Tower Prep

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2010 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • One of Ian's three roommates (Zack from episode 1) is missing in this episode with no explanation given whatsoever.

    • When Headmaster is listing what was stolen, he mentions a single laptop and says that it was taken from Arthur Curtis. However, when Gabe talks to the victim later, it's a girl.

    • Trivia: Gabe's full name is revealed as Gabriel Lexington Forrest.

  • Quotes

    • Don: When Ian Archer first got to Tower, all he could talk about was how to get out. Check him out now, right? Ian Archer--rebel on Monday, proge by Friday.
      Ian: Don Finch--a creep on any day of the week.

    • Headmaster: Ian, I'm sincere when I say that I want us to be friends, which is why we're having this little talk before anybody else gets involved. Did you take these items?
      Ian: No.
      Headmaster: You're not going to blame your roommates? Santa's elves?
      Ian: Santa's elves run this place?

    • Ian: Is this a test? A personality test, or whatever, to see if I'm--how I react?
      Headmaster: Ian, you and every other student here at Tower Prep passed those kinds of personality tests long before you were brought here.

    • Fenton: Say there, Archer. I understand you are the miscreant who absconded with my recordings of my renditions of the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. Now, I shall have them back, thank you.
      Chelsea: He cannot discuss his case with you.
      Fenton: You're expecting me to start my day without Carefully on Tiptoe Stealing?
      Chelsea: Yes, I do. Now, go tiptoe somewhere

    • Don: Did you see how Lisa eyed me?
      Ray: She did not eye you.
      Don: She did, like, say, "You're so disgusting," but there was, like, subtext.

    • Don: Lisa wanted me to sit by her.
      Ray: Get out, dude. She so blew you off.
      Don: No, she didn't.
      Ray: You sat down next to her. Then she stood up and moved away. What do you call that? A blow off.

    • Ian: Tower Prep school is built over an entire other structure. It's like a 1940s or 1950s building, or something. Could have been anything. A hospital. A laboratory. A factory?
      Gabe: A prison?
      Ian: Happy thoughts, Gabe. Happy thoughts.

    • Gabe: Not many opera fans at Tower except Fenton, especially when it's Fenton singing the opera.
      Ian: You think it was an act? Playing the victim when he was behind it the whole time?
      Gabe: Makes sense. I mean, I always said, "Anyone who enjoys opera must be evil."

    • Headmaster: Ian. I'm glad you were exonerated.
      Ian: I felt you would be. It's nice to know you're pulling for me, sir.
      Headmaster: Your roommates-- you never put the blame on them, even when you had the chance. I'm not sure they would've done the same for you.
      Ian: You see, it's those kind of perceptive observations that make you Headmaster, sir.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Suki-as-Ian: Thought you went to see The Bicycle Thief?
      Referencing the 1948 Italian film based on the novel of the same name. An unemployed man needs his bicycle to work, but it's stolen. The film chronicles his quest to recover the bicycle so that he can keep his job.