Touched by an Angel - Season 8

CBS (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • Forever Young
    Episode 22
    One year ago the Costello's were a happy family. Now, Don is losing his touch at work, his wife Stacey is wandering to the park at all hours of the day, and their son Justin has been suspended from school pending therapy. The root of the problem is the murder of Kimmie, their daughter and Justin's sister. Stacey shows up at one of Don's moivational speeches so they can drop Justin off at the office of his new therapist, Gloria. Don agrees and apologizes to Monica, the coompany evaluator, saying that he will meet with her later at his home office. At the therapy session, Gloria tries to discover the reason for Justin's fights at school, but he refuses to answer her questions. Later on, Monica tells Don of the negative feedback that he's been getting from his audiences. It seems that no one appreciates the mention of his dead daughter, it makes them feel manipulated. Before he can respond, Justin enters, telling him that his mom never came to get him at. Monica offers to cintinue the next day, and sees herself out. In the park, Stacey sits on the swings, reliving memories of times spent there with Kimmie. She is so engrossed, that hours slip by without her noticing. While Monica and Gloria ponder their assignments, Tess begins tracking down a number of people to help the Costello's come to grips with Kimmie's death. The following day, Monica returns to apologize to Don about her previous comments. She tells him that she only wants to help and that she thinks he's letting Kimmie's death overrun his life. During a second therapy session Gloria finally gets Justin to talk. He admits that Kimmie is dead because if him, and Justin tarfully admits that he told Kimmie's ex-boyfriend where she was the day that he killed her. Don assures him that it's not his fault, that Blake was sick and that he would have found her anyway. Stacey loses touch with reality, says that Kimmie is fine, and leaves to go find her. At the park Andrew confronts her with the truth. He then brings her to Robintino's, the Italian restautant the family went to regularly when Kimmie was alive. Inside they are having private party, which she is told is for her. Justin and Don are already there with their angels. And so are a number of other people that non of them recognize. These are the people that Tess found, the people who's lives Kimmie touched. They stand up one by one and tell how their lives, or the lives of someone they love where saved by Kimmie. Kimmie was an organ donor, and her memory lives on in the hearts of everyone present.moreless
  • 5/5/02
    Sarah and James Berrington are unable to conceive a child. They have tried everything, including in-vetro fertilization. Nothing works. When their final pregnancy test comes out negative, Sarah weeps, devastated. On the other side of the world, a Chinese woman staggers down a dark road with a small bundle in her arms. Finally she comes to the gate of a building and lays her bundled baby against it. As snow starts to fall, and the woman walks away from her child, she cries out in anguish. Back at the gate, Gloria cuddles the baby in her arms, waiting for morning. In New York, at the home they share with his grandmother, Lady Penelope Berrington, James and his wife consider adoption. Though they that Penelope will react poorly to decision, they decide to visit an adoption counselor. Everything seems to be in order, but they will need to be evaluated in home by a case worker. They take a series of pamphlets about adopting from various corners of the globe and return home to look them over. Penelope is not thrilled about ending her noble bloodline with an adoption, but she realizes that this may be the only way for Sarah and James to have a child. She gives her consent, and after they are gone she looks at the pamphlets. She freezes on the pamphlet about adopting from China, and tosses it into the fire. When Tess, the adoption case worker, arrives, Penelope gets stand-offish and makes a scene which may hamper their chances of being approved. James confronts her about it, but she holds her ground. Back in China, Gloria watches over the baby, Rose, as she is admitted into the orphanage by a kind matron. Gloria tells Rose of the parents that are waiting for her in America. But the adoption may never happen. Tess returns to tell Penelope that the adoption was not approved, and that she is to blame. She gives Penelope the opportunity to tell James and Sarah. She admits to them that she has been lying about her identity all these years, that she is not a noblewoman, that she started her tea coompany with a stolen name and when it became a success, she used it. She tells them about her upbringing in China, where she lived with her missionary parents. She tells how she and a friend, Li Na, were seperated from her parents during an evacuation, and how she never saw them again, returning to England on her own. When the truth is out and accepted, Tess clears the adoption and they head to China to meet Rose, and allow Penelope to come to terms with her past. At the orphanage, the family is finally formed, and another miracle takes place. Though Penelope will never be reunited with her parents, she discovers that the Matron that runs the orphanage is actually her childhood friend Li Na.moreless
  • The Impossible Dream
    Reggie Hunter has the voice of an angel and the love of his family. Unfortunately, he hasn't had the courage to sing in over 25 years. Instead he works as a janitor at his former high school, even though he was once good enough to audition for Berry Gordy of Motown Records. Every Sunday, he, his Aunt Charlotte, his brother Martin, and his sister Eleanor sit down to supper with the rest of their family. It is a family tradition that they have kept throughout their lives, missing only once for thier parents funeral. On this particular Sunday, news of Aunt Charlotte's impending retirement makes its way around the table, distressing Reggie. The only reason he can even tolerate his job is because Aunt Charlotte teaches choir at the school. The thought of her leaving upsets him so much, that he leaves the table. On Monday, Reggie goes unhappily back to work at the school, breaking in a new janitor, Andrew. Meanwhile at Detroit Metro Bank, Martin hires Monica as a new loan officer, counting on her to take his place when he is promoted to Vice-President. He brings her along with him when he speaks at the high school's career day. During the course of his speech, he sticks up for Reggie, who is seen as a faillure by the kids. When Martin returns to the bank, he is confronted by Mr. Stoeckner, an investigator from the Michigan Bank Examiner's Office. A man that Martin approved a loan for is being charged with investment fraud. Tess, who has been working as the new interim choir director, puts together a meeting to plan Charlotte's retirement party. Eleanor suggests a barbeque, but Charlotte isn't interested. Finally, Reggie suggests a concert, performed by some of her former students. Eleanor thinks it's a good idea, and that Reggie should sing. Charlotte promises to give it some thought. The following Sunday she has decided, she wants to have the concert and she wants Reggie to sing. Before he can object, lunch is interrupted by Mr. Stoeckner and a federal marshall. Martin is under arrest. In an attempt to raise bail money Reggie attempts to sell the 1914 Steinway piano that his mother left him. Charlotte stops him, caving in and finally telling him the truth about his audition with Berry Gordy. He had wanted to sign him, but Martin said he wasn't interested because he wanted to go to college. Reggie goes to the jail and fumes at Martin, accusing himi of ruining his life. When next he tries to sell the piano, to get the money to move out, Andrew and Tess appear and speak to him of lost dreams and the importance of family. Reggie forgives Martin and new evidence clears him of all charges. When the family is reunited, the concert is on, and Reggie sings once again with the voice of an angel.moreless
  • The Bells of St. Peters
    Rose is the loving mother of Maggie, an oncologist. She is also her office manager, a meddler in her personal affairs, and a collector of various superstitions and faiths. In an attempt to ease tension in Maggie and her husband Brian's marriage, Rose has planned a trip to Rome. She is counting on her son-in-law and daughter to insist on accompanying her. She thinks that if they make the trip to Vatican Square on Easter Sunday to hear the bells of St. Peter's Cathedral, the miracle they need will happen. She has even gone so far as to hire Monica to temp in the office while they are away. Unfortunately things don't go according to plan. When a patient named Annie dies, Maggie is devastated, closing herself off to Brian, and canceling their plans for Rome. Rose tries to persuade her, but Maggie erupts in anger at her mother's meddling. She even takes Rose's fatigue to be nothing more than a sympathy ploy, her blood-work however tells another story. Rose has leukemmia. Maggie becomes utterly focused on saving her mother, but continues to keep Brian at a distance. She tries to get her mother to agree to a cranial shunt, a bubble-like apparatus that will administer her doses of chemotherapy, but nust be installed in the top of her head. Rose refuses, saying that she bought a new hat for Easter in Rome, and it won't do to have something sticking out of her head. Several weeks pass as Rose takes the more painful from of chemo, and Maggie becomes more isolated and obsessive in her attempt to save her mother without actually connecting with her. Just before Easter, Rose, at her weakest, attempts to leave the hospital and catch her flight. She collapses just outside. When they get her back inside, the diagnosis is poor, Rose isn't expected to live through the night. As Maggie stands in the room with her dying mother, Tess, who has been posing as a hospital administrator, gives her a revelation. Despite the sense of Tess's words, Maggie is still reluctant to believe. Meanwhile Rose wakes up, stepping clear of the bed and out of her body. Andrew is there, ready to take her to heaven, but Monica intercedes, telling him that she has a message for Rose. Andrew nods exits, leaving Monica to talk to Rose. She tells her to trust in God, not to immerse herself in the various superstitions and sayings that she is so fond of. She tells her that she can't go out in search of miracle, true miracles come to you with the love of God. Rose nods and listens, weeping with joy as the peal of the bells of St. Peter's echo throughout the hospital room. The next morning, brings with it a miracle that even Maggie cannot refute, Rose is alive, and her cancer is gone. Maggie is overjoyed, and finally breaks free of her emotional shields. She has no choice but to believe the truth of Tess's words and to work at being the best in all personal as well. The following Easter, Rose, Maggie and Brian gp to Vatican Square to hear the bells of St. Peter's.moreless
  • Minute by Minute
    Episode 18
    The angels stand outside of Our Lady of Hope Senior High, watching as Sister Theodore enters the school. It's nearly, 6:00am, and all is not well. Punk Rock music blares from an old car as it pulls into the parking lot. John and Cory sit inside, both are seventeen and they're about to do something terrible. In the backseat of the car sits a box, and in the box are ten homemade bombs. They plan to blow up the school at seven o'clock, while everyone is next door at mass. Bobby is also seventeen, and he's the one responsible for building the bombs. When he arrives at the school to meet John and Cory, he realizes that he can't go through with it. Instead he heads down the street to Millie's, the greasy spoon diner where he works. He apologizes to Tess. the new manager, for being late, and starts his shift teaching Gloria how to work the register. They getalong well. Inside the school, Monica appears to Sister Theodore, telling her about the boy's plan. She tells her that God will help her find the words to get through to the boys. Sister Theodore heads out into the hall with an invisible angel at her side, to confront her students. In a move shocking even to Cory, John pulls a gun from his pocket and shoots Sister Theodore in the shoulder. He then changes their plan. He tells Cory that they will now set the bombs to go off at eight when everyone is in the building. Cory doesn't want to do it, but neither does he fight when John tells him he has no choice. They set about placing the bombs. At the restaurant, Bobby grows increasingly nervous as seven o'clock draws near. Finally the time comes, but there is no explosion to be heard. He breathes a sigh of relief, figuring that his friends came to their senses. Andrew stalks the halls of the high school with John, trying to talk him out of his misguided attempt at easing the pain in his life. When the bombs are set, Cory joins John. He is surprised by the presence of Andrew, who tells him that it was always John's plan to set off the bombs when the school was full. Monica helps the wounded Sister Theodore th rough the halls to the boys. She finally finds the words she needs to get through to them, and tells them of her past. She tells them that before she was a nun, her name was Mary Renaldi, and she once thought that destruction was the answer too. After the death of her brother in Vietnam, she helped blow up a weapons plant that was supposed to be empty, but turned out to have someone in it. She ran away and has lived with that regret every day. Cory runs, crying from the building to warn the incoming students, but John will not relent. Meanwhile Bobby has entered the school, and uses a fire extinguisher to knock john out and drag him to safety. None of the entering students believe Cory, who they think of as a dork, and continue toward the school. Sister Theodore sees this, and turns back to the sound the fire alarm, even as the clock strikes eight. The students are saved and she is redeemed.moreless
  • Hello, I Love You
    Episode 17
    In the small town of Wells, Nevada good news travels fast, almost as fast as gossip. Danni Blake has been plagued by the latter for all of her short life. The shame of not having a father has kept her down. What's is that her school is planning a father-daughter. After a few scornful comments from her classmates. Danni storms home, upset. Her mother Nicole, tries to comfort her, but in the end, the only comfort that Danni will accept is in the form of information about her father. Nicole relents and gives Danni a card that he sent her on her first birthday. Danni cheers up considerably. Nicole goes off to work, leaving her in the capable hands of Monica. That night, Danni wakes up to a roomful of people. There was an accident at the factory and her mother was hurt. The next day, after visiting her still unconscious mother in the hospital, Danni uses the address from the birthday card. She hops on a bus and heads to Silver Springs in search of her father. With only last name "Jackson" to go on, Danni begins flipping through the phone book. Monica arrives and makes her call her aunt to tell her where she is. The two of them then go off to check the addresses. After several dead ends, they come upon Walter Jackson, a young man with a pregnant wife. Monica thinks that he must be the father, because Andrew is in the driveway working on Walter's car. When Danni introduces herself and asks if he is her father, Walter's wife, Kim has a fit. They had had trouble in the past with his infidelities, and despite their reconciliation, Kim has been bottling it up inside. Monica and Danni leave them to argue, and come upon a handyman named Dan Jackson, who Gloria is working with. Now Danni thinks that he is the father, and Gloria does to. Monica is unsure, but after a bit of questioning, they discover that Dan is unable to have children, though if he could he'd want one like Danni. Returning to Walter's house, Danni asks him about Nicole, and mentions her birthday. Walter realizes then, that he and Kim weren't even in the country when Danni was conceived. Rejected Danni and Monica return home. During all of this, Tess has been driving, and she's been driving fast. Soon she is pulled over by a policeman whose name happens to be J.T. Jackson. He's Danni's father, but Nicole pushed him away, not wanting to get in the way of his life. After she was gone, he gave up on his other dreams to focus on finding her and Danni. Now he has a chance. Tess takes him to them. When Nicole wakes up in the hospital, it's the possibility of family.moreless
  • The Princeless Bride
    Liz and Jonas are in love, it's the day before their wedding and everything is perfect. The on;y thing that could go wrong is an act of nature. And the only thing that can make it right will be an Act of God. The wedding is to be held at the Peery Hotel in Washington D.C., the very spot that Jonas and Liz met. Liz arrives in a great mood only to be met with a new staff, a loitering homeless man, and an unwanted guest, Aunt Meg. All of this she can handle, just as long as Jonas makes his flight into town. Unfortunately Jonas decides to squeeze in one last meeting, and must take a later flight. Even more unfortunately, all later flights are canceled as a monster blizzard sweeps across the eastern seaborn. Forced to seek alternate transportation, Jonas catches a ride from a helpful cabbie, Andrew. Back at the hotel, Liz is shatteres as she receives phone call after phone call from guests unable to make it to town. Her wedding is ruined, her parents won't be there, the groom may not be there, and Aunt Meg is. She is so upset, that the gets into a fight with Jonas on the phone, causing him to call off the wedding, and asks Andrew to take him back to New York. Liz breaks down at Jonas's decision not to show and tells Monica, Gloria and Tess about the wedding she always wanted, and how she'll never get it. Later that evening, the angels show up at Liz's door to throw the pre-wedding slumber party she wanted to have. Around the same time, Jonas wakes up in the cab to find that Andrew drove him to the hotel despite his request to the contrary. Angry at the interference, he storms out of the cab and into the blizzard. He quickly gets lost, and is forced to call another cab. As soon as he's made the call, his cell phone rings, it's Liz. She tries to apologize Jonas is forced to cut the call short when he is held up at gun-point. Andrew and a homeless man(sent by Tess)help Jonas to his feet, replace his stolen clothes and help him back in the hotel. Tess has spent most of the day and the evening bringing the homeless off the street and into the boiler room of the hotel. The next day, the wedding banquet is prepared yet none of the guests have arrived. Monica tells Liz that just because things aren't turning out the way she expected, doesn't mean they won't turn out well. At Monica's prompting, she invites all of the homeless people to attend the wedding banquet. Making the most of the disastroous wedding, she sees that all of her new guests are well fed and entertained. Jonas watches from the hallway, dresses as a vagrant. He falls in love with her all over again, but can't bring himself to go inside. Liz comes out of the banquet while his back is turned, she mistakes him for another homeless person, and invites him to have the last plate of food, the one she was saving for Jonas. He turns around, revealing his identity, and they express their love for one another and decide to get married.moreless
  • Secrets and Lies
    Episode 15
    Allen Lowry is having a great at the gym with his wife, Suzanne and their 17-year old daughter, Erica. Things couldn't be better. Unfortunately they could get a lot worse, and they do. In the middle of a one-on-one basketball game, Erica collapses. When Allen and Suzanne rush to her side, they discover a series of dark bruises across her back. The next day, at the hospital, the family waits for Erica's test results. When Dr. Nathans arroves he is accompanied by, Monica, a counselor from the organ donor department. The news is grim. Erica has leukemia and if she doesn't get a bone marrow transplant she is going to die. Allen heads downstairs to get tested for bone marrow compatibility while Suzanne comforts Erica. While Gloria draws blood for the test, she explains to Allen the odds of finding a match. Since Erica is a mix of the genetic material of both Allen and Suzanne, chances are that neither of them will be acceptable donors. She says that a brother or sister would stand a much better chance. Allen thanks her and heads home. Once there, he rummages through an old box hidden in the attic and pulls out a mysterious address. The next day, Allen arrives at the address knocks at the door. Robbie, a boy of about sixteen answers. Allen asks if his mother is home, Robbie says that she's out and offers to take a message. Allen tells him his name. Robbie recognizes it as the name of his father. He lets Allen in and they start to talk, but Robbie's mother, Debbie, arrives and tosses him out. Before Allen goes he tells her about Erica and pleads with her to let Robbie be tested. She refuses. Robbie skips school to go to the hospital. He meets with Allen and agrees to the test. Monica reluctantly allows it when Allen signs the release form as Robbie's father. Later on, the news in: Robbie is a match. Allen and his family are relieved, but Robbie wants to meet his sister. Allen eventually lets him when Robbie promises not to tell Erica the truth about who he is. Soon Debbie arrives to drag Robbie away. The confrontation forces Allen to tell his wife about his inifidellity. Suzanne is crushed by the news, and shattered by Debbie's refusal to allow the transplant. Everything looks hopeless, but soon the angels are there to talk Debbie about understanding, and to Suzanne about forgiveness, and to Allen about truth. The transplant goes through, the truth is uncovered, and a life is saved.moreless
  • The Blue Angel
    The Blue Angel
    Episode 14
    From being televised at the 1939 World's Fair, to finishing out his days as the director of a community acess station in South Bend, Indiana; Max Blandish has run the spectrum of television's growth. Once he had ideals and dreams, now all he jas is a lump of bitterness and emphysema. His failure to make the right choices has brought him to the bottom of the entertainment barrel, his cigarettes have brought him to the end of his days. Now, he tries to hide his ailment, while filling the airwaves with: singing cowboys, Elvis impersonators, chicken farmers, and the pinnacle of bad taste "the Blue Angel". Gloria arrives with a respirator, as a representative of "Life Support". Max has a fit and insists that he ordered no such thing, his longtime friend and cameraman, Elmer, admits that he did. Max storms off, and Monica appears to tell Gloria all about him. When she first met Max, he made the right choice to put a young Japanese girl on the air, and was fired for it. That was the last he took a stand. When Monica finishes the story, Elmer calls for Gloria to get the respirator, Max can't breathe. They attend to him, and Max comes back to himself. Shortly thereafter, Tiffany "The Blue Angel" arrives. She has the flu and won't be able to go on at midnight. When Max takes her out of the room to get some tea, Tess appears and tells Gloria of her experience with Max. It was 1954 and Max was back at the top of his game, directing a variety show for the 4th of July. Everything was perfect, great television waiting to happen, except for one thing. The blonde singer the sponsor hired terrible, despite Tess's attempts to instruct her. Max is so impressed with Tess's voice, and so eager for the show to do well, that he replaces the singer with Tess. When the sponsor finds out, he insists that his singer goes on as planned. According to him, the American people don't want to see a black woman sing "God Bless America". Max reluctantly agrees. Because of this, he keeps his job, but loses his dream. As Tess finishes her story, Max enters and baits Gloria into taking over for the Blue Angel. When Max leaves, Tess tells her what the blue angel does. She's a stripper. Gloria doesn't think she can do that, but Monica tells her not to worry, to let God do the directing. When the time comes, and she's on the air, Gloria drops her trechcoat to reveal her angel garb and glow. She gives Max and entirely different kind of revelation than the ones he was expecting. She tells him it's never too late to do the right thing, and that he doesn't have to let his dreams die just because they didn't turn out how he thought they would. On the air, Max accepts this truth, and God, and admits that "TV didn't me, I ruined TV." With that said, he vows that from now on, he'll put out the best programming that he can. He throws away his cigarette's and begins his new life.moreless
  • Ship-In-A-Bottle
    Episode 13
    Tevis Lockwood is starting a new life with his daughters, Ashley and Jasmine. Leaving behind the sun and heat of Los Angeles, they move to the cold rainy Seattle suburbs so Tevis can take control of a large shipping company. His daughters are not overly enthused about the move, particulary Jasmine who fears that the cold and rain will bring illness with it. As they set about unpacking and arranging the new house, Jasmine in increasingly worried about the weather and the effects it might have on she and Ashley. Monica arrives as part of the transition team for the shipping company and with Gloria's help, looks after the girls while Tevis gets situated at work. Tevis arrives at the office pleased with his new station in life and eager to make an impression on the world. When he finds the reception desk empty, Tess shows up with a resume and answers the phone for him. Impressed by her initiative, Tevis hires her on the spot, not a moment before Joaquin, the real receptionist arrives. Joaquin explains that his doctor's appointment ran late and that it won't happen again. Tevis agrees and fires him. Later on, at home, Ashley begins coughing. Tevis, panicked, and fearful for her health rushes her to the emergency room, where she is diagnosed with the same stomach flu as all of the other patients. She is released despite Tevis's protestations that her sickle cell anemia makes this particular flu a more serious illness. Once home though, her flu goes from bad to worse, and she is in the midst of a sickle-cell crisis. Tevis, no longer trusting the local doctors, insists on taking her all the way into Seattle to the Sickle Cell Clinic. He refuses to wait for an ambulance. Halfway to the clinic Ashley dies. After the funeral, Jasmine is still having a hard time acceptinig her loss. Tevis on the other hand doesn't have time to feel the pain, he's too busy trying to inflict it on others. He hires Andrew to sue the hospital and the doctor who treated Ashley for malpractice and wrongful death. As a result of his drive to go on, Tevis pushes his other daughter away when she needs comfort the most. Finally Jasmine runs away, without a coat unmindful of the weather and her own sickle-cell. Monica and Gloria are pretty sure they know where she's gone. Jasmine sits on her sister's grave trying to make sense of the changes in her life, when Andrew appears and assures her that both her sister and her late mother are in a place of peace and happiness. He tells her that she needs to live without fear, to be more than just Tevis's daughter or Ashley's sister. She needs to live as Jasmine. When Tevis arrives, it's his turn for a revelation and Monica offers one. He needs to stop trying to control every aspect of his life, because its just not possible, he needs to trust in others to do their part, and mostly he needs to trust in God to look everyone. Tevis's drive to succeed is a virtue, but not at the cost of his faith, and not at the cost of his family. If he doesn't take the time to live, he's not really accomplishing anything.moreless
  • The Last Chapter
    The Last Chapter
    Episode 12
    Monica revisits the home of Elizabeth Jessup, a retired reporter who she once helped cope with alcoholism. Tess insists that Monica is there as the answer to someone's prayer. Monica hurries up the steps to offer Elizabeth whatever help she needs, only to discover that her help is not only unwanted, but resented. Elizabeth wants nothing to do with the angel that once helped her out. Monica shows up at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, where Elizabeth is celebrating seven years of sobriety. In the midst of her speech, she begins to slur her words, insisting that she hasn't been drinking, it's just a headache. After the meeting, Monica meets up with her and her daughter, Sydney and granddaughter, Beth. Monica expresses her concern and Elizabeth says that she's developed a tendency for transient cognitive episodes of undetermined origin. Sydney explains that the doctors suspect a brain tumor. Later on, Monica reads Elizabeth's memoirs, and asks why there is no mention of the fire Elizabeth started at the peak of her problem, or why she doesn't say anything about angels. Elizabeth tells Monica she'd be laughed out of the news business if she wrote about meeting an angel. That evening, Elizabeth passes out and is taken to the hospital. Once she comes to, she is eager to get out, but Sydney won't let her, and neither will Monica, nor Tess who is working as a nurse. As the night goes by and Elizabeth waits the results of her test, Monica tells her some of her favorite and most challenging assignments. Finally, Andrew enters with the news, it's a brain tumor. She schedules the surgery and sits down with Gloria to finish her memoirs, "before it's too late." The next day, while Elizabeth is in surgery, Monica reads the last chapter to Sydney and Beth. This time Elizabeth tells the truth about the fire, and of how she beat alcoholism. When the story ends, so does the surgery, and Elizabeth is going to be all right.moreless
  • A Winter Carol
    A Winter Carol
    Episode 11
    In a small New York town, just a short commute from NYC, a lone Volkswagen Beetle sits abandoned in the train station parking lot. It hasn't moved in months, not since its owner, Bill Harper, took the 6:15 train into the city on the morning of September 11th. No one knows why he went to New York that day, and no one knows what became of him. It just makes it that much more difficult for his friends and neighbors to accept that Bill Harper will NOT be home for Christmas. This year Mr. Harper will not be around to plan the Christmas Pageant, or to give drum lessons to Benny Lewis. Benny however, refuses to give up hope, everyday checking to see if Mr. Harper's car has moved, or if anyone has gotten word from him. But the Benny's fear for Mr. Harper is nothing compared to the fear that has consumed his mother, Victoria, since that awful day. She, as mayor, refuses to have the Volkswagen towed despite the persistence of Charlie, the town sheriff. She is reluctant to let someone else work on the pageant, and she refuses to go into the city to have her chronic sore throat looked at. Her older son, Patrick urges her to abandon her fear, but she dismisses his concern. Her only desire is to move on with the holidays and pretend that nothing is wrong. In any effort to keep things moving along, she grudgingly let's Monica, who has opened a Chon Main St., begin planning a pageant. She hires Andrew to continue Benny's drum lessons, and she is overjoyed when Patrick begins working at Monica's store in place of the restaurant job he was laid off of. When they receive word that Mr. Harper's wallet had been found among the wreckage of the WTC, everything falls apart: Benny takes the news hard, Victoria refuses to let grief overtake her, and Patrick decides that something must be done to make his family feel safe again. In an act of selflessness, Patrick goes into the city, and enlists in the army. He is set to leave for boot camp the day after Christmas. Victoria has difficulty accepting this decision, and accuses her son of abandoning her and his brother. The next day, she accompanies Charlie to Mr. Harper's house, where she discovers that Benny has been leaving hopeful messages on his answering machine, ever since 9/11. She also uncovers some clues as to what Mr. Harper was doing at the World Trade Center, and what he was planning for the pageant. After a revelation from Monica, and allowing herself to finally mourn, Victoria takes the train into New York City, and solves the mystery surrounding Mr. Harper's last day. Picking up where he left off, she arranges for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to sing at the pageant, where she wishes her son good luck, and God Speed.moreless
  • Angels Anonymous
    Episode 10
    Andrew, acting as a marriage counselor, sends Yvette and Peter there when they have trouble talking anything but work. Monica catches the eye of Michael, a lonely paramedic, and leads him on a wild goose chase ending at Bubba's. Tess sends Leigh and her "I'm the Boss" husband Jimmy to the dive in order to squeeze lunch into their thoroughly planned outing. And Karen, a lawyer who has lost her sense of purpose, is stranded in the Polynesian nightmare when a bad client, a flat tire, and returning angel Rafael combine to alter her day. As they become aware of each other and gravitate toward a single table, they catch up on the years gone by, and make the startling discover that their former teacher Dave Price is bussing their table. Dave denies his identity at first, hating what he's become, and despising what he is about to do. He has agreed to help Bubba, the owner, burn the place down in exchange for a chunk of the insurance money. He figures if he can dodge his students and forget the good man he used to be , he'll be able to go through with the arson. But after some prodding by Gloria, Dave admits who he is and how he got there. Soon the former students teach the about life, and tell him of the differences he made in theirs. Dave tells Bubba he won't do it, and reconciles with himself and his past. The meeting puts balance back into Leigh's marriage, gives Yvette and Peter something to talk about, and reconciles lost lovers Michael and Karen. Everyone is better off from their visit to Bubba and none of them knew the part the angels played in their lives.moreless
  • When Sunny Gets Blue
    Mike is a young man trying to discover the truth about his father. All that his mother, Allison, ever told him was that he was a lawyer and that he left. She refuses to tell him anything more, and gets upset when Mike announces his transfer to a building site near her parking enforcement patrol. She encourages him to quit the job and go to college and stop listening to all that jazz. Mike just smiles and shakes his head. Later on at the construction site, Monica shows up as a building inspector and asks Andrew, the foreman, for some building permits. He doesn't have them, but assures her that they have been pulled. Monica suggests that they use the internet coffee house to check online. Andrew sends Mike to help her. On their way into the coffee shop they pass by Gloria who is selling record albums from a sidewalk booth. Inside, Monica shows him how to find things on the net. He asks can she find people? Monica doesn't see why not, so she begins a search for a lawyer named Simon K. Miller, Mike's father. Mike goes outside to look at Gloria's records, then Monica comes with bad news, she can't find Simon K. Miller. Tess, also looking at the records, asks Gloria where she saw that name. Then she remembers and produces an old jazz album featuring Simon K. and the Chattanooga Express. Mike is amazed and goes inside to play the record on the Juke Box. Once the record gets going, a local homeless man comes in and grabs it, saying it's his record. It's him. Mike has found his father, but Simon gets scared and runs. When confronted, Allison admits that Simon was a musician, but she says that that is why she left them. Mike tries to track him down, but soon discovers that not only is Simon homeless, but he's also suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. He finds Simon and takes him home, much to Allison's agitation. Simon refuses to take his medicine, and in the midst of one of his hallucinations, sets fire to Mike's room. He runs. When they finally find him again, it takes the angels to bring him out of his delusion state and into the arms of his family, who will see that he gets the help he needs.moreless
  • Heaven's Portal
    Episode 8
    Nick Albright is having difficult time adjusting to the changes in his family. His dad's business is going under, his parents are splitting up, and on top of that it looks like there may not even be a Thanksgiving. It is all of this and Nick's curiousity that lead him to make a terrible decision. After an attempt at family counseling with Monica, a failed reunion between his parents, and the constant babysitting of Gloria, Nick plans to sneak out. He wants to find the peace, love, unity, and respect that is missing from his home life, at a Thanksgiving Rave called Heavan's Portal. Gloria is not about to let him go, but as she can't seem to stop him, she decides to go along instead. At the rave, they meet Celestine and Grover, a couple of ravers who tell them about how "we're all family". Inside, they dance to the techno beat and are offered ecstasy, a drug that will bring them closer to God. Nick is eager to try it, and Gloria is intrigued with the idea of "prayer in pillform". Having both taken pills, their high starts out well, but soon they are freaking out. When Monica and Jessica arrive looking for them, the juvenile and angel delinquents run. They get into Nick's car and speed away. Eventually they're cornered at a cliff overlooking the sunrise. Nick decides that he wants to drive off the edge, but Gloria pushes him out of the car at the last minute. As Gloria plummets to what Nick believes to be her death, Monica reveals herself to Nick and his parents. She says that Gloria is fine. She also tells them that the secret of a strong family is the simple act of loving and believing in each other.moreless
  • Most Likely To Succeed

    Dennis Loggins is a young multi-billionaire. He's become a success, he's gotten in shape, he's spent years improving himself, and he's done it all for the love of a good woman. Or so he tells himself. The fact is that Dennis has engineered this facade of confidence and importance solely as a means for revenge. In high school Dennis was a nerd with a crush on the head cheerleader, Melissa. Due to her kindness and attention, Dennis's crush transformed into unrequited love. To make matters worse, he was constantly tormented and humiliated by Ricky, Melissa's boyfriend. On one memorable occasion, Ricky tricked Dennis into admitting his love for Melissa over a live microphone at the football game. Dennis never got over the humiliation, despite Melissa's assurance that he needn't worry. Now years later, Dennis is a success, and is eager to return Ricky's slights ten-fold. He hires Gloria on as an assistant specifically to find out what football team Ricky is playing for, and to help Dennis replan the ten-year high school reunion. Moving the gathering to a much more glamorous location, and bringing Gloria as his "date", Dennis waits eagerly for the payoff of his plans. He has bought the football team that Ricky plays for, and has arranged for a phone call to be made a minute before the crowning of the King and Queen of the reunion, to tell Ricky that he's fired. When Ricky arrives, it's obvious that he's changed. He apologizes to Dennis for the grief he gave him in high school, and congratulates him on his success. Dennis is nonplussed, but is so wrapped up in the pending arrival of Melissa, that he all but ignores the change in Ricky. When Melissa shows up it's more than obvious that she too is different. She's dying of cancer. Dennis is blown away, he stands with his jaw hanging open as Ricky hurries to Melissa's side and lovingly leads her through the gathering. Dennis goes over to her and they talk for a while, she tells him how her illness has changed Ricky into a warm, caring, compassionate man. Dennis instantly regrets his plotting and scheming, and hurries inside to swip Ricky's cell phone, before the call arrives. He makes it just in time, and Melissa and Ricky take the stage as King and Queen of the reunion. Toby Keith hired by Dennis as part of the night's festivities takes the stage to perform "My List".

  • Famous Last Words
    Episode 6
    Monica and Gloria breeze into Carlisle, Arizona in search of a cup of coffee, and the Famous LAst Words of a death row inmate. Posing as an author, Monica steps into the Oasis diner, where she meets Shirlee, a waitress with a nice smile and a strange fascination with the families that come to see their relatives die by lethal injection. Meanwhile, across the street, convicted killer Daniel Lee Corbitt is trying to stay tough on the eve of his own execution. He brags about the fame that will come with his death, and about the "book writer" who's coming to see him. What Daniel didn't count on was the arrival of Andrew, his own personal Angel of Death, who has come to see him th rough the final 36 hours of his life. When Monica arrives in the prison with her assistant, Gloria, Daniel is only too eager to ignore Andrew and continue upon his request for immortality through a tell-all biography. He happily relates his history and the events that led up to him returning home, after years on the street, to shoot his Mother's third husband seven times in the chest. Monica watches the memory as Daniel shoots him dead, and calls out "That cost you seven old man!" Gloria asks about Daniel's mother, but he admits that he hasn't seen her in years. Monica offers to search for her, and Daniel gives her what information he can. He tells Monica that his mother went by her middle name "Shirlee with two e's," and that she may also be using her married name "Gibbons." Monica and Gloria realize that Shirlee, the waitress from the Oasis is indeed Daniel's mother. After a confrontation with Shirlee, Monica is finally able to convince her to go see Daniel. When she does, Daniel surprises them all bt his treatment of Shirlee. He rails and screams at her and says the the only love and comfort he ever received was from Alonzo his childhood Teddy bear. He says that it is Alonzo and not Shirlee that he wants in the witness chair to his execution. Shirlee is shattered by Daniel's words, and runs from the confrontation. Daniel tells Monica how when he finally did run away, it was because he realized that Shirlee had been planning his beatings with her husband, Delroy. Monica agrees to comfort Shirlee while Andrew tries to dissuade Daniel from meeting his death with harsh thoughts and harsh words. Andrew tells him that he need only ask forgiveness of God, and he will be accepted into heaven. Back at the diner, Monica discovers that Shirlee didn't plan Daniel's beatings, instead she pleaded with Delroy to let her take some of the whacks in his place. Daniel received seven lashes, but Shirlee took thirteen. Monica reveals herself as an angel and tells Shirlee that God does not hold her responsible for the sins of her son, and that she may have made mistakes but she tried and that is what matters. When Monica brings Shirlee to the execution, the finality of the moment and the intervention of angels, allow mother and son to forgive and love each other.moreless
  • Chutzpah
    Episode 5
    After Monica leaves Gloria alone at a Portland bus stop, Gloria learns about the Jewish people...from 3 skinheads. A short time after that, Gloria meets Sam Silverstein. Sam is a sofer, a Jewish man who hand-makes the Torah, the holy scripture. Sam is amazed that Gloria does not know the truth about the holocaust and encourages her to learn about it. Monica gets a job at the Portland Daily News as an editorial writer, where she works with Sam's daughter, Rachel "Silver." Rachel is the paper's editorial cartoonist but her job is in jeopardy because it isn't edgy enough. Monica also notices Rachel's extensive "personal collection" of cartoons depiciting her father and the Jewish faith in unflattering light. When Rachel invites Monica over to the family dinner to be her "human shield" Monica quickly learns how deep the wounds are between Sam and Rachel. The next day, Rachel puts one of the "personal jabs" in the paper and immediately her panel, "Chutzpah!" is the hit of Portland. She is thrilled that now she even receives fan mail. However, as her popularity grows, so do the number of Jewish people she offends. Monica writes an editorial criticizing her cartoon and the local rabbi asks Sam to stop Rachel. God reveals to Monica the key turning point in Sam and Rachel's relationship: When Rachel was 9 years old, she wrote and colored a Torah on construction paper and presented it to her father. Sam, being determined to follow the letter of the law, chastised Rachel by saying "There are no pictures in the Torah, and besides, girls are not allowed to make them." Now, the rift has gotten deep between them that Sam leads a protest of "Chutzpah!" in front of The Portland Daily News and disowns his daughter on the evening news. The next day, Gloria goes to the holocaust museum and discovers the truth of the atrocity. She is humbled that Sam did not get angry at her ignorance, but encouraged her to seek the truth. She goes to Sam to make a personal apology to him for the offensive things she said to him at the bus stop. At the same time, Rachel receives a call from a reader who tells her that she "won't have to worry about the protester" after tonight. When Sam and Gloria arrive at the synagogue, they doscpver the three skinheads vandalizing the place. Then the vandals turn their bats and knives on Sam and Gloria, however, Gloria reveals herself as an angel, "God made me, He made you, He made Sam. He made us all, He's the father of us all...that makes this man your brother, not your enemy!" The skinheads are incredulouos and then threaten Gloria, but at that moment Andrew appears among them and addresses the skinheads. He tells them to turn from their anger before it's too late. He also tells them that they will be caught and pay the price for their crimes. As they try and escape, the police arrive and arrest then, but the damage has been done, they destroyed the synagogue' Torah and have beaten Sam, breaking both of his hands. Monica and Rachel arrive and find Sam crumpled on the floor. Rachel realizes that her personal attacks on him and the Jewish people was the catalyst for these attacks. She and Sam reconcile and ask for forgiveness for the years of hostile pride. Sam, with his hands still bandaged, happily lets Rachel help him complete the family Torah in front of everyone in the synagogue on the Sabbath.moreless
  • Manhunt
    Episode 4
    The Angels go to a Happy Hour at the Monte Carlo, a bar run by one of Tess's former assignments. It is here that Monica learns that Zoe, a girl she saw earlier in the park, is her assignment. Zoe is lonely, heartbroken, and trying to come to terms with the end of a relationship with a great guy, Jeff. Her friends, Patty, Penny, and Maggie, try to cheer her up and help her "Get over him." The next day at work, Monica is hired to take over for Patty, who quit her job to get married. As the day progresses, Gloria arrives to fix all of the office computers, and Billy, an RDS delivery guy shows up with some packages. During his time in the office, his attention is solely focused on Zoe. Monica immediately notices the attraction, though Zoe is oblivious. Billy leaves and the girls go about their day eagerly awaiting Happy Hour. The clock strikes six, and they all hurry off to the Ladies room to get dolled up. Billy arrives with some apple strudel for Zoe. When he is unable to find her, Monica tells him that she will be at The Monte Carlo later on, if he wanted to show up. Billy's not sure, but he says he'll think about it. Monica joins the girls in the ladies room, and both she and Gloria are forcibly made-over with make-up, and high heels. At the Monte Carlo, Tess and Andrew, hang out at the bar with Betty, the owner. The girls arrive and take a seat at their usual table. Penny waits nervously for her blind date while Zoe continues to pine over Jeff. Surprisingly Jeff shows up with a rose, but the rose is yellow, and he's only trying to make a gesture toward their lasting friendship. He leaves, and Zoe struggles to regain control over her emotions. Penny's date arrives, and she heads off to another table with him. Billy arrives, looking completely different out of uniform, and hangs at the bar afraid to approach Zoe. Andrew moves over to him, and with the help of Betty, convinces him to take a chance. The girls spot him talking to Andrew, and are surprised when Monica speculates on the object of Billy's affection. Billy approaches the table and asks Zoe to dance. She accepts and they get to know each other better on the dance floor. It is soon obvious that Billy is a wonderful guy, and that he's crazy about Zoe. After a while, he has to leave. He gives her a parting kiss and heads for the door, Andrew offers to walk out with him. Zoe is very happy. The next day at work, Zoe goes about her day trying to stay focused on the job and not her memories of the previous night. After a while she begins to doubt Billy's feelings because he hasn't shown up with his deliveries yet. Finally an RDS delivery guy shows up but it's not Billy. Zoe demands to know where he is. The delivery guy, Dave tells her that on his way into work, Billy was killed by a drunk driver. Zoe is devastated. She heads to The Monte Carlo to drink away her sorrows. While she's at the bar, a sleazy guy, Peter, continues to hit on her until she agrees to go home with him. Monica and Andrew arrive and stop her. Monica reveals that she is an angel, and that God loves her and loves Billy, and it broke His heart just like it broke hers. Monica assures her that love doesn't need to be saved for just one person, that you can love someone while they are there and that's enough. She tells Zoe that Billy died with no regrets because he told her how he felt. All that Zoe has to do is look to God, and listen for His answers, because He created love, and He is love.moreless
  • 10/13/01
    When a cancer patient is taken by Andrew, Gloria's curiosity about death is piqued. Monica suggests she take a "ride-along" with Andrew. Meanwhile Robbie McGregor locks his sister Sarah in a bomb shelter to protect her from their abusive father. He then returns the key to his father's hey-chain. Later on, mailman Chuck Parker comes upon the McGregor house. Robbie answers Chuck's "easy" baseball trivia question, then asks about a special package he is expecting. Chuck hasn't seen it, but assures Robbie that he'll keep an eye out. Robbie father, Gary, hollers for him to "Get in here!". Robby does, and Chuck gets back in his truck, only to discover the package. Chuck hurries up to the door, but before he can knock, he hears an argument. At the sound of a slap, and Robbie's "Ow!", Chuck rings the doorbell. When Gary answers, Chuck presents the package and insists that Robbie sign for it himself. Gary refuses, so Chuck leaves. Gary demands to know what's in the package, Robbie says "I can''s your birthday present." This changes Gary's attitude, and he goes to buy Chinese food for dinner, but not before Robby can once again steal the key to the bomb shelter. With Gary gone, Robbie frees Sarah from her hiding place. Chuck meets Grams' new nurse, Monica. Monica leads Grams to her room, and is surprised to find Gloria and Andrew waiting. This is part of the "ride-along". Andrew takes Grams Home. Across town, Gary is drunk again, so Robbie hurries Sarah back into the bomb shelter where she meets an angel, Tess. Chuck overcome with grief, delivers Robbie's package, it's a gun. He loads it and tells Sarah that everything will be okay. Robby puts the gun back in the box and hides it under his bed. But, before he can return the key, Gary wakes up and demands to know where he's hiding Sarah. Robbie refuses and hides in his room. Robbie aims the gun at the door, while Andrew and Gloria watch unseen. Robbie decides he can't do it, and returns the gun to its box. When Gary gets into the room, Robbie runs. He hides the box in a bush and takes off. Robbie rushes into the street in front of Chuck's car. Chuck accidentally hits and kills Robbie. The next day he shows up with a casserole that Gary chucks into the yard. While retrieving it, Chuck finds the gun. He takes it home and contemplates suicide in the garage. The angels have a revelation and Chuck recants, God gave him the gun to save Robbie's sister. Meanwhile, Gary has found the key amongst Robbie's personal effects. He opens the bomb shelter and yells for Sarah to come out. Tess confronts him, and Chuck arrives with the box. He shows the gun to Gary so he knows how bad it had gotten. Sarah confirms their fears and Gary crumbles. Officer Dave arrests him. Chuck agrees to stay with Sarah until she finds a new home.moreless
  • The Perfect Game
    The Perfect Game
    Episode 2
    Ben McCloud, ace pitcher for the AAA Richmond Braves, is on his way to the Major Leagues. His biggest obstacle is his father, Norm. Norm is constantly critical of Ben's performance, including a two-hit shut-out. He wants so much for his son to make it to the Majors that he will except nothing short of perfection. He wants Ben to succeed where he failed though he is, in effect, pushing his son down the same path that ended his career. He is constantly embarrassing his son in front of the other players, and Ben is approaching a breaking point. Monica comes on board as the team's new trainer, allowing Ben to vent some of his frustrations, something he desperately needs. His father will not listen to him, and if he knew, would prevent him from visiting his grandfather, Candy, a great ballplayer in his own time. Norm's drive is all encompassing, he treats his son as little more than an avenue to success, and his own father as a pathetic liar. He is unable to accept his own father's old story of pitching a perfect game and the even more legendary feat of striking out Babe Ruth. Now he doesn't even see his father, having abandoned him years before to a life of loneliness and a eventual stroke. Later on, while Ben is pitching a perfect game of his own, Monica and the Angels take Ben and Norm into Candy's memory to reconcile the debate surrounding "the perfect game." Tess shows them all how the game began, how Candy pitched, the Babe was defeated, and how anger and pride led a promising pitcher to a life as a baseball clown. With the memory played out, sons forgive fathers, fathers embrace sons, and Ben's perfect game resumes as though he never left. He finishes the game allowing no hits, walks or errors, and with his family finally together, he embarks on what will be a promising career in the majors.moreless
  • Holy of Holies
    Holy of Holies
    Episode 1
    Andrew pays a visit to Catherine, an 88-year-old woman who lost her husband in WWII. She has since lost her youth as well as her faith in her children and grandchildren. All except for one that is, her grandson, Paul. She shows Andrew a copy of the Memoirs of Nehemiah, an ancient document pointing out the hiding place of the Ark of the Convenant. After this revelation, she secures his promise to take it to the post office and ship it to Paul, who is away at school. Meanwhile, Tess, Monica, and Gloria are floating around Paul's campus and eager to get started on their next assignment. Andrew arrives and tells them what he saw. Gloria masquerades as a student to infiltrate Paul's history class. Here, she meets Thomas, a history professor with a zeal for Arklore. Later on Paul stops by Thomas' office with the Memoirs of Nehemiah. He thinks it might "be something important", because his grandfather traveled extensively in the Middle East during the war. Thomas assures him that it's nothing, but becomes a bundle of excitement the moment Paul leaves. At a faculty party that evening, Monica poses as one of the people who gave Thomas his book grant. Thomas is furious. He can't show her anything of his book, because he spent all of the money and time devoted to it, on yet another trip to find the Ark. Gloria crashes the party, and eagerly gives Thomas a hint about the Ark that she found in the Bible. Now Thomas has all of the pieces. He immediately plans another trip to the Temple Mount, which Monica talks her way into being a part of. Gloria and Andrew will tag along. Later, at the base of Mount Nebo, Thomas uses all of his clues to pinpoint the location to the correct cave, they encounter Micah, who bids them "Stop in the name of Almighty God!" Thomas draws a concealed pistol, and threatens tot shoot Micah. Micah backs off. They continue on, but Gloria breaks her glasses and is forced to stay behind with Micah. Monica and Thomas continue on, leading obstacles and squeezing through cracks, until they are forced into some running water deep underground. Thomas loses his compass, but insists that they go on. Meanwhile, Gloria tells Micah of what is going on in the world, and he teaches her to sing. Back in the caves, Thomas reveals the real reason for his obsession. He was looking for the Ark years before, his wife came to visit, and she died in a cab crash on the way to the airport. He must find the Ark so that her death will have meant something. They come to what appears to be a dead end, but Thomas finds an inscription, which Monica translates as "You are standing on Holy Ground". Thomas gets very excited, throws down his equipment, and begins to hack away at the wall with his pickaxe. Thomas breaks through to discover a veil obscuring an altar on which the Ark sits. Micah is there with a sword, he reveals himself as an Angel set to guard the Ark. He turns to Monica, who is gone. When he turns back to Micah, Gloria, Monica, Tess, and Andrew are at his side. They all glow, and begin a revelation. They tell him what the Ark means, and why it is hidden, and that the time isn't right for it to be taken from this place. If he wants the vessel of the Lord, he already has it, because He travels in our hearts. Thomas rails against them. The Ark begins to glow, and the Light is the love of God. Thomas is a changed man. He returns home, content, and tells Paul that his Grandmother sent him a treasure.moreless
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