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Tougher in Alaska

Wednesday 10:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered May 08, 2008 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Extreme Salvaging
      Episode 13
      Thousands of oceangoing vessels brave the perilous Alaskan waters each year. Host Geo Beach will join Alaska's premiere salvager, Dan Magone, as he attempts to salvage a wrecked 197-foot barge in the deadly Shelikof Strait in the middle of a severe winter storm. Geo will also explore Alaska's dramatic history of shipwrecks and ride along with elite Coast Guard helicopters on a trip to service and maintain remote navigational aid stations out at sea.moreless
    • Extreme Isolation
      Episode 12
      On the pan handle, you have to provide for yourself. Geo Beach shows you how extreme isolation makes everything tougher in alaska.
    • Frozen Freeway
      Episode 11
      Travelers in Alaska face unique challenges due to both terrain and weather. This episode examines dogsleds, bush pilots, hovercraft and the Kuskokwim River, whose 724-mile frozen length provides a lifeline for numerous scattered communities.
    • Arctic Troopers
      Episode 10
      We see the unique challenges of peacekeeping in the vast wilderness state and take a look at Sitka's academy recruits in intense survival training. Officers investigate alcohol smuggling and caribou slayings.
    • Wild Waste
      Episode 9
      Waste disposal in Alaska; black bears after the trash in Ketchikan; a single plumber/electrician/carpenter for a dozen bush villages.
    • Dangerous Roads
      Episode 8
      The remote oil fields of Alaska's North Slope are reached only by the infrequently-travelled and extremely dangerous Haul Road.
    • Dangerous Earth
      Episode 7
      Dangerous Earth is episode 7 from season one of History Channel's reality series Tougher in Alaska. This episode originally aired on June 19, 2008. In this episode the dangers of the earth itself such as storms, cold and earthquakes have the men on edge. While tracking seismic activity on a mountain a team could be stranded overnight in a storm.moreless
    • Deadly Winter
      Episode 6
      Geo spends a week in Alaska's second largest city, Fairbanks, working with the North Star Volunteer Fire Department, hunting a band of wolves attacking local dogs, and visiting a Boy Scout troop learning to survive the bitter cold only 150 miles from the Arctic Circle.
    • Railroading
      Episode 5
      The Alaskan Railroad plays a vital role in the survival of medium cities and small towns, and adventurer, Geo Beach, wants to know how. The host climbs aboard a train en route to Whittier, making his way throughout five-hundred miles of rugged terrain to examine how one train affects the lives of thousand of people.moreless
    • Logging
      Episode 4
      Host, Geo Beach, heads to the Alaskan panhandle to report on the logging industry, where the region's dangerous surroundings put the logger's lives at risk, every day. Beach learns how to cut down spruce trees and how to attach them to logging trucks. He then follows the wood until it finds its way to local saw mills.moreless
    • Electric Linemen
      Episode 3
      Host, Geo Beach, heads to the remote village of Kasigluk, AK, to report on the difficult conditions that employees of the Golden Valley Electric Association endure while installing light poles and electric wires. The show records linemen taking on minus forty-degree weather so that their fellow Alaskans can have electricity in their homes.moreless
    • Salmon Fishing
      Episode 2
      Host, Geo Beach, travels to Bristol Bay, Alaska, to report on how commercial salmon fishermen compete with one another in order to bring home the biggest catch. Cameras capture what the fishermen endure during their all-night shifts, battle with the elements and interactions with local game wardens, who are trying to protect the wildlife.moreless
    • Gold Mining
      Episode 1
      Gold Mining is episode one, of season one of the History Channel show Tougher in Alaska. This episode originally aired on May 8, 2008. Viewers discover that everything is tougher in Alaska. In this episode the temptations and trials of gold mining in the cold and remote areas of the state are revealed.moreless
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