Touched by an Angel - Season 3

CBS (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • A Delicate Balance
    A Delicate Balance
    Episode 29
    In an empty gym Tess coaches Monica on their next assignment. They are interrupted by the arrival of Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner, who will cover the gymnastics competition for a TV station. Andrew appears after they leave, and the angels then observe the Browner family. Rebecca Browner is a gifted gymnast, whose mother, Sandra pushes her to excel. Unfortunately, her younger brother, T.J. feels neglected. He and his friend dub themselves the "Nobodies" and visit a skating arena. Andrew, the arena's supervisor, is concerned by T.J.'s disregard for safety equipment. Meanwhile, Monica, Rebecca's new assistant coach. learns she is highly driven and has never fallen during a competition. Displeased that the television crew has ignored her daughter, Sandra complains to Tess, the segment producer. T.J. steals money from Andrew's cash register to visit the house where his family lived before his father died. He later confesses to Andrew, who makes him work off his debt. Sandra is unhappy to find him doing chores at an arena. Back at the hotel, he tells his mother he "borrowed" the money to see a movie, but his sister sees through his lie. T.J. angrily exits, and Rebecca also leaves. Sandra later yells at her daughter for missing a meeting with a potential sponsor. Rebecca confides in Monica that she visited the family's former home. The angel urges the girl to recapture the joy of gymnastics. Returning to the arena, T.J. ignores Andrew's warning to wear a helmet and has an accident. At the house, Tess reveals herself to Sandra, advising her to grieve her late husband rather than immersing herself in her daughter's career. Sandra then urges to Rebecca to do her best for herself, no one else. While competing, Rebecca falls. Monica reveals herself and tells Rebecca she is never alone and that her father is proud of her. She finishes the routine with grace, T.J. regains consciousness, and Sandra decides to move her family back into their old house.moreless
  • Inherit the Wind
    Inherit the Wind
    Episode 28
    An orphanage burns on a dusty street as the Angel of Music observes singing. The song continues although he has relocated to a rowdy party at a mansion. Tess and Monica, unseen, are chagrined byb the excess as the host, Kevin Greeley, a carouses with friends. His father, Edward, confronts him but angirly exits. Kevin glimpses Monica in a mirror, but is gone when he turns around. As Edward ponders how to handle his spoiled son, Andrew appears, announcing God has granted the human one hour to set his affairs in order before his death. During that time, Edward opens his Bible, and dies while reading it. Days later, George is stunned that Edward left him one million dollars and a Bentley. Kevin, however is furious to receive only his possessions until attorney Tess informs him that he must locate Joseph Wells to claim the rest of his inheritance. He agian sees Monica's reflection in the mirror, but this time, she is there. She knew Edward and will help Kevin find Joseph Wells, but he must make the trip without his father's help or influence. Carrying only his prized guitar, Kevin hitchhikes and is eventually picked by Ruth. She too knew his father and eventually drops Kevin off at a diner. There he meets Sam, after he is forced to wash dishes because he has no money. Sam also knew Edward and teaches Kevin to take pride in his work. Ruth again appears and gives Kevin a ride to Joseph Wells, Texas. They encounter the Angel of Music, and Kevin donates the dollar he mysteriously found in his pocket. Kevin also meets Andrew in a nearby blues club but refuses to sell his guitar. At the bank, he is livid when Monica and Tess give him his inheritance, Edward's Bible. After Kevin storms out mid-revelation, the angels summon a specialist, Phil, the angel of Restoration. Phil tells Kevin to thank God for what he has rather than blame him for what he doesn't have. Finding an abandoned baby, Kevin learns Edward grew up in the town orphanage, which is why most of his estate was left to the "children of Joseph Wells." Kevin sells his guitar and decides to stay in town and take care of the baby by working at the orphanage and the blues club.moreless
  • An Angel by Any Other Name
    Tess works for a local nursery, and Monica is a postal carrier in the middle-class neighborhood where IRS auditor Carolyn Sellers lives. An avid gardener, she is eager to have her rose hybrid officially recognized but becomes dismayed when three people with Down Syndrome move into a group home next door to her. Tess tries to convince the hardened woman to calm down and accept Taylor, Jeannie, and David for the loving, sensitive people they are, but she refuses. Andrew, the group home supervisor, is nonplused when her first encounter with Carolyn is a tactic threat to "keep those people in line." After Taylor stops Stevie Sanders, a neighborhood boy, from playing in her vintage 57 Chevy, the car rolls down the driveway, crushes Stevie's bike, and just misses a young girl due to Tess' sudden intervention. Furious, Carolyn blames Taylor and calls the police. She also works her neighbors into a frenzy to take action against the group home. The next day Taylor confides in Monica, who says God has a purpose for his predicament. Taylor responds he knows that because he's an angel, she agress he's the kindest, sweetest angel she's ever met. He goes to talk to Carolyn, who in the midst of berating him suffers a stroke. Thanks to Taylor's quick thinking, paramedics arrive in time to help her. But upon learning his part in her rescue, Carolyn continues to hold a grudge. Taylor continues to aid with her rehabilitation despite her constant rejection. Tess, Jeannie, and David have also tended her garden to prepare for the Rose Association's visit. Realizing that Carolyn has started a petition to shut down the group home, Andrew asks Taylor to tell the truth about the car accident. He responds, "Everything in its time." The night before the rose committee's visit, a severe thunderstorm devastates the garden. The next day, Andrew and Taylor, who is indeed an angel, encourage the woman to get out of bed. As Stevie's mom announces the city has agreed to close the group home, the boy confesses his role in the accident. The rose committee arrives, and Taylor produces a beautiful, but lone rose. Although the flower by itself does not qualify for the registry, Carolyn realizes it's good enough for her.moreless
  • Full Moon
    Full Moon
    Episode 26
    As Ed Bingham prepares for a ceremony to honor his heroic efforts as a fireman, his wife, Sarah receives a terrifying letter. Carl Atwater, the man who raped her six years ago is eligible for parole. Frightened of Ed's reaction if he found out, Sarah conceals the letter from him. Instead she visits a Crisis Center and meets Tess, the receptionist, and Monica, a counselor. Although Monica fails to draw Sarah out, the distraught mother invites her to attend the parole hearing. There Sarah is crushed when Carl, who apparently found God in prison, is released. Despite a briefing by Andrew, his parole officer, Carl violates the most important condition of his parole by making contact with Sarah. Although he merely seeks her forgiveness, she panics, threatening him with garden clippers. Monica urges her to report Carl, but Sarah refuses. Monica does, however, convince her to confide in her husband. Meanwhile, Andrew witnesses Carl's simmering anger that his ex-wife, Emily will not let him see their son. Sarah reluctantly shows Ed the letter regarding Carl's release, and his annoyance is interrupted when their daughter, Lorrin has a nightmare. The next morning , the couple encounters Carl, who is working as a bagger in a supermarket. Ed lose his temper and attacks Carl. Later, the Binghams visit Monica where years of unspoken recrimination and blame for the rape come to the forefront. Unbeknownst to his wife, Ed goes to a gun store and starts to process to purchase a pistol. After a sleepless night, he is unable to respond to a fire. Carl, in the meantime, grouses Andrew is observing the both of them. Upon returning home, Ed and sarah argue when he won't divulge his whereabouts. The next day Ed goes to pick up his gun. He catches Carl breaking into Emily's house and plans to shoot him. Andrew reveals himself to both of them, while Monica appears to Sarah. When asked where God was during the rape, the angel responds, "in the voice of a child." Then-baby Lorrin's tears stopped Carl from killing Sarah, which was his original plan. The police arrest him, and Tess informs him that God can still help him find his way.moreless
  • At Risk
    At Risk
    Episode 25
    This episode is introduced and closed by General Colin Powell, U.S. Army, who served as General Chairman of the President's Summit on America's Future, which was held in Philadelphia April 27-29, 1997 and aimed to bring America to a new level of commitment in volunteerism. Jason DeLee, a troubled teen, steals a car but is promptly caught by the police. His mother, Lena can no longer deal with her son and releases her parental authority. Jason is placed in the custody of Denver Juvenile Services. Waters, the camp director, runs a tight ship and is taken aback when Tess arrives, announcing she is a new facility director and will be observing a new experimental work program. After the boys complete a survey, Monica, the coordinator for the work program arrives. A handful of teens volunteer for the program, Jason is not one of them. Later that day, Lena visits Jason in Tess' office. He is discoouraged when his mother says she just came to bring him some underwear and car magazines. Tess, informs them that Monica has selected him for the work program, and Lena urges her son to take whatever chance they give him. He just glares at them and exits. When he finds out that Rey Estes, his rival, has volunteered for the program, Jason decides to participate in it too. Andrew, a juvenile Services volunteer, drives the boys to their destination, the Linwood Children's Academy, a school for disabled children. Inside, Jason is paired with Kelly, a girl with cerebral palsy. Her mother, Anita has reservations about a "gangbanger" working with her daughter. Jason is reluctant to bond with Kelly until Monica shows him that the girl shares his love of cars. Despite a few false starts, the two are able to forge a relationship. But Jason eventually panics and runs away. Waters wants to send the police after the boy, but Tess convinces him to wait. Monica, prompted by a Ferrari photo on Kelly's gait walker, finds him at an import car dealership. She reveals herself, urging him to stop trying to outrun God. Jason returns to the school, where Anita, Lena, and the angel's revel in his progress with Kelly.moreless
  • Missing In Action
    Missing In Action
    Episode 24
    George Zarko, aka the "Colonel," sits on a park bench watching kids play war. Monica thinks her assignment is to help the elderly Army veteran find the joy of living. But Tess responds that what really needs is to be understood. She gives Monica's swing a push, and the her human form transforms into that of an 80-year old woman. Entering the retirement home where George lives, Monica meets him and Stephanie Hancock, the officious Nurse Director. Tess, the volunteer Activities Coordinator, persuades Stephanie to use pet therapy to alleviate the patient's loneliness, while George grouses to Andrew, the facility's cook, that a resident has recently died and no one seems to care. Monica inadvertently inspires the veteran to rebel by lowering the flag to half mast. Irate, Stephanie plans to kick him out of the home. But Monica intercedes on George's behalf, vowing to be responsible for him. This selfless act endears Monica to him, and Tess warns her to be wary of how close she gets to the man. Tess's suspicions are validated when he makes a pass at Monica. Matters worsen when Lorraine McCully, Monica's new roommate, attempts to play matchmaker for the would-be-couple. Despite Stephanie's orders, Tess unlocks the piano in the social hall so Lorraine can entertain the residents. Wary of George's affection for her, Monica agrees to dance with him but gets winded. Stephanie is furious that Tess disobeyed her and demands the piano key back. Meanwhile, Andrew tends to Monica, who now understands the frailty of the human heart. Lorraine also frets over her friend and recalls the heartbreak when her husband was declared "Missing in Action." Monica has a talk with George during which she reverts to her younger form. He hastily exits, but she finds him the next day back in the park. Though discouraged that the angel cannot return his affection, George is convinced to share the truth about his past. He publicly confesses that he was not an Army colonel but a cook. Lorraine, realizing that he served with her late husband, Jimmy. She produces a letter in which he praises George's cooking. He then, in turn, is able to tell her how her husband died, sacrificing his life to save others, including George. As a content Lorraine plays the piano, Tess prompts Stephanie to admit she locked it up because it reminded her of her father who stopped letting her take music lessons.moreless
  • Last Call
    Last Call
    Episode 23
    Monica disappointed in the human race, watches Tess perform in a small Chicago bar. She finishes and announces God has Monica give someone a miracle in this bar. Initially hesitant to decide, Monica observes the inhabitants, the owner Noah, who is upbeat despite being wheelchair bound, Claude Bell, a craggy employee with wasted ambition and hie co-dependent wife Loafer, an eccentric crossword-puzzle aficionado, Buddy Baker, a charming salesman who drinks to drown inner pain, and Amethyst, a young woman with dubious plan for her future. After observing awhile, Monica announces she is an angel with a miracle to give away. They respond with raucous laughter. Humiliated, she hides underneath a pool table. As the laughter continues, Andrew enters. He is stranger whom Claude is obsessed with beating. Having been the advance angel for the assignment, the Angel of Death takes a cue from Tess to find out what miracles these people need. Someone else soon enters the tavern, Mr. Burns fresh out of prison. Following a pep talk from Tess, Monica again reveals herself, this time in glowing splendor. Though the people now take her seriously, she is frustrated when none of them want the miracle. When Ernie's lottery numbers appear on television, he and Marie mistake that for the miracle. But when he can't find his wallet, he accuses Mr. Burns of stealing it. The ex-convict's response prompts Noah to recognize burns as the gunman who crippled him. Noah orders him to leave, but Tess' dog soon appears with the missing wallet. Marie is shocked to learn that Ernie played the wrong numbers while drunk. Mr. Burns rebukes the others for squandering their lives, yet saves his harshest criticism for himself. Wracked with guilt, he asks God to heal Noah. But Monica tells Burns the real miracle is foe Noah to forgive him, which will heal them both. The men reconcile, and the others seize the opportunity to reevaluate their own lives.moreless
  • Have You Seen Me?
    Have You Seen Me?
    Episode 22
    After observing, with Monica and Andrew, respectively, the Monroe family at a breakfast and two businessmen who work in the same office building, Tess tells her changes their assignment will be difficult because it involves six intertwined human lives. The case kicks into gear when Hank Monroe sees a picture resembling his younger brother, Noah on the back of a milk carton. Perplexed, he looks through family albums but can't find any baby pictures of his brother. Andrew, meanwhile, fails to engage Grant Abbott in conversation but does befriend the talkative Ray. The angel starts to reveal himself, but Ray flees after Andrew's admonition that "the truth will set you free." Tess warns Andrew that time is running out. Visiting Grant at home, he sees that he is contemplating suicide. Monica, posing as a waitress at a 50's diner, counsels a confused Hank to ask his parents about the missing baby photos. But when their stories contradict, the youth realizes something is amiss. Investigating further, he finds a $25,000 check written to a law firm and shows it to Monica. She tells Hank the check is a clue and takes him to visit the law office, which is run by Ray. Repeating Andrew's line, the angel prompts Ray to confess he performed a questionable adoption for the Monroes. When he gets home, Hank asks his mom and dad why they never told him his brother was adopted. They respond that Noah's parents were criminals, which would have upset him. While putting Noah to bed he said that his friends family said he looked like the boy on the milk carton, the Monroes decide to move, In a drunken rage, Grant continues to play with a revolver until Andrew appears. The distraught father recounts how the boy was kidnapped during a trip to the mall and that his wife blamed him for the tragedy. Andrew introduces him to Ray, who admits his complicity in the crime and tells Grant where to find his son. Afraid of losing Noah, Jake and Amy start packing while Tess reveals herself. She tells them their zeal to adopt blinded them to suspicious circumstances. With the angel's support, Grant meets the Monroes and is introduced to "Noah". The three parents agree to slowly integrate Grant into his son's life and eventually tell the boy the truth.moreless
  • Labor of Love
    Episode 21
    At a New York City hospital, Monica and Tess are assigned to Dr. Meg salter, a pediatrician. But when she decides to surprise her husband by boarding his flight to Paris, the angels have to call for back-up. Rookie caseworker, Celeste and Sam are put on the case, and so is Meg's fellow passenger Andrew, who had intended to take his first vacation in a century. Meg gets a surprise of her won when she discovers her husband, Brian is accompanied by his mistress, Olivia. As the plane heads into a storm, an already tense situation gets worse when the angels and Meg learn that Olivia is eight months pregnant. A consummate professional, Meg delivers a healthy, albeit premature baby girl, and the plane returns to JFK because of the medical emergency. By the time they get back, Olivia has had two seizures. Monica tends to the infant, while Dr. Parham and his trauma team work on the mother. Brian, overwhelmed by joy and sadness, receives a revelation from Andrew, he urges him to reconcile with his wife and depend on God for strength. Meg, however, rebuffs his initial attempt but is interrupted when Olivia's condition deteriorates. She is comforted by Monica and expresses the desire for Brian to take care of their baby. Lamenting that she never got her life in order, Olivia accepts Andrew's offer to let God change her heart. Then she dies. Monica reveals herself to a conflicted Meg and encourages her to salvage her marriage. With a newfound appreciation of the mistakes each has made, the Salters reconcile and agree to raise the baby together.moreless
  • Amazing Grace (2)
    Amazing Grace (2)
    Episode 20
    After the shooting, Mary and Dr. Hall scramble to help their friends and loved ones. She learns the 45 Mr. Kim possessed was a record, not a weapon, but both are aghast to notice her own wound from a stray bullet. Meanwhile, Tess returns to Russell and tells him Josh needs his family. The Greene's arrive and are horrified to discover he had been shot. When the surgery is over, the doctor reports that Josh will recover, though he has been blinded. Calvin and Chanice receive news that their grandmother had died. Russell is astounded to learn that Anderson, a former adversary from this time in the Navy, is the one who saved Josh. Serena rails at Michael, blaming him for the tragic events. But buoyed by Queenie's encouragement and Monica's revelation, Michael decides to stay with his new "family," felling like he belongs for the first time in his life. Anderson, likewise inspired by Russell to regain his passion, gives a rousing eulogy at Mary's funeral, urging the community to take a stand against gang violence. Her sight restored, Monica , along with Tess and Andrew observe as the humans work together to paint graffiti-covered wall.moreless
  • Amazing Grace (1)
    Amazing Grace (1)
    Episode 19
    Tess visits Russell Greene, announcing that God has a special purpose for Josh. Despite his father's misgivings, the teenager departs with her and meets Monica, who has temporarily lost her sight. After the care breaks down, Michael Burns stops and gives Josh and Monica a ride to Denver. His grandfather owns an inner-city mini mall there and has asked him to fix it up so it can be sold. The inhabitants are abuzz about the new landlord, who has arrived with "a kid and a blind lady." Uncomfortable in the urban setting, Josh learns from Monica to look with heart rather than his eyes. The trio befriend Mary Harding, a luncheonette owner, her grandchildren, Calvin and Chanice Cantrell, Queenie, who runs a beauty salon, her vivacious best friend. Tonya Hawkins, Nicky Pacheco, a lwayer on a quixotic quest, Dr. Serena Hall, who persuades Michael to donate space for her Uncle Gentry's church, and Anderson Walker, a former activist weary of fighting the system. With racial tensions already high, Mary urges Michael to take action against the grocer, Kim Chyung Kyung, whom she suspects has a gun. The young landlord also discovers he and Anderson share a love for music and the desire to fix up the mini-mall so Michael can leave. But while he and Josh paint over graffiti, Andrew appears on the scene. Anderson rushes outside and tries to save Michael and Josh from a drive-by shooting.moreless
  • Clipped Wings
    Clipped Wings
    Episode 18
    A "clip show" featuring excerpts of previous episodes. On the way to a performance evaluation. Monica encounters her rival, Kathleen. The dark angel tricks her former friend into entering the wrong office suite. There Monica encounters Jodi, a troubled woman comforted by the angel's accounts of past assignments. Meanwhile, Tess and Andrew fret while waiting for their colleague. The High Court judge, Ruth, is a distinguished but no-nonsense angel who was once Tess' supervisor. Troubled by Monica's tardiness and "irregularities" in her work, Ruth suspends Monica and revokes her angel privileges. While the judge reviews Monica's mistakes, Andrew recalls an assignment when she mistakenly went to Jacksonville, Florida, rather than Jacksonville, Illinois. Tess dispatches him to search the building. Andrew finds her, but she wants to give Jodi a revelation, but before starting her revelation, she's shocked to learn Jodi is actually Kathleen, whose evaluation was based on ruining Monica's. Tess and Andrew comfort their friend, who arrives in the correct office too late. Tess decides to appeal to the Angel of Angels on the grounds of Kathleen's treachery. Ruth is stunned by the dark angel's involvement, and Tess forces the judge to confront her own perceived failure, she was Kathleen's supervisor when she defected to the Other Side. That pivotal event spurred Ruth to replace her heart with rules and regulations. Seeing Tess' logic, she sanctions the appeal. Monica meanwhile prays, while a spiteful Kathleen observes. But the dark angel is mortified when the prayer is for God to forgive her misdeeds. The Angel of Angels summons Monica, initially advising her on posture and the benefits of decaffeinated coffee. He then praises her kind heart but cautions her never to let it obstruct the truth. Because of the evidence of her heart, she passes the evaluation, and the Angel of Angels deems her worthy of expanded duties. Reconciled, Tess prompts Ruth to consider returning to casework. And Monica, learning that Kathleen's supervisors have rejected her, suggest that the dark angel appeals to God's mercy. Touched, she follows that recommendation and repents.moreless
  • Angel of Death
    Angel of Death
    Episode 17
    Tess instrucuts Celeste, an angel new to human form, and takes her to a Las Vegas showroom to see their assignment, Eric Weiss, an illusionist who calls himself the "angel of death." The supervisor angel volunteers her jittery charge to participate in his act, but Tess is dismayed when Celeste and her dog vanish. On a rampage, Eric fires his assignment and yells at his agent, Andrew, who is hard pressed to find another magician's assistant. Tess cuts Monica's vacation short to fill that position. As the case progresses, the angels realize that Eric's death wish is not merely an extension of his stage routine. The pieces start to come together after he reluctantly agrees to perform in Appleton, Wisconsin, his hometown and also the hometown of Harry Houdini. There he visits his mother, an impatient in a psychiatric hospital. She asks "Danny, Eric's rael name, if he has seen his brother, Peter. He recalls a tragic game of hide-and-seek before abruptly ending his visit. Meanwhile, Monica unwittingly discovers Celeste but fails to convince the wayward angel to turn herself in. During a performance, Eric becomes paralyzed with fear upon seeing his doppleganger in the audience. Her voice returns him to reality, but eric is shaken, convinced that he saw the ghost of his dead, twin brother. Despite Andrew and Monica's concern, Eric decides to attempt the most dangerous escape of his career, which involves being locked in a refrigerator and lowered to the bottom of a pool. Several minutes elapse unitl Eric's brother, Pete steps forward, and Tess orders the crane operator to raise the refrigerator out of the pool. Upon seeing his twin, Eric bolt s through the crowd and eventually returns to the junkyard where his brother "died." Celeste appears and reveals herself to the distraught Eric. Monica joins the apprentice angel, and the pair urge him to stop playing hide-and-seek with his life. Confronting the painful memory of his brother being trapped in a refrigerator, Eric learns that Pete did not die but was kidnapped by their scornful father. The brothers share an emotional reunion, and Celeste has successfully participated in her first case.moreless
  • Crisis of Faith
    Crisis of Faith
    Episode 16
    In a hospital emergency room, a team of medic labors furiously to resuscitate an accident victim. Monica and Tess observe unseen and are eventually joined by Andrew when it becomes apparent the patient cannot be revived. The angels reflect on the events that led to this tragedy.

    Their assignment had been to help Reverend Daniel Brewer open the Mount Calvary Teen Center. Posing as a building inspector, Monica could see that Tess and Andrew had performed admirably as the center's fund raiser and as counsellor for the crisis hot line, respectively. But as the angels prepared to leave, they received word from God that the assignment wasn't over. Despite a basketball injury, Daniel gave an uplifting speech at the center's dedication. But a cynical reporter barraged him with negative questions. Karen Gregg, the daughter of the church's accountant, approached the pastor to discuss a problem but was interrupted by the pushy journalist. Though Daniel made an appointment to counsel Karen the next day, she required immediate attention. His son, Luke spied her stealing money, while Tess tallied church funds. Luke walked the troubled girl home, where she stopped her swallowing a handful of pills. Realizing the Karen's situation was beyond his realm of expertise, Luke decided to drive her to his father. Irritated that his son was absent from the newspaper interview, Daniel drove to pick him up. On a dark, winding road, the cars collided.

    Back in the ER, Daniel awakens, confused by the chaos. He is stunned when his wife, Gloria informs him that Luke died in the accident. Overwhelmed by guilt, Daniel shuts himself off from her. Though Tess is able to comfort the grieving mother , the pastor vents his frustrations at God. When Daniel absents himself from the funeral. Andrew delivers the eulogy while Monica reveals herself to the distraught minister. She convinces him to forgive and carry on the work for God has for him. In so doing, he is able to counsel Karen, thereby finishing the task his son had started.moreless
  • Smokescreen
    Episode 15
    Tess represents a group of former employees in a class-action suit against family-owned Fairchild Tobacco. Her opposing counsel in Marc Hamilton, who has accepted this assignment to the dismay of his mother, Esther. When he was growing up, both she and his late father worked for Fairchild as a maid and a chauffer. Young Marc vowed to one day sit in the back of a limousine rather than drive it. Now that he has arrived professionally, he is determined to live in the life of luxurious life his parents coouldn't afford. J.D. Sinclair, Fairchild's vice president and heir apparent, becomes impressed with Marc's legal prowess and doubles his hourly fees. He decides to buy the old Sinclair mansion. As they settle in, his wife Vanessa delivers the news that she's pregnant. She is concerned by Marc's newfound materialism, especially his hiring Andrew and Monica as a butler and maid. In court, Sinclairs is taken aback when he recognizes Esther as his family's former maid. Tess, however, is delighted to meet her and finalges an invitation to Marc's lavish housewarming party. The attorney is chagrined when his mother helps play hostess at the affair. During the resulting discussion, Esther reveals she has lung cancer from exposure to second-hand smoke during her tenure at Fairchild. Marc is stunned by this turn of events and Vanessa's increasingly vocal opposition to their new lifestyle. He tries to resign as Fairchhild's counsel but is persuaded to stay byb a smooth-talking Sinclair, who later visits the Hamilton mansion and tacitly threatens Esther. Troubled, she returns home and retrieves a mysterious envelope. During a subsequent court session, Marc and J.D. are stunned when Tess calls Esther as a material witness. The judge grants Marc a recess, but he returns home to discover Vanessa has moved in with his mother. In court the next day, Esther reveals the contents of her envelope, letters proving Fairchild tried to bribe the government not to release its 1964 report linking cigarette smoking with cancer. The company also bribed Marc's father to be silent by buying the family a house. Unsure of what to do, Marc is given a revelation by Tess. She tells him to focus on the real prize, God's love, "the only thing worth winning." Upon return to the courtroom, he urges Esther to tell the truth, which prompts Sinclair to call for a settlement in the case.moreless
  • Forget Me Not
    Episode 14
    Sara Perkins rebels against her over protective mother by hiring Monica as her new photography assistant. Though the angel understands what the woman has covertly taken a freelance assignment to Bosnia, Tess, a volunteer helping Charlotte at the public library, thinks Sara's actions are inconsiderate. Noting the mother and daughter act differently when the other is not present, Monica wonders what Tess does in her free time, but the supervisor is tight lipped. Sara returns from the trip and describes it to her mother, who becomes enraged and attacks her. While she receives treatment at the hospital, the angels comfort a confused Charlotte. Regaining consciousness, Sara indentifies her mother as the assailant. A police detective attempts to arrest Charlotte, but she resists violently and must be subdued. Jeff, the journalist who sponsored the Bosnian trip, and Monica visit Sara, who is shocked by her mother's attack. Over the years the pair's relationship has been troubled, but she never thought it would result in violence. A doctor soon sheds light on the problem, Charlotte has a massive life threatening brain tumor. Even is she survives the risky operation, she may have significant memory loss. Devastated by the diagnosis, Sara tries to understand why Charlotte smothered her. Working with mother and daughter, respectively, Tess and Monica piece together the past. Sara needed an eye operation when she was seven. Since her father abandoned the family, Charlotte took a job as a "photographer's assistant,"which entailed posing nude. Understanding her mother sacrificed self-esteem to ensure she had the operation, Sara is crushed when her mother has a seizure and lapses into a coma. Monica and Tess, having revealed themselves as angels, encouraged the woman to talk to her comatose mother. Special Dispensation is granted, and the two women are able to openly express the love they never admitted before. She promises to try to hold on to one memory, the day she gave Sara her first camera. Though mother doesn't recognize daughter after the successful operation, she has managed to hold on to their special memory. the women pledge to rebuild their friendship. Monica, meanwhile, persuades Andrew to show her how Tess spends her free time, training a cute, but incorrigible dog.moreless
  • The Violin Lesson
    The Violin Lesson
    Episode 13
    Apprenticed to jordan Du Bois, a violin maker, Monica must ensure he finishes a violin he started 30 years earlier on the Christmas his son was born. The unsuspecting father doesn't realize Tony has come home for the holidays with a devastating secret, which the angel soon learns that Tony has Aids and has returned home to die. The truth comes out while father and son indulge in a lete night snack. Disappointed, Jordan distances himsself from Tony. Discovering the unfinished violin he had started those years ago, Monica learns that Tess had revealed herself to Jordan back then. She announced his son's impending birth and also gave him a piece of wood. but Jordan never completed the instrument becauase a flaw in the grain has appeared when he startted planing the wood. Showing Monica the scrap heap where imperfect wood is discarded, Tony confronts his father, who disowns him. After his health takes a turn for the worse, Tony enters an Aids hospice on Christmas Eve. His mother, Willa and sister, Nora attempt to persuade Jordan to visit with them but are unsuccessful. Later that evening, the dying attorney hears carols down the hall and tells his hospice worker, Tess he would like to see an angel. She reveals herself, saying he has not disappointed God, but he panics, thinking the revelation is a morphine-addicted hallucination. Back at the workshop, Monica appeals to jordan to reconcile with his son and is joined by a passionate Andrew. Jordan's response is to smash the violin. Tess then admonishes him by not to judge him, just as he should not judge Tony. Monica reveals herself to Jordan, telling him God accepts Tony for who he is and urging him to do likewise. Miraculously, the ruined violin is restored, and he takes it with him to Tony. After reconciling wit his son, Jordan picks up the violin, and the blemish in the wood transforms into the shape of a christmas tree. He plays a lullaby as Tony succumbs to his illness and is greeted by Andrew.moreless
  • The Journalist
    The Journalist
    Episode 12
    At a television news station, Monica is the new weather girl and Andrew, a cameraman. sam explains their assignment is Rocky McCann, a hard-edged investigative reporter. Evasive regarding Tess's whereabouts, the special agent angels tells the duo he is supervising them because of the universal ramifications of broadcasting. Monica, attempting to befriend the reporter, agrees to help her with the research. Andrew's first assignment with Rocky is a story about Horace and Zelda Wittenburg, an elderly couple with four foster children. Impressed during the visit, the angel of Death is mortified when Rocky's story aired, it is an expose alleging child abuse. Monica, who biggest story is an upcoming lunar eclipse, sides with the reporter, while Andrew is frustrated by her rush to judgement. He confronts her, but Rocky tells him overlooking details on an earlier story led to a tragedy. After she reports Zelda had been arrested decades earlier for kidnapping her own son, the Social Services Department removes the foster children from the household. Chagrined that Monica uncovered that research, Andrew reminds her Rocky needs an angel, not a research assistant. Sam then advises Monica to concentrate on the weather, hinting the eclipse may be more important than she thinks. Andrew revisits the Wittenburgs to apologize for Rocky's actions and learns Zelda's kidnapping charge had been dismissed because she rescued her child from an abusive first husband. The angel's visit ends abruptly when the police raid the house searching for evidence. Rocky soon learns her anonymous tip about the elderly couple came from a dubious source. Heartbroken, Horace and Zelda intend to commit suicide unit Andrew appears, revealing God still has work for them. Monica discovers the reporter's zealousness resulted from an accident on a Ferris Wheel, the Eclipse, that disabled her husband. the angel informs's Rocky God wants her to be his child, not his avenger. Once exonerated, the Wittenburgs agree to help the newswoman take care of her husband, William. At the conclusion of the case, Sam reveals Tess has been on loan to another department, Natural Phenomenon and acts of God, responsible for the lunar eclipse.moreless
  • Homecoming (1)
    Homecoming (1)
    Episode 11
    Working from different vantage points, the angels help rehabilitate Julia Fitzgerald, a drug addict who is down and out, posing as a street walker, persuades the police to round up the disheveled Julia with the other ladies. In jail, she is encouraged by the angel to enter the New Spring Halfway House administered by Tess. Though Julia wants to leave the program, her parole officer, Andrew advises her doing so will land her back behind bars since her arrest was a parole violation. Plagued by a past action she committed, the woman deserts the halfway house to rejoin her friend, Fran on the streets. But when she misses the rendezvous, Monica persuades Julia to go back. As she makes steady progress in rehab, the woman decides to make amends with the people she has offended. First on the list is Chuck, the bartender and former employer she stole from. He wants to have Julia arrested, but Andrew convinces the man to let her pay him back. She returns to the alley where she has jewelry hidden in a secret place. But after pawning it, Julia encounters Fran, who is being confronted by her pimp, Jimmy. Returning to the halfway house, she admits giving Jimmy most of the money to help Fran but saving enough for herself to get high. Tess leaves to confront the unscrupulous man. Afterwards, Julia panics because she has lost a necklace with great sentimental value, a memento of the son she gave up to his father for fifty dollars. A fatigued Tess returns after recovering the money, teaching Jimmy a lesson, paying back Chuck, and finding Julia's locket. Revealing the she and Tess are angels, Monica encourages Julia to press on despite setbacks because God will always be there to pick her up. Days later, after Fran has entered rehabilitation herself, the angels send Julia to Chicory Creek, Kentucky where she is to find a man with a 1949 burgundy Cadillac. That man turns out to be Erasmus Jones , and Julia is astonished to learn that his extended family is the Greene's. When they return home for Thanksgiving, the prodigal mother will be reunited with her son Nathaniel Greene.moreless
  • Into the Light
    Into the Light
    Episode 10
    James Block, a man with a heart condition, and a criminal past, gets a second chance after a near death experience. He suffers a heart attack after marrying his girlfriend, Rachel to prevent her from testifying against him. While "dead" James sees Andrew walking toward the "light", though himself moves in the opposite direction. Realizing he must change his ways, James initiates a campaign of goods works. Tess and Monica are assigned as nurses at the hospital where he is fulfilling community service he received for a crime. Neither angel is impressed, however, with his apparent change of heart, especially when they realize he records his good deeds in a notebook. James finds a kindred spirit in Amy Ann McCoy, a teenage Elvis Presley fan with cystic fibrosis. A bit of a con artist herself, the girl is unaware how serious her illness is. Meanwhile, James is haunted by a recurring nightmare if his near-death experience, finally realizing he was headed toward a roiling chasm of unending darkness. He again encounters Andrew, who admonishes, "Even if every one of your good deeds was a step towards heaven, it would never reach high enough." Unnerved , James destroys his notebook and plans to skip Amy Ann's birthday party. Tess confronts him, telling him the teenager will soon die, and only her faith has sustained her all these years. James rails at God, but Tess tells him not to blame God for the mess he has made of his life. As Rachel starts to apologize to Amy Ann for James's absence, he arrives. but he puts a damper on the proceedings by telling the birthday girl how serious her illness and that God doesn't care. A furious Tess orders him to leave the room, and Rachel tells her husband she hopes never to see him again. Seeing Andrew in the corridor, James realizes he is the Angel of Death and attacks him. But Andrew avoids the human's assault, until Monica appears holding the notebook he had earlier destroyed. She tells him that hell is separation from God, and if he was on his way there, he was sending himself. Andrew the clarifies his earlier statement to James, no one can earn there way to heaven because only God's mercy can lift a soul up and take him there. Repenting of his misdeeds, James prays and turns his life over to God's. Overhearing her husband, Rachel realizes her prayers were answered. James returns to a dying Amy Ann, reassuring her that God exists and to take his hand and walk toward the light. The teenager dies as Elvis's song,"Precious Lord" plays on a turntable.moreless
  • Something Blue
    Something Blue
    Episode 9
    Tess, Monica, and Andrew observe unseen as Kevin Abernathy proposes to Alison Miller in a forest glade. Six month's later, the angels are wedding coordinators for the couple. Although preparations have proceeded apace, Monica fells she has forgotten something and Tess admonishes her to remember because Kevin and Alison's future depends on it. Wedding day jitters are compounded by Kevin's eccentric Aunt Augusta and his klutzy sister, Peggy. But the arrival of Alison's estranged father, Stan causes her to have second thoughts about the nuptials. Kevin is especially taken aback because his bride-to-be had told him her father was dead. To prove his love, he reads the wedding vows he wrote but is dismayed to learn that Alison's hasn't written her own vows yet. While Tess tries to keep the wedding guests entertained, it becomes evident the wedding may not occur. Amidst the chaos, a mysterious blue envelope goes unnoticed in the bridal prep room. Monica wonders why Stan showed up until Tess reveals she invited him. Kevin's parents comfort him, while Tess urges Alison's mother, Harriet to tell the truth, Stan wrote to Alison all these years like he promised. Harriet withheld the letters, initially out of spite for her ex-husband, then to cover her own deception. Confused, but knowing the truth, the bride and groom decide to proceed with the wedding. Monica then realizes she has forgotten to ask God's blessing on the event. After praying, she discover's the blue envelope and halts the ceremony. A distraught Alison runs off, but Kevin chases after her. Returning to the glad where they got engaged, the couple receives a revelation from Monica, Tess and Andrew. Informed that marriage is a sacred institution, of which God should be made a part, the couple also learn the envelope contains the results of their blood tests. One of them has leukemia. Realizing true love can endure life threatening illness, Kevin and Alison are married by the three angels in the sight of God.moreless
  • The Sky Is Falling
    The Sky Is Falling
    Episode 8
    On Halloween, renowned author Leonard Pound is grief stricken regarding his wife, Grace's recent death. His son, Allan has hired Monica to attend the widower, who has lost the will to live. To help him, the angel prompts Leonard to revisit a pivotal event in his life, October 30, 1938, the night of Orson Welle's radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds, and the night Monica and Tess met. Dressed in his Buck Rogers costume, young Leonard gathered wit his family around the radio. His father, Tom, a state trooper, left the house to investigate the flaming object the reportedly fell in nearby Grover's Mill. As the broadcast continued, listeners began to fret, thinking it was the end of the world. Panic spread into the streets and the Pound family, along with others, sought shelter in a church. There Leonard literally bumped into Penny, a girl in a angel costume. Concerned about his father, he snuck outside and started searching. Back inside the church, Tess tried to calm the people, but a glowing Monica appeared, announcing "Fear Not!" and panic ensued. Tess read Monica the "riot act" and told her to find some animals she could help. As the people scattered into the moonlight, Leonard again encountered Penny, who had a flashlight. the two of them set off to explore. Tess then received a visit from Dottie, the angel of etiquette, and learned God had big plans for Monica and herself. Meanwhile, after getting lost, Leonard and Penny spotted a police car. unfortunately, the state trooper inside was Andrew, who had bad news for the boy, his father has died in a car accident. Distraught, Leonard ran off into the night. Tess encouraged Monica to reveal herself to the lad, but he rejected her message. Penny, however, found and comforted her friend. Back in the present, Monica realizes Grace was actually Penny grown up. The angel tells Leonard her inability to help him back then prompted his relationship with his future wife. Now Monica can help console him after Grace's death because "sometimes, all an angel can do is cry with you.moreless
  • Groundrush
    Episode 7
    To Monica, Scott Walden seems like a perfect assignment. the charming owner of a small aviation company, he performs numerous charitable deeds and has been a wonderful surrogate father to his fiancee's pre-teen son. what Monica doesn't know is "Mr. Wonderful" has a secretive past, which comes to light after an employee borrows a plane to make a humanitarian, albeit illegal smuggling mission. FBI agents arrive and apprehend Scott, charging him with an eighteen-year-old murder committed by one William Grunwald. Insisting the man is innocent, Monica defends him to his fiancee, Jocelyn and his lawyer, Andrew. Unsure what tot make of these events, Scott's future stepson, Jeremy is comforted by Tess. Monica decides, though, to take matters into her own hands and uses her angelic powers to Scott escape. Andrew is confounded by her actions, especially since he has discovered Scott Walden is William Grumwald. Despite this knowledge, Monica continues to insist the man is innocent. Tess, however, is irate and directly orders Monica not to help Scott escape justice in a way, shape or form. The willful angel disobeys that order by concealing his whereabouts from Agent Bradford, then is taken aback when Scott admits he did commit murder. Sam arrives and tells Monica her lie of omission has threatened her very existence as an angel. He sends her to "God's Country" to reflect upon her mistake, not as a punishment but as a lesson. In the meantime, Andrew starts a revelation to Scott, who bails out of the airplane after an engine fire. Surprised to be alive despite his parachute's apparent failure, he finds himself in the same nether region as Monica. She helps him understand that although he killed the man who raped his sister, he would have faced the consequences rather than losing himself in lies. Both angel and human pray for forgiveness, which the receive. Scott's parachute opens and when he lands, the FBI agents tale him into custody. Prior to his extradition, Scott and Jocelyn marry, and he is reunited with his sister, who has since come forward with the truth.moreless
  • Secret Service
    Secret Service
    Episode 6
    Marty Dillard, an overachieving Secret Service agent, is at odds with Monica, assigned as an agent to protect a Presidential candidate. While off duty, Marty enjoys fishing and befriends Ulysses Dodd, an older gentlemen who teaches her to enjoy the sport for its own sake rather for sheer competitiveness. Baffled by a series of death threats to Senator Hammond, Marty begrudgingly accepts help from Monica and Andrew, who's posing as a forensics specialist. Working together, they manage to apprehend the would-be assassin and save the senator's life. However, the assailant's wayward bullet strikes Ulysses, whom Marty had invited to the campaign rally. She visits him in the hospital and begins to suspect his diabetes may be more serious than he let on. Hammond, impressed with Marty's savvy, asks her to head up his presidential detail. Yet she doesn't feel like celebrating when she returns to the riverbank and finds that Ulysses is still in the hospital. There Tess, attending nurse, tells Marty the trauma of the bullet wound has caused one of his kidneys to shut down. If he doesn't have a transplant soon, he will die. Commenting on the situation, Tess tells Monica it's ironic that so many people are willing to sacrifice their lives for Senator Hammond but only one can save Ulysses. the next day Marty learns she is a viable donor to save her friend but would no longer qualify to be a field agent. Torn, she asks his advice. Ulysses encourages her to accept the position and be thankful for the time together God gave them. Later that night, despite another campaign victory for Hammond, Marty is still preoccupied with her ailing friend. Revealing herself to Marty, Monica tells her all humans are created in God's image, and they are all the same in his eye's. furthermore, his love is given freely and need not be earned. Realizing she has spent her life always trying to prove herself, Marty anonymously donates her kidney to Ulysses. She rejects Hammond's offer, and to find another person for his detail, telling him she's not sure what's next for her, except that she plans to go fishing.moreless
  • Written In Dust
    Written In Dust
    Episode 5
    Henry Moskowitz, a proud archaeologist on a dig at a Navajo excavation site, receives a surprise visit from zayda (grandfather). Sam hopes to reconcile with his grandson and Jewish family faith by basking him to say kaddish, the Hebrew prayer for the dead for him. Henry resists the reconciliation effort, still angry that his late parents disapproved of his marriage to a Catholic woman. Refusing to get in the middle of the strife, his wife leaves the dig site. Monica and Tess, posing as a research assistant and as a photographer, soon find themselves embroiled in a grater conflict. A group of Navajo elders led by Edison disrupt the dig, stating the site is on sacred ground. Although Henry quickly dismisses their claim, Sam and Edison discover common ground in the similarities of their respective cultures. Even Henry's student intern, Dillon New Eagle, begins to doubt the appropriateness of the excavation site by himself, he falls into a hidden cave. Gathered around a campfire with the others, Dillon recalls the story his grandfather told him years before, the excavation site was the location of a massacre against the Navajo by Kit Carson. Simultaneously, Henry finds archaeological evidence of that atrocity. While looking for him Sam encounters Tess, who reveals and tells him only Henry can reconcile himself to God. Sam finds his grandson and attempts rescue, but the elderly man falls into the cave and succumbs to a heart attack. Henry rails at God for his zayda's death. Monica then appears and tells him that the peace sam wanted for Henry was with God, not with him. Tess subsequently leads the others to his location, and he is rescued. Buoyed by Monica's revelation, Henry apologizes to Edison and destroys the dig permit. Monica then explains the kaddish is not just a prayer for the dead but is a prayer praising God by saying God is above all praise, a gift of peace to help the living carry on.moreless
  • Sins of the Father
    Sins of the Father
    Episode 4
    Monica poses as a journalist to interview Luther Dixon, a teenager on death row. During their conversations, Willis, the prisoner in the adjacent cell often eavesdrops, interjecting his unwanted opinions on Luther's situation. Meanwhile, Tess and Andrew try to help Valerie Dixon prevent her younger son, Samuel from "gang banging." Despite Luther's incarceration, Sam looks up to him as a role model. Monica correctly surmises that the boys father, despite abandoning the family during Valerie's second pregnancy, has negatively influenced both of their lives. The angel is astonished to learn that Willis, who is sentenced to die shortly for a murder he committed, is Luther and Samuel's father. Tess informs Monica that years earlier she had tried to dissuade Willis from running with a gang but had been ignored. Monica then reveals herself to Willis and convinces him to tell Luther the truth that he is his father. Luther initially rejects Willis and rails at him for leaving his mom to fend for herself. The condemned prisoner, however, apologizes and admonishes his son to listen to Monica because his failure to head another angel's earlier warnings landed him on death row. Monica subsequently reveals herself to Luther, urging him to tell Samuel he regrets the murder he committed and is not a worthy role model. Monica uses her angelic powers to temporarily free Luther from jail to stop his brother from murdering Pastor George, who has incurred the wrath of a gang by preaching against violence. After Willis's execution, Tess comforts a bereaved Valerie who fears both of her sons will follow in their father's footsteps. The angel advises her to cling to God and let him help her guide Samuel's life. Andrew escorts the boy into church where he embraces Valerie, the cycle of violence finally broken.moreless
  • Random Acts
    Random Acts
    Episode 3
    A solemn Monica stands in the woods, reflecting on the events that transpired there earlier. Tess appears, reminding Monica that some "days humans behave so badly to one another that it's all an angel can do to keep loving them." The caseworker recalls how this assignment began. Fed up with the "Yeah, whatever" generation, Mike O'Connor questioned the significance of his career on the eve of his 20th anniversary as a teacher. Into his life walked Monica, his new student teacher. Unfortunately, so did Lucas Tremaine and Danielle Dawson, two petty criminals who randomly targeted Mike for kidnapping. Monica tacitly revealed herself to Mike, giving him counsel during his ordeal. The situation began to look less grim when the teacher recognized Danielle as a former pupil. But the violate Lucas forced Mike to get into the car's trunk while en route to steal the teacher's boat at Lake Washington. Unable to free Mike from the trunk, Monica encouraged him by playing the videotape his class made to commemorate his anniversary. Afterwards he prayed, thanking God for his life and for his students. Irritated that he couldn't find the boat, Lucas hauled the teacher out of the trunk and shot him, despite Danielle's protests. Monica, however, managed to record the event with Mike's video camera. Frustrated with Lucas after the shooting Danielle punched him, causing the car to swerve. A stat patrolman pulled them over and inspected the trunk. Seeing that the camera's record light was still on, the strung-out woman confessed to the patrolman, who apprehended the pair. Discouraged by her inability to help Mike, Monica received a revelation from Tess to use her gift "words" to help him. She confronted Robbie Hawkins, one of Mike's problem students who had withheld information about his possible whereabouts. A search party eventually found the unconscious teacher. The reminiscence complete, Tess affirms that Monica was the right angel for the job. Mike recovers from his injuries and is visited by his students, including Robbie, who sympathizes with his teacher's ordeal.moreless
  • A Joyful Noise
    A Joyful Noise
    Episode 2
    Monica begins working with Dr. Adam Litowski, a child psychiatrist is haunted by an event from his past that is influencing his treatment of Melissa Houghton, a young girl who claims to hear the voices of angels. While exploring a nearby church's bell tower late on a rainy night, Melissa encounters Clara, a mysterious stranger who escorts her home. convinced that the girl is possibly schizophrenic, Adam prescribes medication. Monica, however, knows Melissa is telling the truth and becomes more concerned when Andrew shows her that the doctor's daughter, Katie, whose birthday he plans to celebrate, is deceased. Adam denies that her death has affected his diagnosis of Melissa's "illness." Her mother, Emily is distressed by her reaction to the medication and is incensed when the doctor mistakenly calls Melissa,"Katie." Shaken by the turn of events by Andrew's realistic mural of the rustic cabin where Katie died, Adam heads there intending to commit suicide, Monica intercedes by revealing herself and showing the doctor how his daughter died, she fell off the roof while trying to rescue a bird's nest from the chimney. The angels tell him Katie is safe and happy because God sent an archangel named Clara, to handle her transition. Days later, Melissa escorts Adam to the bell tower where she had previously met Clara, who reappears to the trio. The archangel assures the doctor his daughter felt no pain and saw only beauty at the time of her death. Clara also advises Melissa that though she is off medication it will be harder for her to hear the angels, but she should never stop listening for them.moreless
  • Promised Land
    Promised Land
    Episode 1
    Monica is downcast because she failed one of her assignments, but Tess tells her to buck up because the cavalry's on the way. The two angels watch Russell Greene and his family pass by in a Suburban truck towing an Airstream trailer. After being laid off from his factory job in North Carolina, Russell packed up his wife, two children and mother to head to her home town, Chicory Creek, Kentucky where an old friend, Doc Rogers has promised to give Russell a job. they arrive, however just in time for the doctor's funeral. Erasmus Jones, another family friend, allows the Greene's to pull the trailer in his yard while Russell determines his next move. Complicating matters further is the fact that his brother, Joe skipped town, leaving Nathaniel, a nine-year old son, with Erasmus. Disappointed that the American dream has gone sour for him, Russell takes his wife, Claire's advice and prays for guidance. Unseen, Tess and Monica watch and realize that Russell is their man. The next day, Dinah prompts Erasmus to tell her father about Doc Rogers "unfinished business", the late doctor was visited by two angels who had come to help him save Chicory Creek. She thinks that since Russell doesn't have a job, he can travel to New York and try to persuade a big-city doctor to return to her home town and open up a clinic. Although he is skeptical, Claire talks to her husband into making the trip, and Erasmus asks him to tell Dr. Rebecca Cousins that "her Daddy loves her." On the bus, Russell sits next to Monica, unaware of her true identity. In New York, he meets the doctor and chides her for abandoning the community that scraped together and helped put her through medical school. On the return trip to Chicory Creek, Russell discover that he lost his bus ticket and only has enough money to get to Hensen. Disgusted with the "United States of Greedy People, "Russell meets Tess, who spearheads a collection from the passengers to get him all the way back home. Once they get off the bus, she reveal herself, telling him that God wants his family to discover America and help others along the way.moreless