Touched by an Angel

CBS (ended 2003)





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  • It's touching...

    Touched By An Angel, why did you have to go? So many good times together - although it was mostly spent tearing up and feeling like you were on the brink of bursting out in tears. I enjoy the re-runs. I enjoy the plotlines. I enjoy Andrew - er WHAT? - But why did he have to be the Death Angel? What a bad rep....anyway let's get down to the business at hand-

    This show has it's pros and cons - caution to sensitive viewers: many plots revolve around situations partaining to very senstive issues and should be handled, as such, with care. These issues for the most part are resolved with a postive outcome in a Godly manner. Aside from that, the dialogue is always kept pretty clean, with the acceptions of "damn", "crap", and "Hell", which is never spoken by any of the angels (to my knowledge) unless in reference to Hell itself. Other than that, this show certainly had a good, long run, and it was a terrible loss in television history when it ended.