Touched by an Angel

Season 6 Episode 5

Til Death Do Us Part

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 1999 on CBS

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  • An Andrew-centric episode is always a bonus, but the episode itself was a bit on the slow and predictable side.


    Monica, Tess and Andrew team up to help Molly Avery, a country woman who has a lot on her mind. Her husband is extremely depressed about turning 40 and Molly herself receives a phone call from her doctor's office saying that he wants her to go in for a biopsy on a breast lump. Molly is terrified as both her mother and grandmother died of breast cancer but she is determined that her husband's surprise birthday party will not be ruined and so, she chooses not to tell him or her young son who is helping to save the life of a young calf named Hannibal who was born weak and may not survive.

    Everyone is shocked when Molly's husband shoots himself in the barn, particularly Andrew, who had been speaking to him and thought he had talked him out of it. Andrew goes through a personal crisis and lacks belief in himself but he is able to help Molly gear up for the battle that may lie ahead.

    I've certainly seen better scripts than this one in this terrific show, but John Dye gave a fantastic performance as Andrew doubted his own abilities and it's worth watching for that alone.