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  • a memorable show

    I love this show and has always been amazed by the main casts and guest stars who have acted on each episodes and of course, Roma Downey who played Monica very well on each episodes - she's so talented. I also love the angels of death's role (Andrew) whom was portrayed by John Dye. Touch of an Angel is the kind of show that has a special gift for touching and inspiring people that are surrounded by the show. This is the show that will be forever missed and thankfully, I saw this being sold yourdvdcorner .com . Well, I received a good copy with great quality. I'm glad that I can watch this again during my leisure time because this show is very interesting! Moreover it is packed with all the complete episodes from the whole 9 Seasons of this show! Watching this inspirational TV series will make you witness how important life is, so let's treasure every moment like what this show taught us.
  • Thank you

    Love this show!!! Thank you for making me a better christian.
  • love is filled

    love the show i believe in the love of our lord I have found the theme song of TBAA in a local shop a mate has bought the first epizode for me I've been watching TBAA every morning when I can. Going to church I believe. Thankyou
  • A wonderful show which never loses its appeal, no matter how often you watch it.


    When Roma Downey, Della Reese and John Dye, among several others, burst onto our screens as angels, sent by God to help Man find his way in life, who would have thought it would have been such a success.

    From its beginnings in 1994, this show set the bar high and yet managed to reach it just about every week. Sweet, coffee-loving, gentle Monica was almost the opposite of no nonsense Tess and both were beautifully balanced by others such as Andrew, the compassionate Angel of Death and the young Raphael who was always there to lend a hand.

    Regardless of the subject matter, each episode was written, directed and acted in a caring, sensitive manner which always made it a joy to turn on your television.

    If you haven't seen this excellent show, then do yourself a favour and tune in.

  • The show sends an incomplete message.

    I've been watching the reruns for a couple months now and have really enjoyed them. I think it's a great story line and very moving. Della Reese and Roma Downey are wonderful together. The only part that really bothers me and the reason I would stop watching is they leave out our Savior. They only mention God and I have never once heard them mention His Son Jesus. Since the only way to Heaven and to God is through Jesus this is really disappointing and I believe it sends the wrong message. John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. It's great acting and good story lines but unfortunate they leave out the most important part of salvation.
  • A show for everyone

    People have said this is a wonderful show for Christians. I disagree with that. It's a wonderful show for everyone regardless of religious beliefs. Roma Downey and Della Reese were perfect in their roles of Monica and Tess. Monica was a novice caseworker who made mistakes and was pointed in the right direction by Tess. They were joined by several different angels in the beginning before Andrew joined them permanently. Valerie Bertinelli was added to the cast for the last two seasons. Touched By An Angel had a rocky start and was nearly cancelled, but went on to run for nine wonderful seasons.
  • It's touching...

    Touched By An Angel, why did you have to go? So many good times together - although it was mostly spent tearing up and feeling like you were on the brink of bursting out in tears. I enjoy the re-runs. I enjoy the plotlines. I enjoy Andrew - er WHAT? - But why did he have to be the Death Angel? What a bad rep....anyway let's get down to the business at hand-

    This show has it's pros and cons - caution to sensitive viewers: many plots revolve around situations partaining to very senstive issues and should be handled, as such, with care. These issues for the most part are resolved with a postive outcome in a Godly manner. Aside from that, the dialogue is always kept pretty clean, with the acceptions of "damn", "crap", and "Hell", which is never spoken by any of the angels (to my knowledge) unless in reference to Hell itself. Other than that, this show certainly had a good, long run, and it was a terrible loss in television history when it ended.
  • A show of sincere entertainment.

    Touched By an Angel is definately one of the most moving television shows that has ever aired. I remember watching with my family and didn't understand it all until I got older. There is a lesson to be learned and each episode has a very good combination of wonderful acting, writing, and storytelling. My faith in God and my religious beliefs have been accurately depicted by this show. Now, I am a guy, so usually I don't want to show my emotions, but Touched By an Angel brings me to the edge at times. There aren't too many shows that can do that for most people. I really enjoy watching people come to God and find true peace. It really inspires me to spread the word of God to others. Touched By an Angel is a show that will be in its own class for as long as there is television. Thank you Lord for allowing a touching show to inspire so many to know you. Thank you.
  • Touched By An Angel is a wonderful show with a WONDERFUL message: GOD LOVES YOU! It features the fabulous Roma Downy and Della Reese!

    Touched By An Angel is one of the best television shows of all time. I am pretty surprised that I didn't watch the show in its original run because I was very into "church." However, several years down the road I learned that "religion" was not what I wanted to be a part of. Mainly because of the way I was treated after I came out. One of the first episodes I watched dealt with a man who returned home after he found out he was dying from Aids. The show wasn't preachy on the subject. That is why I love Touched By An Angel. It isn't preachy. It doesn't push one certain religion and it doesn't exclude all other religions. It teaches such a simple message: God loves you and his Angels are always watching over you. I am usually in tears by the end of each episode. However, I have found it to be therapeutic. Roma Downey, no matter how many times she has delivered the "revelation" scene, hits a home run every time. With the support of Della Reese and John Dye, this show has so much for anyone who is open to its message. You will only walk away feeling better. It's a win win situation! It airs weekdays @ 12:00 PM on Hallmark!
  • Touching and Encouraging

    I agree we certainly need more shows like Touched by an Angel. I too watch it everyday on the Hallmark channel along with my mom and sister. There is hardly an episode that we aren't all crying tears of empathy and joy.Each one of us would love to see the series brought back. From each show their is so much to learn, especially about love, forgiveness, and faith: each of which this world could use more of. I feel that whomever wrote,directed, and produced the Touched by an Angel series had great foresight and courage to aire such a spiritually based show. I applaud that courage.
  • A feel good show is always needed.

    I know, alot of critics of the show brush it off as being "preachy, religous nonsense". I guess they have a right to complain. What I do not understand is how they can find fault with a show who's main, central message is "God loves you". Even when your life is in the dumps, He loves you enough to send angels. So it is "realistic" in some people's eyes. I do not see plane crash survivors on mysterious islands being any more or less realistic, nor do the CSIers getting their investigation results in minutes as opposed to the usual days (or even weeks). It's television! To have such a positive show being recognized for its warmth, generosity, and its wholesome messages is a good thing. Having a show that has solid acting, touching and compelling stories, and is something the whole family can watch together is something that our soceity needs no more than ever.
  • We Need To Keep Shows Like this On the Air !!

    I loved watching Touched By An Angel. It was a show that I watched all the time and I would continue to watch if it was still playing new episodes . I was disappointed when they took it off the air. They need to bring it back on the air. It was one of the BEST shows that I really enjoyed watching. I try to catch the reruns when I can, but it's just not the same as when you watch a newly released episode. I miss watching it and was really disappointed when it was taken off the air, not to mention that the show had a lot of inspirational points and stories that touched me and I'm sure it touched many others as well. And had some great lessons for everyone in it. Please put it back on the air.
  • This show is fabulous! It will touch your heart, no doubt about it!

    There's nothing quite like watching a TV show that covers important issues, & doesn't need nudity or sex to do it! This is a program that I can watch with my daughter & not feel embarrassed - hard to say that about a lot of TV shows today! TBAA is a high-quality show that will teach you, reach you, & touch your very soul. Even if you don't believe in angels, this show reminds you of something that everyone needs to know & remember: GOD LOVES YOU! It's true, & this program carries a beautiful message. Give it a look!
  • touched by angel i guess you can say it teachs you an lesson.

    well this shows can be a thriller somtimes . it's exciting and enjoyable to watch. it's like a bunch of emotions mixed cause sometimes it can make you cry and others it can make you smile and somtimes i really get in to it like i am almost there in the scene or the episode and somtimes it feels like real life and somtimes i yell at the tv cause the person in the episodes can make me mad by there actions.
  • This is one of the best shows that has ever been one TV.I watch it every day on The Hallmark channel.

    I love this show.Della Reece,and the rest of the cast are so wonderful.The only station that has it on TV now is cable on the Hallmark channel,and I watch it everyday.I never miss a show.Della is a wonderful person,and I would love to meet her.She has a beautiful voice.She sings like an angel.She is a preacher I heard.I would love to hear her preach.I wish they would put it back on the other channels on television.I don't know why they took it off in the first place.I never miss a day of watching it.It makes my day to watch it.A wonderful show.Nothing better.I have started my collection of the series.Everytime one comes out I buy it.
  • It's one of the best shows in recent years. It's one show the whole family can watch. It's one show that gave us faith, and encouragement, I'm glad it stayed on as long as it did, I wish it would have lasted longer.

    This is the kind of shows we need more of. It's clean, but it does touch some risque subjects. I used to watch it in the first and second season, and when they moved it to Sunday I never got to watch cause I was always at church, and I couldn't record it, so unfortuneatly I lost interest in the show, but I would like to get it on DVD that would be great, it's one show I like. I'm a borderline Christian I guess you could say I have had issues with the church. But, a very well written and hard hitting storylines.
  • I loved to watch Touched By An Angel. It was a show that my grandmother and I would watch all the time and I continued to watch it after she passed. I was disappointed when they took it off the air. They need to put it back on the air.

    It was one of the most awesome shows that I really enjoyed watching. I try to catch the reruns when I can, but it's just not the same as when you watch a newly released episode. I miss watching it and was really disappointed when it was taken off the air, not to mention that the show had a lot of inspirational points and stories that touched me and I'm sure it touched many others as well. Please put it back on the air.
  • good TV

    I miss this show and love to catch the repeats..
    by no means am I a goodie two shoes but this was aa apositive clean family show that always hadf a message.. and flwed as I am I liked that.. too bad it is no longer on the air.. I wish that there was more shows like this out there
  • Touched By An Angel, the best show for christians. I should know I am one! This show is how TV should be. The cast are great ppl. Tess and Monica are such sweethearts. The show ppl can relate to some of the stories. This show is reality and what's happeni

    The cast, you'll fall in love with them. It's like falling in love again. Monica & Tess are such good actors and can really play the part.
    This show takles the real world and what's happening now. This show is reality and what's happening! I would recomend this show to Chrisians and anyone else who is intrested in the bible and God's plans for the world.
  • spectacular!

    i love the producer, director, writer, and all of the asts of this show. Oh my God, touched by an angel IS the most incredible show in the world!! I cry watching each episodes.. i love the bible-messsage through its dialogue... i love it. i love it. everybody should watch it and i should buy the vcds or dvds.. somebody help..
  • This show should be loved by all Chrisrians. This show has the greatest cast you could ever have!!! WATCH IT!!!!

    This show will be beloved by people all over the world! Great cast, I just LOVE Andrew, he is soooooooo funny!!!! Tess is funny too, especially with Andrew!! Monica can be pretty funny, but she's mostly the sensitive messanger. And it's all about GOD!!!!! Who wouldn't LOVE this show?! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!
  • This was an incredible show, even though it lost some momentum in later seasons.

    I was in sixth grade when I first saw this show. I was a loyal watcher mostly because it was cleaner than most of the stuff on TV. I watched the entire run on PAX tv and thought it never lost any bit of quality through any of it.

    First season was great, even though the SFX were a little primative. I thought that Monica was so innocent, which resembles the journey of a baby Christian. All she wants to do is please God, and her loving, yet sometimes brash, supervisor, Tess helps her understand all of the human behavior around her, even though she herself has some lessons to learn.

    Second season got even better with the addition of Andrew. He is definitly WAAAAYYY better than any of the guest angels of death in the previous episodes. Once I found out that Charles Rocket was a SNL alum that uttered the F-bomb on the show, it ruined his portrayal for me, even though I enjoyed his guest shots a lot. Henry was okay, but he seemed boring and not as involved. Andrew was a very compassionate angel who brought a great dynamic to the character, which made him my absolute favorite. I also liked how they started to let the forces of evil take a bigger role. I thought that they portrayed evil very well. Every actor that played the devil (and demons) in this show were awesome. My favorite had to be John Schnider, because he brought an awesome sinister edge while still appearing very pleasant to the outside world.

    The third, fourth, and fifth seasons were by far the best, my favorite being season five. These three seasons were full of some of the most tear-jerking episodes of the series. "Psalm 151" made me cry like a baby, and it takes a lot to do that. There were also the episodes about the foster parents, the woman and her down-syndrome neighbors, the painter with ALS, the woman going back to China, etc. Despite all of the drama, the comic relief was top-notch, not just in these seasons but throughout the whole series. It really made me happy to laugh among all of the sadness going on. I know that a lot of shows try to give that, but TBAA did it the best in my opinion. And I have to mention some of the guest angels introduced during this time, my favorite being Raphael, who was compassionate AND cute, can't beat that. I also loved Sam, Ruth, and Celeste, among others. Those seasons were definitly the show at a creative high.

    When I finally finished watching the entire run on PAX, I started watching new episodes, starting with the premiere of Season 6. That season was a tiny bit less spectacular, even though it was still awesome. The one about slaves in the Sudan was very well done. I actually fell and badly injured my knee while watching the one about the woman leaving her son's house, so that one doesn't give good memories. Other than that I thought that the episodes were great.

    The seventh season was good, but not up to par with the previous seasons. The plotlines began to get a little redundant and flat. However, there were some very strong episodes contained. The Shallow Water two-parter was great, and I think it offered a great insight into how even CCM families aren't perfect. I also loved the one where they taught the girl intelligent design. That was the first time I had ever heard it explained on TV! I also loved the one where Monica gets tempted by the devil, even though her thing with humanity seemed to come out of no where.

    The eighth season saw quite a shake-up with the addition of Gloria. I for one liked her a lot. She was so cute and brought a lot of good relief to the show. However, she did weight them down a little bit. Despite that, she brought something different to a season that was even more redundant than the one before. It was still good, and had some great guest stars, but the show was really starting to show its age. Some of the plot-lines seemed a little illogical to me; i.e. I have never heard of a girl get made fun of for not having a dad, or of a half-brother being a better bone marrow donar than a parent. I also was a little sad that they didn't have as many angellic learning experiances as before, not counting with Gloria. Despite my gripes, the season had its high points. For example, "Angels Anonymous" was definitly great because it showed what an angellic intervention would be like in real life, and the one with the man on death row brought a tear-jerker worthy of the early days.

    The ninth season, well, lets just say I didn't think it was very good. Some of the plotlines were just plain silly (NOT haha), and others I'd seen before. I didn't really hold it against the show, though. Nearly every show ends up suffering senioritus, and this one took longer to do it than most. However, the series finale was INCREDIBLE. Lets just say that I have a feeling they wrote this one far in advance. It had a very "early days" quality to it, and did I mention that we saw JESUS!!! He was in very true form too. I watched a repeat airing and saw how the devil looked at him, and it gave me chills since I knew who he was now. I felt that it was about time we saw Him.

    All in all, despite the detour that it took late in the game, I think that Touched by an Angel is one of the best series on TV. The thing that I am the most upset about in the days after the show is the fact that none of the actors are getting any work! C'mon Hollywood! Della, John, and Roma are some of the best actors on TV and I haven't even seen them guest star anywhere! Also, I have a gripe that we as fans don't have anything we can sink our teeth into. The TBAA website hasn't been updated in forever and a day, and the reruns are no where to be found. This is like the show that Tinsletown forgot, and it's sad.

    However, if the show ever does return, I highly recommend that the next generation watch it. It had a purity to it that so many other shows in our sex-driven society lack. It was the program that I watched to remind me that God loved me and that He proves it to me best in the difficult times.

    A/N: I just found out that Charles Rocket, who played Adam on the show, committed suicide a few days ago. I just want to take this time to wish his family the best in this difficult time.
  • This is the way TV should be.

    This is the best possible use of the television air waves, in my humble opinion. It inspired us and taught us how to get out of bad life circumstances and make something of ourselves. It taught us that no one is beyond the love and care of our Lord. If only TV producers would continue in that way, using their power for the betterment of mankind.
  • Excellent

    Touched by an Angel is an increadibly deep and emotional television show. Every episode draws you in, and locks you in as you watch curiously as you wonder what will happen next. Religious people will appreciate this show, and the non-religious may want to watch it as a "faith booster." Every episode is different and deals with different problems in peoples lives. The acting is inceradible and all the actors and actresses are usually well known and very talented. The music is emotional, as is the show in general. When you watch this show you may feel sad, happy, gigally, nervous, angry, and even guilty. I honestly cant think of any other show that can make you feel all this emotions. The wonderful thing about this show is that it contains no swearing, no sex, no offensive material, it's a great, clean show that no other show can compare to.
  • Awe inspiring talent of the cast, crew and writers.

    I rate this show a 10 plus, plus, plus. I adored this show and watch it in reruns over and over. I never get tired of it. The writing talent of this show was incredible and extremely inspiring. The acting was stupendous and the stories amazing. I can only give the highest of praises to this show.
    The characters of "Tess, Monica and Andrew, later Gloria" were so intriguing and interesting to watch how they helped people in need. The writing of each episode was done extremely well. The two "Petey" stories were my favourites though I have so many I adore. We get it in reruns every night at 8 pm and midnight so I can catch it a lot if I want though I wish they'd bring it back. Superb!
  • I used to watch this show nearly every Sunday night. I would love the plot lines of some of the episodes. They definitely need to bring back this show. It was not only informative and inspiring, it also brought a lot of world issues.

    I think this show is like the better and more updated version of Highway to Heaven. I like this show a lot more because it was more modern and introduced some things that the original did not touch on. I really wished that they had an appropriate ending of the show. Even though it was fading and slowly becoming redundant and not good they should have made a better ending rather than canceling it all of a sudden. I hate when shows did that. I really like Monica's (Roma Downey) accent.
  • i'm not even sure anymore Monica ever completed her assignment!? it needs to be put back on aiR!

    if the producers are reading this then, i want you to know that "Touched By An Angel" is an influential show that shows angels do help people with problems and its so realistic almost like it really does happen, i really miss this show, please bring it back. Also one more thing, have it on a regular tv channel because some people can't get the hallmark channel.