Touching Evil

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Jun 14, 2004 on USA



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    • Branca: You know, I think, I feel I don't tell you enough.
      Creegan: I still get it.
      Branca: But I worry about you.
      Creegan: You don't need to with me.
      Branca: I do. I sometimes worry that you wanna go back, like it was better over there.
      Creegan: If I thought it was so great over there I wouldn't work so hard here. (pauses a moment overlooking his partner) You know I read once that life is the illusion, I disagree. (leans in to whisper) Death is the illusion. This is real.

    • Creegan: Would I still be your partner?
      Branca: I don't know. Do you think we'd still like each other if we just met each other on the street?
      Creegan: Definitely not.
      (Branca chuckles)
      Creegan: No, I would like you, but you wouldn't like me.
      Branca: Yes I would.
      Creegan: No you wouldn't, because you don't talk to people on the street.
      Branca: Yes I do.
      Creegan: You never talk to strangers. No.
      Branca Oh yes I do.
      Creegan: No.
      Branca: Of course I do. Yes I do.
      Creegan: No, no, no.
      Branca: Wanna try me?
      Creegan: Sure.
      (Both walk in opposite directions and turn back toward each other, like they don't know each other)
      Creegan: (whistles) Hey gorgeous.
      Branca: Hey handsome. (Gestures to his head, where the scare from the bullet is) He what's that thing right there?
      Creegan: Oh you gotta point right at it. Thanks. It's a long story, I don't wanna get into it.

    • Carny: (giving plastic stethoscopes to some kids) These? These make you official staff members.
      Creegan: Can I be an official staff member? Can I? Can I? Can I? Huh?

    • (Creegan unhooks his IV)
      Branca: What are you doing?
      Creegan: I'm full.

    • Enright: Reeds is getting out of the hospital next week.
      (Creegan claps his hands)
      Branca: All right!
      Enright: Creegan, he's still in rehab. No late nights.
      (Creegan claps using his right hand on his left arm, making less enthusiastic clapping sounds.)

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