Touched by an Angel - Season 7

CBS (ended 2003)




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  • Shallow Water (2)
    Shallow Water (2)
    Episode 25
    Cynthia and J.D. meet with Diana Winslow, who is still in denail that her son, Danny, is dead. Monica goes to the long-term acute center where Carter and Lila wait with their son, Joshua, who lies unconscious on life support. Monica hopes that they might be able to help her locate their other son, Jed, in order to help Diana remember what happened the night of the accident. Carter doesn't know where Jed is and wants nothing to do with him. But Lila feels differently and admits that perhaps Diana is right, that this family needs a reunion. Acting on a tip from Lila, Monica drives J.D. and Cynthia to Memphis in search of Jed. They follow the sound of a man singing until they finally find Jed on a street corner, dirty and disheveled, some spare change in his guitar case from passerby. Monica asks J.D. to convince Jed to return home to Nashville and begin the healing process. J.D. tells Monica he's no good at preaching, but Monica tells him to reach out to Jed through music. As Dr. Markham predicated, when Diana sees Jed for the first time since the accident, the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place. Dr. Markham facilitates as Diana remembers the accident. In flashback, we see Diana awaken to find the bus has crossed the yellow center line into oncoming traffic. She shouts to awaken the driver who has fallen asleep at the wheel, but he doesn't respond. The others awaken, horrified, as the bus plunges over the embankment and sinks into the lake. Dr. Markham helps Diana stay with the moment as she cradles her son Danny's lifeless body in her arms. Diana returns to her son's gravesite with her family where she is finally able to acknowledge his death and say goodbye. Jed speaks with his mother and admits that while he never stopped believing in God, he feels further away than ever. Privately, Dr. Markham tells Monica that she feels that Diana needs to overcome her "God obsession" in order to fully recover. Dr. Markham helps Diana begin dealing with her griefm but warns her against tryiing to do too much too soon. But Diana is determined to bring her family together and assures Dr. Markham that she may have lost her mind, but she never lost her faith. Diana tries to get Carter to agree to a family reunion, but he refuses to leave Joshua's bedside. But Diana won't give up, urging him to forgive Jed and to let go of Joshua. Monica reveals herself as an angel and explains that while Joshua is brain-dead, his spirit is alive. One by one, Josh tells his family what they need to know to let go and move on with their lives. Monica tells Carter that after singing about revival for the past thirty-five years, the time has come to live it. The Winslow's return to the lake where it all began and Jed and Carter make their peace. Carter admits that deep down, he blames himself for the accident, because he lost his temper and made them drive all night. J.D. then takes his cue from Jed to re-baptize the family in the lake. The family then gathers to take Joshua off life support as Andrew escorts him to Heaven. As Monica and Dr. Markham part ways, Dr. Markham acknowledges the possibility that she, too has grown from this experience.moreless
  • Shallow Water (1)
    Shallow Water (1)
    Episode 24
    Perched on a rocky peak above a vast canyon, Monica reflects on her previous temptation by Satan and her triumphant return to God's grace. Monica is at a loss for words trying to describe the new gift God has given her. Tess explains that God has blessed her with the ability to see humans "from the inside out," to see the past and how it has changed the present. Monica begins sensing the joyful sounds and images of the Winslow family as they were three years ago. Tess reminds Monica to patiently allow the events connected with the wreckage to unfold. Monica gradually retraces the history of the Winslow's to the present day. Meanwhile, Diana Winslow continues her therapy under the counsel of psychiatrist Rebecca Markham, to uncover the painful memory she has suppressed. Diana says she has prayed for an angel to help her reunite her family and reconnect her son Danny with the other relatives. Believing that Diana's faith in God has hampered her progress, Rebecca tries to refocus Diana on the events leading to her memory lapse. Diana fondly recalls the last time the family tours and how they worked on the song "Shallow Water," composed by her talented brother-in-law Jed. Diana confesses that the beginning of the family breakup was caused by her headstrong father-in-law's (Carter) refusal to allow Jed to sing his song, preferring his more charismatic son, Joshua. When Monica shockingly discovers the truth of the tragic accident, she goes to see Diana. Diana introduces Monica as the angel she has been praying for. Rebecca is indifferent to Monica's presence, believing that she is just a concerned friend. Diana continues her recollection of the past, describing how she conspired for Jed to sing "Shallow Water" without Carter's permission. Despite the audience's praise, Carter was unable to forgive the deception and directed his anger at Jed. Jed's refusal to board the bus to the next city on tour is the last thing Diana can remember and it the impasse that Rebecca has not been able to help Diana cross. Rebecca privately suggests to Monica that a reunion with Jedidiah will help Diana overcome her denial of the traumatic experience. Monica agrees with Rebecca and follows her investigation to Jed's whereabouts in Georgia. Tess and Monica are surprised to find out that the man they have tracked down is not Diana's brother-in-law, but an African-American preacher with the same name. Believing that the journey has not been an accident, Monica convinces the preacher and his sister, Cynthia, to return with her to see Diana. Cynthia is shocked to discover that Diana, a patient at a mental health facility, believes her son is still alive and continues to be at her side.moreless
  • Netherlands
    Episode 23

    Monica works with the newly hired Angel, who has yet to be named, trying to explain what it means to work with human beings and the rewards of helping them connect with God. The Angel is apprehensive, wondering why Monica chooses to stay on Earth after experiencing the wonder of being in God's presence. Monica explains that she stays because God asks her to, and because he loves them. But the Angel doesn't know what love is. Monica's first priority is finding the Angel a pair of glasses to correct her blurred vision and trade her angel garb for human clothes. After doing so, Monica shares her appreciation of different coffees with the Angel when a young girl named Madeline approaches. Madeline explains that she comes to this business complex with her mother who's looking for work. The Angel befriends Madeline and offers to fix her braiding her hair and discerning the angel's name to be "Gloria" from the hymn "Angels We Have Heard On High." Tess explains that Gloria has a very quick mind, but Monica will have to show her how to use her heart. But all that changes when a building explodes in front of their very eyes, as they watch not just one, but many angels of death, arrive on the scene. Monica is suddenly struck by the large scale tragedy before her, and fells unprepared to show Gloria how to use her heart only to be broken. Andrew arrives on the scene and explains that he just took Madeline's mother to Heaven. Gloria helps emergency crews pinpoint Madeline's location based upon the trajectory of her mechanical dog. While Monica leaves her post, Tess assigns Gloria to sit with Madeline who now lies unconscious in the hospital. Gloria is at loss as to what to do, so Tess suggests she sing to her. Nearby, an older man waits beside his wife of forty years who is also seriously injured, offering her a glimpse of what love is. When Madeline regains consciousness, he suggests Gloria tell her a story to keep her awake. But Gloria is at loss, unfamiliar with how to use her imagination. As Monica walks along the highway, a charismatic man in a black Mercedes offers to give her a lift. But Monica recognizes this is no ordinary mortal, but Satan, who has taken on human form to tempt Monica. He preys on Monica at her most vulnerable moment, whose faith in human love has been shattered by the bombing, a reminder of all that's wrong with humankind. The driver taps into Monica's belief that perhaps she could succeed where they have failed. He shows her what life would be like if she were human, with a husband and two beautiful children and another on the way. The moment is intoxicating, even for an angel. The driver makes an eloquent appeal, promising to be there for Monica when she falls, leading her to the precipice. But at last moment, Monica asks God to forgive her. Her prayer is answered and she is transformed, her faith renewed. Monica resumes her post as Gloria's mentor. Gloria is concerned that she lacks imagination, but Monica assures her that among angels, truth is better. Monica explains to Madeline that her mother is in Heaven with God, and that soon, she will be reunited with her. Gloria sits with Madeline until Andrew comes for her, and sheds her very first tear, a sign that Monica has done her job and that Gloria has learned to use her heart.

  • The Face of God
    Episode 22
    Dr. Sarah Conover is at the forefront of human genetics and on the verge of a historic breakthrough by being the first to clone a human being. Her headstrong pursuit is met with strong opposition from her supervisor, Brad Renslow, who questions the social ramifications of human cloning. Under the microscopic scrutiny of a government review team, Sarah anxiously awaits final approval to proceed from the company board. Sarah acknowledges to the throng of media that she is not playing the role of God, but improving upon him. For Sarah, the advancement of genetic technology ultimately leads to healthier and better lives and will allow infertile parents to have children. Fearing the possibility that Sarah will proceed without authorization, Brad assigns a boi-ethicist, Monica, to weigh the moral and ethical implications. The ease and eagerness with which Sarah demonstrates the initial steps of the cloning process causes Monica to question Sarah's motives and intentions. Sarah argues that Albert Einstein, her idol whom she did her PhD thesis on, would have championed her scientific endeavors. Monica offers a different picture of the pioneering scientist with an account of his final moments with Andrew and Tess. Faced with his own impending death, Einstein was more eager to appreciate the beauty that God created than artificially prolong his own life. Monica's story is interrupted by the arrival of the candidates for Sarah's project. After hearing the tragic tale of an infertile couple seeking to clone their daughter who passed away, Monica questions her ability to discover the truth of the matter. Monica tries to emphasize to Sarah the tremendous responsibility she will take on if she cones a child. Sarah misinterprets Monica's advice and decides that she is the perfect choice and will use her frozen samples of Einstein's DNA to give birth to her son. Sarah is elated with the decision, convinced that her son will have the best of everything, a loving mother and the genius of Einstein. The news that other scientists will start the cloning process without authorization, Sarah locks herself in her laboratory, ready to begin. Monica warns Sarah that she has not considered the long-term consequences, just like Einstein, and will suffer just as he did. Monica describes now Einstein met a survivor of the Hiroshima bombing, Mr. Aramaki. The gardener's account of the infamous day painfully reminded Einstein how his discovery of relatively regretfully became the blueprint for the atomic bomb. Monica reveals herself as an angel to Sarah and allows her to witness the bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. The frightful experience causes Sarah to reconsider what she is doing. Monica tells Sarah that only God creates life and that he is in a constant state of creation. Suddenly, the cherry blossoms from a tree outside whirl inside the laboratory and transform into a beautiful new angel. As Monica and the new angel depart, Monica reminds Sarah that she is a child of God and will always by loved by him and she will be a wonderful mother one day. With a renewed hope for the future, Sarah tearfully removes the genetic material and disposes it.moreless
  • The Sign of the Dove
    Andrew runs into a colleague, fellow Angel of Death, Adam, while spending his "day off" in Richmond, Virginia visiting the Mason family, a family he's had the privilege of following over many generations. Andrew occupies a special place in the Mason family, so much so that they've dedicated a special chair in his honor. Adam and Andrew stop in for a non-alcoholic beverage at the Mason family tavern, The Sign of the Dove, which is managed by Ben Mason, an affable young man who is to be married that evening. While Andrew and Adam talk shop, one of angel of death to another, Monica tries to get through to her assignment, Nicholas Freeman, a hard-working man own owns the print shop next door, which is being edged out by the competition. Driven to drastic measures to provide for his family, Nicholas is planning to blow up his print shop so his family can collect the insurance. While recounting his experiences with the Mason family, Andrew sees a dove on the window sill, a sign that Ben is going to die today, bringing an end to the Mason family lineage. Andrew tells Adam how The Sign of the Dove served as an underground railroad back in the 1850's. He relates the story of how Ben's ancestors staged a fake funeral to help a runaway slave escape to freedom. That night, the newly freed man changed his name Mason Freeman, accidentally leaving behind a fifty-cent piece which is now displayed in a frame behind the bar. Tess then shows up and explains that Andrew has been reassigned to assist Monica and that Adam will be following Ben. Monica tries to persuade Nicholas to think about what he's doing, but he is resolved, convinced that he's worth more to family dead than alive. He assures Monica that the explosion will happen while everyone's at the church, so that nobody will get hurt but himself. Andrew takes some solace in the fact that Ben has left the tavern in time to avoid getting hurt. But Monica and Adam remind Andrew that Ben left behind the Mason family Bible, a register of births, deaths, and marriages over generations, something he will sure to return for. Monica finally relinquishes her assignment to Andrew, but when she introduces Nicolas by his full name, Andrew realizes the reason they were brought together. Andrew takes Nicholas back to the tavern and explains his place in history as Mason Freeman's descendant, showing the coin his ancestor left behind. Monica explains the coin was a symbol of hope that God would always provide a way and that the Mason family has saved this coin all these years, waiting to return it to its rightful heir. His faith restored, Nicholas rushes to disarm the explosives with moments to spare. At the wedding reception, Andrew takes Ben aside and explains the history that links his past with Nicholas Freeman.moreless
  • Band of Angels
    Band of Angels
    Episode 20
    17 year-old Alex Wilson breaks into the music store where he works to steal a guitar, not counting on the fact that his boss and mentor, famed Blues musician Henry Baldwin, would be working late that night. Armed with a gun, Henry goes into the darkened store to confront the intruder. Henry is shocked to find Alex there and goes to call the police when Alex tries to stop him. There's a struggle for the gun and Henry is fatally wounded. Alex is arrested, found guilty and remanded to the local juvenile detention center until sentencing. Monica works at the detention center supervising a group of six boys, including Alex. In a show of false bravado, Alex makes it known that he's serving time for murder. Ronald (the angel from records and permanent files) suggests to Monica that perhaps the boys need to find some common ground. The next day, Tess surprises Alex with some strawberry pancakes for his birthday, and when everyone joins to sing "Happy Birthday," they stumble onto some untapped potential. Andrew accompanies Alex to his sentencing hearing where he calls Alex's high school counselor, who testifies to the important role Henry played in Alex's life. But Alex's fate takes a turn for the worse when Henrys' daughter Olivia takes the stand. She tearfully recounts how her father had a lot more love and music to share and that Alex is a murderer who should be made to pay. The judge sentences Alex to 25 years without the possibility of parole. Alex returns to the detention center feeling hopeless, and Monica asks if there's something he'd like to do in the remaining time before he's transferred to the penitentiary. Alex admits he'd like to hear his music performed before an audience. Alex asks the guys if they'd be willing to sing his song. They're reluctant, but eventually agree to give it a harmony, Ronald locates a venue for them to perform. Tess smoothes things over with the juvenile center administrator, who grudgingly allows them to attend the "open mike" night under their supervision. The boys perform Alex's song to an enthusiastic response, but Alex escapes before the song is over, the performance is interrupted and the boys are sent back to the detention center, where Ronald reveals himself as an angel and tells them that God loves them and forgives them. Monica finds Alex hiding out in the now abandoned music store where it all began. Monica shows Alex that Henry had intended to give him the guitar as a birthday present. Monica reveals herself as an angel, and that she was sent in answer to Henry's prayer. She reminds Alex that God loves him and that he still has a future, even if it's behind bars and that it's time to turn his future over to God. Alex returns to the detention center and apologizes to the guys. He asks them for one last favor, to honor Henry's memory. As Alex is transferred to prison, the guys restore Henry's music store with the angel's help, to be reopened as a youth center.moreless
  • The Penalty Box
    Episode 19
    Star hockey player, Jeff McHenry, a senior at the exclusive St. Crispin's prep school enjoys the privileged lifestyle afforded to him by his father's wealth. With his team on the heels of the playoffs and his father's financial support to attend Harvard, Jeff's future seems secure. Jeff's arrogance fuels rivalry with teammate, Chase Jennings, and draws alliances from both on and off the ice rink. When Jeff's substitute History teacher, Andrew, tries to teach his class about the St. Crispin's Day speech from Shakespeare's Henry V, it is clear that Jeff has never understood or practiced the humility that made Henry V a great leader. Jeff's mettle is tested when a bad investment bankrupts his father. Jeff painfully accepts his transfer to a public school, but is allayed by his father's assurance that his college tuition is safe. Jeff's adjustment to the socially and economically diverse Eastside High proves to be a difficult one. He refuses Monica's invitation, as the interim hockey coach, to join the team. His disparaging remarks about the last placed team, alienates the players. That night, Jeff attends a St. Crispin's house party and discovers that he is no longer part of that social circle. Even more distressing, is the circulating news that his father's financial troubles have forced him to tap into his college fund. Realizing his need for an athletic scholarship, Jeff joins the Eastside team in the hopes of impressing a Harvard scout. Jeff's rigorous and punishing practices are in opposition with Monica's good-natured coaching. Monica questions Jeff's incessant determination to go to Harvard and learns that it is part of his fulfillment of his deceased mother's dream. Jeff dismisses Monica's advice that his character determines who he is, not the name of his school rival. At last the game of the year, Eastside vs. St. Crispin, Jeff faces off with his school rival, Chase. Jeff tells his teammates that their only chance of winning is for him to shoulder the offense. Jeff's talents and selfish play are unable to overcome the dominating St. Crispin's team. With only a few minutes left and Eastside is being shut out 3-0, Jeff's frustration mounts. When Chase insults Jeff, a fight erupts and the two players receive penalties. A defeated Jeff buries his face in his hands only to look up to discover the entire arena has come to a standstill. Monica reveals herself as an angel and tells Jeff that although investments go bad and plans change, God's love for him is constant. Monica tells Jeff that even though he made a promise to his dying mother, his mother is at peace in God's presence. But this game is Jeff's chance to prove that he is a true leader. The arena becomes active and Jeff is released from the penalty box. He apologizes to his teammates and inspires them with a version of the St. Crispin's day speech. Tess and Andrew, spectators at the game, direct the Harvard scout's attention to Jeff. Working as a team, Eastside is able to score two quick goals. Their efforts fall short as time expires before the tying goal reaches past the goal line. Despite the loss, Jeff's leadership skills impress the scout, who suggests that there might be an available scholarship for him next semester.moreless
  • 3/18/01
    17 year-old Jason Harris seems to have it all, a loving family, a beautiful girlfriend and aspirations of being a photojournalist. Jason's father Will Harris a prominent ophthalmologist, has been urging Jason to monitor an old eye injury which resulted in detached retinas. Monica is assigned to help this family deal with a secret, and she winds up working with alongside Jason in a local photo store. When Monica learns of Jason's talent for photography, she offers to introduce him to a photographer friend of hers Andrew at the Denver Daily Herald. Jason meets with Andrew and suggests his father for one of their "day in the life" photo spreads. Andrew takes Jason up on his suggestion and invites Jason to shoot it himself. Jason spends the next day shadowing his father, but when he returns for one last photo he walks in on his father kissing his receptionist Sherri and captures the moment on film. Jason returns home, now sharing the burden of this secret. Will talks to Jason privately, blaming his lapse on a midlife crisis, a cancer scare a year ago. Will assures that it's over between him and Sherri and that telling his mother would only hurt her. When Jason refuses to hand over the film, Will grabs the camera from and rips out the film, unaware that Jason already saved the roll with the incriminating photo. His faith in his shattered, Jason's sense of betrayal ripples into other aspects of his life as he starts skipping school and distancing himself from his girlfriend. Jason shows the incriminating photo to Monica, who tries to convince him that this is not his to keep. True to his word, Will has terminated his affair and replaced Sherri with a new receptionist Tess. But Jason becomes overwhelmed by the burden of his father's secret and tries to numb the pain in a bottle of Scotch. Intoxicated, he crashes his father's car, rendering himself temporarily blind. As Jason is rushed to the hospital, Renee returns inside the house an discovers the incriminating photo. With time of the essence, the attending physician informs the family that a corneal transplant will be necessary to restore Jason's eyesight and that his father is the most qualified man for the job. But Jason refuses to let his father perform the surgery. Will is prepared to step out of the way without a fight, but Renee calls him on the carpet. She tells Will she found the photo and tells Will to stop acting like a child and make peace with their son. She them tires to convince Jason to let her deal with their marital issues in her own way, and let Will perform the surgery. Will returns to his office where Tess reveals herself as an angel and tells Will that God wants him to fight for his family and that he need to apologize to Jason without making any excuses. Monica then reveals herself as an angel to Jason, and miraculously, Jason (though still blind) is able to see Monica glowing. She tells him it's up to God (not Jason) to judge his father. Will comes to see his son and apologize and Jason forgives him. As father and son embrace, Renee enters with family photos of happier times, a reminder of all that's worth fighting for in this family.moreless
  • I Am an Angel
    Episode 17
    7 year-old Mickey has been despondent since his mother's recent death. He lives with his Aunt Val and his older brother Ryan. When Ryan learns that Guy Garfield, the star of Mickey's favorite television show "The Avenging Angel," will be appearing at an Angel Convention in Portland, he goes there in the hopes of persuading Guy to help his brother. Guy makes a grand appearance by way of his "golden ladder" which takes him back and forth to Heaven on his weekly series to cheering fans. But Monica and Tess have observed the real Guy, a boozing womanizer who is anything but angelic. Ryan stretches the truth and asks for help for his "dying" brother. Guy graciously agrees, milking the moment for all its worth. But once he's offstage, he makes it clear to Monica (who's filling in as his assistant) that he has no intention of keeping his promise. Monica decides to keep it for him by driving an unsuspecting Guy to the rural town where Mickey lives. Once Guy realizes he's been "kidnapped," he bolts and flags down the sheriff, only to discover that she is Aunt Val. While trying to sort things out, Aunt Val vents he frustration about losing her sister and how her life has suddenly changed. Ryan takes this the wrong way, assuming she resents being stuck with two kids. Ryan explains to Monica how his mom made them lunch everyday and tucked them in at night and told them she loved them, whereas Aunt Val just does the minimum. Out of the spotlight, Guy gets a chance to appreciate the simple pleasures of small town life and strikes a rapport with Val. Meanwhile, Mickey talks to Andrew (his bus driver) about praying for an angel. When Mickey comes home to find "Gabriel" in his living room, he thinks God has answered his prayer. Despite Monica's pleas, Guy assumes his angel persona and assures Mickey that his mother is in Heaven, conjuring a make-believe image. Mickey packs his overnight bag so that "Gabriel" can take him to heaven. When Guy tries to explain his way out of this, Mickey runs off and climbs to the top of an old grain silo to wait for the "golden ladder" himself. While Val and Ryan go for help, Monica reveals herself as an angel to Guy. She tells Guy that God wants him to be the man he was before the fame, who served God rather than serving himself. Guy climbs the silo to rescue Mickey and explains that he's not an angel, but that real angels do exist. Mickey reaches out to Guy and accidentally falls, but Andrew is there to catch him. Andrew reveals to Mickey that he took his mother to Heaven and helps him understand the difference between Guy's make believe version of Heaven versus the awesome reality of being in God's presence. Comforted by Andrew's words, Mickey is finally able to say goodbye to his mother and move forward. Aunt Val embraces her nephews, telling them how she loves them, and a spiritually renewed Guy joins the restored family as they return home.moreless
  • 2/25/01
    Liam Cadegan works for ApexOne Technologies, a high-tech company which has just been bought as part of a merger. While Liam is generally secure in his job and is clearly devoted to his family, he starts to become affected by the paranoia of those around him in the wake of the company, tense climate, even the least competitive person can switch gears and become a predator. Harlow meets with the employees by video conference and introduces Monica as the new vice president of community relations. Monica suggests aligning themselves with the Special Olympics and offers to arrange a meeting this weekend with her contact (Andrew). Liam, whose son will be participating in the Special Olympics, supports the idea, acknowledging the fact that his son is disabled. But Harlow preempts Monica's suggestion in favor of a corporate retreat he's scheduled this weekend. Josh Whitman (one of Liam's colleagues) reads between the lines and advises Liam to prepare for a gladiator-style competition which will likely determine the company's next president. Liam breaks the news to his son, Matt, that he won't be able to be there for the preliminaries, but he will definitely be there for the finals. Tess guides the VP's through the retreat, which is designed to get them to know each other personally so they can work together better professionally. The first game is musical chairs, in which a meek Liam is promptly eliminated. When Josh wins the contest by pulling the last chair away from Monica, Liam realizes that he will have to be ruthless if he wants to win. When Tess announces this evening's outdoor challenge, Liam realizes he must decide between attending his son's race of competing for a chance at promotion. Monica is the first to notice the change in Liam and tries to get him to see what he's sacrificing. But when she suggests he isn't actually interested in becoming the company president, he thinks she's just trying to psych him out. The final phase of the competition involves a search for clues to locate a flag to be planted at top of a mountain. As Josh predicted, the president will be selected from the winning team. Liam's team manages to work together and capture a flag until Neil trips and breaks his ankle. Unwilling to let anything (or anyone) stand in his way, Liam proceeds to the top of the mountain alone. But when he reaches the summit, Tess reminds Liam that, in order to win, his whole team had to make it to the top. Liam rushes back to get his teammates, but finds only Monica. She tells him that Josh's team stopped to help Neil and have taken him back to the retreat center. Liam refuses to concede, convinced that he needs this promotion in order to provide for his "special needs" son. Monica reveals herself as an angel and tells him that Matt's deepest need is his family and that Liam's most important job is being a father. Liam arrives in time to see Matt and cheer him on. Matt appears to be winning the race, but stops to aid a fellow athlete who falls down. Liam beams with pride as he watches his son cross the finish line while supporting the injured competitor. Harlow arrives and offers the promotion, saying he's got the qualities he wants in a leader, someone who's willing to do what it takes to get to the top. But Liam turns down the promotion, having learned a powerful lesson not only from Monica, but from his son.moreless
  • Thief of Hearts
    Episode 15
    11 year-old Corey Taylor is hanging out at the local newsstand when he spies a locket dangling near the cash register. He steals the locket in plain view and runs off before anyone can catch him. Alice Dupree, the newsstand attendant, contacts the police regarding the theft. Monica arrives in the scene as the officer on duty to get all the information. Alice gives Monica a photo of the culprit who was caught on her security camera as well as a sketch if the heart-shaped locket, which Alice describes as a priceless family heirloom given to her by her mother. Monica pays a visit to Corey's school and discovers that he's an orphan with a heart condition. But Alice remains unsympathetic, anxious to get her locket back. Monica tracks Corey down at the local arcade and gives him the opportunity to return the locket on his own. When he doesn't show up, Alice is irritated with Monica's trusting attitude. It just confirms what she's believed all along, that trust leads to disappointment. Monica catches up with Corey at the arcade and spends some time getting to know him. He's come close a couple of times, but when they find out he's got a heart defect, they change their minds. Monica gives Corey a second chance to return the locket, but on his way there, some bullies rough him up and steal the locket. Corey tries to explain this to Alice, but she doesn't believe him. Corey explains that he's prayed for God to send him a mother and that her stole the locket so he would have a gift when the time comes. Alice is unmoved until he collapses before her eyes. Corey is rushed to the hospital. Alice feels bad for him, but still considers herself the victim in all this. Tess tells Alice to stop thinking of herself and go to the hospital and forgive Corey. Monica notices that Alice is softening toward Corey and suggests that maybe God has already found a mother for Corey, Alice. Alice doesn't appreciate Monica's meddling, but as she spends more time with Corey, Alice starts to consider the possibility of adopting. But she's still unsure that she has what it takes, feeling that she could never live up to being the kind of mom her own mother was to her. But Tess encourages Alice to make the change. Alice tells Corey the good news and he is elated. Alice braces herself for all the legal red tape, but is amazed when things fall into place quickly. Alice heads to the hospital with the final papers, but when she arrives, she finds that Corey has taken a turn for the worse. Alice goes into a tailspin, unprepared to make the emotional commitment only to lose him. Monica reveals herself to Alice as an angel, exposing the fact that Alice's locket was not the cherished reminder of her mother she claimed it to be. In fact, her mother was an abusive alcoholic who beat her. Monica points out that Alice is a survivor, but that she hasn't healed. God wants her to learn what it's like to love without fear. With a renewed sense of purpose, Alice works up the courage to be the mother that Corey needs her to be. Corey returns the locket to Alice, which now contains his own picture, and with his last breath, he is able to say the words he's been waiting to say "I love you, mom."moreless
  • Bringer of Light
    Episode 14
    Monica and Tess are captivated by the thousands of stars that decorate the beautiful night sky. Monica elaborates on the majesty of God's heavens and it is revealed that the angels are actually sitting in planetarium hosted by Andrew. Across the city, 15 year-old Lucy Baker sits in her room looking at the sky, where only the moon can be seen above the city lights. Erica Baker joins her daughter and the two share a moment pondering what or who created the universe. "It's just luck," responds Lucy's father and science teacher, John. Lucy is not convinced that her atheist father is right. At school, tension runs high between father and daughter, who is barely maintaining a C average. John reminds Lucy that her grade hinges on her next research paper and she needs to come up with a topic. Despite her struggles in science, Lucy excels in Monica's English class. Monica encourages Lucy's growing curiosity of how the universe was created by allowing Lucy to combine her research for her English essay and her science project. Lucy is pleased that her science paper to prove the existence of God will antagonize her father. John dismisses Lucy's idea as mindless speculation and demands she pick another topic or fail the assignment. Their differences are momentarily set aside when Erica informs them that her ovarian cancer, which was in remission, has returned. John is confident that medical science will successfully get them through it again. As Erica's health gradually declines, she begins to question her own beliefs. Lucy goes to the planetarium to contribute her research despite her father's objections. There Andrew suggests that she look into Intelligent Design Theory, which claims that the universe is too complex and precise to be a random coincidence. Andrew asks Lucy "if you discover a watch...sitting on a tree stump. Would you assume that all these little springs and wheels and gears fell out of the sky and landed together just right to make this watch?" The next day, Lucy discovers from a classmate that the survival rate for a second bout with ovarian cancer is practically zero. Overwhelmed at the prospect of losing her mother, Lucy confides to Monica her feelings of helplessness. Monica consoles Lucy, explaining that her name means "bringer of light," and that her mother is still alive and needs her now more than ever. Lucy is determined to prove the existence of God to comfort her ailing mother. Lucy turns in her two papers, but is distraught that her mother doesn't find the inspiration she is looking for in Lucy's science paper. Monica suggests that Lucy has given her mother the wrong paper to read. Lucy, with Nurse Tess's help, takes her mother outside the city limits to see the stars. Erica reads Lucy's English essay, which states how grateful Lucy is for the beauty of the universe...grateful to God. John arrives at the hospital to find his wife missing and his frantic search leads him to the planetarium where Monica encourages him to take the first step and invite God into his heart. John does so, and is answered by Monica who reveals herself as an angel. Monica tells him John that God loves him, and he is miraculously transported to the clearing, where the family is reunited in God's love.moreless
  • A Death in the Family
    Detective Frank McCovey and his narcotics team obtain a warrant to raid the house of an elusive drug dealer based on a tip from his informant. The targeted address is an African-American neighborhood known for its criminal element. McCovey leads the raid, ignoring the signs that indicate they may be at the wrong house. McCovey charges through the apparent empty residence and mistakenly shoots an innocent 11 year-old boy, Jamal Griffin, who is hospitalized in critical condition. Reverend Davis, hardened by the social injustices perpetrated on his community, proclaims that this is one will not be ignored. Andrew, an Internal Affairs agent, suggests the truth behind the tragic event lies with the accidental death of McCovey's 10 year-old daughter's by a black man. McCovey refuses to discuss the matter, insisting that he followed proper procedure. Meanwhile, Jamal's mother begins her vigil beside her unconscious son and is joined by the police department's community relations officer, Monica. McCovey's suspension does not appease Rev. Davis, who skillfully uses the media to further his own agenda of social unrest, under the guise of protecting the Griffins' wishes. McCovey wrestles with his own conscience as he reflects on the circumstances of the shooting. News of the drug dealer's apprehension at a different address only pushes McCovey to blame his informant. McCovey insists he correctly wrote down the relayed information, but is unable to recover the piece of paper to aid his case. His wife and his partners try to help him realize that he may be pushing himself too hard and making mistakes, but McCovey refuses to listen or apologize. Tess, a new parishioner to Rev. Davis' church, warns the Reverend that his call to arms may incite violence against the police department. Rev. Davis refutes Tess' claim until proven wrong when a brick, bearing words is thrown through the McCovey's window, injuring McCovey's son. The next day, Jan confronts her husband with the piece of paper indicating he communicated the wrong information on the arrest warrant. Overwrought with the guilt of shooting an innocent child, McCovey goes to his daughter's grave prepared to end his life where Andrew reveals himself that he is an angel and was with his daughter when she died. Andrew helps McCovey face his racial prejudices stemming from the accidental death of his daughter by a black man. The subconscious racism is what made McCovey less careful in an African-American neighborhood. Andrew tells him that God loves him and forgives him, but now that he is aware of his prejudice, he must conquer it. Rev. Davis' parish disapprovingly receives the contrite McCovey and Davis refuses to listen to his apologies. Monica, Tess, and Andrew reveal themselves to convince Rev. Davis that he must forgive McCovey. McCovey remorsefully apologizes to the congregation and Rev. Davis offers his hand in peace. Jamal's mother praises God as her son regains consciousness.moreless
  • The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways
    Monica and Andrew are planning a surprise party for Tess to show their appreciation. A new angel, Ronald, from Records and Permanent Files, shows up at the party hoping to meet Tess. The only problem is that Tess is running late and the hotel's banquet manager, Mr. Nalls, is pressuring them to move things along for the Chamber of Commerce banquet at five. Meanwhile, Tess, who is under the impression that Monica's in trouble, is having car problems, pulls into a diner/car repair station where a none-too-helpful cashier, Kelly, tells her she'll have to wait until Penny returns from a tow call. Meanwhile, back at the banquet room, Ronald tells Monica and Andrew about how he daydreams about helping people face to face. But he doesn't feel he has what it takes to be a caseworker. Tess, meanwhile, tries to get Kelly to help her, but Kelly insists she doesn't do favors, that anytime you do things for other people, you just get into trouble. As the 5 o'clock hour arrives with no sign of Tess, the Chamber of Commerce banquet starts moving in. While Ronald has a pretty good idea of who Tess is, Monica and Andrew try to fill in the blanks, such as Tess' gift for music. When then see that Tess is using that very gift to get through to Kelly. Kelly finally explains how her father ran into a burning house to save a man's life and they both died. Once Tess realizes that Kelly refuses to be swayed, she offers to give Kelly her beloved Cadillac if she'll just drive her where she needs to be. Tess finally arrives. Monica and Andrew explain how they've spent the entire afternoon talking about her and how they've come to realize even more how much she means to them. They then present her with her gift, a beautiful hood ornament for her car. Tess introduces Kelly, when Ronald suddenly recognizes her last name. Ronald pulls Monica aside so that she can deliver God's message. With a little help push from Monica, Ronald reveals himself as an angel (along with Monica, Andrew and Tess). He tells Kelly that her father was a brave man and that while two people died that day, one little boy's life was saved, the man who is being honored this evening as Man of the Year, Brandon White. Brandon White then steps up to the podium to deliver his acceptance speech. He speaks of the perfect stranger (Kelly's father) who gave his life for his and explains how he dedicated himself to be deserving of the second chance he received.moreless
  • Mi Familia
    Episode 11
    Miguel and Anna's marriage is interrupted by Anna's father, Tommy, who rejects his daughter's decision to marry Miguel, the father of their 6-month old child. Unmoved by Anna's protests of love, Tommy dismisses Miguel because of his gang affiliation. Tommy insists the two teenagers stay away from each other. Andrew and Rafael, working with the church, try to get Miguel to participate in a community outreach program for teenage fathers, but his participation is only to appease the suspicions of the local police. Miguel is determined to gain his respect the only way he knows how, through the gang. Gonzo, the hot-tempered leader, informs Miguel of his plans to kill a rival gang member. Miguel returns home to discover his mother, Lorena, has given away his room to Monica, who works as a church volunteer. This further Miguel's withdrawal from the people who truly care about him. Lorena confides to Monica's her disappointment in her son's lifestyle and longing for the son he once was. Miguel and Anna meet the next day at the family run restaurant owned by Tommy. Tommy voices his displeasure with Miguel and his friends to an attentive new customer, Tess. Tess recognizes that Tommy's intolerance is closely linked with his own questionable past that he's trying to escape. Gonzo pressures Miguel to kill one of their rivals after a failed earlier attempt. Miguel struggles with his decision and privately returns to God for guidance. Monica tries to convince Miguel that his family is in need of him, not the gang. Misguided by his father's legacy, Miguel is undeterred in carrying out his orders. Miguel's hesitation at the critical moment infuriates Gonzo, who fears their rival will retaliate. Miguel rushes home to gather his few belongings and asks Anna to leave town with him. Anna's devotion to Miguel leads her to reluctantly follow him with their son. As they get into the car to leave, there is a drive-by shooting by the rival gang, which injures Anna and the baby. They are rushed to the hospital where Miguel is relieved to discover that the injuries are not critical. The doctor says the seat buckle interfere with the path of the bullet. Miguel realizes what he learned in his parenting class, the proper way to buckle a baby in a car, saved his son's life. Tommy arrives at the hospital incensed at Miguel. At Tess' urging, Tommy dispels Miguel's glorified memory of his father and explains to Miguel that his father killed himself playing Russian Roulette. The shocking news drives Miguel away. Miguel concludes that his entire life has been a failure. Monica tells Miguel that there are many people who loved and need him, but he must take responsibility for his actions. Monica takes Miguel to church where Rafael reveals that he is an angel sent by God, just like Monica, Tess and Andrew. Rafael urges Miguel to open his heart to God because through his grace, he can live in the truth and start over again. Miguel returns to the hospital to apologize to Tommy. Miguel promises that he will be a good father and offers his cooperation with the police.moreless
  • An Angel on My Tree
    An Angel on My Tree
    Episode 10
    Tess hires Kathy Benson, a mother of three whose husband is in prison, to wrap gifts for the Christmas rush. Meanwhile, Andrew is conducting an anger management course at the prison where Kathy's husband is serving a five year sentence for manslaughter. Andrew asks the prisoners to submit their applications for Project Angel Tree, a nationwide program which enables them to submit their children's names to receive Christmas gifts from good Samaritans. While Kathy's at work, Monica baby-sits the Benson children Travis, Cassie and Cody and discovers that Cody has Tourette's Syndrome, a chemical brain disorder which causes him involuntarily twitch, emitting hiccup like sounds. In a newscast, we see footage of the attack on the 17 year-old boy (Matt McHale) one year ago which landed Joe in prison for manslaughter. When Kathy gets home, Monica discusses the effect of the attack on Cody's relationship with his father, who have not spoken since last Christmas. Kathy brings Travis and Cassie to visit their father while Cody remains home with Monica. Joe decides to participate in Project Angel Tree, but fails to submit a gift request for Cody. Two weeks later, Kathy is at work when Sally McHale shows up and lashes out at her for her son's death. Cody witnesses the interchange, triggering an episode, and comes to his mother's defense, saying he's to blame. Tess pulls Mrs. McHale aside and gets her to see how her anger isn't helping matters and that forgiveness could do a long way toward beginning the healing process for both families. Meanwhile, Monica talks with Cody about why he feels responsible for Matt's death. In flashback, we return to the night when Joe took his son to the drug store to replace a broken Christmas ornament. A fairly innocent exchange between and Cody turns ugly as Cody's Tourette's flare up and Matt calls him a retard, shoving him to the ground. Joe snaps and punches Matt, whose head cracks against the counter, killing him. Joe lashes out at Cody, etching the blame a hard look at how his relationship with his father affected his relationship with Cody and to take responsibility for his actions, as well as his words, and wonders if it's too late to salvage his relationship with Cody. Back at the Benson's house, Sally McHale makes a surprise visit with the Angel Tree gifts, having chosen Travis and Cassie's names from the tree, and takes that first step toward healing. Cody is about to leave the room when Tess stops him to show him that his father didn't forget him. Cody reads a letter in which his father apologizes for what he said to him the night of the attack. Joe accepts full responsibility and tells his son how he's learning how to control his anger and asks for forgiveness. Monica and Kathy escort Cody to the prison to be reunited with his father.moreless
  • The Grudge
    Episode 9
    Monica and Tess are driving through North Carolina in search of their next assignment when they get pulled over by a traffic cop and hauled into court. The presiding judge turns out to be Andrew, who shows no special treatment and sentences them to "community service." He assigns them to assist two members of the community whose feud (dating back forty years) has become a nuisance to the court, in the hopes that the extra assistance will enable to work out their differences out of court. Tess assists Pastor Robert Hannigan who is preparing for the arrival of his 12 year-old grand nephew, Brian,. Meanwhile, Monica assists Hannigan's neighbor and chief nemesis, Dr. Lucy Scribner, who submits a written critique of his weekly sermon. Monica and Tess ultimately realize the purpose of their assignments has more to do with Brian than the two feuding adults. Lucy strikes a rapport with Brian and explains the reason she became a doctor had to do with her having polio as a child. She was told by doctors that she would never walk again. Tess proceeds to tell Monica the story behind Robert and Lucy's feud which began as a tale of teen romance. But when Robert told his parents of his plans to marry Lucy, they objected, fearful that polio was somehow contagious. Robert's parents saw to it that their marriage plans were thwarted and sent him away to live with relatives, leaving Lucy with a broken heart. In time, a vaccine was developed and Lucy went on medical school. Meanwhile, back in the present, Lucy and Robert square off on opposite sides of a local issue over the placement of a stop sign at a busy intersection. Lucy is vehemently opposed to the stop sign which she feels would open the floodgates to developers and would encroach on their city's small town charm. Lucy and Robert go at it, using the public forum as a means to vent their personal agenda until Brian finally cries out against these two adults behaving like children. He then runs off and is struck by a car at the very intersection they've been debating. At the hospital, Robert and Lucy learn that Brian suffered damage to his spinal cord and will be paralyzed for the waist down. Lucy starts to feel hopeless, but Monica reminds Lucy how she proved doctors wrong when they told her she would never walk again. Lucy goes on the internet and locates a new drug that could reverse the effects of the paralysis, with the cavest that it be administered within 72 hours of the injury. Unable to convince Robert and the attending physician that this is Brian's best option, Lucy goes to Judge Andrew to obtain a court order granting her permission to go over Robert's head to administer the drug, but Andrew denies the request. With time running out, Tess finds a way to get through to Robert by showing him how his feud with Lucy flies in the face of the very gospel he preaches, reminding him of the Biblical passage of coming to the altar having been reconciled to those you have wronged. With moments to spare, Monica and Tess act as referees, showing them how their feud is holding a little boy hostage and how this grudge grew out of silence and lack of communication. With the key to the past finally unlocked, Robert and Lucy make their peace in time to administer the drug, and begin to heal the wounds of the past.moreless
  • Reasonable Doubt
    Episode 8
    Monica is summoned to be a juror on a murder case in which the defendant could get the death penalty . The defendant, Brendan Falstaff, is on trial for the murder of his former girlfriend, Elizabeth Bennett. The prosecution maintains that Brendan Falstaff set fire to Elizabeth's house while she was asleep. The defense, however, maintains that their case in built merely on heresay and circumstantial evidence. After hearing both sides present their case, the jury is ushered into the deliberation room to reach a verdict. Carol Anne is selected as the foreperson and tallies the votes, but Monica holds the up the process by requesting the others to discuss the decision. Monst of the jurors are in agreement that the evidence support Brendan Falstaff guilty, based on investigators' findings that the fire was the result of arson, that a gas can was found in Brendan's trunk and that Mr. Gunderson, the neighbor across the street, identified Brendan's car leaving the scene of the crime. Monica raises some doubt regarding Mr. Gunderson's ability to identify the license plate when he couldn't identify the make of the car. One of the jurors is able to explain this to the other jurors' satisfaction, but Monica remains unconvinced of Brendan's guilt. Outside the courtroom, Tess overhears two officers discussing the case. The one man who could corroborate Falstaff's alibi was a homeless wino whose testimony was inadmissible. Tess is frustrated that an innocent could be convicted, but Andrew reminds her they're here on assignment and refuses to let her interfere with the wheels of justice. Meanwhile, back inside the deliberation room, Monica asks God for help. and her prayer is answered when she notices that one of the jurors is dyslexic. Monica asks the jurors to consider the possibility that Gunderson was dyslexic, and that he merely repeated Falstaff's license plate by memory, having towed his car from in front of his house on numerous occasions. Monica's insight turns the tide as the other jurors start to change their minds. Undone by the prospect of an acquittal, Carol Anne reaches her breaking point and rushes into the restroom. Monica talks with Carol Anne privately and discovers her zeal to convict Brendan Falstaff has more to do with the years, Carol Anne has turned her anger inward, blaming herself albeit without cause. Monica assures Carol Anne that she is not to blame and that she needs to find forgiveness, starting with herself. Carol Anne emerges from the restroom and admits to her fellow jurors how her state of mind clouded her ability to see the truth. She calls for another vote. Back in the courtroom, the verdict is announced and Brendan Falstaff is acquitted. Recognizing the victim's parents sense of grief, Carol Anne approaches them in an effort to help them find the closure she so desperately needed.moreless
  • God Bless the Child
    14 year-old Charnelle Bishop tells her grandmother that she's going to the museum for an essay she has to write about "finding a piece of yourself in history." But she's really going there to buy drugs from her dealer, Lamont. Monica tries to form a bond with Charnelle through her love of music, but Charnelle is wary of Monica. Monica catches Charnelle in the bathroom lighting up a joint and refuses to give it back until she begins her homework assignment. Monica tells Charnelle the story of how Billie Holiday fought her own battle against drugs. In flashback, we return to a Greenwhich Village speakeasy in 1939 where Billie Holiday is performing, with Andrew auditioning to be her pianist. But Charnelle isn't interested in hearing about love songs, she likes music that tells the truth. Monica resumes the story of how Billie Holiday reacted when she first read the lyrics to the song "Strange Fruit." the first song to tell the truth about lynching of African Americans. Monica persuades Charnelle to enter the exhibit of lynching photographs on display at the museum, but after viewing them, Charnelle is surprisingly unmoved. Charnelle meets with Lamont in the lobby, asking him for something stronger. Aware that Charnelle's brother died of a drug overdose, Monica asks why she hasn't learned from his death. As Monica resumes Billie's story, Andrew is eventually able to persuade Billie to sing the song, but she pleads with Andrew to get her the drugs to give her the strength. But Charnelle is impatient with Monica's story and grabs the joint out of her hands. She turns a corner and runs into a security guard, who discovers the joint and calls her grandmother to pick her up. As she waits, Monica resumes her story, with Billie in worse shape, craving drugs, when Andrew's "connection" arrives and it's Tess. But Tess isn't there to push drugs, she's there to push God. Georgia arrives at the museum security office, demanding an explanation from her granddaughter. On hearing of the lynching photographs, Georgia forces Charnelle to view them with her. Georgia asks Charnelle to describe what she sees, when to Charnelle's surprise, her grandma starts describing the scene from memory, because the man in the photograph was her brother, Earl. Georgia explains how Earl was not only her brother, but her teacher and her best friend. He taught her to read and when her birthday came around, he worked extra hard to buy her a gift, which his employer falsely accused him of stealing. The gift was her Bible which she is never without and became the source of her strength. Monica resumes Billie Holidays story as she summons the courage to sing "Strange Fruit" before a live audience. After the song, there is complete silence until finally, the sound of one person applauding, followed by the thunderous applause of the entire audience. Monica reveals herself as an angel and urges her to learn from her brother's mistakes and choose life and turn her back on drugs. Monica encourages Charnelle to hold on to her dream, and to write her essay, and tell the truth for her generation as Billie did for hers. When Lamont returns with the drugs, Charnelle takes the first step, telling him she's changed her mind.moreless
  • The Empty Chair
    The Empty Chair
    Episode 6
    Betsy and Bud Baxter are in their 15th year of hosting the popular local TV program "Breakfast with the Baxter's" when they learn their show is being cancelled. Still reeling from the loss, Bud and Betsy are grateful when two unexpected visitors (Monica and Andrew) show up on their doorstep, feigning car trouble. Monica and Andrew become a welcome distraction for the Baxters, who have devoted their lives to their show and in doing so, have avoided dealing honesty with each other. With a captive audience, Bud and Betsy take a certain glee in telling their guests the whole ugly story of how they were unceremoniously canned after 15 years. Monica and Andrew try to convince the Baxters of the importance of grieving. But Bud pours himself another Scotch while espousing the importance of carrying on. Meanwhile, Betsy busies herself looking through some storage boxes for her mother's meatloaf recipe when she came across a baby's jumper outfit, a painful remind of the child the "lost." But it's not long before the truth comes out that they didn't actually "lose" the baby, so much as they "cancelled" it, just like their show has been cancelled. Rather than talk about it, Bud retreats to his rose garden to cover the roses from an unexpected frost. Andrew joins Bud, who explains that the news of the pregnancy came just as they got their big break to host their own TV program. They ended up getting into an argument and rather than deal with it, he took off for a wedding day they were supposed to attend together. When he returned, the pregnancy had been terminated and neither of them brought up the subject again. The argument comes to a head and in his usual flight response, Bud heads off in search of a suitcase. Meanwhile, Monica helps Betsy sort through her feelings. Betsy admits that she didn't feel she had the right to grieve. She thought they'd get their careers going and the babies would come later. Their inability to discuss their loss only fostered resentment which built up over the years. Bud is getting ready to leave when Monica asks why they have no chairs around the dining room table. Betsy explains how their first dinner together in their new home became so awkward because of the topic they were both avoiding. Bud made up the excuse that the chairs weren't comfortable in order to escape into the kitchen to eat alone, and dining room chairs are something they've never done ever since. Bud is about to walk out on his marriage when Betsy urges him to fight to save their marriage. Betsy then asks Monica to read a poem she wrote and had saved all these years. In the poem, Betsy expresses and begins to break down the wall that had come between them. Monica and Andrew reveal themselves as angels to deliver a message of forgiveness and the importance of including God in their decisions, in their lives and at their dinner table. Dining room chairs appear at the table where they were not before, as Monica and Andrew leave Bud and Betsy to begin anew.moreless
  • Finger of God
    Episode 5
    Calvin Chillcut is a storm-chaser who tracks tornadoes for the National Severe Storms Lab. But die to the dearth of storm activity, the NSSL has just informed him to cease and desist. Distraught over the news, Calvin ties one on and sleeps through the first twister in 2 years. The next day, Calvin shows up at the local watering hole (the Die Hard Diner) with a hangover, and by this point, it's clear that a major storm is headed their way. Tess points out that Calvin doesn't have to turn in his equipment until tomorrow and urges him to stop feeling sorry for himself and get busy. Calvin takes her advice and starts tracking the storm and along the way stops to pick up a hitchhiker, Monica. Calvin explains it's his last day, barring a miracle. And before long, that's just what he gets, in the form of a twister. As the Civil Defense Tornado Warning sirens sound, the Sheriff advises everyone the diner to take cover. Some take his advice, but most feel perfectly safe in the diner, which they believe to be storm proof, having weathered many a storm, unharmed. Joe, a construction foreman from Atlanta, is concerned for his wife, Laura, who's heading to the diner with their infant daughter. While Calvin tracks the storm and gives Monica a dose of his cynical world outlook, Tess chides the locals at the diner for blaming God for natural disasters and placing their emphasis on "luck" and superstition. Only Joe seems to have any appreciation for Tess' point of view. Calvin warns Sheriff Guthrie the twister is headed toward the diner when there's a sudden crash, Joe's wife car has landed outside the diner inches from the Sheriff's squad car, its grille impaled into the street. With nobody in the car, Joe holds onto his faith that his wife and child are safe. Joe heads out in search of his wife and child, along with two others Langford T. and Willard from the diner. Meanwhile, Monica suggests looking for Joe's family, but Calvin is only thinking of himself, intent on saving his job. It's here that we get a glimpse of the source of Calvin's pain and how a tornado struck without warning, killing both his parents, when he was a teenager. JJ suddenly remembers something about Joe's wife from a previous visit, that she loved antiques and that she would've gotten off the main highway. Tess convinces JJ to put aside her fear and join her in the search. Meanwhile, Monica tries to get Calvin to join in the search for the child, but he's only thinking of himself. Monica reveals herself as an Angel of God and explains why Calvin has failed as a storm chaser. That he's allowed his rage to control his life and instead of following his heart's desire, he turned his vocation into something it was not intended to be. Once he's ready to listen, he hears the cry of a child, and looked up to see Joe's baby girt (still in the car seat) wedged between the branches of a tree. He radios in the good news, but status obscures the message. Langford T, Willard, Joe and Laura return to find the diner decimated by the tornado, its "luck" have finally run out. Calvin pulls up in his truck and returns Joe and Laura's child to two very grateful parents.moreless
  • Restoration
    Episode 4
    Cantankerous 102 year-old film director Chandler Crowne wants to die, but Andrew tells him he's got unfinished business. Enter Stevie Noonan, twenty-something student filmmaker who's making a documentary about the famous director who built his reputation on dark, depressing subject matter. Stevie's task is to persuade the reclusive genius for the dark films which became his trademark. In flashback, we find a young Chandler directing his leading lady, Ruby, in an ambitious and inspirational film called "Redemption." Besides dealing with a temperamental leading lady, Chandler had to contend with Sid Lumsky, the head of the studio, who fires one of his actresses for having an affair with a member of the crew. Forced to choose from a bevy of young unknowns, Chandler chooses Monica. Chandler then breaks off prematurely, leaving Stevie with unanswered questions. On her way out, Stevie lifts Chandler's pocket watch, only to return later with the pawn ticket as a bargaining tool to get him to give her the exclusive she needs. Chandler resumes his story as we flash back in time to the day Chandler filmed the fateful scene which changed his career.... and his life. With Lumsky breathing down his neck to finish shooting Chandler films a stunt involving Ruby crashing into a tree. The stunt goes awry and Ruby is killed. But Stevie, aware deaths during the making of movies were not uncommon in those days, doesn't understand how that changed his whole cinematic vision. With her deadline approaching, Stevie returns the next day with Chandler's watch, hoping to get the missing piece of the puzzle. Chandler explains how her argued with Lumsky over the ending of the movie and how he snuck into the projection booth the night of the premiere and cut the happy ending. Lumsky was furious until he heard the enthusiastic audience reaction. Chandler explains he cut the ending because he was mad at Lumsky. But Stevie is still unsatisfied, having expected some sort epiphany. Stevie lashes out at Chandler for belittling her search for answers, hoping to find answers for her own personal pain. Monica then reveals herself an an angel to Chandler. She explains how God gave him a gift, which he could have used to encourage and uplift millions. But instead, he only used it to perpetuate his private pain. Monica tells him it's not too late to encourage one person, Stevie. Chandler finally confides in Stevie that he changed the ending to his movie, not because he was mad at Lumsky, but because he was mad at God. Not only were Ruby and Chandler married, but she had told him that she was carrying his child. Chandler then screens the original unedited version of the film for Stevie, with the restored happy ending. Stevie is moved, but remains dubious about the real world, which doesn't always deliver happy endings. Chandler encourages her to look again, that life is what you make it, and gives her the original restored version of the film, before Andrew escorts him to the hereafter.moreless
  • The Invitation
    The Invitation
    Episode 3
    Rick and Annie Higuerra are expecting their first child and struggle to keep their debts. Annie, seven months pregnant, is undeterred by her husband's suggestion to cancel their Halloween party in a few days. The angels make their own preparations as Tess alerts Monica to Satan's presence in town. Monica, unseen, keeps vigil outside the Higuerra's apartment. Monica confronts Satan, in the form of a lion, but is resolved to protect Rick and Annie, causing the lion to retreat. Rick and Annie are awakened the next day by their new neighbor, Tess, singing the hymn "When You Can't Move The Mountain." Monica, working as a manicurist at Annie's salon, meets two of Annie's clients Millie and Clara, and a wayward 13 year-old boy, Dennis, who finds a set of tarot cards in an old box of decorations. Monica fears that Annie's interest in the cards is part of Satan's plans. Meanwhile, Rick tends bar in a scarcely populated lounge, his only regular is Cal, a bookie. Andrew, working as a plumber, is suspicious of Cal's presence. Later that night, Rick is unwilling to entertain Annie's prediction that "Three" is his lucky number. Annie's next prediction apparently comes true when they receive an unexpected check in the mail for $4500. Annie reports her success to the delight of Clara, who requests a reading. Despite Monica's admonitions, Annie obliges Clara. Distressed over her foreboding reading, Clara rushes outside, too preoccupied to notice an oncoming truck. She is nearly run over, but is pushed at the last moment by Monica. The truck's logo, as envisioned in Annie's reading, seems to validate the tarot cards. Cal hears of Rick's newfound fortune and tries to convince him to gamble it. Encouraged by Dennis's account of how Annie's cards can foretell the future, Rick wagers the $4500 on a horse named "Three by Three", believing it to be the one foretold the night before. Rick is wreaked with guilt for risking their savings and concealing it from his wife. Rick blames his restlessness on Tess' singing and rudely confronts her, leading to Tess' departure. It is Halloween and Monica is disheartened by the power the tarot cards hold over these people's lives. Millie is despondent finding out "an old enemy returns with death" and Rick has lost their entire future savings. Rick entertains Cal's offer to use a loan shark as a way out, but is reminded by Andrew that Cal's suggestions and the belief in the cards have led to his problem. Clara and Millie enter the bar. Millie later excuses herself to the restroom, intending to commit suicide. Andrew interrupts Millie, who confides her that the "old enemy" is her cancer returning. Andrew reveals himself as an angel and reassures Millie that her cancer has not returned. Tess appears and explains to Rick, Millie and Clara that there is a God, but Satan also exists. And their faith in the tarot cards has allowed Satan to disrupt their lives and mislead them away from Annie. Annie, ready to deliver her baby, calls out for help after accidentally falling down the stairs in her apartment building. Dennis arrives and reveals his true identity morphing into a lion. Monica rushes to Annie's side and urges her to involve God against the power of darkness, "the enemy cannot stand in the presence of God." Annie becomes empowered as she recalls the hymn sung by Tess. Annie is joined in her singing by a unified Rick, Millie, Clara, Tess and Andrew. Satan retreats into the night, the beautiful cries of Rick and Annie's baby boy are heard.moreless
  • Legacy
    Episode 2
    Max Rigney shows up for his first day of college with his father, Sam, who is proud to show him the frat house of which he was once-president, the PIG House. Rafael meets them and introduces himself as a student. Tess and Andrew join Rafael, noting that Sam is paying for Max's education, but only if he goes to this school, pledges this fraternity, and takes all the right courses. Walking around the campus, Sam is greeted by Monica, he recognizes her voice and has a troubling flashback. He later discovers that Monica is a visiting philosophy professor, and secretly determines that Max will have to stay away from her, which shouldn't be a problem since he, Sam, has chosen Max's coursework. But that night, Rafael helps Max make a decision of his own and take one class his father hasn't chosen for him, Monica's philosophy class. He tells his mother about it on the phone, and mentions that he might not pledge PIG. He likes being his own man, but that night, his father drives two hours back to campus to demand that Max drop the philosophy class and join the fraternity. So Max pledges PIG and goes through all of the hazing rituals, but Monica is able to convince him to stay in her class. That night, Max and Jamie and Greg are locked in the clock tower by two frat brothers. Security guard Andrew shows up and spends some time talking to Max. After Greg and Max help Jamie through an asthma attack, the boys become fast friends. Their last hazing ritual demands that if a pledge fails any of the challenges, he must drink 21 shots of tequila. When Jamie fails the PIG history quiz, he decides to take the drinking challenge. When he can't finish, Greg finishes for him, drinks the rest of the shots, and immediately passes out. The PIG brothers convince Jamie to take the rap for the frat by saying he bought the tequila. Jamie does so, knowing that if he doesn't he won't get in. Greg is raced off to the hospital, and the next night, just after Jamie and Max have been accepted into the fraternity. Jamie is arrested. Max discovers that Greg is in a coma, and that when his father was president of the fraternity, there was a controversy, which Sam won't say much about (it is the troubling night he remembered in his earlier flashback). Max visits Greg in the hospital and receives a revelation from Rafael, who explains that just like in the popular "The Matrix" there is more to this world than what we can see. The other three angels appear, too, and encourage Max to make his own decisions, right decisions, based on truth, not going along with his dad. They explain that the controversy Sam lied about involved attempt rape and that his father has been lying ever since. Max decides to confront his father, speak the truth to get Jamie out of jail, and live in truth, even if that mean paying for college himself.moreless
  • The Face on the Bar Room Floor
    High atop a New York penthouse, Tess entertaining at a society party hosted by bon vivant Everett Clay when his octogenarian father Benjamin, who still runs the family business, makes a surprise appearance to chastise his son and grandson about their wasteful ways. The following morning, Benjamin tells Everett the Bible story of the prodigal son who squanders his fortune. Benjamin reminds Everett that his great grandfather started this company carving handmade buttons and that he's being disinherited to learn the importance of self-reliance and hard work, handing him a framed deerskin jacket, with buttons carved by his great grandfather. Angry and penniless, Everett busts the frame, when Tess appears in her Cadillac, offering Everett a ride to Colorado, where some friends of his had invited him to stay. Before long, they arrive in Central City, the mining town that was in its heydey at the turn of the century. They stop at the historic Teller House saloon where Everett notices a portrait of a woman's face painted on the barroom floor. Tess tells Everett some of the folklore surrounding the fabled portrait, then goes on to tell him its connection to his great grandfather, Jack Clay. It turns out that the woman whose likeness appeared on the barroom floor worked at the saloon and was friends with Jack Clay. Tess recounts the story of how Jack has come to Central City to hawk his miracle elixir, preaching its curative powers with the conviction of an evangelist. Jack loses a game of poker to a known con man named Barkley Stubbs, who not only left town with Everett's horse and gun, but a bag full of handcarved buttons he made for his wife. With Monica and Andrew as his guides, Jack tracks Barkley to a remote mountaintop and finds him unearthing a treasure. Jack holds Barkley at gunpoint to hand over the treasure. Monica tries to talk Jack out of it when Barkley makes a move for the gun. A struggle ensues and the gun goes off, wounding Barkley. Physically unable to reach the nearest hospital, Barkley prepares to meet his Maker. But before he does, he advises Jack to put his button-making skills to use and gives Jack the map to find his way back to Central City. Tess explains that Jack left the treasure intact, taking only his due. Realizing what this means, Everett searches the deerskin jacket, finds the treasure map and returns to the spot to unearth the treasure his great grandfather buried over a hundred years ago. But when he opens it, he is flabbergasted to find a lone button, the button that came off during the struggle between his great grandfather and Barkely Stubbs. When Everett realizes he'd come all this way for naught, Everett goes into cardiac arrest. He's rushed to the hospital and while the doctors work on reviving his body, Monica goes to work on his soul. With Monica's help, Everett finally comes to understand the lesson his father had been trying to impart. When Everett regains consciousness, he calls his father to apologize and to assure him that he's coming home a changed man.moreless