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  • Hilarious and informative, Tough Crowd was one of the great late-night shows.

    Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn was quite simply, hilarious. Consistantly funny and informative, I used to love watching this show every single night.

    Despite the fact that it was an excellent show, its timeslot was its true death. Pitted against juggernauts Letterman and Leno, even with a Daily Show lead-in, spelled doom for the comedy news show.

    Still, it was great when it was around. The true star of the show was not, however, Quinn. Instead, it was his panel of comedian guests. Containing some of the best comedians of today, it was a great way to showcase the talents of comedians who people might not normally see unless they make an effort to visit comedy clubs on a regular basis.

    While a Tough Crowd DVD seems a longshot, the humor of the crew can be seen in the Comedy Central Roast of Denis Leary. Filmed at the height of Tough Crowd's quality, the roast features many of the show's regulars, and is a great source for nostalgia for fans of the show.

    Gone but not forgotten, Tough Crowd will be known as one of the great comedic news shows.
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