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  • only seen it once. got the phone scheduler and added the whole season. I don't want to miss an episode. Cool lead actor.

    great choice of actors. I saw burn notice and like the lead actor in a non-gay way. I like that he has unpredictable behavior but it's driven by human emotions. He breaks the rules here and there but he brings in results. when the world it's full of rules. It's refreshing to see someone get it done no matter how. I only saw the pilot episode and was glued to the tv. i'm looking forward to seeing all episodes. i will always wonder why the show didn't make it. so what can i right to stretch this out. this is my first review ever. could be tha last.
  • BRING IT BACK This show is genius hello people its now 2008 and i loved it this show should not have been cancelled

    Jeffrey Donovan rocks what more can i say he brings this show to life and we need it back NOW The show is by far one of the best i have seen even if its four years after it aired the show is different dareing and a little dark and the comedy genius in jeffrey donovan makes david so believable he is one hell of an actor. If u like csi you will love this its a great show that has not been seen before its got the balls to that bit further than the rest well done bruce willis well done
  • Like many of it's kind (Veronica Mars, Firefly, Dresden Files) I was shocked that it got canceled...

    The story-line/writing was great, the acting great, I'm hoping the new series Jeffery is in (Burn Notice) isn't canned in it's first season. Personally I thought the least they could have done is do a little write-up tying up the loose ends left swinging when the gave the show the hatchet. At least shows like Veronica Mars got to clean up any hanging questions. Maybe the show will fix it by putting out a movie like Firefly did that ended up nicely clearing up MANY questions left hanging, but I doubt it since this show didn't have the following that Firefly did/does...still, it was a great show and it would have been nice. I say do a miniseries and clear up the loose ends to a great story!
  • This is a masterpiece of a show. Touching and unpredictable. It is not about the crimes, although they are captivating in their own right. It is about the people...

    This is a masterpiece of a show. It's depressing but I can't get enough of it. Most, if not all, of the episodes brought me to tears at one point or another. The majority of the cast portray characters with a few screws loose which make for some very interesting scenes. This show is emotional and unpredictable. It is not about the crimes, although they are captivating in their own right. It is about the people. Particularly Detective David Creegan.

    David Creegan was a straight laced FBI agent. He was married with two young daughters, was a brilliant detective, and was instrumental in developing the OSC, the Organized and Serial Crime Unit. That was until he was shot in the head.

    Legally dead for ten minutes, David came back to life with some important chunks of his personality missing. Depression, a lack of shame, suicide attempts, and seizures among other things caused him to divorce his wife and be hospitalized at a mental health center for a time. He does, however, gain the ability to see patterns instantly.

    Three years after being shot, David is recuperated enough to join the OSC. His behavior is impulsive, strange and erratic at times but he proves himself an asset to the team. He is emotional, caring and again, a brilliant detective.

    He's partnered with Detective Susan Branca, a stabilizing force. She does her best to keep Creegan from going over the edge... and doing something completely illegal. His boss and old friend, Commander Hank Enright is taking a risk by letting Creegan back in the OSC. I'm not sure Creegan would pass the very strict mental health guidelines the FBI employs. But Enright warns, right from the start, that he won't jeopardize the OSC for Creegan. If Creegan can't hack it, he's out. Agent Charles Bernal is a hot headed, by the books, cop. He can't stand Creegan but reluctantly admires his work. Agent Jay Swopes is the tech guy, shy but competent.

    This was a short lived series, but powerful, dark, and touching. The show never got a proper farewell (you never learn if Agent Rivers returns, if Creegan is ever able to rejoin his family, etc.), but there was a scene tacked on to the last episode that gave some closure and a sense of peace. A bit of light hearted banter between Creegan and Branca about how the job never has an end and what would they do if it really did have an end.

    I would buy the DVD for this show in a heartbeat. Still waiting. Until then, I'll have to be satisfied with what's floating around the net. ;)
  • Very dark, but cool.

    After being gone for a year after being shot in the head David Creegan return to the OSC, Organized and Serial Crime Unit and join up with his new partner Susan Branca. Only thing is, while being a good cop, his injury has caused some minor abnormalities.

    If you think that this is just another series about hard cops fighting crime, you're wrong. This series is more about the humans involved. You'll get to follow Creegan just as much in his personal as well as his professional life. Now, that is nothing new. Many series are like that, but no one is like Touching Evil. After a long term coma Creegan's life has changed in many ways and him finding his way to get along with his new way of life is an important part of the series.

    This series is a nice mix of drama, thriller and action. It has the characters with stories and personality. You really get to know them. There is the thriller element of hunting the suspect witch is often very suspense and well done. While it's a kind of serious series, Creegan's condition, the fact that he, among other things don't have shame, add a comic element to it all. He might do or say the craziest thing in very odd situations, yet this comes as well written lines. They are never out of place.

    The acting are very good. Jeffrey Donovan does a great job as Creegan and there is no lack of talent among the others neither. You should also take note of the music and the cinematography. These two elements gives the series it's own look and style. The cinematography looks great and you'll find some rather original shots. When it comes to the music this has it's own style witch I think is just great.

    If you like crime I would recommend Touching Evil. If you don't I'll recommend it anyway!
  • This show was so unique and quite dark yet genuine. The reason it could not build an audience of acceptable "we'll renew this show" proportions is because they changed the day and time more times than I can remember..

    This show was truly wonderful and original..It also sucks that USA Network could not give the show one or two more episodes to close it up..Frankly, I really do not think USA wanted it anyway...If one were to look at the shows they have on now, most are light and comedic and polar opposites of Touching Evil -- Psych, Monk, House..even shows that are a bit more serious such as Dead Zone or The 4400 are no where near the shade of black that Touching Evil was...Leave it to any network to **** a brillant show right into the incinerator making way for every Nashville Star!
  • How can anyone cancel this show! BRING IT BACK TO 2007!

    Deep mystery! Opposites definately attract. All actors create a sultry blend of action, drama, and mystery. Intense! Bring it back--same actors! I am in awe that this show never got a good start. There are only a few shows that displayed a well-rounded mixture of deep and dark suspense as well as mysterious character portrayal. With all of the current so-called crime "shows" presently on the air, how can this show fail almost three years later? Re-release the first season, and I am willing to bet that all 13 episodes will have even better ratings than when they first aired in 2004. Don't change a thing.
  • Best show ever

    Any network that would not continue this series is crazy. I watched every episode when it was on tv. When it never came back me and my friend spent years looking for it on DVD and then I found it. Although the company I bought it from bootlegged the crap out of it and the quality was horrible (I have already ranted and raged about this in another area of the forums) I watched all of the episodes until my eyes hurt from the blurriness of the recording, and then when I could see again I finished them. Awesome show.
  • Please oh please bring it back!!!

    I fell in love with Touching Evil before it premiered just from the previews. After one episode I was hooked and forever a fan. Finally a "near death brought back" show that had a decent story line, believable, and had great actors! This series so rocked! What happened?!?! I don't understand why they would cancel such a series hit which Touching Evil was going to become. And sexy, woo man he is hot. I loved the scrappy season of humor they had is as awesome as Law and Order CI dective Goren! Please bring it back, someone? I know it aired in Enlgand first and was remake but I loved the American verison and pray my dream comes true of it coming back.
  • Dark, quirky, intelligent...

    Touching Evil is a show I didn't even hear about until it was already cancelled. I saw one show on tv before it disappeared. I believe that if there was better publicity here in Canada for it, then it would have had a better chance.

    I think it only aired on one station here, and that was a Canadian station. USA and some of the others it was aired on likely lost out on the Canadian audience because most of us don't get it.

    With that said, I have seen all the episodes now. Downloading allowed me to watch the amusing and sometimes disturbing show.

    For Cop shows this was one of the better ones. I love Creegan's oddities and how he puts the pieces together. Unfortunately, I think his oddities probably pushed some viewers away. Jeffrey Donovan truly shined and it's upsetting that he didn't get a chance to prove how far he could take his character. This is a smartly written show and all the actors played their parts well, even the guest appearances.
    If this show ever gets put back on tv, I would definitely watch.
  • Loved this show! This show had a lot going for it and it was just dropped! This was a cop drama - but not just your average cop drama. This show was dark and edgy and leaned towards \"the unknown\".

    Loved this show! This show had a lot going for it and it was just dropped! This was a cop drama - but not just your average cop drama. This show was dark and edgy and leaned towards \"the unknown\". The basic story involved a detective that was shot in the head while trying to apprehend a murdered/serial killer. The bullet was nearly fatal and left him spending a year in a mental health facility. He returns to work for the FBI in a new division devoted to tracking/apprehending serial killers. The bullet caused much damage to his senses. As a result of this injury he no longer feels any kind of shame as he shows one time by starting to strip off his clothes on an airplane full of people. He also has a problem with his emotions or lack of. He’d had a wife and two daughters before the accident but didn’t return to them once he was out of the “hospital”. He didn’t want to put them through the changes that he was going through. He throws himself into his work and it seems that another result of his injury he now has insights that he was not capable of before. He now sees patterns that he didn’t before.

    Him and his new partner have some issues, she doesn’t believe he’s stable and ready to come back to work but she soon starts to learn that even though he’s lost a lot due to the damage to his brain – he’s also gained insights that others over look. He makes a “friend” a very interesting character whom believes that he’s from another planet and that his time here on earth is just a dream that he’s having. This actor is perfect. I forget his name but he’s the one with the “crazy” eyes. He’s a very enduring character and only adds to this amazing cast.

    I believe this show was a bit before it’s time. I don’t believe the regular public was ready for it. But now with the success of shows like Dexter, Six Feet Under and other dark quirky shows I think that Touching Evil would have succeed also. I think it simply needed the “cable” audience such as Showtime or HBO. I can’t even find the DVD’s for this show…. Come on Showtime – BRING IT BACK! Just think, a night of Touching Evil and Dexter – perfect line up!
  • It was an amazing show. Really any one who hasn't seen it missed out on alot and the worst thing is that we can't even see any more of it. I really can't believe that this amazing show stoped so quickly. It was one of the best! Bring it back!

    It really was an amazing shows. It is really one of the best I have ever seen. I am now quite annoyed that I haven't seen all of it. I missed out on so much. I'm glad I got atleast about half of the season. It was great. I really can't believe that it stopped so quickly.
    David Creegan, an agent in the OSCU gets shot in the head and it ends up that the part on his brain that is damaged is the part of his brain that controls shame. He ends up with no shame. It is amazing how good this show really was.
    I am so surprised it only went for one season. It deserved to go for way more.
    I don't really know what to say but I do have one question...
    What happened to Dora? Would have been great to see.
  • Another good show that fell through the cracks.

    The show was a good show like many others that have been canceled and fallen through the cracks of money vs. quality. The idea may not have been new, but it had a good set of characters and the twist on the story was a good one. It most likely will never be brought back but it’s worth noting to me, that it was one of the good ones.

  • Genious,simply genious. The characters, the actors themselves and story line were all superb. This show was quite possibly one the best programs to ever grace our televisions.

    To anyone who has watched this program it is already painstakingly obvious that it was taken off the air way before its time was up. The actors/actresses themsleves all seemed to fit their roles perfectly and seemed to have a real on going chemistry between one another. They all seemed to share a passion for their craft. This helped to create such dynamic characters which this show had in spades. Everyone from the unashamed, brash FBI character to the crazy person who thought that his own existance was a dream, were all perfectly created and came to life on screen. The plot was one of pure brilliance. It allowed for so many unexpected plot twists to occur at any time. Even if you have only read the plot summary from this website you can see all the potential it has for future episodes, not to mention the blossoming realtionship between the two lead characters. Even the introduction music was great as it seemed to encapsulate all the drama going on in the series. Its pottential was never fully realized though, as the show was prematurely ended. This show was able to do things that many others were not. If it had continued I could have seen it joining the likes of The X-Files and Stargate SG-1 as one of the best television series of all time.