Touched by an Angel

Season 6 Episode 21

Living the Rest of My Life

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 2000 on CBS
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Living the Rest of My Life
Abby is a 71 year old widow who spends her days watching soap operas and her nights doting to her overly-attached son Phillip and his wife Judith. Monica and Tess's assignment is to help cut the apron strings between mother and son. When Monica arrives at Abby's door to collect clothes for the "Living the Rest of My Life" Retirement Community fundraiser, Abby is skeptical. Later, when Tess tells her about the activities that take place at "Living the Rest of My Life," Abby agrees to visit to see for herself. Abby is excited to find many seniors who keep busy with all sorts of activities, though she tries to mask her enthusiasm. She meets Ramone, a young graffiti artist who serves mandatory community service hours by helping Andrew, the Community's handyman, paint the hallways. Abby also meets Lois, a retired artist and widow, who hides in her apartment angrily refusing to socialize with the other community members. Abby uses Lois and Ramone as reasons why she wouldn't want to move here, but her real feelings are apparent when she returns a few days later with her treasured pecan pie. When Phillip realizes where his mother has been spending her time, he insists she put any thoughts of moving out of her head, reminding her of how much he needs her. But when Phillip forgets Abby's birthday, she decides it is time to begin her life and moves into "Living the Rest of My Life." Phillip and Judith arrive for a visit, and Phillip desperately attempts to sweet talk his mother into returning. Abby is settling in, however, and is unwilling to return, paying for her first month's rent with some cash she'd saved away. Phillip is angry and storms out, while Judith, unbeknownst to Phillip, gives Abby her checkbook which Phillip had been holding for her. Meanwhile, Lois and Ramone argue about art and insult each other's work in the process. Abby comforts Lois by writing a check for one of her paintings. a favorite of Abby's since she and her husband's honeymoon. In turn, apologizes to Ramone and revalidates his work. At the fundraiser, Abby sells some of her vintage hats, and is delighted to have Phillip and Judith visit. She shows them her new painting until Lois reclaims it, announcing that Abby's check bounced. Phillip then admits that he depleted Abby's life savings by making bad investments. Abby is shocked but forgives Phillip and plans to move back home, no longer able to afford cash from her personal belongings, she can no longer make any excuses for him. Tess reveals herself to be an angel, and tells Abby that God understands her situation. He lets his children face the consequences of their actions, and she must do the same for Phillip. Abby insists that Phillip pay back all the money he lost, and tells him that he cannot be in her life until he pulls his together. Abby prepares to move out of the retirement community, until Ramone announces that he's learned that Lois's artwork is worth a fortune. Lois then offers to pay Abby's rent so she can remain a part of the family at "Living the Rest of My Life."moreless

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  • Monica's assignment is an elderly lady who wants to live the rest of her life happily.

    Abby is a widow with one son, with whom she lives along with his wife. She is unhappy but doesn't know it. Monica and Tess decide to show her what she is missing out on and teach her that there is more to existence than cooking and cleaning and looking after her only child and catering to his every whim.

    With her usual brusque manner, Tess convinces Abby to come and visit a local retirement village with is filled with happy senior citizens who are living the type of lives that they want to live, in their declining years. At first, Abby is reluctant to embrace the change but after spending time with the people who live there, she sees that Monica and Tess are right and there are still many thing for her to do and enjoy.

    However, there is a rude shock awaiting her when she finds that her beloved son has lost her life savings in shoddy investments, which means she will have to leave the home and go back to living with him. The other residents, who have grown fond of Abby, are determined that she will not leave and come up with the money for her to be able to stay, while she learns the lesson that she has doted on her son for too long and insists that he give her back every cent of the money he has taken from her.

    A very good episode with a very good lesson to be learned.moreless

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