Touching Evil

USA (ended 2004)


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  • Season 1
    • Mercy
      Episode 13
      Three people die in a hospital, all ICU patients, all had doxigen in their systems(a drug that speeds up the heart rate)and the words "let me go" written on the backs of their necks. They investigate the doctor who over saw all the patients and the janitor but, then Creegan realizes that the killer had a near death experience(so that eliminates to doc and the janitor). So he puts a card on the bulletin that would attract that king of person. However before he finds out who looked at the card another patient dies. Then Creegan is almost killed and it is revealed that is Judith Carny who is the murderer. Once Creegan gets out of the hospital Carry call him and tells him that three more patients will die unless he comes to her and tell her what it is like on the other side. Creegan comes only to find that she is about to kill herself. He talks to her and finds out the patients names but she ten injects herself with doxigen. Creegan manages to resuscitate her.moreless
    • Grief
      Episode 12
      A man finds his wife in the trunk of his car dead with her hear remove. The team travels to Port Endicott, Washington where there have been similar cases. They investigate the womens' husbands, a cop, and a burglar but, they don't match the crime. Meanwhile Rivers finds his junkie brother dead and Creegan deals with his family gone. It appears that the case will go unsolved then Creegan realizes that it is the grief counselor who is doing it because he wants to comfort people. Rivers visits the counselor to deal with his brother's death and is almost killed but Branca and Creegan arrive in time to rush him to the hospital. Also Creegan's family returns at the end.moreless
    • Entropy
      Episode 11
      A man is killed with a knife whom the OSC thinks is about 6 ft and heavy set. A man like Creegan's friend, Cyril. Creegan tries to prove that it's not his friend but is unable to find him. Eventually he does but, Cyril is not taking his meds so he is not competent. Creegan let's him go. Meanwhile the anniversary of the OSC comes so everyone gets drunk. Then another body is found and this Cyril is given his medicine. He tells Creegan that it is his friend Spencer who said he was "going to take them home". Spencer is arrested and Cyril is sent to a medical institution. Rivers on the other hand deals with his junkie brother and Bernal causes a little friction between him and Creegan.moreless
    • Boston
      Episode 10
      A string of murders leads the OSC to Boston which is Creegan's hometown. A priest, Father Bob, is in confession with a man when the man tries to kill him. The man, dubbed the "Blade Runner", has committed 5 other murders. Bob tells the detectives all that the "Blade Runner" told him in the confession booth but, Brance doesn't believe because of her past experiences with Catholicism. The neighborhood watch had received earlier a photo of on the victims, by email, and another comes with a message saying he won't stop until the ringing in his head stops. Creegan thinks it's a guy with tinnitus so they arrest a medic with tinnitus, Sammy Rashaad, who was also at 4 of the murder scenes. Meanwhile Creegan visits his old neighborhood. Rashaad is released on the account that his has alibis for each murder. Creegan talks to Bob again and realizes they're after a mailman with a thing against faiths. They search Fred Stentz place and find that he is indeed the "Blade Runner". Branca, on the other hand, goes to Bob only to find him knocked out. Stenz almost kills her if not for Creegan's intervention.moreless
    • Attachment
      Episode 9
      A couple is found shot in their own home but, their boy is missing. Meanwhile Creegan deals with the fact that his kids are gone. The murder of the Armstrongs is connected to a string of murders done by a man nicknamed "the Morning Person". They find the boy, Eddie, with a woman named Abby Korchinoff(who could not have killed the Armstrongs because it was too professional) claiming Eddie is her son. Turns out that her son was stolen from her by a Ukrainian adoption agency and the DNA test is done and she is indeed his mother. An interpol agent comes and asks for their help in this matter so, Branca, who can speak Ukrainian, is sent to infiltrate the agency while the rest of the team try to find "Morning Person" aka Slansky, head of the child-smuggling ring. In exchange for getting her son Abby tells the OSC about Slansky and she and Creegan get alittle intimate. Branca "adopts" a child named Dora and gets attached to her so much when it's time to give to U.S. authorities she flees. Creegan and Abby are attacked by Slansky but, they manage to apprehend him. Branca is given the week off her actions.moreless
    • Love Lies Bleeding
      Emily Atkin is killed and the suspect is Mr.Clean, a serial killer who is out on parole but is missing. The father of Emily, Marin, blames Creegan because he didn't tell him about Mr. Clean. Martin tell's Samantha and Lily, Creegan's daughters, that it was their father that killed his daughter. Meanwhile the OSC tries to find Mr. Clean. Then Martin set's Creegan's family's house on fire. Mr. Clean is apprehended, Martin is sent to jail, Creegan's family is relocated to somewhere in Virgina, and it is revealed that Hank knew one of Mr. Clean's victims.moreless
    • K
      Episode 7
      Four teenagers mutilate horses but one of them backs out. The OSC intervenes because they think that whomever attacked the horses will eventually kill people. They think it's James Stoker a man who tortured animals for fun but hasn't been caught for killing people. A ticket is found at the site of three mutilated homeless men. Cyril had seen the killing of the men and he had called Creegan. The kids now think their big shots and they're high on K(animal sleeping pills) then three of them turn on the one who backed out. They chase him but don't get him however Creegan and Branca do and he finally gives up his friends. Two them also confess but the third, Jack, has something to show the detectives. During all this time they had been looking for Stoker and when they searched his house bomb blew and a cop was killed. Jack shows them where he left Stoker and he tells them he planted the bomb.moreless
    • Memorial
      Episode 6
      Three dead mean are found at a monument. They all have the same tatto which they trace to a woman whose boyfriend, Mike, served as a paramedic alongside the three men. They eventually find that Mike only wants to relieve his friends of the pain they lived in Iraq and they save his next victim. Also Creegan gets over that he touched something bad and it is alright to touch his girls after it.moreless
    • K
      Episode 6
    • Slash 30
      Slash 30
      Episode 5
      "The Hangman" for a year had been literally hanging people for a year and a reporter, Stephen Laney, has been following him for a year is also a former love of Branca's because the death of her fiance put some distance between them. Mark Rivers comes into replace Krakauer. They catch the guy but, it turns out Laney was giving info to Jeremy Carver, "the Hangman". They try to talk with Laney but, he kills a waitress and then tries to kill Branca but, Rivers shoots him.moreless
    • Justine
      Episode 4
      Three women are found beaten to death out side of strip bars where Justine who worked at those bars and killed her pimps. Also Creegan realizes that Krakauer killed Hinks. Justine gives Creegan and Branca letters from various people. Crackhour confesses killing to Hinks however there is not enough evidence to convict him. They find the killer however he is killed by Krakauer .moreless
    • Y Me
      Y Me
      Episode 3
      A woman is burned to death with strange markings which is same thing with a previous victim. They investigate and they think their perp is man obsessed with fire. However he is at his apartment when a third attack happens. They reexamine their victims and find that they all related to a woman who was a friend of the second victim. They manage to stop her before setting a blaze to a fourth victim. Also in this episode Cyril is found to have a job as teacher and David tries to overcome his insomnia.moreless
    • Pilot (2)
      Pilot (2)
      Episode 2
      They manage to arrest Dr. Rhinks but, he is soon released. David then takes Cyril to the psychiatric facility where he was placed after he died and came back. Then he visits old neighbors of his and finds out that Rhinks likes watching things die. They check his house and garage but they don't find the boys. David then does an illegal interrogation with Rhinks and in the process he gives Rhinks a nose bleed. David takes the tissue he used to wipe away the blood and takes his dog to an abandoned apartment that they searched earlier but found nothing. The dog leads him to where the boys are. However he can't arrest Rhinks so David goes over to his house to kill him but he has already committed suicide.moreless
    • Pilot (1)
      Pilot (1)
      Episode 1
      David Creegan goes into to arrest a man but is shot and falls out a window. He dies but he comes back to life. Three years later he is assigned with Susan Branca. Their first assignment, the disappearance of three boys. They find at the first crime scene a flower and at the second another one. Suddenly they see a man that could have done it. They chase him and he is apprehended. However he is not their man because he thinks real life is a dream and a dream is real life. They then talk to Dr. Rhinks who gave a statement about a an abduction similar to this one. David knows he's the guy but, but is unable to prove it. David talks to Cyril, the man they apprehended, and he points out Dr. Rhinks from a series of photos. They manage to arrest Dr. Rhinks, but he is soon released.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1