Tower Prep

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 28, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • i wont to know

    this show was epic so why did they stop showing it :(
  • I miss this show :(

    Im trying to find free full episodes :l On youtube they used to be on there all the time-But there gone now...

  • Pretty Darned Good Episode

    In the season finale of Tower Prep (possibly the series finale, as CN isn't exactly in talks to make a season 2 yet), we find Ian on a one-man mission to find Gabe and make an impossible break from the West Campus, rescue Suki from her overbearing father, find out which one of his friends has been betraying him to who he believes to be his worst enemy, and finally escape from the prison school known as Tower Prep. All in all, this was a darn good episode. We find out more about CJ's past and there were some WICKED fights (I didn't know that Headmaster could fight so well.... I may never look at my principal the same way again). I particularly liked the cementation of Ian and CJ's relationship. Since the first episode, I had hoped that they would get together. At first, I thought that she would want to stay with Cal, and then she admitted in 'The Rooks' that she liked Ian. In 'Trust', she all but proved her love with a kiss. Then Cal came back and ruined it all. Finally she broke up (though whether or not she liked him was left ambiguous as she declared her love for Ian while still technically dating Cal) with Cal (though I thought that this was rather mean as she broke up with him out of supposed suspicion of treachery when she knew darn well that she, herself, was the true traitor and that he was just trying to help [even though I do believe that Cal does have something to hide]). And finally, now that all information about her past was placed on the table and Ian has forgiven her for her treachery, they are finally free to move on in a relationship (which was almost sealed with a REAL kiss, until Gabe had to go and ruin it). One major problem that I saw was that a lot of the plot lines seemed very tacked-together to me. The only real thread that tied the whole episode together was Ian's rescue mission, which realy had little appeal to me because I've grown tired of Ian taking on the mantle of the group's Brendan Fraser. It was cool the first time, but now its gotten predictable and a little annoying. I mean, you always know who the hero is going to be: Ian. And you always know who's going to win a fight: Ian. The fight scenes were good, but, once again, they were predictable. You KNOW the whole time that Ian is going to win. Odds are, he won't even need help to do so. I also didn't like the way that this episode left so many things open-ended. Are Gabe and Suki going to get together? What ABOUT Suki (where will she go; what will she do; can she just pick up and live a new life somewhere else, completely free of her father, or will her father and family reconcile with her)? What was Cal trying to hide? What happened to Broken and Emily? I know that Headmaster said that he dealt with them, but how, exactly? Did he kill them or what? What happened to Connor? Why didn't Ian and his friends free him from West Campus when they came for Gabe (maybe it was payback for leaving them in the dark and stealing their leads)? Who are the board of directors, what is their aim, and if Headmaster is trying to stop them, then why is he working with them? What happened to CJ's mom? Who was that creep who kept telling Ian all of that stuff about 3s? (I do have my suspicions about him, though; i think that he's Norman from episode 6; think, Norman's power was to just 'know' things; he could have made a reappearance to finally talk to Ian) How are Ian and Cornelius Tower connected? Why did Ian's mom tell him that it was 'dangerous' for him to call her? Who is the seventh person that Whisper said would help Headmaster? How did Whisper 119 even SURVIVE reprogramming (if, in fact, she did survive [if she didn't and Whisper 120 was telling them all of that, it raises a whole new set of questions concerning her lack of conscience])? And the biggest question of all: what happens next? I don't like the way that the season left things in such an open-case state. However, this might make for a kick-butt season 2 if the producers play their cards right. If Paul Dini stays at the head, I'm fairly sure that everything will turn out fine.

    This episode was just amazing. Suki finally gets an interesting plot! The fight scene with Ian/Suki Vs. the guards was pretty good. I'm glad Suki used her powers to help Ian. Gabe's imprisonment was so-so. Demietries was an interesting character. I like how he stood upfor Gabe. Now we come to CJ, who is the snitch/traitor. I couldn't believe she was the one betraying the team, basically the whole time. I couldn't help, but feel a little bad for her. She does care for her friends. The Headmaster being her father was a shocking reveal. The Ian Vs. Head showdown was pure awesomeness! Team Ian is so badass! The Rooks Vs Team Ian fight was awesome. All of them fought, so that was good. CJ was like "YOU RUINED MY PARTY" and kicked the Rooks leader in his face! The ending had me confuse. Was this all a test? Hopefully the show is renewed for a second season, because they honestly left me wanting more.