Touched by an Angel

Season 9 Episode 22

I Will Walk With You (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2003 on CBS

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  • A Perfect Conclusion That Will Have You Crying

    All I can say is that they got it right. I couldn't have imagined a better series finale. It was just perfect. It had me crying, and I don't cry at too many things. The acting was superb as usual, and it was nice to see old guest stars back again. The best part has to be at the very end when Monica realizes that the man she had been friends with was actually Jesus. I loved this episode. By a mile the best ever. You know what they say, if you're gonna go out, go out with a bang!
  • Best ending to a series - EVER!

    Part 2 picks up where Part 1 left off, & begins to answer a lot of questions posed by Part 1. Now we're finding out what really happened & why, & when we find out "whodunnit", it's a big shock! Each of the characters finds closure, all questions are answered, all mysteries are solved - for us, anyway! The most poignant scenes are during the last 30 minutes, & when the angels bid farewell, you think it's over - but it's not! Monica gets the biggest surprise of all when she realizes that she was protecting God Himself! Perfect conclusion!
  • Best Episode Ever!!! Couldn't have asked for a better series finale!!!

    I didn't watch this show during it's first season because my father had died that year & I was in no mood to believe in angels. I became hooked when I saw "Rock 'N' Roll Dad" in the 2nd season. This episode showed how faith in God can get you through anything.

    David Ogden Stiers did an excellent job playing the devil/lawyer prosecuting Zack. (I found it to be ironic & amusing that the devil would be a lawyer, that goes along w/all the bad lawyer jokes, lol.) When he was telling Joey to turn up the water heater thermostat to protect the kitties, it was a terrific illustration on how the devil whispers in our ears & tells us to do things that we know we shouldn't & rationalizes our wrongdoing with lies.

    When everyone was freaking out wondering why Zack was at so many horrible accident scenes, I was saying, "Duh! It's so obvious he's an Angel of Death just like Andrew & Adam." But at the end when he revealed himself to be God, it made me cry! It was the most beautiful ending & every time I watch it, I cry for the ending. Heck, my eyes are tearing up right now just remembering it! It was so touching the way Monica told Zack that she would be with him all the way & when he revealed his true self & thanked his "humble servant," every piece fell into place.

    God's awesome power is with us at all times & this show was such a wonderful way for us to remember that. Losing this show was a tragedy but thank Heavens for reruns!