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  • A show that has stood the test of time, despite being a topical show that hasn't had a new episode since 2004.

    Let's face it, round-table talk shows have been done before and some have had far greater success that Tough Crowd had during its all-too-brief run on Comedy Central, but few can actually stand the test of time like it.

    The topics may be very dated, but the humor is just as fresh as it was back then. To watch these comedians pick each other apart and roll with the punches makes you almost wish you could join in with them. Watching any episode can tell you that despite some of the meanest slams you've heard in a long time, the guests typically had a blast making each episode (show regulars Nick DiPaolo, Patrice Oneal, Jim Norton and Greg Giraldo being the most shining examples of this). Some guest stars would seem a little out of their element at times (Pauly Shore and Janeane Garofalo particularly, among others) while others (such as Greg Proops) seemed to flourish in this style of no-holds-barred comedic debate. Simply put: its a show that one has to see to fully appreciate it, and it's a shame that Comedy Central decided to pull the plug on this show, much less as suddenly as they did.

    Also, to anyone who cries "Colin Quinn ripped it off of Bill Mahr!" I'd suggest you look up the Algonquin round table and realize that Bill Mahr ripped the idea off, too.
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