Tour of Duty - Season 2

CBS (ended 1990)


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Episode Guide

  • The Volunteer
    The Volunteer
    Episode 16

    Zeke meets Ben Sweet, and agrees to help Sweet get into fighting, but the results are disastrous. Taylor romances Lt. Patterson, who is investigating theft. Zeke and Goldman get trapped during a recon mission and are taken prisoner.

  • Hard Stripe
    Hard Stripe
    Episode 15
    While out on patrol, the unit stumbles across CIA recruiter Jim Doyle. He has taken possession of a case of Russian-made sniper rifles, and claims that finding him there was an accident. It is obvious that Goldman and his men have been used by Doyle to provide himself with an escort out of the bush. They get ambushed on the way out. They get most of the rifles back, but Zeke and Myron wonder why they were ambushed by Montagnards, a group known for their loyalty to Americans. Goldman decides to investigate Doyle and enlists Alex's help. Doyle learns he is being investigated and leans on Zeke to get the lieutenant to stop. McKay tries to convince Goldman that he should take a non-combat job "for Alex's sake". Taylor is upset because a soldier named Smith gets his sergeant's stripes before Johnson gets them, and Taylor think race has something to do with it.moreless
  • Sealed with a Kiss
    Sealed with a Kiss
    Episode 14
    A civilian, Ms Pierson, has set up classes for the soldiers, Zeke wants to drop out of the classes, but she convinces him to stay since attendance has tripled since he signed up -- and his is interested in him personally. Elsewhere, Alex is catching hell from her new boss who wants her to expose the fact that a new Army radar system doesn't work. Zeke runs into Jim Doyle, an ex-GI who is now making big bucks as a recruiter for the CIA. The unit is to go out with a Navy SEAL team. Lt. Ross is to lead them to where a Navy courier went down and is presumed dead. Zeke, who is questioning how well he would fit in "back in the world", starts to seriously consider Doyle's offer to work for the CIA. Alex tells Myron that she is dating an Army Intelligence officer in an attempt to get him a job in intelligence (and off of the frontlines). Zeke and Goldman go out with Ross who gives them suicide pills in case they are captured.moreless
  • Sins of the Fathers
    Sins of the Fathers
    Episode 13
    Zeke and the men are out looking for a sniper, and after entering a village Anderson sees movement -- someone in typical "black pajama" garb of the VC, who fires on them. It turns out to be a sniper, but a mother carrying her child as well. After he kills the woman, in obvious self-defense, Zeke has some soul-searching to do about his beliefs in the war. His relationship with Christine Pierson -- a woman sent to help educated G.I.'s -- gets more interesting. Meanwhile prostitutes are being murdered in Saigon. Alex goes after the story, suspecting a red-neck soldier who Goldman has already given too many breaks. The red-neck is a bigot who has already run afoul of Taylor.moreless
  • Lonesome Cowboy Blues
    A Vietnamese approaches Alex to ask her to buy something for her at the PX -- which is illegal. As an MP chases the woman off, Alex sees her drop a GI ID card. As Alex follows up on this lead, she goes on a mission to find Sgt. Jackson -- the sole contact the Special Forces have with a village informant. They run into a kid who claims to be able to get them to Jackson. The kid ends up wounded by VC. After they get back to the base, Alex tells Goldman that she is going to a dangerous part of town to find the Vietnamesse girl. Goldman insists that she takes 2 troopers and the 3 of them end up in trouble. Meanwhile the Kid is accused of being a VC informer. Anderson comes to his defense but in the very next mission they end up being fired upon as they land. If the Kid isn't the informant, then who is?moreless
  • Promised Land
    Promised Land
    Episode 11
    Word of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination lowers black soldiers' morale,
  • Nightmare
    Episode 10
    Bravo is assigned to go recover the bodies of a wiped-out US patrol. A doubly-bad job as the VC often booby-trap the bodies. McKay ferries them out. Anderson finds that one of the bodies is a close friends. The VC open up on the company, after a brief fight the VC retreat, Anderson in pursuit. There is some confusion in which the Americans end up firing on some Quakers. When Goldman calls for a helicopter to lift them out, they discover that McKay is missing. Back at the base, Goldman puts together a rescue mission. Meanwhile the Quaker (Curtis) admits that she is helping both sides. Danny, who has befriended the Quaker, ends up saving her from being raped but winds up with a manslaughter charge. And the Quaker will not testify for Danny as she is against murder no matter what the cause. While McKay is on the run and Goldman's rescue mission is delayed because of the brass dragging their feet.moreless
  • Terms of Enlistment
    A new man -- Woods -- walking point accidentally steps on a pressure-activated mine. While they are trying to get him off it, they are told a squad of VC are heading straight at them. McKay finally arrives to lift them out of the hot LZ. Zeke plans an R&R in Tokyo with Jennifer but the plans go awry when Major Darling offers Seymour a teaching post and position back in the States -- and she only has 48 hours to make her decision. Meanwhile a homosexual GI tries to commit suicide when he is being blackmailed. Jennifer tries to help him -- at the cost of her own career. Meanwhile Woods ends up in a fight, and Taylor realizes the man has career-potential abilities.moreless
  • Popular Forces
    Popular Forces
    Episode 8
    Anderson, Johnson and Ruiz train four South Vietnamese recruits whose inexperience poses problems.
  • I Wish It Would Rain
    Goldman's platoon leaves on another mission that brings them close to the Cambodian border -- which they are forbidden to cross. The VC attack and the Americans follow them to a stream that marks the edge of Cambodia, where the Americans stop, allowing the VC time to recover. The platoon goes back to planting electronic sensors but a soldier is killed. His friend (Taft) goes plunging across the stream after the VC (out of grief and rage). The rest of the GIs have no choice but to follow him. Alex is working on a story about this issue : American's crossing the border. Later Goldman and Alex go to an Embassy party while Myron has little patience with, and Zeke and Jennifer must cancel a date when Taft goes crazy and plunges into an ammo dump holding a live grenade.moreless
  • Sleeping Dogs
    Sleeping Dogs
    Episode 6
    Anderson goes into the jungle to find a disturbed friend who refused a transfer home.
  • Non-Essential Personnel
    Alex sets out to expose a major whose questionable judgement has caused casualties.
  • True Grit
    True Grit
    Episode 4
    Alex goes to see Dr. Seymour to do an article about battle fatigue just as Anderson and his men are prepared to leave for a mission. When they board McKay's helicopter, Ruiz gets violently ill and ends up not going. With his struggle with cowardice continuing he ends up going to see Seymour. The squad, meantime, has found a cache of weapons and ends up capturing two VC. The unit comes under fire. Martsen is sent back to the front, against Seymour's wishes, and nearly gets himself killed. Meanwhile Johnson has met up with a girl he met when he first came in country -- Ling. She is very pregnant and claims the child is his. Elsewhere, Goldman is upset over Alex spending all her time with McKay, and goes on a drunken binge that ends up inadvertently turning him into a hero.moreless
  • For What It's Worth
    While out on a patrol, Anderson and Goldman observe some VC transporting an American prisoner and photograph him before leaving the area. Although they are badly outnumbered, Ruiz stupidly goes back down the trail after a necklace he dropped, tipping their position and getting a man killed. Alex drops by to see Goldman. Zeke goes to the hospital to try to straighten out some records and ends up saving the life of psychiatrist Jennifer Seymour from a homicidally insane LURP. An explosion in the latrine sets of Major Darling, while Anderson suggests that it might not be VC but an American solider who planted the grenade. Taylor gets accused -- falsely -- of doing the dirty deed and now it is up to Anderson and Goldman to find a way to clear him. Ruiz begins to completely breakdown. Anderson's budding relationship with Seymour is short-circuited when he betrays her confidence by sharing information he gained from her in an effort to clear Taylor.moreless
  • Saigon (2)
    Saigon (2)
    Episode 2
    Anderson meets with his wife and sees her off after her announcement that she is remarrying. Goldman begins a relationship with Devlin which almost ends as they are both nearly blown up by a VC bomb. Percell is fed up with the senselessness of the war and Ruiz becomes convinced that he is going to be the next to die. Johnson and Taylor go to check on Bridger only to be told that he is dead (he is faking it), while Stacy Bridger has arrived to find her father. Goldman is ordered to have Alex pull her story about the soldier who died in the opium parlor and Zeke runs into Stacy Bridger -- rescuing her from some Vietnamese punks. He takes her back to the hotel where Zeke ends up trying to save a suicidal marine deserter. The deserter has sold information to the VC and ends up killing himself. Meanwhile McKay sends Goldman on a "snipe" hunt so that he can be alone with Alex, and inadvertently exposes Goldman to serious danger.moreless
  • Saigon (1)
    Saigon (1)
    Episode 1
    Having received some warning of the upcoming Tet Offensive (In Angel of Mercy), Bravo Co. is still unprepared for what happens to them after they are transferred to Tan Son Nhut Base outside of Saigon. Zeke and Goldman catch up with one of their men in an opium parlor and have a run-in with some Vietnamese thugs. The situation is basically under control until a female wire service correspondent -- Alex Devlin -- butts in. Alex explains that she was following up on a story lead. Lt. McKay is introduced as a chopper pilot who will be shuttling Bravo Co. As they prepare to leave on a mission, Zeke opens a letter from his ex-wife who claims she will soon arrive in Saigon to see him. The company is landed in a hot-LZ and only gets saved from sure disaster when Lt. McKay uses his helicopter to fire machine guns at the hostile position. Alex meets up with Jake Bridger who tells a story about VC infiltrating the cities as peasants. McKay and Goldman start to "argue" over both their increasing interests in Alex Devlin.moreless