Touched by an Angel - Season 2

CBS (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • 5/18/96
    The angels are assigned to The Morgan Bell Show, a tabloid talk show, with Monica having the plum job of assisting Claudia Bell, the program's embittered producer and Morgan's sister. A dark secret from the Bell's past forged their unhealthy symbiotic relationship, the glamorous Morgan is on-air talent while the obese Claudia calls the shots from the seclusion. Morgan's attempt to focus on uplifting topics backfires when an "all-American" mother is confronted by an illegitimate daughter raised in foster homes. The woman has a heart attack, and Morgan is irate that Claudia engineered the situation. Working together, the angels uncover their past, but inform the sisters that God can forgive any sin, no matter how long ago it was committed. Morgan and Claudia publicly confess their misdeeds, asking their victims and the television audience for forgiveness.moreless
  • Birthmarks
    Episode 23
    Michael Russell is dying of cancer, a fact that his father finds hard to accept. A potter by trade, Whit is skeptical of technology and persuaded his son to leave city life for the family farm once his illness was diagnosed. Unbeknownst to Whit, Michael and Penny have undergone gamete fertilization, a process enabling Jolene to be the surrogate mother for their baby. Believing the pregnancy to be natural, Whit vows to have no part in raising his grandchild. Subsequent to one of his tirades, Jolene disappears. As Michael's health deteriorates, the situation looks increasingly grim, especially when Andrew arrives. Using a clever metaphor, Monica gently convinces Whit to accept the non-traditional pregnancy. Michael dies just as his son is born, and as his bereaved family visits the grave, Tess arrives with Jolene and the baby in tow. She gives the infant to his mother, who laments that Michael never got a chance to hold his son. Tess comforts Penny by pointing that he has a birthmark, a kiss from his father.moreless
  • Flesh and Blood
    Episode 22
    Monica befriends Kate Prescott, whose son is accused of a brutal murder. Angered by Thomas's acquittal, Leonard Page, the victim's father, tries to force the Prescott's to leave town. Tess advises the man to let God avenge his daughter's death, but he refuses to listen, even when Kate herself begs him to stop the vendetta. When she discovers some of the victim's belongings in Thomas's room, however, she doubts his innocence and issues a statement to the press. He responds by leaving town. But once the police apprehend the real murderer, Kate despairs because of her betrayal. Revealing herself, Monica tells the distraught mother her mistake was trusting evidence rather than faith. Tess meanwhile return's to the Page's house, urging him to let the healing process begin. Afterwards, Monica wonders what will become of Kate's son. Tess reveal that Mrs. Angeli, the kindly bus driver who gave Kate moral support during the trial is herself and 'advance angel" who will watch over Thomas as he starts his new life in Los Angeles.moreless
  • 4/27/96
    Joel Redding is a former soap-opera star who is coming to terms with middle age and life after television. He, his wife Sally and son Marshall have moved to a small town trying to regain a semblance of normal family life. While helping with a college theatre's fund raiser, Monica, Tess and Andrew witness tension between Joel and Marshall. Matters are further complicated when the aging actor initiates an affair with one his teenage ingenues. During one of Joel's extracurricular trysts, Sally slips while hanging a picture and seriously injures herself. Marshall finds his mother, calls for help, and gets her to the hospital. After authorizing the doctor to perform a risky surgical procedure, the teen rails at his father when he finally returns from his rendezvous. Tess reveals herself to the guilt-ridden husband, admonishing him to be faithful to his wife and son and admits he didn't quit the show, but was fired because of his age. Marshall is still reluctant to forgive until Monica's revelation that he must see his father as a man, rather than a hero to be worshipped. Sally's successful, the production is a triumph, and the family is reunited.moreless
  • 3/23/96
    The women in Naval officer, Neil Campbell's life do not get along. His mother Marian and his pregnant wife April seem to be competing fir his love. After he goes out to sea, Monica enters their life as an artist commissioned to paint a "portrait of Mrs. Campbell". We learn that Marian is desperately in need of a bone marrow transplant and Neil cannot return home from sea. As the situation worsens, April volunteers to donate marrow despite her pregnancy. At this point we come to know the secret that Marian has been hiding for entire life, that she has a mentally challenged son, Tommy, who has been raised in facilities all of his life. Although Marian has always loved and cared for her son, she was encouraged by her parents to give him up as punishment for the sinful behavior that conceived him. As Marian's health worsens, Tommy emerges as the only viable bone marrow donor and, with the help of Andrew, the operation is arranged and is successful. April gives birth to a healthy baby girl and the entire family is united with the return of Neil. Monica's painting is then revealed to be a portrait of the whole family.moreless
  • Dear God
    Episode 19
    While working at the post office, Monica meets Max, who is responsible for handling "dead" letters addressed to Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and God. A Holocaust survivor, Max answers children's letters to God by telling them there is no God and not to place their faith in a fantasy. One little girl, Tanya Brenner, continues sending letters to God, even though Max only answered the first one and ignored the rest. Andrew, who has met the child, and Monica entice Tess ask God if they can read the letters. After receiving permission, they learn that Tanya's father is very ill and that his girlfriend, Sandy has been abusing the girl. Monica is outraged and wants to help out, but Tess reminds her that Max, not Tanya is her assignment. Taking matters into her own hands, Monica arranges Max to see a drunken Sandy hit the girl. Following this encounter, Max follows her homw, where her dying father beseeches the postal worker to find Tanya a new home. Shaken, Max runs away. When he doesn't show up for work the next day, Monica goes to visit him. Tanya has disappeared and Max is wracked with guilt. The angel reveals herself and gently persuades him to do something. He decides to look for the girl, finding her at her late father's apartment. While treating Tanya to a meal, Max is spotted by policeman and arrested for suspicion of kidnapping. Monica visits a despondent Max in jail, informing him that men, not God were responsible for the Holocaust. When Andrew emerges on the scene, Max remembers seeing him at the Auschwitz barracks in 1944. The angel of death reminds Max of his father's faith, revealing that he died on his feet praising God and asking him to walk with his son. Overcome by memories, the postal worker weeps. Meanwhile, Tess persuades the diner owner to tell the police that Max did not abduct Tanya but was trying to help her. Once that matter is cleared up, Max applies to be her foster father, so the two of them can become a family. As Monica, Tess and Andrew watch unseen, Max opens a mysterious package that contains a pair of children's shoes, him own, with the carved iniscription "Lieber Gott," German for "Dear God."moreless
  • Lost and Found
    Episode 18
    Monica and Tess are assigned to Detective Frank Champness at the Centre for Missing Children. Champness is very good at his job, but is haunted by his failures, the children who have died or have simply never been found. Andrew, is also taking his shift at the centre. Andrew is intrigued by computers, and shows Monica how computer simulated age progression works. Monica discovers that Kathleen, is Frank's new girlfriend, and is pushing him to the breaking point. She distracts him from his cases and undermines all the good he has done for missinig children, pushing him close to quitting his job. In a dueling revelation scene, Monica defeats Kathleen and brings Frank back back from the influence of evil. Then, with the help of Andrew's age progression expertise, Monica helps him solve a 15 year old missing child case.moreless
  • Out of the Darkness
    Episode 17
    What happens if you go into a coma, wake up five years later and discover you've lost everything that mattered to you? When we open Steve is celebrating the opening of he and his partner Matthew's architectural firm. Then his son falls off the roof, but is miraculously unhurt. Monica caught him, and unseen to the family, she also examines an angel key chain. This causes Steve to take his second car, a dumpy little model, and he's thrown out in an accident. When Steve wakes up, five years have passed, and we learn that his wife Bonnie has fallen in love with Matthew. Thinking her was a permanent vegetable, she's divorced Steve. His house looks completely different, he notices a dog lives there now. Steve reacts in rage, he breaks up Bonnie and Matthew's nuptials. Monica meanwhile feels so badly about causing all this trouble that she steps away from her assignment. Al is dispatched to talk sense into her. What is revealed is that Steve had carried on a legacy of abuse, there was a wooden spoon that he had been beaten with and had been beating his son with. When he finally confronts this secret, he's able to forgive himself, let go of his rage and let Bonnie get on with her life.moreless
  • Jacob's Ladder
    Episode 16
    As Monica studies a sleeping man in a run-down apartment, Tess appears and informs her she's in the wrong place, 801 Cedar Street Jacksonville, Florida rather than Jacksonville, Illinois. After using her angelic powers to tidy the apartment, Monica stoops to pick up a bag under the bed when the police burst in. The bag she's holding is full of cocaine, and the police arrest her. During interrogation, her claim that she's an angel makes her a candidate for a mental hospiptal. At her arraignment, Monica alone can see Sam, the angel from special services. He tells her the simple mistake of going to the wrong address has set events in motion that have to play out, but no matter what happens God will never laeve you of forsake her. Monica is assigned a court-appointed attorney, Jake Stone, a Vietnam veteran and hardened cynic. He tries to convince her to plead guilty but mentally ill. She refuses, however, and insists on a competency hearing. In the meantime, Monica is remanded to a psychiatric hospiptal where she shares a room with Claire, who also claims to be an angel but keeps repeating the phrase, "May Day." At the hearinig, Jake produces Terry Hayman, the woman from Jacksonville, Illinois that Monica was supposed to help. Terry describes her encounter with Tess, which corroborates Monica's story. The judge declare her competent to stand trial, but anxious to avoid placing angels on trial is ready to dismiss charges based on a legal technicality. A skeptical Jake tells her a real angel would resemble Claire, whom he met in Vietnam. During the fall of Saigon, Jake attempted to rescue a little girl, May Ling, nicknamed "May Day." As he helicoptered away, the girl fell from his grasp but was rescued by Claire. Realizing that Claire is indeed an angel, Monica asks to return to the mental hospital. There, Monica helps Claire remember who she is. Inn turn, the newly restored angel helps Jake resolve his anger toward God. Returning to 801 Cedar Street, Monica and Tess learn that the building is going to become a home for orphans and child survivors or trauma and run by Executive Director May Ling Gustafson.moreless
  • Indigo Angel
    Indigo Angel
    Episode 15
    Club Indigo, once St. Louis' premier blues and jazz club, has fallen hard times. It's owner, Sam, is getting on and his grandson Zach arrives to convince his grandfather to sell the club and move into a nursing home. Sam resists. He's always told Zach that "The Countess" told him "do nothing, til you hear from me" and he's sticking to those words. Zach assumesthat Sam has embriodered the past greatness of the club, and that he's made up stories of all the jazz greats who played there and were friends. Especially that story about "The Countess", the mysterious singer who arrived in the sixties and put the club back on the map. Whether these stories are true or not, it's apparent that Sam should really be in a nursing home, he's losing his memory as well as his well-being. But Sam has always had an open-mike night on Mondays, and despite his grandson's protests, proceeds to hire Monica to M.C. the event. Zach tricks his grandfather into signing a power of attorney agreement so that he can do what he thinks is best for his grandfather. But then, to Zach's astonishment, the singer Al Jarreau sows up, Sam's stories were all true, including the one about "The Countess". We see in a flashback that "The Countess" was actually Tess. The final open-mike night is a triumph, a packed house gets to hear music and tributes to Sam from B.B King, Dr. John, and Al Hirt. And then "The Countess" makes a return appearance. She brings down the house, as Sam passes away. Zach reconsidsers selling Club Indigo, inistead he'll transform it to The Sam Brown Blues Museum.moreless
  • Rock 'n' Roll Dad
    Rock 'n' Roll Dad
    Episode 14
    Rock 'n' Roll star Jon Mateos has it all, a loving wife Evie, a devoted teenagae daughter Samantha, and a son Dylan. He relies on Evie for support and she responds by trying to be everywhere and do everything for him. Jon's comfortable world is turned upside down when Evie, rushing from her daughter's concert to a TV appearence by Jon, is killed in a car accident. Faced with actually having to raise his children, and deal with their emotional trauma, Jon rereats into work and then rapidly descends into and drug use. Monica who is Jon's driver, watches as his attempts to record a new song, 'Nowhere', disappear down the bottle and up his nose. Tess is the kid's nanny, Samantha slips around her to go out with friends to a concert. But en route they stop at a motel to party. Samantha didn't plan on this and runs out. She pages her dad, but he's too stoned to pick up his pager. Eventually Sam hitches a ride with a trucker. When the driver points out they're at the spot where Evie died, then slips and falls into it herself. At the bottom, Sam finids her mother's purse, with a notation of a song Evie was writing for Jon. Andrew, appears, but then Tess appears also to comfort Samantha. Back in the recording studio, Monica reveals herself to Jon, pointing out to him that the word Nowhere may also be read as Now Here. She leads him to his daughter, and Jon and Samantha sing on TV the song that Evie wrote.moreless
  • Til We Meet Again
    Til We Meet Again
    Episode 13
    The Carpenter family gathers as their father, Joe prepares to die at home. Although grown, the siblings demonstrating the roles they become accustomed to. Kate, the eldest, takes charge like their mother, Elizabeth but is not quite as overbearing. Chris, the middle child, stuns his sisters with the news that he is estranged from his wife. And Kim, the youngest, is the creative one who never seemed to fit in with the rest of the family. Monica and Tess, as the home-care nurse and interior decorator, get caught in the crossfire as Chris and Kim resist Kate's domineering behaviour. The angel's mission is to help expose a family secret before Joe dies. Andrew informs Monica and Tess that time is rappidly approaching. Amidst a heated argument, Kate exposes the secret, Kim is not Joe's biological daughter. Upon returning from a brief trip, Elizabeth convenes a family meeting to discuss the matter. Years ago, she had a torrid affair with her husband's business partner. Joe forgave his wife and raised Kim as his own daughter. Though this disclosure threatens to tear the family apart, Andrew arranges for Joe to receive a special dispensation, the bed-ridden father is able to walk downstairs, play the hymn, "Til We Meet Again," on the piano and converse lucidly with his family. Monica and Tess urge them to follow his attitude of love and forgiveness. Joe dies with his family gathered around him, singing "Til We Meet Again" in a four part harmony.moreless
  • The One That Got Away
    En route to a wedding in a picturesque mountain meadow, Monica meets an uninvited guest, Andrew, an Angel of Death whom Tess is well acquainted with. The angel's new assignment focuses on former law school classmates traveling via train to the nuptials. Mark Monfort and Susan Duplain rekindle their passion, having ended their relationship just before graduation. However, their friend, Lisa Magdaleno is still reeling from the suicide of her fiance, Doug who was expelled from law school for cheating. Mark had been unaware of his best friend's death and more importantly of his own involvement. Jealous that Doug received a clerkship she wanted, Susan tricked Mark into helping her change Doug's exam to make it look like he plagiarized it. With Andrew's assistance, Monica shows Mark that Susan's quest for power and prestige is out of control. After an intense confrontation with her, he turns to Lisa for comfort and support.moreless
  • The Feather
    Episode 11
    The sequel to the first season's Christmas episode "Fear Not", "The Feather" continues the story of a littles church's congregation now that they've seen Monica reveal herself in all her glory. Awed, trying to figure out what it all means, the congregation susceptible to Charles, a con artist posing as a preacher. He seizes a feather which fell from Monica's dove and holds it up the church as physical proof of the miracle. He's diverting piles of donation offerings into his own pockets when he's confronted by Wayne, who turns out to be his brother. Years ago, Charles and Wayne ran the preacher scam together, Wayne is now a reformed man and he's determined to stop him. The issue is brought to a head when Joey, who's been ministering to a crack baby that was left in the church, brings the infant to Charles for healing, he can't do it, of course, but Monica reveals herself again and reminds the church that they worshipped a feather instead of a King and their need for fame deafened them to the cries of a little baby. Charles is humbled and the congregation is once again put on the right track.moreless
  • Unidentified Female
    Episode 10
    Jennifer has a burn on her finger and a hole in her memory. Two detectives are rigoursly interrogating her about a shooting death she witnessed. As she is cross-examined, her jumbled memories enevtually coalesce into a narrative. A reporter for the trendy magazine Curb, Jennifer met Clay Martin, a real-estate developer, in an elevator at her office building. He invited her to a party where she met his best friend, Alex as well as Monica. Against his mother's wishes, Alex had beentraveling in search of his real father. Despite the former roommates cross words, not the least of which regarded the fact that Alex's ex-girlfriend was now dating Clay, they soon reconciled. Jennifer subsequently had a heart-to-heart talk with Alex where the prodigal confided he was on his way home to deliver yellow roses and an apology to his mother. Afterwards she just happened to be in the room when Clay shows Alex and antique gun. Although apparently unloaded, the gun contained a chamber that rounded that killed Alex when the weapon fell off a desk. Since Jennifer's story corroborates Clay's, the police release her. Two weeks after the incident, she is still in shock and denial. Revealing herself, Monica informs the distraught woman that God had a purpose for her witnessing the incident, and that she has a task to complete. Understanding this, Jennifer comforts Alex's mother and gives her the roses he never got the chance to deliver.moreless
  • The Big Bang
    Episode 9
    Monica and Tess find themselves caught in the middle of a bank holdup. Jackson, the arrogant and brilliant stick-up man, holds Monica and a very pregnant Alison hostage, as he forces the president of the bank, Max Chamberlain into the vault. But when an earthquake shakes the building, Monica, Max and Alison are locked in the vault. Jackson insists on freeing them. Alison is his wife. Max was closing the bank, they were about to lose their insurance and desperate Jackson was targeting Max in revenge. Inside the vault, Monica reveals herself to the unborn child in Alison's womb, reassuring him that the world is not to be feared, that God will watch over him. The metaphor stands for the bank as well, when the vault door swings open, Jackson cannot shoot Max as planned, for Max is carrying out Alison, and Monica is carrying out his son. Rescue workers open the bank entrance and the little group within, like thinfant, emerge into the world.moreless
  • Operation Smile
    Episode 8
    Ginger works as an exotic dancer, in which unlikely venue she meets Monica. Ginger hires Monica to babysit her little daughter Emily, who was born with a disfiguring cleft palate. Ginger fears other kids in her trailer park will taunt Emily, but Monica invites Jeremy, who befriends the little girl. When Jeremy learns about Operation Smile, an organization of doctors who perform pro bono plastic surgery, he suggests Emily as a candidate. Ginger has taken Emily's affliction as a punishment from God for past transgressions, and refuses to accept the charity offer. Jeremy leads Emily off to Nashville (and Operation Smile) anyway by stowing away on Albert's pick-up. Albert is actually transporting stolen goods elsewhere, when Tess intercepts the entire crew. She confronts Albert and redirects their journey across state via a balloon. Monica reveals herself to Ginger, she is angry that she assumes her daughter is a punishment from God, she should know that Emily is a great gift. In the end, Ginger gratefully allows Emily to receive treatment.moreless
  • Reunion
    Episode 7
    Returning home for her mother's funeral, Megan Brooks arrives with a Dixieland band playing "When the Saints Go Marching in". This incident raises the ire of her grandmother, Clarice Mitchell, a renowned poet. Clarice's son, Sam and Megan had been high school sweathearts, but their lives drifted apart. Now that she is recently widowed, Sam is interested in rekindling and spontaneously proposes to Megan. Clarice, however is horrified to discover that Megan is HIV positive. The mother urges her son to retract his proposal, and at first Sam literally drives away. But realizing his selfishness, he returns and pledges to stand by Megan through their coming years together. Now Megan has reservations about the marriage leaving Sam completely confused. Revealing that she has been conduit through which Clarice received divine inspiration, Tess urges the poet to give her blessing to the nuptials because this is Sam and Megan's time to live and love. The wedding proceeds apace after the bride and groom also receive seperate revelations, and Clarice composes a new poem for the ceremony.moreless
  • In the Name of God
    In the Name of God
    Episode 6
    Tess returns to the town of a previous assignment and she and Monica help Joanna open an Aids hospice. Joanna is injured in a bomb blast and Tess is brought face to face with a white supremacy group headed by her previous assignment Tim. Tess's anger causes her to be replaced by another angel, Sam. Monica is able to enlist the help of a nosey neighbor Jerry, and the angels do battle with Satan, who's posing as a politician. Tess and Monica reveal themselves to Tim and show him that he was motivated by fears stretching back to childhood. together they drive Satan out of the community.moreless
  • Angels on the Air
    Episode 5
    Monica works as a personal assistant to radio personality Sandy Latham, who is renowned for her caustic rapport with listeners and bring her wit. in that capacity, the angel hopes to repair Sandy's relationship with Claire, who is continually mortified that her mother used her as a pawn in the ratings battle. Meanwhile, Tess joins Sandy as an on-air sidekick, encouraging her to be more supportive of her llisteners and her daughter. After Claire is humiiliated by one of her mother's stunts, the girl gets involved with a black marketr CD scam to get money to run away from home. monica uses her angelic powers to protect Claire and reveals that she is neveralone with her pain because God is there also. Tess, likewise, reveals a similar message to sandy, who is still recovering from her ex-husband's infidelity. The angels encourage mother and daughter to work through their pain.moreless
  • The Driver
    Episode 4
    High-powered TV reporter Debra willis hits a teenager and the nleaves the scene of the accident. Her old buddy Leo, a veteran detective takes on the case and Debra, still covering up, ends up reporting on her own crime. Debra has always used the tage line, "As my mother always says..." but we find out that in real life her mom Grace is an icy cold perfectionist whose daughter was never good enough. Debra had attempted suicide as a teenager, now she tries again but is stopped by Monica, who reveals herself as an angel and shows Debra that she has the right to be less that perfect, God will still love her. Debra comes clean and retains the love and support of her boyfriend George.moreless
  • Sympathy for the Devil

    Matt Duncan books a rodeo into an arena he manages, not realizing that his estranged father is one of the feature attractions. Ty Duncan is a grizzled veteran of the rodeo circuit and wants to reconcile with his son before he dies. Monica who is acting as Matt's bookkeeper, is horrified to learn that the midway's fortune teller is Kathleen, a former friend and fallen Angel, who is determined to keep father and son apart. She decides to focus on little Daniel Duncan, who had previously been told his grandfather was dead. Kathleen makes sure that Ty meets Danny, which infuriates Matt who is led to believe Monica is at fault. The "dark angel" also makes a pass at him, since his wife is out of town. After the youngster slips into the corral of a dangerous bull, Monica rescues him and then intercedes in the resulting fight between Matt and Ty. She reveals she was sent to end the cycle of hatred between father and son and to uncover Kathleen as a force of evil. Ty makes a memorable final bull ride, which his son and grandson watch, and then dies

  • Trust
    Episode 2
    Monica is a rookie cop, her assignment is to help Zack, who's returning to the force following rehabilitation from a gunshot wound. He's requested a new partner, which upsets his old one, Ben. We see that Zack has become addicted to pills and when he and Monica bust a drug dealer, Mason, he steals his stash. His erratic behaviour causes him to miss Mason's preliminary hearing, and a freed Mason assaults a teenage girl. Zack lives in fear, he has recurring memories of being shot. When Monica reveals herself she assures him that faith is the one armor that bullets can't pierce. Zack helps capture Mason and, armed with new faith, is able to face his addiction and reconnect with his wife.moreless
  • Interview with an Angel
    Tess is in an uncharacteristically grumpy mood as she gives Monica her new assignment, to be interviewed by Callie Martin, a cynical reporter writing an expose on angelic encounters. Explaining that she is an angelic experience, Monica recounts the story of a recent case. Heart transplant surgeon Dr. Joe Patcherek is assigned to operate on Ethan Parker, the drunk driver who killed Joe's five children. Since that incident Joe and his artist wife, Lisa have drifted apart. She has immersed herself in a sculpture that will stand in the children's wing of the hospital as a dedication to her kids. During a heated, emotional conversation, Lisa urges her husband to forgive her, Ethan, and God for their children's deaths. Later, in the middle of the surgery, Monica, the transplant coordinator, stops time and reveals herself to Joe. She tells him that he is holding his own life in his hands and that no one except God has the right to determine whether another human should live or die. After successfully completing the surgery, Joe is shown the sculpture Lisa has been crafting, it is a statue of their children sledding, the activity they were en route to when the accident occurred. Outraged that the killer lived, Callie tosses the interview tape away and walks out on the street. She is nearly hit by a bus but is rescued by none other than Ethan Parker. Scrambling to recover the tape, Callie sees Monica, Tess and Henry wave to her as they ride on the back of a garbage truck, Monica throws the tape in the air and turns into a dove as the truck rides on.moreless