Touching Evil

Season 1 Episode 5

Slash 30

Aired Unknown Apr 02, 2004 on USA

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  • This show just keeps getting better and better....

    Greetings readers and welcome to my first attempt at writing a review.

    I thought I’d start with a bit of background, a sort of recap if you will. Anyway, having inadvertently missed the first (Pilot) episode of this somewhat dark but intriguing series due to unforseen technical difficulties, I wasn’t going to bother watching it at all. As it turns out I ended up seeing the third episode (Y Me) and was suitably impressed, so I tuned in the following week for the next episode (Justine). Thanks to the “previously on Touching Evil” recap at the start I enjoyed this episode even more than last week’s – killing off a major character so soon into the series, DAMN, this show is capable of anything!

    OK, enough idle chatter, let’s get down to business. We kick things off in spectacular fashion with the eerie sight of a woman swinging in the breeze suspended by a noose from a bridge. From there things just take off. I’m not going to include any more spoilers, suffice to say this episode is definitely worth the price of admission. On another note (pun intended) music is something that’s not often mentioned in terms of being great but the music fits perfectly with what’s happening on screen here and the sound works well too. Even the show’s theme sets the tone for what’s to come. Overall an outstanding production.

    I know this was supposed to be a review and not a rant but I got a bit carried away. In the end all I can say is check out this episode, you’ll love it. In fact, check out the entire series, I know I’m really looking forward to seeing what's still to come.