Touched by an Angel

Season 8 Episode 10

Angels Anonymous

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Andrew, acting as a marriage counselor, sends Yvette and Peter there when they have trouble talking anything but work. Monica catches the eye of Michael, a lonely paramedic, and leads him on a wild goose chase ending at Bubba's. Tess sends Leigh and her "I'm the Boss" husband Jimmy to the dive in order to squeeze lunch into their thoroughly planned outing. And Karen, a lawyer who has lost her sense of purpose, is stranded in the Polynesian nightmare when a bad client, a flat tire, and returning angel Rafael combine to alter her day. As they become aware of each other and gravitate toward a single table, they catch up on the years gone by, and make the startling discover that their former teacher Dave Price is bussing their table. Dave denies his identity at first, hating what he's become, and despising what he is about to do. He has agreed to help Bubba, the owner, burn the place down in exchange for a chunk of the insurance money. He figures if he can dodge his students and forget the good man he used to be , he'll be able to go through with the arson. But after some prodding by Gloria, Dave admits who he is and how he got there. Soon the former students teach the about life, and tell him of the differences he made in theirs. Dave tells Bubba he won't do it, and reconciles with himself and his past. The meeting puts balance back into Leigh's marriage, gives Yvette and Peter something to talk about, and reconciles lost lovers Michael and Karen. Everyone is better off from their visit to Bubba and none of them knew the part the angels played in their lives.moreless
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