she is. Inn turn, the newly restored angel helps Jake resolve his anger toward God. Returning to 801 Cedar Street, Monica and Tess learn that the building is going to become a home for orphans and child survivors or trauma and run by Executive Director May Ling Gustafson.moreless
    • Such a Time as This
      Such a Time as This
      Season 6 - Episode 1
      In the middle of the African desert, Andrew snaps photographs of Sudanese slaves in the hot sun. Back in the United States, young Thomas Cooper is upset that his mother, Senator Katherine Cooper, has to return to Washington D.C. Monica is horrified to see the pictures that Andrew took, and wonders why the angels aren't in the Sudan. Tess indicates that Thomas is the little child that will lead them there. In Washington, Dr. Joseph Akot, working with Andrew and Monica, approach Kate about the problem of slavery in the Sudan, but Kate, espousing the Sudanese government's position, denies its existence. They persuade her, however, to keep the pictures and reads Dr. Joe's letter, which says that slaves can be bought and sold for fifty American dollars. Thomas is moved by one of the pictures in particular, of a small Sudanese boy, who Thomas names Sam after his older brother who died before Thomas was born. Thomas pleads with his mother to rescue Sam, but tells him that the issue is too complicated. Thomas sneaks the picture of sam and takes it to school, where Tess, his substitute teacher, encourages him to talk about during "show and tell." Led by Thomas, and with the help of Dr. Joe and the angels, the class begins to raise funds to buy the freedom of Sudanese slaves. Meanwhile, Kate, facing a tough re-election campaign, is given the financial support of a large candy company, on the condition that she remain uninvolved in Sudan, a country that, if undisturbed, will continue to manufacture candy ingredients at a low cost. This makes the situation particularly tough for Kate when Thomas and the children's efforts receive media interest. She argues with her husband James, who supports Thomas, thereby embarrassing Kate. Their fight comes to a head when James accused Kate of never forgiving him for the death of their son, Sam, who died because they never had health insurance. Indeed, Kate wears a locket with a picture of Sam in it around, tormenting James everyday. Kate argues that if she supports Thomas, she may not be re-elected, and then she cannot help anyone. She returns to Washington and receives criticism for her son's actions from her campaign contributors. Monica arrives with James and Thomas, who gives his mother the several thousand dollars he raised to travel to the Sudan and purchase slaves. Still Kate refuses to go, crushing Thomas' hopes of rescuing Sam, and inciting her politically uninvolved husband to vote, against her. Kate angrily confronts Monica for helping with this effort. Monica reveals God is calling to go to the Sudan to witness the abuses. Convinced, Kate travels with the angels and Dr. Joe to the Sudan, and buys the freedom of many slaves. When all of the money is spent, Kate sees one captive person left. Sam, the little boy from Thomas' picture, and tearfully exchanges her precious locket for the boy's freedom. Back in the U.S., James and Thomas are proud to hear that Kate has publicly testified to the existence of slavery in the Sudan.moreless
    • Vengeance Is Mine (1)
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      As the one year anniversary of Joe's tragic car accident approaches, the Greene family is in Springville. After seeing Joe depart for Turkey where he is intent on working, Russell is eager to get back on the road while Claire has a sense that she has work still to do in Springville. As strange letters begin to arrive for Joe, Claire volunteers to teach reading on death row at the local prison and meets Darlene, a young woman convicted of killing a man while on a drug-crazed binge. As Claire and Dinah try to help Darlene come to terms with her daughter and mother before she is executed, the angels learn that the letters to Joe have been sent by Sondra Mills, who is abusing alcohol and neglecting her son, Matthew, in the aftermath of her husbands death at Joe's hand. Tess works as an efficiency consultant at Sondra's office and tries to convince her to stop drinking and face her grief but Sandra is soon fired drinking on the job. Meanwhile, Monica is Matthew's teacher and tries to help him as hie mother's drinking problem worsens. As the date of Darlene's execution approaches, Claire and Dinah convince her of the need to reconcile with her daughter and mother. Much less able to deal with her own grief, Sandra ignores the pleas of Monica and continues to drink and Matthew is near fatally wounded in a gas explosion. Sandra then writes another threatening letter to Joe Greene. Part one concludes as Sandra kidnaps Nathaniel at gun point, threatening to kill if her own son does not survive the explosion.moreless
    • The Southbound Bus
      The Southbound Bus
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Tess guides Monica on her first assignment as a case worker after being promoted from search and rescue. On the southbound bus, she befriends David Morrow, a young boy who tells her that his mother and sister died in a car accident. After helping David fend off some bullies, Monica escorts him home. There she meets his father, Nick a police detective who is looking for a live-in nanny. Monica is hired on the spot, but soon has a chance encounter with Adam, the Angel of Death, who informs her that although David's sister, Katie died of crib death, his mother is very alive. Confronting the child with his untruth, Monica learns that his guilt-wracked mother left home afterwards and hasn't returned. She promises to bring his mother home and sets out to find her in Hewitt, leaving David is Tess's care. In a seedy cafe, Monica befriends two waitresses, and mistakes one of them as David's mother. She arranges a meeting between Ruth Ann and Nick, which backfires when the police officer recognizes the waitress as a wanted fugitive. The angel appeals to Ruth Ann to stop running, but she refuses to turn herself in. Returning to the cafe, Monica discovers the other waitress, Christine, is actually David's mother and reveals herself in an effort to persuade the women to return to her family. But Christine blames herself for Katie's death and refuses. In anguish, Monica prays for guidance and returns to David and Nick to deliver the bad news. The child is crushed, and Tess admonishes Monica for mishandling of the assignment. While Nick is outside comforting his son, Christine drives up in her red Cadillac, Monica's revelation convinced her to return home, thus reuniting the family. In gratitude Christine gives the angel's her car, which Tess gladly accepts.moreless
    • In the Name of God
      In the Name of God
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Tess returns to the town of a previous assignment and she and Monica help Joanna open an Aids hospice. Joanna is injured in a bomb blast and Tess is brought face to face with a white supremacy group headed by her previous assignment Tim. Tess's anger causes her to be replaced by another angel, Sam. Monica is able to enlist the help of a nosey neighbor Jerry, and the angels do battle with Satan, who's posing as a politician. Tess and Monica reveal themselves to Tim and show him that he was motivated by fears stretching back to childhood. together they drive Satan out of the community.moreless
    • A Winter Carol
      A Winter Carol
      Season 8 - Episode 11
      In a small New York town, just a short commute from NYC, a lone Volkswagen Beetle sits abandoned in the train station parking lot. It hasn't moved in months, not since its owner, Bill Harper, took the 6:15 train into the city on the morning of September 11th. No one knows why he went to New York that day, and no one knows what became of him. It just makes it that much more difficult for his friends and neighbors to accept that Bill Harper will NOT be home for Christmas. This year Mr. Harper will not be around to plan the Christmas Pageant, or to give drum lessons to Benny Lewis. Benny however, refuses to give up hope, everyday checking to see if Mr. Harper's car has moved, or if anyone has gotten word from him. But the Benny's fear for Mr. Harper is nothing compared to the fear that has consumed his mother, Victoria, since that awful day. She, as mayor, refuses to have the Volkswagen towed despite the persistence of Charlie, the town sheriff. She is reluctant to let someone else work on the pageant, and she refuses to go into the city to have her chronic sore throat looked at. Her older son, Patrick urges her to abandon her fear, but she dismisses his concern. Her only desire is to move on with the holidays and pretend that nothing is wrong. In any effort to keep things moving along, she grudgingly let's Monica, who has opened a Chon Main St., begin planning a pageant. She hires Andrew to continue Benny's drum lessons, and she is overjoyed when Patrick begins working at Monica's store in place of the restaurant job he was laid off of. When they receive word that Mr. Harper's wallet had been found among the wreckage of the WTC, everything falls apart: Benny takes the news hard, Victoria refuses to let grief overtake her, and Patrick decides that something must be done to make his family feel safe again. In an act of selflessness, Patrick goes into the city, and enlists in the army. He is set to leave for boot camp the day after Christmas. Victoria has difficulty accepting this decision, and accuses her son of abandoning her and his brother. The next day, she accompanies Charlie to Mr. Harper's house, where she discovers that Benny has been leaving hopeful messages on his answering machine, ever since 9/11. She also uncovers some clues as to what Mr. Harper was doing at the World Trade Center, and what he was planning for the pageant. After a revelation from Monica, and allowing herself to finally mourn, Victoria takes the train into New York City, and solves the mystery surrounding Mr. Harper's last day. Picking up where he left off, she arranges for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to sing at the pageant, where she wishes her son good luck, and God Speed.moreless
    • The Violin Lesson
      The Violin Lesson
      Season 3 - Episode 13
      Apprenticed to jordan Du Bois, a violin maker, Monica must ensure he finishes a violin he started 30 years earlier on the Christmas his son was born. The unsuspecting father doesn't realize Tony has come home for the holidays with a devastating secret, which the angel soon learns that Tony has Aids and has returned home to die. The truth comes out while father and son indulge in a lete night snack. Disappointed, Jordan distances himsself from Tony. Discovering the unfinished violin he had started those years ago, Monica learns that Tess had revealed herself to Jordan back then. She announced his son's impending birth and also gave him a piece of wood. but Jordan never completed the instrument becauase a flaw in the grain has appeared when he startted planing the wood. Showing Monica the scrap heap where imperfect wood is discarded, Tony confronts his father, who disowns him. After his health takes a turn for the worse, Tony enters an Aids hospice on Christmas Eve. His mother, Willa and sister, Nora attempt to persuade Jordan to visit with them but are unsuccessful. Later that evening, the dying attorney hears carols down the hall and tells his hospice worker, Tess he would like to see an angel. She reveals herself, saying he has not disappointed God, but he panics, thinking the revelation is a morphine-addicted hallucination. Back at the workshop, Monica appeals to jordan to reconcile with his son and is joined by a passionate Andrew. Jordan's response is to smash the violin. Tess then admonishes him by not to judge him, just as he should not judge Tony. Monica reveals herself to Jordan, telling him God accepts Tony for who he is and urging him to do likewise. Miraculously, the ruined violin is restored, and he takes it with him to Tony. After reconciling wit his son, Jordan picks up the violin, and the blemish in the wood transforms into the shape of a christmas tree. He plays a lullaby as Tony succumbs to his illness and is greeted by Andrew.moreless
    • As It Is In Heaven
      Season 9 - Episode 15
      Monica and Tess begin their 200th assignment together, on a sour note. While attempting to give Tess a gift, in celebration of their partnership, she accidentally takes her foot off the brake and nearly runs down her assignment. This does not go over well. Not only has she already alienated herself from the person that she is there to help, but she gets a ticket and must now attend traffic school. As a result, Gloria must fill in for her as the new volunteer at the community center. It is Gloria who must now assist Jesse, a smart urban youth who tutors underprivileged children. He is also the adoptive son of, Kelly, the woman who Monica almost hit. When Monica arrives in traffic school, she is surprised to find that Kelly is in fact her driving instructor, and she's not thrilled to see to see the new addition to her class. It is a grueling four hours of stop-sign quizzes and drunk driving videos. At the end, Monica tries to make peace with the woman she has come to help, but all she discovers is that Kelly is selling completion certificates to traffic offenders. At the community center, Gloria learns that Jesse is a shining light in a gritty, harsh neighborhood. His student, Guillermo, strives to better himself, but he is one of several siblings, and his father is in jail. Jesse tells Gloria that prison is the only good thing that can be said about Guillermo's dad. Unfortunately, the parole board does not agree, and they allow Lionel's slick lies to convince them that he is rehabilitated. Soon he is back on the street, trying to re-enter his son's life, and retake the street he once roamed as a drug dealer. Jesse tries to get him to leave, but Lionel only laughs at him. Meanwhile, at the second section of traffic school, Monica completes her lessons, and confronts Kelly about her discrepancies. She tells her that God sees what she has been doing. Kelly flinches, and stares Monica down. "You're an angel aren't you?" she asks. Monica is shocked, even more when she discovers that Kelly is also an angel. She was on assignment when Jesse's mother died, and she adopted him. She has been AWOL this whole time. Monica tries to reach her, but Kelly won't listen however, when Andrew shows up with the news that Jesse is going to die. Kelly hurries out the door and drives as fast as she can to the community center. She is not quick enough. Jesse has gone outside to run Lionel off, when a drive-by shooting, aimed at the former drug dealer hits Jesse instead. Kelly is only in time to watch her son die. Giving up hope for the world and herself, she gives the money she had been saving to move Jesse to a safer place, to Guillermo's mother. And finally she accepts the fact that Monica has come to take her home. She even smiles when she realizes that Jess will be there.moreless
    • The Road Home (1)
      The Road Home (1)
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      Joe Greene, the long-lost brother of Russell returns speeding recklessly down the highway as Tess, Monica and Andrew follow. When another car pulls in front of Joe, he runs the car off the road and kills a father and son, while saving the youngest son. Lying about the accident to the police, he is then thought to be a "Good Samaritan" and quickly leaves. When he runs out of gas, Andrew arrives as a hitchhiker and offers to give him gas in exchange for a ride to Chicory Creek. Once there, Andrew leaves and the car breaks down. Joe then breaks into the home of Erasmus Jones, not knowing that his family is there. Russell catches him in the kitchen, quickly saying hello by punching him in the face and the whole family is soon awake, marveling at his return. At the hospital, the young boy injured in the wreck clings to his life while Monica acts as a hospital caseworker, comforting the mother, Mrs. Mills. She wants to meet the person who saved her son's life, and she supplies the address to Erasmus's home. While meeting her, Joe lies to her while Russell listens skeptically as Joe refuses to visit the surviving child at the hospital. With the sudden return of his father, Nathaniel is very angry but convinces his father to visit the child when his hopelessly inoperative car suddenly starts. While at the hospital, Monica reveals herself as an angel and Joe flees, taking stolen pharmaceuticals with him. Coming perilously close to another auto accident, he is stopped by Tess who takes Nathaniel and demands that Joe return Monica at the hospital. Upon his return, Monica convinces him to "face the truth and seek forgiveness," and that God wants to save his life. Joe returns to Erasmus's and tells Russell the truth about the accident. Russell becomes enraged and tells him to leave. Joe gathers his things and leaves without telling his mother goodbye. Hattie then blames herself, asking Russell "What could I have done differently?" Claire then enters with a note from Nathaniel explaining that he has left to help his father who needs him more now. While in the back seat of the car he see's his father pops pills and swerving into the night.moreless
    • Shallow Water (1)
      Shallow Water (1)
      Season 7 - Episode 24
      Perched on a rocky peak above a vast canyon, Monica reflects on her previous temptation by Satan and her triumphant return to God's grace. Monica is at a loss for words trying to describe the new gift God has given her. Tess explains that God has blessed her with the ability to see humans "from the inside out," to see the past and how it has changed the present. Monica begins sensing the joyful sounds and images of the Winslow family as they were three years ago. Tess reminds Monica to patiently allow the events connected with the wreckage to unfold. Monica gradually retraces the history of the Winslow's to the present day. Meanwhile, Diana Winslow continues her therapy under the counsel of psychiatrist Rebecca Markham, to uncover the painful memory she has suppressed. Diana says she has prayed for an angel to help her reunite her family and reconnect her son Danny with the other relatives. Believing that Diana's faith in God has hampered her progress, Rebecca tries to refocus Diana on the events leading to her memory lapse. Diana fondly recalls the last time the family tours and how they worked on the song "Shallow Water," composed by her talented brother-in-law Jed. Diana confesses that the beginning of the family breakup was caused by her headstrong father-in-law's (Carter) refusal to allow Jed to sing his song, preferring his more charismatic son, Joshua. When Monica shockingly discovers the truth of the tragic accident, she goes to see Diana. Diana introduces Monica as the angel she has been praying for. Rebecca is indifferent to Monica's presence, believing that she is just a concerned friend. Diana continues her recollection of the past, describing how she conspired for Jed to sing "Shallow Water" without Carter's permission. Despite the audience's praise, Carter was unable to forgive the deception and directed his anger at Jed. Jed's refusal to board the bus to the next city on tour is the last thing Diana can remember and it the impasse that Rebecca has not been able to help Diana cross. Rebecca privately suggests to Monica that a reunion with Jedidiah will help Diana overcome her denial of the traumatic experience. Monica agrees with Rebecca and follows her investigation to Jed's whereabouts in Georgia. Tess and Monica are surprised to find out that the man they have tracked down is not Diana's brother-in-law, but an African-American preacher with the same name. Believing that the journey has not been an accident, Monica convinces the preacher and his sister, Cynthia, to return with her to see Diana. Cynthia is shocked to discover that Diana, a patient at a mental health facility, believes her son is still alive and continues to be at her side.moreless
    • Bringer of Light
      Season 7 - Episode 14
      Monica and Tess are captivated by the thousands of stars that decorate the beautiful night sky. Monica elaborates on the majesty of God's heavens and it is revealed that the angels are actually sitting in planetarium hosted by Andrew. Across the city, 15 year-old Lucy Baker sits in her room looking at the sky, where only the moon can be seen above the city lights. Erica Baker joins her daughter and the two share a moment pondering what or who created the universe. "It's just luck," responds Lucy's father and science teacher, John. Lucy is not convinced that her atheist father is right. At school, tension runs high between father and daughter, who is barely maintaining a C average. John reminds Lucy that her grade hinges on her next research paper and she needs to come up with a topic. Despite her struggles in science, Lucy excels in Monica's English class. Monica encourages Lucy's growing curiosity of how the universe was created by allowing Lucy to combine her research for her English essay and her science project. Lucy is pleased that her science paper to prove the existence of God will antagonize her father. John dismisses Lucy's idea as mindless speculation and demands she pick another topic or fail the assignment. Their differences are momentarily set aside when Erica informs them that her ovarian cancer, which was in remission, has returned. John is confident that medical science will successfully get them through it again. As Erica's health gradually declines, she begins to question her own beliefs. Lucy goes to the planetarium to contribute her research despite her father's objections. There Andrew suggests that she look into Intelligent Design Theory, which claims that the universe is too complex and precise to be a random coincidence. Andrew asks Lucy "if you discover a watch...sitting on a tree stump. Would you assume that all these little springs and wheels and gears fell out of the sky and landed together just right to make this watch?" The next day, Lucy discovers from a classmate that the survival rate for a second bout with ovarian cancer is practically zero. Overwhelmed at the prospect of losing her mother, Lucy confides to Monica her feelings of helplessness. Monica consoles Lucy, explaining that her name means "bringer of light," and that her mother is still alive and needs her now more than ever. Lucy is determined to prove the existence of God to comfort her ailing mother. Lucy turns in her two papers, but is distraught that her mother doesn't find the inspiration she is looking for in Lucy's science paper. Monica suggests that Lucy has given her mother the wrong paper to read. Lucy, with Nurse Tess's help, takes her mother outside the city limits to see the stars. Erica reads Lucy's English essay, which states how grateful Lucy is for the beauty of the universe...grateful to God. John arrives at the hospital to find his wife missing and his frantic search leads him to the planetarium where Monica encourages him to take the first step and invite God into his heart. John does so, and is answered by Monica who reveals herself as an angel. Monica tells him John that God loves him, and he is miraculously transported to the clearing, where the family is reunited in God's love.moreless
    • Interview with an Angel
      Interview with an Angel
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Tess is in an uncharacteristically grumpy mood as she gives Monica her new assignment, to be interviewed by Callie Martin, a cynical reporter writing an expose on angelic encounters. Explaining that she is an angelic experience, Monica recounts the story of a recent case. Heart transplant surgeon Dr. Joe Patcherek is assigned to operate on Ethan Parker, the drunk driver who killed Joe's five children. Since that incident Joe and his artist wife, Lisa have drifted apart. She has immersed herself in a sculpture that will stand in the children's wing of the hospital as a dedication to her kids. During a heated, emotional conversation, Lisa urges her husband to forgive her, Ethan, and God for their children's deaths. Later, in the middle of the surgery, Monica, the transplant coordinator, stops time and reveals herself to Joe. She tells him that he is holding his own life in his hands and that no one except God has the right to determine whether another human should live or die. After successfully completing the surgery, Joe is shown the sculpture Lisa has been crafting, it is a statue of their children sledding, the activity they were en route to when the accident occurred. Outraged that the killer lived, Callie tosses the interview tape away and walks out on the street. She is nearly hit by a bus but is rescued by none other than Ethan Parker. Scrambling to recover the tape, Callie sees Monica, Tess and Henry wave to her as they ride on the back of a garbage truck, Monica throws the tape in the air and turns into a dove as the truck rides on.moreless
    • Here I Am
      Season 6 - Episode 17
      Monica, Tess, and Andrew find themselves in a New York art museum, each assigned to a different individual. The museum is full of visitors of all ages, including a class of young children on a field trip. Keeping a wary eye on these youngsters is Bud, an older security guard whose retirement begins at the end of the day. Bud has emotional walls between himself and the rest of the world, and it is Tess's assignment to help knock them down. Monica is talking to Antonio, an artist who despises his displayed painting, a modern art piece compromising of yellow and above black whose dividing line is flawed by a solitary bump. In another wing, Andrew has revealed himself as the angel of death to Constance, a woman who has just discovered that she has cancer and is trying to determine what she has contributed to the world. Tess discovers that Bud is obsessed with a painting of a little girl holding flowers. Bud protects this painting more than any other in the museum, and even makes the children move to another section when they almost damage it. As the field trip relocates to the modern art wing one little boy, Morgan, pauses to look at Antonio's painting and then catches up with the class. Antonio complains that a quick glance like that is all his painting ever gets. When Monica picks up his sketch book, she finds that he has hidden a knife within it. Antonio tells her he wants to use it to destroy his painting because it doesn't seem to create any emotional response from people, and the failure of this work seems to be a continuation of neglect he has felt. Monica makes Antonio that God has a message for him, and he agrees to wait fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, Tess finally persuades Bud to open up and talk about why the painting of the girl is so important to him. The girl in the picture seems to be asking him if the world is as beautiful as the flowers in her hand, and Bud tells Tess of a harrowing experience in Vietnam that has kept him from seeing the world as a beautiful place for the last thirty years. He further reveals that this painted child had been his only friend for those years, to which Tess responds that God loves him and has living friends for him. Fifteen minutes have passed, and Antonio's is about to destroy the painting when Monica reveals herself as an angel to him. She tells Antonio that God inspired him to paint what he did, though his purpose may not always seem clear. At the moment, Morgan approaches and shows Antonio a picture he has drawn. It is Antonio's painting and reproduced except now the black bump has a plant growing out of it. Morgan tells him that the painting reminds him of how he has grown from his mothers seed into a plant, and Antonio realizes that his painting does have the ability to stir emotion in others, Morgan's mother. Constance realizes that her son is the gift she has given to the world. Their assignments finished, Andrew and Monica rejoin Tess, who is still trying to get Bud to open up to other people. As they all approach the painting of the young girl, they see an older woman with a young girl who strongly resembles the one in the picture. It turns out that the older woman posed for the painting when she was young, and Bud's friend on canvas has suddenly become the living friend Tess spoke of. A now happy Bud does his last closing of the museum, and the angels disappear.moreless
    • Jones vs. God
      Jones vs. God
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      The town of Clarion, South Dakota is in the midst of a farm killing drought when Tess and Monica arrive to help them with their growing crisis of faith. Justinian Jones, a struggling farmer, enters Cotton's barber shop where a heated debate quickly develops between he, Cotton, Judge Dawes and Risa, the town mayor, as to whether the town should sell out to huge agriculture company. Having arrived to serve as auctioneer of the towns assets, Andrew sits quietly in the barder chair as Risa advocates selling to the conglomerate before the drought kills the town. Opposed to he is Justinian who is determined to stay on his farm even if he has to sell his horse and "pull the darned plow"himself. Continuing his tirade, Justinian decides to sue God. The Judge outlines how he should serve notice to God through the newspaper and hearing is set. Outside, Justinian's daughter, Leela tells her boyfriend Gordon of her plans to leave town in search of more opportunity while he tries to convince her of the virtues of the small town they have grown up in. Later, all the townspeople gather in the court room, fully expecting a rapid dismissal of the case. Tess arrives to act as council for God and a jury trial is granted. As the trial begins, Jones begins by bsaying that droughts are considered "acts of God" and as such, he should be held responsible for the "intentional infliction of emotional stress" upon the people of Clarion. One by one, Tess calls the townspeople as witnesses in an attempt to show them how God has blessed. When Tess calls Monica, the angel as an expert witness, Justinian corners her on the stand and temporarily stuns God's defense byb asking for an end to the rain. After s ahort recess and a prayer from Monica. She then returns to God with his answer to Justinian's request. The answer is "no." Justinian then realizes how blessed he is and Risa and the others rally together at a town picnic. As he leads all in a prayer, their faith is rewarded as rain begins to pour out of the clear blue sky.moreless
    • I Will Walk With You (2)
      I Will Walk With You (2)
      Season 9 - Episode 22
      As the uproar increases, Wayne whisks Zack off to the jail to protect him from the frenzied crowd and to ask him some questions. Unfortunately Zack's answers are less than satisfactory and not entirely forthcoming. He is, quite simply, a drifter, and as such he has no way of backing up who he is or where he comes from. He does admit to being at the school on the day of the explosion, but he won't say why he was there. There is already talk of putting him on trial. Monica is dismayed, and sets to work getting Zack the best representation she can, i.e. Mike and Gloria. They are both certain that there is no case against Zack, and that even if it goes to trial, they should have no trouble getting a change of venue. They are both, however, wrong. The prosecuting attorney, Jones, is tough as nails and as twisted as a screw. He is also, according to Monica, the devil. Not only does he succeed in bringing the case to trial, but he also eloquently rebuffs all of the defense team's motions for dismissal. He then proceeds to bring a barrage of witnesses to bear against Zack. The townspeople testify that when Zack arrived in town, little things belonging to the children began to go missing. Soon after that Jones calls on an expert witness to testify that serial killers habitually collect tokens from the scenes of their crimes. When he gets Zack on the stand, he gets him to admit taking the items and to being in any number of towns when accidents claimed the lives of children. Gloria and Mike try their hardest to win over the court-members, but in the end, Zack is found guilty and given the maximum sentence for his crimes. It is after the trial though that Monica makes the most progress. She helps the townsfolk to remember who they were and what they lost. She reminds them that it wasn't until Zack arrived that they began to fall back into the rhythms of their old lives. When she guides them back to the church and back to the pastor who had let them slip away, they realized the terrible mistake that they made. Back in jail, Monica apologizes for not helping him in time. But she lets him know that she's an angel and that she will forgo any future assignments and promotions in order to stay by his side and protect him. She will have to start almost immediately, as Zack is scheduled for transfer the next day. But when she arrives the next morning, Zack's cell is empty. Everyone is surprised, though the townspeople make it clear that they will not be persuing him. Especially after they learn from Joey, that it was he who set the boiler on it's deadly course, tricked by the devil into turning the heat up to warm some orphaned kittens. Monica perplexed, moves on to meet Tess back in the desert, but it is there that she also finds Zack once again. He thanks her for her service and devotion, and allows her to recognize him for who he truly is, her Lord, God. She will be promoted. Monica bids farewell to Gloria, Andrew, and Tess and drives off in the Cadillac, a goodbye present from Tess.moreless
    • Indigo Angel
      Indigo Angel
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      Club Indigo, once St. Louis' premier blues and jazz club, has fallen hard times. It's owner, Sam, is getting on and his grandson Zach arrives to convince his grandfather to sell the club and move into a nursing home. Sam resists. He's always told Zach that "The Countess" told him "do nothing, til you hear from me" and he's sticking to those words. Zach assumesthat Sam has embriodered the past greatness of the club, and that he's made up stories of all the jazz greats who played there and were friends. Especially that story about "The Countess", the mysterious singer who arrived in the sixties and put the club back on the map. Whether these stories are true or not, it's apparent that Sam should really be in a nursing home, he's losing his memory as well as his well-being. But Sam has always had an open-mike night on Mondays, and despite his grandson's protests, proceeds to hire Monica to M.C. the event. Zach tricks his grandfather into signing a power of attorney agreement so that he can do what he thinks is best for his grandfather. But then, to Zach's astonishment, the singer Al Jarreau sows up, Sam's stories were all true, including the one about "The Countess". We see in a flashback that "The Countess" was actually Tess. The final open-mike night is a triumph, a packed house gets to hear music and tributes to Sam from B.B King, Dr. John, and Al Hirt. And then "The Countess" makes a return appearance. She brings down the house, as Sam passes away. Zach reconsidsers selling Club Indigo, inistead he'll transform it to The Sam Brown Blues Museum.moreless
    • Sins of the Father
      Sins of the Father
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      Monica poses as a journalist to interview Luther Dixon, a teenager on death row. During their conversations, Willis, the prisoner in the adjacent cell often eavesdrops, interjecting his unwanted opinions on Luther's situation. Meanwhile, Tess and Andrew try to help Valerie Dixon prevent her younger son, Samuel from "gang banging." Despite Luther's incarceration, Sam looks up to him as a role model. Monica correctly surmises that the boys father, despite abandoning the family during Valerie's second pregnancy, has negatively influenced both of their lives. The angel is astonished to learn that Willis, who is sentenced to die shortly for a murder he committed, is Luther and Samuel's father. Tess informs Monica that years earlier she had tried to dissuade Willis from running with a gang but had been ignored. Monica then reveals herself to Willis and convinces him to tell Luther the truth that he is his father. Luther initially rejects Willis and rails at him for leaving his mom to fend for herself. The condemned prisoner, however, apologizes and admonishes his son to listen to Monica because his failure to head another angel's earlier warnings landed him on death row. Monica subsequently reveals herself to Luther, urging him to tell Samuel he regrets the murder he committed and is not a worthy role model. Monica uses her angelic powers to temporarily free Luther from jail to stop his brother from murdering Pastor George, who has incurred the wrath of a gang by preaching against violence. After Willis's execution, Tess comforts a bereaved Valerie who fears both of her sons will follow in their father's footsteps. The angel advises her to cling to God and let him help her guide Samuel's life. Andrew escorts the boy into church where he embraces Valerie, the cycle of violence finally broken.moreless
    • Made in the U.S.A.
      Made in the U.S.A.
      Season 5 - Episode 21
      Nick Stratton, owner of Stratton Apparel, hires Vietnamese women to work in his sweatshop because they are willing to work for little pay. Monica's assignment is to help Nick, a "good man with a bad attitude." Nick hires Monica as his accountant the same day that Am-Nhac Nguyen starts at the factory, pressing pants on a faulty steam press. Am-Nhac and the other women are willing to work for Nick because he will pay for citizenship classes if they meet their rigorous daily quotas. Tess, who teaches the class, tells Am-Nhac that her father, Cadao, can attend as well. The next day Nick, under pressure from his clients, raises the quotas, and Am-Nhac, in a hurry to meet hers, severely burns her arm. Nick fires Am-Nhac because her injury will slow her down. Monica asks Nick why he is so hard on his workers, and Nick tells her his story. As a soldier, Nick helped a captured Vietnamese boy escape. Nick knew the boy was not Viet Cong because he had a peace symbol, an American fad, tattooed on his shoulder. Nick was court-martialed for aiding the enemy and returned to the U.S. a war criminal. His uncle left the factory to him when he died. Monica convinces Nick to let Am-Nhac keep her job. Am-Nhac, with Tess' help, works through the night the night to meet her quota. When Cadao picks her up, Nick sees the the tattoo on his shoulder, a peace symbol. Nick realizes Cadao is the boy he helped escape, and the person, Nick believes, who is responsible for ruining his life. Meanwhile, Tess teaches her students about how the early Americans protested against British rule, and Am-Nhac decides to protest the dangerous working conditions at the factory. The plan backfires, however, when Nick fires everyone. When Andrew, posing as an I.R.S. agent explains that Nick owes the government several thousand dollars in back taxes, Nick plants a bomb in the factory. Before he can leave, however, one of the rickety shelves collapses, trapping Nick. Seconds before the bomb is to detonate, the timer stops ticking and Monica appears to Nick. She tells him that God loves him and is proud of him for saving the young man's life. Nick asks God to forgive him for the hatred he has lived for so long. The clock begins ticking again and when Nick screams for help, Am-Nhac arrives with Cadao, who diffuses the bomb. Nick asks Am-Nhac for forgiveness and reveals that he is the soldier who helped Cadao in Vietnam. Am-Nhac and Cadao are happy to finally be able the thank him for his act of kindness. Later, Nick attends the swearing-in ceremony for Am-Nhac and her father, finally United States Citizens.moreless
    • My Dinner With Andrew
      My Dinner With Andrew
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      When the angels find themselves at a posh "Books and Bachelors" luncheon to benefit medical research, Andrew is quickly chosen to be auctioned off as an eligible bachelor. When the prominent scientist, Beth Popik, begins to bid on Andrew, her chief rival Kate Calder, outbids her and then refuses the date with Andrew, explaining that she wasn't bidding for andrew, she was bidding against Beth. Adam, another "angel of death" arrives, thanks Andrew for covering for him, and asks about the date with the doctor. When Andrew tells him that she refused to go to dinner, Adam explains that he must go on the date. Andrew then convinces Kate to have dinner with him, while Monica and Tess begin preparing an elegant restaurant for the meeting. Andrew and Kate then meet in the controlled environment of Chez Tess. Monica plays waitress while Tess cooks and although this is supposed to be a private engagement, another patron, Norman, enters and insists of being served. During dinner, Kate tells Andrew that she is going to die of Leukemia within several years and that she believes in science, not in God. She continues, stating that her research is all that matters to her and that her goal is to find a "gene sequence" before she dies and in that way gain immortality. Adam then interrupts the dinner and privately tells Andrew that "the doctor" is going to die tonight. Andrew then reveals himself to Kate while Norman begins to choke on his food. Kate rescues Norman but not before recognizes Andrew as the Angel of Death. Kate follows Norman out of the restaurant and questions him about Andrew. Now a believer, she returns to find that Andrew and the restaurant have disappeared. She then runs to the safe where her research is being held and finds Andrew waiting for her. He tells her to share her research so that others may live. Monica and Tess learn that it was Beth who was going to die not Kate. Adam soon rushes to Beth's house. Kate then goes to Beth's house to find her on the verge of death due to carbon monoxide poisoning. After saving Beth's life, Kate visits her at the hospital, tells her about her recent discovery and suggests that they work together to find a cure. "You can do wonderful things if you don't care who gets the credit." Andrew then leaves Kate's life telling her he doesn't know when she will die, but that when it's time, he'll see her for dinner.moreless
    • Perfect Little Angel
      Perfect Little Angel
      Season 4 - Episode 23
      Monica and Tess meet their next assignment, Tracy Beringer as she achieves some very bad news via a letter in her mailbox. The nature of the news in unclear, however Tracy needs money very badly, telling her boss at the auto repair shop where she works that she needs money for college tuition. When she sees an ad in the paper for the Miss Colorado pageant, she tries to sign up, but one the many stipulations in that the young ladies must have a sponsor. Tracy, who desperately needs the pageant prize money, is upset until Monica, Tess, Rafael, and Andrew agree to be her sponsors, crowning her Miss Unincorporated Area #579. As they begin to prep Tracy for the pageant the angles discover a few strange things about her, she never lets anyone inside her apartment, she tells people that her parents died in a boating accident (then later says its a train wreck), and she plays the piano very well, but lacks the passion required of a truly great pianist. On the night of the pageant all is going well for Tracy, until Monica receives a phone call from Tracy's landlord, and she goes to her apartment revealing a little boy named nick babysitting himself. Monica takes Nick to the pageant, Tracy, upset, that they know she's a single mom, tells them that she wants to win the pageant so that she'll have enough money for Nick to have a surgery to repair a hole in his heart. It's also revealed that Tracy's parents are not dead, she actually ran away from home when she found she was pregnant. Realizing that Tracy doesn't think god loves her, Monica and Tess reveal themselves, reminding her of God's love an encouraging her to trust God with her son's life. When it comes time to be interviewed for the pageant Tracy, realizing that nothing good can come from a lie, tells the audience that she is a single mom and embraces Nick on the stage, thereby solidifying her journey into truth. The audience, including Andrew and Rafael, applauds. Later Tracy receives a load of mail from people who have hear her story offering to help with Nick's surgery. One of the letters is from Tracy's parents who want her to come home. Tracy calls her parents and the angels, their task complete, depart.moreless
    • Voice of an Angel
      Voice of an Angel
      Season 6 - Episode 7
      In New York City, Tess and Monica enjoy the vocal talents of some street performers, but when Monica tires to join in Tess points out that, clearly, singing is not one of her gifts. Monica reminds Tess that she has always prayed for a beautiful singing voice, and when she hears one echoing down the halls of Carnegie Hall, she believes God has finally answering her prayer. much to her disappointment, Monica finds the voice really belongs to a rude English orphan named Alice. Alice is in New York to perform in a vocal contest with her choir, and Monica's assignment. Tess tells Monica that she is to give Alice a "singing lesson." Monica reluctantly agrees to be Alice's chaperone for the day, and they start to explore the city. Alice, who remembers a song her father taught her, wants to see Herald Square, and Monica, trying to be friendly, takes her there. At Herald Square, Monica meets Andrew posing as a mime and relates a story. Centuries ago, in heaven, Monica was kicked out of the angelic choir for her horrible voice. Since then all she wants is to be able to give glory to God through song, specifically by singing the song, "Panis Angelicus" with a voice befitting an angel. Monica finishes her story to find out that Alice has ditched her, returning to Carnegie Hall to enter a solo competition singing "Panis Angelicus." When Monica hears the sweet notes coming from this sour child, she becomes jealous and walks off the assignment. Monica ends up at a karaoke bar where when she asks for coffee, she is served Irish coffee. As she further explores her affection for the drink, Monica's inhibitions decrease and, despite Andrew's protests, she performs a truly painful rendition of "Danny Boy." When she taunts a policeman, Monica is arrested and put in jail where she sobers up and meets a young girl named Ivy. Ivy, abused by her father, is being held for stealing a CD. Through Ivy, Monica learns that God has been trying to teach her, that you shouldn't take what doesn't belong to you. Monica prays for forgiveness. After she receives a scolding from Tess, Monica returns to the assignment, but Alice doesn't arrive on time for the choir competition. As Monica begins her search, Andrew tells her that Alice is not really an orphan and that her father is still alive. Meanwhile, at Herald Square, Alice meets a bum who says he is her father. Monica then arrives to reveal the truth, that the bum is not really her father. Monica tells Alice that she is an angel, and that she has been sent to give Alice a singing lesson. Alice wonders how an angel with a sub-par voice could teach her anything about singing. Monica tells Alice that she has been singing to the wrong father, her earthly father who abandoned her and doesn't deserve her. Instead, she should sing to her Heavenly Father who loves her and will never leave her. Alice begins to sing "Panis Angelicus" as Monica speaks the words in English. Later, at Carnegie Hall, Alice continues the song giving an emotional performance, finally using her talents to glorify her creator.moreless
    • The Comeback
      The Comeback
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      Thirty years after suffering stage fright during her Broadway opening, Lillian Bennett returns to Broadway discourage her daughter from following in her footsteps. Arriving just in time to attend her daughter's audition, Lillian sees her old understudy, Amanda Revere, who has now become the famed diva she once dreamed of becoming herself. Monica arrives to audition for a supporting role and miraculously wins the role while Alison becomes her understudy. After Monica falls ill with a cold, Alison takes her place and Amanda takes an interest in her. When Lillian and Amanda finally meet in the presence of Allison. Lillian explains how she received yellow roses every night after rehearsal until the opening night when her "lucky" roses didn't come. Convinced she was doomed to fail, she stared into the prompter's box and froze, as Amanda had told her she would. Allison thinks her mother is jealous and doesn't realize why she just can't be happy for her. with the orchestra warming up, Lillian carries a yellow roses for Allison as she meets Freddy, the stage manager who knew both she and Amanda for years. Freddy tells Lillian Amanda was the one who sent her flowers after every rehearsal. Realizing that her superstition was used against her by Amanda, Lillian confronts her and warns her against hurting Allison. As Amanda scream at her to et out, she loses her voice. Monica then reveals herself to Amanda, telling her that God wants her to help Lillian to finally shine. Meanwhile, Tess finds Lillian at the train station and tells her to stop believing in luck and help her daughter. Returning to the theatre, Lillian is met by an apologetic Amanda. She then pushes Lillian onto the stage to face the fears that defeated her years before. Initially stumbling , Lillian finds her courage and belts a rousing rendition of "I'm still here." As Allison looks with a newfound appreciation of her mother, the angels smile at another job well done.moreless
    • Jagged Edges
      Jagged Edges
      Season 5 - Episode 19
      Andrew helps an older man, clean out his garage, searching for a box he wants to give his daughter, Natalie. Doug has a heart attack, and as he is dying, Andrew assures him that God's angels will be on hand to deliver the box to Natalie. When Natalie, a stand-up comic, hears of Doug's death, she returns home with her infant daughter Lily to organize her father's things. Natalie begins to have flashbacks about her deceased mother, and how when Natalie was young, she would play the piano incessantly. Andrew tries to persuade Natalie to help him clean the garage and find the box, but she is unwilling to go into the garage. To get a break from her intense memories, Natalie goes to a comedy club to perform. Meanwhile, at a local hospital, Monica and Tess talk about how Natalie will react to learning her father's secret, that Amanda, her mother, is not dead, but has been institutionalized for many years. Natalie, indeed is shocked to learn this and that Amanda, after a slow recovery from mental illness, is almost ready to return home. Natalie goes to the hospital to meet Amanda, who convinced herself Natalie was dead, and, though she doesn't realize Natalie is her daughter, the visit makes her very nervous and she begins to play the piano feverishly. This frightens Natalie and she quickly leaves the hospital. Back at the garage, Natalie discovers the box, which contains a metronome. As the metronome begins to tick, Natalie accidentally closes the garage door, triggering a horrifying memory about how, when she was seven, Amanda locked Natalie and herself in the garage with the motor running. By the time Andrew arrives Natalie fully recollects that her mother tried to kill her. Monica explains Amanda's illness, how after she lost a baby Amanda blamed herself to the point of illness, and how she wanted to die, but didn't want to leave Natalie behind. Natalie returns to the hospital and with the angels' help, convinces Amanda that she is still alive. Overjoyed, Amanda moves to hug Natalie, but Natalie unable to handle the emotion, flees to the comedy club. While onstage, though, Natalie has a nervous breakdown. Monica reveals herself to be an angel, and comforts Natalie, telling her that God loves her, and that she must breakdown, performs her stand-up routine for the other patients while Amanda watches proudly. Natalie introduces Amanda to her granddaughter and tells her mother that she inherited something very important from her, her sense of humor.moreless
    • At Risk
      At Risk
      Season 3 - Episode 25
      This episode is introduced and closed by General Colin Powell, U.S. Army, who served as General Chairman of the President's Summit on America's Future, which was held in Philadelphia April 27-29, 1997 and aimed to bring America to a new level of commitment in volunteerism. Jason DeLee, a troubled teen, steals a car but is promptly caught by the police. His mother, Lena can no longer deal with her son and releases her parental authority. Jason is placed in the custody of Denver Juvenile Services. Waters, the camp director, runs a tight ship and is taken aback when Tess arrives, announcing she is a new facility director and will be observing a new experimental work program. After the boys complete a survey, Monica, the coordinator for the work program arrives. A handful of teens volunteer for the program, Jason is not one of them. Later that day, Lena visits Jason in Tess' office. He is discoouraged when his mother says she just came to bring him some underwear and car magazines. Tess, informs them that Monica has selected him for the work program, and Lena urges her son to take whatever chance they give him. He just glares at them and exits. When he finds out that Rey Estes, his rival, has volunteered for the program, Jason decides to participate in it too. Andrew, a juvenile Services volunteer, drives the boys to their destination, the Linwood Children's Academy, a school for disabled children. Inside, Jason is paired with Kelly, a girl with cerebral palsy. Her mother, Anita has reservations about a "gangbanger" working with her daughter. Jason is reluctant to bond with Kelly until Monica shows him that the girl shares his love of cars. Despite a few false starts, the two are able to forge a relationship. But Jason eventually panics and runs away. Waters wants to send the police after the boy, but Tess convinces him to wait. Monica, prompted by a Ferrari photo on Kelly's gait walker, finds him at an import car dealership. She reveals herself, urging him to stop trying to outrun God. Jason returns to the school, where Anita, Lena, and the angel's revel in his progress with Kelly.moreless
    • Clipped Wings
      Clipped Wings
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      A "clip show" featuring excerpts of previous episodes. On the way to a performance evaluation. Monica encounters her rival, Kathleen. The dark angel tricks her former friend into entering the wrong office suite. There Monica encounters Jodi, a troubled woman comforted by the angel's accounts of past assignments. Meanwhile, Tess and Andrew fret while waiting for their colleague. The High Court judge, Ruth, is a distinguished but no-nonsense angel who was once Tess' supervisor. Troubled by Monica's tardiness and "irregularities" in her work, Ruth suspends Monica and revokes her angel privileges. While the judge reviews Monica's mistakes, Andrew recalls an assignment when she mistakenly went to Jacksonville, Florida, rather than Jacksonville, Illinois. Tess dispatches him to search the building. Andrew finds her, but she wants to give Jodi a revelation, but before starting her revelation, she's shocked to learn Jodi is actually Kathleen, whose evaluation was based on ruining Monica's. Tess and Andrew comfort their friend, who arrives in the correct office too late. Tess decides to appeal to the Angel of Angels on the grounds of Kathleen's treachery. Ruth is stunned by the dark angel's involvement, and Tess forces the judge to confront her own perceived failure, she was Kathleen's supervisor when she defected to the Other Side. That pivotal event spurred Ruth to replace her heart with rules and regulations. Seeing Tess' logic, she sanctions the appeal. Monica meanwhile prays, while a spiteful Kathleen observes. But the dark angel is mortified when the prayer is for God to forgive her misdeeds. The Angel of Angels summons Monica, initially advising her on posture and the benefits of decaffeinated coffee. He then praises her kind heart but cautions her never to let it obstruct the truth. Because of the evidence of her heart, she passes the evaluation, and the Angel of Angels deems her worthy of expanded duties. Reconciled, Tess prompts Ruth to consider returning to casework. And Monica, learning that Kathleen's supervisors have rejected her, suggest that the dark angel appeals to God's mercy. Touched, she follows that recommendation and repents.moreless
    • Operation Smile
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Ginger works as an exotic dancer, in which unlikely venue she meets Monica. Ginger hires Monica to babysit her little daughter Emily, who was born with a disfiguring cleft palate. Ginger fears other kids in her trailer park will taunt Emily, but Monica invites Jeremy, who befriends the little girl. When Jeremy learns about Operation Smile, an organization of doctors who perform pro bono plastic surgery, he suggests Emily as a candidate. Ginger has taken Emily's affliction as a punishment from God for past transgressions, and refuses to accept the charity offer. Jeremy leads Emily off to Nashville (and Operation Smile) anyway by stowing away on Albert's pick-up. Albert is actually transporting stolen goods elsewhere, when Tess intercepts the entire crew. She confronts Albert and redirects their journey across state via a balloon. Monica reveals herself to Ginger, she is angry that she assumes her daughter is a punishment from God, she should know that Emily is a great gift. In the end, Ginger gratefully allows Emily to receive treatment.moreless
    • Into the Light
      Into the Light
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      James Block, a man with a heart condition, and a criminal past, gets a second chance after a near death experience. He suffers a heart attack after marrying his girlfriend, Rachel to prevent her from testifying against him. While "dead" James sees Andrew walking toward the "light", though himself moves in the opposite direction. Realizing he must change his ways, James initiates a campaign of goods works. Tess and Monica are assigned as nurses at the hospital where he is fulfilling community service he received for a crime. Neither angel is impressed, however, with his apparent change of heart, especially when they realize he records his good deeds in a notebook. James finds a kindred spirit in Amy Ann McCoy, a teenage Elvis Presley fan with cystic fibrosis. A bit of a con artist herself, the girl is unaware how serious her illness is. Meanwhile, James is haunted by a recurring nightmare if his near-death experience, finally realizing he was headed toward a roiling chasm of unending darkness. He again encounters Andrew, who admonishes, "Even if every one of your good deeds was a step towards heaven, it would never reach high enough." Unnerved , James destroys his notebook and plans to skip Amy Ann's birthday party. Tess confronts him, telling him the teenager will soon die, and only her faith has sustained her all these years. James rails at God, but Tess tells him not to blame God for the mess he has made of his life. As Rachel starts to apologize to Amy Ann for James's absence, he arrives. but he puts a damper on the proceedings by telling the birthday girl how serious her illness and that God doesn't care. A furious Tess orders him to leave the room, and Rachel tells her husband she hopes never to see him again. Seeing Andrew in the corridor, James realizes he is the Angel of Death and attacks him. But Andrew avoids the human's assault, until Monica appears holding the notebook he had earlier destroyed. She tells him that hell is separation from God, and if he was on his way there, he was sending himself. Andrew the clarifies his earlier statement to James, no one can earn there way to heaven because only God's mercy can lift a soul up and take him there. Repenting of his misdeeds, James prays and turns his life over to God's. Overhearing her husband, Rachel realizes her prayers were answered. James returns to a dying Amy Ann, reassuring her that God exists and to take his hand and walk toward the light. The teenager dies as Elvis's song,"Precious Lord" plays on a turntable.moreless
    • With God As My Witness
      With God As My Witness
      Season 6 - Episode 12
      In Tess and Monica are on hand to witness their next assignment, Jim Sullivan, get fired from his job as a construction foreman. Trying to warn the project managers of potential safety hazards, Jim instead incurs their wrath. Tess reminds Monica that humans value themselves for what they do, rather than for who they are. In light of this, the angels must keep Jim from making any desperate decisions. Unable to find more construction work, Jim takes a low-paying job as a limousine driver and worries that he will be unable to financially support his wife and two daughters. As the bills pile up, Jim does make a desperate decision. Tailing his co-worker's advice, Jim decides to drive a questionable by generously-tipping client around for the evening. Monica, the limo dispatcher, warns against it, but the promise of quick cash is too tempting to refuse. Stuart Deane, Jim's passenger, is secretive about his business and appointments. Jim learns too much when Deane leaves their last stop firing a gun. Deane tips Jim handsomely, threatens his family if he goes to the police, and leaves. Jim remains silent about the incident until Monica arrives with another undercover federal officer and questions him about Deane's involvement in the previous night's murder. Jim refuses to talk to the agents, but when two of Deane's men threaten his family, he agrees to testify against Deane and enter the Witness Protection Program. Jim's wife, Shawn, is upset, but believing Jim to be without fault, is supportive of his decision. Tess, another federal agent, outlines their new living adjustments, they will be moved to a new state, be given new names and records, and will never return to their former lives. Most painfully, they will have to say a final goodbye to Shawn's father, Charles, who lives in the local nursing home. Andrew, an orderly there, agrees to take good care of Charles. At the Sullivan's temporary home at a hotel, Monica and the other agents remain on a 24 hour protective watch. Shawn is upset when Jim admits that he previously knew of Deane's reputation and thus destroyed the family's identity and safety for some extra cash. Later, Tess reminds a much calmer Shawn about her marriage vows and the importance of forgiveness. Despondent, Jim believes he has lost his family. Monica then reveals herself as an angel and tells him Jim that God will be a good shepherd as promised, faithfully leading Jim and his family through the valley ahead. Monica shows Jim two newspaper stories, the first about Stuart Deane, the second, about the lives saved at the construction site as a result of Jim's safety recommendations. Now inspired, Jim visits Stuart Deane in prison who again threatens him if he testifies. Jim tells Deane that even though his family will go into hiding, they will always have their identities as God's children. Jim gives Deane a bible and suggests he read it, beginning with Psalm 23. As the reconnected family prepares for their new life, they are ecstatic to learn that Tess has arranged a new identity for Carl, who will enter the program to be with them as well.moreless
    • Netherlands
      Season 7 - Episode 23

      Monica works with the newly hired Angel, who has yet to be named, trying to explain what it means to work with human beings and the rewards of helping them connect with God. The Angel is apprehensive, wondering why Monica chooses to stay on Earth after experiencing the wonder of being in God's presence. Monica explains that she stays because God asks her to, and because he loves them. But the Angel doesn't know what love is. Monica's first priority is finding the Angel a pair of glasses to correct her blurred vision and trade her angel garb for human clothes. After doing so, Monica shares her appreciation of different coffees with the Angel when a young girl named Madeline approaches. Madeline explains that she comes to this business complex with her mother who's looking for work. The Angel befriends Madeline and offers to fix her braiding her hair and discerning the angel's name to be "Gloria" from the hymn "Angels We Have Heard On High." Tess explains that Gloria has a very quick mind, but Monica will have to show her how to use her heart. But all that changes when a building explodes in front of their very eyes, as they watch not just one, but many angels of death, arrive on the scene. Monica is suddenly struck by the large scale tragedy before her, and fells unprepared to show Gloria how to use her heart only to be broken. Andrew arrives on the scene and explains that he just took Madeline's mother to Heaven. Gloria helps emergency crews pinpoint Madeline's location based upon the trajectory of her mechanical dog. While Monica leaves her post, Tess assigns Gloria to sit with Madeline who now lies unconscious in the hospital. Gloria is at loss as to what to do, so Tess suggests she sing to her. Nearby, an older man waits beside his wife of forty years who is also seriously injured, offering her a glimpse of what love is. When Madeline regains consciousness, he suggests Gloria tell her a story to keep her awake. But Gloria is at loss, unfamiliar with how to use her imagination. As Monica walks along the highway, a charismatic man in a black Mercedes offers to give her a lift. But Monica recognizes this is no ordinary mortal, but Satan, who has taken on human form to tempt Monica. He preys on Monica at her most vulnerable moment, whose faith in human love has been shattered by the bombing, a reminder of all that's wrong with humankind. The driver taps into Monica's belief that perhaps she could succeed where they have failed. He shows her what life would be like if she were human, with a husband and two beautiful children and another on the way. The moment is intoxicating, even for an angel. The driver makes an eloquent appeal, promising to be there for Monica when she falls, leading her to the precipice. But at last moment, Monica asks God to forgive her. Her prayer is answered and she is transformed, her faith renewed. Monica resumes her post as Gloria's mentor. Gloria is concerned that she lacks imagination, but Monica assures her that among angels, truth is better. Monica explains to Madeline that her mother is in Heaven with God, and that soon, she will be reunited with her. Gloria sits with Madeline until Andrew comes for her, and sheds her very first tear, a sign that Monica has done her job and that Gloria has learned to use her heart.

    • The Good Earth
      Season 9 - Episode 17
      Stan and his friends are fascinated by the crazy old man who lives on their street. He's an inventor, a mad scientist, and he's building cars that run on chicken droppings...or so they say. There is also speculation that he is experimenting on dead bodies in his basement, but the truth is that Emmett Rivers is working hard to free the world from its dependence on oil. He is fashioning a device which, when it is finished, will convert hydrogen into energy. It will run on water. Of course, there are a few hitches. Emmett so far, is unable to get the machine just right. Everything is theoretically working, but it's just a little off. It's nothing a few months of fine work can fix. Unfortunately he might not get that chance. Monica has arrived, as an IRS agent, to look into Emmett's tax deductions. While she is there, Stan finally gets up the courage to sneak into the house and see just what the crazy old man is working on. But elsewhere, Carl Northram, an oil magnate, has been informed of Emmett's work via assignment, it is her job to bring the genius to the man who can put his ideas to work. But When Gloria arrives to express interest in the invention, and negotiate with Emmett regarding its sale, she is rebuffed. Emmett is angry that they weren't interested until he'd spent 20 years of his life working on it. Now, when it is so near to completion he is afraid that they will swoop in and steal the credit. Gloria assures him that no one is swooping, but Emmett is unwilling to budge. He sees the accomplishment as a way of living on, something he won't do himself; he is dying of stomach cancer. When Gloria is gone, Monica and Stan, who Emmett has taken a liking to, try to convince him that it is time to share his genius with the rest of the world. So when Gloria returns with Carl, Emmett accepts their offer and sells the nearly finished machine for 1/2 a million dollars. Now he can finally relax and seek treatment for his ailment. But all is not as it seems, Carl has no interest in helping the world, he has bought Emmett's invention solely for the purpose of destroying it. Gloria is devastated by her part in this and returns to bear tidings to Emmett, Monica and Stan. They are disheartened, especially Emmett, who realizes that his work will not be rebuilt in time. "But it will be rebuilt." Monica assures him. He just needs to teach Stan, and his work will lilve on. Emmett does as requested, and realizes that sharing his ideas with even one more person, is better than keeping it locked in a basement, hoping for immortality.moreless
    • The Compass
      The Compass
      Season 6 - Episode 2
      In July of 1944, a month after D-Day, a small squad of American soldiers make their way through the deadly battlefields of Normandy, part of the attempt by the Allied forces to re-claim France. Led by Sergeant Walker, the men are weary, and anything but unified. Cynical Private Joe Farady takes bets in how many casualties there will be at the end of each day. Private Eddie Rourke, full of optimism, is constantly at odds with Joe. Privates Nick Dante and Homer Stucky comprise the rest of the squad. Monica, on a Search and Rescue mission, watches over the man unseen. Through a flashback, we learn that the feud between Eddie and Joe began several months earlier, in an Allied canteen. Joe is upset to find Eddie dancing with Stella, a USO hostess whom Joe considers his girl. Stella isn't interested in Joe and tries to let him down easy. Tess, a USO singer, tells Monica that she is assigned to Joe, that she must help him decide to become a hero. Back on the battlefield as the combat quiets down, the squad discovers Monica comforting a dying German soldier and they take her prisoner. Just then, Sergeant Walker is shot and dies. The squad holds Monica partially responsible, and Joe wants to execute her, but cooler heads prevail. Homer, in a panic, tries to radio HQ, but accidentally uses a German radio revealing their position. Knowing that they are now sitting ducks, Monica encourages the men to write letters to their loved ones, and to make a pact that whoever survives will deliver them. All agree except for Joe, who recalls the night in the canteen when, rejected by Stella, he tries to hit Eddie, but Eddie knocks him down first. At this moment the air raid sirens sound, signaling for everyone to take cover. As the crowds gather in the London underground, Joe meets a small boy named Rupert, with a birdcage, who is lost. Joe is shaken out of this memory by the news that a German tank is approaching. Monica prays, but Homer and Nick fall, and Eddie is wounded. Monica and Joe help Eddie to a farmhouse where he realizes that they left the letters behind. He pleads with Joe to find them, but Joe refuses. Eddie tells Joe that he and Stella were married the night before they shipped out, but Joe tells Eddie that Stella married him too, so that she could cash in his paycheck. Monica slaps Joe for the lie and reveals herself to Eddie, telling him the truth before he dies. Later, Monica reveals herself to Joe, telling him that God loves him, but that his moral compass is broken. She tells him about the greatest love, laying down and, instead, finds Andrew digging graves for the dead soldiers, and Andrew gives him the letters. When he brings them back to Monica, she promises to deliver them. Joe admits that he feels like he's finally done something important. As he rejoices, he is shot by a German soldier. As he dies, Monica helps him compose a letter to Rupert. Joe writes that he fought this war for him, and for the generations to follow. Fifty years later, Monica enters a small London pet shop and comments on its beautiful birdcage, and shows her a framed letter from a soldier, the letter from Joe.moreless
    • Fallen Angela
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Monica learns to overcome her fear of water when she moves next door to Angela Evans, an avid boater with a secretive past. Years ago during college, she supported herself as a call girl. Now that her husband Carter is running for the U.S. Senate, she is being blackmailed by Marshall, her former pimp. Monica convinces Angela to stand up to him, but learns that the ruthless man had taken photographs of her in compromising positions. Rather than tell Carter the truth, she attempts suicide by intentionally sinking her boat in the middle of the lake. Adam, the Angel of Death, cautions Monica not to violate Angela's free will by rescuing her. The resourceful angel shows the woman how her suicide would affect her loved ones, and she chooses to live. Revealing herself after the rescue, Monica admits overcoming her own fear of water when she saw Angela about to drown and encourages her to return home and confide in Carter. Together, the Evans decide to hold a press conference regarding Angela's past, freeing them from the threat of further blackmail.moreless
    • The Perfect Game
      The Perfect Game
      Season 6 - Episode 16
      The angels arrive at the Cherry Lanes Bowl-A-Rama where they meet Ziggy, the unhappy owner of the alley. Despite the fact that it is technically the angels "night off," Monica takes immediate interest in helping the cantankerous woman. Ziggy, who is too proud to ask for help from anyone, refuses Monica's offers to watch the counter. At the same time, Darrell, a security guard, is led into the bowling alley blindfolded. Darrell's friends have brought him to Cherry Lanes to celebrate his birthday, unaware that Darrell and Ziggy, though once best friends, haven't spoken in years. Ziggy's resentment of Darrell is immediately apparent. As Andrew and Tess teach Monica to bowl, she's ecstatic when she knocks down one pin, but even more excited to learn that she gets a second chance at the remaining pins. On another lane, Tess counsels Renee and Warren, a newly engaged couple, who argue about whom to invite to their wedding. Monica questions Ziggy about her anger toward Darrell and suggests that forgiveness would be a nice birthday gift. Contemplating this, Ziggy agrees that Darrell does have something coming and decides to make adjustments to Darrell's lane. Meanwhile, Warren suggests eloping as the solution to their planning problems and Renee is clearly hurt. Tess explains to Warren that you get married because you do love. The key is to keep talking to each other. Darrell begins to bowl strike after strike. He believes this is his lucky day, but the angels are skeptical about his sudden streak. Sweeney, the snack bar waitress, tells Tess about the history of Ziggy and Darrell's relationship. One night five years ago, Ziggy expected Darrell to propose. Instead, Darrell gave Ziggy the keys to his truck. Humiliated and rejected, Ziggy told Darrell to get out and never come back. They hadn't spoken again until tonight. As the media gets wind of Darrell's ongoing perfect game, people arrive at the bowling alley to spectate Darrell, becoming more and more arrogant, believes his fifteen minutes of fame have arrived. When Renee complains about Warren, Ziggy warns her to get out of the relationship. As Darrell attempts his final strike and perfect game, Ziggy yells distracting him. The ball rolls into the gutter, but to the crowd's amazement, all ten pins fall! Darrell is crestfallen, as it becomes clear that Ziggy rigged the lanes. As the crowd disperses, Monica is finally able to tell Ziggy what she's been trying to tell all along, Darrell has lung cancer. While trying to maintain he callous demeanor, Ziggy is clearly affected by the news. She tries to apologize to Darrell, but he walks out. Monica then finds Ziggy weeping and reveals that she is an angel from God, and that Ziggy can learn a lesson from bowling, you always get a second chance to make it right. People who love each other, like Ziggy and Darrell, hurt each other. What matters is the choice you make after the hurt happens. God will always give you a second chance to love. Inspired, Ziggy convinces Warren and Renee to reunite. Darrell returns and Ziggy apologizes and pledges to stick by him, Darrell insists they be more than buddies this time. Darrell and Ziggy walk out together as the Angels continue their "night off."moreless
    • Flights of Angels
      Flights of Angels
      Season 4 - Episode 17
      Richard is an artist diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, a terminal sickness that has a debilitating effect on one's motor functions. Richard is in denial about the prognosis but his wife Sally is not, and she prays for guidance for her family. Monica arrives to help her take care of her three boys, John Henry, George and Ray, while Andrew will assist Richard with his paintings. Sally explains that Richard is working against a deadline, he must finish more paintings if he wishes to show them at the gallery. John Henry, the oldest son, is aware that there is something wrong with his father, but attempts to get him to play games with him. Richard is too weak for this, and also preoccupied with finishing his work so that he can leave hi family with the revenue from his paintings. At the same time Richard is working on "dream books" for his sons, scrapbooks that contain sketches and mementos off all the things their father holds dear. When Richard's legs give out, he and Sally break down and cry as the despair of the disease overtakes them. The next day Sally, the boys, Monica and Andrew surprise Richard with a motorized cart. He explains to the boys that his disease, but when John Henry asks if he's going to die, Richard tells them "not for a very long time." This upsets Sally since he wasn't truthful with the boys. Tess, posing as an artist's manager, agrees to represent Richard even though he has only two paintings finished. With Andrew at his side, and using a respirator to help him breathe, Richard begins to work in earnest, but his goal of twelve paintings is cut short when a fire breaks out in the studio. Andrew is able to save Richard from the fire, but all but one of the paintings is destroyed. Richard, feeling that his life is now worth nothing, gives up hope. But Andrew sets up a studio in the living room for Richard to finish his last painting. Richard gets to work right away, realizing that this one painting is going to have to go to a long way. Over the next few days Richard is hard at work with the painting. Sally explains the the boys what's happening to their father. As much as they don't want their father to die, they're happy he won't be in pain anymore. That night Andrew reveals himself to Richard and tells him that he only has a few hours left and asks him to make a choice, finish the painting, of the scrapbooks for his sons. Richard decides to leave his sons with a piece of their father by finishing the books. Richard works all night and finishes the books and Andrew helps him say goodbye to the boys and Sally before he passes away. The next day monica and Tess reveal themselves to Sally and assure her that if she puts her trust in God, he will provide. the last painting, as John Henry takes up a brush and begins one of his father's blank canvases.This is evident when Sally finds Richard's lone painting to have been miraculously completed. Ans its clear that this won't bemoreless
    • Bring On The Rain
      Bring On The Rain
      Season 9 - Episode 7
      Natalie Tate is trying to keep her life in very neat catagories. She wants to go to Yale, she wants to be like her friends, and she doesn't want anyone to know that she lives in a trailer with her mother, Annie, on the other hand thinks her daughter is; smart, studious, polite, and completely honest. And what Annie doesn't know will hurt her. Ever since they moved to town, Natalie has been passing herself as wealthy. She tells her friends and pretty much anyone who asks, that her mother is in Paris on business. But apart from these deceptions, she is trying hard to make something of her life. She is building a realtionship with her boyfriend, Ben, and she is taking the SAT's as often as she can in an effort to earn a scholarship. Annie, menwhile, is trying her hardest just to keep the two of them afloat. She works as a cocktail waitress at a trashy bar. She also plans to start selling cosmetics door-to-door in an effort to help her daughter along ti a brighter future. She is so set on focusing her energies on Nataliem that when he daughter asks for a cell phone, Annie allows herself to be convinced. Despite their serious lack of financial security, she buys one. It is though this generous act, that Annie finally learnssome of the truth. When Natalie forgets her cell phone, Annie answers it and discovers that instead of going to an honor society meeting, Natalie had planned a date with Ben. Rather than admit lying. Natalie rages at her mother for invading her privacy. Things are not going well between the two of them, and it is obvious to Monica, who has just moved in to the trailer next door. The next day, while selling her cosmetics, Annie comes across a snobby woman named Rebecca. Rebecca is Ben's mother, and Annie is still at the house when Natalie arrives with her boyfriend. She's shocked to see her mother there, and tries to ignore her. To her relief, Rebecca whisks her off to get her hair done for a college recruitment party. Later on, back at the trailer, Monica urges them to talk to each other. Natalie admits her lies, and the reasons for them. She is embarrassed. All she wants to do is fit in. Annie is still hurt, but she understands some of her daughters feelings. She tries to get Monica to help her become the woman that Natalie says is her mother. Monica refuses. She thinks that one deception can not be fixed by another. Annie decides to do it anyway. She shows up at the party in second-hand designer clothes, and talks on about Paris. Natalie is motrified, even more so when her mother blows it. The only way to salvage the situation is for the angels to convince both mother, and daughter, to be true to themselves and to each other. They go back inside, without pretense, and talk to the college representatives.moreless
    • Missing In Action
      Missing In Action
      Season 3 - Episode 24
      George Zarko, aka the "Colonel," sits on a park bench watching kids play war. Monica thinks her assignment is to help the elderly Army veteran find the joy of living. But Tess responds that what really needs is to be understood. She gives Monica's swing a push, and the her human form transforms into that of an 80-year old woman. Entering the retirement home where George lives, Monica meets him and Stephanie Hancock, the officious Nurse Director. Tess, the volunteer Activities Coordinator, persuades Stephanie to use pet therapy to alleviate the patient's loneliness, while George grouses to Andrew, the facility's cook, that a resident has recently died and no one seems to care. Monica inadvertently inspires the veteran to rebel by lowering the flag to half mast. Irate, Stephanie plans to kick him out of the home. But Monica intercedes on George's behalf, vowing to be responsible for him. This selfless act endears Monica to him, and Tess warns her to be wary of how close she gets to the man. Tess's suspicions are validated when he makes a pass at Monica. Matters worsen when Lorraine McCully, Monica's new roommate, attempts to play matchmaker for the would-be-couple. Despite Stephanie's orders, Tess unlocks the piano in the social hall so Lorraine can entertain the residents. Wary of George's affection for her, Monica agrees to dance with him but gets winded. Stephanie is furious that Tess disobeyed her and demands the piano key back. Meanwhile, Andrew tends to Monica, who now understands the frailty of the human heart. Lorraine also frets over her friend and recalls the heartbreak when her husband was declared "Missing in Action." Monica has a talk with George during which she reverts to her younger form. He hastily exits, but she finds him the next day back in the park. Though discouraged that the angel cannot return his affection, George is convinced to share the truth about his past. He publicly confesses that he was not an Army colonel but a cook. Lorraine, realizing that he served with her late husband, Jimmy. She produces a letter in which he praises George's cooking. He then, in turn, is able to tell her how her husband died, sacrificing his life to save others, including George. As a content Lorraine plays the piano, Tess prompts Stephanie to admit she locked it up because it reminded her of her father who stopped letting her take music lessons.moreless
    • The Letter
      The Letter
      Season 6 - Episode 4
      As Monica and Tess drive through the crop fields of central California, Monica comments on their beauty. But when Tess asks her to take a closer look, Monica sees the hardworking families, including many young children, toiling over the crops in the hot sun. One such family is the Morante clan. Patriarch Roberto works tirelessly alongside his wife Elisa, his teenage son Tino, and younger children Claudia and Miguel. They migrate with the season, always traveling to the part of the country that is being harvested. One of their few joys is the letter they receive each week from their grandmother. Roberto is illiterate so he has Tino read the letter, though Tino would rather be listening to classical music on the car radio. As the Morantes settle in the latest migrant camp, they meet Monica, the church volunteer, Andrew, the camp supervisor, and Rafael, a fellow migrant worker. At church on Sunday, Tino discovers the piano and begins to play. Tess offers to be his music teacher. She teaches Tino Bach's Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring" and he plays the song feverishly all night long, attracting a crowd. Roberto is furious to find that his son is late for work and, despite Tess telling him that Tino is a musical genius, he insists Tino quit thinking about playing music. Instead, with Monica's help Tino completes an application to a local music academy and waits patiently for a mailed reply. Roberto injures his back while working in the field which forces him to visit the town doctor. He is told to stay off his back, lest he do serious damage. Roberto knows, however, that he must be able to work to support the family, and Tino's contribution becomes all the more vital. Roberto is upset to receive a letter of Tino's acceptance to the music academy, and tears it up in haste. Later Tino finds out about the undelivered letter, and, after he and his father fight, he decides to go to the audition. At the same time Roberto's back finally gives out, so Tino agrees to work twice as hard to pick up his father's slack. Because of this he misses the audition and begins to accept his future as a migrant worker. Tess reveals herself to Roberto as an angel and asks him to put his trust in God and stop trying to control his son. Roberto asks Tess to help him Tino. Together they go to the music academy, and persuade the professor in charge to give Tino another chance to audition. Meanwhile in the fields Monica reveals herself to Tino and tells him that God wouldn't gift him musically and then not to give him the opportunity to praise him with that gift. Since they are working on a Sunday, Rafael arranges for a priest to give the workers communion. They encourage Tino to play for them but his hands are blistered and he cannot. Roberto arrives to support Tino, telling him that God will give him the strength. Tino begins to play Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" and as the song reverberates through the fields, the professor offers Tino a music scholarship. At the same time, Andrew offers Roberto his job a supervisor, a job that will be less physically demanding and allow the family to stay in one location near Tino's school.moreless
    • Nothing But Net
      Nothing But Net
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      Tess, Monica, Andrew and Ruth arrive in the announcer's box of a professiional basket-ball game overlooking their next assignment, Eric (E.Z.) Mony, the star point guard for the Salt Lake Saints. Tess tells the others that Eric is angry and rebellious, with a complete disregard for rules. As the angels look on, Eric shoves a referee. Although Ruth is told that her assignment is only to observe the situation, she is soon moving down in the stands in order to speak to the referee. Due to herinterference, a jersey is thrown into the crowd by Mony goes to a very impressionable 14 year-old named Darnell. Sam, the special affairs angel arrives to explain that the casse has just taken a turn for the worse because a bond was formed between E.Z. and Darnell. Later at the Boys Club, Sam coaches Darnell and his friends and introduces Monica as the new tutor. Meanwhile, as E.Z. is disavowing his status as a role model, we learn of the disappearance of a hockey player by the name of Winston El Camio. As E.Z. prepares to leave the stadium, Andrew introduces himself as the ghost writer who will be writing his E.Z.'s tell all book. Ruth, having recovered from her blunder at the stadium, approaches Darnell. She tells him that E.Z. is not someone to look up at, that he cannot read. Darnell then goes to E.Z. and blackmails him with the information, demanding "a night in the life of E.Z. Mony" in return for his silence. While on the twown, E.Z. takes Darnell to a casino and quickly loses $100,000. Two henchmen of the casino then threaten E.Z. with his life if he doesn't shave points, invoking the game of Winston El Camio and has no choice but to try to throw the game. Convinced that E.Z. will pull off the scam, Darnell takes bets from his friends. When the game begins, E.Z. is miraculously unable to miss and the Saint's win. Darnell confronts E.Z. after the game and E.Z. rebukes him, "Your livin' poor and you're gonna die poor." Darnell slinks out and the two henchmen enter to kill E.Z. As he prays to God, Andrew reveals himself and demands, in the name of God, that the men leave. As the men exit, Andrew tells E.Z. God wants him top learn to read. In the pressbox, Monica consoles Ruth, showing her the marquee which is now flashing "God Loves You." As E.Z. and Darnell meet on the court, both look up at the flashing marquee. E.Z. vows to learn to read and Darnell cries as he realizes that he is trult loved by God.moreless
    • Only Connect
      Only Connect
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      When a widower named Donnie Mancuso is having problems with his son, Cameron, the angels arrive to help them learn from the least likely of souls, an autistic man by the name of Ferdie. Misunderstood all of his life, Ferdie lives in a shack on the edge of a baseball field in Cicero, Illinois. Although harmless, the townspeople are unaware of his autism and think of Ferdie as merely as "weird." Cameron befriends Ferdie, who shares his love of trains. Donnie, a former professional baseball player, pushes Cameron to work harder at baseball as a way of making friends. Cameron falls prey to peer pressure and participates in a prank that inadvertently results in the burning of Ferdie's shack. Monica appeals to Cameron's conscience, and he convinces his father to let Ferdie live with them until his shack is rebuilt. While having living with Donnie and Cameron, Ferdie behaves strangely but Donnie pays little attention because he seems harmless. Donnie finds Ferdie in the basement using his wife's train set and forbids him to do so again. The meaning of this is lost on Ferdie, who cannot recognize Donnie when he's not wearing his glasses, nor Cameron when he's not wearing his ball cap. Ferdie, being autistic, latches on to certain aspects of people's appearances in order to recognize them. The day of the championship game Ferdie gets upset when Cameron takes his cap off, and tries to forcibly replace it, unintentionally hurting another player. The confused and angry townspeople drive Ferdie off the field, but Cameron finally realizes Ferdie's unique method of viewing the world. The championship game continues until, who is preoccupied with Ferdie, strikes out, losing the game. Donnie blames Cameron for letting the team down and he leaves to find Ferdie, the only friend he connects with. When Donnie and the other townspeople catch up to Cameron at a train yard, he tries to explain, with Andrew's help, how Ferdie views the world but Donnie refuses to listen. Cameron says he would rather live in a train car with Ferdie than with his father. Monica consoles Ferdie in the train car while Tess reveals herself to Donnie who, ashamed of his behavior, is sitting alone in the dugout. Tess reminds him of how his wife loved trains and how she saw the good in him when no one else would, just as Cameron sees the good in Ferdie. Donnie understands he needs to view the world through Cameron and Ferdie's eyes, and the three return home to play with the train set and make plans for a train trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame.moreless
    • The Christmas Watch
      The Christmas Watch
      Season 9 - Episode 10
      It’s Christmas Eve and all through the shop, a party is waiting for the workday to stop. The angels have come to lend joy and aid, to the little old watch shop that’s starting to fade. Piltdown & Sons is the name of the store, but after this Christmas they’ll do business no more. Across from ground zero the watchmakers sit, though their store was spared, their business was hit. Gloria finds troubles in Mr. Piltdown’s finance, but she hates to disrupt the song and the dance. But still he must listen, still he must know, he must have the time to let it all go. When Gloria tells him he takes the news bad, this is one more loss on top of all that he’s had. Oscar, Chris and Agnes, his workers, his friends, will they still be so close when their legacy ends? And so Piltdown tells them, and know they all see that this is the last Piltdown Christmas to be. Sadness and anger and confusion all reign, to lose it all now causes such pain. But in Andrew comes with one final chore, a Piltdown watch has been found in the rubble next door. Do they know where it’s from, do they know whose it is? They hope and they pray that perhaps he still lives. They look through the books and check the old sales, but it’s their memory of Joshua, in the end, that prevails. Dialing the number with a big bated breath, they hope for a life, but fear for a death. A woman’s voice answers, sad for the season, this time of year there can be just one reason. Her husband is gone, her son has no father, could they please fix the watch, would it be such a bother? Piltdown, he thinks, as do Agnes and Chris, should their last work together be for something like this? The answer is yes, what else could they do, what are their troubles compared to those two? A mother and child of a father bereft, this little old watch is all they have left. And all through the night, the watchmakers toil, tightening and tweaking and winding the coil. The angels lend spirit, and purpose and joy, to grant a holiday wish to a poor little boy. And when the day rises and Christmas is here, they’ve done their best work in many a year. Mother and child arrive and thank them sincere, for a little old watch that they’ll always hold dear.moreless
    • Reunion
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Returning home for her mother's funeral, Megan Brooks arrives with a Dixieland band playing "When the Saints Go Marching in". This incident raises the ire of her grandmother, Clarice Mitchell, a renowned poet. Clarice's son, Sam and Megan had been high school sweathearts, but their lives drifted apart. Now that she is recently widowed, Sam is interested in rekindling and spontaneously proposes to Megan. Clarice, however is horrified to discover that Megan is HIV positive. The mother urges her son to retract his proposal, and at first Sam literally drives away. But realizing his selfishness, he returns and pledges to stand by Megan through their coming years together. Now Megan has reservations about the marriage leaving Sam completely confused. Revealing that she has been conduit through which Clarice received divine inspiration, Tess urges the poet to give her blessing to the nuptials because this is Sam and Megan's time to live and love. The wedding proceeds apace after the bride and groom also receive seperate revelations, and Clarice composes a new poem for the ceremony.moreless
    • Promised Land
      Promised Land
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Monica is downcast because she failed one of her assignments, but Tess tells her to buck up because the cavalry's on the way. The two angels watch Russell Greene and his family pass by in a Suburban truck towing an Airstream trailer. After being laid off from his factory job in North Carolina, Russell packed up his wife, two children and mother to head to her home town, Chicory Creek, Kentucky where an old friend, Doc Rogers has promised to give Russell a job. they arrive, however just in time for the doctor's funeral. Erasmus Jones, another family friend, allows the Greene's to pull the trailer in his yard while Russell determines his next move. Complicating matters further is the fact that his brother, Joe skipped town, leaving Nathaniel, a nine-year old son, with Erasmus. Disappointed that the American dream has gone sour for him, Russell takes his wife, Claire's advice and prays for guidance. Unseen, Tess and Monica watch and realize that Russell is their man. The next day, Dinah prompts Erasmus to tell her father about Doc Rogers "unfinished business", the late doctor was visited by two angels who had come to help him save Chicory Creek. She thinks that since Russell doesn't have a job, he can travel to New York and try to persuade a big-city doctor to return to her home town and open up a clinic. Although he is skeptical, Claire talks to her husband into making the trip, and Erasmus asks him to tell Dr. Rebecca Cousins that "her Daddy loves her." On the bus, Russell sits next to Monica, unaware of her true identity. In New York, he meets the doctor and chides her for abandoning the community that scraped together and helped put her through medical school. On the return trip to Chicory Creek, Russell discover that he lost his bus ticket and only has enough money to get to Hensen. Disgusted with the "United States of Greedy People, "Russell meets Tess, who spearheads a collection from the passengers to get him all the way back home. Once they get off the bus, she reveal herself, telling him that God wants his family to discover America and help others along the way.moreless
    • Tough Love
      Tough Love
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Monica serves as the personal assistant to Elizabeth Jessup, a prominent journalist, and the angel soon learns that her new assignment has a serious drinking problem. At a birthday party for her granddaughter Beth, Liz has too much to drink, which prompts her own daughter Sydney to take her daughter home. Soon afterwards, the newswoman makes a spectacle of herself while giving a speech at the Mayor's Centennial kick-off. This incident causes Sydney to stage an intervention for her mother with the help of Anita, a counselor at the New Hope Center. But this action backfires and an enraged Liz orders her guests to leave. The next day, Monica returns to work and learns that Liz started drinking to fit in with her male counterparts. Monica convinces her employer to visit the New Hope Center. However, upon seeing Anita, Liz loses her temper and storms out out othe the building. Although Sydney refuses to let Beth have contact with her grandmother, the child sneaks out to see Liz anyway. While Beth was playing, Liz accidentally sets the house on fire with a cigarette. Monica rescues the little girl, whose grandmother was too drunk to comprehend what happened. At the hospital, an irate Sydney confronts her mother for leaving Beth inside the house to die. Returning to the wreckage to find a music box her granddaughter cherishes, Liz encounters Monica, realizing the angel was the one who saved Beth. Encouraged by Monica's revelation, Liz returns to the New Hope center and attends a counseling session where she learns that Sydney herself in a recovering alcoholic.moreless
    • Hearts
      Season 5 - Episode 25
      Monica is an aid to Dr. Sandra Pena, a Portland heart surgeon. Sandra's favorite patient, Ilena, is in need of a heart transplant and time is running out to find a compatible donor. Meanwhile, at a hospital in Boise, Angela, the victim of a horse riding accident, lays dying. Sandra is excited to learn that Angela may be the compatible donor Ilena desperately needs. Tess, an organ donor specialist, tries to convince Angela's husband Dan to donate Angela's heart. Unwilling to believe that his wife is dying, he refuses to agree to the transplant. In an attempt to life Ilena's spirits Monica introduces her to Sandra's daughter, Casey. The two teenagers quickly become attached. When Sandra learns that the heart is unavailable, she warns Casey of Ilena's fate, and insists she not see Ilena anymore. Rather than give up hope, Casey takes a bus to Boise, without Sandra's permission, in hopes of convincing Dan to donate Angela's heart. In Boise Casey meets Andrew, who has been sitting with Angela and comforting Dan. Tess introduces Casey to Dan. She tells Dan of Ilena, and how there is a real person in need of Angela's heart. This only angers Dan and, in denial about Angela's condition, he refuses to discuss the matter any further. Defeated, Casey returns to Portland, where an angry Sandra awaits her. While driving home, Sandra and Casey argue, causing an accident. Casey suffers severe head trauma. Monica speaks with a distraught Sandra about Casey's condition and the possibility that Casey's heart may be a good match for Ilena. Sandra refuses to consider the possibility. At the same time Ilena is unwilling to take her good friends heart. Monica reveals herself to Sandra, telling her that though she and Casey may not always see eye-to-eye it's okay to have differences, and that the bond between a mother and daughter is one of God's greatest gifts. Meanwhile, Andrew reveals himself to Dan telling him that Angela wishes to donate her heart. As Sandra waits with Casey, she tells her how much she loves their differences and that's what makes their relationship special. Casey recovers and Dan agrees to the donation, but it's too late, Ilena has passed away. Weeks later, Dan receives a letter from Casey, who informs him that Angela's heart did not go unused, it was donated to another needy individual. Casey acknowledges Dan's difficult decision and thanks him for his generous gift of life.moreless
    • The Occupant
      Season 6 - Episode 6
      On Halloween night all the angels have their hands full, and this night is no different for Monica, Tess, and Andrew, who attend to a spiritual battle at Salt Lake City's Mercy Hospital. The ambulance brings Lonnie, a deranged and suicidal homeless man. Lonnie frequently visits the ER and Duncan, the head of the ER and Lonnie's best friend from childhood, has diagnosed him with Multiple Personality Disorder. Andrew arrives to comfort Lonnie, but suddenly lucid, Lonnie claims to be "Gregory" and recognizes Andrew as an angel! Andrew looks to Tess for some insight and she relates Lonnie's history. Many years ago, when Tess was Lonnie and Duncan's Sunday School Teacher, she taught them that faith in God is like a mustard seed, though little, it can grow to be very large. Despite an abusive home life, Lonnie struggled to have faith, and cherished the mustard seed that Tess gave him. One Halloween though, a prank gone awry resulted in Lonnie burning a house down. Monica then continues the history, Lonnie's guilt and shame over this event initiated a downward spiral that ultimately resulted in Lonnie becoming involved in drugs and, then occult. When "Gregory" claims that Lonnie's soul is fading and that he will soon be completely possessed. In a moment of clarity Lonnie calls out to Duncan for help, and clutches something in his fist. It is the mustard seed he has kept since childhood. But when an orderly accidentally crushes the seed, Lonnie gives a final cry and "Gregory" says he has full possession. Tess appeals to Duncan to help his old friend, telling him about Lonnie's spiritual condition. They corner "Gregory" in the boiler room where he is waiting for Lonnie's body to die. Rather than give up hope for Lonnie, Monica pleads with him to ask God for help. "Gregory" howls in pain. Duncan, frightened, runs from the room. Tess follows him and reveals herself to be an angel, and tells him that Lonnie needs his help now, he needs someone to stand beside him who has string faith. In his office, Duncan finds his old mustard seed and returns to the boiler room, telling Lonnie that the seed is only a symbol of faith, real faith comes from the heart. Duncan's presence gives Lonnie the strength to cry out to God, asking for forgiveness and help. "Gregory" screams in pain, finally defeated. Redeemed Lonnie wonders at the realization that, throughout it all, God never gave up on him.moreless
    • Reasonable Doubt
      Season 7 - Episode 8
      Monica is summoned to be a juror on a murder case in which the defendant could get the death penalty . The defendant, Brendan Falstaff, is on trial for the murder of his former girlfriend, Elizabeth Bennett. The prosecution maintains that Brendan Falstaff set fire to Elizabeth's house while she was asleep. The defense, however, maintains that their case in built merely on heresay and circumstantial evidence. After hearing both sides present their case, the jury is ushered into the deliberation room to reach a verdict. Carol Anne is selected as the foreperson and tallies the votes, but Monica holds the up the process by requesting the others to discuss the decision. Monst of the jurors are in agreement that the evidence support Brendan Falstaff guilty, based on investigators' findings that the fire was the result of arson, that a gas can was found in Brendan's trunk and that Mr. Gunderson, the neighbor across the street, identified Brendan's car leaving the scene of the crime. Monica raises some doubt regarding Mr. Gunderson's ability to identify the license plate when he couldn't identify the make of the car. One of the jurors is able to explain this to the other jurors' satisfaction, but Monica remains unconvinced of Brendan's guilt. Outside the courtroom, Tess overhears two officers discussing the case. The one man who could corroborate Falstaff's alibi was a homeless wino whose testimony was inadmissible. Tess is frustrated that an innocent could be convicted, but Andrew reminds her they're here on assignment and refuses to let her interfere with the wheels of justice. Meanwhile, back inside the deliberation room, Monica asks God for help. and her prayer is answered when she notices that one of the jurors is dyslexic. Monica asks the jurors to consider the possibility that Gunderson was dyslexic, and that he merely repeated Falstaff's license plate by memory, having towed his car from in front of his house on numerous occasions. Monica's insight turns the tide as the other jurors start to change their minds. Undone by the prospect of an acquittal, Carol Anne reaches her breaking point and rushes into the restroom. Monica talks with Carol Anne privately and discovers her zeal to convict Brendan Falstaff has more to do with the years, Carol Anne has turned her anger inward, blaming herself albeit without cause. Monica assures Carol Anne that she is not to blame and that she needs to find forgiveness, starting with herself. Carol Anne emerges from the restroom and admits to her fellow jurors how her state of mind clouded her ability to see the truth. She calls for another vote. Back in the courtroom, the verdict is announced and Brendan Falstaff is acquitted. Recognizing the victim's parents sense of grief, Carol Anne approaches them in an effort to help them find the closure she so desperately needed.moreless
    • Trust
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Monica is a rookie cop, her assignment is to help Zack, who's returning to the force following rehabilitation from a gunshot wound. He's requested a new partner, which upsets his old one, Ben. We see that Zack has become addicted to pills and when he and Monica bust a drug dealer, Mason, he steals his stash. His erratic behaviour causes him to miss Mason's preliminary hearing, and a freed Mason assaults a teenage girl. Zack lives in fear, he has recurring memories of being shot. When Monica reveals herself she assures him that faith is the one armor that bullets can't pierce. Zack helps capture Mason and, armed with new faith, is able to face his addiction and reconnect with his wife.moreless
    • Groundrush
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      To Monica, Scott Walden seems like a perfect assignment. the charming owner of a small aviation company, he performs numerous charitable deeds and has been a wonderful surrogate father to his fiancee's pre-teen son. what Monica doesn't know is "Mr. Wonderful" has a secretive past, which comes to light after an employee borrows a plane to make a humanitarian, albeit illegal smuggling mission. FBI agents arrive and apprehend Scott, charging him with an eighteen-year-old murder committed by one William Grunwald. Insisting the man is innocent, Monica defends him to his fiancee, Jocelyn and his lawyer, Andrew. Unsure what tot make of these events, Scott's future stepson, Jeremy is comforted by Tess. Monica decides, though, to take matters into her own hands and uses her angelic powers to Scott escape. Andrew is confounded by her actions, especially since he has discovered Scott Walden is William Grumwald. Despite this knowledge, Monica continues to insist the man is innocent. Tess, however, is irate and directly orders Monica not to help Scott escape justice in a way, shape or form. The willful angel disobeys that order by concealing his whereabouts from Agent Bradford, then is taken aback when Scott admits he did commit murder. Sam arrives and tells Monica her lie of omission has threatened her very existence as an angel. He sends her to "God's Country" to reflect upon her mistake, not as a punishment but as a lesson. In the meantime, Andrew starts a revelation to Scott, who bails out of the airplane after an engine fire. Surprised to be alive despite his parachute's apparent failure, he finds himself in the same nether region as Monica. She helps him understand that although he killed the man who raped his sister, he would have faced the consequences rather than losing himself in lies. Both angel and human pray for forgiveness, which the receive. Scott's parachute opens and when he lands, the FBI agents tale him into custody. Prior to his extradition, Scott and Jocelyn marry, and he is reunited with his sister, who has since come forward with the truth.moreless
    • Jump!
      Season 9 - Episode 6
      Buzz Wescott dominates the drive-time airwaves throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. His radio show is number one and about to go national. All he needs to get where he wants to be is that little something extra. Of course that little something is going to push him in a direction he never anticipated. With the ratings high, and the usual amount of idiot callers, Buzz is just getting into his routine of premade insults and mock outrage, when something happens. He is informed by his producer, Su Kim, and his call screener, Monica, that his guests for the hour have cancelled. It seems that the Siamese Twins he had booked are stuck in traffic due to the ill-time suicidal impulse of a depressed teen. Scott Hardwick, is fifteen, and reeling after the suicide death of his best friend. Having just arrived home from the funeral, while his parents are away on a cruise, he has stepped out onto a ledge in his apartment building. This decision has led to a gigantic traffic jam, as people stop their cars to look up at him. Buzz is inspired. After talking with a classmate of Scott's he plans to take his show to the next level. He decides to call Scott and put him on the air. By this time, Sgt. Richardson and his partner, Gloria arrived on the scene. They answer the phone and pass it out to Scott. It is only after Scott picks up, do they realize that the man on the phone who claimed to be his father, is actually Buzz Wescott. Amazingly though, Buzz actually begins to get through to him. Scott is a fan of Buzz's and once they begin to speak a connection develops. It seems that Buzz has a real chance to help the boy. But first he has to cut to a commercial. During the commercial break, Buzz takes a call from his lawyer, who tells him that his request for joint custody has been denied. Buzz is shattered, he had his hopes up and now he has nothing. He goes back on the air and tells Scott to get on with it, that he's holding up traffic. Soon the people listening in the traffic jam begin to take up the cry. As Scott reels from Buzz's parting words, the chant of "Jump!" filters up to him from the street. Now he is shattered. After Buzz storms out of the studio, Monica confronts him with the truth of what he has become. A man who alienated himself from his family for success, and now for just a little more, he's willing to alienate a boy in need. Buzz has lost his compassion thousands of people are screaming for that boy to kill himself. Buzz breaks down. He had no idea it would go so far, he had no idea how bad he'd become. He rushes back to the studio and tries to call Scott back, but can't get through. So instead he goes back on the air, and unburdens his soul to Scott and to everyone listening. He begs Scott to take another look at things, to not be dissuaded by idiots like him. He can only hope that Scott is listening. And he is with the help of Gloria and Sgt. Richardson, he comes in off the ledge.moreless
    • The Journalist
      The Journalist
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      At a television news station, Monica is the new weather girl and Andrew, a cameraman. sam explains their assignment is Rocky McCann, a hard-edged investigative reporter. Evasive regarding Tess's whereabouts, the special agent angels tells the duo he is supervising them because of the universal ramifications of broadcasting. Monica, attempting to befriend the reporter, agrees to help her with the research. Andrew's first assignment with Rocky is a story about Horace and Zelda Wittenburg, an elderly couple with four foster children. Impressed during the visit, the angel of Death is mortified when Rocky's story aired, it is an expose alleging child abuse. Monica, who biggest story is an upcoming lunar eclipse, sides with the reporter, while Andrew is frustrated by her rush to judgement. He confronts her, but Rocky tells him overlooking details on an earlier story led to a tragedy. After she reports Zelda had been arrested decades earlier for kidnapping her own son, the Social Services Department removes the foster children from the household. Chagrined that Monica uncovered that research, Andrew reminds her Rocky needs an angel, not a research assistant. Sam then advises Monica to concentrate on the weather, hinting the eclipse may be more important than she thinks. Andrew revisits the Wittenburgs to apologize for Rocky's actions and learns Zelda's kidnapping charge had been dismissed because she rescued her child from an abusive first husband. The angel's visit ends abruptly when the police raid the house searching for evidence. Rocky soon learns her anonymous tip about the elderly couple came from a dubious source. Heartbroken, Horace and Zelda intend to commit suicide unit Andrew appears, revealing God still has work for them. Monica discovers the reporter's zealousness resulted from an accident on a Ferris Wheel, the Eclipse, that disabled her husband. the angel informs's Rocky God wants her to be his child, not his avenger. Once exonerated, the Wittenburgs agree to help the newswoman take care of her husband, William. At the conclusion of the case, Sam reveals Tess has been on loan to another department, Natural Phenomenon and acts of God, responsible for the lunar eclipse.moreless
    • Last Call
      Last Call
      Season 3 - Episode 23
      Monica disappointed in the human race, watches Tess perform in a small Chicago bar. She finishes and announces God has Monica give someone a miracle in this bar. Initially hesitant to decide, Monica observes the inhabitants, the owner Noah, who is upbeat despite being wheelchair bound, Claude Bell, a craggy employee with wasted ambition and hie co-dependent wife Loafer, an eccentric crossword-puzzle aficionado, Buddy Baker, a charming salesman who drinks to drown inner pain, and Amethyst, a young woman with dubious plan for her future. After observing awhile, Monica announces she is an angel with a miracle to give away. They respond with raucous laughter. Humiliated, she hides underneath a pool table. As the laughter continues, Andrew enters. He is stranger whom Claude is obsessed with beating. Having been the advance angel for the assignment, the Angel of Death takes a cue from Tess to find out what miracles these people need. Someone else soon enters the tavern, Mr. Burns fresh out of prison. Following a pep talk from Tess, Monica again reveals herself, this time in glowing splendor. Though the people now take her seriously, she is frustrated when none of them want the miracle. When Ernie's lottery numbers appear on television, he and Marie mistake that for the miracle. But when he can't find his wallet, he accuses Mr. Burns of stealing it. The ex-convict's response prompts Noah to recognize burns as the gunman who crippled him. Noah orders him to leave, but Tess' dog soon appears with the missing wallet. Marie is shocked to learn that Ernie played the wrong numbers while drunk. Mr. Burns rebukes the others for squandering their lives, yet saves his harshest criticism for himself. Wracked with guilt, he asks God to heal Noah. But Monica tells Burns the real miracle is foe Noah to forgive him, which will heal them both. The men reconcile, and the others seize the opportunity to reevaluate their own lives.moreless
    • Quality Time
      Quality Time
      Season 6 - Episode 20
      Toni Cozzi organizes her life the same way she runs her family, in adherence to rigid schedule. Monica and Tess watch unseen as Toni prepares for her day, completing even the simplest tasks with perfect timing. Toni's way of keeping her family safe. That family includes: Amy, a high school volleyball player, and Angelo, the youngest, whose specialty is playing the tuba and getting into mischief. The family is just days away from the grand opening of their new pizza parlor "Paul and Toni's Perfect Pizza." Monica is hired as a chef and Andrew as a handyman. As Monica begins making the pizza, it becomes apparent that Toni won't reveal the secret of her family sauce, not even to her own family! At the same time, Toni worries about Amy's increasing appetite and water intake, and about her general moodiness, scared that Amy is getting into drugs. When Amy collapses on the volleyball court, the doctors diagnose her with juvenile diabetes. Tess, the nurse, teaches the family about the condition. Since the body has stopped making insulin, Amy will have to test her blood and give herself insulin shots. Toni immediately takes charge, planning to beat the disease with perfect scheduling. Tess reminds them that, as of yet, there is no cure for diabetes. Any insists that none of her friends know about this, especially not her boyfriend Matt. While Amy recuperates at the hospital, everyone at the restaurant pitches in to do her duties. Monica is reassigned to be the waitress and Andrew becomes the chef. When Amy comes home, Toni wakes up in the middle of every night to make sure that Amy has taken her shot. Paul, on the other hand, is squeamish around needles and can't help. At the next game, Angelo tells a shocked Matt about the diabetes. The coach tells Amy that, in light of her condition, he wants her mother to travel with the team. Amy is horrified and decides to quit. The day before the grand opening, everyone rushes to prepare. When Toni learns that Paul has picked up the wrong uniforms and that Amy hasn't taken her latest shot, she breaks down. Frustrated, Amy leaves to find Matt. When Matt tells Amy that he knows about her diabetes, Amy gives herself a shot to show him how easy it is, but she isn't careful with the levels. Upset that Amy his this from him, Matt breaks up with her. As Matt leaves, Amy becomes very sick. Monica finds her and takes her to the hospital. When Paul and Toni hear the news they leave the restaurant for the hospital, accidentally leaving an apron on the lit stove. Soon a fire starts, and Andrew arrives to rescue Angelo and to douse the flames. When Paul and Toni return with a recovered Amy, they finds a charred kitchen. First Paul and Toni begin to fight, then Amy and Angelo join in, each blaming each other for this setback. In the midst of the chaos, Monica reveals herself to the family that she is an angel, and reminds them that they need to make God a family member, and the first guest in the new restaurant. The family prays, committing themselves to God. Everyone pitches in to clean up the restaurant for the opening. Just before they open the doors to a huge crowd, Toni reveals the secret ingredient in the pizza sauce, nutmeg. Now it's a family secret!moreless
    • Finger of God
      Season 7 - Episode 5
      Calvin Chillcut is a storm-chaser who tracks tornadoes for the National Severe Storms Lab. But die to the dearth of storm activity, the NSSL has just informed him to cease and desist. Distraught over the news, Calvin ties one on and sleeps through the first twister in 2 years. The next day, Calvin shows up at the local watering hole (the Die Hard Diner) with a hangover, and by this point, it's clear that a major storm is headed their way. Tess points out that Calvin doesn't have to turn in his equipment until tomorrow and urges him to stop feeling sorry for himself and get busy. Calvin takes her advice and starts tracking the storm and along the way stops to pick up a hitchhiker, Monica. Calvin explains it's his last day, barring a miracle. And before long, that's just what he gets, in the form of a twister. As the Civil Defense Tornado Warning sirens sound, the Sheriff advises everyone the diner to take cover. Some take his advice, but most feel perfectly safe in the diner, which they believe to be storm proof, having weathered many a storm, unharmed. Joe, a construction foreman from Atlanta, is concerned for his wife, Laura, who's heading to the diner with their infant daughter. While Calvin tracks the storm and gives Monica a dose of his cynical world outlook, Tess chides the locals at the diner for blaming God for natural disasters and placing their emphasis on "luck" and superstition. Only Joe seems to have any appreciation for Tess' point of view. Calvin warns Sheriff Guthrie the twister is headed toward the diner when there's a sudden crash, Joe's wife car has landed outside the diner inches from the Sheriff's squad car, its grille impaled into the street. With nobody in the car, Joe holds onto his faith that his wife and child are safe. Joe heads out in search of his wife and child, along with two others Langford T. and Willard from the diner. Meanwhile, Monica suggests looking for Joe's family, but Calvin is only thinking of himself, intent on saving his job. It's here that we get a glimpse of the source of Calvin's pain and how a tornado struck without warning, killing both his parents, when he was a teenager. JJ suddenly remembers something about Joe's wife from a previous visit, that she loved antiques and that she would've gotten off the main highway. Tess convinces JJ to put aside her fear and join her in the search. Meanwhile, Monica tries to get Calvin to join in the search for the child, but he's only thinking of himself. Monica reveals herself as an Angel of God and explains why Calvin has failed as a storm chaser. That he's allowed his rage to control his life and instead of following his heart's desire, he turned his vocation into something it was not intended to be. Once he's ready to listen, he hears the cry of a child, and looked up to see Joe's baby girt (still in the car seat) wedged between the branches of a tree. He radios in the good news, but status obscures the message. Langford T, Willard, Joe and Laura return to find the diner decimated by the tornado, its "luck" have finally run out. Calvin pulls up in his truck and returns Joe and Laura's child to two very grateful parents.moreless
    • Amazing Grace (1)
      Amazing Grace (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 19
      Tess visits Russell Greene, announcing that God has a special purpose for Josh. Despite his father's misgivings, the teenager departs with her and meets Monica, who has temporarily lost her sight. After the care breaks down, Michael Burns stops and gives Josh and Monica a ride to Denver. His grandfather owns an inner-city mini mall there and has asked him to fix it up so it can be sold. The inhabitants are abuzz about the new landlord, who has arrived with "a kid and a blind lady." Uncomfortable in the urban setting, Josh learns from Monica to look with heart rather than his eyes. The trio befriend Mary Harding, a luncheonette owner, her grandchildren, Calvin and Chanice Cantrell, Queenie, who runs a beauty salon, her vivacious best friend. Tonya Hawkins, Nicky Pacheco, a lwayer on a quixotic quest, Dr. Serena Hall, who persuades Michael to donate space for her Uncle Gentry's church, and Anderson Walker, a former activist weary of fighting the system. With racial tensions already high, Mary urges Michael to take action against the grocer, Kim Chyung Kyung, whom she suspects has a gun. The young landlord also discovers he and Anderson share a love for music and the desire to fix up the mini-mall so Michael can leave. But while he and Josh paint over graffiti, Andrew appears on the scene. Anderson rushes outside and tries to save Michael and Josh from a drive-by shooting.moreless
    • The Grudge
      Season 7 - Episode 9
      Monica and Tess are driving through North Carolina in search of their next assignment when they get pulled over by a traffic cop and hauled into court. The presiding judge turns out to be Andrew, who shows no special treatment and sentences them to "community service." He assigns them to assist two members of the community whose feud (dating back forty years) has become a nuisance to the court, in the hopes that the extra assistance will enable to work out their differences out of court. Tess assists Pastor Robert Hannigan who is preparing for the arrival of his 12 year-old grand nephew, Brian,. Meanwhile, Monica assists Hannigan's neighbor and chief nemesis, Dr. Lucy Scribner, who submits a written critique of his weekly sermon. Monica and Tess ultimately realize the purpose of their assignments has more to do with Brian than the two feuding adults. Lucy strikes a rapport with Brian and explains the reason she became a doctor had to do with her having polio as a child. She was told by doctors that she would never walk again. Tess proceeds to tell Monica the story behind Robert and Lucy's feud which began as a tale of teen romance. But when Robert told his parents of his plans to marry Lucy, they objected, fearful that polio was somehow contagious. Robert's parents saw to it that their marriage plans were thwarted and sent him away to live with relatives, leaving Lucy with a broken heart. In time, a vaccine was developed and Lucy went on medical school. Meanwhile, back in the present, Lucy and Robert square off on opposite sides of a local issue over the placement of a stop sign at a busy intersection. Lucy is vehemently opposed to the stop sign which she feels would open the floodgates to developers and would encroach on their city's small town charm. Lucy and Robert go at it, using the public forum as a means to vent their personal agenda until Brian finally cries out against these two adults behaving like children. He then runs off and is struck by a car at the very intersection they've been debating. At the hospital, Robert and Lucy learn that Brian suffered damage to his spinal cord and will be paralyzed for the waist down. Lucy starts to feel hopeless, but Monica reminds Lucy how she proved doctors wrong when they told her she would never walk again. Lucy goes on the internet and locates a new drug that could reverse the effects of the paralysis, with the cavest that it be administered within 72 hours of the injury. Unable to convince Robert and the attending physician that this is Brian's best option, Lucy goes to Judge Andrew to obtain a court order granting her permission to go over Robert's head to administer the drug, but Andrew denies the request. With time running out, Tess finds a way to get through to Robert by showing him how his feud with Lucy flies in the face of the very gospel he preaches, reminding him of the Biblical passage of coming to the altar having been reconciled to those you have wronged. With moments to spare, Monica and Tess act as referees, showing them how their feud is holding a little boy hostage and how this grudge grew out of silence and lack of communication. With the key to the past finally unlocked, Robert and Lucy make their peace in time to administer the drug, and begin to heal the wounds of the past.moreless
    • Secret Service
      Secret Service
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      Marty Dillard, an overachieving Secret Service agent, is at odds with Monica, assigned as an agent to protect a Presidential candidate. While off duty, Marty enjoys fishing and befriends Ulysses Dodd, an older gentlemen who teaches her to enjoy the sport for its own sake rather for sheer competitiveness. Baffled by a series of death threats to Senator Hammond, Marty begrudgingly accepts help from Monica and Andrew, who's posing as a forensics specialist. Working together, they manage to apprehend the would-be assassin and save the senator's life. However, the assailant's wayward bullet strikes Ulysses, whom Marty had invited to the campaign rally. She visits him in the hospital and begins to suspect his diabetes may be more serious than he let on. Hammond, impressed with Marty's savvy, asks her to head up his presidential detail. Yet she doesn't feel like celebrating when she returns to the riverbank and finds that Ulysses is still in the hospital. There Tess, attending nurse, tells Marty the trauma of the bullet wound has caused one of his kidneys to shut down. If he doesn't have a transplant soon, he will die. Commenting on the situation, Tess tells Monica it's ironic that so many people are willing to sacrifice their lives for Senator Hammond but only one can save Ulysses. the next day Marty learns she is a viable donor to save her friend but would no longer qualify to be a field agent. Torn, she asks his advice. Ulysses encourages her to accept the position and be thankful for the time together God gave them. Later that night, despite another campaign victory for Hammond, Marty is still preoccupied with her ailing friend. Revealing herself to Marty, Monica tells her all humans are created in God's image, and they are all the same in his eye's. furthermore, his love is given freely and need not be earned. Realizing she has spent her life always trying to prove herself, Marty anonymously donates her kidney to Ulysses. She rejects Hammond's offer, and to find another person for his detail, telling him she's not sure what's next for her, except that she plans to go fishing.moreless
    • Then Sings My Soul
      Then Sings My Soul
      Season 6 - Episode 9
      In Andrew gives a tour of Taffy Town to a group of young schoolchildren. Taffy Town seems like a wonderful place, as evidenced in the warm video that plays for visitors hosted by the founder, Uncle Dudley. He is known to children as the man who makes all the taffy in the world. Tess reveals that when Uncle Dudley died five years ago, the spirit behind Taffy Town died with him. Monica meets Bo, son of Uncle Dudley and the current owner of Taffy Town. Bo has never been able to live up to his father's genial image, and has come to hate being saddled with the responsibility of Taffy Town. To make matters worse, Taffy Town is losing money, and Bo hires Monica as an efficiency expert to figure out why. Monica starts to interview the employees of Taffy Town, and finds the veteran staff to be hard working, yet a little lacking in spirit. Clarence, a blind man, works as the taste tester. Susie, following in her family's footsteps, works the big taffy machine while nursing a quiet love for Bo. Norma, a particularly outspoken employee, works hard in order to support her husband and handicapped son. Isaac keeps to himself dealing with the grief over having his wife and daughter in a car accident. Monica learns from Clarence that Dudley bequeathed the factory to Bo, with the stipulation that he could sell it in five year's time if he so desires. Dudley hoped that Bo would come to love Taffy Town as much as he did. Monica reports to Bo that the problem with the factory is not lack of efficiency, but a lack of heart. Bo uses this is as justification to sell the factory and announces this to his stunned employees. Monica convinces Bo to give her until the end of the day to change his mind. Bo agrees. Monica prays for guidance. Clarence remembers that Uncle Dudley used to pray all the time and wonders if that is what has been missing. Monica enlists the help of Tess who brings in a band to help lift the spirits of the workers. Tess and Clarence sing a duet of "Surely the Presence" reminding everyone that God is in their midst. Norma steps forward to sing "My Tribute," marvelling at all of the things the Lord has done for her. Susie sings "I Have Decided," a commitment to live as a child of God. Isaac sings "Hand It Over," reminding the workers to take their troubles to God through prayer. Monica appeals to Bo to come out of his office and join in the praising, but he refuses pointing out that her time is almost up. Just then, an explosion rocks the factory. Unharmed, Bo wonders how God could let an accident happen at the very time he was being praised. Monica then reveals herself she is an angel and tells Bo that God loves him. Tess appears and makes Bo watch the reminder of Uncle Dudley's video. Dudley reminds Bo of all the wonderful gifts God gives, and to never stop thanking him. Tess sings "Doubly Good to You" echoing Dudley's words. Bo admits that God has been good to him, and sings "How Great Thou Art." As rescuers clear the wreckage are dazed but unharmed. Later, Tess finishes the song at the opening ceremony for the newly rebuilt Taffy Town.moreless
    • The Wind Beneath Our Wings
      The Wind Beneath Our Wings
      Season 5 - Episode 8
      When Andrew arrives in the court of Judge Dorrie Chapin to notify her that she is the governor's first choice to fill a vacant Supreme Court seat, Dorrie and her ever-dependable mother, Emma, are overjoyed. Having met Tess while sitting in the gallery of her daughter's courtroom, Emma invites Tess and Monica over for dinner to celebrate. Later that afternoon, Emma is the subject of show and tell in the classroom of Dorrie's daughter, Jenny, and tells of her days as one of the only female pilots, the Lady Tigerettes, during World War II. When Emma and Jenny get lost on the way home after leaving Jenny's school. it is apparent that Emma is beginning to show the first signs of aging. The angels attempt to tell Dorrie that her mother is simply getting older but Dorrie is unwilling to accept that her steadfest mother is faltering. Dorrie tries to rationalize the situation suggesting that her mother will be fine with the lifestyle changes and vitamins until Emma falls asleep in the courtroom, waking to not recognize her own daughter. Tess again appeals to Dorrie, telling her that her mother still has important work to do. Dorrie then goes to her mother's house to find her affairs in shambles, bills are unpaid, important prescriptions are unfilled and the insurance has lapsed. When Emma catches Dorrie snooping through her things, the issue comes out in the open and Emma reiterates what the angels had said earlier, she is getting older and simply can't keep up anymore. Still confused as to how she will cope without the support of her mother, Dorrie hears a custody case involving the welfare of an elderly man, Mr. Miller. After hearing his children argue over whether or not to put him in a nursing home, Mr. Miller appeals to them both to live their own lives and to visit him often. Dorrie then breaks down in her chambers as Andrew arrives to tell her that the governor needs to know if she will accept her appointment to the supreme court. Dorrie initially refuses the appointment, fearing that she simply cannot go on without her mother's support. Emma is also resigned to give up all her duties rather than just limiting her schedule. The angels then reveal themselves to both Emma and Dorrie, telling them to give up their fears of being alone, of growing old, of losing each other, because God will never leave either of them. Monica tells Emma that God has another task for her, together with the other surviving Flying Tigerettes, she is commissioned to share her wartime experiences so as to ensure against future wars. As Emma departs on her nationwide Tigerettes bus tour, Dorrie enters the Supreme Court where she will now serve proudly as a State Supreme Court Justice.moreless
    • Minute by Minute
      Season 8 - Episode 18
      The angels stand outside of Our Lady of Hope Senior High, watching as Sister Theodore enters the school. It's nearly, 6:00am, and all is not well. Punk Rock music blares from an old car as it pulls into the parking lot. John and Cory sit inside, both are seventeen and they're about to do something terrible. In the backseat of the car sits a box, and in the box are ten homemade bombs. They plan to blow up the school at seven o'clock, while everyone is next door at mass. Bobby is also seventeen, and he's the one responsible for building the bombs. When he arrives at the school to meet John and Cory, he realizes that he can't go through with it. Instead he heads down the street to Millie's, the greasy spoon diner where he works. He apologizes to Tess. the new manager, for being late, and starts his shift teaching Gloria how to work the register. They getalong well. Inside the school, Monica appears to Sister Theodore, telling her about the boy's plan. She tells her that God will help her find the words to get through to the boys. Sister Theodore heads out into the hall with an invisible angel at her side, to confront her students. In a move shocking even to Cory, John pulls a gun from his pocket and shoots Sister Theodore in the shoulder. He then changes their plan. He tells Cory that they will now set the bombs to go off at eight when everyone is in the building. Cory doesn't want to do it, but neither does he fight when John tells him he has no choice. They set about placing the bombs. At the restaurant, Bobby grows increasingly nervous as seven o'clock draws near. Finally the time comes, but there is no explosion to be heard. He breathes a sigh of relief, figuring that his friends came to their senses. Andrew stalks the halls of the high school with John, trying to talk him out of his misguided attempt at easing the pain in his life. When the bombs are set, Cory joins John. He is surprised by the presence of Andrew, who tells him that it was always John's plan to set off the bombs when the school was full. Monica helps the wounded Sister Theodore th rough the halls to the boys. She finally finds the words she needs to get through to them, and tells them of her past. She tells them that before she was a nun, her name was Mary Renaldi, and she once thought that destruction was the answer too. After the death of her brother in Vietnam, she helped blow up a weapons plant that was supposed to be empty, but turned out to have someone in it. She ran away and has lived with that regret every day. Cory runs, crying from the building to warn the incoming students, but John will not relent. Meanwhile Bobby has entered the school, and uses a fire extinguisher to knock john out and drag him to safety. None of the entering students believe Cory, who they think of as a dork, and continue toward the school. Sister Theodore sees this, and turns back to the sound the fire alarm, even as the clock strikes eight. The students are saved and she is redeemed.moreless
    • An Unexpected Snow
      An Unexpected Snow
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Monica and Tess arrange an accident on a deserted road for Megan and Susana, two women involved with the same man. The angels create an estate where the women and eventually Susana's husband spend Thanksgiving together. The angels are assisted by Adam, who doesn't have the heart to kill the turkey for dinner. Monica convinces Megan that she must find someone else and Tess convinces Jack to return to his marriage.moreless
    • Famous Last Words
      Season 8 - Episode 6
      Monica and Gloria breeze into Carlisle, Arizona in search of a cup of coffee, and the Famous LAst Words of a death row inmate. Posing as an author, Monica steps into the Oasis diner, where she meets Shirlee, a waitress with a nice smile and a strange fascination with the families that come to see their relatives die by lethal injection. Meanwhile, across the street, convicted killer Daniel Lee Corbitt is trying to stay tough on the eve of his own execution. He brags about the fame that will come with his death, and about the "book writer" who's coming to see him. What Daniel didn't count on was the arrival of Andrew, his own personal Angel of Death, who has come to see him th rough the final 36 hours of his life. When Monica arrives in the prison with her assistant, Gloria, Daniel is only too eager to ignore Andrew and continue upon his request for immortality through a tell-all biography. He happily relates his history and the events that led up to him returning home, after years on the street, to shoot his Mother's third husband seven times in the chest. Monica watches the memory as Daniel shoots him dead, and calls out "That cost you seven old man!" Gloria asks about Daniel's mother, but he admits that he hasn't seen her in years. Monica offers to search for her, and Daniel gives her what information he can. He tells Monica that his mother went by her middle name "Shirlee with two e's," and that she may also be using her married name "Gibbons." Monica and Gloria realize that Shirlee, the waitress from the Oasis is indeed Daniel's mother. After a confrontation with Shirlee, Monica is finally able to convince her to go see Daniel. When she does, Daniel surprises them all bt his treatment of Shirlee. He rails and screams at her and says the the only love and comfort he ever received was from Alonzo his childhood Teddy bear. He says that it is Alonzo and not Shirlee that he wants in the witness chair to his execution. Shirlee is shattered by Daniel's words, and runs from the confrontation. Daniel tells Monica how when he finally did run away, it was because he realized that Shirlee had been planning his beatings with her husband, Delroy. Monica agrees to comfort Shirlee while Andrew tries to dissuade Daniel from meeting his death with harsh thoughts and harsh words. Andrew tells him that he need only ask forgiveness of God, and he will be accepted into heaven. Back at the diner, Monica discovers that Shirlee didn't plan Daniel's beatings, instead she pleaded with Delroy to let her take some of the whacks in his place. Daniel received seven lashes, but Shirlee took thirteen. Monica reveals herself as an angel and tells Shirlee that God does not hold her responsible for the sins of her son, and that she may have made mistakes but she tried and that is what matters. When Monica brings Shirlee to the execution, the finality of the moment and the intervention of angels, allow mother and son to forgive and love each other.moreless
    • Holy of Holies
      Holy of Holies
      Season 8 - Episode 1
      Andrew pays a visit to Catherine, an 88-year-old woman who lost her husband in WWII. She has since lost her youth as well as her faith in her children and grandchildren. All except for one that is, her grandson, Paul. She shows Andrew a copy of the Memoirs of Nehemiah, an ancient document pointing out the hiding place of the Ark of the Convenant. After this revelation, she secures his promise to take it to the post office and ship it to Paul, who is away at school. Meanwhile, Tess, Monica, and Gloria are floating around Paul's campus and eager to get started on their next assignment. Andrew arrives and tells them what he saw. Gloria masquerades as a student to infiltrate Paul's history class. Here, she meets Thomas, a history professor with a zeal for Arklore. Later on Paul stops by Thomas' office with the Memoirs of Nehemiah. He thinks it might "be something important", because his grandfather traveled extensively in the Middle East during the war. Thomas assures him that it's nothing, but becomes a bundle of excitement the moment Paul leaves. At a faculty party that evening, Monica poses as one of the people who gave Thomas his book grant. Thomas is furious. He can't show her anything of his book, because he spent all of the money and time devoted to it, on yet another trip to find the Ark. Gloria crashes the party, and eagerly gives Thomas a hint about the Ark that she found in the Bible. Now Thomas has all of the pieces. He immediately plans another trip to the Temple Mount, which Monica talks her way into being a part of. Gloria and Andrew will tag along. Later, at the base of Mount Nebo, Thomas uses all of his clues to pinpoint the location to the correct cave, they encounter Micah, who bids them "Stop in the name of Almighty God!" Thomas draws a concealed pistol, and threatens tot shoot Micah. Micah backs off. They continue on, but Gloria breaks her glasses and is forced to stay behind with Micah. Monica and Thomas continue on, leading obstacles and squeezing through cracks, until they are forced into some running water deep underground. Thomas loses his compass, but insists that they go on. Meanwhile, Gloria tells Micah of what is going on in the world, and he teaches her to sing. Back in the caves, Thomas reveals the real reason for his obsession. He was looking for the Ark years before, his wife came to visit, and she died in a cab crash on the way to the airport. He must find the Ark so that her death will have meant something. They come to what appears to be a dead end, but Thomas finds an inscription, which Monica translates as "You are standing on Holy Ground". Thomas gets very excited, throws down his equipment, and begins to hack away at the wall with his pickaxe. Thomas breaks through to discover a veil obscuring an altar on which the Ark sits. Micah is there with a sword, he reveals himself as an Angel set to guard the Ark. He turns to Monica, who is gone. When he turns back to Micah, Gloria, Monica, Tess, and Andrew are at his side. They all glow, and begin a revelation. They tell him what the Ark means, and why it is hidden, and that the time isn't right for it to be taken from this place. If he wants the vessel of the Lord, he already has it, because He travels in our hearts. Thomas rails against them. The Ark begins to glow, and the Light is the love of God. Thomas is a changed man. He returns home, content, and tells Paul that his Grandmother sent him a treasure.moreless
    • I Do
      I Do
      Season 5 - Episode 7
      Monica tries to determine God's greatest gift to humans and hypothesizes that it might be marriage, the wedding of two people. Tess reminds her that a marriage is much more than a wedding ceremony. Stephanie and Michael are planning to elope with Michael's younger brother, Eddie, in tow, when Nancy, Michael's mother, finds out and demands that they have a traditional wedding. Stephanie and Michael relents and Monica and Tess note that this family runs like a dictatorship. While Stephanie is trying on dresses at Tess' dress shop, Eddie gives Michael a special gift, their deceased father's favorite tie, reworked as a bowtie so Michael can wear it at the wedding. At the bachelor party, Monica pops out of a cake, and befriends Eddie, who asks her to be his date for the wedding. On the day of the wedding, Stephanie and Nancy receive news that Michael and Eddie have been in a car accident. They rush to the hospital, Stephanie still in her wedding dress, to find Eddie fine, but Michael in a coma. Nancy scolds Eddie because he was driving the car and Monica suggests he work through his guilt and sorrow through prayer. Nancy makes Michael's medical decisions on her own, angering Stephanie and Michael. As surgery begins Andrew takes Michael's soul out of the operating room and into a forest where they discuss his future. Andrew tells Michael if he lives, he will be handicapped. Not wanting ti burden his family, Michael asks God to let him die. In the chapel, Monica helps Eddie to pray, putting his brother's fate in the hand's of God. Stephanie sits with Michael after surgery, speaking her marriage vows to him. Andrew allows Michael to see this and decides he wants to live, and gives Stephanie a sign. But at Nancy's request the doctor's disconnect the life support system. Nancy tells Stephanie that she is doing what is best, that she kept her own husband on life support for three months, and she has always regretted prolonging his pain. Tess helps Stephanie to forgive Nancy for always keeping her at arms' length, a defense she created when her husband shot himself. Stephanie goes to the chapel to pray for Michael. Nancy goes to Michael to say goodbye. Andrew appears to her in the hospital room, and Nancy breaks down, proclaiming that she hates God, and asking what he wants from her. Andrew tells her that God wants her to give up control of her and everyone else's lives. Nancy joins Stephanie and Eddie in a prayer for Michael. Others from the hospital join them in the chapel to pray. A doctor reports that Michael is going to live. Stephanie and Michael, in a wheelchair, finally marry.moreless
    • Smokescreen
      Season 3 - Episode 15
      Tess represents a group of former employees in a class-action suit against family-owned Fairchild Tobacco. Her opposing counsel in Marc Hamilton, who has accepted this assignment to the dismay of his mother, Esther. When he was growing up, both she and his late father worked for Fairchild as a maid and a chauffer. Young Marc vowed to one day sit in the back of a limousine rather than drive it. Now that he has arrived professionally, he is determined to live in the life of luxurious life his parents coouldn't afford. J.D. Sinclair, Fairchild's vice president and heir apparent, becomes impressed with Marc's legal prowess and doubles his hourly fees. He decides to buy the old Sinclair mansion. As they settle in, his wife Vanessa delivers the news that she's pregnant. She is concerned by Marc's newfound materialism, especially his hiring Andrew and Monica as a butler and maid. In court, Sinclairs is taken aback when he recognizes Esther as his family's former maid. Tess, however, is delighted to meet her and finalges an invitation to Marc's lavish housewarming party. The attorney is chagrined when his mother helps play hostess at the affair. During the resulting discussion, Esther reveals she has lung cancer from exposure to second-hand smoke during her tenure at Fairchild. Marc is stunned by this turn of events and Vanessa's increasingly vocal opposition to their new lifestyle. He tries to resign as Fairchhild's counsel but is persuaded to stay byb a smooth-talking Sinclair, who later visits the Hamilton mansion and tacitly threatens Esther. Troubled, she returns home and retrieves a mysterious envelope. During a subsequent court session, Marc and J.D. are stunned when Tess calls Esther as a material witness. The judge grants Marc a recess, but he returns home to discover Vanessa has moved in with his mother. In court the next day, Esther reveals the contents of her envelope, letters proving Fairchild tried to bribe the government not to release its 1964 report linking cigarette smoking with cancer. The company also bribed Marc's father to be silent by buying the family a house. Unsure of what to do, Marc is given a revelation by Tess. She tells him to focus on the real prize, God's love, "the only thing worth winning." Upon return to the courtroom, he urges Esther to tell the truth, which prompts Sinclair to call for a settlement in the case.moreless
    • Breaking Bread
      Breaking Bread
      Season 4 - Episode 18
      A timid baker named Matt Colletti is closing up his bakery one evening when two white men attack his black assistant in the street. Matt witnesses the crime but is too frightened to comoe forward. Tess tells Monica that is is their job to help him take a stand against the criminals, memebers of a white supremacist group. Andrew poses as a representative of the state's attorney's office, asking questions about the incident, trying to determine if it was a simple robbery attempy or a hate crime. Monica is hired as Matt's new assistant and dons an apron. Matt goes to the local church where Tess, the visiting preacher, unveils a beautiful new stained glass window which Matt has financed. The next day the two criminals show up at the bakery to ensure that Matt remains quiet about the incident, but a young mechanic named Derek threatens them and they leave the store without a fight. When a swastika-covered rock is thrown through the stained glass church window, it is a sign that the community must take action. A town meeting is held andthe people decide to form a community group to respond to the crimes, but Derek, reminding the group of the risks this could entail, convinces them to give up the idea. Matt, under pressure from Tess to finally admit his role as a witness to the crime, tells the people his story. Matt, in fact, had seen three people the night of the beating, the two white men and another figure riding in the backseat of the mens car, a figure Matt realizes was the devil himself. Of course no one believes Matt, not even his wife and the two seperate. To make matters worse a bomb explodes in the bakery, and Matt, though not hurt, laments the loss of his reputation, family , and business. Monica, Tess, and Andrew reveal themselves to Matt, an dexplain that God wants to use him as a prophet who will lead the townspeople against the satanic forces in town. Matt rises to the challenge and rallies the people to confront the physical manifestation of the devil, Derek, and the two criminals. Matthew breaksa loaf of bread and passes it among the group, and vows never to be frightened by the devil again nor to give into his own prejudices. The two men are arrested and the devil, defeated by Matt's moral stand, disappears.moreless
    • Forget Me Not
      Season 3 - Episode 14
      Sara Perkins rebels against her over protective mother by hiring Monica as her new photography assistant. Though the angel understands what the woman has covertly taken a freelance assignment to Bosnia, Tess, a volunteer helping Charlotte at the public library, thinks Sara's actions are inconsiderate. Noting the mother and daughter act differently when the other is not present, Monica wonders what Tess does in her free time, but the supervisor is tight lipped. Sara returns from the trip and describes it to her mother, who becomes enraged and attacks her. While she receives treatment at the hospital, the angels comfort a confused Charlotte. Regaining consciousness, Sara indentifies her mother as the assailant. A police detective attempts to arrest Charlotte, but she resists violently and must be subdued. Jeff, the journalist who sponsored the Bosnian trip, and Monica visit Sara, who is shocked by her mother's attack. Over the years the pair's relationship has been troubled, but she never thought it would result in violence. A doctor soon sheds light on the problem, Charlotte has a massive life threatening brain tumor. Even is she survives the risky operation, she may have significant memory loss. Devastated by the diagnosis, Sara tries to understand why Charlotte smothered her. Working with mother and daughter, respectively, Tess and Monica piece together the past. Sara needed an eye operation when she was seven. Since her father abandoned the family, Charlotte took a job as a "photographer's assistant,"which entailed posing nude. Understanding her mother sacrificed self-esteem to ensure she had the operation, Sara is crushed when her mother has a seizure and lapses into a coma. Monica and Tess, having revealed themselves as angels, encouraged the woman to talk to her comatose mother. Special Dispensation is granted, and the two women are able to openly express the love they never admitted before. She promises to try to hold on to one memory, the day she gave Sara her first camera. Though mother doesn't recognize daughter after the successful operation, she has managed to hold on to their special memory. the women pledge to rebuild their friendship. Monica, meanwhile, persuades Andrew to show her how Tess spends her free time, training a cute, but incorrigible dog.moreless
    • An Angel on My Tree
      An Angel on My Tree
      Season 7 - Episode 10
      Tess hires Kathy Benson, a mother of three whose husband is in prison, to wrap gifts for the Christmas rush. Meanwhile, Andrew is conducting an anger management course at the prison where Kathy's husband is serving a five year sentence for manslaughter. Andrew asks the prisoners to submit their applications for Project Angel Tree, a nationwide program which enables them to submit their children's names to receive Christmas gifts from good Samaritans. While Kathy's at work, Monica baby-sits the Benson children Travis, Cassie and Cody and discovers that Cody has Tourette's Syndrome, a chemical brain disorder which causes him involuntarily twitch, emitting hiccup like sounds. In a newscast, we see footage of the attack on the 17 year-old boy (Matt McHale) one year ago which landed Joe in prison for manslaughter. When Kathy gets home, Monica discusses the effect of the attack on Cody's relationship with his father, who have not spoken since last Christmas. Kathy brings Travis and Cassie to visit their father while Cody remains home with Monica. Joe decides to participate in Project Angel Tree, but fails to submit a gift request for Cody. Two weeks later, Kathy is at work when Sally McHale shows up and lashes out at her for her son's death. Cody witnesses the interchange, triggering an episode, and comes to his mother's defense, saying he's to blame. Tess pulls Mrs. McHale aside and gets her to see how her anger isn't helping matters and that forgiveness could do a long way toward beginning the healing process for both families. Meanwhile, Monica talks with Cody about why he feels responsible for Matt's death. In flashback, we return to the night when Joe took his son to the drug store to replace a broken Christmas ornament. A fairly innocent exchange between and Cody turns ugly as Cody's Tourette's flare up and Matt calls him a retard, shoving him to the ground. Joe snaps and punches Matt, whose head cracks against the counter, killing him. Joe lashes out at Cody, etching the blame a hard look at how his relationship with his father affected his relationship with Cody and to take responsibility for his actions, as well as his words, and wonders if it's too late to salvage his relationship with Cody. Back at the Benson's house, Sally McHale makes a surprise visit with the Angel Tree gifts, having chosen Travis and Cassie's names from the tree, and takes that first step toward healing. Cody is about to leave the room when Tess stops him to show him that his father didn't forget him. Cody reads a letter in which his father apologizes for what he said to him the night of the attack. Joe accepts full responsibility and tells his son how he's learning how to control his anger and asks for forgiveness. Monica and Kathy escort Cody to the prison to be reunited with his father.moreless
    • My Brother's Keeper
      Season 5 - Episode 14
      Tess and Monica arrive in Park City, Utah as the World Cup Qualifier Ski race is about to begin. As Tess and Monica watch over two contestants, Jett Rudin and Will Heller, Tess explains that the two boys have been friends for their entire life but that their friendship is about to change. Although both boys are competitive, Will has never Beaten Jett. Jett is the center of attention, even to Will's father who taught both of them to ski. Monica approaches Jett for an interview, the angle of which would be the friendship of Jett and Will. Meanwhile, Will's father, Howard is more interested in securing an endorsement deal for Jett than his own son. When Monica interviews Will, his jealousy rises and he tells her there will be a new "top dog" on the mountain the following day. At the qualifying round the next day, Jett sets a new record and warns Will about a dangerous curve and loses his place on the World Cup first team. At the lodge later that night, Monica questions Will off the record. Will tells her her the story of how Jett's parents were killed in a fire when Jett was ten years old. The two had been having a cigarette smoking competition in the basement of Jett's house before they fled when his parents arrived home. When Jett woke up the next morning after spending the night with Will, his parents were dead. Will then gave Jett a red bandana he had wanted for winning the smoking competition and resigned himself to never beat Jett at anything again. Jett enters, having having overheard the story, and denies that Will ever let him win anything. The two argue and decide to settle the issue by racing down the mountain as the sun comes up. As the boys race, Jett loses control and tumbles down the mountain. When Jett regains consciousness, it is apparent that his spinal cord has been damaged and that he may never walk again. Howard scolds Will when he learns that they were racing. "You have never beaten Jett at anything... Why would you start now?" Will then goes back to the mountain, finds the red bandana that Jett lost during his accident and returns it to Jett. Jett now remembers the argument and asks Will to help kill himself. Will says he'll have to think about it, but as he exits, he takes pills off an unguarded tray and ducks into another hospital room where Monica is waiting for him. Monica reveals herself to be an angel, and asks Will to pray, and not to hold back any longer, not from his gift of skiing nor from his friendship with Jett. Will then goes to his father and tells him how he had let Jett win until he thought he was losing his father. Howard tells him he's proud of him and that he could never lose him. Will then returns to Jett, refuses to help him die and tells him about Monica being an angel. When Jett rebukes him, Will tells him he loves him and leaves the room. Andrew then reveals himself to Jett, telling him that he has a death wish because he feels responsible for his parents death. When Andrew tells him he should protect his friendship with Will, Jett gives him the red bandana and asks him to give it to Will. Will puts it on his friends bandana and wins the World Cup Giant Slalom as Jett watches proudly from his hospital bed.moreless
    • Fighting the Good Fight
      Fighting the Good Fight
      Season 5 - Episode 24
      In a run-down apartment complex, 11 year-old Tim endures being teased by his older brother Steven as they try to sleep on a fold-out couch. Uncle Frank, the boys' reluctant guardian, threatens to beat them if they leave the house while he is gone for the night. As he does every night, Frank takes the vicious pit bull he keeps chained outside the door with him and leaves. Monica, Tess, Andrew, and Rafael are on hand for this assignment, but Rafael notes they made need someone else's help, someone who, unlike themselves, actually knows what it is like to be a child and have to fight to survive. The next morning, Frank returns with the dog and prepares to sleep on the same couch as the boys go to school, demanding them to come home late so he can sleep longer. After school, Steven taunts and punches Tim and won't let him hang out with his gang of friends. Instead, Tim wonders into Tess' gym, where Rafael and Tess train boxers. Tim, wanting to be able to beat up Steven, begins to train. Later, Tim makes friends with Andrew, the new handyman at the complex. That night Steven complains of a headache and then collapses while trying to get out of bed. Tim panics. At the hospital, Tim learns from Monica that Steven has meningitis, a disease affecting hid brain, and that he will be in the hospital for quite some time. Tim, tired of being pushed around, is glad to get a vacation from his brother. Tim gets a hooded sweatshirt from Goodwill, but a bully named Jimmy recognizes it from Tim. This only gives Tim more incentive to train with Rafael, and he does, becoming stronger everyday. At the gym, he sees a poster of Muhammad Ali, who Tim really admires because he always won his fights. Andrew tells Tim the story of Muhammad Ali's greatest fight, how Ali refused to fight in a war because he believed in God didn't want him to kill another man, and how, because of this, he was made to give up his boxing title. Later, Tim sees Jimmy and, using his new skills, forces him to return the shirt. Tim learns that his brother is returning from the hospital and plans to bully Steven the way he used to bully him, but is surprised to find Steven in a wheelchair with constant need of Tim's assistance. Later, Jimmy's brother challenges Tim to a fight, and they agree to meet at Tess' gym. Tim fights the older, bigger boy and wins, collapsing into Andrew's arms, sobbing. Andrew tells him that God loves him, and reveals Muhammad Ali standing in the ring. Tess speaks for Ali, telling Tim that he must fight for his family, Steven and Frank love Tim but they are afraid to show it and don't know how to take care for each other. Tess reads Tim a poem about fighting for love, and Ali hugs Tim, telling him not to forget this. Tim returns home and confronts Frank, telling him that he loves him, but that Frank must take better care of them. Touched and wanting to change, Frank begins to cook breakfast for his family. Andrew assures Frank that guardian angels will be watching over them.moreless
    • The Last Day of the Rest of Your Life
      Corey, Stasi, Dolores and Larry meet at a support group meeting, all of them answering to the same ad, "Are you ready for the last day of the rest of your life?" They are all dying. Rachel shows up, too, but something deep and personal keeps her from going inside. As facilitator of the group, Monica explains that their purpose will be "to give meaning to the life you're leaving behind and explore what it means to face death." Dolores is 67-year-old wiseacre who is dying of emphysema. Stasi, who owns a hair salon, is a divorcee and mother of two, she has hepatitis. Larry, an avid bowler and construction worker, is dying of asbestos poisoning. Corey won't say what he's dying of, which annoys Larry. Finally Rachel gets up the courage to join the others and reveals that she has an inoperable brain tumor. Monica encourages them to make a list of things they want to accomplish before they die. At the next meeting, Dolores admits that she would like to learn how to dance. Stasi says that she regrets missing her prom, so that the group plans one. Corey is cynical about these "goals" and admits to having a blood disease that could kill him at any time. He says he'd like to do something really important before he dies. He alludes to a girl he likes, who works at the coffee shop. He'd like to date her, but given his illness he thinks that would be unfair. Larry says that he'd like to reconnect with his teenage daughter, Amy. The prom is set for two weeks, enough time for everyone to accomplish their goals, and the group asks Rachel what she would like to do. She reluctantly tells them that she had a daughter twelve years ago that she gave her up for adoption. She would like to meet her before she dies. They begin to work at their goals, Andrew teaches Dolores how to dance, Larry and Rachel plan for the prom, Stasi encourages Larry to keep trying with his daughter, Corey and a Monica search the web for information on Rachel's daughter. By the next the next meeting Larry has talked with his daughter. Corey has a date with Karla (from the coffee shop). And he has other news too, he's done something important. Corey gives Rachel an envelope with all the information she needs to find her daughter. At first she is thrilled, but Rachel soon realizes with horror that she can't leave her daughter behind a second time. Monica finds Rachel at home and reveals herself as an angel. Monica tells Rachel that her daughter is safe, happy and loved. Monica encourages Rachel to tell her husband Seth about the adoption (which happened before they met). At the prom, Rachel arrives with Seth, in whom she has finally confided. Stasi is crowned queen. Corey arrives with Karla and her daughter Bridget. Dolores tangos with Andrew. Larry dances, and reconnects, with his daughter. And little Bridget mentions that she's adopted and was born on October 22, 1987, in Bullhead City, the last accomplishment is made, for Rachel has met her daughter! Dolores passes, and Andrew escorts her home. As they take one last spin on the dance floor, she looks back and smiles at the sight of the friends she was blessed to have.moreless
    • Into the Fire
      Season 5 - Episode 20
      Monica meets her next assignment, Melina Richardson at her latest temp job, a telemarketing agency. When the usually meek Melina is fired for yelling at a potential customer, she decides to attend a seminar of the Golden Path Institute hoping to find meaning in her life. After an impassioned speech by the Golden Path's leader, the charismatic Brother David, who persuades the attendees who "feel called" to board a bus bound for the institute. Melina, captivated by Brother David, gets on the bus. Tess tells Monica to stay close to her assignment. At the institute Monica and Melina are stripped of their possessions because Brother David feels it is important to leave the past behind. Melina, however, secretly keeps a picture of her ex-fiance under her bed. When David finds the picture, he summons a meeting of the whole group and exposes Melina's transgression forcing her to destroy the picture. Meanwhile, a mail truck arrives at the institute with letters for everyone, but Brother David collects them before they can be disturbed. Later he asks Melina to destroy the package for him. Melina, unaware that it contains that it contains the mail, begins to burn the package. At the same time, Andrew, acting as a Child Services officer, asks to inspect the camp. David angrily refuses. Andrew warns David that he will have to return with the authorities. In private, Monica shows Melina and Rebecca the letters she rescued from the fire, and Rebecca explains Brother David's plan. On September 9, 1999 all of the worlds computers will crash causing an extinction-level event. Brother David will save his faithful followers before this happens by taking them to heaven in a suicide pact. In an effort to prove to the group that Brother David has been lying to them, Monica gives the people their letters. When David finds out, he is furious but persuades the people that this is the outside world's attempt to divide them. Softening he asks Melina to be his bride and, spellbound, she agrees. David insists that the plan go into action right away because the police are already approaching the camp. Trained for this moment, the people spring into action, barricade the doors, and prepare the poisoned juice. But as they are about to drink. Monica proclaims herself to be an angel, and tells the people that God doesn't want them to die. David tells the people that she is the devil trying to mislead them, but the people believe Monica and led by Melina, they try to escape. David sets fire to the building. Monica breaks the doors open and the people pour out of the smoke-filled room. Monica tries to persuade Brother David to leave the burning building, but still believing his own claims of divinity, he will not. He perishes in the fire. Later the angels help the shaken cult members reacquaint themselves using their real names and identities.moreless
    • Dear God
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      While working at the post office, Monica meets Max, who is responsible for handling "dead" letters addressed to Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and God. A Holocaust survivor, Max answers children's letters to God by telling them there is no God and not to place their faith in a fantasy. One little girl, Tanya Brenner, continues sending letters to God, even though Max only answered the first one and ignored the rest. Andrew, who has met the child, and Monica entice Tess ask God if they can read the letters. After receiving permission, they learn that Tanya's father is very ill and that his girlfriend, Sandy has been abusing the girl. Monica is outraged and wants to help out, but Tess reminds her that Max, not Tanya is her assignment. Taking matters into her own hands, Monica arranges Max to see a drunken Sandy hit the girl. Following this encounter, Max follows her homw, where her dying father beseeches the postal worker to find Tanya a new home. Shaken, Max runs away. When he doesn't show up for work the next day, Monica goes to visit him. Tanya has disappeared and Max is wracked with guilt. The angel reveals herself and gently persuades him to do something. He decides to look for the girl, finding her at her late father's apartment. While treating Tanya to a meal, Max is spotted by policeman and arrested for suspicion of kidnapping. Monica visits a despondent Max in jail, informing him that men, not God were responsible for the Holocaust. When Andrew emerges on the scene, Max remembers seeing him at the Auschwitz barracks in 1944. The angel of death reminds Max of his father's faith, revealing that he died on his feet praising God and asking him to walk with his son. Overcome by memories, the postal worker weeps. Meanwhile, Tess persuades the diner owner to tell the police that Max did not abduct Tanya but was trying to help her. Once that matter is cleared up, Max applies to be her foster father, so the two of them can become a family. As Monica, Tess and Andrew watch unseen, Max opens a mysterious package that contains a pair of children's shoes, him own, with the carved iniscription "Lieber Gott," German for "Dear God."moreless
    • Millennium
      Season 6 - Episode 11
      At a New Year's Eve party in the final minutes of 1999, the angels meet Angela, their new assignment. Tess tells Monica that Angela is reluctant to enter the new millennium because she does not want to give up the past. Tess also informs her that Angela has forgotten about an important appointment that she has made many years ago. in the crowded chaos of the party, Andrew, working as a waiter, accidentally spills some champagne on Angela's dress. Angela graciously retreats to the ladies room where she meets Monica, the attendant, who is able to clean her dress. Monica recites a poem to Angela, "Oh! To be alive in such an age!" and this triggers a childhood memory about Angela's father. When she leaves the ladies' room, the commitment-weary Angela becomes nervous when she oversees her escort, Nick, showing Andrew an engagement ring. Later, on the terrace, Angela tells Andrew about her father, Carl, whom she idolized. He was full of spirit and had a love of great poetry. Angela remembers that she and her father buried a time capsule in 1955 and made a pact to return on January 1, 2000 to dig it up. Andrew encourages her to keep the appointment. Somewhat reluctant at first to unearth old memories, Angela agrees to make the overnight trip to her childhood home with Monica and Andrew. The next morning they arrive at the house which is now a bed and breakfast run by Tess. They check in and Angela explores her memories, but is reluctant to dig up the time capsule. Instead, she wants to wait for her father. Angela tells the angels more about Carl, how he abandoned her without explanation when she was a child. She presumes he is dead by now. Angela is angry when she realizes that this traumatic event is the source of her own inability to make a marriage commitment. Finally, Angela digs up the time capsule. She is surprised to find the capsule filled with twenty years' worth of letters from her father. Angela and the angels begin to read the emotional letters, the final letter accompanied with a note from a doctor diagnosing Carl as a manic-depressive. This enables Angela to remember an incident in which brought Carl brought her to the roof of the house to recite some poetry. In this elation, Carl accidentally let go of Angela who fell from the roof. Angela realizes that, though she was unharmed, this is the reason why her father left, to protect her. Angela weeps when she grasps that her father never stopped loving her. Monica then reveals to Angela that she is an angel. Monica tells her that God does not want her to be afraid of love and commitment any longer and that God will decide that, and in that moment, Angela returns to the terrace of the New Year's Eve party of the previous night. As the countdown to the New Year begins, Nick proposes to Angela and she joyfully accepts. The next morning, Angela and Nick drive to her childhood home, but are shocked to find an office building in its place. In a glass exhibit, they see the time capsule. Angela notices an old man waiting nearby, recognizes it to be Carl, and has a tearful reunion with her father as the angels watch happily.moreless
    • Til We Meet Again
      Til We Meet Again
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      The Carpenter family gathers as their father, Joe prepares to die at home. Although grown, the siblings demonstrating the roles they become accustomed to. Kate, the eldest, takes charge like their mother, Elizabeth but is not quite as overbearing. Chris, the middle child, stuns his sisters with the news that he is estranged from his wife. And Kim, the youngest, is the creative one who never seemed to fit in with the rest of the family. Monica and Tess, as the home-care nurse and interior decorator, get caught in the crossfire as Chris and Kim resist Kate's domineering behaviour. The angel's mission is to help expose a family secret before Joe dies. Andrew informs Monica and Tess that time is rappidly approaching. Amidst a heated argument, Kate exposes the secret, Kim is not Joe's biological daughter. Upon returning from a brief trip, Elizabeth convenes a family meeting to discuss the matter. Years ago, she had a torrid affair with her husband's business partner. Joe forgave his wife and raised Kim as his own daughter. Though this disclosure threatens to tear the family apart, Andrew arranges for Joe to receive a special dispensation, the bed-ridden father is able to walk downstairs, play the hymn, "Til We Meet Again," on the piano and converse lucidly with his family. Monica and Tess urge them to follow his attitude of love and forgiveness. Joe dies with his family gathered around him, singing "Til We Meet Again" in a four part harmony.moreless
    • A Delicate Balance
      A Delicate Balance
      Season 3 - Episode 29
      In an empty gym Tess coaches Monica on their next assignment. They are interrupted by the arrival of Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner, who will cover the gymnastics competition for a TV station. Andrew appears after they leave, and the angels then observe the Browner family. Rebecca Browner is a gifted gymnast, whose mother, Sandra pushes her to excel. Unfortunately, her younger brother, T.J. feels neglected. He and his friend dub themselves the "Nobodies" and visit a skating arena. Andrew, the arena's supervisor, is concerned by T.J.'s disregard for safety equipment. Meanwhile, Monica, Rebecca's new assistant coach. learns she is highly driven and has never fallen during a competition. Displeased that the television crew has ignored her daughter, Sandra complains to Tess, the segment producer. T.J. steals money from Andrew's cash register to visit the house where his family lived before his father died. He later confesses to Andrew, who makes him work off his debt. Sandra is unhappy to find him doing chores at an arena. Back at the hotel, he tells his mother he "borrowed" the money to see a movie, but his sister sees through his lie. T.J. angrily exits, and Rebecca also leaves. Sandra later yells at her daughter for missing a meeting with a potential sponsor. Rebecca confides in Monica that she visited the family's former home. The angel urges the girl to recapture the joy of gymnastics. Returning to the arena, T.J. ignores Andrew's warning to wear a helmet and has an accident. At the house, Tess reveals herself to Sandra, advising her to grieve her late husband rather than immersing herself in her daughter's career. Sandra then urges to Rebecca to do her best for herself, no one else. While competing, Rebecca falls. Monica reveals herself and tells Rebecca she is never alone and that her father is proud of her. She finishes the routine with grace, T.J. regains consciousness, and Sandra decides to move her family back into their old house.moreless
    • Birthmarks
      Season 2 - Episode 23
      Michael Russell is dying of cancer, a fact that his father finds hard to accept. A potter by trade, Whit is skeptical of technology and persuaded his son to leave city life for the family farm once his illness was diagnosed. Unbeknownst to Whit, Michael and Penny have undergone gamete fertilization, a process enabling Jolene to be the surrogate mother for their baby. Believing the pregnancy to be natural, Whit vows to have no part in raising his grandchild. Subsequent to one of his tirades, Jolene disappears. As Michael's health deteriorates, the situation looks increasingly grim, especially when Andrew arrives. Using a clever metaphor, Monica gently convinces Whit to accept the non-traditional pregnancy. Michael dies just as his son is born, and as his bereaved family visits the grave, Tess arrives with Jolene and the baby in tow. She gives the infant to his mother, who laments that Michael never got a chance to hold his son. Tess comforts Penny by pointing that he has a birthmark, a kiss from his father.moreless
    • Have You Seen Me?
      Have You Seen Me?
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      After observing, with Monica and Andrew, respectively, the Monroe family at a breakfast and two businessmen who work in the same office building, Tess tells her changes their assignment will be difficult because it involves six intertwined human lives. The case kicks into gear when Hank Monroe sees a picture resembling his younger brother, Noah on the back of a milk carton. Perplexed, he looks through family albums but can't find any baby pictures of his brother. Andrew, meanwhile, fails to engage Grant Abbott in conversation but does befriend the talkative Ray. The angel starts to reveal himself, but Ray flees after Andrew's admonition that "the truth will set you free." Tess warns Andrew that time is running out. Visiting Grant at home, he sees that he is contemplating suicide. Monica, posing as a waitress at a 50's diner, counsels a confused Hank to ask his parents about the missing baby photos. But when their stories contradict, the youth realizes something is amiss. Investigating further, he finds a $25,000 check written to a law firm and shows it to Monica. She tells Hank the check is a clue and takes him to visit the law office, which is run by Ray. Repeating Andrew's line, the angel prompts Ray to confess he performed a questionable adoption for the Monroes. When he gets home, Hank asks his mom and dad why they never told him his brother was adopted. They respond that Noah's parents were criminals, which would have upset him. While putting Noah to bed he said that his friends family said he looked like the boy on the milk carton, the Monroes decide to move, In a drunken rage, Grant continues to play with a revolver until Andrew appears. The distraught father recounts how the boy was kidnapped during a trip to the mall and that his wife blamed him for the tragedy. Andrew introduces him to Ray, who admits his complicity in the crime and tells Grant where to find his son. Afraid of losing Noah, Jake and Amy start packing while Tess reveals herself. She tells them their zeal to adopt blinded them to suspicious circumstances. With the angel's support, Grant meets the Monroes and is introduced to "Noah". The three parents agree to slowly integrate Grant into his son's life and eventually tell the boy the truth.moreless
    • True Confessions
      Season 6 - Episode 19
      As Monica and Tess discuss the end of winter, Tess reminds Monica that in some places winter lasts all year round. One such place is the Kewanee Women's Correctional Facility where Monica's assignment, Carla Robinson, is doing 25 years to life for murder. Monica joins the prison staff as a social worker and begins to implement a prison theater program. With Tess' help as a prison guard, Monica is able to get a small group of the prisoners to open up about themselves and their crimes. Carla though claims to be innocent and spends her time trying to get a pardon. Meanwhile, Andrew is a hospice nurse to Santos Gonzales, the father of Orbie, the man Carla was convicted of murdering. Even after several years, Santos is still bitter about Orbie's death. At the prison, Monica chooses to play "Agnes of God" for the women to perform for the rest of the inmates. "Agnes of God" tells the story of a young nun who becomes pregnant as a result of being raped. Agnes is accused of murdering the baby, though she has blocked out any memories of the incident. Monica begins to believe that Carla may be innocent of her crime, but Andrew arrives to say that Carla is guilty, he was there. Tess tells Monica that Carla isn't simply lying, she actually believes that she is innocent, and, like Agnes, has blocked her memory of the tragic event. As Santos gets closer to death, Andrew pleads with him to pray for peace rather than for vengeance against Carla. Monica begins to make progress with Carla, learning of her suicide attempts and the daughter she hasn't seen in years. When Monica asks Carla about Orbie, she gives her version of the events, that her boyfriend. conducting a drug deal, shot Orbie, an innocent bystander. Before Monica can challenge this version of events, Carla receives news that her conviction has been overturned. Despite her imminent release, Carla agrees to still participate in the first performance of "Agnes of God." During the climax of the play when Agnes regains the memories of her own tragedy, Carla begins to have flashbacks about Orbie's death, and about her involvement. Though upset, Carla finishes the show and is soon released from prison. When Santos hears of Carla's pardon, he insists on asking for forgiveness for all the years he'd cursed her. Carla meets her daughter Meredith for a tearful reunion at a local diner where Tess "moonlights" as the waitress. Andrew arrives with Santos but Carla is too overwhelmed to speak with him. In the storeroom, Monica reveals to Carla that she is an angel and helps Carla pray for the ability to remember the truth. Carla finally recalls that she accidentally pulled the trigger in a drug-induced haze. She begs God's and then Santos, forgiveness and then tells Meredith that the life together will be postponed, she must first go to the court and tell the truth.moreless
    • Til Death Do Us Part
      Til Death Do Us Part
      Season 6 - Episode 5
      Molly Avey's preparations for her husband Jordan's 40th birthday surprise party are interrupted by a phone call from her doctor's office, they suspect she may have cancer, the disease that killed her mother and grandmother at the same young age. Andrew, working as the Avey's farmhand, believes that Molly is his assignment, but Tess cautions him that there may be some other surprises. Despite Andrew's pleas, Molly refuses to tell Jordan about the phone call and spoil the party. Instead of being happy at the surprise, Jordan seems depressed to find everyone gathered in celebration. He finds some joy in talking with his good friend Donna, and they reminisce about their high school romance. Molly and Jordan's young son Jimmy interrupts the party with the news that one of the cows has gone into labor. Jordan, Andrew, and Jimmy struggle to deliver the calf, and it is born premature. Jimmy plans to raise the calf and names it Hannibal, but Jordan tells him that some things are meant to live and some things are meant to die. Molly takes these words personally. After the party, Jordan goes to the barn to check on Hannibal and soon there is a gunshot. Andrew immediately runs to the barn and stops Molly from entering. Jordan has killed himself. Andrew is as devastated as Molly. He feels he has failed his assignment, but Tess tells him he did the best he could. Monica arrives as the vet for Hannibal, and starts to talk with Jimmy about his sorrow. Molly desperately searches for an answer and, after tearing the house apart, finds a single earring in the bedroom which she recognizes as Donna's. Despite Andrew's cautions, Molly is convinced that Jordan was having an affair with Donna, and that he killed himself when he found out she was returning to her husband. Monica tells Andrew that he must tell Molly the truth soon, he knows more about Jordan's final moments than he has revealed. Andrew refuses, not wanting to confess his failure. Molly confronts Donna about the affair, but Donna insists it isn't true, reminding Molly that she has been in their bedroom hundreds of times, with her. Jimmy continues to care for Hannibal and becomes upset when his mother refuses to go into the barn to see the animal. Monica warns Andrew that he is running out of time to help this family. Molly enters the barn for the first time since the suicide to be with her son. This triggers a memory and Molly recalls that Andrew was the last person to see Jordan. Monica reveals herself to Andrew, reminding him of his duties as an angel, and as a servant of God. Andrew goes to Molly and reveals to her that he is an angel and that he did spend time with Jordan that night. Andrew found Jordan with the gun and reminded him of how much he had to live for and how much God loved him. He told Jordan about the phone call and how much Molly would need his help. Believing he had gotten through to Jordan, Andrew left him in the barn, only to return after hearing the gunshot. Molly is furious at this revelation and slaps Andrew. Andrew tells her that even though Jordan lost hope as others do, it amazes him that most people actually remain hopeful despite terrible circumstances, and this is her task right now. Comforted, Molly reconnects with Jimmy, telling him that despite what lies ahead, they will not let each other lose hope.moreless
    • Life Before Death
      Life Before Death
      Season 6 - Episode 15
      Monica is ecstatic to be assigned to help her beloved Ireland, where she first set foot on earth. Her assignment is a group of teens from Northern Ireland, whom she hopes to persuade to come to the United States through a program called Project Children. However, the group of teens is made up of both Catholics and Protestants, religious groups that have been fighting a bloody religious war for centuries. Recently, a peace treaty was signed, but peace is dependent on the youth of Ireland. Monica interviews teenagers of the program, and finds bitterness and prejudices on both sides. She hopes that two particular teenagers, Tommy, a Catholic, and Rose, a Protestant, will be able to lead the others into peace. Tommy's brother Gavin, whom Tommy greatly admires, also encourages Tommy to work towards peace by accepting the trip to America. In America, the teens find that their prejudices are strong, and they are reluctant to overcome them. The first night, Tommy and Rose both wake from bad dreams of their violent childhood and meet in the kitchen. They share a cup of tea and begin to fall in love. Under the guidance of Andrew, Monica and Tess, the teens slowly begin to cooperate on renovating a house. Late one night, Tommy and Rose meet in secret to share a loving moment, but it turns sour when they discover that Tommy's father was in the IRA and Rose's father was in the British Police. The damages done to both parents during a riot are still scars for the young lovers, and the prejudice that set their fathers against each other is suddenly rekindled in these two young leaders. Monica is extremely discouraged, but Tess reassures her that peace can be reached. The next day a fight almost erupts between the groups. The battle is averted by the arrival of an Irish band, and the teens dance, their common culture uniting them. It seems as if peace has been achieved until Tess arrives with some bad news, Gavin is dead. Although his death was declared an accident, the explosion that caused it makes all the teens suspicious of each other again and widens the gap between Tommy and Rose. As Tommy prepares to go home for the funeral, he and Rose reluctantly approach each other. As they start to fight again, Monica revels herself as an angel and tells that the Father wants them to help lead their generation into peace. Tommy and Rose accept the words of wisdom and finally accept each others love. All the children return to Ireland for Gavin's funeral, and Tommy delivers a message of peace and a promise of goodwill in his eulogy. Led by Tess, the teens unite at the altar and sing "Let There Be Peace on Earth," a symbol of the lesson of peace they learned in America.moreless
    • Full Circle
      Full Circle
      Season 5 - Episode 22
      Monica re-enters the life of a former assignment, Kate Prescott, who has spent the last few years of her life waiting for her son, Thomas, to return home. When Monica was last with the Prescott's, Thomas had been falsely accused of murdering a young woman, and Kate doubted her son's innocence. Later, Thomas was cleared, and Kate has since felt guilty for not trusting her son. Now, Kate's neighborhood is being leveled to make way for a highway, but she won't sell her house to the government, wanting to remain there in case Thomas should return home. Monica appears to Kate to tell her that her prayers have been answered, that Thomas is returning home. Thomas arrives at the house with a surprise, his seven year-old son Dylan. At first Thomas seems to have changed his shady ways and accepted responsibility as a father, but Monica learns he is doing drugs and tries to warn Kate. Kate is unwilling to believe the truth about her son, and she finally agrees to sell the house. While taking a walk in the park, Kate tries to encourage Thomas to buy a coffee cart from Tess, as a means to start making some money. Thomas, however, is more interested in working a deal with an old drug buddy. Thomas tells Kate that he needs the government money to buy a coffee cart, and Kate, seeing this as a second chance to trust her son, gives it to him. Instead he arranges to use the money to conduct the drug deal. Kate spends more time with Dylan, learns that his mother was abusive, and appeals to Thomas to spend a little more time with his son. Thomas reads Dylan the story of David and Goliath, a story they both enjoy because it involves a little guy who stands up to a big problem. The next day Thomas goes to the park to meet his contact, and Dylan goes with him as well. Tess arrives at the Prescott house and tells Kate that Thomas said he wasn't interested in the coffee carts. Kate feels stupid for having trusted him again, and she and Monica rush to the park to find him in the middle of the deal. They arrive to find Thomas being arrested by undercover cops. Dylan throws a stone at one of the cops, giving Thomas a chance to flee. While trying to stop Thomas, Kate is accidentally shot by a cop, yet Thomas continues to run. At the hospital Kate is rushed into surgery, and Andrew pleads with her to cling to life. Monica finds Thomas walking on the railroad tracks. As a train draws near, Monica reveals herself to be an angel and tells him that God is willing to give him another chance, that by taking his life he will be taking part of his mother's and his son's lives with him. Thomas, asking God for another chance, steps off the tracks. At the hospital, Kate's surgery is successful. Thomas asks his mother for a second chance and, knowing that he has had an authentic encounter with God, she is willing to give him one. Before the police arrest Thomas, he hugs Dylan, telling him that he must go and "fight Goliath."moreless
    • Seek and Ye Shall Find
      Season 4 - Episode 21
      Monica and Tess discuss the next mission in the one-stop town of Savage, Missippi. Monica slips on theicy pavement outside a bus station, hits her head, and suffers from amnesia. Inside the station Dr. Chester Crayton somewhat impatiently examines a frightened Monica. The doctor is on the way to a prison to watch the execution of a man who murdered his wife. The sation is filled with colorful characters including a bible salesman, the crusty station-keeper named the Colonel, a sweet old black lady named Effie, and a young pregnant Elvis fan, Sueellen. As Monica struggles to regain her memory, the doctor reveals that hatred and bitterness he feels over the murder of his wife. Andrew, on his way to "work" the execution, stops by the station and encourages Monica, who doesn't recognize him, to first seek out who God is, and then she will know herself. The bible salesman steals Effie's money, but Monica is accused of the crime and the Colonel calls the cops. Monica, thoroughly lost, begins to cry, but Sueellen's boyfriend, Skeeter, teaches her to pray. monica prays to god woould restore her memory, but instead the police arrive and handcuff her. Effie, however, decides to forgive Monica and give her the money. This extreme act of forgiveness reminds Monica of who God is and who she is. She reveals herself to Effie, who is delighted to finally see an angel. Later at the prison, the murderer asks the doctor to forgive him for killing his wife. The Doctor scoffs at this request and the execution commences. Monica appears to the doctor and begs him to forgive Paul Ratcliff as a means of achieving peace in his own life. The doctor suspends the execution so he can tell the murderer that he has indeed, forgiven him.moreless
    • Cassie's Choice
      Cassie's Choice
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Cassie Peter's is pregnant and plans to give her baby up for adoption. Although neither Craig (the baby's father) nor Joanne (Cassie's mother) is present for the delivery, Monica is, posing as a nurse. After holding her daughter, Cassie changes her mind and runs away, much to the chagrin of the Feldman's, the adoptive parents. Monica and Tess are keeping watch over the mother and child when they learn from Adam, that the child is seriously ill. Monica gently prods Cassie to take the child to the hospital, where the teenager begins to realize she is not ready for the rigors of motherhood. Monica's revelation reinforces this fact, and Cassie returns home and gives the baby to the Feldman's. At the infant dedication, Mrs. Feldman announces that she and Ben have named their baby Faith. Cassie asks for a moment with her daughter and plays the flute for her legacy of music that runs in the family.moreless
    • Black Like Monica
      Black Like Monica
      Season 5 - Episode 23
      Monica encounters Tess on the side of a dirt road on the outskirts of Aynesville, a small Southern Illinois town. Tess, holding a bloodied rope and crying directs Monica to the body of a dead black man. Tess in anguish, tells Monica that she has given up on earth, and is returning to heaven. In downtown Aynesville, preparations are being made for the upcoming Civil Rights Day and a visit from Rosa Parks. Lavonda, the director of the celebration, wonders why Mooney, the set builder, is no where to be found. Monica arrives and takes Tom, Lavonda, Deputy James, the Mayor and a few others to the murder site, and they identify the body as Mooney's. The group suspects that the murder was committed to ruin the celebration, and with the exception of Tom and James, decides to keep the murder quiet. To ensure the cover up, Tom reluctantly locks Monica in a jail cell. As a black man, James protests the cover up and the abuse of Monica's civil rights. That night Monica prays for a way to help this town, despite being locked up. Though angels don't need to sleep, Monica does, and has a violent dream about Mooney's death. Monica wakes to find the cell door unlocked, and her skin black. She leaves her cell, and walks down the street, but no one seems to notice that the color of her skin has changed. At the same time, Tom and James discover that Monica is missing. The crowd gathers in the town square to met the bus carrying Rosa Parks, and Monica, still unrecognized, begins to ask the members of the committee if they know where she can find Mooney, which of course makes them nervous. Monica returns to the dirt road, hoping to find Tess and some direction, but instead she encounters the Foley, the men suspected of killing Mooney. Upset that Mooney's murder isn't causing a stir, they plan to kill Monica and leave the body in a more prominent location. Monica flees and, when she stumbles and starts to bleed, she realizes that she is human and becomes very afraid. With the Foleys drawing near, Monica prays that God will make her white again. When the Foleys find Monica, her skin has become white, and they leave confused. Monica weeps, beginning to comprehend her failure. Monica insists on speaking with Rosa Parks, who invites Monica to sit on the bus with her. Monica tearfully recounts her situation to an understanding Ms. Parks, and Tess appears, telling Monica that she too made a mistake by giving up on God, and that he forgiven both of them. Tess tells Monica that she first had to confront in herself before she can help this town. With newfound confidence, Monica reveals herself to Tom and James, encouraging them to be honest with each other about their own prejudices. After a heartfelt talk, the men announce the death of Mooney to the town, and Monica lays flowers on Mooney's grave resolving to thank him when he sees him for helping to open he eyes.moreless
    • On Edge
      On Edge
      Season 5 - Episode 15
      Tess and Monica are introduced to their next assignment when the Cadillac by Bart and Hayley Ewing, a father and daughter con team. The angels follow Bart and Hayley to Salt Lake City where Bart has promised Hayley she will be able to indulge her favorite hobby, ice skating. Monica works as an employee of the skating rink and is short-changed by Bart as he pays for Hayley's entry. When Hayley falls down, Andrew, the acting D.J., introduces her to an Olympic hopeful skater, Alex Thorpe and she agrees to help Hayley learn to skate. Meanwhile, Bart pretends to find some lost money in order to win the trust of Alex's father, Carl, who is the owner of the rink. Carl tells Bart of an upcoming fundraiser to benefit the Silver Blades Skate Team. Bart notices the cash drop bag that Carl is carrying and begins to hatch an idea for a scam. Later that night, Hayley tells her father she wants to do something other than con people, something she can be recognized for. At the rink the next day, Hayley tells Andrew that she is torn because she wants to skate but doesn't want to hurt her father. andrew tells her to follow her conscience. Hayley works with Alex, improves dramatically and begins to demand a more normal life from her father. Bart promises to stay in town long enough for Hayley to try out for the Silver Blades and she is temporarily appeased. Bart then begins the con of Carl by asking if Hayley might be able to practice at the rink after it closes. When Carl agrees, Bart pretends to drop Hayley off, packs up their belongings from the motel, then returns to the rink and turns off the lights. While Carl searches for the fuse box, Bart then takes the bank drop. When the lights have been restored, Bart arrives at the rink to retrieve Hayley. As Bart and Hayley make their getaway, Hayley realizes that her father has left the snow globe which belonged to her mother at the hotel room and refuses to leave town without it. Bart and Hayley return to the hotel room to find the globe. As they leave the cops arrive and Bart is arrested. Knowing that it will be easier for him to get her out of jail then vice versa, Hayley confesses to the crime. Bart tries to convince Carl to drop the charges but he refuses, forcing a court case. Monica reveals herself to Bart, convincing him to trust God and listen to his conscience. Bart interrupts Hayley's trial, confesses to the crime and asks his daughter to forgive him for not teaching her right from wrong. The judge recommends that Hayley be remanded to a foster home. Instead Carl decides to be her foster parent enabling her to live and train with Alex.moreless
    • Deconstructing Harry
      Deconstructing Harry
      Season 4 - Episode 13
      Monica and Tess arrive at the DMV where Tess has been instructed to obtain a driver's license. Now ready to take the driving portion, Tess meets her instructor and assignment, Doris. Midway through the driving test, Doris tells Tess to follow a hearse which leads them both to the funeral of Harry Applegate. Doris enters the funeral and steals the ashes of her former lover as Andrew arrives outside as a state policeman. With Harry's ashes in her arms, Doris commands Tess to flee while Harry's widowe, Stella convinces Andrew to pursue in his patrol car. Monica prays at the DMV where she is still waiting for Tess to return and soon is guided to her next in the journey that both Doris and Stella are now taking. Doris tells Tess they are going to Pizmo Beach where she is going to spread Harry'sashes. Instructed by Doris to find food, Tess stops at the "Heaven on a Bun" where Monica is now working and quickly exit. Andrew then arrives with Stella and Monica tells him that they are going to Pizmo Beach. Tess and Doris then stop at a gas station to use the restroom and gives out a cry as she learns that her husband's mistress is outside the door. Doris wastes no time fleeing the scene. monica tells Andrew that the the two women must not meet yet and he stalls Stella's pursuit, citing engine failure. Tess and Doris then stop at Del Ray's Honkytonk where Tess tries to convince Doris that there is a better life for her than the lie she lived with Harry. Harkening back to a happier time, Doris sings "We lived on Borrowed Time" and the two have dinner on the house. No longer wanting to hear what Tess says, Doris attempts to leave as Tess's car is being stolen. Andrew and Stella arrive and the confrontation begins, during that time the two women accidentally spill Harry's ashes on the gravel road. Stella begins to insult Doris and the both Andrew and Tess try to appeal to reason. Then a waitress named Lydia came out and explained that Harry spent every Saturday night at the Honkytonk talking to her about the dilemma of his situation with both women. Andrew then reveals himself and explains that Harry's dying wish was to reconcile his life with his loved ones. Andrew tells Stella that while it is too late to repair her marriage, God can repair her heart if she will let him. Doris apologizes to Stella for the pain she has caused and Stella accepts. with Harry's life now reconciled with his loved ones, his ashes are swept into the air all wish him a fond farewell.moreless
    • A Joyful Noise
      A Joyful Noise
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      Monica begins working with Dr. Adam Litowski, a child psychiatrist is haunted by an event from his past that is influencing his treatment of Melissa Houghton, a young girl who claims to hear the voices of angels. While exploring a nearby church's bell tower late on a rainy night, Melissa encounters Clara, a mysterious stranger who escorts her home. convinced that the girl is possibly schizophrenic, Adam prescribes medication. Monica, however, knows Melissa is telling the truth and becomes more concerned when Andrew shows her that the doctor's daughter, Katie, whose birthday he plans to celebrate, is deceased. Adam denies that her death has affected his diagnosis of Melissa's "illness." Her mother, Emily is distressed by her reaction to the medication and is incensed when the doctor mistakenly calls Melissa,"Katie." Shaken by the turn of events by Andrew's realistic mural of the rustic cabin where Katie died, Adam heads there intending to commit suicide, Monica intercedes by revealing herself and showing the doctor how his daughter died, she fell off the roof while trying to rescue a bird's nest from the chimney. The angels tell him Katie is safe and happy because God sent an archangel named Clara, to handle her transition. Days later, Melissa escorts Adam to the bell tower where she had previously met Clara, who reappears to the trio. The archangel assures the doctor his daughter felt no pain and saw only beauty at the time of her death. Clara also advises Melissa that though she is off medication it will be harder for her to hear the angels, but she should never stop listening for them.moreless
    • The Last Chapter
      The Last Chapter
      Season 8 - Episode 12
      Monica revisits the home of Elizabeth Jessup, a retired reporter who she once helped cope with alcoholism. Tess insists that Monica is there as the answer to someone's prayer. Monica hurries up the steps to offer Elizabeth whatever help she needs, only to discover that her help is not only unwanted, but resented. Elizabeth wants nothing to do with the angel that once helped her out. Monica shows up at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, where Elizabeth is celebrating seven years of sobriety. In the midst of her speech, she begins to slur her words, insisting that she hasn't been drinking, it's just a headache. After the meeting, Monica meets up with her and her daughter, Sydney and granddaughter, Beth. Monica expresses her concern and Elizabeth says that she's developed a tendency for transient cognitive episodes of undetermined origin. Sydney explains that the doctors suspect a brain tumor. Later on, Monica reads Elizabeth's memoirs, and asks why there is no mention of the fire Elizabeth started at the peak of her problem, or why she doesn't say anything about angels. Elizabeth tells Monica she'd be laughed out of the news business if she wrote about meeting an angel. That evening, Elizabeth passes out and is taken to the hospital. Once she comes to, she is eager to get out, but Sydney won't let her, and neither will Monica, nor Tess who is working as a nurse. As the night goes by and Elizabeth waits the results of her test, Monica tells her some of her favorite and most challenging assignments. Finally, Andrew enters with the news, it's a brain tumor. She schedules the surgery and sits down with Gloria to finish her memoirs, "before it's too late." The next day, while Elizabeth is in surgery, Monica reads the last chapter to Sydney and Beth. This time Elizabeth tells the truth about the fire, and of how she beat alcoholism. When the story ends, so does the surgery, and Elizabeth is going to be all right.moreless
    • Amazing Grace (2)
      Amazing Grace (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 20
      After the shooting, Mary and Dr. Hall scramble to help their friends and loved ones. She learns the 45 Mr. Kim possessed was a record, not a weapon, but both are aghast to notice her own wound from a stray bullet. Meanwhile, Tess returns to Russell and tells him Josh needs his family. The Greene's arrive and are horrified to discover he had been shot. When the surgery is over, the doctor reports that Josh will recover, though he has been blinded. Calvin and Chanice receive news that their grandmother had died. Russell is astounded to learn that Anderson, a former adversary from this time in the Navy, is the one who saved Josh. Serena rails at Michael, blaming him for the tragic events. But buoyed by Queenie's encouragement and Monica's revelation, Michael decides to stay with his new "family," felling like he belongs for the first time in his life. Anderson, likewise inspired by Russell to regain his passion, gives a rousing eulogy at Mary's funeral, urging the community to take a stand against gang violence. Her sight restored, Monica , along with Tess and Andrew observe as the humans work together to paint graffiti-covered wall.moreless
    • The Hero
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Three years ago, James Mackey defused a tense hostage situation by shooting the gunman who had fatally wounded James's partner. Now Monica is a journalist writing a story about the small-town sheriff and local hero. Although a loving father, Mackey places intense pressure on his son, Matthew so he can gain admission to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. Rather than risk not doing well, the boy cheats on a college entrance exam but gets caught. Afraid of how his father will react, Matt attempts suicide. While in a coma, Monica uses her angelic powers to talk to him and convince him to live. She later helps Sheriff Mackey resolve his own inner torment, his late partner, Nick Hansen, was the true hero. Mackey had frozen when they confronted the criminals, and Nick saved his life. Monica convinces Mackey that God loves him regardless and is able to reunite father and son.moreless
    • Doodlebugs
      Season 4 - Episode 15
      After the death of his wife, small town miister Erskine gave up his ministry and his lack of faith has spread to the rest of the townspeople. Erskine's son, Andy now fears he will die of cancer like his mother while his daughter, Bits, spends her time trying to draw the elusive doddlebug out of their holes. As Bits tries without success to draw a doddlebug out of its nest, a young man by the name of Pearhead answers a payphone. When he is told by a mysterious voice where to find a winning twenty-dolar lottery ticket, it appears God is finally on his side. After Pearhead enters Sis and Vinegar's Cafe and announces his "miracle," Sis, her brother Vinegar, Ada, an aspiring singer all begin to sit vigil by the phone, waiting for heavenly advice. The voice first tells Sis to apologize to Vinegar for somoe hurtful things she has said and when she does, their relationship instantly improves. Ada then answers the phone and is told to forego her plans to sing in Atlanta because there is someone in town she loves and she should tell him. Erskine then answers the phone and the voice knows the pain he has felt after losing his wife and tells him to find love where he can because his son needs a mother. Erskine is now convinced and when Sis answers the phone and is told to convert an old building into a bar and grill, the entire town piptches in to help, Sis and Vinegar mortgage the Cafe, Pearhead sells his ice cream truck and Ada donates her savings. When the Gem Bar and Grill burns to the ground on opening night, it appears that all is lost. Tess, meanwhile has traced the voice on the other end of the phone back to Andy. She tries to convince him to own his own lie but he is unable to muster the courage and runs away, opting to send as apology note to Ada instead. Tess then reveals herself to the townspeople, asking them why they had lost their faith. She tells Erskine to begin the search for Andy. Tess finds Andy in his father's abandoned church and tells him how much God loves him. As Sis, Vinegar and Pearhead arrive, Tess tells them they have hidden from God when they should have reached for him. She convinces Andy that he is not going to die like his mother. Erskine and Andy then go to Ada and Erskine asks her to stay. At just that moment, the phone rings and Bits answers it. Apparently, this time thecaller is God and he tells Bits how to catch a doddlebug. As she cradles the entire nest in her palm, a dove flies away.moreless
    • At The End Of The Aisle
      At The End Of The Aisle
      Season 9 - Episode 20
      Monica, Andrew and Tess are cordially invited to witness the joinging of Audrey Carmichael and Scott Morgan in holy, matrimony... or not so holt matrimony. While Audrey has been blessed with angelic visitations and knows for a fact that God exists and loves her dearly, she has no qualms about marrying a man who does not share her faith. In fact, Scott not only doubts the existence of God and angels, but he scorns the beliefs of those who do. Still, Audrey loves him and his son, and wants to be a part of their family. Scott is after all a good man, a good father. The difference between their beliefs would be a monir problem, if not for Audrey's promise to preach the word and testify to God's love. It is that promise, which has allowed her to pull herself together and get on with her life after her son Petey died. But now, she is so eager to get on with her life, that she is ignoring who she is, and what she know is true. When Monica discovers this, she begins to have doubts about Audrey's impending nuptials, especially after learning that the word "God" has been replaced by "Universe" in the wedding vows. At the rehearsal dinner, Monica broaches the subject briefly, but is rebuffed by Andrew who tells her that "it's no big deal". Monica looks to Tess for reassurance, but all she receives is more doubt. Tess points out how much Scott's son, Kyle, looks like Petey, and how much Audrey dotes on him. Is she marrying the man, or is she marring back into motherhood? Monica corners Audrey on the issue that night. She expected a bit of anger, but was not prepared to be un-invited to the wedding. Still, she respects Audrey's wishes, and leaves. But the next night, before the wedding, while practicing the lighting of the candles, Kyle accidentally sets the Wedding Room on fire. He tries to put it out, but the smoke overwhelms him and he passes out. Outside, Scott is frantic, and is about to rush in to look for his son, when Andrew emerges from the building with Kyle in his arms. He is rushed to the hospital. Waiting anxiously for word on "Petey's" condition. Audrey realizes how much she has invested in Kyle, and how little she has in Scott. When they find out that Kyle is alright, Audrey thanks God, and Scott belittles her for it. She asks straight out whether, after all that has happened, he can't honestly say that he has no belief in God or angels. When he says no, Audrey knows that they are not fit to be together. Though she does love them, she loves God more, and cannot deny her faith in him, or in angels who have touched her life.moreless
    • The Feather
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      The sequel to the first season's Christmas episode "Fear Not", "The Feather" continues the story of a littles church's congregation now that they've seen Monica reveal herself in all her glory. Awed, trying to figure out what it all means, the congregation susceptible to Charles, a con artist posing as a preacher. He seizes a feather which fell from Monica's dove and holds it up the church as physical proof of the miracle. He's diverting piles of donation offerings into his own pockets when he's confronted by Wayne, who turns out to be his brother. Years ago, Charles and Wayne ran the preacher scam together, Wayne is now a reformed man and he's determined to stop him. The issue is brought to a head when Joey, who's been ministering to a crack baby that was left in the church, brings the infant to Charles for healing, he can't do it, of course, but Monica reveals herself again and reminds the church that they worshipped a feather instead of a King and their need for fame deafened them to the cries of a little baby. Charles is humbled and the congregation is once again put on the right track.moreless
    • The Man Upstairs
      The Man Upstairs
      Season 5 - Episode 16
      Gus Zimmerman, an insurance salesman, arrives in Las Vegas to call on his largest account, the Paradise Grand Casino. Tess tells Monica that behind Gus' smile is a desperate man. Monica meets Gus at a bar where he explains that he is there to call on the casino manager, Mac, and earn the commission that will pay for his wife, Esther's care in a nursing home. As he guzzles ginger ale, Gus explains that neither he nor Esther drink or gamble. When Gus learns that Mac is no longer the general manager and the new management is not willing to see him, he orders another drink, this time with vodka. Gus goes to the cashier, withdraws a five-thousand dollar credit limit and loses it all on one roll of roulette. When Gus pleads with the croupier, "I'll sign anything," the phone mysteriously rings and the new manager is ready to see him. Gus enters the office to find the new manager's name is Monique and she looks exactly like Monica. It becomes apparent that Monique is evil as she toys with Gus, reminding him of Esther's problems and letting him win a game of poker for the entire five-thousand dollars which he just lost. Confident after his rigged victory, Gus agrees to gamble again, a signed insurance policy for his soul, something he doesn't believe in, anyway. He loses. Dejected, Gus finds Monica at the bar and explains the situation. Monica, concerned about Gus' huge loss, plots to beat Monique at poker. Tess scolds her for entertaining the thought. Gus goes to Monique who suggests that he "have an accident," thereby helping his wife who is the beneficiary of his insurance policy. Gus continues to drink more and rejects Monica when she tries to convince him not to listen to Monique. Monica takes Gus back to the chapel where he and Esther were married. Gus remembers how Tess was the witness of their vows and Monica reveals that they are both angels, sent by God, to help him fight for his soul. Gus, however, only becomes more depressed, feeling that his casino intending to kill himself. Monique encourages him, showing him a copy of the same "soul contract" signed by Esther. Monica pleads with Gus to ask God for his help. Gus then begins to shine a flashlight, singing "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine," and begs God to help him. Powerless against Gus' reliance on God, Monique disappears. Gus returns to find that Mac had only been late for their meeting. Mac signs the insurance contract, Esther's care is guaranteed and Gus breathes a sigh of relief as he realizes how close he came to losing his soul.moreless
    • The Spirit of Liberty Moon (1)
      The Spirit of Liberty Moon (1)
      Season 4 - Episode 26
      While testing a kite, Tess briefs Monica and Andrew on their next assignment, it can change many lives beause the "courage of one single person" can change history. That chance may come for Edward Tanner, CEO of Tanner Toys, and he may mot recognize it. It will come for one of Edward's employees, Jean Chang, a second time, she will recognize it and "that's why she may say no." Tess demonstrates her new "portable kite" that can fly without wind to Alex Stella, Edwards longtime friend and legal counsel for Tanner Toys. He is intrigued by the technology, but quickly brushes her off as Edward enters to discuss moving their manufacturing to China. Alex introduces Monica as China's open-door policy has given to Western businesses and recommends that Edward hire a translator from within the company. When the job is offered to Jean, she is offended, claiming she is Korean and they assume she was Chinese because she looked "oriental." Her cover is quickly blown, however, when she arrives at a Chinese restaurant where Edward, Alex and Monica are eating lunch and proceeds to order in Chinese. When she comes to their table to apologize, Alex is enexpectedly pulled away from the conversation by an exuberant Tess, the "kite inventor." With Alex distracted, Jean explains to Monica and Edward why she lied. Admitting to be Chinese, Jean tells them of how she was orphaned during the Cultural Revolution and how she fell in love with a picture of the Statue of Liberty in a banned book. Edward finds himself becoming genuinely interested in her, an interest that will eventually turn to love, as she explains how she and many like her were affected by Western culture. While an idealistic student in China, her husband adopted the nickname "Gus" after Auguste Rodin's "Thinker" and their best friend adopted his name, "George," after Washington. Jean explains how she and her husband took part in the Tiananmen Square protests while George stayed home with her daughter, Piao Yue(Liberty Moon). When the crack down came, she was separated from her husband and although she heard that he was killed, she was unable to verify his death and was forced to flee to America before she could find George and her daughter. As Monica and Edward investigate China further, they are shocked to find one of the companies courting with a joint venture with Tanner Toys is none other than Liberty Moon International Management. Edward shows Jean the letter and agrees to take her with them to Beijing. In China, Monica distracts the customs agents, allowing Jean to sneak safely back into the country. They soon meet George, who is frightened to see Jean. George tells them he will no longer guarantee that his company, Liberty Moon, can do business with them.moreless
    • Buy Me a Rose
      Buy Me a Rose
      Season 6 - Episode 14
      Greg and Ellen Sawyer have been married for 19 years. Tess and Monica's assignment is to make sure they stay married well past twenty. Greg, a successful Portland developer, is often to preoccupied with his work to notice Ellen. But when securing a business deal takes precedence over their 20th wedding anniversary celebration, Ellen begins to question her marriage. When Monica, working as Ellen's assistant, helps her go through some old boxes, Ellen discovers love letters from an old boyfriend, a musician named Denny. The passionate letters reawaken Ellen's sense of romance and she begins to wonder if she made a mistake in marrying Greg instead of Denny. Meanwhile, Andrew refuses to sell Greg a lucrative piece of property that would cement Greg's plans for a waterfront condo. In the ensuing negotiations, Greg barely notices when Ellen leaves to celebrate their anniversary alone at their cabin in the woods. Instead of going to the cabin, Ellen detours to Oregon City, in hopes of reuniting with Denny. She stops off at a hotel and meets Tess, the bartender, who lovingly counsels her to return to her husband. But as Ellen is leaving, she hears Denny's voice, he is performing in the hotel lounge. Listening to Denny sing his old love songs brings back memories for Ellen and after the show the two catch up enthusiastically. The next morning, Greg realizes that Ellen never made it to the cabin, and learns that she spent the night at the hotel. Meanwhile, Ellen and Denny walk through the park discussing Ellen's failing marriage. Though he still loves her, Denny tells her to return to Greg and work things out. Ellen agrees. Greg arrives to find Denny and Ellen kissing goodbye. Greg is furious punches Denny. Later, Greg and Ellen have it out, and she explains her feelings of abandonment. Greg argues that he works hard to provide and make a leisurely future possible. In a conversation with Ellen, Monica reveals herself to be an angel, and reminds Ellen that love is not a feeling, but a choice, and a commitment that God is calling her to make. At the same time, Greg goes to find Denny intending to assault him again. Instead, he finds Andrew and once again tries to secure the property deal while his marriage is crumbling. Andrew tells Greg that he is an angel with a gift from God. God has given Greg the property, but with this gift comes the responsibility to love and take care of it, much like the gift of marriage. When Greg finds Denny, he asks him the secret to keeping Ellen happy. Denny tells him that Ellen likes roses and love letters. Greg returns home with a bouquet of roses and tries to open the channels of communication with Ellen. As Ellen and Greg reconnect to their marriage, they remember to make each other their first priority.moreless
    • Song For My Father
      Song For My Father
      Season 9 - Episode 16
      Sarah Dardenne is front-woman of an up and coming band called "The Jane Factor." She is also a 17 year-old who is at odds with her father about her music, her cigarette smoking, and the prospect of college. It's bad enough that he calls her music "trash", but he is also is the music teacher at school. Either at home or in class, she must endure his lectures and his disapproval. The final straw comes when Richard forbids Sarah and her friends from practicing their songs in his garage. Luckily, the new neighbor across the street, Tess is a music lover and her house comes complete with a sound proofed. This is a small miracle, considering that the house was only on the market for an hour. But with Andrew as her real estate agent, and the fact that he works with her mother, Paula, at Wonderland Realty, all the pieces are in place for a garage band on the rise. Especially since Sarah's boyfriend, Ty, has set up a gig for them at the Retro Club, where local DJ legend, Bumper Doorman, will be at hand. Sarah and her band-mates are thrilled, if only her throat didn't hurt so much. In music class, Sarah has a coughing fit during a solo, and Richard sends her to the school nurse while admonishing her about cigarette smoking. The school nurse takes a look, and sends a note to Richard, telling him that he is concerned. The next day, Paula takes her to the clinic, where Dr. Gloria takes a culture of the inflamed area. When she has the test results, she brings them immediately to the Dardenne household. Sarah has throat cancer. She will not be able to sing that night, and maybe never again. As Richard and Paula discuss their fears with Gloria, Sarah sneeks out to the Retro Club. By the time her parents notice and get to the club, she is already on stage, singing beautifully. But before she can finish, she blows her vocal chords, collapses in pain, and is rushed to the hospital. While Sarah is prepped for surgery, Richard alternately blames her, Paula, the cigarettes, and God. When he is at his most vulnerable and scared, Monica reveals herself to him. He finally understands. He walks along with Sarah's gurney, singing to her, and assuring her that they all love her: he, Paula, and God.moreless
    • The Whole Truth And Nothing But...
      Monica, Tess, and Andrew sit on a Chicago park bench reading the Chicago Daily Guardian, a tabloidesque newspaper with the motto: "If It's The Truth, It's News." The angels cringe at the sensational headlines and Tess notes that there is more to the truth than just the "facts" these articles portray. According to Tess, Liz Bradley, the editor of the Guardian, is suffering from a contagious disease, cynicism. She is Monica's assignment. When Monica arrives at the Guardian to interview for a reporter job, she meets eager young Ray, who works as a gofer while awaiting his big break as a reporter. Liz is impressed with Monica and hires her, assigning her to a story about possible shady dealings between Mayor Hunley and some Taiwanese officials. Liz teams Monica with the Guardians' star reporter Lauren, who is also Liz's younger sister whom Liz raised. Lauren feels that Liz is to obsessed with her work, and as a result, the sisters fight frequently. Soon after Lauren and Monica begin the assignment, they split up, because Lauren thinks they will be able to cover more ground that way. When Monica returns to Liz with a soft story about a Taiwanese dance troupe, Liz is furious. Ray, wanting to help Monica, tails the Mayor and sees him discreetly entering a hotel room. He gives Monica the tip, and when she arrives at the hotel, she sees Andrew who informs her that the mayor has died of a heart attack. When Liz finds out about the mayor's death, she encourages Monica to stall the police and look for the story. Monica finds a glass with some lipstick on it, along with a strange manuscript, leading her to believe that a woman was with the mayor when he died. Lauren arrives on the scene soon after the police to "help" Monica with the story, instead she "accidentally" breaks a glass. Back at the Guardian, Liz hopes to headline the morning paper with a story about the "mystery lover." Monica and Lauren object. Ray, following up on the story, learns that Lauren's fingerprints are on the manuscript. Monica remembers that Lauren never touched the manuscript, and realizes that Lauren is the mystery woman. Monica confronts Lauren about the affair, and insists that Lauren come forward with the truth. Lauren refuses, not wanting to hurt the mayor's family or endure the scorn of Liz. Meanwhile, Liz insists that Monica reveal the mystery woman's identity and Monica is forced to tell the truth. At first, Liz thinks Monica is lying, but Lauren finally confesses. Liz, angry at her sister's transgression and reckless in her pursuit of truth, publishes the story humiliating Lauren. Ray investigates further and writes a story about some suggestive phone calls on tape between Lauren and the mayor. Liz reads the story, is furious, and fires Ray. Monica reveals herself to Liz that she is an angel, that God loves her, and reminds her to speak the truth in love. Liz realizes that she has been using the "truth" for harm rather than for good. Liz finds Ray and apologizes, rehiring him to be a reporter in training. Liz tearfully admits to Lauren that in her desire to protect and prepare her little sister, she failed to be the one thing Lauren really needed, a friend. Lauren forgives Liz and the sisters make amends.moreless
    • The Peacemaker
      The Peacemaker
      Season 5 - Episode 10
      As a part of his application to New York University, 17 year-old Mark Tanner videotapes the morning coffee ritual that his parents, Scott and Michelle, began during his recovery from a recent drug addiction. Although all appears well, Andrew warns Tess and Monica not to waste any time with this case. Scott arrives at the police precinct where he is a hostage negotiator to meet his new partner, Monica and invites her to dinner. When Scott is paged by the precinct dinner, Michelle lashes out, blaming Scott for always choosing his work over his family. Later, as Michelle rifles through her "Memory Box," Mark enters. She shows him the wrist watch Scott gave her for their first anniversary but adds that he meant to have it engraved. When Mark asks if they are going to be okay after he goes off to college, she reassures him but her face registers doubt. As she exits, Mark finds divorce papers in the memory box and becomes angry with his mother. Later, while painting a portrait of her most recent client, Tess, Michelle confides that she had considered divorce earlier in her marriage and had not gotten rid of the divorce papers. Tess urges her to do so and she returns to the memory box to find that the watch she had shown Mark is now gone. Beginning to suspect that Mark may have stolen the watch to pay for drugs, her suspicions are further compounded when she interrupts him while he has a secretive phone conversation. Michelle then calls Scott to discuss her fears but he is interrupted by a hostage situation at a bank robbery. When the robbery is over, it is learned that Mark was killed by the robbery while trying to withdrawal money from his college fund. Desolate after losing their son, Scott and Michelle blame each other. With a message from a man named Ivan is found on Mark's answering machine, both Scott and Michelle are convinced the person was Mark's drug dealer and both became obsessed with finding the man while deciding to get a divorce. Tess and Monica then intervene by showing Scott and Michelle the videotape Mark had made and it turns out to be a plea for them to work out their problems. Andrew then arrives with Ivan who is not a drug dealer but rather a video editor. Mark had taken his parents home videos to Ivan to have them edited together to show them how much love they truly have for one another. Now understanding the error of their ways, Scott and Michelle vow to stay together.moreless
    • Beautiful Dreamer
      Beautiful Dreamer
      Season 5 - Episode 6
      Tess substitutes at a Washington D.C. and asks the students what they want to be when they grow up. One of the children, Calvin, tells the class he wants to be an assassin. Tells tells Calvin that being an assassin is nothing to be proud of and to prove it Tess tells the class the story of John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln. On April 14, 1865 Sam and Andrew arrive in post-Civil War Washington. Sam tells Andrew, then a caseworker, of his next assignment, Mr. Booth. Andrew meets Booth backstage at Ford's Theater, where stagehands are busily preparing for the evening's play. At the White House, Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary make plans to attend the play. Monica, currently working in Annunciations, arrives as Mrs. Lincoln's seamstress. While Monica fits her dress, Mrs. Lincoln confides in Monica her worry for her husband's health, especially in light of a recent dream the President has had. That afternoon Andrew approaches Booth in a saloon outside the theatre, and after a political discussion, comes to realize the depth of Booth's hatred for Lincoln. Andrew realizes Booth plans to kill the President. Meanwhile, Monica speaks to the President about his dream. Lincoln realizes that Monica is an angel and he tells her of the dream, in which he sees his corpse laying in the White House. Monica comforts Lincoln, and assures him that lies ahead, his work will be continued. The Lincoln's go to the theater. Booth, having a few drinks before the show, is delighted to learn that Lincoln's bodyguard is also in the saloon. Andrew struggles over stopping Booth from killing Lincoln, but Sam tells him they cannot interfere with a human's free will. Booth shoots Lincoln and fleas the theater. Later Andrew appears to Booth in the barn he is using as a hideout, revealing himself to be an angel, and tells Booth that he did not act according to God's will, but that God offers Booth forgiveness. Booth is shot by a soldier and dies, unable to ask God for forgiveness. Andrew reports back to Sam, who informs him that God has a new job for him. God wants Andrew to be An Angel of Death, and his first assignment is to escort Lincoln home. Back in the present-day, Tess takes a young Calvin to the Lincoln Memorial, where he admits what he really wants to be when he grows up, the President of the United States.moreless
    • When Sunny Gets Blue
      When Sunny Gets Blue
      Season 8 - Episode 9
      Mike is a young man trying to discover the truth about his father. All that his mother, Allison, ever told him was that he was a lawyer and that he left. She refuses to tell him anything more, and gets upset when Mike announces his transfer to a building site near her parking enforcement patrol. She encourages him to quit the job and go to college and stop listening to all that jazz. Mike just smiles and shakes his head. Later on at the construction site, Monica shows up as a building inspector and asks Andrew, the foreman, for some building permits. He doesn't have them, but assures her that they have been pulled. Monica suggests that they use the internet coffee house to check online. Andrew sends Mike to help her. On their way into the coffee shop they pass by Gloria who is selling record albums from a sidewalk booth. Inside, Monica shows him how to find things on the net. He asks can she find people? Monica doesn't see why not, so she begins a search for a lawyer named Simon K. Miller, Mike's father. Mike goes outside to look at Gloria's records, then Monica comes with bad news, she can't find Simon K. Miller. Tess, also looking at the records, asks Gloria where she saw that name. Then she remembers and produces an old jazz album featuring Simon K. and the Chattanooga Express. Mike is amazed and goes inside to play the record on the Juke Box. Once the record gets going, a local homeless man comes in and grabs it, saying it's his record. It's him. Mike has found his father, but Simon gets scared and runs. When confronted, Allison admits that Simon was a musician, but she says that that is why she left them. Mike tries to track him down, but soon discovers that not only is Simon homeless, but he's also suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. He finds Simon and takes him home, much to Allison's agitation. Simon refuses to take his medicine, and in the midst of one of his hallucinations, sets fire to Mike's room. He runs. When they finally find him again, it takes the angels to bring him out of his delusion state and into the arms of his family, who will see that he gets the help he needs.moreless
    • The Big Bang
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Monica and Tess find themselves caught in the middle of a bank holdup. Jackson, the arrogant and brilliant stick-up man, holds Monica and a very pregnant Alison hostage, as he forces the president of the bank, Max Chamberlain into the vault. But when an earthquake shakes the building, Monica, Max and Alison are locked in the vault. Jackson insists on freeing them. Alison is his wife. Max was closing the bank, they were about to lose their insurance and desperate Jackson was targeting Max in revenge. Inside the vault, Monica reveals herself to the unborn child in Alison's womb, reassuring him that the world is not to be feared, that God will watch over him. The metaphor stands for the bank as well, when the vault door swings open, Jackson cannot shoot Max as planned, for Max is carrying out Alison, and Monica is carrying out his son. Rescue workers open the bank entrance and the little group within, like thinfant, emerge into the world.moreless
    • Show Me the Way Home
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Monica is assigned to Earl Rowley, a crusty baseball coach. Bitter because his Vietnam War injury prevented him from pursuing a major league career, he pushes his high school players hard, especially Peter Enloe, the star player whose own father died. Earl is less than thrilled to have a female assistant coach but is told that Monica was the only substitute teacher who had a strong credentials in both history and baseball. Tess, in the meantime, accepts a position working in a sports bar run by Peter's mother, Laura. A few days before a crucial game, Earl appoints the young man team captain and tells him a college scout will be watching the game to see if Peter is worthy of a baseball scholarship. However, the coach also expects Peter to lead the team with his authoritarian leadership style. Prompted by Monica's history lesson that sometimes a person must stand up to a bully, the team captain takes a stand against Earl, which results in a fist fight and Peter's suspension from the team. While walking away, the coach collapses on the field and is rushed to the hospital. There Monica learns from Adam, that Earl is dying from pancreatic cancer. As he confides in Monica that the one time he let his guard down, a Vietnamese soldier shot him, he remembers that she was the one who saved him during the heat of the battle. He laments being spared since his life didn't turn out the wayhe had planned; she chides him for failing to take advantage of the numerous opportunities he had to positively influence their lives of his students. Although Monica reinstates Peter on the team, Laura realizes that what her son really needs is Earl's approval. She visits the coach in the hospital, to talk about Peter and is followed by Monica. But while the angel states her case, Earl's life signs diminish and Adam appears to escort him to the hereafter. Monica prays for him to have a second chance, a request that is granted. During the big game, the team is three down with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning. Peter is on the verge of striking out when Earl appears and loans him the wooden bat his own father gave him. The teen hits a home run, winning the game and the scholarship. Afterwards, Adam arrives to take Earl, who requested that Monica hold his hand as they walk into the light.moreless
    • The Sky Is Falling
      The Sky Is Falling
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      On Halloween, renowned author Leonard Pound is grief stricken regarding his wife, Grace's recent death. His son, Allan has hired Monica to attend the widower, who has lost the will to live. To help him, the angel prompts Leonard to revisit a pivotal event in his life, October 30, 1938, the night of Orson Welle's radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds, and the night Monica and Tess met. Dressed in his Buck Rogers costume, young Leonard gathered wit his family around the radio. His father, Tom, a state trooper, left the house to investigate the flaming object the reportedly fell in nearby Grover's Mill. As the broadcast continued, listeners began to fret, thinking it was the end of the world. Panic spread into the streets and the Pound family, along with others, sought shelter in a church. There Leonard literally bumped into Penny, a girl in a angel costume. Concerned about his father, he snuck outside and started searching. Back inside the church, Tess tried to calm the people, but a glowing Monica appeared, announcing "Fear Not!" and panic ensued. Tess read Monica the "riot act" and told her to find some animals she could help. As the people scattered into the moonlight, Leonard again encountered Penny, who had a flashlight. the two of them set off to explore. Tess then received a visit from Dottie, the angel of etiquette, and learned God had big plans for Monica and herself. Meanwhile, after getting lost, Leonard and Penny spotted a police car. unfortunately, the state trooper inside was Andrew, who had bad news for the boy, his father has died in a car accident. Distraught, Leonard ran off into the night. Tess encouraged Monica to reveal herself to the lad, but he rejected her message. Penny, however, found and comforted her friend. Back in the present, Monica realizes Grace was actually Penny grown up. The angel tells Leonard her inability to help him back then prompted his relationship with his future wife. Now Monica can help console him after Grace's death because "sometimes, all an angel can do is cry with you.moreless
    • Fear Not!
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      A small town church is putting on its Christmas pageant, and little Serena desperately wants to be the angel. Her slightly retarded friend Joey, must come to terms with the fact that Serena is dying of a heart condition. Joey is pathologically afraid of the dark--his parents went out into the night and never came back. Since then, his older brother Wayne has been his caregiver, and resented it. Monica reveals herself to Wayne, but he holds God responsible for his lousy life. When Serena dies the night of the pageant, Joey is led to the church by a bright star. Wayne is there, too. Monica takes Serena's place as the angel in the pageant. When the rope supporting her breaks, Monica rises with glory and power and the entire congregation is awed by her angelic revelation and message: "Fear Not."moreless
    • Family Business
      Family Business
      Season 5 - Episode 17
      On their 35th wedding anniversary, Ben and Sylvia Mangione, owners of a car dealership, host a huge sale. Monica and Tess are on hand to help the Mangione family, and Phil the angel of reconciliation, will assist them, if the perennially late angel ever arrives. Mangione Auto World is a family business, with daughters Ellen and Dee Dee and Ellen's husband Frankie all working there. But one of the children, Buddy, moved to California several years ago, refusing to take over the family business, much to Ben's chagrin. During the sale, Buddy calls to say he is returning for the anniversary with a big announcement to make. Frank is upset that Buddy is turning because he thinks it may spoil his chances for taking over the dealership. Indeed, Ben hopes Buddy is returning to tale over the dealership. At the anniversary party Tess plays with the band, filling in for the still tardy Phil, while Monica caters the event. Soon, however, the police show up to let the family know that Buddy has been killed in a car accident. Ben and Frank are called to identify the body, but since the corpse has been badly burned, they identify his personal effects. Rather than grieve, the family argues over Buddy's funeral arrangements. Ben insists on returning to work, where he meets Sharon, a young woman claiming to be Buddy's wife. The family thinks this must be Buddy's surprise, but is upset when Sharon wants to have the body cremated. Monica helps them strike a bargain. Buddy will be buried if Sharon performs the eulogy at the service. Meanwhile, Andrew finds Phil and offers to give him a lift into town. They are further detained when the car overheats, but are offered help by a hitchhiker who is eagerly to get to town. They offer him a lift. At the funeral, Sharon delivers the eulogy, recalling a touching memory about how Buddy saved the life of a beached whale. Before she can finish, though, the hitchhiker arrives. It's Buddy! The family is shocked to see him alive and he explains how his car was stolen and he had to hitchhike into town. Rather than rejoice that his son is alive, Ben wants to know if Buddy is ready to take over the family business. buddy says 'no,' and a furious Ben returns to the dealership where Monica is waiting for him. Monica reveals herself that she is an angel and takes him back to the funeral parlor where she finishes the eulogy. The eulogy reveals that Buddy has cancer and will soon die. Phil finally arrives to tell a shocked Ben that God wants him to stop keeping such a tight hold on his family. Phil points out that many fathers wish they could have the gift that Ben has, the chance to spend one more hour with his son, to tell him all of the things he wished he had said when he was alive. Buddy arrives at the funeral parlor, and Ben embraces his son, asking for forgiveness and expressing his love.moreless
    • The Spirit of Liberty Moon (2)
      The Spirit of Liberty Moon (2)
      Season 4 - Episode 27
      Tess plants some seeds of courage in George, he helps Alex, Edward and Jean to infiltrate a "re-education through labor" camp under the the guise that they will use the factory being constructed to manufacture Tanner Toys. Jean recognizes a sickly worker at the camp as her husband, Gus. After a bittersweet reunion, Jean and the others quickly leave the camp when a guard becomes suspicious of their presence. Alex is angered to learn of the risks Edward has taken with the business and attempts to fire Monica, but is overruled by Edward. They later read a newspaper of Gus's death in prison and his "renouncement" of his actions in Tiananmen Square. As Jean resolves to speak out against the lies, soldiers move into their hotel, spot Jean and give chase. Later, Edward and Monica meet Jean in a busy street and offer to help her. As they walk away together, a soldier hands them a leaflet depicting a wanted criminal, it's a photo of Jean from her Tinanamen Square days. They go to meet George and ask about Jean's daughter, Piao Yue. Ashamed, he tells them that he took Piao Yue to a family in the south who would look after her until his return. He further explains that there was a terrible flood and that he no longer knows what happened to Piao Yue. He explains that he named his company "Liberty Moon" with the hope that they would one day be united. Believing she has nothing left to lose, Jean goes back to Tiananmen Square to openly tell the people who she is and the truth about what happened to her husband. As the police arrest her, she looks up at the sky and notices a kite with the Liberty Moon symbol on it. She follows the string of people down to a group of young girls, but cannot make contact with her daughter before she is taken away. Edward, desperate to help Jean, goes to George who explains the judicial process to him, Jean will be convicted and sentenced very quickly, and some "accidental" death in prison will soon follow. Seeing that there is nothing left for them in China, Alex leaves for home and apologizes to Edward for his behavior. Monica reveals herself as an angel to Jean and physically shields Jean when she is attacked by fellow prisoners, taking the painful blows herself. The prisoners are frightened by the miracle, Jean is unharmed after the beating, but the guards are furious and they take Jean to the top of a staircase and throw her down where she dies in Monica's arms. Monica promises Jean that she will tell her daughter the truth about her mother. Monica reveals herself to Edward and tells him of Jean's death. He goes to George and together they use Tess' "portable kite" with a Liberty Moon symbol painted on it to find Piao Yue. George then uses his influence to adopt Piao Yue and Edward promises that she can live with him in Maine every summer. As Edwards plane flies over New York, he looks out the window to see the Statue of Liberty. He breaks down and cries.moreless
    • The Princeless Bride
      The Princeless Bride
      Season 8 - Episode 16
      Liz and Jonas are in love, it's the day before their wedding and everything is perfect. The on;y thing that could go wrong is an act of nature. And the only thing that can make it right will be an Act of God. The wedding is to be held at the Peery Hotel in Washington D.C., the very spot that Jonas and Liz met. Liz arrives in a great mood only to be met with a new staff, a loitering homeless man, and an unwanted guest, Aunt Meg. All of this she can handle, just as long as Jonas makes his flight into town. Unfortunately Jonas decides to squeeze in one last meeting, and must take a later flight. Even more unfortunately, all later flights are canceled as a monster blizzard sweeps across the eastern seaborn. Forced to seek alternate transportation, Jonas catches a ride from a helpful cabbie, Andrew. Back at the hotel, Liz is shatteres as she receives phone call after phone call from guests unable to make it to town. Her wedding is ruined, her parents won't be there, the groom may not be there, and Aunt Meg is. She is so upset, that the gets into a fight with Jonas on the phone, causing him to call off the wedding, and asks Andrew to take him back to New York. Liz breaks down at Jonas's decision not to show and tells Monica, Gloria and Tess about the wedding she always wanted, and how she'll never get it. Later that evening, the angels show up at Liz's door to throw the pre-wedding slumber party she wanted to have. Around the same time, Jonas wakes up in the cab to find that Andrew drove him to the hotel despite his request to the contrary. Angry at the interference, he storms out of the cab and into the blizzard. He quickly gets lost, and is forced to call another cab. As soon as he's made the call, his cell phone rings, it's Liz. She tries to apologize Jonas is forced to cut the call short when he is held up at gun-point. Andrew and a homeless man(sent by Tess)help Jonas to his feet, replace his stolen clothes and help him back in the hotel. Tess has spent most of the day and the evening bringing the homeless off the street and into the boiler room of the hotel. The next day, the wedding banquet is prepared yet none of the guests have arrived. Monica tells Liz that just because things aren't turning out the way she expected, doesn't mean they won't turn out well. At Monica's prompting, she invites all of the homeless people to attend the wedding banquet. Making the most of the disastroous wedding, she sees that all of her new guests are well fed and entertained. Jonas watches from the hallway, dresses as a vagrant. He falls in love with her all over again, but can't bring himself to go inside. Liz comes out of the banquet while his back is turned, she mistakes him for another homeless person, and invites him to have the last plate of food, the one she was saving for Jonas. He turns around, revealing his identity, and they express their love for one another and decide to get married.moreless
    • Heaven's Portal
      Season 8 - Episode 8
      Nick Albright is having difficult time adjusting to the changes in his family. His dad's business is going under, his parents are splitting up, and on top of that it looks like there may not even be a Thanksgiving. It is all of this and Nick's curiousity that lead him to make a terrible decision. After an attempt at family counseling with Monica, a failed reunion between his parents, and the constant babysitting of Gloria, Nick plans to sneak out. He wants to find the peace, love, unity, and respect that is missing from his home life, at a Thanksgiving Rave called Heavan's Portal. Gloria is not about to let him go, but as she can't seem to stop him, she decides to go along instead. At the rave, they meet Celestine and Grover, a couple of ravers who tell them about how "we're all family". Inside, they dance to the techno beat and are offered ecstasy, a drug that will bring them closer to God. Nick is eager to try it, and Gloria is intrigued with the idea of "prayer in pillform". Having both taken pills, their high starts out well, but soon they are freaking out. When Monica and Jessica arrive looking for them, the juvenile and angel delinquents run. They get into Nick's car and speed away. Eventually they're cornered at a cliff overlooking the sunrise. Nick decides that he wants to drive off the edge, but Gloria pushes him out of the car at the last minute. As Gloria plummets to what Nick believes to be her death, Monica reveals herself to Nick and his parents. She says that Gloria is fine. She also tells them that the secret of a strong family is the simple act of loving and believing in each other.moreless
    • Forever Young
      Season 8 - Episode 22
      One year ago the Costello's were a happy family. Now, Don is losing his touch at work, his wife Stacey is wandering to the park at all hours of the day, and their son Justin has been suspended from school pending therapy. The root of the problem is the murder of Kimmie, their daughter and Justin's sister. Stacey shows up at one of Don's moivational speeches so they can drop Justin off at the office of his new therapist, Gloria. Don agrees and apologizes to Monica, the coompany evaluator, saying that he will meet with her later at his home office. At the therapy session, Gloria tries to discover the reason for Justin's fights at school, but he refuses to answer her questions. Later on, Monica tells Don of the negative feedback that he's been getting from his audiences. It seems that no one appreciates the mention of his dead daughter, it makes them feel manipulated. Before he can respond, Justin enters, telling him that his mom never came to get him at. Monica offers to cintinue the next day, and sees herself out. In the park, Stacey sits on the swings, reliving memories of times spent there with Kimmie. She is so engrossed, that hours slip by without her noticing. While Monica and Gloria ponder their assignments, Tess begins tracking down a number of people to help the Costello's come to grips with Kimmie's death. The following day, Monica returns to apologize to Don about her previous comments. She tells him that she only wants to help and that she thinks he's letting Kimmie's death overrun his life. During a second therapy session Gloria finally gets Justin to talk. He admits that Kimmie is dead because if him, and Justin tarfully admits that he told Kimmie's ex-boyfriend where she was the day that he killed her. Don assures him that it's not his fault, that Blake was sick and that he would have found her anyway. Stacey loses touch with reality, says that Kimmie is fine, and leaves to go find her. At the park Andrew confronts her with the truth. He then brings her to Robintino's, the Italian restautant the family went to regularly when Kimmie was alive. Inside they are having private party, which she is told is for her. Justin and Don are already there with their angels. And so are a number of other people that non of them recognize. These are the people that Tess found, the people who's lives Kimmie touched. They stand up one by one and tell how their lives, or the lives of someone they love where saved by Kimmie. Kimmie was an organ donor, and her memory lives on in the hearts of everyone present.moreless
    • Monica's Bad Day
      Season 6 - Episode 23
      Late one night in New York City, a desperate Monica hails a cab and demands that Merl, the driver, take her to the Queensborough Bridge, she says if she doesn't reach the bridge by 10 pm, someone will die. Flynn Hodge, the proprietor of Flynn's Bar and Grill also hops in the cab, claiming Monica hasn't paid her dinner bill. Tess and Andrew watch from the curb, noting that Monica is having a really bad day. in the cab, Monica tells the man that she is an angel and that they think she is crazy. Monica reminds Flynn that it was something he did earlier in the day that led to this desperate situation. Flashback to that morning, Flynn rushes to the bank to appeal a foreclosure on his restaurant. Due to Monica's poor parallel parking job, Flynn misses his meeting and, despite Monica's apologies, he yells at her. Tess counsels Monica to forgive Flynn right then rather than harbor her own anger and take it out on someone else. Meanwhile, Andrew counsels Simon to meet his estranged son Russell at Flynn's Restaurant. Later, while Tess and Monica eat lunch at Flynn's Monica, still in a foul mood, drops Flynn's cells phone in the fish tank to cease it's annoying beeping. As a result Flynn misses an important call from the bank. Flynn then yells at Ronnie, the dishwasher, who spends his spare time searching for his missing brother. The cycle continues as Ronnie yells at the waitress, who yells at the bartender, who yells at the customers, including Simon and Russell, who refuse to reconcile. Flynn is also rude to Wendy, a lone customer who leaves the restaurant shortly after she arrives. Ultimately, the bank loan officer visits the restaurant and finds the customers and staff to be so unfriendly to the he refuses to reverse the foreclosure. Believing that all is lost, Flynn rants at Monica who is overwhelmed that she faints. While she recovers, Tess allows Monica to see what would have happened to all these people has she not given in to her anger. In this fantasy, Flynn receives the call from the bank and arranges for an extension on the foreclosure. He is so happy he decides to promote Ronnie. The good mood infects the restaurant and Simon and Russell begin to reconcile. Flynn chats with Wendy, and as they share their stories, Wendy reveals her depression over the death of her husband that she had planned to jump off the Queensborough Bridge at 10 pm. After seeing what could have been, Monica understands that Wendy has gone to the bridge because Flynn was not able to comfort her. As it nears 10 pm, the cab arrives at the bridge and Monica and Flynn find Wendy about to jump. Monica reveals to Wendy that she is an angel and apologizes to her for her role in the chain of events, reminding her of God's love. Flynn also apologizes for being rude to Wendy. On the way back to the restaurant, Flynn recognizes Ronnie's missing brother and reunites the two. Andrew persuades Simon to reconcile with Russell. When Flynn announces a celebration to close the restaurant, Wendy offers to help financially. Finally, the angels rejoice at God's ability to put right what went wrong.moreless
    • The Christmas Gift
      The Christmas Gift
      Season 6 - Episode 10
      Robert and Brianna return to their impoverished hometown of East St. Louis for the Thanksgiving holiday. This tradition annoys Brianna, who worked hard to leave this city behind, and wishes that Robert's widowed mother LaBelle would come to their safe and wealthy neighborhood instead. Monica and Tess watch unseen as Robert welcomes in the season with a beautiful carol played on his treasured trumpet. When a local homeless man named Gabe is drawn to the music, LaBelle welcomes him in for dinner, much to Brianna's chagrin. LaBelle tells Brianna that she is happy in East St. Louis, where she knows her neighbors and volunteers at the soup kitchen. After the holiday, Robert and Brianna work hard to afford their home by selling water filters. Though money is very tight, Robert buys LaBelle a cell phone for safety reasons. She calls him late one night to tell him that a vandal has broken a window in her home, so Robert promptly leaves for East St. Louis. Hours later, Andrew, a policeman, arrives at Brianna's door to inform her that Robert was killed while being car jacked, just a mile down the road. After Robert's funeral, a few people come by to pay their respects, including Tess, Monica and Andrew. The angels offer to help LaBelle and Brianna any way they can, and encourage them to stay close through this hard time. Though finances are dwindling, Brianna is too proud to ask LaBelle for help and instead sells most of her possessions at a yard sale. The sale does not yield enough money to keep the house, however, so Brianna moves into a motel. Monica finally convinces Brianna to go to LaBelle for help, Brianna agrees to temporarily move back to East St. Louis. The new living situation grates on both women who blame each other for Robert's death. In her anger, Brianna smashes Labelle's cell phone, the last gift that Robert gave her. Trying to make amends, Brianna pawns Roberts' trumpet for a new cell phone. This makes LaBelle furious, as she treasures Robert's trumpet more than any of his other possessions. Brianna vows to get the trumpet back and leave LaBelle forever, but finds that the trumpet has already been sold. Tess calms LaBelle, reminding her that a large part of Robert lives on in Brianna. Monica reveals herself as an angel, and tells a desperate Brianna that God loves her. As the woman reconcile on Christmas Eve, Gabe is revealed as none other that the angel Gabriel. Gabriel has an annunciation, Brianna is pregnant! Both women weep with joy as Gabriel plays "Away In A Manger" Robert rescued trumpet.moreless
    • It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
      It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      When Joey breaks the Christmas angel while he and Wayne decorate the Christmas tree, Wayne leaves him alone to monitor the turkey while he goes out into the snow to buy a new angel. As the storm causes the lights to go out, Monica arrives to console Joey by telling him the story of the Christmas she spent with Mark Twain in 1909. Monica begins, explaining how Twain returned on Christmas eve after a long absence to find his beloved daughter Jean, his housekeeper Katy Leary, a townswoman, Mrs. Allen with her daughter Helen. Immediately prior to Twain's arrival, Jean shows the others her Christmas gift to her father, a copy of a lost verse from her father's favorite Longfellow poem. When he arrives, Jean hurriedly hides the scroll on the tree. Mrs. Allen and her daughter Helen then leave, Twain comments that such sweetness is the stuff of Heaven. Twain reflects on the deaths of his wife, daughter and infant son and says he is too old to be cheered up. Back in the present, Edna arrives to use Joey's phone but the lines are dead. As Wayne's truck swerves off the road, Monica resumes the story with the death of Jean on Christmas Eve. While attempting to console Mr. Twain, Monica is lambasted and told to leave. In the present, Tess arrives with the sheriff who tells Joey that they found Wayne's truck but not Wayne and Joey becomes more worried. Shortly thereafter, Andrew enters and Monica continues the story. Monica is sent back to Twain by God and prays for help. At that very moment Sam arrives and approaches Twain but is soon thrown out as he topples the tree. As Joey sits listening to the story, he is now convinced that Wayne is dead and topples his own tree. Monica then manages to calm Joey down for long enough to hear the end of her story. She continues with the young girl, Helen returning to present the scroll that was to be Jean's surprise gift. As Helen finishes reading the known verse, Twain reads the lost verse. "God is not dead, nor doth he sleep. The wrong shall fail, the right prevail. With peace on earth goodwill to men. This restores Twain's faith and, in the present, Joey echoes his sentiment singing "Peace on Earth." As Joey sings, Wayne arrives and all join in and sing around the restored Christmas tree.moreless
    • How Do You Spell Faith?
      How Do You Spell Faith?
      Season 4 - Episode 20
      Monica and Tess arrive in the life of a single mother, Mary, to help her reconcile her relationship with her son Aaron. Herself a former athlete, Mary relates to her eldest son Michael, who is the star wrestler of Olympus High School. Aaron, on the contrary, is more cerebral and spends the majority of his time spelling out words to hide the pain he feels for not having a father and not being closer to his mother. While the entire school supports Michael's wrestling efforts, Aaron is ignored by virtually everyone except his brother, who has become something of a father to him. When Tess encourages Aaron to take the test to qualify for the Midwest Regional Spelling Bee, Aaron reluctantly agrees and Michael is quick to support him. When Michael is killed on route to a wrestling competition, Mary is less able to relate to Aaron and her distance causes him to leave home in search of his father. Following the address on letters from his father that were given to him by Michael, Aaron goes to Minnesota. Once there, Aaron meets Andrew who is acting as a cab driver. When Andrew and Aaron arrive at his father's address, they find only an empty parking lot. Looking closely at the postmarks on the letters, he realizes that his brother had been sending him the letters and that his father doesn't really care about him. Andrew convinces Aaron to return to his mother but they are still separated by their different personalities. Tess tells Mary that although she and Aaron have differing abilities, what he needs is her love. Mary tries to tell Aaron how proud she is of him but Aaron is unwilling to open the door to his mother. Andrew reveals himself to Aaron and tries to make him understand how much his mother loves him. Andrew encourages Aaron to turn to God who will never desert him like his father did. Finally understanding how much he is loved, Aaron reconciles with his mother and showcases his spelling talent by winning the Midwest Regional Spelling Bee.moreless
    • For All The Tea in China
      Season 8 - Episode 21
      Sarah and James Berrington are unable to conceive a child. They have tried everything, including in-vetro fertilization. Nothing works. When their final pregnancy test comes out negative, Sarah weeps, devastated. On the other side of the world, a Chinese woman staggers down a dark road with a small bundle in her arms. Finally she comes to the gate of a building and lays her bundled baby against it. As snow starts to fall, and the woman walks away from her child, she cries out in anguish. Back at the gate, Gloria cuddles the baby in her arms, waiting for morning. In New York, at the home they share with his grandmother, Lady Penelope Berrington, James and his wife consider adoption. Though they that Penelope will react poorly to decision, they decide to visit an adoption counselor. Everything seems to be in order, but they will need to be evaluated in home by a case worker. They take a series of pamphlets about adopting from various corners of the globe and return home to look them over. Penelope is not thrilled about ending her noble bloodline with an adoption, but she realizes that this may be the only way for Sarah and James to have a child. She gives her consent, and after they are gone she looks at the pamphlets. She freezes on the pamphlet about adopting from China, and tosses it into the fire. When Tess, the adoption case worker, arrives, Penelope gets stand-offish and makes a scene which may hamper their chances of being approved. James confronts her about it, but she holds her ground. Back in China, Gloria watches over the baby, Rose, as she is admitted into the orphanage by a kind matron. Gloria tells Rose of the parents that are waiting for her in America. But the adoption may never happen. Tess returns to tell Penelope that the adoption was not approved, and that she is to blame. She gives Penelope the opportunity to tell James and Sarah. She admits to them that she has been lying about her identity all these years, that she is not a noblewoman, that she started her tea coompany with a stolen name and when it became a success, she used it. She tells them about her upbringing in China, where she lived with her missionary parents. She tells how she and a friend, Li Na, were seperated from her parents during an evacuation, and how she never saw them again, returning to England on her own. When the truth is out and accepted, Tess clears the adoption and they head to China to meet Rose, and allow Penelope to come to terms with her past. At the orphanage, the family is finally formed, and another miracle takes place. Though Penelope will never be reunited with her parents, she discovers that the Matron that runs the orphanage is actually her childhood friend Li Na.moreless
    • Band of Angels
      Band of Angels
      Season 7 - Episode 20
      17 year-old Alex Wilson breaks into the music store where he works to steal a guitar, not counting on the fact that his boss and mentor, famed Blues musician Henry Baldwin, would be working late that night. Armed with a gun, Henry goes into the darkened store to confront the intruder. Henry is shocked to find Alex there and goes to call the police when Alex tries to stop him. There's a struggle for the gun and Henry is fatally wounded. Alex is arrested, found guilty and remanded to the local juvenile detention center until sentencing. Monica works at the detention center supervising a group of six boys, including Alex. In a show of false bravado, Alex makes it known that he's serving time for murder. Ronald (the angel from records and permanent files) suggests to Monica that perhaps the boys need to find some common ground. The next day, Tess surprises Alex with some strawberry pancakes for his birthday, and when everyone joins to sing "Happy Birthday," they stumble onto some untapped potential. Andrew accompanies Alex to his sentencing hearing where he calls Alex's high school counselor, who testifies to the important role Henry played in Alex's life. But Alex's fate takes a turn for the worse when Henrys' daughter Olivia takes the stand. She tearfully recounts how her father had a lot more love and music to share and that Alex is a murderer who should be made to pay. The judge sentences Alex to 25 years without the possibility of parole. Alex returns to the detention center feeling hopeless, and Monica asks if there's something he'd like to do in the remaining time before he's transferred to the penitentiary. Alex admits he'd like to hear his music performed before an audience. Alex asks the guys if they'd be willing to sing his song. They're reluctant, but eventually agree to give it a harmony, Ronald locates a venue for them to perform. Tess smoothes things over with the juvenile center administrator, who grudgingly allows them to attend the "open mike" night under their supervision. The boys perform Alex's song to an enthusiastic response, but Alex escapes before the song is over, the performance is interrupted and the boys are sent back to the detention center, where Ronald reveals himself as an angel and tells them that God loves them and forgives them. Monica finds Alex hiding out in the now abandoned music store where it all began. Monica shows Alex that Henry had intended to give him the guitar as a birthday present. Monica reveals herself as an angel, and that she was sent in answer to Henry's prayer. She reminds Alex that God loves him and that he still has a future, even if it's behind bars and that it's time to turn his future over to God. Alex returns to the detention center and apologizes to the guys. He asks them for one last favor, to honor Henry's memory. As Alex is transferred to prison, the guys restore Henry's music store with the angel's help, to be reopened as a youth center.moreless
    • Elijah
      Season 4 - Episode 24
      Jacob Weiss, a bitter slum lord, is sentenced to spend two weeks in one of his own tenements and the angels arrive to help him understand the error of his ways. As the code enforcement officer, Monica quickly educates Jake on the changes that will need to be made but he is intent on trying to go around the law, offering her a bribe. He then continues to try any legal of avoiding his punishment until his mother and son urge him to come to Passover dinner which coincidentally falls on the eve when his incarceration is to begin. He then approaches the judge and makes a religious plea. Unfortunately for Jake, the judge attends the very synagogue where he claims to be devout and, having never seen Jake there, firmly refuses. Jacob then attempts to hide from the police at his mother's house but is picked up in the midst of the Passover meal. Tess meets Jake as he arrives for his internment and places an ankle monitor on his leg to ensure that he does not leave. Jake then settles in to the abysmal conditions of his own tenement and meets a saavy neighborhood kid, Tyler, who arranges to bring him the things he needs in exchange for money. Jake then begins to hear a haunting song, and starts to remember where all his troubles began with the death of his father. In a rare moment of sentiment, Jake then calls his son Michael but is quickly interrupted by a fire in his apartment. With Monica's help, Jake extinguishes the fire but is forced to move to the only other vacant apartment, that which he lived in when his father was alive. Once there, Andrew appears, telling Jake he is there to help him remember. Jake then dreams back to the day his father died and to his even more desperate to escape the pain of his own memories, he offers Tyler some money to find someone who can remove his ankle monitor. Jake calls his wife from whom he is separated to ask for the money, but she steadfastly refuses. His son, Michael, overhears his mother and brings his father his Barmitzvah money. While Jake is being robbed of the money by the supposed remover, Michael is shot. Unable to get help from the neighbors he has abused, Jake listens to Monica and follows his pious father's example. He smears the blood of his son on his door and sings the song of "Elijah" while Tess sings "Go Down Moses" as Andrew, the Angel of Death, passes over the house.moreless
    • Most Likely To Succeed
      Most Likely To Succeed
      Season 8 - Episode 7

      Dennis Loggins is a young multi-billionaire. He's become a success, he's gotten in shape, he's spent years improving himself, and he's done it all for the love of a good woman. Or so he tells himself. The fact is that Dennis has engineered this facade of confidence and importance solely as a means for revenge. In high school Dennis was a nerd with a crush on the head cheerleader, Melissa. Due to her kindness and attention, Dennis's crush transformed into unrequited love. To make matters worse, he was constantly tormented and humiliated by Ricky, Melissa's boyfriend. On one memorable occasion, Ricky tricked Dennis into admitting his love for Melissa over a live microphone at the football game. Dennis never got over the humiliation, despite Melissa's assurance that he needn't worry. Now years later, Dennis is a success, and is eager to return Ricky's slights ten-fold. He hires Gloria on as an assistant specifically to find out what football team Ricky is playing for, and to help Dennis replan the ten-year high school reunion. Moving the gathering to a much more glamorous location, and bringing Gloria as his "date", Dennis waits eagerly for the payoff of his plans. He has bought the football team that Ricky plays for, and has arranged for a phone call to be made a minute before the crowning of the King and Queen of the reunion, to tell Ricky that he's fired. When Ricky arrives, it's obvious that he's changed. He apologizes to Dennis for the grief he gave him in high school, and congratulates him on his success. Dennis is nonplussed, but is so wrapped up in the pending arrival of Melissa, that he all but ignores the change in Ricky. When Melissa shows up it's more than obvious that she too is different. She's dying of cancer. Dennis is blown away, he stands with his jaw hanging open as Ricky hurries to Melissa's side and lovingly leads her through the gathering. Dennis goes over to her and they talk for a while, she tells him how her illness has changed Ricky into a warm, caring, compassionate man. Dennis instantly regrets his plotting and scheming, and hurries inside to swip Ricky's cell phone, before the call arrives. He makes it just in time, and Melissa and Ricky take the stage as King and Queen of the reunion. Toby Keith hired by Dennis as part of the night's festivities takes the stage to perform "My List".

    • Two Sides to Every Angel
      Two Sides to Every Angel
      Season 9 - Episode 3
      On their day off, Monica and Gloria hit the road in Tess's Cadillac, looking to "bond". Gloria realizes that while she is a unique and distinctive angel, so is Monica, and as a result they don't always see eye to eye. So the two of them go off together to try to find some common ground. They eventually come upon a rustic cafe, where they meet Doug and Kristie, a young married couple who are about to celebrate their six month anniversary. As they sit and enjoy their coffee, they are interrupted by Sally, the cafe's owner, who says that there is a phone call for Monica. Puzzled, Monica walks down the hall to the phone. But she reappears almost immediately, handing Gloria Tess's car keys, and getting into the car. Gloria is so overjoyed to be given the responsibility, that she doesn't notice that something isn't quite right, that Monica is a little to eager to hand the car over, that maybe this isn't Monica, it's Monique, a demon disguised as an angel. But Gloria doesn't know about her, and so she drives off with the demon. By the time Monica realizes what has happened, they're already gone, and Tess tells her that Gloria must face this demon on her own. Later that evening at the Black Boot, a local cowboy bar, Monique stil pretending to be Monica, leads Gloria to believe that they are on assignment. She uses a demonic trick to take over as a waitress, and cause some trouble. Doug and Kristie are there, finally celebrating, but their joyous occasion is cut short by the arrival of Doug's ex, Ashlee, who sends a couple of drinks over. Monique is only too eager to bring them over, and when Doug tries to send them back, she makes him deal with it himself. Upset, Kristie heads to the ladies room. While she's gone, Monique gets Doug and Ashlee talking, and when Kristie returns, makes it seem as though Doug is more interested in his ex. Monique tells Kristie to fight fire with fire, and gets her to dance with a red-booted cowboy. Then, using Gloria as a distraction, she makes both couples think that the other one has left. When Doug and Ashlee actually leave, and the cowboy is trying to get Kristie to leave with him, Gloria attempts a revelation. But without having spent time with Kristie, without Monica and Tess to support her, and with Monique's interference, Gloria can't even manage a faint glow. She fails, and Monique tells her that this means God doesn't love her anymore. Kristie leaves with the cowboy, and Gloria is devastated. Monique, in the guise of Monica, offers comfort, but in doing so tips her hand. She says things that Monica would never say, and Gloria realizes what she really is. When she does this, the real Monica arrives, and together they banish Monique. They embrace and finally bond, but Gloria still needs to help Kristie, who is in great danger. A ways down the road, the cowboy pulls his truck over and tries to attack Kristie. She manages to get out of the truck and run, but he's hot on her trail, and the only thing keeping her safe is the trees and brush that she hides behind. But soon he catches up with her, and just as she screams for help, Gloria is there. And she does help, this time glowing brightly with God's love, and striking fear into the heart of the wicked cowboy. He runs but it's too late, Andrew is there, and takes him in hand. The cowboy will be going to jail. At last, with revelations to both Doug and Kristie, the marriage is reconciled, and the angels are closer than ever.moreless
    • Remembering Me (2)
      Remembering Me (2)
      Season 9 - Episode 9
      In the town of Joseph Wells, Kevin Greeley plays catch with his foster son, Nathan. He has been Nathan’s guardian for seven years, and is in high spirits, because today, the adoption will be finalized. A couple towns away, Tess sits, unresponsive in her room at the assisted living center. Her Alzheimer’s has progressed, and now she won’t even sing. But when Monica, Gloria and Andrew begin discussing Joseph Wells, Tess perks up a little. Still in her dazed state, she mouths the words “Joseph Wells” over and over again. Later on, when Monica’s frustration has risen, and her fear of never having Tess back the way she was has grown, Gabriel arrives and tells her to go to Joseph Wells to see Kevin Greeley. Monica does as she is told and meets Kevin outside the courthouse where the adoption will be made official. Kevin greets her warmly, but insists he doesn’t need her help. Everything is great. Nathan is going to be his son. Monica is confused, but happy for him, and accompanies him into court. It is there, when the adoption is all but complete, that a woman enters with her lawyer. They are there to contest the adoption. The woman is Hannah, one of the volunteers at Tess’s nursing home, and she is claiming to be Nathan’s mother. The judge, having little choice, postpones the adoption until paternity can be established. Kevin is outraged. Nathan’s natural mother left him in box on the street next to a burning orphanage. As far as Kevin is concerned, Hannah has no parental rights. He is even more upset when he realizes that Monica knows Hannah, and is unwilling to speak poorly of her. Monica asks Kevin to come to visit Tess. She thinks that he can help Tess, and that she perhaps, can help him. Kevin agrees, and he and Nathan go to see Tess at the home. There, the Angel of Music waits with his guitar. He and Kevin play a duet and sing “Hand it Over” to Tess. She doesn’t respond, but Monica comes to a realization. “Handing it over” is exactly what she and Kevin need to do. He needs to place Nathan’s fate in God’s hands, and she needs to do the same with Tess. After much deliberation and prayer, Kevin asks God to decide what will become of Nathan. After he does so, he introduces his son to Hannah, and allows them to get to know each other. Later on, as Kevin and Hannah sit over coffee, he asks her to come back to Joseph Wells, so that he can gain a mother without losing a father. As things resolve themselves on that end, Monica hands Tess into God’s hands, and is surprised by her recovery. In no time, Tess is back to her old self. The angels reunite with joy and tears, their love for each other, stronger than ever.moreless
    • I Am an Angel
      Season 7 - Episode 17
      7 year-old Mickey has been despondent since his mother's recent death. He lives with his Aunt Val and his older brother Ryan. When Ryan learns that Guy Garfield, the star of Mickey's favorite television show "The Avenging Angel," will be appearing at an Angel Convention in Portland, he goes there in the hopes of persuading Guy to help his brother. Guy makes a grand appearance by way of his "golden ladder" which takes him back and forth to Heaven on his weekly series to cheering fans. But Monica and Tess have observed the real Guy, a boozing womanizer who is anything but angelic. Ryan stretches the truth and asks for help for his "dying" brother. Guy graciously agrees, milking the moment for all its worth. But once he's offstage, he makes it clear to Monica (who's filling in as his assistant) that he has no intention of keeping his promise. Monica decides to keep it for him by driving an unsuspecting Guy to the rural town where Mickey lives. Once Guy realizes he's been "kidnapped," he bolts and flags down the sheriff, only to discover that she is Aunt Val. While trying to sort things out, Aunt Val vents he frustration about losing her sister and how her life has suddenly changed. Ryan takes this the wrong way, assuming she resents being stuck with two kids. Ryan explains to Monica how his mom made them lunch everyday and tucked them in at night and told them she loved them, whereas Aunt Val just does the minimum. Out of the spotlight, Guy gets a chance to appreciate the simple pleasures of small town life and strikes a rapport with Val. Meanwhile, Mickey talks to Andrew (his bus driver) about praying for an angel. When Mickey comes home to find "Gabriel" in his living room, he thinks God has answered his prayer. Despite Monica's pleas, Guy assumes his angel persona and assures Mickey that his mother is in Heaven, conjuring a make-believe image. Mickey packs his overnight bag so that "Gabriel" can take him to heaven. When Guy tries to explain his way out of this, Mickey runs off and climbs to the top of an old grain silo to wait for the "golden ladder" himself. While Val and Ryan go for help, Monica reveals herself as an angel to Guy. She tells Guy that God wants him to be the man he was before the fame, who served God rather than serving himself. Guy climbs the silo to rescue Mickey and explains that he's not an angel, but that real angels do exist. Mickey reaches out to Guy and accidentally falls, but Andrew is there to catch him. Andrew reveals to Mickey that he took his mother to Heaven and helps him understand the difference between Guy's make believe version of Heaven versus the awesome reality of being in God's presence. Comforted by Andrew's words, Mickey is finally able to say goodbye to his mother and move forward. Aunt Val embraces her nephews, telling them how she loves them, and a spiritually renewed Guy joins the restored family as they return home.moreless
    • Stealing Hope
      Stealing Hope
      Season 6 - Episode 22
      Ricky Hauk has just received the news that he's being laid off from his dead-end job as a mechanic at Al's Gas Station. Ricky vents his frustration by writing poetry on the bathroom wall, quickly erasing it before it can be preserved for posterity. Monica is hired to take inventory at the station, and she encourages Ricky to pursue his writing. When Shelley, a local college student, arrives with her snobby boyfriend Marshall, Ricky is immediately smitten. When Marshall notices Ricky's college hat, he accuses him of being a poseur, and the boys exchange words. As Marshall and Shelley leave, Ricky discovers Shelley dropped her school I.D. Later, Ricky agrees to help his little brother Joey win the Invention Convention at the College. When Shelley returns to the station in search of her I.D., Ricky claims to be a student at the college. Shelley suggests he enroll in her writing class. Ricky agrees to check it out. Ricky's mother Ellen is frustrated to find out about Ricky's plans to take the class, they need his income to make ends meet. The next day, Ricky is resigned to apply for work at Taco Town. Instead he goes to Shelley's class, taught by Andrew, where he sees Tess, another student. Andrew's teaching is inspiring, but Ricky is scared off by Marshall. Back at the station, Ricky writes a poem on the wall. Monica offers him a blank notebook to write in, but when Ricky tries it, he has a flashback to his childhood, his father abuses him for writing on his racing form. The next time Ricky tries to attend class, Andrew catches him. Andrew agrees to let him sit in for one week, but then he must officially enroll. During class, Andrew invites Marshall to read a poem. Ricky is shocked to hear Marshall read his poem, copied from the bathroom wall. Defeated, Ricky swipes the rearview mirror from Marshall's car. Meanwhile, Monica helps Joey finish his invention, a forgetting machine. Ricky complains to Monica about Marshall's plagiarism. Monica tells Ricky to use it as an encouraging sign that his writing is good. Still frustrated that, Ricky throws the rearview mirror in the garbage. That night, Pearson and Smitty, friends of Ricky's, drive up in Marshall's stolen car. Ricky sends them away. The next day, Joey finds the last part for his invention, Marshall's discarded rearview mirror. Ricky tells his mother that he has been hired at Taco Town. At the convention, Joey unveils his invention. Marshall, one of the judges, recognizes the mirror and accuses Ricky of stealing his car. The men fight and when Andrew breaks it up, Ricky admits to stealing the mirror, but not his car. He also accuses Marshall of stealing his poem. Tess comes to Ricky's defense, saying she knows who really stole the car. In an empty classroom, Monica reveals to Ricky that she is an angel, telling him he's put up a wall to block out the past, but this wall has also blocked out his dreams. God wants him to tear down this wall and write his words down so he can be free. Later, Andrew asks Marshall to recite the poem. Marshall can't. Ricky however, recites it on the spot. Ellen is moved by the poem about Ricky's father and asks Ricky for forgiveness for remaining in an abusive situation. Ellen asks Ricky to write the poem down for her. He says he will. The angels watch as the newly restored family leaves arm in arm.moreless
    • Anatomy Lesson
      Anatomy Lesson
      Season 5 - Episode 18
      When Dewey Burton dies of a heart attack while running for help after finding a young girl trapped in a deep drain pipe, Tess tells Monica that his body is the key to saving the young girl and she only has four hours to do so. When Dewey's body arrives at the coroner's office, Monica arrives at the assistant to the skeptical pathologist, Ivar. Ivar believes that everything about a man's life can be determined from an autopsy. While Tess remains with the little girl, Jamie, Monica begins trying to change the heart of Ivar by telling him the story of Dewey's life from the details of his body. Monica begins by looking at the man's hands, deducing that he worked in construction, building homes which he could never afford himself. Tess continues to comfort Jamie as Dewey's wife, Faye, begins to search for her missing husband. As the autopsy continues, Monica learns more about Ivar, that he believes, "In the end, we are helpless and what doesn't change anything," and that he used to practice medicine but changed to pathology. Jamie's mother alerts the authorities as her missing daughter and a search begins, but Ivar turns off the radio of as news of Jamie's disappearance is the broadcast. Ivar's younger daughter calls, telling her father that she wants to have a funeral for her goldfish, which has just died, but Ivar is unsympathetic. Meanwhile, Jamie is unconscious but Tess refuses to pull her out due to instructions from God. Monica continues recounting John Doe's life by telling how he fell in love, was married and lost a child. Ivar is no longer tolerant of Monica's story telling. He breaks down, telling her how he had a son die of leukemia and that there was nothing he could do to save his son. Monica then reveals herself to be an angel, telling Ivar how she also was there to comfort Dewey when he lost his child. She tells Ivar that his child is happy in heaven and that he still has work to do. Ivar then looks closely at Dewey's body and begins to piece together where he might have been when he died. As the radio announces that the missing Jamie was wearing red gloves, Ivar realizes Dewey's connection to Jamie, and where to find her. Rushing to the drain pipe, Ivar rescues and resuscitates Jamie. When Faye arrives at the scene, Ivar must tell her about the death of her Dewey. He tells her of his daring attempt to rescue Jamie. His faith now fully restored , he comforts her. "He was a good man, I could see it in his face."moreless
    • Rock 'n' Roll Dad
      Rock 'n' Roll Dad
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      Rock 'n' Roll star Jon Mateos has it all, a loving wife Evie, a devoted teenagae daughter Samantha, and a son Dylan. He relies on Evie for support and she responds by trying to be everywhere and do everything for him. Jon's comfortable world is turned upside down when Evie, rushing from her daughter's concert to a TV appearence by Jon, is killed in a car accident. Faced with actually having to raise his children, and deal with their emotional trauma, Jon rereats into work and then rapidly descends into and drug use. Monica who is Jon's driver, watches as his attempts to record a new song, 'Nowhere', disappear down the bottle and up his nose. Tess is the kid's nanny, Samantha slips around her to go out with friends to a concert. But en route they stop at a motel to party. Samantha didn't plan on this and runs out. She pages her dad, but he's too stoned to pick up his pager. Eventually Sam hitches a ride with a trucker. When the driver points out they're at the spot where Evie died, then slips and falls into it herself. At the bottom, Sam finids her mother's purse, with a notation of a song Evie was writing for Jon. Andrew, appears, but then Tess appears also to comfort Samantha. Back in the recording studio, Monica reveals herself to Jon, pointing out to him that the word Nowhere may also be read as Now Here. She leads him to his daughter, and Jon and Samantha sing on TV the song that Evie wrote.moreless
    • The Root of All Evil
      The Root of All Evil
      Season 9 - Episode 12
      There are only a few hours left for the angels to infiltrate two sides of a heist that will go horribly wrong, Monica is not on the case, and so the angels must enlist the help of Adam, one of the angels of death. He and Andrew must insinuate themselves into the plans of two brothers on opposite sides of the law. Adam must partner himself with Mike, the edgier of the two. Filling in for one of Mike's associates, Adam must accompany him on what is essentially an arms deal in order to gain his trust. Meanwhile, Andrew is beginning his first day as an armored car guard. He set to be riding with the other brother, Pete, much to his surprise. On the other end of town, Gloria is assigned to help someone desperately in need of God's guidance, Father Madden, a priest. Gloria doesn't know what it is that he needs, or how to convince her that she's not a raving lunatic with a delusions of angelic granduer. What she does know, is that Father Madden needs to be where he is, in the lobby of this building, near the ATM when the heist goes down in a few hours. Adam is very reluctant to get involved with Mike. He doesn't like his assignment, but sticks with it and accompanies Mike as he scopes out the very lobby in which Gloria is working the priest. Pretty soon it is apparent that Mike knows Father Madden, and is eager to avoid his attention. Andrew makes the regular ATM pickup run with Pete. They've got ana almost full load and Andrew has gotten to know Pete a little better. He knows that Pete made a great sacrifice in regards to his life plan, by sticking by his ailing father until his subsequent death. He also knows that Pete harbors some bitterness toward his rebellious brother, who was seeing the world while his father lay dying. Pete thinks it's unfair that Mike was also bequeathed the house in their father's will. Soon Andrew and Pete arrive at the last stop of the night, an ATM pick up that will complete their heavy cash load. It is not surprisingly, the very ATM that Mike and Andrew are watching, and the one near which Gloria is waiting with Father Madden. This is the moment they're all there for. The ATM heist, brother against brother, one to steal, the other to stop. But it's not quite how it seemed. It is Pete, the guard, who is in fact pulling the job. His elaborate plans of riding off into the sunset with the armored car load have already been dashed by Andrew's placement on the car, and now with his gun and his badge, a cop as it turns out, and he's acting on a tip to stop the heist. Soon guns are pointed, voices raised, and angels anxious. Father Madden tries to intercede, to bridge the gulf between the two brothers that he has known for so long, but in the heat of the moment, Father Madden begins to have a heart attack. If they are to try and save him, and themselves, the brothers must set aside their anger and their guns and focus on the problem. In the end, there's nothing they can do. Andrew and Adam take him home to heaven, but his death brings the brothers back together, and Pete puts himself into Mike's custody.moreless
    • Random Acts
      Random Acts
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      A solemn Monica stands in the woods, reflecting on the events that transpired there earlier. Tess appears, reminding Monica that some "days humans behave so badly to one another that it's all an angel can do to keep loving them." The caseworker recalls how this assignment began. Fed up with the "Yeah, whatever" generation, Mike O'Connor questioned the significance of his career on the eve of his 20th anniversary as a teacher. Into his life walked Monica, his new student teacher. Unfortunately, so did Lucas Tremaine and Danielle Dawson, two petty criminals who randomly targeted Mike for kidnapping. Monica tacitly revealed herself to Mike, giving him counsel during his ordeal. The situation began to look less grim when the teacher recognized Danielle as a former pupil. But the violate Lucas forced Mike to get into the car's trunk while en route to steal the teacher's boat at Lake Washington. Unable to free Mike from the trunk, Monica encouraged him by playing the videotape his class made to commemorate his anniversary. Afterwards he prayed, thanking God for his life and for his students. Irritated that he couldn't find the boat, Lucas hauled the teacher out of the trunk and shot him, despite Danielle's protests. Monica, however, managed to record the event with Mike's video camera. Frustrated with Lucas after the shooting Danielle punched him, causing the car to swerve. A stat patrolman pulled them over and inspected the trunk. Seeing that the camera's record light was still on, the strung-out woman confessed to the patrolman, who apprehended the pair. Discouraged by her inability to help Mike, Monica received a revelation from Tess to use her gift "words" to help him. She confronted Robbie Hawkins, one of Mike's problem students who had withheld information about his possible whereabouts. A search party eventually found the unconscious teacher. The reminiscence complete, Tess affirms that Monica was the right angel for the job. Mike recovers from his injuries and is visited by his students, including Robbie, who sympathizes with his teacher's ordeal.moreless
    • An Angel on the Roof
      An Angel on the Roof
      Season 5 - Episode 11
      Charley, an aging south Texas motel owner, gets a Christmas Eve visit from Monica, who tells him not to fear, because she brings him tidings of great joy. Charley in a drunken daze, thinks the beautiful glowing angel is merely a hallucination, and begins a dialogue with his "vision" as he decorates his Desert Star Inn for the holiday. Monica tells Charley that he will receive a miracle the Christmas Eve, and he, somewhat skeptical, hypothesizes about what this will be. He hopes it will be a new star, something he has been waiting quite a long time to see through his high-powered telescope from the roof of the inn. Meanwhile, Tess serves coffee two three lonely truckers who celebrate the holiday at a truck stop. As they leave, Tess points them to the inn, but the truckers muse at the thought of spending an evening at the dilapidated motel. Elsewhere, Jorge and Marisol, a young Mexican couple, illegally across the border, panic when pregnant Marisol begins to show signs of an early labor. Rafael arrives telling them that they are needed to help someone this evening. When he says he is from their village in Mexico, they go with him. In another part of the state Andrew sits on border control with Carl, a cynical deputy, who is anxious to catch some "illegals." Monica, still glowing atop the motel roof, stirs up a dust storm, which makes driving difficult for the truckers. At Tess' instruction via CB, they head towards a light in the desert, the light Monica exudes, and the only thing visible on the stormy landscape. Rafael, Jorge, and Marisol, driving through the storm, run out of gas. They, too, see the light and begin to follow it. When the three arrive at the inn, Charley, obviously prejudiced against Mexicans, at first refuses to give them a room, and rather than call a doctor, he calls the border patrol. Carl and Andrew head for the motel. Charley reveals to Monica the reason why he is so bitter, as a young man he traveled in Mexico and fell in love with a young woman named Estrella, whose parents wouldn't allow them to marry. Later Estrella's father told Charley that the heartbroken Estrella killed herself. Charley tells Monica that he intends to do the same as soon as he sees a new star, something no one else has ever seen. Monica pleads with Charley to so something that will make the angels sing, and becomes a man with faith in the God who loves him. Marisol gives birth to the child as the truckers draw near, and Monica and Rafael proclaims this child to be the miracle, something which no man has ever seen. The baby girl is named Estrella, after Marisol's grandmother, the same woman Charley loved, who is alive and well in Mexico. When Charley hears this news he has a change of heart and when Carl and Andrew arrive to arrest any illegal aliens, Charley hides everyone by working them into his nativity scene, including Tess as a shepherd and the truckers as the three wise men. As Charley makes plans to visit his old love in Mexico, Monica and Tess bid everyone "Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men."moreless
    • Full Moon
      Full Moon
      Season 3 - Episode 26
      As Ed Bingham prepares for a ceremony to honor his heroic efforts as a fireman, his wife, Sarah receives a terrifying letter. Carl Atwater, the man who raped her six years ago is eligible for parole. Frightened of Ed's reaction if he found out, Sarah conceals the letter from him. Instead she visits a Crisis Center and meets Tess, the receptionist, and Monica, a counselor. Although Monica fails to draw Sarah out, the distraught mother invites her to attend the parole hearing. There Sarah is crushed when Carl, who apparently found God in prison, is released. Despite a briefing by Andrew, his parole officer, Carl violates the most important condition of his parole by making contact with Sarah. Although he merely seeks her forgiveness, she panics, threatening him with garden clippers. Monica urges her to report Carl, but Sarah refuses. Monica does, however, convince her to confide in her husband. Meanwhile, Andrew witnesses Carl's simmering anger that his ex-wife, Emily will not let him see their son. Sarah reluctantly shows Ed the letter regarding Carl's release, and his annoyance is interrupted when their daughter, Lorrin has a nightmare. The next morning , the couple encounters Carl, who is working as a bagger in a supermarket. Ed lose his temper and attacks Carl. Later, the Binghams visit Monica where years of unspoken recrimination and blame for the rape come to the forefront. Unbeknownst to his wife, Ed goes to a gun store and starts to process to purchase a pistol. After a sleepless night, he is unable to respond to a fire. Carl, in the meantime, grouses Andrew is observing the both of them. Upon returning home, Ed and sarah argue when he won't divulge his whereabouts. The next day Ed goes to pick up his gun. He catches Carl breaking into Emily's house and plans to shoot him. Andrew reveals himself to both of them, while Monica appears to Sarah. When asked where God was during the rape, the angel responds, "in the voice of a child." Then-baby Lorrin's tears stopped Carl from killing Sarah, which was his original plan. The police arrest him, and Tess informs him that God can still help him find his way.moreless
    • Remembering Me (1)
      Season 9 - Episode 8
      When Monica observes her new assignment, David, at a zoo with his family, Tess talks with the angel, Sam. He tells her that she must be strong for what is coming, and not fear because God is with her. Tess says she isn't afraid for herself, she is afraid for Monica. Sam nods and leaves. David Shatterfield is a husband and a father, and while he loves his family, he doesn't have much time for them. Even now, at the zoo, he spends his time talking on his cell phone, when he should be watching the bird show with his daughter. He is unwilling to let the day go by with out getting a little business in. His company is going through a major transition, and he feels the need to involve himself in every aspect. Tess joins Monica in her observation, and gets David's name wrong. Monica corrects her, thinking nothing of it. Later on, Tess is watching some zebras, but forgets what they are called. She refers to them as "stripey-horse-things." These slip ups come to a head, when driving back from the zoo, Tess freezes up at a green light. She can't figure out how to make the car go. Monica is very worried. When they manage to get the car to the side of the road, another motorist, Dr. Coburn, pulls over to assist them. He asks that Tess come to his office the following afternoon for an examination. The next day, Dr. Coburn, checks on Tess's condition. After asking her a series of questions, he is certain of the diagnosis, but Monica has trouble believing that Tess has Alzheimers disease. While trying to come to terms with this, the two of them must also work on David's transition team. Tess is of little help in her present condition, and Monica isn't much more useful because of her concern. Still, she tries to help David along, and also to urge him to cut back on work, and become more involved in his daughter's life. David shrugs off such suggestions, and becomes irritated with the lack of work getting done. When Tess finally wanders off and Monica is forced to admit the problem, David is outraged. He hires a new transition team, and gives Monica the name of an assisted living center that takes care of Alzheimer patients. Monica is at first flustered, but regains some composure when she discovers that Rafael and Sam are the new transition team. She checks Tess into the center and watches as she slips further from the angel she used to be. Monica is surprised to discover that David's mother is one of the other Alzheimer's patients she begins to see that Tess's illness and her assignment are somehow related. If only she weren't so worried about Tess, she might be able to figure it out. After a particularly frustrating day trying to communicate with Tess, and after speaking with Sam, Monica is resolved to finish what she started. She goes to David, and talks to him about his mother. She reveals to him, that while his mother is unable to speak with him, his love is still able to reach her. If he goes on treating her as though she is lost, she will truly will be. In the midst of her revelation, she realizes that the same is true of Tess, and resolves to stick with her.moreless
    • God and Country
      Season 4 - Episode 19
      Rafael enters the army in an attempt to befriend a bitter soldieer named Tomas. Tomas hates the army, in particular his commanding officer Colonel Victor Walls. Both men are Hispanic but Tomas feels that Col. Walls has rejected his heritage by failing to use his original surname, Paredes. Tomas requests a transfer from this base, but Col. Walls denies the request. Rafael meets with Col. Walls, who suggests he change his name to Ralph as a means to get along better in the army. When Tomas hear of this, a fight breaks out in the barracks between Rafael and, Tomas, and another soldier. Rafael gets a scolding from Tess for being the first angel to hit an assigment and all three soldiers end up in the military jail. It is in jail that Rafael learns that Col. Walls is actually Tomas' father and he has another son, Paul who is missing in action in Bosnia. This is a further source of frustration for Tomas because the army cannot give the family any straight answersregarding Paul's situation. Monica arrives at the jail as the army lawyer who will represent Tomas, and she reprimands him for his attitude towards his father. Later, when Tomas is outof jail, he brings Rafael with him to a family dinner at the Walls ( Paredes) home. A fight between father and son is stifled when Andrew appears at the door as a casualty officer, bearing the news that Paul was killed in battle. Col. Walls guards his emotions, and this further drives a wedge between Col. Walls and Tomas, who doesn't believe his father loves him. Victor brightens the news that Paul was killed saving other soldier's lives, making him a hero. When an ambigous postcard arrives posthumously from Paul to Tomas, a confused and despairing Tomas confronts his father with a gun, hoping to learn the truth about his brother's death. But when he sees that his father is unafraid, Tomas turns the gun on himself, pleading for his father to tell him the truth. When his father doesn't, Tomas leaves. Monica reveals herself to Col. Walls explaining that although he has served his country, he needs to serve God and tell his family the truth. Victor returns home and tells his family that he pulled some strings to get Paul a dangerous assignment. tomas is upset by the news and leaves. Rafael appears and reveals himself to Tomas, urging him to forgive his father for his wrongdoing. The next day at the memorial service for Paul, his parents and the angels are unsure if Tomas will attend. As Col. Walls beginds the eulogy Tomas, enters the service. Col. Wallsspeaks of the mistakes he has made both as an officer and as a father and professes his love for Tomas. The father and son salute each other respectfully, then break down into a heartful embrace. Tess, Monica, Andrew, and Rafael smile, realizing their assignment is complete.moreless
    • Visions of Thy Father
      Season 7 - Episode 18
      17 year-old Jason Harris seems to have it all, a loving family, a beautiful girlfriend and aspirations of being a photojournalist. Jason's father Will Harris a prominent ophthalmologist, has been urging Jason to monitor an old eye injury which resulted in detached retinas. Monica is assigned to help this family deal with a secret, and she winds up working with alongside Jason in a local photo store. When Monica learns of Jason's talent for photography, she offers to introduce him to a photographer friend of hers Andrew at the Denver Daily Herald. Jason meets with Andrew and suggests his father for one of their "day in the life" photo spreads. Andrew takes Jason up on his suggestion and invites Jason to shoot it himself. Jason spends the next day shadowing his father, but when he returns for one last photo he walks in on his father kissing his receptionist Sherri and captures the moment on film. Jason returns home, now sharing the burden of this secret. Will talks to Jason privately, blaming his lapse on a midlife crisis, a cancer scare a year ago. Will assures that it's over between him and Sherri and that telling his mother would only hurt her. When Jason refuses to hand over the film, Will grabs the camera from and rips out the film, unaware that Jason already saved the roll with the incriminating photo. His faith in his shattered, Jason's sense of betrayal ripples into other aspects of his life as he starts skipping school and distancing himself from his girlfriend. Jason shows the incriminating photo to Monica, who tries to convince him that this is not his to keep. True to his word, Will has terminated his affair and replaced Sherri with a new receptionist Tess. But Jason becomes overwhelmed by the burden of his father's secret and tries to numb the pain in a bottle of Scotch. Intoxicated, he crashes his father's car, rendering himself temporarily blind. As Jason is rushed to the hospital, Renee returns inside the house an discovers the incriminating photo. With time of the essence, the attending physician informs the family that a corneal transplant will be necessary to restore Jason's eyesight and that his father is the most qualified man for the job. But Jason refuses to let his father perform the surgery. Will is prepared to step out of the way without a fight, but Renee calls him on the carpet. She tells Will she found the photo and tells Will to stop acting like a child and make peace with their son. She them tires to convince Jason to let her deal with their marital issues in her own way, and let Will perform the surgery. Will returns to his office where Tess reveals herself as an angel and tells Will that God wants him to fight for his family and that he need to apologize to Jason without making any excuses. Monica then reveals herself as an angel to Jason, and miraculously, Jason (though still blind) is able to see Monica glowing. She tells him it's up to God (not Jason) to judge his father. Will comes to see his son and apologize and Jason forgives him. As father and son embrace, Renee enters with family photos of happier times, a reminder of all that's worth fighting for in this family.moreless
    • Manny
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Monica and Tess are party coordinators for Harrison Trowbridge Archibald IV, a stuffy doctor whose wife, Barbara, and mother, Amelia, are planning a prestigious social event to commemorate a new hospital expansion named after their family. They are in the midst of preparation when Manny arrives at their doorstep, claiming to be a child the Archibalds sponsor through Child Watch, a charitable organization. Unable to have children of her own, Barbara welcomes him with open arms although her husband remains suspicious. Just as Harrison starts to bond with "Manny," Monica learns the boy is not from Child Watch but is really Luis, a homeless child who lives under the hospital. The angel reveals herself and urges him to tell the Archibalds the truth. When he does, Harrison becomes irate and wants to throw Luis out of the house, but Barbara and Amelia convince the doctor to wait until after the party. Tess, in turn, prods Amelia to tell her son the truth about his heritage: not only are the Bowthorpes of Charleston really the Klumps of Bowthorpe, but Harrison's real father was an Argentinean gardener who was kind to Amelia when she and her husband were experiencing marital difficulties. After the doctor announces that the hospital expansion will be simply called The Children's Pavilion, he encounters Monica who delivers the message that God loves him for who he is, not for his name. She then takes the doctor to Luis' hiding place in the hospital basement. Taking the child back home, Harrison and his wife decide to adopt him and become a family.moreless
    • A House Divided
      A House Divided
      Season 6 - Episode 13
      Andrew, on assignment as a sixth-grade teacher, resides over a parent-teacher night at the school. A simple game the parents plat turns into a scene when a divorced couple, Martin and Janet, argue over who better knows their son, John is humiliated in front of his classmates, but quietly hides his grief as Tess and Monica watch, unseen. As Andrew builds a relationship with John, he begins to understand the tug-of-war that is John's life. John lives with his mother and her new husband Phil, and spends the weekends with his father. When Martin and Janet do have to deal with each other, their communication is riddled with subversion and insults. One weekend while John and Martin eat pizza at a local restaurant, they run into Andrew and Monica, who describes herself as an "advocate", someone who helps people. When Janet arrives at the restaurant to deliver John's homework another fight erupts, and John decides that he would like to enlist Monica's services to help him divorce his parents. Shocked, Andrew insists that what John really needs is a break from his parents so they spend a day at a museum exploring John's love of dinosaurs. At first, John begins to feel better, but when he returns home to find his parents in the midst of another fight, his desire for a divorce becomes stronger. The next day, a process server delivers a subpoena to Janet and Martin. At the family court, Tess presides as the court judge. After it becomes clear that Janet and Martin cannot control their outbursts, she orders a time-out. Andrew agrees to let John stay with him for a few days, but first has to overcome one problem, he must find an apartment! At the next court date, Monica takes the parent's depositions. Janet decries Martin's lack of responsibility, while Martin argues that he tries his best with the limited visitation he has. Finally, Tess wants to hear from John himself but he refuses to testify, afraid that Tess will require him to choose one parent over the other. Tess calls a recess and takes the parents to her chambers where she relates to them the story of King Solomon and the two mothers. Two women claim to be the mother of one child and insist that Solomon pick the real mother. Unable to decide, Solomon suggests they cut the child in two, giving equal parts to both women, but the other, the real parent insists that the child be given to the other parents, real parents make their children suffer. Meanwhile, Monica and Andrew talk to an upset John, telling him that God has answered his prayers by sending him three angels. After a pep talk, John is ready to take the stand. He tells his parents that he is afraid they will stop loving him, the way they stopped loving each other. Finally, understanding the pain they have caused, Janet and Martin commit to working on their relationship. Judge Tess gratefully dismisses the case.moreless
    • The Birthday Present
      Season 8 - Episode 3
      When a cancer patient is taken by Andrew, Gloria's curiosity about death is piqued. Monica suggests she take a "ride-along" with Andrew. Meanwhile Robbie McGregor locks his sister Sarah in a bomb shelter to protect her from their abusive father. He then returns the key to his father's hey-chain. Later on, mailman Chuck Parker comes upon the McGregor house. Robbie answers Chuck's "easy" baseball trivia question, then asks about a special package he is expecting. Chuck hasn't seen it, but assures Robbie that he'll keep an eye out. Robbie father, Gary, hollers for him to "Get in here!". Robby does, and Chuck gets back in his truck, only to discover the package. Chuck hurries up to the door, but before he can knock, he hears an argument. At the sound of a slap, and Robbie's "Ow!", Chuck rings the doorbell. When Gary answers, Chuck presents the package and insists that Robbie sign for it himself. Gary refuses, so Chuck leaves. Gary demands to know what's in the package, Robbie says "I can''s your birthday present." This changes Gary's attitude, and he goes to buy Chinese food for dinner, but not before Robby can once again steal the key to the bomb shelter. With Gary gone, Robbie frees Sarah from her hiding place. Chuck meets Grams' new nurse, Monica. Monica leads Grams to her room, and is surprised to find Gloria and Andrew waiting. This is part of the "ride-along". Andrew takes Grams Home. Across town, Gary is drunk again, so Robbie hurries Sarah back into the bomb shelter where she meets an angel, Tess. Chuck overcome with grief, delivers Robbie's package, it's a gun. He loads it and tells Sarah that everything will be okay. Robby puts the gun back in the box and hides it under his bed. But, before he can return the key, Gary wakes up and demands to know where he's hiding Sarah. Robbie refuses and hides in his room. Robbie aims the gun at the door, while Andrew and Gloria watch unseen. Robbie decides he can't do it, and returns the gun to its box. When Gary gets into the room, Robbie runs. He hides the box in a bush and takes off. Robbie rushes into the street in front of Chuck's car. Chuck accidentally hits and kills Robbie. The next day he shows up with a casserole that Gary chucks into the yard. While retrieving it, Chuck finds the gun. He takes it home and contemplates suicide in the garage. The angels have a revelation and Chuck recants, God gave him the gun to save Robbie's sister. Meanwhile, Gary has found the key amongst Robbie's personal effects. He opens the bomb shelter and yells for Sarah to come out. Tess confronts him, and Chuck arrives with the box. He shows the gun to Gary so he knows how bad it had gotten. Sarah confirms their fears and Gary crumbles. Officer Dave arrests him. Chuck agrees to stay with Sarah until she finds a new home.moreless
    • Thief of Hearts
      Season 7 - Episode 15
      11 year-old Corey Taylor is hanging out at the local newsstand when he spies a locket dangling near the cash register. He steals the locket in plain view and runs off before anyone can catch him. Alice Dupree, the newsstand attendant, contacts the police regarding the theft. Monica arrives in the scene as the officer on duty to get all the information. Alice gives Monica a photo of the culprit who was caught on her security camera as well as a sketch if the heart-shaped locket, which Alice describes as a priceless family heirloom given to her by her mother. Monica pays a visit to Corey's school and discovers that he's an orphan with a heart condition. But Alice remains unsympathetic, anxious to get her locket back. Monica tracks Corey down at the local arcade and gives him the opportunity to return the locket on his own. When he doesn't show up, Alice is irritated with Monica's trusting attitude. It just confirms what she's believed all along, that trust leads to disappointment. Monica catches up with Corey at the arcade and spends some time getting to know him. He's come close a couple of times, but when they find out he's got a heart defect, they change their minds. Monica gives Corey a second chance to return the locket, but on his way there, some bullies rough him up and steal the locket. Corey tries to explain this to Alice, but she doesn't believe him. Corey explains that he's prayed for God to send him a mother and that her stole the locket so he would have a gift when the time comes. Alice is unmoved until he collapses before her eyes. Corey is rushed to the hospital. Alice feels bad for him, but still considers herself the victim in all this. Tess tells Alice to stop thinking of herself and go to the hospital and forgive Corey. Monica notices that Alice is softening toward Corey and suggests that maybe God has already found a mother for Corey, Alice. Alice doesn't appreciate Monica's meddling, but as she spends more time with Corey, Alice starts to consider the possibility of adopting. But she's still unsure that she has what it takes, feeling that she could never live up to being the kind of mom her own mother was to her. But Tess encourages Alice to make the change. Alice tells Corey the good news and he is elated. Alice braces herself for all the legal red tape, but is amazed when things fall into place quickly. Alice heads to the hospital with the final papers, but when she arrives, she finds that Corey has taken a turn for the worse. Alice goes into a tailspin, unprepared to make the emotional commitment only to lose him. Monica reveals herself to Alice as an angel, exposing the fact that Alice's locket was not the cherished reminder of her mother she claimed it to be. In fact, her mother was an abusive alcoholic who beat her. Monica points out that Alice is a survivor, but that she hasn't healed. God wants her to learn what it's like to love without fear. With a renewed sense of purpose, Alice works up the courage to be the mother that Corey needs her to be. Corey returns the locket to Alice, which now contains his own picture, and with his last breath, he is able to say the words he's been waiting to say "I love you, mom."moreless
    • Legacy
      Season 7 - Episode 2
      Max Rigney shows up for his first day of college with his father, Sam, who is proud to show him the frat house of which he was once-president, the PIG House. Rafael meets them and introduces himself as a student. Tess and Andrew join Rafael, noting that Sam is paying for Max's education, but only if he goes to this school, pledges this fraternity, and takes all the right courses. Walking around the campus, Sam is greeted by Monica, he recognizes her voice and has a troubling flashback. He later discovers that Monica is a visiting philosophy professor, and secretly determines that Max will have to stay away from her, which shouldn't be a problem since he, Sam, has chosen Max's coursework. But that night, Rafael helps Max make a decision of his own and take one class his father hasn't chosen for him, Monica's philosophy class. He tells his mother about it on the phone, and mentions that he might not pledge PIG. He likes being his own man, but that night, his father drives two hours back to campus to demand that Max drop the philosophy class and join the fraternity. So Max pledges PIG and goes through all of the hazing rituals, but Monica is able to convince him to stay in her class. That night, Max and Jamie and Greg are locked in the clock tower by two frat brothers. Security guard Andrew shows up and spends some time talking to Max. After Greg and Max help Jamie through an asthma attack, the boys become fast friends. Their last hazing ritual demands that if a pledge fails any of the challenges, he must drink 21 shots of tequila. When Jamie fails the PIG history quiz, he decides to take the drinking challenge. When he can't finish, Greg finishes for him, drinks the rest of the shots, and immediately passes out. The PIG brothers convince Jamie to take the rap for the frat by saying he bought the tequila. Jamie does so, knowing that if he doesn't he won't get in. Greg is raced off to the hospital, and the next night, just after Jamie and Max have been accepted into the fraternity. Jamie is arrested. Max discovers that Greg is in a coma, and that when his father was president of the fraternity, there was a controversy, which Sam won't say much about (it is the troubling night he remembered in his earlier flashback). Max visits Greg in the hospital and receives a revelation from Rafael, who explains that just like in the popular "The Matrix" there is more to this world than what we can see. The other three angels appear, too, and encourage Max to make his own decisions, right decisions, based on truth, not going along with his dad. They explain that the controversy Sam lied about involved attempt rape and that his father has been lying ever since. Max decides to confront his father, speak the truth to get Jamie out of jail, and live in truth, even if that mean paying for college himself.moreless
    • The Lady of the Lake
      The Lady of the Lake
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      Andrew and Tess show Monica how to skip stones on Lake Paradise, and notice that this lake is "dead" in that it has no birds, no fish, no people. It is Monica's assignment to help revitalize this lake, and at the same time, revitalize the life of Blake Chapman, who has returned to Lake Paradise after twelve years, as a representative of the Mayforth Corporation, the company that wants to buy the property around Lake Paradise. Blake is stunned when "Monica's Bait and Tackle" springs up on the lakeshore, especially when he realizes that Mayforth doesn't own the small patch of land the shop rests on. Monica, enjoying her new job as storekeeper and friend of the worms, refuses to sell the shop, thereby impeding the company's progress and infuriating Blake and the townspeople, including, Earl Gray, an old-timer, his hearing impaired daughter Laurel, her son Jeremy, and Eb and Flo, one time Vegas performers. They all stand to profit in different ways if the property is sold to Mayforth, which the townspeople presume will turn the lake into a resort. Laurel is somewhat shocked to see Blake again, who suddenly left town after an accident on the lake (the night he was to propose to her) ruined his chances of becoming a professional hockey player. Monica realizes that twelve year-old Jeremy is Blake's son, and encourages Laurel to tell him. But when bulldozers come to the lake to begin destruction, Monica chains herself to a tree to make them halt. She asks Blake to reveal the true reason Mayforth wants the property, to build an outlet mall. The townspeople feel Blake has lied to them, and Laurel tells Blake to "go to hell." Blake has Monica arrested. In jail, Tess reprimands Monica for her methods, but when Blake arrives Monica makes some progress. She tells Blake that he lost his soul the night of the accident, and he came back to Lake Paradise to get it back. Blake goes to the lake to think, and he is visited by Monica, the Lady of the Lake. She reveals herself as an an angel who saved Blake and Laurel the night of the accident, and tells him that God spared Blake's life so that he would realize life to its full of potential. After some time in deep reflection, God reveals to Blake that Jeremy is his son. Blake reunites with Laurel, and the next day they go to the lake, where in front of the townspeople, Blake tears up the Mayforth contracts proposes to Laurel, and makes peace with himself. At the same time fish and birds return to revitalize the lake.moreless
    • Homecoming (1)
      Homecoming (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      Working from different vantage points, the angels help rehabilitate Julia Fitzgerald, a drug addict who is down and out, posing as a street walker, persuades the police to round up the disheveled Julia with the other ladies. In jail, she is encouraged by the angel to enter the New Spring Halfway House administered by Tess. Though Julia wants to leave the program, her parole officer, Andrew advises her doing so will land her back behind bars since her arrest was a parole violation. Plagued by a past action she committed, the woman deserts the halfway house to rejoin her friend, Fran on the streets. But when she misses the rendezvous, Monica persuades Julia to go back. As she makes steady progress in rehab, the woman decides to make amends with the people she has offended. First on the list is Chuck, the bartender and former employer she stole from. He wants to have Julia arrested, but Andrew convinces the man to let her pay him back. She returns to the alley where she has jewelry hidden in a secret place. But after pawning it, Julia encounters Fran, who is being confronted by her pimp, Jimmy. Returning to the halfway house, she admits giving Jimmy most of the money to help Fran but saving enough for herself to get high. Tess leaves to confront the unscrupulous man. Afterwards, Julia panics because she has lost a necklace with great sentimental value, a memento of the son she gave up to his father for fifty dollars. A fatigued Tess returns after recovering the money, teaching Jimmy a lesson, paying back Chuck, and finding Julia's locket. Revealing the she and Tess are angels, Monica encourages Julia to press on despite setbacks because God will always be there to pick her up. Days later, after Fran has entered rehabilitation herself, the angels send Julia to Chicory Creek, Kentucky where she is to find a man with a 1949 burgundy Cadillac. That man turns out to be Erasmus Jones , and Julia is astonished to learn that his extended family is the Greene's. When they return home for Thanksgiving, the prodigal mother will be reunited with her son Nathaniel Greene.moreless
    • A Rock and a Hard Place
      Season 9 - Episode 1
      In the middle of the wilderness, at the base of a mountain a ways from the road, Monica and Tess discuss the derfect decor for a remote hotel. Meanwhile, in Glendale, Joe Collette arrive at his former home to pick up his 16 year old son Ricky, for a weekend camping trip. Joe's separation from his wife, Sandra, has had a negative effect on the whole family, but mostly Ricky, who acquired a drug problem and then spent sixteen weeks in rehab. The two of them hit the road despite Ricky's enthusiasm. Several hours into the trip. Joe stops the car to stretch his legs and check his map. As he and his son stand outside of their vehicle, a tiny asteroid, smashes through their windshield of their SUV cutting a hole straight through the seat and floor. Andrew shows up, with a tow truck, but even he is surprised by the reason for the breakdown. He offers to take their car to the nearest town, and drop them off at a little hotel that he knows. Tess and Monica check them in and settle them into their rooms, but they aren't the only guest this weekend. Just before dinner, a motorcycle roars up to the door, and a little old lady named Mildred hops off. She's ridden through this area for years with her late husband, and she's never seen this place. She wants to know where it came from, who's running it and how she can go about getting a room. Later that evening, Joe tries to connect with his son, inviting him to take a walk with him, but Ricky refuses. He blames his father for all of his troubles. Joe walks off eventually coming upon Gloria, who has setup a telescope outside, she has no trouble engaging the astronomy-loving Joe in an in depth conversation about the cosmos, and asteroids. After Joe leaves, Gloria maintains her watch on the stars, and sees something that shouldn't be there an asteroid. This one is huge, and it's hurtling right toward earth, looking to do the planet what its little brother did to Joe's car, Gloria runs into the lodge to tell the other angels what she has found. They are shocked, but Tess says that they still have a job to do, and it won't help to tell their assignments what she saw. Of course the secret refuses to be kept. Ricky "borrows", a portable television from Mildred's sidecar and catches the report of the asteroid on the news. He hurries inside to tell his father, and soon everyone knows. While the reports go on, and experts speculate on the fate of the planet, Joe and Ricky realize that they are stranded in the middle of nowhere without a car, and no way to reach the rest of their family. In the midst of this worry, Mildred surprises them all by saying that she wishes for the asteroid to hit and quickly too. As the day wears on, and Mildred explains that all she wants is to die so that she can be with her husband again, in heaven, Ricky grows more frantic. All he wants to do is to go home to his mother and sister while he still can. Joe feels the same way, but admits that he's powerless to change it. Ricky decides that if Joe won't do anything, he will. He punches his father and rund off, stealing Andrew's tow truck, and taking to the road, despite a stern warning from Tess. Away from the lodge, Ricky runs over a rusty muffler, and tears the fuel line. With the truck out of commission he is more alon than ever. But he is not alone there are angels around him and one pulls up beside him on Mildred's motorcycle. It's Andrew. He takes Ricky back to the lodge, where Mildred insists that they all climb the mountain to watch the asteroid approach. Once they reach the top, Joe's cell phone miraculosly comes to life, and he and Ricky are able to talk to Sandra and Erica. Over the phone Joe reconciles with them, and in person he does so with Ricky. As the asteroid fills the sky, all is well with the Collette family. When it skips off the atmosphere, sparing the world a catatrophic impact, Mildred has a heart attack at Andrew's side. She has seen a miracle, and now she is going home to the Father and to her husband.moreless
    • An Angel by Any Other Name
      An Angel by Any Other Name
      Season 3 - Episode 27
      Tess works for a local nursery, and Monica is a postal carrier in the middle-class neighborhood where IRS auditor Carolyn Sellers lives. An avid gardener, she is eager to have her rose hybrid officially recognized but becomes dismayed when three people with Down Syndrome move into a group home next door to her. Tess tries to convince the hardened woman to calm down and accept Taylor, Jeannie, and David for the loving, sensitive people they are, but she refuses. Andrew, the group home supervisor, is nonplused when her first encounter with Carolyn is a tactic threat to "keep those people in line." After Taylor stops Stevie Sanders, a neighborhood boy, from playing in her vintage 57 Chevy, the car rolls down the driveway, crushes Stevie's bike, and just misses a young girl due to Tess' sudden intervention. Furious, Carolyn blames Taylor and calls the police. She also works her neighbors into a frenzy to take action against the group home. The next day Taylor confides in Monica, who says God has a purpose for his predicament. Taylor responds he knows that because he's an angel, she agress he's the kindest, sweetest angel she's ever met. He goes to talk to Carolyn, who in the midst of berating him suffers a stroke. Thanks to Taylor's quick thinking, paramedics arrive in time to help her. But upon learning his part in her rescue, Carolyn continues to hold a grudge. Taylor continues to aid with her rehabilitation despite her constant rejection. Tess, Jeannie, and David have also tended her garden to prepare for the Rose Association's visit. Realizing that Carolyn has started a petition to shut down the group home, Andrew asks Taylor to tell the truth about the car accident. He responds, "Everything in its time." The night before the rose committee's visit, a severe thunderstorm devastates the garden. The next day, Andrew and Taylor, who is indeed an angel, encourage the woman to get out of bed. As Stevie's mom announces the city has agreed to close the group home, the boy confesses his role in the accident. The rose committee arrives, and Taylor produces a beautiful, but lone rose. Although the flower by itself does not qualify for the registry, Carolyn realizes it's good enough for her.moreless
    • Mi Familia
      Season 7 - Episode 11
      Miguel and Anna's marriage is interrupted by Anna's father, Tommy, who rejects his daughter's decision to marry Miguel, the father of their 6-month old child. Unmoved by Anna's protests of love, Tommy dismisses Miguel because of his gang affiliation. Tommy insists the two teenagers stay away from each other. Andrew and Rafael, working with the church, try to get Miguel to participate in a community outreach program for teenage fathers, but his participation is only to appease the suspicions of the local police. Miguel is determined to gain his respect the only way he knows how, through the gang. Gonzo, the hot-tempered leader, informs Miguel of his plans to kill a rival gang member. Miguel returns home to discover his mother, Lorena, has given away his room to Monica, who works as a church volunteer. This further Miguel's withdrawal from the people who truly care about him. Lorena confides to Monica's her disappointment in her son's lifestyle and longing for the son he once was. Miguel and Anna meet the next day at the family run restaurant owned by Tommy. Tommy voices his displeasure with Miguel and his friends to an attentive new customer, Tess. Tess recognizes that Tommy's intolerance is closely linked with his own questionable past that he's trying to escape. Gonzo pressures Miguel to kill one of their rivals after a failed earlier attempt. Miguel struggles with his decision and privately returns to God for guidance. Monica tries to convince Miguel that his family is in need of him, not the gang. Misguided by his father's legacy, Miguel is undeterred in carrying out his orders. Miguel's hesitation at the critical moment infuriates Gonzo, who fears their rival will retaliate. Miguel rushes home to gather his few belongings and asks Anna to leave town with him. Anna's devotion to Miguel leads her to reluctantly follow him with their son. As they get into the car to leave, there is a drive-by shooting by the rival gang, which injures Anna and the baby. They are rushed to the hospital where Miguel is relieved to discover that the injuries are not critical. The doctor says the seat buckle interfere with the path of the bullet. Miguel realizes what he learned in his parenting class, the proper way to buckle a baby in a car, saved his son's life. Tommy arrives at the hospital incensed at Miguel. At Tess' urging, Tommy dispels Miguel's glorified memory of his father and explains to Miguel that his father killed himself playing Russian Roulette. The shocking news drives Miguel away. Miguel concludes that his entire life has been a failure. Monica tells Miguel that there are many people who loved and need him, but he must take responsibility for his actions. Monica takes Miguel to church where Rafael reveals that he is an angel sent by God, just like Monica, Tess and Andrew. Rafael urges Miguel to open his heart to God because through his grace, he can live in the truth and start over again. Miguel returns to the hospital to apologize to Tommy. Miguel promises that he will be a good father and offers his cooperation with the police.moreless
    • The Perfect Game
      The Perfect Game
      Season 8 - Episode 2
      Ben McCloud, ace pitcher for the AAA Richmond Braves, is on his way to the Major Leagues. His biggest obstacle is his father, Norm. Norm is constantly critical of Ben's performance, including a two-hit shut-out. He wants so much for his son to make it to the Majors that he will except nothing short of perfection. He wants Ben to succeed where he failed though he is, in effect, pushing his son down the same path that ended his career. He is constantly embarrassing his son in front of the other players, and Ben is approaching a breaking point. Monica comes on board as the team's new trainer, allowing Ben to vent some of his frustrations, something he desperately needs. His father will not listen to him, and if he knew, would prevent him from visiting his grandfather, Candy, a great ballplayer in his own time. Norm's drive is all encompassing, he treats his son as little more than an avenue to success, and his own father as a pathetic liar. He is unable to accept his own father's old story of pitching a perfect game and the even more legendary feat of striking out Babe Ruth. Now he doesn't even see his father, having abandoned him years before to a life of loneliness and a eventual stroke. Later on, while Ben is pitching a perfect game of his own, Monica and the Angels take Ben and Norm into Candy's memory to reconcile the debate surrounding "the perfect game." Tess shows them all how the game began, how Candy pitched, the Babe was defeated, and how anger and pride led a promising pitcher to a life as a baseball clown. With the memory played out, sons forgive fathers, fathers embrace sons, and Ben's perfect game resumes as though he never left. He finishes the game allowing no hits, walks or errors, and with his family finally together, he embarks on what will be a promising career in the majors.moreless
    • Angel of Death
      Angel of Death
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      Tess instrucuts Celeste, an angel new to human form, and takes her to a Las Vegas showroom to see their assignment, Eric Weiss, an illusionist who calls himself the "angel of death." The supervisor angel volunteers her jittery charge to participate in his act, but Tess is dismayed when Celeste and her dog vanish. On a rampage, Eric fires his assignment and yells at his agent, Andrew, who is hard pressed to find another magician's assistant. Tess cuts Monica's vacation short to fill that position. As the case progresses, the angels realize that Eric's death wish is not merely an extension of his stage routine. The pieces start to come together after he reluctantly agrees to perform in Appleton, Wisconsin, his hometown and also the hometown of Harry Houdini. There he visits his mother, an impatient in a psychiatric hospital. She asks "Danny, Eric's rael name, if he has seen his brother, Peter. He recalls a tragic game of hide-and-seek before abruptly ending his visit. Meanwhile, Monica unwittingly discovers Celeste but fails to convince the wayward angel to turn herself in. During a performance, Eric becomes paralyzed with fear upon seeing his doppleganger in the audience. Her voice returns him to reality, but eric is shaken, convinced that he saw the ghost of his dead, twin brother. Despite Andrew and Monica's concern, Eric decides to attempt the most dangerous escape of his career, which involves being locked in a refrigerator and lowered to the bottom of a pool. Several minutes elapse unitl Eric's brother, Pete steps forward, and Tess orders the crane operator to raise the refrigerator out of the pool. Upon seeing his twin, Eric bolt s through the crowd and eventually returns to the junkyard where his brother "died." Celeste appears and reveals herself to the distraught Eric. Monica joins the apprentice angel, and the pair urge him to stop playing hide-and-seek with his life. Confronting the painful memory of his brother being trapped in a refrigerator, Eric learns that Pete did not die but was kidnapped by their scornful father. The brothers share an emotional reunion, and Celeste has successfully participated in her first case.moreless
    • The Blue Angel
      The Blue Angel
      Season 8 - Episode 14
      From being televised at the 1939 World's Fair, to finishing out his days as the director of a community acess station in South Bend, Indiana; Max Blandish has run the spectrum of television's growth. Once he had ideals and dreams, now all he jas is a lump of bitterness and emphysema. His failure to make the right choices has brought him to the bottom of the entertainment barrel, his cigarettes have brought him to the end of his days. Now, he tries to hide his ailment, while filling the airwaves with: singing cowboys, Elvis impersonators, chicken farmers, and the pinnacle of bad taste "the Blue Angel". Gloria arrives with a respirator, as a representative of "Life Support". Max has a fit and insists that he ordered no such thing, his longtime friend and cameraman, Elmer, admits that he did. Max storms off, and Monica appears to tell Gloria all about him. When she first met Max, he made the right choice to put a young Japanese girl on the air, and was fired for it. That was the last he took a stand. When Monica finishes the story, Elmer calls for Gloria to get the respirator, Max can't breathe. They attend to him, and Max comes back to himself. Shortly thereafter, Tiffany "The Blue Angel" arrives. She has the flu and won't be able to go on at midnight. When Max takes her out of the room to get some tea, Tess appears and tells Gloria of her experience with Max. It was 1954 and Max was back at the top of his game, directing a variety show for the 4th of July. Everything was perfect, great television waiting to happen, except for one thing. The blonde singer the sponsor hired terrible, despite Tess's attempts to instruct her. Max is so impressed with Tess's voice, and so eager for the show to do well, that he replaces the singer with Tess. When the sponsor finds out, he insists that his singer goes on as planned. According to him, the American people don't want to see a black woman sing "God Bless America". Max reluctantly agrees. Because of this, he keeps his job, but loses his dream. As Tess finishes her story, Max enters and baits Gloria into taking over for the Blue Angel. When Max leaves, Tess tells her what the blue angel does. She's a stripper. Gloria doesn't think she can do that, but Monica tells her not to worry, to let God do the directing. When the time comes, and she's on the air, Gloria drops her trechcoat to reveal her angel garb and glow. She gives Max and entirely different kind of revelation than the ones he was expecting. She tells him it's never too late to do the right thing, and that he doesn't have to let his dreams die just because they didn't turn out how he thought they would. On the air, Max accepts this truth, and God, and admits that "TV didn't me, I ruined TV." With that said, he vows that from now on, he'll put out the best programming that he can. He throws away his cigarette's and begins his new life.moreless
    • Bar Mitzvah
      Bar Mitzvah
      Season 6 - Episode 18
      Ross Berger, an 83 year old owner of a successful chain of exercise gyms, credits his recovery from a stroke to his own physical strength and will. He considers himself a self-made man and believes religion is for the weak. Ross' son Alan, on the other hand, is a man of faith in God and a well-respected college professor who deeply values his Jewish heritage. Alan's son Aaron, who is preparing for his bar mitzvah, admires his grandfather's physical strength more than his father's spiritual faith. Monica and Tess agree to help Ross produce an exercise video for stroke victims, while Andrew tutors Aaron in Hebrew, teaching him the true meaning of the bar mitzvah, the acceptance of his new responsibilities as a man of God. Alan's wife Connie is worried about Ross' influence on Aaron, but is even more concerned about Alan's frequent dizzy spells, one of which results in a serious car accident. When Alan receives the news that he is dying from a rapidly growing brain tumor, he confides in Ross. Despite Alan's pleas to spend his final days with his family, Ross pledges to find better doctors and newer treatments, promising to fix the situation with his own resources. Soon after, Alan collapses and is taken to the hospital. Even while ill, Alan is concerned with Aaron's bar mitzvah, asking Ross to participate in the ceremony if he is unable. Ross agrees and also prays with Alan, but when Aaron oversees this, he believes his grandfather has weakened and has given up trying to save his father. When Andrew arrives as the Angel of Death, Alan realizes that his faith has been justified, and he dies in peace. Aaron is devastated and angry, both at God and at Ross for not saving Alan. Aaron refuses to proceed with the ceremony, citing his grandfather's belief that religion is for the weak as a reason, Meanwhile, Monica reveals to Ross that she is an angel, and encourages him to humble himself before God and accept his love. The next day at the ceremony, the rabbi announces that there will be no bar mitzvah. Ross then steps forward to state his desire to be bar mitzvah. Ross tells Aaron that he was wrong to believe in religion was for the weak and admits that Alan was right all along. Grandfather and grandson join each other in reading the Torah, embracing their Jewish faith and heritage.moreless
    • Pandora's Box
      Pandora's Box
      Season 6 - Episode 26
      The Radcliff family is a paradox of centuries. Mother, Kate, lives in the 19th Century, running an antique shop and avoiding technology as much as possible. Father, Charlie, lives in the 20th Century with his wide-screen TV and microwave. But Sarah, their 13 year-old daughter, and Millie, their kindergartner, live in the 21st Century, relying on the Internet to help them with their school projects. One night while researching Hawaii, Sarah stumbles onto a pornographic website. Charlie and Kate insist that she turn it off immediately, upset that this sort of material is so easily accessible. At the antique store, Kate meets Monica and they become fast friends. Meanwhile Tess, Millie's teacher, avoids Millie's questions about reproduction (her pet rabbit is pregnant) suggesting that her mom and dad will want to give her those answers. Kiki, Sarah's world-wise pal, takes her to the cyber cafe run by Andrew. At work, Charlie's co-worker shows him some porn sites on the web. Charlie is intrigued and, before he knows it, has spent an hour surfing these sites. When his boss catches him, he is forced to resign. Charlie tells Kate about being let go, but he lies, saying he was only on the sites for a minute. Despite this, Kate insists on getting rid of the computer. Charlie offers it to Andrew who agrees to rent it for the cafe. Charlie begins spending time there, preparing his resume. Sarah, furious that the computer is gone, spends time at Kiki's house surfing the web. They begin a webchat with "Dean16," who sends them his picture, he looks like a handsome teenaged boy. But as Sarah sends Dean her picture we learn that Dean is much, much older than he's portraying. Tess brings Millie home from school and talks to Kate and Charlie about Millie's questions. They agree to have a speak with her soon. When Kate talks to Monica about protecting her children from the Internet, Monica reminds her that it is important to equip children with the tools they need to protect themselves. Meanwhile, Sarah arranges to meet Dean face to face. Charlie admits hie lie to Kate, telling her he cannot get the images he's seen out of his head. This further affects Kate's hatred of technology. Later, Sarah meets Dean at a local park, At first she is nervous that he seems much older, but he sweet-talks her into believing he is only 19. She agrees to go back to his apartment. Monica and Andrew find Charlie and Kate and they reveal to them that they are angels. They tell them of the danger that Sarah is in. At Dean's apartment he quietly slips some drugs into Sarah's drink, and becomes upset when he claims she's not thirsty. As Sean moves to attack Sarah, Charlie and Andrew arrive. Dean attacks Andrew with a bat, but Andrew is able to stop him. In anger, Andrew smashes Dean's computer. Monica then delivers a message to the Radcliff family, that they have been the victims of and evil force. She also tells them that the Internet is an exciting gift from God but, like many of his gifts, it can be abused. That is why it is important to take precautions with the Internet. A few days later, Sarah unveils a new web page, for Kate's antique store! Charlie decides to start his own business too, managing the cyber cafe.moreless
    • Crisis of Faith
      Crisis of Faith
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      In a hospital emergency room, a team of medic labors furiously to resuscitate an accident victim. Monica and Tess observe unseen and are eventually joined by Andrew when it becomes apparent the patient cannot be revived. The angels reflect on the events that led to this tragedy.

      Their assignment had been to help Reverend Daniel Brewer open the Mount Calvary Teen Center. Posing as a building inspector, Monica could see that Tess and Andrew had performed admirably as the center's fund raiser and as counsellor for the crisis hot line, respectively. But as the angels prepared to leave, they received word from God that the assignment wasn't over. Despite a basketball injury, Daniel gave an uplifting speech at the center's dedication. But a cynical reporter barraged him with negative questions. Karen Gregg, the daughter of the church's accountant, approached the pastor to discuss a problem but was interrupted by the pushy journalist. Though Daniel made an appointment to counsel Karen the next day, she required immediate attention. His son, Luke spied her stealing money, while Tess tallied church funds. Luke walked the troubled girl home, where she stopped her swallowing a handful of pills. Realizing the Karen's situation was beyond his realm of expertise, Luke decided to drive her to his father. Irritated that his son was absent from the newspaper interview, Daniel drove to pick him up. On a dark, winding road, the cars collided.

      Back in the ER, Daniel awakens, confused by the chaos. He is stunned when his wife, Gloria informs him that Luke died in the accident. Overwhelmed by guilt, Daniel shuts himself off from her. Though Tess is able to comfort the grieving mother , the pastor vents his frustrations at God. When Daniel absents himself from the funeral. Andrew delivers the eulogy while Monica reveals herself to the distraught minister. She convinces him to forgive and carry on the work for God has for him. In so doing, he is able to counsel Karen, thereby finishing the task his son had started.moreless
    • The One That Got Away
      The One That Got Away
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      En route to a wedding in a picturesque mountain meadow, Monica meets an uninvited guest, Andrew, an Angel of Death whom Tess is well acquainted with. The angel's new assignment focuses on former law school classmates traveling via train to the nuptials. Mark Monfort and Susan Duplain rekindle their passion, having ended their relationship just before graduation. However, their friend, Lisa Magdaleno is still reeling from the suicide of her fiance, Doug who was expelled from law school for cheating. Mark had been unaware of his best friend's death and more importantly of his own involvement. Jealous that Doug received a clerkship she wanted, Susan tricked Mark into helping her change Doug's exam to make it look like he plagiarized it. With Andrew's assistance, Monica shows Mark that Susan's quest for power and prestige is out of control. After an intense confrontation with her, he turns to Lisa for comfort and support.moreless
    • The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways
      The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways
      Season 7 - Episode 12
      Monica and Andrew are planning a surprise party for Tess to show their appreciation. A new angel, Ronald, from Records and Permanent Files, shows up at the party hoping to meet Tess. The only problem is that Tess is running late and the hotel's banquet manager, Mr. Nalls, is pressuring them to move things along for the Chamber of Commerce banquet at five. Meanwhile, Tess, who is under the impression that Monica's in trouble, is having car problems, pulls into a diner/car repair station where a none-too-helpful cashier, Kelly, tells her she'll have to wait until Penny returns from a tow call. Meanwhile, back at the banquet room, Ronald tells Monica and Andrew about how he daydreams about helping people face to face. But he doesn't feel he has what it takes to be a caseworker. Tess, meanwhile, tries to get Kelly to help her, but Kelly insists she doesn't do favors, that anytime you do things for other people, you just get into trouble. As the 5 o'clock hour arrives with no sign of Tess, the Chamber of Commerce banquet starts moving in. While Ronald has a pretty good idea of who Tess is, Monica and Andrew try to fill in the blanks, such as Tess' gift for music. When then see that Tess is using that very gift to get through to Kelly. Kelly finally explains how her father ran into a burning house to save a man's life and they both died. Once Tess realizes that Kelly refuses to be swayed, she offers to give Kelly her beloved Cadillac if she'll just drive her where she needs to be. Tess finally arrives. Monica and Andrew explain how they've spent the entire afternoon talking about her and how they've come to realize even more how much she means to them. They then present her with her gift, a beautiful hood ornament for her car. Tess introduces Kelly, when Ronald suddenly recognizes her last name. Ronald pulls Monica aside so that she can deliver God's message. With a little help push from Monica, Ronald reveals himself as an angel (along with Monica, Andrew and Tess). He tells Kelly that her father was a brave man and that while two people died that day, one little boy's life was saved, the man who is being honored this evening as Man of the Year, Brandon White. Brandon White then steps up to the podium to deliver his acceptance speech. He speaks of the perfect stranger (Kelly's father) who gave his life for his and explains how he dedicated himself to be deserving of the second chance he received.moreless
    • Venice
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      Tess and Monica arrive in Montana to help the elderly Annie Doyle reconcile her life before she loses her failing eyesight. Offering to help Annie with her daily errands, Monica escorts her to the weekly bingo game at church where Annie admits that the only reason she plays bingo is to "tick off " her nosy neighbors, Emily, Russell and Markus. After winning at bingo, Annie and Monica return to the house where Emily explains that she has always wanted to see Venice. Monica thinks this is her mission and offers to take Annie to Venice but not before Annie realizes that her sight is really gone. Dr. Waldron arrives to say that Annie has been losing her sight for a long time, but like the other townspeople, he seems unsympathetic. Crushed by the loss of her eyesight, Annie tells Monica to get out of her house. Tess encourages Monica, explaining that God wants Annie to see the truth about her life. Monica returns to Annie and asks to be her friend. Annie then explains that her husband, Tommy, died the day after they were married thirty-five years earlier and the town has blamed her for his death ever since. Annie met Tommy while the town was financing his medical schooling. Tommy promised to return to the town and practice medicine, but he was bitter and did not want to live in such a backward area. On the day of the wedding, Annie and Tommy wrecked the car into the local river and Tommy saw the chance to escape his duty by faking his death. He vowed to keep contact with Annie, leaving her in town to verify the story. After a few correspondences, Tommy stopped writing and Annie was left to deal with the town. Annie knew how much the town favored Tommy and did not want to reveal him for the scoundrel he was. As a result, the town had blamed her for his death and even questioned whether or not she had orchestrated the accident. The truth finally known, the angels then confront the townspeople, enlisting them to help ensure that Annie's dream of seeing Venice would become a reality. With the angels' help, the rest of them recreate the sounds and smells of Venice in the local YMCA pool and Monica shows Annie to her gondola where she is transported, if only in her mind, to the Venice of her dreams.moreless
    • The Word
      Season 9 - Episode 4
      Monica becomes a substitute teacher for a class "resource students." Their learning disabilities and health problems have aggravated a number or subs and none of the temporary teachers have stuck around. One student especially needs her help. Her name is Charlee, and she has obsessive compulsive disorder. As a result of her disorder, she is constantly plagued with worry. Before class she checks her locker numerous times to make sure it is locked. Later on, she thinks the air dirty and after a few minutes, she gets so worked up that she has trouble breathing and is sent to the nurse's office. The nurse, Tess, tries comfort her, but Charlee insists on going home, and her father, Rolando, agrees to come get her. However, in order to do that, he must sign a release form though he has trouble locating the signature line. Rolando can't read. With this realization, the angels decide that Charlee is not only the assignment here. They go to visit Rolando that evening, in part to talk about Charlee and how she can keep up in school, and in part to confront him about his illiteracy. As soon as the subject arises, Rolando is on the defensive. He denies having a problem and asks Monica and Andrew to leave, which they do. Charlee meanwhile is still panicked from her OCD episode earlier that day, so Rolando goes to the pharmacist to pick up her new medicine. When he gets home and Charlee once again gets too worked up to breath, he gives her the pills. The problem is, he can't read the instructions, only the number "4", so instead of giving her one pill every four hours, he gives her four at once, causing an overdose. At the hospital, Gloria, who is working as a social worker, reports the incident to social services, and Rolando finally realizes the harm his illiteracy can cause. When a letter from Social Services is hand delivered to Rolando, he rushes to the hospital to have Charlee read it. She does and discovers that she is going to be taken into foster care. Rolando takes her out of the hospital and tries to run. He has no intention of giving up his daughter, but no plans of where to go. On a deserted road outside of town he is stopped by the angels, who give him a glimpse of a miracle of reading as well as a revelation. He agrees to learn and Charlee agrees to teach him. When he is granted a hearing with social services, he will be able tp prove to them that he'll do whatever is required to keep his daughter.moreless
    • Angels Anonymous
      Season 8 - Episode 10
      Andrew, acting as a marriage counselor, sends Yvette and Peter there when they have trouble talking anything but work. Monica catches the eye of Michael, a lonely paramedic, and leads him on a wild goose chase ending at Bubba's. Tess sends Leigh and her "I'm the Boss" husband Jimmy to the dive in order to squeeze lunch into their thoroughly planned outing. And Karen, a lawyer who has lost her sense of purpose, is stranded in the Polynesian nightmare when a bad client, a flat tire, and returning angel Rafael combine to alter her day. As they become aware of each other and gravitate toward a single table, they catch up on the years gone by, and make the startling discover that their former teacher Dave Price is bussing their table. Dave denies his identity at first, hating what he's become, and despising what he is about to do. He has agreed to help Bubba, the owner, burn the place down in exchange for a chunk of the insurance money. He figures if he can dodge his students and forget the good man he used to be , he'll be able to go through with the arson. But after some prodding by Gloria, Dave admits who he is and how he got there. Soon the former students teach the about life, and tell him of the differences he made in theirs. Dave tells Bubba he won't do it, and reconciles with himself and his past. The meeting puts balance back into Leigh's marriage, gives Yvette and Peter something to talk about, and reconciles lost lovers Michael and Karen. Everyone is better off from their visit to Bubba and none of them knew the part the angels played in their lives.moreless
    • The Sign of the Dove
      The Sign of the Dove
      Season 7 - Episode 21
      Andrew runs into a colleague, fellow Angel of Death, Adam, while spending his "day off" in Richmond, Virginia visiting the Mason family, a family he's had the privilege of following over many generations. Andrew occupies a special place in the Mason family, so much so that they've dedicated a special chair in his honor. Adam and Andrew stop in for a non-alcoholic beverage at the Mason family tavern, The Sign of the Dove, which is managed by Ben Mason, an affable young man who is to be married that evening. While Andrew and Adam talk shop, one of angel of death to another, Monica tries to get through to her assignment, Nicholas Freeman, a hard-working man own owns the print shop next door, which is being edged out by the competition. Driven to drastic measures to provide for his family, Nicholas is planning to blow up his print shop so his family can collect the insurance. While recounting his experiences with the Mason family, Andrew sees a dove on the window sill, a sign that Ben is going to die today, bringing an end to the Mason family lineage. Andrew tells Adam how The Sign of the Dove served as an underground railroad back in the 1850's. He relates the story of how Ben's ancestors staged a fake funeral to help a runaway slave escape to freedom. That night, the newly freed man changed his name Mason Freeman, accidentally leaving behind a fifty-cent piece which is now displayed in a frame behind the bar. Tess then shows up and explains that Andrew has been reassigned to assist Monica and that Adam will be following Ben. Monica tries to persuade Nicholas to think about what he's doing, but he is resolved, convinced that he's worth more to family dead than alive. He assures Monica that the explosion will happen while everyone's at the church, so that nobody will get hurt but himself. Andrew takes some solace in the fact that Ben has left the tavern in time to avoid getting hurt. But Monica and Adam remind Andrew that Ben left behind the Mason family Bible, a register of births, deaths, and marriages over generations, something he will sure to return for. Monica finally relinquishes her assignment to Andrew, but when she introduces Nicolas by his full name, Andrew realizes the reason they were brought together. Andrew takes Nicholas back to the tavern and explains his place in history as Mason Freeman's descendant, showing the coin his ancestor left behind. Monica explains the coin was a symbol of hope that God would always provide a way and that the Mason family has saved this coin all these years, waiting to return it to its rightful heir. His faith restored, Nicholas rushes to disarm the explosives with moments to spare. At the wedding reception, Andrew takes Ben aside and explains the history that links his past with Nicholas Freeman.moreless
    • Miles to Go Before I Sleep
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      When Andrew arrives at the hospital to escort an elderly Mr. Richards to heaven, he makes Andrew promise to help someone else in the hospital, someone whose soul is dying. Mr. Richards directs Andrew to the bible he is leaving behind which, he insists, will answer Andrew's questions. Andrew meets up with Monica and Tess who are at the hospital to minister to the patients, but no one knows the whereabouts of Mr. Richards bible. Complicating matters, Rita Lasky, a terminally ill woman with no will to live, claims to have seen the Angel of Death and that it told her to "hurry up and die." Monica tells Rita God would never someone to give up, and that if an angel says something that is not from God, then it's not an angel. Meanwhile, Andrew is caring for John Monroe, a young man with brain cancer, who has faith that he will be miraculously healed. Arthur Bowers, a kind hearted orderly, tells John about Rita's angel-sighting and insists that there is an angel in the hospital. When Rita wakes up from her medicated sleep, she rebuffs Monica's attempt to convince her that the angel is a fraud. Before the rumor can settle, John Monroe claims to have been visited by the Angel of Death, who told him not to be afraid of his imminent death. Andrew pleads with John not to give up on life but John is convinced that he will die in the surgery. As the patients' will to live dwindles, Tess continues to search for the missing bible, hoping for some clue as to the identity of the pseudo-angel. Monica questions the skeptical head nurse, Jo, who denies having anything to do with the angel. Monica goes to Rita and reveals herself as a real angel as Rita professes her need to speak to her estranged sister. Tess finds the shredded bible in a dumpster, and as the angels sift through the pages, the "Angel of Death" visits John again. The angels chase the false angel, revealing that is was really Arthur Bowers in a costume. Arthur tries to escape, but Andrew is everywhere he turns, finally revealing his identity. Andrew gives him the verse from Mr. Richards Bible. "I will seek that which is lost and return that which was driven away." Andrew questions Arthur about his troubled past, and takes Arthur home tot make amends with his estranged mother. He explains to his mother that, years ago, he left Toby, his late brother, alone on the day he died and has since been suffering from guilt, trying to fix everyone but himself. Arthur's mother forgives him but tells him he must forgive himself. Arthur admits his false identity to John Monroe and introduces Andrew as the real Angel of Death. Andrew asks John to cling on to life and John enters surgery with a hopeful attitude. Monica helps Rita make peace with her sister before Andrew delivers her to heaven.moreless
    • Mother's Day
      Mother's Day
      Season 6 - Episode 25
      Celine sits at the grave of her friend Petey Carmichael giving him an update of the things that have happened since his death. She tells Petey that his mother, Audrey, hasn't been doing too well since he left, she refuses to compose music and she drinks frequently. Celine asks Petey if he can send some angels to help her. Tess and Monica reminisce about Audrey. Tess tells Monica that Audrey hasn't forgiven them for helping her day goodbye to her Petey. Since Audrey refuses to see Tess, Monica, and Andrew, another angel, Emma is assigned to Audrey. Emma, a very fastidious angel, rents a room from Audrey and immediately begins spring cleaning the cluttered house. Meanwhile, Andrew is assigned to Liz, a tough and demanding radio talk show host who has lost a child, though may years ago. Andrew proposes a series of radio shows on addiction. At the same time, Monica begins to appear in Audrey's dreams, repeating the phrase, "That's what makes you strong." The next day, Audrey begins to sing a song called, "That's What Makes You Strong" but cannot remember how she knows the tune. As she sings, Emma quietly turns on the tape recorder. Later, Celine tells Tess that her family is moving and she won't be able to take care of Audrey anymore. Tess reveals to Celine that she and Emma are angels, and tells her that they'll all have to work together to help Audrey. That night, Celine hears the recording and calls in to Liz's talk show about alcoholism in hopes of finding help for Audrey. Celine plays some of Audrey's songs over the radio, but quickly hangs up when Audrey enters. Liz is shocked to hear the song, she wrote it years ago, sending her home in tears. Liz begins to ask her listeners for more information on Celine. Celine's father calls in to the program and speaks with Liz. The next morning, Liz and Andrew arrive at Audrey's house, and Liz tells Audrey she is her mother. Audrey wants nothing to do with her, believing that Liz abandoned her years ago. Liz explains that her father kidnapped Audrey soon after they divorced and Liz has been searching for her ever since. Nonetheless, Audrey is unable to forgive Liz for not being around to help her through Petey's death. Monica reveals that Petey is with God. Monica tells Audrey that she has to give him the pieces of her broken heart and he will restore her. Monica reminds her he sends a mother. Liz tells Audrey that she is also an alcoholic and that she knows what it is like to lose a child, she will help her on the difficult road ahead. As the angels watch, Liz and Audrey celebrate Mother's Day at Petey's grave by singing a duet of "That's What Makes You Strong."moreless
    • The Impossible Dream
      The Impossible Dream
      Season 8 - Episode 20
      Reggie Hunter has the voice of an angel and the love of his family. Unfortunately, he hasn't had the courage to sing in over 25 years. Instead he works as a janitor at his former high school, even though he was once good enough to audition for Berry Gordy of Motown Records. Every Sunday, he, his Aunt Charlotte, his brother Martin, and his sister Eleanor sit down to supper with the rest of their family. It is a family tradition that they have kept throughout their lives, missing only once for thier parents funeral. On this particular Sunday, news of Aunt Charlotte's impending retirement makes its way around the table, distressing Reggie. The only reason he can even tolerate his job is because Aunt Charlotte teaches choir at the school. The thought of her leaving upsets him so much, that he leaves the table. On Monday, Reggie goes unhappily back to work at the school, breaking in a new janitor, Andrew. Meanwhile at Detroit Metro Bank, Martin hires Monica as a new loan officer, counting on her to take his place when he is promoted to Vice-President. He brings her along with him when he speaks at the high school's career day. During the course of his speech, he sticks up for Reggie, who is seen as a faillure by the kids. When Martin returns to the bank, he is confronted by Mr. Stoeckner, an investigator from the Michigan Bank Examiner's Office. A man that Martin approved a loan for is being charged with investment fraud. Tess, who has been working as the new interim choir director, puts together a meeting to plan Charlotte's retirement party. Eleanor suggests a barbeque, but Charlotte isn't interested. Finally, Reggie suggests a concert, performed by some of her former students. Eleanor thinks it's a good idea, and that Reggie should sing. Charlotte promises to give it some thought. The following Sunday she has decided, she wants to have the concert and she wants Reggie to sing. Before he can object, lunch is interrupted by Mr. Stoeckner and a federal marshall. Martin is under arrest. In an attempt to raise bail money Reggie attempts to sell the 1914 Steinway piano that his mother left him. Charlotte stops him, caving in and finally telling him the truth about his audition with Berry Gordy. He had wanted to sign him, but Martin said he wasn't interested because he wanted to go to college. Reggie goes to the jail and fumes at Martin, accusing himi of ruining his life. When next he tries to sell the piano, to get the money to move out, Andrew and Tess appear and speak to him of lost dreams and the importance of family. Reggie forgives Martin and new evidence clears him of all charges. When the family is reunited, the concert is on, and Reggie sings once again with the voice of an angel.moreless
    • Lost and Found
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      Monica and Tess are assigned to Detective Frank Champness at the Centre for Missing Children. Champness is very good at his job, but is haunted by his failures, the children who have died or have simply never been found. Andrew, is also taking his shift at the centre. Andrew is intrigued by computers, and shows Monica how computer simulated age progression works. Monica discovers that Kathleen, is Frank's new girlfriend, and is pushing him to the breaking point. She distracts him from his cases and undermines all the good he has done for missinig children, pushing him close to quitting his job. In a dueling revelation scene, Monica defeats Kathleen and brings Frank back back from the influence of evil. Then, with the help of Andrew's age progression expertise, Monica helps him solve a 15 year old missing child case.moreless
    • Great Expectations
      Great Expectations
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      Bill McNabb, a cappuccino machine salesman, arrives with his pregnant wife, Joanne at Juliano's Coffee Shop where Andrew is acting as temporary manager. While Bill tries to sell the "newest and best" machine to Andrew. Joanne confirm their plans to give a baby shower for friends at the coffee shop later that evening. Having overheard the discussion of babies. Monica introduces herself as a lamaze teacher and invites Joanne to attend a class. Bill and Joanne then go to a doctor's appointment and learn that their baby is going to be born with Down Syndrome. Bill immediately mentions "alternatives" to having the baby and tells Joanne not to tell anyone about the diagnosis until they decide what to do. At the baby shower, a bus boy with Down Syndrome, Taylor, breaks dishes while avoiding a small child and this prompts Bill to tell Joanne that their baby "is not a miracle" but rather "a mistake." Joanne temporarily gives in, going to a community clinic but is unable to go through with an abortion. She then continues her pregnancy alone while the angels try to convince Bill to come to reason. At Andrew's urging, Bill begins to reconcile with Joanne but is unable to accept the child. Tess tells him that perfect souls do not come in perfect bodies and that "it's not the packaging but the parenting" that will make a difference in a child's life. As Bill is servicing a cappuccino machine, Andrew contiinues to try and reson with Bill, then a kid walks in a pulls a gun and begins robbing the place. As he is exiting, Joanne enters and Bill tries to take the gun from the theif, she gets shot. At the hospital, the doctor tells Bill that Joanne may not make it and asks him to give consent to operate to save the baby. Bill is torn when Taylor reveals himself as an angel. He tells Bill that fear is worse than down Syndrome and that he should not be afraid of ruining his life by having the child or not having enough love to give. Bill signs the consent form and prays for his wife's and son. Tess soon brings his healthy son into his arms. Joanne continues to fight, eventually stabilizing and the family are united in love.moreless
    • Portrait of Mrs. Campbell
      Season 2 - Episode 20
      The women in Naval officer, Neil Campbell's life do not get along. His mother Marian and his pregnant wife April seem to be competing fir his love. After he goes out to sea, Monica enters their life as an artist commissioned to paint a "portrait of Mrs. Campbell". We learn that Marian is desperately in need of a bone marrow transplant and Neil cannot return home from sea. As the situation worsens, April volunteers to donate marrow despite her pregnancy. At this point we come to know the secret that Marian has been hiding for entire life, that she has a mentally challenged son, Tommy, who has been raised in facilities all of his life. Although Marian has always loved and cared for her son, she was encouraged by her parents to give him up as punishment for the sinful behavior that conceived him. As Marian's health worsens, Tommy emerges as the only viable bone marrow donor and, with the help of Andrew, the operation is arranged and is successful. April gives birth to a healthy baby girl and the entire family is united with the return of Neil. Monica's painting is then revealed to be a portrait of the whole family.moreless
    • The Face on the Bar Room Floor
      The Face on the Bar Room Floor
      Season 7 - Episode 1
      High atop a New York penthouse, Tess entertaining at a society party hosted by bon vivant Everett Clay when his octogenarian father Benjamin, who still runs the family business, makes a surprise appearance to chastise his son and grandson about their wasteful ways. The following morning, Benjamin tells Everett the Bible story of the prodigal son who squanders his fortune. Benjamin reminds Everett that his great grandfather started this company carving handmade buttons and that he's being disinherited to learn the importance of self-reliance and hard work, handing him a framed deerskin jacket, with buttons carved by his great grandfather. Angry and penniless, Everett busts the frame, when Tess appears in her Cadillac, offering Everett a ride to Colorado, where some friends of his had invited him to stay. Before long, they arrive in Central City, the mining town that was in its heydey at the turn of the century. They stop at the historic Teller House saloon where Everett notices a portrait of a woman's face painted on the barroom floor. Tess tells Everett some of the folklore surrounding the fabled portrait, then goes on to tell him its connection to his great grandfather, Jack Clay. It turns out that the woman whose likeness appeared on the barroom floor worked at the saloon and was friends with Jack Clay. Tess recounts the story of how Jack has come to Central City to hawk his miracle elixir, preaching its curative powers with the conviction of an evangelist. Jack loses a game of poker to a known con man named Barkley Stubbs, who not only left town with Everett's horse and gun, but a bag full of handcarved buttons he made for his wife. With Monica and Andrew as his guides, Jack tracks Barkley to a remote mountaintop and finds him unearthing a treasure. Jack holds Barkley at gunpoint to hand over the treasure. Monica tries to talk Jack out of it when Barkley makes a move for the gun. A struggle ensues and the gun goes off, wounding Barkley. Physically unable to reach the nearest hospital, Barkley prepares to meet his Maker. But before he does, he advises Jack to put his button-making skills to use and gives Jack the map to find his way back to Central City. Tess explains that Jack left the treasure intact, taking only his due. Realizing what this means, Everett searches the deerskin jacket, finds the treasure map and returns to the spot to unearth the treasure his great grandfather buried over a hundred years ago. But when he opens it, he is flabbergasted to find a lone button, the button that came off during the struggle between his great grandfather and Barkely Stubbs. When Everett realizes he'd come all this way for naught, Everett goes into cardiac arrest. He's rushed to the hospital and while the doctors work on reviving his body, Monica goes to work on his soul. With Monica's help, Everett finally comes to understand the lesson his father had been trying to impart. When Everett regains consciousness, he calls his father to apologize and to assure him that he's coming home a changed man.moreless
    • The Show Must Not Go On
      The Show Must Not Go On
      Season 9 - Episode 19
      There's a lot to be said for a theater founded solely to celebrate children, but there is more to be said about a theater that, after 50 years, leases to do so. This is the case for the Egyptian Theater, a little community playhouse, that has aged with it's owner, Ben Horner. As the neighborhood grew dirtier and more dangerous, Ben grew more jaded. He began to view the children of the community as the enemy, and now his little theater is in shambles; frequently tagged by grafitti and filled with self-important, part-time thespians. This is how things stand when the angels arrive with a camera tot document the 50th anniversary of the Egyptian. Never one to mince words, Tess almost immediately confronts Ben, revealing herself as an angel and pointing him back in the direction of his roots. She wants him to write a new song for the 50th anniversary show, something to set the tone for the next 50 years. Ben is inspired. He can already hear the song, and excitedly tells Wally, his all purpose technician all about it. Just as he begins to write through, he suffers a fatal heart attack. Now the documentarian style reviews take on a somber tone, or they would if the regular cast members weren't so full of themselves. But even they must put aside their egos and elect a new artistic director for the theater. At first they all vote for themselves, but unable t otrust each other they finally opt for the lesser of four evils, Wally. Who as it happens, is the ideal choice. He takes charge right away, surprising even himself. His first order of business is to tell off the juvenile delinquents who continue to vandalize the theater with their cans of spray paint. This of course, backfires. The morning after Wally's warning, the cast and crew find the inside of the theater trashed. with tags like "punks rule" sprayed on the walls. All seems lost. But soon with the help pf a few angels, they begin to see that the only way to truly save the theater, is to bring the children back in. And the way to do that, is with a truly memorable anniversary show, dedicated to the memory of Ben Horner. With Tess and Wally shaping the show together, the show is a fantastic success and it seems that the Egyptian will live on with another generation of theater lovers.moreless
    • Children of the Night
      Children of the Night
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      While Tess and Monica work at a inner-city coffee shop, they see their next assignment, a group of homeless teenagers who have given up their real names to avoid being returned to the families that they no longer trust. Doc, Lightning, China, and the missing Fish have formed a family and soon take in a young girl who is new to the street, changing her real name from Alexandra to "Ally." Losing their current shelter and trusting no one, the kids go to a junkyard where Rafael, offers to let them build a shelter in exchange for watching over the place. When all the collective money of the group is gone, China takes to the streets to earn money as a prostitute. As she gets into a car, the missing "Fish" is dying in the care of Andrew. Afterward, Monica and Andrew begin to lose heart while Tess and Rafael urge them to be patient and "not push so hard." China continues to dream of being a poet, writing in her treasured journal while Doc's cough worsens. Ally burns her her remaining pictures from home and begins to panhandle as Lightning begins to develop a drug problem. After China loses her journal, Monica finds it and returns it to her on the street, convincing her to meet her at the coffee shop. China is then found by Andrew, dying from a beating by one of her customers. Monica blames herself for not being a better angel, holding China's journal. Rafael reveals himself to Doc, asking him to trust in God. No longer succeeding with her panhandling, Ally puts on makeup and attempts to follow in China's footsteps. Monica tells her that China is dead and shows her that "it's never too late to apologize," but rather just in time. As Ally prepares to leave on her bus ride home, Doc stops by for a brief goodbye as he and Rafael leave for the hospital. Lightning is dumbfounded that Ally is leaving but she prepares him for the revelation he is about to have in the presence of Tess, Monica and Andrew. "Do you believe in God, Lightning? You will."moreless
    • Chutzpah
      Season 8 - Episode 5
      After Monica leaves Gloria alone at a Portland bus stop, Gloria learns about the Jewish people...from 3 skinheads. A short time after that, Gloria meets Sam Silverstein. Sam is a sofer, a Jewish man who hand-makes the Torah, the holy scripture. Sam is amazed that Gloria does not know the truth about the holocaust and encourages her to learn about it. Monica gets a job at the Portland Daily News as an editorial writer, where she works with Sam's daughter, Rachel "Silver." Rachel is the paper's editorial cartoonist but her job is in jeopardy because it isn't edgy enough. Monica also notices Rachel's extensive "personal collection" of cartoons depiciting her father and the Jewish faith in unflattering light. When Rachel invites Monica over to the family dinner to be her "human shield" Monica quickly learns how deep the wounds are between Sam and Rachel. The next day, Rachel puts one of the "personal jabs" in the paper and immediately her panel, "Chutzpah!" is the hit of Portland. She is thrilled that now she even receives fan mail. However, as her popularity grows, so do the number of Jewish people she offends. Monica writes an editorial criticizing her cartoon and the local rabbi asks Sam to stop Rachel. God reveals to Monica the key turning point in Sam and Rachel's relationship: When Rachel was 9 years old, she wrote and colored a Torah on construction paper and presented it to her father. Sam, being determined to follow the letter of the law, chastised Rachel by saying "There are no pictures in the Torah, and besides, girls are not allowed to make them." Now, the rift has gotten deep between them that Sam leads a protest of "Chutzpah!" in front of The Portland Daily News and disowns his daughter on the evening news. The next day, Gloria goes to the holocaust museum and discovers the truth of the atrocity. She is humbled that Sam did not get angry at her ignorance, but encouraged her to seek the truth. She goes to Sam to make a personal apology to him for the offensive things she said to him at the bus stop. At the same time, Rachel receives a call from a reader who tells her that she "won't have to worry about the protester" after tonight. When Sam and Gloria arrive at the synagogue, they doscpver the three skinheads vandalizing the place. Then the vandals turn their bats and knives on Sam and Gloria, however, Gloria reveals herself as an angel, "God made me, He made you, He made Sam. He made us all, He's the father of us all...that makes this man your brother, not your enemy!" The skinheads are incredulouos and then threaten Gloria, but at that moment Andrew appears among them and addresses the skinheads. He tells them to turn from their anger before it's too late. He also tells them that they will be caught and pay the price for their crimes. As they try and escape, the police arrive and arrest then, but the damage has been done, they destroyed the synagogue' Torah and have beaten Sam, breaking both of his hands. Monica and Rachel arrive and find Sam crumpled on the floor. Rachel realizes that her personal attacks on him and the Jewish people was the catalyst for these attacks. She and Sam reconcile and ask for forgiveness for the years of hostile pride. Sam, with his hands still bandaged, happily lets Rachel help him complete the family Torah in front of everyone in the synagogue on the Sabbath.moreless
    • The Sixteenth Minute
      Season 9 - Episode 2
      Ed Gold is an under appreciated underwriter for Brewster Financial Services, and he's in a rut. His bills are behind, his paperboy keeps throwing the morning edition into the sprinklers, and he feels like a nobody. To top it all off, his wife, Gwen wants him to ask for a raise. He knows he won't get it, but he's revolved himself to asking. His boss, Mr. Norris, is even less eager to help him, than he is to remember Ed's name. But with a little angelic intervention, in the form of Monica as the PR person, Norris is only too eager to show his willingness to invest in his employees. And as his boss goes off to put in a request with payroll, Ed feels like a new man. To celebrate, heads home to spend his lunch hour with Gwen. Near the side of the road, and deep in the earth, a silver mine is set to collapse. As its support buckle, a dog breaks away from tis owner, chasing the sound off the stressed supports once he's in the mine, his owner Marla has no choice but go in after him, cutting short her afternoon run. But now that she's inside, the mine grows even more unsettled and Marla makes a mistake. She leans against one of the beams to steady herself, causing a cave-in. When the dust settles, she's trapped under the debris with no help in sight. Unseen, However, Andrew waits with her. On his way home, Ed sees a dog, barking madly, outside of an abandoned mine. He eventually grasps the situation and calls 911. As he waits for help to arrive, he becomes more frantic about the person trapped inside, and with only a moments hesitation, he hurries inside to lend a hand. Once he finds Marla, though, another cave-in begins and Ed must throw his shoulder into a beam to keep it from falling. He feels that hehas to stay that way until help arrives, despite Marla's assurances that there's an angel with them. He doesn't believe her, and maintains his Herculean for five and a half hours. By the time the rescue is complete, Ed is a bonafide hero, and Marla is forgotten. As the days pass and Ed's fame grows, Marla loses her leg and begins physical therapy. The man that Ed was, the kind that who would risk himself for others, changes into a glory hound, too concerned with his image to actually do things to help others, and too self involved to notice anyone else. He spends his days on the phone, trying to keep on top of his celebrity status or convincing Monica to set up appearances for him. He neglects his marriage, and ignores his job. And as his fame begins to fade, he becomes even more frantic to resurrect it, so much that he tries to use Marla's misfortune to his advantage, and fails to keep Gwen from walking out on him. When he hits the bottom of the barrel, he heads back to the mine to challenge the Angel that Marla insisted was there. Andrew appears with Monica and help Ed to realize that he was a good man before, and his desire to help a stranger was more valuable than fame ever could be. Sobered, Ed heads back to the hospital, where he apologizes to Marla and reconciles with his wife.moreless
    • The Penalty Box
      Season 7 - Episode 19
      Star hockey player, Jeff McHenry, a senior at the exclusive St. Crispin's prep school enjoys the privileged lifestyle afforded to him by his father's wealth. With his team on the heels of the playoffs and his father's financial support to attend Harvard, Jeff's future seems secure. Jeff's arrogance fuels rivalry with teammate, Chase Jennings, and draws alliances from both on and off the ice rink. When Jeff's substitute History teacher, Andrew, tries to teach his class about the St. Crispin's Day speech from Shakespeare's Henry V, it is clear that Jeff has never understood or practiced the humility that made Henry V a great leader. Jeff's mettle is tested when a bad investment bankrupts his father. Jeff painfully accepts his transfer to a public school, but is allayed by his father's assurance that his college tuition is safe. Jeff's adjustment to the socially and economically diverse Eastside High proves to be a difficult one. He refuses Monica's invitation, as the interim hockey coach, to join the team. His disparaging remarks about the last placed team, alienates the players. That night, Jeff attends a St. Crispin's house party and discovers that he is no longer part of that social circle. Even more distressing, is the circulating news that his father's financial troubles have forced him to tap into his college fund. Realizing his need for an athletic scholarship, Jeff joins the Eastside team in the hopes of impressing a Harvard scout. Jeff's rigorous and punishing practices are in opposition with Monica's good-natured coaching. Monica questions Jeff's incessant determination to go to Harvard and learns that it is part of his fulfillment of his deceased mother's dream. Jeff dismisses Monica's advice that his character determines who he is, not the name of his school rival. At last the game of the year, Eastside vs. St. Crispin, Jeff faces off with his school rival, Chase. Jeff tells his teammates that their only chance of winning is for him to shoulder the offense. Jeff's talents and selfish play are unable to overcome the dominating St. Crispin's team. With only a few minutes left and Eastside is being shut out 3-0, Jeff's frustration mounts. When Chase insults Jeff, a fight erupts and the two players receive penalties. A defeated Jeff buries his face in his hands only to look up to discover the entire arena has come to a standstill. Monica reveals herself as an angel and tells Jeff that although investments go bad and plans change, God's love for him is constant. Monica tells Jeff that even though he made a promise to his dying mother, his mother is at peace in God's presence. But this game is Jeff's chance to prove that he is a true leader. The arena becomes active and Jeff is released from the penalty box. He apologizes to his teammates and inspires them with a version of the St. Crispin's day speech. Tess and Andrew, spectators at the game, direct the Harvard scout's attention to Jeff. Working as a team, Eastside is able to score two quick goals. Their efforts fall short as time expires before the tying goal reaches past the goal line. Despite the loss, Jeff's leadership skills impress the scout, who suggests that there might be an available scholarship for him next semester.moreless
    • God Bless the Child
      God Bless the Child
      Season 7 - Episode 7
      14 year-old Charnelle Bishop tells her grandmother that she's going to the museum for an essay she has to write about "finding a piece of yourself in history." But she's really going there to buy drugs from her dealer, Lamont. Monica tries to form a bond with Charnelle through her love of music, but Charnelle is wary of Monica. Monica catches Charnelle in the bathroom lighting up a joint and refuses to give it back until she begins her homework assignment. Monica tells Charnelle the story of how Billie Holiday fought her own battle against drugs. In flashback, we return to a Greenwhich Village speakeasy in 1939 where Billie Holiday is performing, with Andrew auditioning to be her pianist. But Charnelle isn't interested in hearing about love songs, she likes music that tells the truth. Monica resumes the story of how Billie Holiday reacted when she first read the lyrics to the song "Strange Fruit." the first song to tell the truth about lynching of African Americans. Monica persuades Charnelle to enter the exhibit of lynching photographs on display at the museum, but after viewing them, Charnelle is surprisingly unmoved. Charnelle meets with Lamont in the lobby, asking him for something stronger. Aware that Charnelle's brother died of a drug overdose, Monica asks why she hasn't learned from his death. As Monica resumes Billie's story, Andrew is eventually able to persuade Billie to sing the song, but she pleads with Andrew to get her the drugs to give her the strength. But Charnelle is impatient with Monica's story and grabs the joint out of her hands. She turns a corner and runs into a security guard, who discovers the joint and calls her grandmother to pick her up. As she waits, Monica resumes her story, with Billie in worse shape, craving drugs, when Andrew's "connection" arrives and it's Tess. But Tess isn't there to push drugs, she's there to push God. Georgia arrives at the museum security office, demanding an explanation from her granddaughter. On hearing of the lynching photographs, Georgia forces Charnelle to view them with her. Georgia asks Charnelle to describe what she sees, when to Charnelle's surprise, her grandma starts describing the scene from memory, because the man in the photograph was her brother, Earl. Georgia explains how Earl was not only her brother, but her teacher and her best friend. He taught her to read and when her birthday came around, he worked extra hard to buy her a gift, which his employer falsely accused him of stealing. The gift was her Bible which she is never without and became the source of her strength. Monica resumes Billie Holidays story as she summons the courage to sing "Strange Fruit" before a live audience. After the song, there is complete silence until finally, the sound of one person applauding, followed by the thunderous applause of the entire audience. Monica reveals herself as an angel and urges her to learn from her brother's mistakes and choose life and turn her back on drugs. Monica encourages Charnelle to hold on to her dream, and to write her essay, and tell the truth for her generation as Billie did for hers. When Lamont returns with the drugs, Charnelle takes the first step, telling him she's changed her mind.moreless
    • The Invitation
      The Invitation
      Season 7 - Episode 3
      Rick and Annie Higuerra are expecting their first child and struggle to keep their debts. Annie, seven months pregnant, is undeterred by her husband's suggestion to cancel their Halloween party in a few days. The angels make their own preparations as Tess alerts Monica to Satan's presence in town. Monica, unseen, keeps vigil outside the Higuerra's apartment. Monica confronts Satan, in the form of a lion, but is resolved to protect Rick and Annie, causing the lion to retreat. Rick and Annie are awakened the next day by their new neighbor, Tess, singing the hymn "When You Can't Move The Mountain." Monica, working as a manicurist at Annie's salon, meets two of Annie's clients Millie and Clara, and a wayward 13 year-old boy, Dennis, who finds a set of tarot cards in an old box of decorations. Monica fears that Annie's interest in the cards is part of Satan's plans. Meanwhile, Rick tends bar in a scarcely populated lounge, his only regular is Cal, a bookie. Andrew, working as a plumber, is suspicious of Cal's presence. Later that night, Rick is unwilling to entertain Annie's prediction that "Three" is his lucky number. Annie's next prediction apparently comes true when they receive an unexpected check in the mail for $4500. Annie reports her success to the delight of Clara, who requests a reading. Despite Monica's admonitions, Annie obliges Clara. Distressed over her foreboding reading, Clara rushes outside, too preoccupied to notice an oncoming truck. She is nearly run over, but is pushed at the last moment by Monica. The truck's logo, as envisioned in Annie's reading, seems to validate the tarot cards. Cal hears of Rick's newfound fortune and tries to convince him to gamble it. Encouraged by Dennis's account of how Annie's cards can foretell the future, Rick wagers the $4500 on a horse named "Three by Three", believing it to be the one foretold the night before. Rick is wreaked with guilt for risking their savings and concealing it from his wife. Rick blames his restlessness on Tess' singing and rudely confronts her, leading to Tess' departure. It is Halloween and Monica is disheartened by the power the tarot cards hold over these people's lives. Millie is despondent finding out "an old enemy returns with death" and Rick has lost their entire future savings. Rick entertains Cal's offer to use a loan shark as a way out, but is reminded by Andrew that Cal's suggestions and the belief in the cards have led to his problem. Clara and Millie enter the bar. Millie later excuses herself to the restroom, intending to commit suicide. Andrew interrupts Millie, who confides her that the "old enemy" is her cancer returning. Andrew reveals himself as an angel and reassures Millie that her cancer has not returned. Tess appears and explains to Rick, Millie and Clara that there is a God, but Satan also exists. And their faith in the tarot cards has allowed Satan to disrupt their lives and mislead them away from Annie. Annie, ready to deliver her baby, calls out for help after accidentally falling down the stairs in her apartment building. Dennis arrives and reveals his true identity morphing into a lion. Monica rushes to Annie's side and urges her to involve God against the power of darkness, "the enemy cannot stand in the presence of God." Annie becomes empowered as she recalls the hymn sung by Tess. Annie is joined in her singing by a unified Rick, Millie, Clara, Tess and Andrew. Satan retreats into the night, the beautiful cries of Rick and Annie's baby boy are heard.moreless
    • A Clown's Prayer
      A Clown's Prayer
      Season 6 - Episode 24
      Monica and Tess laugh as they look at themselves in the mirrors of the fun house at the Grazeldi circus. Tess reminds Monica that, like their distorted mirror images, the circus is all about illusion. Davey Tucker seems like circus, yet Davey dreams about being a regular boy. Davey's father Leroy, an achondroplasoc dwarf, works as a circus clown. Since Wally Grazeldi is unable to pay the performers, many are quitting the show. But Leroy steadfastly remains, and Tess, a "talent scout" offers the talents of Monica as a clown and Andrew as a ringmaster. What Wally really needs is a human cannonball. He asks Leroy, but Leroy refuses, he has a phobia of small spaces. As Monica is coached in clowning by Leroy, she begins to learn more about the Tuckers, how close the father and son have been since Davey's mother, also a little person, died when he was a baby. Davey befriends Mary Jane, a local schoolgirl who is teased by her classmates for being overweight. Mary Jane tells Davey to keep his father's size a secret, unless he wants to be ridiculed like her. Davey begins to attend the local school quickly winning over the other kids, even Eddie the bully. When Andrew comes by the school to drop off Davey's lunch, Davey tells the kids that Andrew is his father. Later, Andrew talks with Davey about his lie. Davey says that he just wants to fit in. The next day after school, Davey goes to the house of his teacher, Mrs. Donovan, to bake cookies and returns to the circus very late. Leroy, being overly-protective, is furious and punishes Davey. Late that night, Davey sneaks out of the circus and goes to Mrs. Donovan's, leaving a note for his father. The next day, Leroy has a meeting with Mrs. Donovan who tells him she believed that Andrew was Davey's father. Leroy is heartbroken. Mrs. Donovan, a frequent foster mom, tells him that all children are embarrassed about their parents some time. As Leroy leaves the school, the children, led by Eddie, point and laugh at him as Davey watches sadly. Later, Leroy tells Monica that he has arranged for Davey to stay with Mrs. Donovan, who can give him the "normal life" he desires. When Monica protests, Leroy reveals that Davey's mother died while trying to provide him with a normal life, of complications from a dangerous limb-lengthening procedure. At the school, Tess offers free circus passes to the children. All are excited except for Davey, who, a spited Mary Jane reveals, doesn't want to see his "midget" father. The children laugh and tease Davey. On the night of the circus, Wally is still looking for a human cannonball, so Leroy volunteers. Andrew reveals to Monica that Leroy won't live through the stunt. Tess tells Davey what Leroy's about to do and Davey rushes to the circus to stop him. But when Leroy approaches the cannon, he becomes afraid and backs out. Monica reveals to Leroy that she is an angel, reminding him that he was made in the image of the God who loves him. Monica tells him that God seeks out his wayward children and Leroy needs to do the same for Davey. Leroy and Davey are reconciled, but the circus still awaits a human cannonball. As the cannon blasts, Monica and Andrew are proud to see that Tess has performed the stunt as the crowd roars in pleasure.moreless
    • Statute of Limitations
      Season 2 - Episode 24
      The angels are assigned to The Morgan Bell Show, a tabloid talk show, with Monica having the plum job of assisting Claudia Bell, the program's embittered producer and Morgan's sister. A dark secret from the Bell's past forged their unhealthy symbiotic relationship, the glamorous Morgan is on-air talent while the obese Claudia calls the shots from the seclusion. Morgan's attempt to focus on uplifting topics backfires when an "all-American" mother is confronted by an illegitimate daughter raised in foster homes. The woman has a heart attack, and Morgan is irate that Claudia engineered the situation. Working together, the angels uncover their past, but inform the sisters that God can forgive any sin, no matter how long ago it was committed. Morgan and Claudia publicly confess their misdeeds, asking their victims and the television audience for forgiveness.moreless
    • The Heart of the Matter
      The Heart of the Matter
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Monica serves as a legal assistant to a young lawyer, Charles Hibbard, he mistakenly gives an inheritance to an eccentric young woman, Robin and must convince her to give it back. Charles is a hypochondriac with an imagined heart condition. Monica help him to open his heart and he falls in love with Robin.moreless
    • The Empty Chair
      The Empty Chair
      Season 7 - Episode 6
      Betsy and Bud Baxter are in their 15th year of hosting the popular local TV program "Breakfast with the Baxter's" when they learn their show is being cancelled. Still reeling from the loss, Bud and Betsy are grateful when two unexpected visitors (Monica and Andrew) show up on their doorstep, feigning car trouble. Monica and Andrew become a welcome distraction for the Baxters, who have devoted their lives to their show and in doing so, have avoided dealing honesty with each other. With a captive audience, Bud and Betsy take a certain glee in telling their guests the whole ugly story of how they were unceremoniously canned after 15 years. Monica and Andrew try to convince the Baxters of the importance of grieving. But Bud pours himself another Scotch while espousing the importance of carrying on. Meanwhile, Betsy busies herself looking through some storage boxes for her mother's meatloaf recipe when she came across a baby's jumper outfit, a painful remind of the child the "lost." But it's not long before the truth comes out that they didn't actually "lose" the baby, so much as they "cancelled" it, just like their show has been cancelled. Rather than talk about it, Bud retreats to his rose garden to cover the roses from an unexpected frost. Andrew joins Bud, who explains that the news of the pregnancy came just as they got their big break to host their own TV program. They ended up getting into an argument and rather than deal with it, he took off for a wedding day they were supposed to attend together. When he returned, the pregnancy had been terminated and neither of them brought up the subject again. The argument comes to a head and in his usual flight response, Bud heads off in search of a suitcase. Meanwhile, Monica helps Betsy sort through her feelings. Betsy admits that she didn't feel she had the right to grieve. She thought they'd get their careers going and the babies would come later. Their inability to discuss their loss only fostered resentment which built up over the years. Bud is getting ready to leave when Monica asks why they have no chairs around the dining room table. Betsy explains how their first dinner together in their new home became so awkward because of the topic they were both avoiding. Bud made up the excuse that the chairs weren't comfortable in order to escape into the kitchen to eat alone, and dining room chairs are something they've never done ever since. Bud is about to walk out on his marriage when Betsy urges him to fight to save their marriage. Betsy then asks Monica to read a poem she wrote and had saved all these years. In the poem, Betsy expresses and begins to break down the wall that had come between them. Monica and Andrew reveal themselves as angels to deliver a message of forgiveness and the importance of including God in their decisions, in their lives and at their dinner table. Dining room chairs appear at the table where they were not before, as Monica and Andrew leave Bud and Betsy to begin anew.moreless
    • And A Nightingale Sang
      And A Nightingale Sang
      Season 9 - Episode 14
      Snow falls, blanketing the streets and alleyways with a thick layer of impassible white. The throughways clog up and the hills ice over, and on what's supposed to be one of the busiest nights in the restaurant business, the Ritz Restaurante is virtually empty. With an overstocked kitchen of swordfish fillets and prime rib, Marty and Tricia, co-owners of the charming bistro, are having a less than stellar Valentine's Day. They've been married for ten years, and have put off starting a family until they were financially secure. At least they've never had to worry about filling the tables on February 14th, not until this year anyway. The place is not completley empty though, Andrew is here, as are Monica and Gloria. Andrew sits at a table by himself, enjoying the atmosphere, while his angelic cohorts have been hired on to help with the "busiest" night of the year. In truth, there is little for them to do. But the angels aren't the only souls to brave the weather. Riley is here with his girlfriend, Amanda. They've been together for two years and this evening will represent a big chance for their relationship. Riley wants to propose, and she wants to break up with him, and neither one has the least idea about the other's plans. Charlotte is here too. She is waiting to meet a blind date, a man she net on the internet. She is embarrasses herself to sit and wait for her tardy date. Eventually he shows up with Tess, who's car he towed. When they finally sit down together, he and Charlotte are very awkward, unable to be free with themselves in person as they were online. Tess joins the angels at Andrew's table and tells them that they are here to watch one of these couples fall in love. But which one? The final couple of the evening arrives in the forms of George and Loretta a smarmy couple celebrating their 49th wedding anniversary. They are plpanning on a cruise for their 50th. Unfortunately, according to Andrew, one of them won't be there for the happy occasion. This is just one troubling aspect of the evening. Marty and Tricia are fighting about money and their chance to have children. Amanda refuses to stop using her cell phone, and when Riley proposes, she flees to the restroom. Ben is unsure of himself, and finds his attempt at charm brushed aside when he suggests that Charlotte brush he hair back from her face. She has been using it to hide a ragged scar that runs along side of her visage. But things turn around, George and Loretta, informed by Andrew of their fate, privately plead with him to take them rather than their spouse. Ben surprises Charlotte by revealing that it was he who pulled her car from the ravine after the accident that gave her her scar. Monica convinces Amanda to talk to and when he saves a choking Marty's life, she is once again smitten with him. And Marty's brush with death, makes he and Tricia forget their petty squabbles with the expecting of their first child and finally fall in love after ten years.moreless
    • Written In Dust
      Written In Dust
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      Henry Moskowitz, a proud archaeologist on a dig at a Navajo excavation site, receives a surprise visit from zayda (grandfather). Sam hopes to reconcile with his grandson and Jewish family faith by basking him to say kaddish, the Hebrew prayer for the dead for him. Henry resists the reconciliation effort, still angry that his late parents disapproved of his marriage to a Catholic woman. Refusing to get in the middle of the strife, his wife leaves the dig site. Monica and Tess, posing as a research assistant and as a photographer, soon find themselves embroiled in a grater conflict. A group of Navajo elders led by Edison disrupt the dig, stating the site is on sacred ground. Although Henry quickly dismisses their claim, Sam and Edison discover common ground in the similarities of their respective cultures. Even Henry's student intern, Dillon New Eagle, begins to doubt the appropriateness of the excavation site by himself, he falls into a hidden cave. Gathered around a campfire with the others, Dillon recalls the story his grandfather told him years before, the excavation site was the location of a massacre against the Navajo by Kit Carson. Simultaneously, Henry finds archaeological evidence of that atrocity. While looking for him Sam encounters Tess, who reveals and tells him only Henry can reconcile himself to God. Sam finds his grandson and attempts rescue, but the elderly man falls into the cave and succumbs to a heart attack. Henry rails at God for his zayda's death. Monica then appears and tells him that the peace sam wanted for Henry was with God, not with him. Tess subsequently leads the others to his location, and he is rescued. Buoyed by Monica's revelation, Henry apologizes to Edison and destroys the dig permit. Monica then explains the kaddish is not just a prayer for the dead but is a prayer praising God by saying God is above all praise, a gift of peace to help the living carry on.moreless
    • Hello, I Love You
      Season 8 - Episode 17
      In the small town of Wells, Nevada good news travels fast, almost as fast as gossip. Danni Blake has been plagued by the latter for all of her short life. The shame of not having a father has kept her down. What's is that her school is planning a father-daughter. After a few scornful comments from her classmates. Danni storms home, upset. Her mother Nicole, tries to comfort her, but in the end, the only comfort that Danni will accept is in the form of information about her father. Nicole relents and gives Danni a card that he sent her on her first birthday. Danni cheers up considerably. Nicole goes off to work, leaving her in the capable hands of Monica. That night, Danni wakes up to a roomful of people. There was an accident at the factory and her mother was hurt. The next day, after visiting her still unconscious mother in the hospital, Danni uses the address from the birthday card. She hops on a bus and heads to Silver Springs in search of her father. With only last name "Jackson" to go on, Danni begins flipping through the phone book. Monica arrives and makes her call her aunt to tell her where she is. The two of them then go off to check the addresses. After several dead ends, they come upon Walter Jackson, a young man with a pregnant wife. Monica thinks that he must be the father, because Andrew is in the driveway working on Walter's car. When Danni introduces herself and asks if he is her father, Walter's wife, Kim has a fit. They had had trouble in the past with his infidelities, and despite their reconciliation, Kim has been bottling it up inside. Monica and Danni leave them to argue, and come upon a handyman named Dan Jackson, who Gloria is working with. Now Danni thinks that he is the father, and Gloria does to. Monica is unsure, but after a bit of questioning, they discover that Dan is unable to have children, though if he could he'd want one like Danni. Returning to Walter's house, Danni asks him about Nicole, and mentions her birthday. Walter realizes then, that he and Kim weren't even in the country when Danni was conceived. Rejected Danni and Monica return home. During all of this, Tess has been driving, and she's been driving fast. Soon she is pulled over by a policeman whose name happens to be J.T. Jackson. He's Danni's father, but Nicole pushed him away, not wanting to get in the way of his life. After she was gone, he gave up on his other dreams to focus on finding her and Danni. Now he has a chance. Tess takes him to them. When Nicole wakes up in the hospital, it's the possibility of family.moreless
    • The Driver
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      High-powered TV reporter Debra willis hits a teenager and the nleaves the scene of the accident. Her old buddy Leo, a veteran detective takes on the case and Debra, still covering up, ends up reporting on her own crime. Debra has always used the tage line, "As my mother always says..." but we find out that in real life her mom Grace is an icy cold perfectionist whose daughter was never good enough. Debra had attempted suicide as a teenager, now she tries again but is stopped by Monica, who reveals herself as an angel and shows Debra that she has the right to be less that perfect, God will still love her. Debra comes clean and retains the love and support of her boyfriend George.moreless
    • Sandcastles
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      While Tess, Andrew and Rafael vacation at the beach, Rafael and Monica find a message in a bottle from a boy named Scooter Fisher. Tess gives them the option of helping the boy and both Monica and Rafael set out to find Scooter in the neighboring town, Pacific Falls. While Andrew stays with Tess to help repair her ailing Cadillac, Rafael and Monica begin their search at a local diner. As they meet and question Teresa, Larry and Leo, no one seems to have heard of Scooter Fisher. Dennis, a desperate man, pulls a gun when they approach him and Rafael catches the bullet when the gun fires. Benjamin Parker, skeptical, then sets out to uncover the scam. Monica then rescues a man at a muffler shop as his hydraulic lift fails and Rafael pulls a man out of a tool and die shop after an explosion. When Parker questions Leo, the owner of the muffler shop, about his angel encounter, wee see his watch inscribed with the name Scooter. Lee tells him the angels are looking for Scooter Fisher and Parker goes on the air to let the angels know his identity. Monica and Rafael return to Tess who tells then the truth behind Scooter's note 40 years earlier, Scooter's mother had accidentally killed his father in an attempt to stop his abuse. They try to convince the skeptical Benjamin to see his mother in prison. Benjamin overcomes his anger and learns the truth when he visits his dying mother. He forgives his mother and agrees to revisit their "place" at the ocean where both cast their bottles upon the water. Benjamin writes "Thank You, God and throws the bottle out to sea as the angels exit in their repaired Cadillac.moreless
    • A Time for Every Purpose
      A Time for Every Purpose
      Season 9 - Episode 13
      The Kellerman's are the perfect American family: they're business owners, proud parents, and they have a strong marriage. but life is about to turn less than ideal for Rob and Courtney and their son Sam. While working on pieces of their furniture and skipping stones with his son, Rob begins to notice a loss of strength in his hand. He can't get a solid grip without his hand quivering. At first he thinks it's nothing, but when the symptoms persist, he and Courtney decide to consult a specialist. It seems that their fears are not unfounded; Rob has ALS, more commomly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. As Rob and Courtney struggle to adjust to the changes in their life, Monica who was hired to set up their computers , takes a more active role in their life. She helps out where she can, and tries to get them used to the fact that Rob won't be around forever. She encourages him to cherish the time he has left and to involve himself in his son's life while he still can. Rob though not thrilled, tries his best to carry on, but there is yet more tragedy to come for the Kellerman fmily. Later on, with Rob's condition deteriorating, the coupole talk to their doctor, Andrew, about ways for Rob to communicate when he can no longer speak. This really hits home for Rob, and on the car ride back to the house, he and Courtney despair for the future. It is during the drive, that another car runs a red light and plows into them. Rob wakes up in the hospital, but Courtney died on the operating table. Now Rob is given the responsibility of a single parent, when he is unable to take care of himself. He intends to overdose on his medication. He thinks he's no good to anyone, especially Sam, and no one will stop him from lightening the burden of the only family he has left. Except that Sam isn't his only family. Rob has a brother, Pepper, a trucker, who was also in love with Courtney and left when she got married. They haven't spoken since that day, and Rob has written him off, all but disowning him. But he is on his way now. Gloria told him what has happened, and what Rob intends to do, and Pepper is going to do his best to save his brother. When he does arrive, Rob locks himself into his room, and tries to carry out his plans, but Pepper is persistent, and with the help of Monica, he gets through to his brother. They make Rob realize that with his help, there is still time for Rob to see his son grow, that he isn't a burden, but a valued member of the family: a father, a brother, and a child of God.moreless
    • Redeeming Love
      Redeeming Love
      Season 4 - Episode 16
      As Monica and Tess take a walk through the city streets, they stumble across Monica's next assignment, a young woman sleeping under a pile of garbage. The woman's name is Lydia and she is a crack addict. As Monica follows Lydia into her apartment building, her beautiful clothes become like Lydia's, ragged and dirty. Lydia's new roommate. Meanwhile Lydia grabs Monica's coat and tries to sell it on the street. Monica tails Lydia back to her parents house, where she breaks in to steal money. But they show up, as do the police, and Lydia flees to a crack house. Monica finds Lydia smoking crack and causing a disturbance among the other addicts. Lydia runs into the street and gets hit by a car. When Lydia's parents arrive at the emergency room the doctor informs them that Lydia is not only an addict, but she's also pregnant. Their disbelief is shot-lived when Lydia delivers a crack-addicted baby girl. Tess, acting as a drug counselor, talks to Lydia's parents about her upbringing, reminding them that they are partially to blame for Lydia's condition. Lydia sneaks out of the hospital and tries to get an old job back, instead she steals some money from her boss and returns to her parents home. She asks her parents for money and they refuse, choosing to take Tess' advice and allow Lydia to become so desperate that she must help herself. Lydia returns to the hospital, steals the baby, and takes her to the crack house. Andrew tells Monica that if they don't find the baby it will die. Monica and Tess search for the child. Monica finds Lydia, who is too high to realize that she has lost the baby. Monica reveals herself to Lydia, and tells Lydia that God has a better plan for her life, but she must choose his help. Lydia does. Monica and a choir of angels gather around Lydia to sing and comfort her as she goes through withdrawal. Meanwhile Tess finds and rescues the baby. Emerging triumph but shaken from a seven-day struggle, Lydia, accompanied by Monica, checks into a drug rehab program.moreless
    • A Feather on the Breath of God
      A Feather on the Breath of God
      Season 9 - Episode 5
      Lorena Watkins is dying. She has an inoperable brain tumor, and only a matter of days left to live. As though this weren't troubling enough, she also has a twelve year old daughter, Grace, and no family left to take her in. But what she does have, is a strong faith, and a sense of hope. She walks the labyrinth of a local church every day, taking that spiritual journey that will bring her and her prayers closer to God. And it has worked, because the angels are there and watching her unseen. They are going to help her find a place for Grace, just as her faith has found her a place in heaven. Lorena doesn't know that help is on the way though, she plans to contact social services and put Grace up for adoption, something that she expects will turn out okay. Lorena herself was adopted and loved her new parents dearly. But she has one card she'd like to play first, and it's a grim one. Sidney Alcott works with the dead. He runs a funeral parlor, and though he excels in his job, he has no real sympathy and his condolences are made up almost entirely of play acting. Whenever the customers are gone the act drops a very cynical man emerges. It is this man that Monica comes in search of as a pre-needs counselor. When Lorena comes in to plan her own funeral, and mentions her lack of money, Sidney refers her to Monica, hoping that his new employee will get rid of her. Monica, however, other plans. She talks with Lorena, learns about her tumor and her daughter, and comes to discover that she has a beautiful singing voice. Later when Sidney is need of someone to sing hymns, Monica brings her up. She suggests that Sidney cuts Lorena a deal if she sings for some of the funerals and cleans up around the parlor. Sidney grudgingly agrees. With that, he closes the door on them, sits back, has a drink, and wistfully fingers a sealed letter. The next day Sidney indulges in more alcohol to calm his nerves while preparing the remains of a child. When Lorena's daughter enters the room, she sees the body, and it is only when Andrew insists on covering it, that Grace finally overcomes her shock and flees the room. Andrew is furious. He goes to Tess and tells her that he can't finish the assignment. He can't handle Sidney. Tess tells him to pull himself together and stop being selfish. She has him walk the labyrinth and trust in God to put him where he needs to be. As he walks the labyrinth, he is given insight, he knows why Sidney is so cynical and why Lorena's natural father. Lorena knows this, she has in fact tracked Sydney down, and has entered his life in the hopes that he would be a good man and would be willing to take Grace when the time comes. But the incident with the dead boy, and Sidney's lack of concern over what it might do to Grace, Lorena is certain that she made a mistake. She initends to keep her appointment with social services. She finishes her chores around the funeral parlor, and gets ready to go to Grace's ballet recital, but first she gives Sidney a ticket to the event. Grace wants him to be there, because despite his surly behaviour, she still likes him. Lorena delivers the ticket, and leaves. Sidney meanwhile pulls out the unopened letter and begins drinking, it is the letter that he never sent his daughter. He wanted to tell her that he loved her and that he shouldn't have given her up, but after the death of his wife, he just couldn't handle the responsibility. And he's never worked up the courage to find her. While he drowns his sorrow in booze, Grace dances on a stage, and Lorena dies watching her daughter. When Monica finally confronts Sidney about his daughter, and reveals her identity, it is too late. Lorena is dead and Sidney is shattered. This new blow, had reinforced his cynicasim, and he has concern for no one but himself, but with a little help from a few angels, he realizes that while he never got a chance to know Lorena, he still has an opportunity to know her daughter. He goes to Grace and asks if she'd like to stay with him.moreless
    • Winners, Losers & Leftovers
      Season 7 - Episode 16
      Liam Cadegan works for ApexOne Technologies, a high-tech company which has just been bought as part of a merger. While Liam is generally secure in his job and is clearly devoted to his family, he starts to become affected by the paranoia of those around him in the wake of the company, tense climate, even the least competitive person can switch gears and become a predator. Harlow meets with the employees by video conference and introduces Monica as the new vice president of community relations. Monica suggests aligning themselves with the Special Olympics and offers to arrange a meeting this weekend with her contact (Andrew). Liam, whose son will be participating in the Special Olympics, supports the idea, acknowledging the fact that his son is disabled. But Harlow preempts Monica's suggestion in favor of a corporate retreat he's scheduled this weekend. Josh Whitman (one of Liam's colleagues) reads between the lines and advises Liam to prepare for a gladiator-style competition which will likely determine the company's next president. Liam breaks the news to his son, Matt, that he won't be able to be there for the preliminaries, but he will definitely be there for the finals. Tess guides the VP's through the retreat, which is designed to get them to know each other personally so they can work together better professionally. The first game is musical chairs, in which a meek Liam is promptly eliminated. When Josh wins the contest by pulling the last chair away from Monica, Liam realizes that he will have to be ruthless if he wants to win. When Tess announces this evening's outdoor challenge, Liam realizes he must decide between attending his son's race of competing for a chance at promotion. Monica is the first to notice the change in Liam and tries to get him to see what he's sacrificing. But when she suggests he isn't actually interested in becoming the company president, he thinks she's just trying to psych him out. The final phase of the competition involves a search for clues to locate a flag to be planted at top of a mountain. As Josh predicted, the president will be selected from the winning team. Liam's team manages to work together and capture a flag until Neil trips and breaks his ankle. Unwilling to let anything (or anyone) stand in his way, Liam proceeds to the top of the mountain alone. But when he reaches the summit, Tess reminds Liam that, in order to win, his whole team had to make it to the top. Liam rushes back to get his teammates, but finds only Monica. She tells him that Josh's team stopped to help Neil and have taken him back to the retreat center. Liam refuses to concede, convinced that he needs this promotion in order to provide for his "special needs" son. Monica reveals herself as an angel and tells him that Matt's deepest need is his family and that Liam's most important job is being a father. Liam arrives in time to see Matt and cheer him on. Matt appears to be winning the race, but stops to aid a fellow athlete who falls down. Liam beams with pride as he watches his son cross the finish line while supporting the injured competitor. Harlow arrives and offers the promotion, saying he's got the qualities he wants in a leader, someone who's willing to do what it takes to get to the top. But Liam turns down the promotion, having learned a powerful lesson not only from Monica, but from his son.moreless
    • Living the Rest of My Life
      Living the Rest of My Life
      Season 6 - Episode 21
      Abby is a 71 year old widow who spends her days watching soap operas and her nights doting to her overly-attached son Phillip and his wife Judith. Monica and Tess's assignment is to help cut the apron strings between mother and son. When Monica arrives at Abby's door to collect clothes for the "Living the Rest of My Life" Retirement Community fundraiser, Abby is skeptical. Later, when Tess tells her about the activities that take place at "Living the Rest of My Life," Abby agrees to visit to see for herself. Abby is excited to find many seniors who keep busy with all sorts of activities, though she tries to mask her enthusiasm. She meets Ramone, a young graffiti artist who serves mandatory community service hours by helping Andrew, the Community's handyman, paint the hallways. Abby also meets Lois, a retired artist and widow, who hides in her apartment angrily refusing to socialize with the other community members. Abby uses Lois and Ramone as reasons why she wouldn't want to move here, but her real feelings are apparent when she returns a few days later with her treasured pecan pie. When Phillip realizes where his mother has been spending her time, he insists she put any thoughts of moving out of her head, reminding her of how much he needs her. But when Phillip forgets Abby's birthday, she decides it is time to begin her life and moves into "Living the Rest of My Life." Phillip and Judith arrive for a visit, and Phillip desperately attempts to sweet talk his mother into returning. Abby is settling in, however, and is unwilling to return, paying for her first month's rent with some cash she'd saved away. Phillip is angry and storms out, while Judith, unbeknownst to Phillip, gives Abby her checkbook which Phillip had been holding for her. Meanwhile, Lois and Ramone argue about art and insult each other's work in the process. Abby comforts Lois by writing a check for one of her paintings. a favorite of Abby's since she and her husband's honeymoon. In turn, apologizes to Ramone and revalidates his work. At the fundraiser, Abby sells some of her vintage hats, and is delighted to have Phillip and Judith visit. She shows them her new painting until Lois reclaims it, announcing that Abby's check bounced. Phillip then admits that he depleted Abby's life savings by making bad investments. Abby is shocked but forgives Phillip and plans to move back home, no longer able to afford cash from her personal belongings, she can no longer make any excuses for him. Tess reveals herself to be an angel, and tells Abby that God understands her situation. He lets his children face the consequences of their actions, and she must do the same for Phillip. Abby insists that Phillip pay back all the money he lost, and tells him that he cannot be in her life until he pulls his together. Abby prepares to move out of the retirement community, until Ramone announces that he's learned that Lois's artwork is worth a fortune. Lois then offers to pay Abby's rent so she can remain a part of the family at "Living the Rest of My Life."moreless
    • Private Eyes
      Season 9 - Episode 11
      The sun rises over the grittier end of Chicago, and the light of dawn cuts right through Maury Hoover's eyelids and into his hang over. He grumbles his annoyance and embarks on another day of deceit, never knowiing that there are angels in his future. Scooping coffee grounds from his potted plants and wondering that they're still alive, he readie himself for the rigors of the day. But first....a client. The door swings open and steps in classic Femme Fatale, only this is Monica, so she's a Femme Angele. She plays the part perfectly, intriguing and mystifying Maury, until he agrees to take on her missing person case. And if he can wrap it up in two days, she'll double his pay. All he has to do is find Jim Grant. It shouldn't be hard, after all Monica has supplied him with a description, a last known address and a fingerprint. Before Maury can ask how she got the print, or what this guy is to her, she vanishes. Dames. Maury hits the local diner for some breakfast and to beg a favor from a cop friend, then meets up with the runaway street-walker he's sort of adopted Delphina. She's led a troubled life; left without a mother, beaten by her father, muscled by a pimp, and dreaming of the good life as a fashion model. But with Maury's help. that dream may become a reality. He takes her with him to a local bar, where the two of them hustle rich men who are naive enough to fall into their trap. Sure it's dishonest, but it brings the money in. Only it doesn't always go as planned. This evening, Delphina is taken outside. Maury hurries out after him, but is blind sided by Lennie, the aforementioned pimp. He's angry that Delphina has left him for Maury, and even more so that she's kicked her drug habit. He beats Maury up in retaliation. He might even done worse if Andrew hadn't stepped in. He and Delphina get Maury h ome, where they convince him to hire Andrew onto the case. After all, he needs someone to watch his back. Maury gives Delphinia a couple of bucks to get something to eat, while he and Andrew check out a lead on the missing Jim Grant. They stake out his place, and at last the very man they want comes home. Posing as Gas Company workers, they gain admittance to the residence and look for evidence they can show Monica. What Maury does find does not please him. According to the pictures on the mentle, Jim Grant is Delphina's father, and her name aint Delphina, it's Violet. Maury questions him carefully, and without giving anything away, discovers that Delphina's dad never beat her like she said. The next day Monica appears, and pays Maury for his work. It's a fat wad of cash and it doesn't cheer him up. He struggles with what to tell Delphina, but he's come to like being needed by her. He hands her the cash, telling her it will put her through modeling school. She's overjoyed, saying that now she can go back home to her dad with her head held high. Maury fumbles, and tells her that he's found her father, and he's dead. Delphina is shattered. When Maury is gone, she falls off the wagon and back on the vein train, taking up her old drug habit. It is only luck and a little angelic help that keeps her from overdosing. After a couple revelations, Maury sets things right, telling Delphina the truth, reuniting her with her father, and making a deal to get Lennie locked up as well. Days may start bad, and they may get worse, but as long as the angels are on the case, they can get better.moreless
    • Manhunt
      Season 8 - Episode 4
      The Angels go to a Happy Hour at the Monte Carlo, a bar run by one of Tess's former assignments. It is here that Monica learns that Zoe, a girl she saw earlier in the park, is her assignment. Zoe is lonely, heartbroken, and trying to come to terms with the end of a relationship with a great guy, Jeff. Her friends, Patty, Penny, and Maggie, try to cheer her up and help her "Get over him." The next day at work, Monica is hired to take over for Patty, who quit her job to get married. As the day progresses, Gloria arrives to fix all of the office computers, and Billy, an RDS delivery guy shows up with some packages. During his time in the office, his attention is solely focused on Zoe. Monica immediately notices the attraction, though Zoe is oblivious. Billy leaves and the girls go about their day eagerly awaiting Happy Hour. The clock strikes six, and they all hurry off to the Ladies room to get dolled up. Billy arrives with some apple strudel for Zoe. When he is unable to find her, Monica tells him that she will be at The Monte Carlo later on, if he wanted to show up. Billy's not sure, but he says he'll think about it. Monica joins the girls in the ladies room, and both she and Gloria are forcibly made-over with make-up, and high heels. At the Monte Carlo, Tess and Andrew, hang out at the bar with Betty, the owner. The girls arrive and take a seat at their usual table. Penny waits nervously for her blind date while Zoe continues to pine over Jeff. Surprisingly Jeff shows up with a rose, but the rose is yellow, and he's only trying to make a gesture toward their lasting friendship. He leaves, and Zoe struggles to regain control over her emotions. Penny's date arrives, and she heads off to another table with him. Billy arrives, looking completely different out of uniform, and hangs at the bar afraid to approach Zoe. Andrew moves over to him, and with the help of Betty, convinces him to take a chance. The girls spot him talking to Andrew, and are surprised when Monica speculates on the object of Billy's affection. Billy approaches the table and asks Zoe to dance. She accepts and they get to know each other better on the dance floor. It is soon obvious that Billy is a wonderful guy, and that he's crazy about Zoe. After a while, he has to leave. He gives her a parting kiss and heads for the door, Andrew offers to walk out with him. Zoe is very happy. The next day at work, Zoe goes about her day trying to stay focused on the job and not her memories of the previous night. After a while she begins to doubt Billy's feelings because he hasn't shown up with his deliveries yet. Finally an RDS delivery guy shows up but it's not Billy. Zoe demands to know where he is. The delivery guy, Dave tells her that on his way into work, Billy was killed by a drunk driver. Zoe is devastated. She heads to The Monte Carlo to drink away her sorrows. While she's at the bar, a sleazy guy, Peter, continues to hit on her until she agrees to go home with him. Monica and Andrew arrive and stop her. Monica reveals that she is an angel, and that God loves her and loves Billy, and it broke His heart just like it broke hers. Monica assures her that love doesn't need to be saved for just one person, that you can love someone while they are there and that's enough. She tells Zoe that Billy died with no regrets because he told her how he felt. All that Zoe has to do is look to God, and listen for His answers, because He created love, and He is love.moreless
    • Flesh and Blood
      Season 2 - Episode 22
      Monica befriends Kate Prescott, whose son is accused of a brutal murder. Angered by Thomas's acquittal, Leonard Page, the victim's father, tries to force the Prescott's to leave town. Tess advises the man to let God avenge his daughter's death, but he refuses to listen, even when Kate herself begs him to stop the vendetta. When she discovers some of the victim's belongings in Thomas's room, however, she doubts his innocence and issues a statement to the press. He responds by leaving town. But once the police apprehend the real murderer, Kate despairs because of her betrayal. Revealing herself, Monica tells the distraught mother her mistake was trusting evidence rather than faith. Tess meanwhile return's to the Page's house, urging him to let the healing process begin. Afterwards, Monica wonders what will become of Kate's son. Tess reveal that Mrs. Angeli, the kindly bus driver who gave Kate moral support during the trial is herself and 'advance angel" who will watch over Thomas as he starts his new life in Los Angeles.moreless
    • Last Dance
      Last Dance
      Season 4 - Episode 25
      The pressure to abstain from sex before getting married is almost as great for teenagers Greg and Jill, as the pressure from their mothers to be perfect students. Greg's mother, Liz, owns a flower shop, and doesn't like Greg seeing Jill, claiming it affects his grades and will jeopardize his ability to get into college. Jill's mother, Candace, still dealing with issues with her own past, demands complete chastity from her daughter. It is Monica and Tess' assignment to make sure these relationships don't self-destruct. Meanwhile Andrew, as a DJ, encourages the high schoolers to respect themselves and their bodies. Rafael, as a student teacher, fends off infatuated girls. Monica, as a substitute teacher, holds a meeting to plan the upcoming prom and chaperons Liz and Candace meet. Although they deny knowing each other, it is clear they have a history together. The truth is Liz and Candace were friends in high school, until Candace, who slept around quite a bit, stole Liz's boyfriend. The enmity over this hasn't yet subsided, and Candace asks Liz not to tell Jill about her past. Liz agrees but only if she will forbid from dating Greg. Tess, as an assistant at the flower shop, obviously disapproves of this idea. Greg and Jill, though very upset and confused, respect their mother's wishes, until Jill learns her mother's secret, that while preaching chastity she lived an unchaste lifestyle as a teenager. Jill determines to do all the things her mother has told her not to do and she sneaks out to meet Greg at the prom. Greg and Jill plan to go to a hotel and have sex after the prom, but Monica tries to stop them. However, they don't listen to Monica and go to the hotel. The next morning, Greg drops Jill off at her house and leaves. As Jill climbs to her bedroom window, she falls and is unconscious. Later in the hospital, a distraught Greg tells the mothers that he and Jill spent the night together and Liz becomes upset. Greg can't believe that his mother is more concerned about his sex life than about his girlfriend whose life hangs in the balance. Tess and Monica appear at the hospital, reveal themselves as angels and ask the mothers, for the sake of their children, to resolve their differences and make peace. The mothers decide to give it another chance and give their blessing to Greg and Jill's relationship. Andrew reveals that Jill will recover and the families rejoice in the news.moreless
    • Something Blue
      Something Blue
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      Tess, Monica, and Andrew observe unseen as Kevin Abernathy proposes to Alison Miller in a forest glade. Six month's later, the angels are wedding coordinators for the couple. Although preparations have proceeded apace, Monica fells she has forgotten something and Tess admonishes her to remember because Kevin and Alison's future depends on it. Wedding day jitters are compounded by Kevin's eccentric Aunt Augusta and his klutzy sister, Peggy. But the arrival of Alison's estranged father, Stan causes her to have second thoughts about the nuptials. Kevin is especially taken aback because his bride-to-be had told him her father was dead. To prove his love, he reads the wedding vows he wrote but is dismayed to learn that Alison's hasn't written her own vows yet. While Tess tries to keep the wedding guests entertained, it becomes evident the wedding may not occur. Amidst the chaos, a mysterious blue envelope goes unnoticed in the bridal prep room. Monica wonders why Stan showed up until Tess reveals she invited him. Kevin's parents comfort him, while Tess urges Alison's mother, Harriet to tell the truth, Stan wrote to Alison all these years like he promised. Harriet withheld the letters, initially out of spite for her ex-husband, then to cover her own deception. Confused, but knowing the truth, the bride and groom decide to proceed with the wedding. Monica then realizes she has forgotten to ask God's blessing on the event. After praying, she discover's the blue envelope and halts the ceremony. A distraught Alison runs off, but Kevin chases after her. Returning to the glad where they got engaged, the couple receives a revelation from Monica, Tess and Andrew. Informed that marriage is a sacred institution, of which God should be made a part, the couple also learn the envelope contains the results of their blood tests. One of them has leukemia. Realizing true love can endure life threatening illness, Kevin and Alison are married by the three angels in the sight of God.moreless
    • Angels on the Air
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Monica works as a personal assistant to radio personality Sandy Latham, who is renowned for her caustic rapport with listeners and bring her wit. in that capacity, the angel hopes to repair Sandy's relationship with Claire, who is continually mortified that her mother used her as a pawn in the ratings battle. Meanwhile, Tess joins Sandy as an on-air sidekick, encouraging her to be more supportive of her llisteners and her daughter. After Claire is humiiliated by one of her mother's stunts, the girl gets involved with a black marketr CD scam to get money to run away from home. monica uses her angelic powers to protect Claire and reveals that she is neveralone with her pain because God is there also. Tess, likewise, reveals a similar message to sandy, who is still recovering from her ex-husband's infidelity. The angels encourage mother and daughter to work through their pain.moreless
    • Ship-In-A-Bottle
      Season 8 - Episode 13
      Tevis Lockwood is starting a new life with his daughters, Ashley and Jasmine. Leaving behind the sun and heat of Los Angeles, they move to the cold rainy Seattle suburbs so Tevis can take control of a large shipping company. His daughters are not overly enthused about the move, particulary Jasmine who fears that the cold and rain will bring illness with it. As they set about unpacking and arranging the new house, Jasmine in increasingly worried about the weather and the effects it might have on she and Ashley. Monica arrives as part of the transition team for the shipping company and with Gloria's help, looks after the girls while Tevis gets situated at work. Tevis arrives at the office pleased with his new station in life and eager to make an impression on the world. When he finds the reception desk empty, Tess shows up with a resume and answers the phone for him. Impressed by her initiative, Tevis hires her on the spot, not a moment before Joaquin, the real receptionist arrives. Joaquin explains that his doctor's appointment ran late and that it won't happen again. Tevis agrees and fires him. Later on, at home, Ashley begins coughing. Tevis, panicked, and fearful for her health rushes her to the emergency room, where she is diagnosed with the same stomach flu as all of the other patients. She is released despite Tevis's protestations that her sickle cell anemia makes this particular flu a more serious illness. Once home though, her flu goes from bad to worse, and she is in the midst of a sickle-cell crisis. Tevis, no longer trusting the local doctors, insists on taking her all the way into Seattle to the Sickle Cell Clinic. He refuses to wait for an ambulance. Halfway to the clinic Ashley dies. After the funeral, Jasmine is still having a hard time acceptinig her loss. Tevis on the other hand doesn't have time to feel the pain, he's too busy trying to inflict it on others. He hires Andrew to sue the hospital and the doctor who treated Ashley for malpractice and wrongful death. As a result of his drive to go on, Tevis pushes his other daughter away when she needs comfort the most. Finally Jasmine runs away, without a coat unmindful of the weather and her own sickle-cell. Monica and Gloria are pretty sure they know where she's gone. Jasmine sits on her sister's grave trying to make sense of the changes in her life, when Andrew appears and assures her that both her sister and her late mother are in a place of peace and happiness. He tells her that she needs to live without fear, to be more than just Tevis's daughter or Ashley's sister. She needs to live as Jasmine. When Tevis arrives, it's his turn for a revelation and Monica offers one. He needs to stop trying to control every aspect of his life, because its just not possible, he needs to trust in others to do their part, and mostly he needs to trust in God to look everyone. Tevis's drive to succeed is a virtue, but not at the cost of his faith, and not at the cost of his family. If he doesn't take the time to live, he's not really accomplishing anything.moreless
    • Virtual Reality
      Season 9 - Episode 18
      Marissa Atkins lies in a coma in her hospital room. She's been asleep for nearly six months, and shows no signs of recovery. Her future is locked away in a dormant mind, just like the future of the boys who did this to her are locked in the wheels of justice. Victor Jackson is on trial, for what is essentially vehicular manslaughter. The prosecution is trying to demonstrate that Victor intentionally ran Marissa over with his mother's car. The defense claims that Victor tried to stop, and that it was the fear of an inexperienced driver that led him to flee the scene of a an accident. The truth is somewhere in between, and must be discovered by the angels; Rafael for the prosecution and Andrew for the defense. With Tess acting as Judge, the trial begins. And while various evperts take the stand, Monica tries to make some headway with the witness to the alleged crime, Victor's cousin, Josh. Rafael brings to the jury's attention, the fact that Victor and his cousin had been playing a video game called "Carjack 2000: Millennium Mayhem." In this violent game, players get points for: stealing cars, killing drivers, breaking roadblocks and running over prostitutes. Andrew argues that the game bears no relevance to the case and that violent crimes are not spawned from representations of violence in entertainment. Meanwhile, Monica is learning more about Josh, she finds out that he's been living with his aunt and uncle, Victor's parents, while his own mother and father are in the midst of a divorce. She learns of his victimization by tougher kids at school, and about his academic decline after he started playing Carjack 2000 with Victor. She also, using her God-given gift of seeing into the hearts of others, discovers that what happened to Marissa was no accident. She sees the boys driving through the rain-soaked streets, jamming angry rap music and getting into the Carjack 2000 mindset. She watches as Victor spots Marissa, scantily clad under a rain coat. He sees her as a prostitute, as "Street-Scum" from his videogame, and he does what is needed to garner the 20,000 points, he runs her down. Now that she knows this, she works with Josh to humanize the victim, to put a person's face on the unreal figure that his cousin tried to kill. In the end, she is successful. With Marissa awake and in the courtroom, Josh breaks down and confesses. He says that Victor was trying to kill her, he was sick of playing the game on the computer screen and wanted to do it for real. Of course when you do something for real, you must face real consequences, especially when the angels are on the case.moreless
    • Unidentified Female
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      Jennifer has a burn on her finger and a hole in her memory. Two detectives are rigoursly interrogating her about a shooting death she witnessed. As she is cross-examined, her jumbled memories enevtually coalesce into a narrative. A reporter for the trendy magazine Curb, Jennifer met Clay Martin, a real-estate developer, in an elevator at her office building. He invited her to a party where she met his best friend, Alex as well as Monica. Against his mother's wishes, Alex had beentraveling in search of his real father. Despite the former roommates cross words, not the least of which regarded the fact that Alex's ex-girlfriend was now dating Clay, they soon reconciled. Jennifer subsequently had a heart-to-heart talk with Alex where the prodigal confided he was on his way home to deliver yellow roses and an apology to his mother. Afterwards she just happened to be in the room when Clay shows Alex and antique gun. Although apparently unloaded, the gun contained a chamber that rounded that killed Alex when the weapon fell off a desk. Since Jennifer's story corroborates Clay's, the police release her. Two weeks after the incident, she is still in shock and denial. Revealing herself, Monica informs the distraught woman that God had a purpose for her witnessing the incident, and that she has a task to complete. Understanding this, Jennifer comforts Alex's mother and gives her the roses he never got the chance to deliver.moreless
    • Secrets and Lies
      Season 8 - Episode 15
      Allen Lowry is having a great at the gym with his wife, Suzanne and their 17-year old daughter, Erica. Things couldn't be better. Unfortunately they could get a lot worse, and they do. In the middle of a one-on-one basketball game, Erica collapses. When Allen and Suzanne rush to her side, they discover a series of dark bruises across her back. The next day, at the hospital, the family waits for Erica's test results. When Dr. Nathans arroves he is accompanied by, Monica, a counselor from the organ donor department. The news is grim. Erica has leukemia and if she doesn't get a bone marrow transplant she is going to die. Allen heads downstairs to get tested for bone marrow compatibility while Suzanne comforts Erica. While Gloria draws blood for the test, she explains to Allen the odds of finding a match. Since Erica is a mix of the genetic material of both Allen and Suzanne, chances are that neither of them will be acceptable donors. She says that a brother or sister would stand a much better chance. Allen thanks her and heads home. Once there, he rummages through an old box hidden in the attic and pulls out a mysterious address. The next day, Allen arrives at the address knocks at the door. Robbie, a boy of about sixteen answers. Allen asks if his mother is home, Robbie says that she's out and offers to take a message. Allen tells him his name. Robbie recognizes it as the name of his father. He lets Allen in and they start to talk, but Robbie's mother, Debbie, arrives and tosses him out. Before Allen goes he tells her about Erica and pleads with her to let Robbie be tested. She refuses. Robbie skips school to go to the hospital. He meets with Allen and agrees to the test. Monica reluctantly allows it when Allen signs the release form as Robbie's father. Later on, the news in: Robbie is a match. Allen and his family are relieved, but Robbie wants to meet his sister. Allen eventually lets him when Robbie promises not to tell Erica the truth about who he is. Soon Debbie arrives to drag Robbie away. The confrontation forces Allen to tell his wife about his inifidellity. Suzanne is crushed by the news, and shattered by Debbie's refusal to allow the transplant. Everything looks hopeless, but soon the angels are there to talk Debbie about understanding, and to Suzanne about forgiveness, and to Allen about truth. The transplant goes through, the truth is uncovered, and a life is saved.moreless
    • The Trigger
      The Trigger
      Season 4 - Episode 14
      As Monica gives Tess an ice skating lesson we meet the seemingly happy Craig family at the rink where the son, Alex is finishing hockey practice. This family is Monica's next assignment as she gets a lesson that things aren't always what they seem. Linda and Ray Craig bring their children home to welcome Linda's sister Holly, who is in town for Linda's graduation from law school. Holly is overwhelmed to be back in the house of her childhood, a house that the Craig's recently bought back. Andrew, Alex's hockey coach, arrives at the house to return Alex's hockey gloves, which he left at the rink. This upsets Ray, abnormally so, and it becomes clear that there is a tension in this family when Ray grounds Alex for the whole weekend. Holly questions this, but Linda covers for Ray, explaining that he's had a bad day. Holly also finds a gun in the hall closet, and questions the safety of having a loaded weapon in the home. Later that night Holly wakes up to hear Linda and Ray having a heated argument. Shegoes downstairs to find Linda on the floor bleeding from the head. Monica then arrives as a policeman to investigate anonymous domestic disturbance call, but Linda and Ray both agree that Linda fell down the stairs and bumped her head. Later at hte hospital Linda explains that Ray has been upset recently, after losing his position as head of the emergency room, a consequence of endangering a patient's life. Tess arrives as a family counselor and encourages Linda and Ray to seek counseling, but Linda will not admit that Ray is violent with her. The situation seems to improve when Ray is really sweet to the kids, but when Alex gets into a fight during the hockey game, Ray becomes furious and starts beating Linda and Holly with a hockey stick. Believing that Ray will kill her sister, Holly gets the gun and shoot s Ray, ultimately killing him. Because Linda won't admit the abuse, Holly is arrested for murder. Linda is also angry at Holly for killing her husband, wh oshe claims was just trying to scare her. Back at the house Monica offers to pray with Linda, and they do, in hopes that this will clear Linda's mind about the events. Monica reveals herself to be to be an angel, and this triggers Linda's memory about her childhood, when her father beat her in thesame house, and about how Holly saved her by hitting him with a stone. Linda digs the stone from under the closet floorboards and brings it to her sister, thanking her for her protection. The murder charges have been dropped, the two sisters are reunited and resolve to ask God to help them pick up the pieces of their lives.moreless
    • Labor of Love
      Season 3 - Episode 21
      At a New York City hospital, Monica and Tess are assigned to Dr. Meg salter, a pediatrician. But when she decides to surprise her husband by boarding his flight to Paris, the angels have to call for back-up. Rookie caseworker, Celeste and Sam are put on the case, and so is Meg's fellow passenger Andrew, who had intended to take his first vacation in a century. Meg gets a surprise of her won when she discovers her husband, Brian is accompanied by his mistress, Olivia. As the plane heads into a storm, an already tense situation gets worse when the angels and Meg learn that Olivia is eight months pregnant. A consummate professional, Meg delivers a healthy, albeit premature baby girl, and the plane returns to JFK because of the medical emergency. By the time they get back, Olivia has had two seizures. Monica tends to the infant, while Dr. Parham and his trauma team work on the mother. Brian, overwhelmed by joy and sadness, receives a revelation from Andrew, he urges him to reconcile with his wife and depend on God for strength. Meg, however, rebuffs his initial attempt but is interrupted when Olivia's condition deteriorates. She is comforted by Monica and expresses the desire for Brian to take care of their baby. Lamenting that she never got her life in order, Olivia accepts Andrew's offer to let God change her heart. Then she dies. Monica reveals herself to a conflicted Meg and encourages her to salvage her marriage. With a newfound appreciation of the mistakes each has made, the Salters reconcile and agree to raise the baby together.moreless
    • Inherit the Wind
      Inherit the Wind
      Season 3 - Episode 28
      An orphanage burns on a dusty street as the Angel of Music observes singing. The song continues although he has relocated to a rowdy party at a mansion. Tess and Monica, unseen, are chagrined byb the excess as the host, Kevin Greeley, a carouses with friends. His father, Edward, confronts him but angirly exits. Kevin glimpses Monica in a mirror, but is gone when he turns around. As Edward ponders how to handle his spoiled son, Andrew appears, announcing God has granted the human one hour to set his affairs in order before his death. During that time, Edward opens his Bible, and dies while reading it. Days later, George is stunned that Edward left him one million dollars and a Bentley. Kevin, however is furious to receive only his possessions until attorney Tess informs him that he must locate Joseph Wells to claim the rest of his inheritance. He agian sees Monica's reflection in the mirror, but this time, she is there. She knew Edward and will help Kevin find Joseph Wells, but he must make the trip without his father's help or influence. Carrying only his prized guitar, Kevin hitchhikes and is eventually picked by Ruth. She too knew his father and eventually drops Kevin off at a diner. There he meets Sam, after he is forced to wash dishes because he has no money. Sam also knew Edward and teaches Kevin to take pride in his work. Ruth again appears and gives Kevin a ride to Joseph Wells, Texas. They encounter the Angel of Music, and Kevin donates the dollar he mysteriously found in his pocket. Kevin also meets Andrew in a nearby blues club but refuses to sell his guitar. At the bank, he is livid when Monica and Tess give him his inheritance, Edward's Bible. After Kevin storms out mid-revelation, the angels summon a specialist, Phil, the angel of Restoration. Phil tells Kevin to thank God for what he has rather than blame him for what he doesn't have. Finding an abandoned baby, Kevin learns Edward grew up in the town orphanage, which is why most of his estate was left to the "children of Joseph Wells." Kevin sells his guitar and decides to stay in town and take care of the baby by working at the orphanage and the blues club.moreless
    • What Are Friends For?
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      The angels arrive in the life of mayoral candidate Carrie Carver to help her learn a valuable lesson about friendship. Monica arrives as Carrie's speechwriter when Carrie is called away by a message from an old college friend. Monica tells her "truth is the best spin." Carrie arrives at Frodo's, her old college hangout to find Tom, who is waiting to hear the news of most recent cancer test. Andrew is acting as a bartender, not knowing whether or not he will be escorting Tom. Carrie then resumes her campaign, formally announcing her candidacy for the office of mayor. Carrie then goes to her college reunion with Sam and Monica. Carrie then sees her old friend Billy. Sam looks on with controlled concern as Carrie and Billy dance to their old college song. As Carrie, Billy and Tom, "The Terrible Threesome" give an reunion performance, Tess tells Andrew and Monica "Sometimes memories keep people harmonizing long after the music is over." Carrie tells Billy she'll pull some strings at the Board of Education to get him a job and also tells Sam she let him know he can stay in the basement until he gets on his feet. Carrie tells Sam she was never in love with Billy. The campaign rolls on and Billy begins a job as a high school teacher. While Carrie uses the restroom at a local high school, she overhears two students talking about Billy and one threatens to make him "pay" for giving her a "C." When Sam and Carrie arrive at home that night, Billy has prepared a candlelight dinner for them. The police then arrive with a warrant for Billy's arrest on charges of sexual misconduct with a minor. As Sam advises Carrie to distance herself in the aftermath of the arrest, Monica again advocates the truth. Carrie stands by Billy. Tom is his lawyer and explains the severity of his situation, a 17 year old student claims he tried to seduce her but she refuses to say anything more due to client privilege. Carrie cashes in her bonds to make bail for Billy, explaining how Billy came to her fathers funeral when she needed him. She makes a statement of support of Billy and learns that the incident allegedly happened in her own home. Sam questions Billy's intentions. Carrie then speaks to Tom, asking why he didn't tell her about Billy's case. Tom refuses to say any more but informs Monica that anyone can read the police report. Monica and Carrie read the police report and Carrie comes to know that Billy actually did have relations with the girl in question. Carrie then confronts Billy and he confirms, claiming she said she was 18. Billy asks Carrie to help him, to tell that she heard the girl threaten him. She says she'll have to think about it. She then realizes that perhaps Billy wasn't such a good friend. Not wanting to betray her friend, Carrie has a dilemma of conscience and Monica reveals herself to be an angel, telling Carrie to not lie for Billy and let him fall so that God can eventually help him.moreless
    • The Medium and the Message
      The Medium and the Message
      Season 5 - Episode 13
      Tess and Monica arrive at the office of NNT Television to pay a visit to T.K. McKenna, a network executive who once dreamed of "being the best" and now only wants "to be first." As T.K. is bragging about the ratings on a show featuring a hijacked bus which explodes, Monica arrives in T.K.'s office. But T.K. is not surprised, telling Monica that people drop in to tell him things all the time and that he has no idea who they are. Monica then tries to sell him on an idea of a show about angels in which the angels are sent by God who loves us all. McKenna wants to know more and Monica tells him like some of his visitors, angels are often undercover. We then see a series of clips from previous episodes where the angels play a variety of roles. T.K. then dismisses Monica and the idea. As Monica leaves, T.K. is told by another executive that 76% of people believe in angels. Outside, Tess tells Monica to change the heart of the man in order to change the network. T.K. finds Monica outside of the building an convinces her to "pitch" her idea to another group of executives who immediately start to tear apart her angel premise. When they say they need a more "edgy" show, wee see clips of previous episodes where Monica experiences shootings, bombings, car crashes, and assassination attempt. Monica then tells them about how the angel of death, Andrew takes people home to Heaven rather than killing them. The executives don't seem to understand and Monica leaves the room in disgust. Monica runs into Irene, T.K.'s secretary as she is leaving to catch a bus. Irene tells her that T.K. once dreamed of being a writer and wrote a very good script. Later, as Monica ruminates on how to approach T.K., Tess tells her to comfort him, that a bus was hijacked and blown up. T.K. responds to the tragedy by trying to cover his responsibility to the Board of Directors. Hoping to change the image of the network, he asks Monica to pitch him the angel show again. When he says the angel's don't have enough attitude, we see clips of Tess in action. When T.K. begins to complain about the whereabouts of Irene, Monica informs him that she was on the bus that was blown up. Crushed, T.K. throws everyone out of his office. Andrew hands Monica T.K.'s original script and tells her that Irene wanted T.K. to have it. When T.K. asks where the angels were for Irene, Monica tells him there are angels for everyone. We then see a series of guest angels. Monica tells T.K. that God exists, hands him his script and asks him to take a leap of faith and follow his dream of writing. T.K. then pitches his simple show about a family trying for an answer.moreless
    • A Death in the Family
      A Death in the Family
      Season 7 - Episode 13
      Detective Frank McCovey and his narcotics team obtain a warrant to raid the house of an elusive drug dealer based on a tip from his informant. The targeted address is an African-American neighborhood known for its criminal element. McCovey leads the raid, ignoring the signs that indicate they may be at the wrong house. McCovey charges through the apparent empty residence and mistakenly shoots an innocent 11 year-old boy, Jamal Griffin, who is hospitalized in critical condition. Reverend Davis, hardened by the social injustices perpetrated on his community, proclaims that this is one will not be ignored. Andrew, an Internal Affairs agent, suggests the truth behind the tragic event lies with the accidental death of McCovey's 10 year-old daughter's by a black man. McCovey refuses to discuss the matter, insisting that he followed proper procedure. Meanwhile, Jamal's mother begins her vigil beside her unconscious son and is joined by the police department's community relations officer, Monica. McCovey's suspension does not appease Rev. Davis, who skillfully uses the media to further his own agenda of social unrest, under the guise of protecting the Griffins' wishes. McCovey wrestles with his own conscience as he reflects on the circumstances of the shooting. News of the drug dealer's apprehension at a different address only pushes McCovey to blame his informant. McCovey insists he correctly wrote down the relayed information, but is unable to recover the piece of paper to aid his case. His wife and his partners try to help him realize that he may be pushing himself too hard and making mistakes, but McCovey refuses to listen or apologize. Tess, a new parishioner to Rev. Davis' church, warns the Reverend that his call to arms may incite violence against the police department. Rev. Davis refutes Tess' claim until proven wrong when a brick, bearing words is thrown through the McCovey's window, injuring McCovey's son. The next day, Jan confronts her husband with the piece of paper indicating he communicated the wrong information on the arrest warrant. Overwrought with the guilt of shooting an innocent child, McCovey goes to his daughter's grave prepared to end his life where Andrew reveals himself that he is an angel and was with his daughter when she died. Andrew helps McCovey face his racial prejudices stemming from the accidental death of his daughter by a black man. The subconscious racism is what made McCovey less careful in an African-American neighborhood. Andrew tells him that God loves him and forgives him, but now that he is aware of his prejudice, he must conquer it. Rev. Davis' parish disapprovingly receives the contrite McCovey and Davis refuses to listen to his apologies. Monica, Tess, and Andrew reveal themselves to convince Rev. Davis that he must forgive McCovey. McCovey remorsefully apologizes to the congregation and Rev. Davis offers his hand in peace. Jamal's mother praises God as her son regains consciousness.moreless
    • The Bells of St. Peters
      The Bells of St. Peters
      Season 8 - Episode 19
      Rose is the loving mother of Maggie, an oncologist. She is also her office manager, a meddler in her personal affairs, and a collector of various superstitions and faiths. In an attempt to ease tension in Maggie and her husband Brian's marriage, Rose has planned a trip to Rome. She is counting on her son-in-law and daughter to insist on accompanying her. She thinks that if they make the trip to Vatican Square on Easter Sunday to hear the bells of St. Peter's Cathedral, the miracle they need will happen. She has even gone so far as to hire Monica to temp in the office while they are away. Unfortunately things don't go according to plan. When a patient named Annie dies, Maggie is devastated, closing herself off to Brian, and canceling their plans for Rome. Rose tries to persuade her, but Maggie erupts in anger at her mother's meddling. She even takes Rose's fatigue to be nothing more than a sympathy ploy, her blood-work however tells another story. Rose has leukemmia. Maggie becomes utterly focused on saving her mother, but continues to keep Brian at a distance. She tries to get her mother to agree to a cranial shunt, a bubble-like apparatus that will administer her doses of chemotherapy, but nust be installed in the top of her head. Rose refuses, saying that she bought a new hat for Easter in Rome, and it won't do to have something sticking out of her head. Several weeks pass as Rose takes the more painful from of chemo, and Maggie becomes more isolated and obsessive in her attempt to save her mother without actually connecting with her. Just before Easter, Rose, at her weakest, attempts to leave the hospital and catch her flight. She collapses just outside. When they get her back inside, the diagnosis is poor, Rose isn't expected to live through the night. As Maggie stands in the room with her dying mother, Tess, who has been posing as a hospital administrator, gives her a revelation. Despite the sense of Tess's words, Maggie is still reluctant to believe. Meanwhile Rose wakes up, stepping clear of the bed and out of her body. Andrew is there, ready to take her to heaven, but Monica intercedes, telling him that she has a message for Rose. Andrew nods exits, leaving Monica to talk to Rose. She tells her to trust in God, not to immerse herself in the various superstitions and sayings that she is so fond of. She tells her that she can't go out in search of miracle, true miracles come to you with the love of God. Rose nods and listens, weeping with joy as the peal of the bells of St. Peter's echo throughout the hospital room. The next morning, brings with it a miracle that even Maggie cannot refute, Rose is alive, and her cancer is gone. Maggie is overjoyed, and finally breaks free of her emotional shields. She has no choice but to believe the truth of Tess's words and to work at being the best in all personal as well. The following Easter, Rose, Maggie and Brian gp to Vatican Square to hear the bells of St. Peter's.moreless
    • Out of the Darkness
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      What happens if you go into a coma, wake up five years later and discover you've lost everything that mattered to you? When we open Steve is celebrating the opening of he and his partner Matthew's architectural firm. Then his son falls off the roof, but is miraculously unhurt. Monica caught him, and unseen to the family, she also examines an angel key chain. This causes Steve to take his second car, a dumpy little model, and he's thrown out in an accident. When Steve wakes up, five years have passed, and we learn that his wife Bonnie has fallen in love with Matthew. Thinking her was a permanent vegetable, she's divorced Steve. His house looks completely different, he notices a dog lives there now. Steve reacts in rage, he breaks up Bonnie and Matthew's nuptials. Monica meanwhile feels so badly about causing all this trouble that she steps away from her assignment. Al is dispatched to talk sense into her. What is revealed is that Steve had carried on a legacy of abuse, there was a wooden spoon that he had been beaten with and had been beating his son with. When he finally confronts this secret, he's able to forgive himself, let go of his rage and let Bonnie get on with her life.moreless
    • Sympathy for the Devil
      Sympathy for the Devil
      Season 2 - Episode 3

      Matt Duncan books a rodeo into an arena he manages, not realizing that his estranged father is one of the feature attractions. Ty Duncan is a grizzled veteran of the rodeo circuit and wants to reconcile with his son before he dies. Monica who is acting as Matt's bookkeeper, is horrified to learn that the midway's fortune teller is Kathleen, a former friend and fallen Angel, who is determined to keep father and son apart. She decides to focus on little Daniel Duncan, who had previously been told his grandfather was dead. Kathleen makes sure that Ty meets Danny, which infuriates Matt who is led to believe Monica is at fault. The "dark angel" also makes a pass at him, since his wife is out of town. After the youngster slips into the corral of a dangerous bull, Monica rescues him and then intercedes in the resulting fight between Matt and Ty. She reveals she was sent to end the cycle of hatred between father and son and to uncover Kathleen as a force of evil. Ty makes a memorable final bull ride, which his son and grandson watch, and then dies

    • The Quality of Mercy
      Season 2 - Episode 21
      Joel Redding is a former soap-opera star who is coming to terms with middle age and life after television. He, his wife Sally and son Marshall have moved to a small town trying to regain a semblance of normal family life. While helping with a college theatre's fund raiser, Monica, Tess and Andrew witness tension between Joel and Marshall. Matters are further complicated when the aging actor initiates an affair with one his teenage ingenues. During one of Joel's extracurricular trysts, Sally slips while hanging a picture and seriously injures herself. Marshall finds his mother, calls for help, and gets her to the hospital. After authorizing the doctor to perform a risky surgical procedure, the teen rails at his father when he finally returns from his rendezvous. Tess reveals herself to the guilt-ridden husband, admonishing him to be faithful to his wife and son and admits he didn't quit the show, but was fired because of his age. Marshall is still reluctant to forgive until Monica's revelation that he must see his father as a man, rather than a hero to be worshipped. Sally's successful, the production is a triumph, and the family is reunited.moreless
    • Charades
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      With the approach of a special tribute to the victims of the Hollywood Blacklist to be given by the Screen Guild, Tess and Monica arrive to help Libby Glaser, a powerful Hollywood agent, learn the truth about her Blacklisted father's last days. Monica arrives as Libby's new assistant and quickly impresses Libby with her connections by managing to connect her with the head of the Hollywood Screen Guild. Libby learns that the Guild chosen to restore her father's name to a film he made during the Blacklist era when he was forced to write under a pseudonym, and that they want Libby's mother, Vera King, to present the award with her co-star in the show, Clive Hathaway. Vera flatly refuses to present the award with Clive which surprises Libby as he was her father's best friend. Simultaneously, home movies from Libby's childhood mysteriously appear from an unknown source and Libby's memory is jarred as she views them. When Libby confronts her mother, Vera tells her Clive is the one who ruined her fathers' career by naming him as a communist and that he didn't die in an accident, he killed himself, suffering under the burden ever since. She continues to say that Budd wrote a note to Libby just before driving his car over the cliff but that note was lost during the fire. Libby, now armed with her father's FBI file, plans to ruin Clive Hathaway as he ruined her father. As the ceremony is in progress, Vera begs Libby not to expose Clive and that he was her real father. Now wrecked, Libby enters the stage intent on ruining Clive. Backstage Tess reveals herself to Vera, which she remembers her as the family maid, she tell her that God loves her and that she tells her to go be with Libby. On the stage Monica then freezes time and asks Libby to forgive. As time resumes, Libby then realizes that she is no longer holding the FBI file but the note from her father asking her to forgive those involved and telling her that she will always be his little girl. Libby then gives an emotional speech, denouncing the tactics of the Blacklist.moreless
    • Cry, and You Cry Alone
      Cry, and You Cry Alone
      Season 4 - Episode 22
      Four aging comics sit around a diner table reminiscing about their careers and celebrating the fact that one of them is soon to leave on a cruise ship gig. One of the men offers to tell the story of Salt and Pepper, a famous comic team who suddenly broke up before they hit it really big. The story begins many years after the breakup, when Maury Salt arrives at the diner for his daily breakfast. Monica, a waitress at the diner, is the object of Salt's disdain when she doesn't know his usual order. During breakfast Salt reads the trade magazines and discovers that he and Pepper are going to be inducted into the Comedy Hall of Fame. When Monica inquires it becomes apparent that Maury and his former partner dislike each other, mostly because Pepper walked out on the act. The two men reunite and continue their feud at a press conference in spite of the fact that they've agreed to put on a show for the Hall of Fame induction. At the rehearsal Salt and Pepper return old routines but cannot agree on who will play which part, so they break up. Salt recruits Monica to be his new partner, but tries her out as an open-mike contest, a sign that the old comic hasn't long to live. when they realize their new partners are terrible, Salt and Pepper reunite. But it's not long before Pepper collapses with a weak heart. The men see the error of their ways on the ride to the hospital, and Tess, who is driving the ambulance, honors their request to go to the diner in the old neighborhood where they met. The men perform one more comedy routine for Monica "Make God laugh". Pepper then passes on, but not before the old friends express their love and gratitude to each other.moreless
    • The Face of God
      Season 7 - Episode 22
      Dr. Sarah Conover is at the forefront of human genetics and on the verge of a historic breakthrough by being the first to clone a human being. Her headstrong pursuit is met with strong opposition from her supervisor, Brad Renslow, who questions the social ramifications of human cloning. Under the microscopic scrutiny of a government review team, Sarah anxiously awaits final approval to proceed from the company board. Sarah acknowledges to the throng of media that she is not playing the role of God, but improving upon him. For Sarah, the advancement of genetic technology ultimately leads to healthier and better lives and will allow infertile parents to have children. Fearing the possibility that Sarah will proceed without authorization, Brad assigns a boi-ethicist, Monica, to weigh the moral and ethical implications. The ease and eagerness with which Sarah demonstrates the initial steps of the cloning process causes Monica to question Sarah's motives and intentions. Sarah argues that Albert Einstein, her idol whom she did her PhD thesis on, would have championed her scientific endeavors. Monica offers a different picture of the pioneering scientist with an account of his final moments with Andrew and Tess. Faced with his own impending death, Einstein was more eager to appreciate the beauty that God created than artificially prolong his own life. Monica's story is interrupted by the arrival of the candidates for Sarah's project. After hearing the tragic tale of an infertile couple seeking to clone their daughter who passed away, Monica questions her ability to discover the truth of the matter. Monica tries to emphasize to Sarah the tremendous responsibility she will take on if she cones a child. Sarah misinterprets Monica's advice and decides that she is the perfect choice and will use her frozen samples of Einstein's DNA to give birth to her son. Sarah is elated with the decision, convinced that her son will have the best of everything, a loving mother and the genius of Einstein. The news that other scientists will start the cloning process without authorization, Sarah locks herself in her laboratory, ready to begin. Monica warns Sarah that she has not considered the long-term consequences, just like Einstein, and will suffer just as he did. Monica describes now Einstein met a survivor of the Hiroshima bombing, Mr. Aramaki. The gardener's account of the infamous day painfully reminded Einstein how his discovery of relatively regretfully became the blueprint for the atomic bomb. Monica reveals herself as an angel to Sarah and allows her to witness the bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. The frightful experience causes Sarah to reconsider what she is doing. Monica tells Sarah that only God creates life and that he is in a constant state of creation. Suddenly, the cherry blossoms from a tree outside whirl inside the laboratory and transform into a beautiful new angel. As Monica and the new angel depart, Monica reminds Sarah that she is a child of God and will always by loved by him and she will be a wonderful mother one day. With a renewed hope for the future, Sarah tearfully removes the genetic material and disposes it.moreless