Tough Love Couples

VH1 Premiered Jan 01, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • 6/1/10
      Dresses and tuxedos are ironed, the rings are prepared, last minute worries and doubts are around the corner; it is time to walk down the aisle. This episode covers the bachelor/bachelorette parties, reunions with the other Tough Love Couple-couples, morning jitters and preparations and of course the wedding ceremonies. Who is most nervous? Who is determined to mend his broken heart and propose amongst all the love-struck couples? All the answers are found here!moreless
    • 5/24/10
      The couples are seperated from their partners in order to individually make the biggest decision of their lives: to get engaged or not. As the engagement ceremony, very similar to the ceremony in the beginning of the show, is coming up, Steve and Joann counsel each bootcamper in order for them to make the right decision. Which couples will be on the same page and which couples will end their relationships?moreless
    • 5/21/10
      The end of Boot Camp is dawning, and it's time for the couples to think about possible engagements. The couples are sent to a ring store where some couple struggle from not being on the same page while some browse the selection without problems. Who will breeze through the challenge and who will run scared? Later, a private conversation between one of the guys and a stranger is overheard by the girlfriend, causing a disaster.moreless
    • 5/17/10
      Exes arrive at Boot Camp, causing friction between some of the couples. Some fall back into old feelings for past spouses, some are passed by with flying colors. One bootcamper has especially big problems. Question is, will she continue with her current boyfriend or go back to the old one?
    • 5/10/10
      Trust is put to the test as lies, infidelities and secrets are brought to the surface when Steve interrogates all the individuals. Later, at group therapy, one of the bootcampers is caught in his own lies as a girl comes to visit.
    • 5/4/10
      The couples are sent to a game show where their boundaries are tested. Later, the girls and boys are separated and go out for a wild night on the town, where some are tested with flirting, stripper poles and kisses.
    • 4/26/10
      In order to spice up their sex lives, the couples go to a sex shop and individually buy things they might enjoy together with their spouse. Later, a text message leads to an infected and long awaited fight between one of the couples, leading them to land in the hot seat at the group session and new secrets being brought to the surface. Question is, can Steve and Joann save their relationship?moreless
    • Fighting Dirty
      Episode 2
      The couples are to get all their aggressions out and the couples have a green slime fight against each other. After a group therapy session, shocking revelations are made and one of the couples are pushed to the brink of breaking up. Later, the couples are given a challenge, to move new furniture into their rooms, causing two couples to have a spat.moreless
    • 3/31/10
      The couples are challenged to show each other, themselves and everyone else where in the relationship they are by dressing up for a wedding.