Touched by an Angel

Season 3 Episode 6

Secret Service

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 1996 on CBS

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  • Giving up one's dreams for a single virtuous act still comes across as unrealistic

    This episode deals with an old story: a person consumed with ambition for a goal only to give it up upon finding one's soul.

    In this episode, we see a woman who has spent the last ten years of her life pursuing fame as a Secret Service agent. Growing up under an unappreciative, unloving father, she has sublimated her disappointment into career success. She finally attains her goal, and then just as suddenly, she gives it all up to help a dying friend.

    Admirable, but is it realistic?

    I personally do not find anything wrong with someone who completely blocks out the world in the pursuit of excellence. Read any bio of an Olympic athlete and every one of them will read like this. Yet no one would ever consider holding such single-mindedness against them. In fact, the world celebrates them.

    I liked the line by Ben Vereen when he stressed to Marty that she should not give up her life to save someone who had already lived his. I think a more challenging ending to this episode would have been if Marty decided not to make the kidney donation without making her look like a bad person.