Touched by an Angel - Season 5

CBS (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • Godspeed
    Episode 26
    Major Josie Saunders grew up reading all about Charles Lindbergh. It was Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic, along with Josie's own desire to make her mother proud, that fueled her drive to join the Air Force and later NASA. When, just a few days before her first mission to space, Josie learns from a NASA P.R. man, Andrew, that her mother has died, the frightening reality of what she's about the do hits home. When she returns home for the funeral and joins her fellow astronauts, we learn that one of the mission's Capcoms, Greg, is Josie's husband. In a private moment, he expresses some concern about her emotional readiness for the mission. He rightly asses that she might be angry and a little scared, but she denies it. Then she meets Diana, a brave little girl with brain cancer, who asks her to deliver a letter to God while she is in space. Josie becomes suddenly awkward and ends her time with Diana, throwing the letter away. Later, she tells Greg the truth. "I don't know where my courage comes from. I don't even know if I ever had it." She is afraid. One night, Diana's words echo in her dreams "What if something goes wrong?" When she wakes up screaming, Tess a NASA nurse, comforts her and we learn that while Josie loved her mother deeply, they did not really see eye-to-eye. Her mother had a strong faith, but since the death of her father, Josie had given up on God. She had always just wanted to show her mother what she could do by herself, without God, without prayer, like Lindbergh crossing the Atlantic. Tess assures her that Lindbergh was never alone and begins to tell the story of Lucky Lindy as Josie has never heard it before. But she only gets so far before Josie falls asleep. On the day of the mission, Josie meets Sally Ride, who does much to comfort her, and Tess does her part too. She tells Josie that Lindbergh was visited by an angel during his historic flight, and that it was God who got him through, not just his own ability. Josie reminds Tess that she does not believe in God and goes to the shuttle angry, if not quite so scared. The mission goes smoothly until the spacewalk for which Josie had trained so hard. Her tether breaks and then communication is lost, and as she floats off into the dark, soundless solitude of space, the real fear sets in. But she is visited by Monica, Lindbergh's angel, who tells her to tether herself to God, and to trust him in prayer. She gives her Diana's letter, which Josie finally "delivers" to God. Communication is restored and as the shuttle comes to get her she asks Greg, back at mission control, if Diana is there. She is, he assures her, Andrew has made sure of that. Josie tells Diana, "I can't be with you during the surgery, but I'll be praying for you. Every day. Just like my mother prayed for me.moreless
  • Hearts
    Episode 25
    Monica is an aid to Dr. Sandra Pena, a Portland heart surgeon. Sandra's favorite patient, Ilena, is in need of a heart transplant and time is running out to find a compatible donor. Meanwhile, at a hospital in Boise, Angela, the victim of a horse riding accident, lays dying. Sandra is excited to learn that Angela may be the compatible donor Ilena desperately needs. Tess, an organ donor specialist, tries to convince Angela's husband Dan to donate Angela's heart. Unwilling to believe that his wife is dying, he refuses to agree to the transplant. In an attempt to life Ilena's spirits Monica introduces her to Sandra's daughter, Casey. The two teenagers quickly become attached. When Sandra learns that the heart is unavailable, she warns Casey of Ilena's fate, and insists she not see Ilena anymore. Rather than give up hope, Casey takes a bus to Boise, without Sandra's permission, in hopes of convincing Dan to donate Angela's heart. In Boise Casey meets Andrew, who has been sitting with Angela and comforting Dan. Tess introduces Casey to Dan. She tells Dan of Ilena, and how there is a real person in need of Angela's heart. This only angers Dan and, in denial about Angela's condition, he refuses to discuss the matter any further. Defeated, Casey returns to Portland, where an angry Sandra awaits her. While driving home, Sandra and Casey argue, causing an accident. Casey suffers severe head trauma. Monica speaks with a distraught Sandra about Casey's condition and the possibility that Casey's heart may be a good match for Ilena. Sandra refuses to consider the possibility. At the same time Ilena is unwilling to take her good friends heart. Monica reveals herself to Sandra, telling her that though she and Casey may not always see eye-to-eye it's okay to have differences, and that the bond between a mother and daughter is one of God's greatest gifts. Meanwhile, Andrew reveals himself to Dan telling him that Angela wishes to donate her heart. As Sandra waits with Casey, she tells her how much she loves their differences and that's what makes their relationship special. Casey recovers and Dan agrees to the donation, but it's too late, Ilena has passed away. Weeks later, Dan receives a letter from Casey, who informs him that Angela's heart did not go unused, it was donated to another needy individual. Casey acknowledges Dan's difficult decision and thanks him for his generous gift of life.moreless
  • Fighting the Good Fight
    In a run-down apartment complex, 11 year-old Tim endures being teased by his older brother Steven as they try to sleep on a fold-out couch. Uncle Frank, the boys' reluctant guardian, threatens to beat them if they leave the house while he is gone for the night. As he does every night, Frank takes the vicious pit bull he keeps chained outside the door with him and leaves. Monica, Tess, Andrew, and Rafael are on hand for this assignment, but Rafael notes they made need someone else's help, someone who, unlike themselves, actually knows what it is like to be a child and have to fight to survive. The next morning, Frank returns with the dog and prepares to sleep on the same couch as the boys go to school, demanding them to come home late so he can sleep longer. After school, Steven taunts and punches Tim and won't let him hang out with his gang of friends. Instead, Tim wonders into Tess' gym, where Rafael and Tess train boxers. Tim, wanting to be able to beat up Steven, begins to train. Later, Tim makes friends with Andrew, the new handyman at the complex. That night Steven complains of a headache and then collapses while trying to get out of bed. Tim panics. At the hospital, Tim learns from Monica that Steven has meningitis, a disease affecting hid brain, and that he will be in the hospital for quite some time. Tim, tired of being pushed around, is glad to get a vacation from his brother. Tim gets a hooded sweatshirt from Goodwill, but a bully named Jimmy recognizes it from Tim. This only gives Tim more incentive to train with Rafael, and he does, becoming stronger everyday. At the gym, he sees a poster of Muhammad Ali, who Tim really admires because he always won his fights. Andrew tells Tim the story of Muhammad Ali's greatest fight, how Ali refused to fight in a war because he believed in God didn't want him to kill another man, and how, because of this, he was made to give up his boxing title. Later, Tim sees Jimmy and, using his new skills, forces him to return the shirt. Tim learns that his brother is returning from the hospital and plans to bully Steven the way he used to bully him, but is surprised to find Steven in a wheelchair with constant need of Tim's assistance. Later, Jimmy's brother challenges Tim to a fight, and they agree to meet at Tess' gym. Tim fights the older, bigger boy and wins, collapsing into Andrew's arms, sobbing. Andrew tells him that God loves him, and reveals Muhammad Ali standing in the ring. Tess speaks for Ali, telling Tim that he must fight for his family, Steven and Frank love Tim but they are afraid to show it and don't know how to take care for each other. Tess reads Tim a poem about fighting for love, and Ali hugs Tim, telling him not to forget this. Tim returns home and confronts Frank, telling him that he loves him, but that Frank must take better care of them. Touched and wanting to change, Frank begins to cook breakfast for his family. Andrew assures Frank that guardian angels will be watching over them.moreless
  • Black Like Monica
    Black Like Monica
    Episode 23
    Monica encounters Tess on the side of a dirt road on the outskirts of Aynesville, a small Southern Illinois town. Tess, holding a bloodied rope and crying directs Monica to the body of a dead black man. Tess in anguish, tells Monica that she has given up on earth, and is returning to heaven. In downtown Aynesville, preparations are being made for the upcoming Civil Rights Day and a visit from Rosa Parks. Lavonda, the director of the celebration, wonders why Mooney, the set builder, is no where to be found. Monica arrives and takes Tom, Lavonda, Deputy James, the Mayor and a few others to the murder site, and they identify the body as Mooney's. The group suspects that the murder was committed to ruin the celebration, and with the exception of Tom and James, decides to keep the murder quiet. To ensure the cover up, Tom reluctantly locks Monica in a jail cell. As a black man, James protests the cover up and the abuse of Monica's civil rights. That night Monica prays for a way to help this town, despite being locked up. Though angels don't need to sleep, Monica does, and has a violent dream about Mooney's death. Monica wakes to find the cell door unlocked, and her skin black. She leaves her cell, and walks down the street, but no one seems to notice that the color of her skin has changed. At the same time, Tom and James discover that Monica is missing. The crowd gathers in the town square to met the bus carrying Rosa Parks, and Monica, still unrecognized, begins to ask the members of the committee if they know where she can find Mooney, which of course makes them nervous. Monica returns to the dirt road, hoping to find Tess and some direction, but instead she encounters the Foley, the men suspected of killing Mooney. Upset that Mooney's murder isn't causing a stir, they plan to kill Monica and leave the body in a more prominent location. Monica flees and, when she stumbles and starts to bleed, she realizes that she is human and becomes very afraid. With the Foleys drawing near, Monica prays that God will make her white again. When the Foleys find Monica, her skin has become white, and they leave confused. Monica weeps, beginning to comprehend her failure. Monica insists on speaking with Rosa Parks, who invites Monica to sit on the bus with her. Monica tearfully recounts her situation to an understanding Ms. Parks, and Tess appears, telling Monica that she too made a mistake by giving up on God, and that he forgiven both of them. Tess tells Monica that she first had to confront in herself before she can help this town. With newfound confidence, Monica reveals herself to Tom and James, encouraging them to be honest with each other about their own prejudices. After a heartfelt talk, the men announce the death of Mooney to the town, and Monica lays flowers on Mooney's grave resolving to thank him when he sees him for helping to open he eyes.moreless
  • Full Circle
    Full Circle
    Episode 22
    Monica re-enters the life of a former assignment, Kate Prescott, who has spent the last few years of her life waiting for her son, Thomas, to return home. When Monica was last with the Prescott's, Thomas had been falsely accused of murdering a young woman, and Kate doubted her son's innocence. Later, Thomas was cleared, and Kate has since felt guilty for not trusting her son. Now, Kate's neighborhood is being leveled to make way for a highway, but she won't sell her house to the government, wanting to remain there in case Thomas should return home. Monica appears to Kate to tell her that her prayers have been answered, that Thomas is returning home. Thomas arrives at the house with a surprise, his seven year-old son Dylan. At first Thomas seems to have changed his shady ways and accepted responsibility as a father, but Monica learns he is doing drugs and tries to warn Kate. Kate is unwilling to believe the truth about her son, and she finally agrees to sell the house. While taking a walk in the park, Kate tries to encourage Thomas to buy a coffee cart from Tess, as a means to start making some money. Thomas, however, is more interested in working a deal with an old drug buddy. Thomas tells Kate that he needs the government money to buy a coffee cart, and Kate, seeing this as a second chance to trust her son, gives it to him. Instead he arranges to use the money to conduct the drug deal. Kate spends more time with Dylan, learns that his mother was abusive, and appeals to Thomas to spend a little more time with his son. Thomas reads Dylan the story of David and Goliath, a story they both enjoy because it involves a little guy who stands up to a big problem. The next day Thomas goes to the park to meet his contact, and Dylan goes with him as well. Tess arrives at the Prescott house and tells Kate that Thomas said he wasn't interested in the coffee carts. Kate feels stupid for having trusted him again, and she and Monica rush to the park to find him in the middle of the deal. They arrive to find Thomas being arrested by undercover cops. Dylan throws a stone at one of the cops, giving Thomas a chance to flee. While trying to stop Thomas, Kate is accidentally shot by a cop, yet Thomas continues to run. At the hospital Kate is rushed into surgery, and Andrew pleads with her to cling to life. Monica finds Thomas walking on the railroad tracks. As a train draws near, Monica reveals herself to be an angel and tells him that God is willing to give him another chance, that by taking his life he will be taking part of his mother's and his son's lives with him. Thomas, asking God for another chance, steps off the tracks. At the hospital, Kate's surgery is successful. Thomas asks his mother for a second chance and, knowing that he has had an authentic encounter with God, she is willing to give him one. Before the police arrest Thomas, he hugs Dylan, telling him that he must go and "fight Goliath."moreless
  • Made in the U.S.A.
    Made in the U.S.A.
    Episode 21
    Nick Stratton, owner of Stratton Apparel, hires Vietnamese women to work in his sweatshop because they are willing to work for little pay. Monica's assignment is to help Nick, a "good man with a bad attitude." Nick hires Monica as his accountant the same day that Am-Nhac Nguyen starts at the factory, pressing pants on a faulty steam press. Am-Nhac and the other women are willing to work for Nick because he will pay for citizenship classes if they meet their rigorous daily quotas. Tess, who teaches the class, tells Am-Nhac that her father, Cadao, can attend as well. The next day Nick, under pressure from his clients, raises the quotas, and Am-Nhac, in a hurry to meet hers, severely burns her arm. Nick fires Am-Nhac because her injury will slow her down. Monica asks Nick why he is so hard on his workers, and Nick tells her his story. As a soldier, Nick helped a captured Vietnamese boy escape. Nick knew the boy was not Viet Cong because he had a peace symbol, an American fad, tattooed on his shoulder. Nick was court-martialed for aiding the enemy and returned to the U.S. a war criminal. His uncle left the factory to him when he died. Monica convinces Nick to let Am-Nhac keep her job. Am-Nhac, with Tess' help, works through the night the night to meet her quota. When Cadao picks her up, Nick sees the the tattoo on his shoulder, a peace symbol. Nick realizes Cadao is the boy he helped escape, and the person, Nick believes, who is responsible for ruining his life. Meanwhile, Tess teaches her students about how the early Americans protested against British rule, and Am-Nhac decides to protest the dangerous working conditions at the factory. The plan backfires, however, when Nick fires everyone. When Andrew, posing as an I.R.S. agent explains that Nick owes the government several thousand dollars in back taxes, Nick plants a bomb in the factory. Before he can leave, however, one of the rickety shelves collapses, trapping Nick. Seconds before the bomb is to detonate, the timer stops ticking and Monica appears to Nick. She tells him that God loves him and is proud of him for saving the young man's life. Nick asks God to forgive him for the hatred he has lived for so long. The clock begins ticking again and when Nick screams for help, Am-Nhac arrives with Cadao, who diffuses the bomb. Nick asks Am-Nhac for forgiveness and reveals that he is the soldier who helped Cadao in Vietnam. Am-Nhac and Cadao are happy to finally be able the thank him for his act of kindness. Later, Nick attends the swearing-in ceremony for Am-Nhac and her father, finally United States Citizens.moreless
  • Into the Fire
    Episode 20
    Monica meets her next assignment, Melina Richardson at her latest temp job, a telemarketing agency. When the usually meek Melina is fired for yelling at a potential customer, she decides to attend a seminar of the Golden Path Institute hoping to find meaning in her life. After an impassioned speech by the Golden Path's leader, the charismatic Brother David, who persuades the attendees who "feel called" to board a bus bound for the institute. Melina, captivated by Brother David, gets on the bus. Tess tells Monica to stay close to her assignment. At the institute Monica and Melina are stripped of their possessions because Brother David feels it is important to leave the past behind. Melina, however, secretly keeps a picture of her ex-fiance under her bed. When David finds the picture, he summons a meeting of the whole group and exposes Melina's transgression forcing her to destroy the picture. Meanwhile, a mail truck arrives at the institute with letters for everyone, but Brother David collects them before they can be disturbed. Later he asks Melina to destroy the package for him. Melina, unaware that it contains that it contains the mail, begins to burn the package. At the same time, Andrew, acting as a Child Services officer, asks to inspect the camp. David angrily refuses. Andrew warns David that he will have to return with the authorities. In private, Monica shows Melina and Rebecca the letters she rescued from the fire, and Rebecca explains Brother David's plan. On September 9, 1999 all of the worlds computers will crash causing an extinction-level event. Brother David will save his faithful followers before this happens by taking them to heaven in a suicide pact. In an effort to prove to the group that Brother David has been lying to them, Monica gives the people their letters. When David finds out, he is furious but persuades the people that this is the outside world's attempt to divide them. Softening he asks Melina to be his bride and, spellbound, she agrees. David insists that the plan go into action right away because the police are already approaching the camp. Trained for this moment, the people spring into action, barricade the doors, and prepare the poisoned juice. But as they are about to drink. Monica proclaims herself to be an angel, and tells the people that God doesn't want them to die. David tells the people that she is the devil trying to mislead them, but the people believe Monica and led by Melina, they try to escape. David sets fire to the building. Monica breaks the doors open and the people pour out of the smoke-filled room. Monica tries to persuade Brother David to leave the burning building, but still believing his own claims of divinity, he will not. He perishes in the fire. Later the angels help the shaken cult members reacquaint themselves using their real names and identities.moreless
  • Jagged Edges
    Jagged Edges
    Episode 19
    Andrew helps an older man, clean out his garage, searching for a box he wants to give his daughter, Natalie. Doug has a heart attack, and as he is dying, Andrew assures him that God's angels will be on hand to deliver the box to Natalie. When Natalie, a stand-up comic, hears of Doug's death, she returns home with her infant daughter Lily to organize her father's things. Natalie begins to have flashbacks about her deceased mother, and how when Natalie was young, she would play the piano incessantly. Andrew tries to persuade Natalie to help him clean the garage and find the box, but she is unwilling to go into the garage. To get a break from her intense memories, Natalie goes to a comedy club to perform. Meanwhile, at a local hospital, Monica and Tess talk about how Natalie will react to learning her father's secret, that Amanda, her mother, is not dead, but has been institutionalized for many years. Natalie, indeed is shocked to learn this and that Amanda, after a slow recovery from mental illness, is almost ready to return home. Natalie goes to the hospital to meet Amanda, who convinced herself Natalie was dead, and, though she doesn't realize Natalie is her daughter, the visit makes her very nervous and she begins to play the piano feverishly. This frightens Natalie and she quickly leaves the hospital. Back at the garage, Natalie discovers the box, which contains a metronome. As the metronome begins to tick, Natalie accidentally closes the garage door, triggering a horrifying memory about how, when she was seven, Amanda locked Natalie and herself in the garage with the motor running. By the time Andrew arrives Natalie fully recollects that her mother tried to kill her. Monica explains Amanda's illness, how after she lost a baby Amanda blamed herself to the point of illness, and how she wanted to die, but didn't want to leave Natalie behind. Natalie returns to the hospital and with the angels' help, convinces Amanda that she is still alive. Overjoyed, Amanda moves to hug Natalie, but Natalie unable to handle the emotion, flees to the comedy club. While onstage, though, Natalie has a nervous breakdown. Monica reveals herself to be an angel, and comforts Natalie, telling her that God loves her, and that she must breakdown, performs her stand-up routine for the other patients while Amanda watches proudly. Natalie introduces Amanda to her granddaughter and tells her mother that she inherited something very important from her, her sense of humor.moreless
  • Anatomy Lesson
    Anatomy Lesson
    Episode 18
    When Dewey Burton dies of a heart attack while running for help after finding a young girl trapped in a deep drain pipe, Tess tells Monica that his body is the key to saving the young girl and she only has four hours to do so. When Dewey's body arrives at the coroner's office, Monica arrives at the assistant to the skeptical pathologist, Ivar. Ivar believes that everything about a man's life can be determined from an autopsy. While Tess remains with the little girl, Jamie, Monica begins trying to change the heart of Ivar by telling him the story of Dewey's life from the details of his body. Monica begins by looking at the man's hands, deducing that he worked in construction, building homes which he could never afford himself. Tess continues to comfort Jamie as Dewey's wife, Faye, begins to search for her missing husband. As the autopsy continues, Monica learns more about Ivar, that he believes, "In the end, we are helpless and what doesn't change anything," and that he used to practice medicine but changed to pathology. Jamie's mother alerts the authorities as her missing daughter and a search begins, but Ivar turns off the radio of as news of Jamie's disappearance is the broadcast. Ivar's younger daughter calls, telling her father that she wants to have a funeral for her goldfish, which has just died, but Ivar is unsympathetic. Meanwhile, Jamie is unconscious but Tess refuses to pull her out due to instructions from God. Monica continues recounting John Doe's life by telling how he fell in love, was married and lost a child. Ivar is no longer tolerant of Monica's story telling. He breaks down, telling her how he had a son die of leukemia and that there was nothing he could do to save his son. Monica then reveals herself to be an angel, telling Ivar how she also was there to comfort Dewey when he lost his child. She tells Ivar that his child is happy in heaven and that he still has work to do. Ivar then looks closely at Dewey's body and begins to piece together where he might have been when he died. As the radio announces that the missing Jamie was wearing red gloves, Ivar realizes Dewey's connection to Jamie, and where to find her. Rushing to the drain pipe, Ivar rescues and resuscitates Jamie. When Faye arrives at the scene, Ivar must tell her about the death of her Dewey. He tells her of his daring attempt to rescue Jamie. His faith now fully restored , he comforts her. "He was a good man, I could see it in his face."moreless
  • Family Business
    Family Business
    Episode 17
    On their 35th wedding anniversary, Ben and Sylvia Mangione, owners of a car dealership, host a huge sale. Monica and Tess are on hand to help the Mangione family, and Phil the angel of reconciliation, will assist them, if the perennially late angel ever arrives. Mangione Auto World is a family business, with daughters Ellen and Dee Dee and Ellen's husband Frankie all working there. But one of the children, Buddy, moved to California several years ago, refusing to take over the family business, much to Ben's chagrin. During the sale, Buddy calls to say he is returning for the anniversary with a big announcement to make. Frank is upset that Buddy is turning because he thinks it may spoil his chances for taking over the dealership. Indeed, Ben hopes Buddy is returning to tale over the dealership. At the anniversary party Tess plays with the band, filling in for the still tardy Phil, while Monica caters the event. Soon, however, the police show up to let the family know that Buddy has been killed in a car accident. Ben and Frank are called to identify the body, but since the corpse has been badly burned, they identify his personal effects. Rather than grieve, the family argues over Buddy's funeral arrangements. Ben insists on returning to work, where he meets Sharon, a young woman claiming to be Buddy's wife. The family thinks this must be Buddy's surprise, but is upset when Sharon wants to have the body cremated. Monica helps them strike a bargain. Buddy will be buried if Sharon performs the eulogy at the service. Meanwhile, Andrew finds Phil and offers to give him a lift into town. They are further detained when the car overheats, but are offered help by a hitchhiker who is eagerly to get to town. They offer him a lift. At the funeral, Sharon delivers the eulogy, recalling a touching memory about how Buddy saved the life of a beached whale. Before she can finish, though, the hitchhiker arrives. It's Buddy! The family is shocked to see him alive and he explains how his car was stolen and he had to hitchhike into town. Rather than rejoice that his son is alive, Ben wants to know if Buddy is ready to take over the family business. buddy says 'no,' and a furious Ben returns to the dealership where Monica is waiting for him. Monica reveals herself that she is an angel and takes him back to the funeral parlor where she finishes the eulogy. The eulogy reveals that Buddy has cancer and will soon die. Phil finally arrives to tell a shocked Ben that God wants him to stop keeping such a tight hold on his family. Phil points out that many fathers wish they could have the gift that Ben has, the chance to spend one more hour with his son, to tell him all of the things he wished he had said when he was alive. Buddy arrives at the funeral parlor, and Ben embraces his son, asking for forgiveness and expressing his love.moreless
  • The Man Upstairs
    The Man Upstairs
    Episode 16
    Gus Zimmerman, an insurance salesman, arrives in Las Vegas to call on his largest account, the Paradise Grand Casino. Tess tells Monica that behind Gus' smile is a desperate man. Monica meets Gus at a bar where he explains that he is there to call on the casino manager, Mac, and earn the commission that will pay for his wife, Esther's care in a nursing home. As he guzzles ginger ale, Gus explains that neither he nor Esther drink or gamble. When Gus learns that Mac is no longer the general manager and the new management is not willing to see him, he orders another drink, this time with vodka. Gus goes to the cashier, withdraws a five-thousand dollar credit limit and loses it all on one roll of roulette. When Gus pleads with the croupier, "I'll sign anything," the phone mysteriously rings and the new manager is ready to see him. Gus enters the office to find the new manager's name is Monique and she looks exactly like Monica. It becomes apparent that Monique is evil as she toys with Gus, reminding him of Esther's problems and letting him win a game of poker for the entire five-thousand dollars which he just lost. Confident after his rigged victory, Gus agrees to gamble again, a signed insurance policy for his soul, something he doesn't believe in, anyway. He loses. Dejected, Gus finds Monica at the bar and explains the situation. Monica, concerned about Gus' huge loss, plots to beat Monique at poker. Tess scolds her for entertaining the thought. Gus goes to Monique who suggests that he "have an accident," thereby helping his wife who is the beneficiary of his insurance policy. Gus continues to drink more and rejects Monica when she tries to convince him not to listen to Monique. Monica takes Gus back to the chapel where he and Esther were married. Gus remembers how Tess was the witness of their vows and Monica reveals that they are both angels, sent by God, to help him fight for his soul. Gus, however, only becomes more depressed, feeling that his casino intending to kill himself. Monique encourages him, showing him a copy of the same "soul contract" signed by Esther. Monica pleads with Gus to ask God for his help. Gus then begins to shine a flashlight, singing "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine," and begs God to help him. Powerless against Gus' reliance on God, Monique disappears. Gus returns to find that Mac had only been late for their meeting. Mac signs the insurance contract, Esther's care is guaranteed and Gus breathes a sigh of relief as he realizes how close he came to losing his soul.moreless
  • On Edge
    On Edge
    Episode 15
    Tess and Monica are introduced to their next assignment when the Cadillac by Bart and Hayley Ewing, a father and daughter con team. The angels follow Bart and Hayley to Salt Lake City where Bart has promised Hayley she will be able to indulge her favorite hobby, ice skating. Monica works as an employee of the skating rink and is short-changed by Bart as he pays for Hayley's entry. When Hayley falls down, Andrew, the acting D.J., introduces her to an Olympic hopeful skater, Alex Thorpe and she agrees to help Hayley learn to skate. Meanwhile, Bart pretends to find some lost money in order to win the trust of Alex's father, Carl, who is the owner of the rink. Carl tells Bart of an upcoming fundraiser to benefit the Silver Blades Skate Team. Bart notices the cash drop bag that Carl is carrying and begins to hatch an idea for a scam. Later that night, Hayley tells her father she wants to do something other than con people, something she can be recognized for. At the rink the next day, Hayley tells Andrew that she is torn because she wants to skate but doesn't want to hurt her father. andrew tells her to follow her conscience. Hayley works with Alex, improves dramatically and begins to demand a more normal life from her father. Bart promises to stay in town long enough for Hayley to try out for the Silver Blades and she is temporarily appeased. Bart then begins the con of Carl by asking if Hayley might be able to practice at the rink after it closes. When Carl agrees, Bart pretends to drop Hayley off, packs up their belongings from the motel, then returns to the rink and turns off the lights. While Carl searches for the fuse box, Bart then takes the bank drop. When the lights have been restored, Bart arrives at the rink to retrieve Hayley. As Bart and Hayley make their getaway, Hayley realizes that her father has left the snow globe which belonged to her mother at the hotel room and refuses to leave town without it. Bart and Hayley return to the hotel room to find the globe. As they leave the cops arrive and Bart is arrested. Knowing that it will be easier for him to get her out of jail then vice versa, Hayley confesses to the crime. Bart tries to convince Carl to drop the charges but he refuses, forcing a court case. Monica reveals herself to Bart, convincing him to trust God and listen to his conscience. Bart interrupts Hayley's trial, confesses to the crime and asks his daughter to forgive him for not teaching her right from wrong. The judge recommends that Hayley be remanded to a foster home. Instead Carl decides to be her foster parent enabling her to live and train with Alex.moreless
  • My Brother's Keeper
    Episode 14
    Tess and Monica arrive in Park City, Utah as the World Cup Qualifier Ski race is about to begin. As Tess and Monica watch over two contestants, Jett Rudin and Will Heller, Tess explains that the two boys have been friends for their entire life but that their friendship is about to change. Although both boys are competitive, Will has never Beaten Jett. Jett is the center of attention, even to Will's father who taught both of them to ski. Monica approaches Jett for an interview, the angle of which would be the friendship of Jett and Will. Meanwhile, Will's father, Howard is more interested in securing an endorsement deal for Jett than his own son. When Monica interviews Will, his jealousy rises and he tells her there will be a new "top dog" on the mountain the following day. At the qualifying round the next day, Jett sets a new record and warns Will about a dangerous curve and loses his place on the World Cup first team. At the lodge later that night, Monica questions Will off the record. Will tells her her the story of how Jett's parents were killed in a fire when Jett was ten years old. The two had been having a cigarette smoking competition in the basement of Jett's house before they fled when his parents arrived home. When Jett woke up the next morning after spending the night with Will, his parents were dead. Will then gave Jett a red bandana he had wanted for winning the smoking competition and resigned himself to never beat Jett at anything again. Jett enters, having having overheard the story, and denies that Will ever let him win anything. The two argue and decide to settle the issue by racing down the mountain as the sun comes up. As the boys race, Jett loses control and tumbles down the mountain. When Jett regains consciousness, it is apparent that his spinal cord has been damaged and that he may never walk again. Howard scolds Will when he learns that they were racing. "You have never beaten Jett at anything... Why would you start now?" Will then goes back to the mountain, finds the red bandana that Jett lost during his accident and returns it to Jett. Jett now remembers the argument and asks Will to help kill himself. Will says he'll have to think about it, but as he exits, he takes pills off an unguarded tray and ducks into another hospital room where Monica is waiting for him. Monica reveals herself to be an angel, and asks Will to pray, and not to hold back any longer, not from his gift of skiing nor from his friendship with Jett. Will then goes to his father and tells him how he had let Jett win until he thought he was losing his father. Howard tells him he's proud of him and that he could never lose him. Will then returns to Jett, refuses to help him die and tells him about Monica being an angel. When Jett rebukes him, Will tells him he loves him and leaves the room. Andrew then reveals himself to Jett, telling him that he has a death wish because he feels responsible for his parents death. When Andrew tells him he should protect his friendship with Will, Jett gives him the red bandana and asks him to give it to Will. Will puts it on his friends bandana and wins the World Cup Giant Slalom as Jett watches proudly from his hospital bed.moreless
  • The Medium and the Message
    Tess and Monica arrive at the office of NNT Television to pay a visit to T.K. McKenna, a network executive who once dreamed of "being the best" and now only wants "to be first." As T.K. is bragging about the ratings on a show featuring a hijacked bus which explodes, Monica arrives in T.K.'s office. But T.K. is not surprised, telling Monica that people drop in to tell him things all the time and that he has no idea who they are. Monica then tries to sell him on an idea of a show about angels in which the angels are sent by God who loves us all. McKenna wants to know more and Monica tells him like some of his visitors, angels are often undercover. We then see a series of clips from previous episodes where the angels play a variety of roles. T.K. then dismisses Monica and the idea. As Monica leaves, T.K. is told by another executive that 76% of people believe in angels. Outside, Tess tells Monica to change the heart of the man in order to change the network. T.K. finds Monica outside of the building an convinces her to "pitch" her idea to another group of executives who immediately start to tear apart her angel premise. When they say they need a more "edgy" show, wee see clips of previous episodes where Monica experiences shootings, bombings, car crashes, and assassination attempt. Monica then tells them about how the angel of death, Andrew takes people home to Heaven rather than killing them. The executives don't seem to understand and Monica leaves the room in disgust. Monica runs into Irene, T.K.'s secretary as she is leaving to catch a bus. Irene tells her that T.K. once dreamed of being a writer and wrote a very good script. Later, as Monica ruminates on how to approach T.K., Tess tells her to comfort him, that a bus was hijacked and blown up. T.K. responds to the tragedy by trying to cover his responsibility to the Board of Directors. Hoping to change the image of the network, he asks Monica to pitch him the angel show again. When he says the angel's don't have enough attitude, we see clips of Tess in action. When T.K. begins to complain about the whereabouts of Irene, Monica informs him that she was on the bus that was blown up. Crushed, T.K. throws everyone out of his office. Andrew hands Monica T.K.'s original script and tells her that Irene wanted T.K. to have it. When T.K. asks where the angels were for Irene, Monica tells him there are angels for everyone. We then see a series of guest angels. Monica tells T.K. that God exists, hands him his script and asks him to take a leap of faith and follow his dream of writing. T.K. then pitches his simple show about a family trying for an answer.moreless
  • Fool For Love
    Fool For Love
    Episode 12
    Sara Parker, a successful big city District Attorney, is forced to some to terms with her past when an ex-boyfriend, Jesse, is arrested and she must interrogate him. Rather than face Jesse, who still has some strange kind of hold over her, Sara retreats to a pub for some sanctuary. Monica who is waiting tables at the bar while Tess serves drinks, offers to listen to Sara's story. Sara is reluctant at first, but then proceeds to tell Monica her story of ten years ago. As 17 year-old high schooler, Sara meets Jesse, a handsome troublemaker. Much to her mother's disdain, Sara and Jesse fall in love and, when he suggests they move to California to start a new life, Sara agrees. Sara is worried when she finds a gun in Jesse's glove compartment, but when Jesse says it's for protection she's too blinded by love to disagree. Soon, however, their money runs out, their relationship sours, and to take matters worse Sara learns she is four months pregnant. In order to get some money Jesse robs a liquor store. Sara meets Andrew who, posing as a hitchhiker, tries to convince her to return home. Sara, unwilling to admit she has made a mistake, stays with Jesse. The baby is born at a motel and Sara names her Abby. Sara and Jesse meet Sam, posing as a motel owner, who lets them stay at his motel and offers to let Sara phone home. A furious Jesse refuses and storms out of the room. When he returns, Jesse is in a much better mood and explains to Sara that he met a man who sells babies on the black market, and who will give them $10,000 for Abby. Sara is horrified and rather than let this happen, she takes Abby while Jesse is asleep, and leaves her in a church sanctuary with a note. Sara has a change of heart and realizes she can't leave her baby, but when she returns to the church Abby has already been taken. When Sara goes back to Jesse he hits her and leaves. Sam takes care of Sara, helping her to get back on her feet, and ultimately through law school. Back in the present-day, Sara admits to Monica that Sam was the closest thing to an angel she has ever known. Monica tells her that she's right, that Sam is an angel, and that her Tess, and Andrew are angels as well. Sara can't believe that God can love her after all that she has done, but Monica reminds her of the prodigal son and how God waits for his children to return. Sara admits that she wants to return to both God and to her home, and with this choice Jesse's spell over her is broken. When she returns home, Sara's mother is overjoyed, but tells her of a little girl named Abby, whom Andrew had brought to her ten years ago, after she was abandoned in a church. Having reunited Sara with both her mother and daughter, the angels drive off, their mission complete.moreless
  • An Angel on the Roof
    Charley, an aging south Texas motel owner, gets a Christmas Eve visit from Monica, who tells him not to fear, because she brings him tidings of great joy. Charley in a drunken daze, thinks the beautiful glowing angel is merely a hallucination, and begins a dialogue with his "vision" as he decorates his Desert Star Inn for the holiday. Monica tells Charley that he will receive a miracle the Christmas Eve, and he, somewhat skeptical, hypothesizes about what this will be. He hopes it will be a new star, something he has been waiting quite a long time to see through his high-powered telescope from the roof of the inn. Meanwhile, Tess serves coffee two three lonely truckers who celebrate the holiday at a truck stop. As they leave, Tess points them to the inn, but the truckers muse at the thought of spending an evening at the dilapidated motel. Elsewhere, Jorge and Marisol, a young Mexican couple, illegally across the border, panic when pregnant Marisol begins to show signs of an early labor. Rafael arrives telling them that they are needed to help someone this evening. When he says he is from their village in Mexico, they go with him. In another part of the state Andrew sits on border control with Carl, a cynical deputy, who is anxious to catch some "illegals." Monica, still glowing atop the motel roof, stirs up a dust storm, which makes driving difficult for the truckers. At Tess' instruction via CB, they head towards a light in the desert, the light Monica exudes, and the only thing visible on the stormy landscape. Rafael, Jorge, and Marisol, driving through the storm, run out of gas. They, too, see the light and begin to follow it. When the three arrive at the inn, Charley, obviously prejudiced against Mexicans, at first refuses to give them a room, and rather than call a doctor, he calls the border patrol. Carl and Andrew head for the motel. Charley reveals to Monica the reason why he is so bitter, as a young man he traveled in Mexico and fell in love with a young woman named Estrella, whose parents wouldn't allow them to marry. Later Estrella's father told Charley that the heartbroken Estrella killed herself. Charley tells Monica that he intends to do the same as soon as he sees a new star, something no one else has ever seen. Monica pleads with Charley to so something that will make the angels sing, and becomes a man with faith in the God who loves him. Marisol gives birth to the child as the truckers draw near, and Monica and Rafael proclaims this child to be the miracle, something which no man has ever seen. The baby girl is named Estrella, after Marisol's grandmother, the same woman Charley loved, who is alive and well in Mexico. When Charley hears this news he has a change of heart and when Carl and Andrew arrive to arrest any illegal aliens, Charley hides everyone by working them into his nativity scene, including Tess as a shepherd and the truckers as the three wise men. As Charley makes plans to visit his old love in Mexico, Monica and Tess bid everyone "Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men."moreless
  • The Peacemaker
    The Peacemaker
    Episode 10
    As a part of his application to New York University, 17 year-old Mark Tanner videotapes the morning coffee ritual that his parents, Scott and Michelle, began during his recovery from a recent drug addiction. Although all appears well, Andrew warns Tess and Monica not to waste any time with this case. Scott arrives at the police precinct where he is a hostage negotiator to meet his new partner, Monica and invites her to dinner. When Scott is paged by the precinct dinner, Michelle lashes out, blaming Scott for always choosing his work over his family. Later, as Michelle rifles through her "Memory Box," Mark enters. She shows him the wrist watch Scott gave her for their first anniversary but adds that he meant to have it engraved. When Mark asks if they are going to be okay after he goes off to college, she reassures him but her face registers doubt. As she exits, Mark finds divorce papers in the memory box and becomes angry with his mother. Later, while painting a portrait of her most recent client, Tess, Michelle confides that she had considered divorce earlier in her marriage and had not gotten rid of the divorce papers. Tess urges her to do so and she returns to the memory box to find that the watch she had shown Mark is now gone. Beginning to suspect that Mark may have stolen the watch to pay for drugs, her suspicions are further compounded when she interrupts him while he has a secretive phone conversation. Michelle then calls Scott to discuss her fears but he is interrupted by a hostage situation at a bank robbery. When the robbery is over, it is learned that Mark was killed by the robbery while trying to withdrawal money from his college fund. Desolate after losing their son, Scott and Michelle blame each other. With a message from a man named Ivan is found on Mark's answering machine, both Scott and Michelle are convinced the person was Mark's drug dealer and both became obsessed with finding the man while deciding to get a divorce. Tess and Monica then intervene by showing Scott and Michelle the videotape Mark had made and it turns out to be a plea for them to work out their problems. Andrew then arrives with Ivan who is not a drug dealer but rather a video editor. Mark had taken his parents home videos to Ivan to have them edited together to show them how much love they truly have for one another. Now understanding the error of their ways, Scott and Michelle vow to stay together.moreless
  • Psalm 151
    Psalm 151
    Episode 9
    Monica, Tess, and Andrew celebrate Monica's 100th assignment with a cake in a park. In the same park Audrey, a single mother who writes commercial jingles, celebrates her son Petey's birthday. Petey tries to blow out the candles but is racked with coughing, an effect of his disease, Cystic Fibrosis. Monica arrives at Petey and Audrey's home as a prospective border she meets Celine, Petey's best friend who is Celine Dion's number one fan. Celine introduces Monica to Audrey and Monica moves into their home. Petey plays a song for Monica on tape that Audrey began to write when Petey was born but has since been unable to finish. When he collapses on his way home from school, Petey is rushed to the hospital where, upon his release, he and Celine overhear some nurses saying he doesn't have much time left to live. Petey tells his mother, who is having trouble accepting the fate of her little boy, that when he dies, he wants to die at home. Petey, with Monica's help, begins to compile a list of things he wants to do before he dies. His items include: Learn to play the piano, find a home for Fluffy (his pet iguana), find someone to sing with Mom, find someone to shovel the snow. With Tess and Andrew's help these things come to pass (Tess agrees to take care of the iguana). Petey and the angels move on to more tricky items on the list, including introducing Celine to the real Celine Dion. Celine is blindfolded and taken to a concert hall to meet Celine Dion in her dressing room before the show. Celine Dion tells Petey and Celine, who is in shock, that she will sing a special song for them. Later during the concert she sings "Love Can move Mountains" to the children. At the end of the concert Petey becomes very sick and, at the hospital, Audrey comes to the realization that her son will soon die. Celine, with Tess' help, resolves to help make it possible for Petey to die at home, another item on his list, and they visit the HMO in hopes of getting a medical waiver allowing this. When they are denied Tess demands to see the manager, who happens to be Celine's father. when he says he cannot make an exception to a rule, even for Petey, Celine returns to his office in a gown and pearls, and sings "Love Can Move Mountains." She pleads with her father to prove he loves Petey and he pulls some strings. Petey is brought home and, while he sleeps, Audrey discovers his list, including that wish that Audrey would finish her song. Audrey tries to finish the song, but breaks down in tears when she can't get past the first verse. Monica reveals herself to Audrey, comforts her, and asks her to tell the whole world about Petey's love with her song. Audrey works all night to finish the song, and in the morning wakes Petey, telling him to cross that item off his list. Petey is taken outside to find many neighbors gathered to perform Audrey's finished song, "The 151st Psalm," the main chorus is which proclaims. "For as long as I shall live I will testify to love!" Petey tells Andrew, "It is finished," and the young boy dies as the crowd continues to sing his song. Monica crosses the final item off Petey's list: "Go to Heaven."moreless
  • The Wind Beneath Our Wings
    When Andrew arrives in the court of Judge Dorrie Chapin to notify her that she is the governor's first choice to fill a vacant Supreme Court seat, Dorrie and her ever-dependable mother, Emma, are overjoyed. Having met Tess while sitting in the gallery of her daughter's courtroom, Emma invites Tess and Monica over for dinner to celebrate. Later that afternoon, Emma is the subject of show and tell in the classroom of Dorrie's daughter, Jenny, and tells of her days as one of the only female pilots, the Lady Tigerettes, during World War II. When Emma and Jenny get lost on the way home after leaving Jenny's school. it is apparent that Emma is beginning to show the first signs of aging. The angels attempt to tell Dorrie that her mother is simply getting older but Dorrie is unwilling to accept that her steadfest mother is faltering. Dorrie tries to rationalize the situation suggesting that her mother will be fine with the lifestyle changes and vitamins until Emma falls asleep in the courtroom, waking to not recognize her own daughter. Tess again appeals to Dorrie, telling her that her mother still has important work to do. Dorrie then goes to her mother's house to find her affairs in shambles, bills are unpaid, important prescriptions are unfilled and the insurance has lapsed. When Emma catches Dorrie snooping through her things, the issue comes out in the open and Emma reiterates what the angels had said earlier, she is getting older and simply can't keep up anymore. Still confused as to how she will cope without the support of her mother, Dorrie hears a custody case involving the welfare of an elderly man, Mr. Miller. After hearing his children argue over whether or not to put him in a nursing home, Mr. Miller appeals to them both to live their own lives and to visit him often. Dorrie then breaks down in her chambers as Andrew arrives to tell her that the governor needs to know if she will accept her appointment to the supreme court. Dorrie initially refuses the appointment, fearing that she simply cannot go on without her mother's support. Emma is also resigned to give up all her duties rather than just limiting her schedule. The angels then reveal themselves to both Emma and Dorrie, telling them to give up their fears of being alone, of growing old, of losing each other, because God will never leave either of them. Monica tells Emma that God has another task for her, together with the other surviving Flying Tigerettes, she is commissioned to share her wartime experiences so as to ensure against future wars. As Emma departs on her nationwide Tigerettes bus tour, Dorrie enters the Supreme Court where she will now serve proudly as a State Supreme Court Justice.moreless
  • I Do
    I Do
    Episode 7
    Monica tries to determine God's greatest gift to humans and hypothesizes that it might be marriage, the wedding of two people. Tess reminds her that a marriage is much more than a wedding ceremony. Stephanie and Michael are planning to elope with Michael's younger brother, Eddie, in tow, when Nancy, Michael's mother, finds out and demands that they have a traditional wedding. Stephanie and Michael relents and Monica and Tess note that this family runs like a dictatorship. While Stephanie is trying on dresses at Tess' dress shop, Eddie gives Michael a special gift, their deceased father's favorite tie, reworked as a bowtie so Michael can wear it at the wedding. At the bachelor party, Monica pops out of a cake, and befriends Eddie, who asks her to be his date for the wedding. On the day of the wedding, Stephanie and Nancy receive news that Michael and Eddie have been in a car accident. They rush to the hospital, Stephanie still in her wedding dress, to find Eddie fine, but Michael in a coma. Nancy scolds Eddie because he was driving the car and Monica suggests he work through his guilt and sorrow through prayer. Nancy makes Michael's medical decisions on her own, angering Stephanie and Michael. As surgery begins Andrew takes Michael's soul out of the operating room and into a forest where they discuss his future. Andrew tells Michael if he lives, he will be handicapped. Not wanting ti burden his family, Michael asks God to let him die. In the chapel, Monica helps Eddie to pray, putting his brother's fate in the hand's of God. Stephanie sits with Michael after surgery, speaking her marriage vows to him. Andrew allows Michael to see this and decides he wants to live, and gives Stephanie a sign. But at Nancy's request the doctor's disconnect the life support system. Nancy tells Stephanie that she is doing what is best, that she kept her own husband on life support for three months, and she has always regretted prolonging his pain. Tess helps Stephanie to forgive Nancy for always keeping her at arms' length, a defense she created when her husband shot himself. Stephanie goes to the chapel to pray for Michael. Nancy goes to Michael to say goodbye. Andrew appears to her in the hospital room, and Nancy breaks down, proclaiming that she hates God, and asking what he wants from her. Andrew tells her that God wants her to give up control of her and everyone else's lives. Nancy joins Stephanie and Eddie in a prayer for Michael. Others from the hospital join them in the chapel to pray. A doctor reports that Michael is going to live. Stephanie and Michael, in a wheelchair, finally marry.moreless
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Beautiful Dreamer
    Episode 6
    Tess substitutes at a Washington D.C. and asks the students what they want to be when they grow up. One of the children, Calvin, tells the class he wants to be an assassin. Tells tells Calvin that being an assassin is nothing to be proud of and to prove it Tess tells the class the story of John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln. On April 14, 1865 Sam and Andrew arrive in post-Civil War Washington. Sam tells Andrew, then a caseworker, of his next assignment, Mr. Booth. Andrew meets Booth backstage at Ford's Theater, where stagehands are busily preparing for the evening's play. At the White House, Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary make plans to attend the play. Monica, currently working in Annunciations, arrives as Mrs. Lincoln's seamstress. While Monica fits her dress, Mrs. Lincoln confides in Monica her worry for her husband's health, especially in light of a recent dream the President has had. That afternoon Andrew approaches Booth in a saloon outside the theatre, and after a political discussion, comes to realize the depth of Booth's hatred for Lincoln. Andrew realizes Booth plans to kill the President. Meanwhile, Monica speaks to the President about his dream. Lincoln realizes that Monica is an angel and he tells her of the dream, in which he sees his corpse laying in the White House. Monica comforts Lincoln, and assures him that lies ahead, his work will be continued. The Lincoln's go to the theater. Booth, having a few drinks before the show, is delighted to learn that Lincoln's bodyguard is also in the saloon. Andrew struggles over stopping Booth from killing Lincoln, but Sam tells him they cannot interfere with a human's free will. Booth shoots Lincoln and fleas the theater. Later Andrew appears to Booth in the barn he is using as a hideout, revealing himself to be an angel, and tells Booth that he did not act according to God's will, but that God offers Booth forgiveness. Booth is shot by a soldier and dies, unable to ask God for forgiveness. Andrew reports back to Sam, who informs him that God has a new job for him. God wants Andrew to be An Angel of Death, and his first assignment is to escort Lincoln home. Back in the present-day, Tess takes a young Calvin to the Lincoln Memorial, where he admits what he really wants to be when he grows up, the President of the United States.moreless
  • The Lady of the Lake
    Andrew and Tess show Monica how to skip stones on Lake Paradise, and notice that this lake is "dead" in that it has no birds, no fish, no people. It is Monica's assignment to help revitalize this lake, and at the same time, revitalize the life of Blake Chapman, who has returned to Lake Paradise after twelve years, as a representative of the Mayforth Corporation, the company that wants to buy the property around Lake Paradise. Blake is stunned when "Monica's Bait and Tackle" springs up on the lakeshore, especially when he realizes that Mayforth doesn't own the small patch of land the shop rests on. Monica, enjoying her new job as storekeeper and friend of the worms, refuses to sell the shop, thereby impeding the company's progress and infuriating Blake and the townspeople, including, Earl Gray, an old-timer, his hearing impaired daughter Laurel, her son Jeremy, and Eb and Flo, one time Vegas performers. They all stand to profit in different ways if the property is sold to Mayforth, which the townspeople presume will turn the lake into a resort. Laurel is somewhat shocked to see Blake again, who suddenly left town after an accident on the lake (the night he was to propose to her) ruined his chances of becoming a professional hockey player. Monica realizes that twelve year-old Jeremy is Blake's son, and encourages Laurel to tell him. But when bulldozers come to the lake to begin destruction, Monica chains herself to a tree to make them halt. She asks Blake to reveal the true reason Mayforth wants the property, to build an outlet mall. The townspeople feel Blake has lied to them, and Laurel tells Blake to "go to hell." Blake has Monica arrested. In jail, Tess reprimands Monica for her methods, but when Blake arrives Monica makes some progress. She tells Blake that he lost his soul the night of the accident, and he came back to Lake Paradise to get it back. Blake goes to the lake to think, and he is visited by Monica, the Lady of the Lake. She reveals herself as an an angel who saved Blake and Laurel the night of the accident, and tells him that God spared Blake's life so that he would realize life to its full of potential. After some time in deep reflection, God reveals to Blake that Jeremy is his son. Blake reunites with Laurel, and the next day they go to the lake, where in front of the townspeople, Blake tears up the Mayforth contracts proposes to Laurel, and makes peace with himself. At the same time fish and birds return to revitalize the lake.moreless
  • Only Connect
    Only Connect
    Episode 4
    When a widower named Donnie Mancuso is having problems with his son, Cameron, the angels arrive to help them learn from the least likely of souls, an autistic man by the name of Ferdie. Misunderstood all of his life, Ferdie lives in a shack on the edge of a baseball field in Cicero, Illinois. Although harmless, the townspeople are unaware of his autism and think of Ferdie as merely as "weird." Cameron befriends Ferdie, who shares his love of trains. Donnie, a former professional baseball player, pushes Cameron to work harder at baseball as a way of making friends. Cameron falls prey to peer pressure and participates in a prank that inadvertently results in the burning of Ferdie's shack. Monica appeals to Cameron's conscience, and he convinces his father to let Ferdie live with them until his shack is rebuilt. While having living with Donnie and Cameron, Ferdie behaves strangely but Donnie pays little attention because he seems harmless. Donnie finds Ferdie in the basement using his wife's train set and forbids him to do so again. The meaning of this is lost on Ferdie, who cannot recognize Donnie when he's not wearing his glasses, nor Cameron when he's not wearing his ball cap. Ferdie, being autistic, latches on to certain aspects of people's appearances in order to recognize them. The day of the championship game Ferdie gets upset when Cameron takes his cap off, and tries to forcibly replace it, unintentionally hurting another player. The confused and angry townspeople drive Ferdie off the field, but Cameron finally realizes Ferdie's unique method of viewing the world. The championship game continues until, who is preoccupied with Ferdie, strikes out, losing the game. Donnie blames Cameron for letting the team down and he leaves to find Ferdie, the only friend he connects with. When Donnie and the other townspeople catch up to Cameron at a train yard, he tries to explain, with Andrew's help, how Ferdie views the world but Donnie refuses to listen. Cameron says he would rather live in a train car with Ferdie than with his father. Monica consoles Ferdie in the train car while Tess reveals herself to Donnie who, ashamed of his behavior, is sitting alone in the dugout. Tess reminds him of how his wife loved trains and how she saw the good in him when no one else would, just as Cameron sees the good in Ferdie. Donnie understands he needs to view the world through Cameron and Ferdie's eyes, and the three return home to play with the train set and make plans for a train trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame.moreless
  • 10/4/98
    The angels arrive in the life of mayoral candidate Carrie Carver to help her learn a valuable lesson about friendship. Monica arrives as Carrie's speechwriter when Carrie is called away by a message from an old college friend. Monica tells her "truth is the best spin." Carrie arrives at Frodo's, her old college hangout to find Tom, who is waiting to hear the news of most recent cancer test. Andrew is acting as a bartender, not knowing whether or not he will be escorting Tom. Carrie then resumes her campaign, formally announcing her candidacy for the office of mayor. Carrie then goes to her college reunion with Sam and Monica. Carrie then sees her old friend Billy. Sam looks on with controlled concern as Carrie and Billy dance to their old college song. As Carrie, Billy and Tom, "The Terrible Threesome" give an reunion performance, Tess tells Andrew and Monica "Sometimes memories keep people harmonizing long after the music is over." Carrie tells Billy she'll pull some strings at the Board of Education to get him a job and also tells Sam she let him know he can stay in the basement until he gets on his feet. Carrie tells Sam she was never in love with Billy. The campaign rolls on and Billy begins a job as a high school teacher. While Carrie uses the restroom at a local high school, she overhears two students talking about Billy and one threatens to make him "pay" for giving her a "C." When Sam and Carrie arrive at home that night, Billy has prepared a candlelight dinner for them. The police then arrive with a warrant for Billy's arrest on charges of sexual misconduct with a minor. As Sam advises Carrie to distance herself in the aftermath of the arrest, Monica again advocates the truth. Carrie stands by Billy. Tom is his lawyer and explains the severity of his situation, a 17 year old student claims he tried to seduce her but she refuses to say anything more due to client privilege. Carrie cashes in her bonds to make bail for Billy, explaining how Billy came to her fathers funeral when she needed him. She makes a statement of support of Billy and learns that the incident allegedly happened in her own home. Sam questions Billy's intentions. Carrie then speaks to Tom, asking why he didn't tell her about Billy's case. Tom refuses to say any more but informs Monica that anyone can read the police report. Monica and Carrie read the police report and Carrie comes to know that Billy actually did have relations with the girl in question. Carrie then confronts Billy and he confirms, claiming she said she was 18. Billy asks Carrie to help him, to tell that she heard the girl threaten him. She says she'll have to think about it. She then realizes that perhaps Billy wasn't such a good friend. Not wanting to betray her friend, Carrie has a dilemma of conscience and Monica reveals herself to be an angel, telling Carrie to not lie for Billy and let him fall so that God can eventually help him.moreless
  • 9/27/98
    As the one year anniversary of Joe's tragic car accident approaches, the Greene family is in Springville. After seeing Joe depart for Turkey where he is intent on working, Russell is eager to get back on the road while Claire has a sense that she has work still to do in Springville. As strange letters begin to arrive for Joe, Claire volunteers to teach reading on death row at the local prison and meets Darlene, a young woman convicted of killing a man while on a drug-crazed binge. As Claire and Dinah try to help Darlene come to terms with her daughter and mother before she is executed, the angels learn that the letters to Joe have been sent by Sondra Mills, who is abusing alcohol and neglecting her son, Matthew, in the aftermath of her husbands death at Joe's hand. Tess works as an efficiency consultant at Sondra's office and tries to convince her to stop drinking and face her grief but Sandra is soon fired drinking on the job. Meanwhile, Monica is Matthew's teacher and tries to help him as hie mother's drinking problem worsens. As the date of Darlene's execution approaches, Claire and Dinah convince her of the need to reconcile with her daughter and mother. Much less able to deal with her own grief, Sandra ignores the pleas of Monica and continues to drink and Matthew is near fatally wounded in a gas explosion. Sandra then writes another threatening letter to Joe Greene. Part one concludes as Sandra kidnaps Nathaniel at gun point, threatening to kill if her own son does not survive the explosion.moreless
  • 9/20/98
    When Andrew arrives at the hospital to escort an elderly Mr. Richards to heaven, he makes Andrew promise to help someone else in the hospital, someone whose soul is dying. Mr. Richards directs Andrew to the bible he is leaving behind which, he insists, will answer Andrew's questions. Andrew meets up with Monica and Tess who are at the hospital to minister to the patients, but no one knows the whereabouts of Mr. Richards bible. Complicating matters, Rita Lasky, a terminally ill woman with no will to live, claims to have seen the Angel of Death and that it told her to "hurry up and die." Monica tells Rita God would never someone to give up, and that if an angel says something that is not from God, then it's not an angel. Meanwhile, Andrew is caring for John Monroe, a young man with brain cancer, who has faith that he will be miraculously healed. Arthur Bowers, a kind hearted orderly, tells John about Rita's angel-sighting and insists that there is an angel in the hospital. When Rita wakes up from her medicated sleep, she rebuffs Monica's attempt to convince her that the angel is a fraud. Before the rumor can settle, John Monroe claims to have been visited by the Angel of Death, who told him not to be afraid of his imminent death. Andrew pleads with John not to give up on life but John is convinced that he will die in the surgery. As the patients' will to live dwindles, Tess continues to search for the missing bible, hoping for some clue as to the identity of the pseudo-angel. Monica questions the skeptical head nurse, Jo, who denies having anything to do with the angel. Monica goes to Rita and reveals herself as a real angel as Rita professes her need to speak to her estranged sister. Tess finds the shredded bible in a dumpster, and as the angels sift through the pages, the "Angel of Death" visits John again. The angels chase the false angel, revealing that is was really Arthur Bowers in a costume. Arthur tries to escape, but Andrew is everywhere he turns, finally revealing his identity. Andrew gives him the verse from Mr. Richards Bible. "I will seek that which is lost and return that which was driven away." Andrew questions Arthur about his troubled past, and takes Arthur home tot make amends with his estranged mother. He explains to his mother that, years ago, he left Toby, his late brother, alone on the day he died and has since been suffering from guilt, trying to fix everyone but himself. Arthur's mother forgives him but tells him he must forgive himself. Arthur admits his false identity to John Monroe and introduces Andrew as the real Angel of Death. Andrew asks John to cling on to life and John enters surgery with a hopeful attitude. Monica helps Rita make peace with her sister before Andrew delivers her to heaven.moreless
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