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my thoughts on stuff lol

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    hiya every1.


    I used 2 watch the show in my dad's bedroom when i was like um....about 9 or 10 yrs. as i was only 3 when it came out in 1987. i guess you could say i was obssessed with war films, series and books.

    although ilive the UK, so we didn't really know much about the vietnam war. but we did know a lot of soldiers died, who lied about there age just to get in to that war. its strange how in the first and second war they had the ages of soldiers 21 to 40 or 50. vietnam they had changed the age to 19 to whatever age. my grandpa said "it was so easy to lie about your age to fight a war you don't really understand."

    But in vietnam not many people understood it, but they did fight because they wanted to save there country.

    i think TOD was probably the closest and most realistic tv show. not just because the directors, the cast, the locationbut the music was so good. i want to buy TOD on dvd. but my dilemma is this you have to buy it from US/CANADA free post and packaging from amazon. then i've gotta also buy a new dvd player that is "MULTI-REGIONAL" i mean if i do buy TOD & a new dvd player and the dvds don't work, i am gonna kill someone. no doubt its gonna b my bro or sis lol. i loved that show so much i wrote it down.

    i admit i am still obssessed with war films bigtime, but not really a john wayne film. lol

    i hope u all have a good new year.

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