Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk

TV Kanagawa (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Connected Hands
      Connected Hands
      Episode 12
      As the Tower of Druaga reveals its final form, Jil, Neeba, Kaaya and Saccubus finally confront each other. However, the final battle may not yet be over.
    • 3/20/09
      Neeba engages the Shadow of the King of Gilgamesh in battle but Jil arrives too late to help him. As such it is now up to Jil to defeat him.
    • Last Resort
      Episode 10
      Ki and her captors finally reach the top of the tower, and Jil is only one floor behind. However, the dark shadow of the king is waiting for them.
    • 3/6/09
      Jil is reunited with Fatina and the rest of the group and together with Gremica's party, Uragon, and Mite they clarify their reasons for ascending the tower.
    • 2/27/09
      Jil is separated from his friends and ends up running into Neeba but it isn't long before the brothers end up fighting. Meanwhile, an uprising is brewing in Meskia.
    • 2/20/09
      Jil's party once again encounters Koopa and Melt, who have become separated from the Golden Knights. Soon they are all attacked by dead friends and comrades who they longed to see one last time.
    • 2/13/09
      Kaaya and Neeba continue to ascend the tower but are being followed by a group of assassins. Meanwhile, both Jil and Gremica's parties are attacked by assassins in the dense jungles.
    • Land of Shadows
      Episode 5
      Jil, Fatina, and Utu continue to chase after Gremica, and Ki but first they must cross a barren wasteland filled with monsters. Meanwhile, King Gilgamesh attempts suicide.
    • 1/30/09
      Jil's party must once again fight and defeat Druaga in order to advance further up the tower. During the fight Jil loses consciousness and discovers the truth about Gilgamesh and what lies at the top of the tower.
    • 1/23/09
      Jil's party are reunited with Melt and Koopa in the higher levels of the tower. However, the group are soon betrayed by their old friends and only a stroke of luck allows them to escape from Uragon and the Golden Knights.
    • 1/16/09
      Jil, Utu and new party member Henaro agree to take Ki up the Tower. However, the royal forces continue to hinder their ascent of the tower.
    • 1/9/09
      Six months after the defeat of Druaga, Jil, Fatina and the other Climbers have moved on with their lives. However, when they encounter a mysterious girl being chased by the King's soldiers they once again prepare to journey to the top of the Tower.
  • Season 1