Tour of Duty

CBS (ended 1990)


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  • A surprisingly interesting show.

    Who said you can't find anything good by channel surfing? I came about this wonderful show at 4 PM on TNT one day. This has to be one of the best war TV shows ever made and would make a very interesting movie plot. I liked that the war aspect wasn't over-dramatized like other Vietnam movies tend to be with basically cursing and drug use...and sometimes plots that are unrealistic and make no sense. This show had some good acting and a really good plot. You were made to feel for the characters which I think is very hard in the war genre. Overall, the plot was a little hard to follow at times but it was very dramatic and enjoyable.
  • The best Vietnam series I have ever watched. Chacter based drama that didn't worry about being politically corect.

    I loved this show. At least until the "China Beach" era. Really wish the writers would have stuck with what worked in the first season and a half. I have to throw in a "Jericho" reference, both were(are) shows that stepped outside the box of traditional programming at the time and delivered quality television. The first half of Tour was as good a television series as I have ever watched. The characters were deleveloped perfectly and it was easy to understand the seriousness of the situations they encountered(at least as much as someone who wasn't there could). Even when new characteres were introduced they were worked into the "feel of things" perfectly and became part of the cast and never seemed out of place.
  • -

    This was a good show, but I'm not inclined to contribute here any more, and there is no way to close one's account here. This was a good show, but I'm not inclined to contribute here any more, and there is no way to close one's account here. bye bye
  • A great series I would love to watch again

    Does anyone know if there are plans to Rerun again?
  • One of the best and least well know series it has ever been my pleasure to stumble across

    I have just dusted off my collection of dvd's of this show and now i remember why i love it so much.

    The characters are all well written and develop through out the series to become very real people, with all the strengths and weaknesses you would expect to see, and by the end of series one, you will feel like you know each of the main characters.

    This programme does not shy away from the horrors and atrocitiesof war. And while it tells the stories of a group of young Americans, it doesn't always portray them as the heros. If you want to see a gritty, thought provoking drama, then this is definately the one for you.
  • Truly, one of the best shows ever made.

    I'm Canadian, so I have never really felt a sense of patriotism or connectedness to American-produced historical war movies or tv shows. I've felt that any that I've ever watched go through a process of trying to justify American involvement, or cast the Americans in a favorable light.

    Tour of Duty is special in that you aren't required to have any knowledge of the context surrounding the Vietnam War. Although the show focuses on a platoon of American soldiers and their hardships, it also gives a strong sense of the hardships endured by the other factions involved in the Vietnam War. It gives a true sense of what was felt by all, and really gives a different perspective on the events that transpired.

    Tour of Duty doesn't succeed due to the fact that it has incredible acting, impressive special effects, or nudity. That isn't to say that the acting isn't good or the set backgrounds aren't interesting. However, the true strength of Tour of Duty is experienced through it's ability to portray emotion, and induce emotion on the viewer. It's weird, but that simple fact is what makes this show better than anything else I've ever seen on TV.

    Although the series only lasts 3 seasons, it is definitely a must-see for anyone who takes TV shows seriously. Some presumed financial difficulties result in the latter half of the third season feeling diluted, but the rest of the series more than compensates, for an overall experience that truly defines it's genre on television.
  • This show really rocks.

    Platoon was one of the best movie ever made. This show almost resembles that movie, but instead of just 2 hours, it goes on as a tv series. each episode is written well, maybe this show is a fictional story about vietnam, it's a well made show that feels edgy. Each week you worry about someone in the platoon getting killed, and sometimes someone do die in it. Maybe because the actor is leaving the show or something. It's one of the best shows from CBS, I really like the theme music. This show reflects the 60s. it's not boring, it's a very interesting show to watch.
  • One of the best shows i have ever seen.

    Tour of Duty is supurb, very realistic showing many of the issues brought up in Vietnam and shows the brutal situations those men found themselves in. With a great cast from an very experienced Sgt. Anderson leading the charge in the bush, breaking in a green lieutenant who develops very well over the series, along with all the other "grunts". It shows corruption, greed, traitors, racial issues, civilian massacres, protesters, drug addictions, suicide, and many other issues. And then the ending arc showing solidiers trying to adjust to civilian life back in the world with some doing better than others, some having flashbacks, mental dilusions and peoples negitive reactions.

    Overall, great cast + great story = great series.
  • I love this show.

    One of my many interests is war. Tour of Duty is about the Vietnam war. It's really interesting and it captures the horrible things that happened during the time. It'a also sad at times. For example, you really get to know a character and he becomes one of your favourites... then he dies. This show is really good and it will remain one of my favourite shows.
  • Amazing Axn

    I wily like this show this so a great show about the American Army at Vietnam one of the wily Great Axn show all the Cast so Great and the story about the Solider and about the War are wily great I like the Part of the parts with the Gun I woes allways like that and the way that all the them allways togther This wily a Great show and this good to see this show every time
  • Being from the this period of time, I think this show showed the real life of a company in Vietnam. Myself being a Vietnam vet enjoyed the show and thought it should not have been given more years on the network. It showed a time of change in America.

    Please bring back more shows of this caliber. People are interested in the days news, that they can relate to. China Beach was another good show that did not last long enough also. Networks should show drama in the way they get their shows to air. America needs to be more americans and TV should try to bring these kinds of shows into american homes. Don't let all the Service related shows die, like Jag.