Tower Prep

Season 1 Episode 1

New Kid

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2010 on Cartoon Network
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New Kid
High school student Ian Archer wakes up one morning and finds himself a prisoner at Tower Prep, an exclusive school where all the students have special "gifts"... and there's no escape. Ian befriends three other students, each with their own special ability, in an effort to find out where they are... and leave.moreless

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  • X-Men, Harry Potter, and The Prisoner

    You might find three more disparate sources than the X-Men, Harry Potter, and the British 60s series The Prisoner to pull together a new TV show, but it'd be hard going. Paul Dini effortlessly manages to mainline all three shows into one gestalt. This is a better Prisoner than the AMC remake. As long you don't mind Patrick McGoohan being replaced with a superpowered high school student.

    The show does creepy pretty well, and isn't afraid to hold some stuff back. What are the Gnomes? What is the objective of the Program? What other superpowers do the students have? A lot of shows would either lay it up out front, or give you a garbled conclusion (Persons Unknown, that means you). It's too early to determine whether Tower Prep will end in tears, but it seems unlikely given its Paul Dini pedigree. He seems to know what's going on from the very first, and has everything seemingly laid out.

    The only thing offputting is the host of familiar faces, at least to anyone who watches Smallville, Stargate, and Supernatural. From Smallville alone we have Speedy, Rick Flag, Lightning Lad, and that couple-abductor jeweller from Season 9. A few obscurer faces in major roles would have worked better and added to the paranoia. Leverage and Haven, by comparison, finds obscure actors every week.

    Overall, I'm looking forward to seeing how things play out.moreless
  • Decent Episode

    This episode introduces into the world of heroism a new one, Ian Archer, an average teenage boy who' just like most other kids in that he's trying to find his way in the world. That attempt is made even harder when he's kidnapped (perhaps by his own parents) and sent to a school that makes it their purpose to bring students to their 'unique potential' and chooses to accept no less than the best. This episode left me hanging and wasn't as action-packed as I had hoped it would be, but it did a pretty good job of setting up a mystery that will span a season or more and also introducing the primary cast.moreless
  • Ian wakes up in a strange place. Nothing makes sense, and he tries to escape but fails - though he makes some new friends in the process.

    The first episode of this show is quite intriguing. While it caters to the classic 'guy gets in lots of fights, gets in trouble at school, something extraordinary happens to him,' the show develops the tack in a new way; rather than have him be almost incapable and have to acquire the capabilities, he already has all of the physical requirements for escaping - he only lacks the know-how. While the acting itself is not award-winning thus far, the characters keep bringing the audience back into the intrigue of the story itself. And while the first episode smacks strongly of hinting that the basis for the show is a plot similar to the one found in "Nightmare Academy," by Frank Peretti, there are many ways it can yet be explored.moreless
  • Should I be ashamed I liked this so much?

    I was reading some of the news articles and this show was mentioned. Looking over the show description I thought it was worth a Sunday afternoon to sit and watch it, so I PVR'd it. To be honest I didn't believe that a show created for the Cartoon Network was going to be anything worth watching but I was defiantly mistaken. Right out of the gate you start asking questions with the main characters. What is Tower Prep? Where is it? Why are these kids there? and How can they escape?

    This idea of a school where you just wake up and everyone around you has some sort of gift or power. it reminds me of a different spin on Harry Potter.

    I was interested by the Characters and the mash up of different personalities, those you would assume were Ian's friends (his new roommates) end up being the bullies. And those snotty girl he meets on the way to his orientation will accept him into a group of young kids that will not take this situation lying down. This is a definite "watch" for those of you that have children or babysit and want to be able to spend some time with a younger audience (or make them sit still) but will still captivate and interest you.moreless
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    • Headmaster: "Excels at all sports, particularly martial arts." I heard you ran into the Buffer team. Consider joining?
      Ian: I'm not a team player.
      Headmaster: Yet.

    • Ian: So, Head Master, uh, is that it? Just one name, like Pink, Rhianna?
      Headmaster: Staff are addressed here by their titles--Science, Math. I think you've already met Coach. Keeps things simple yet respectful.

    • CJ: Keep up, Forrest
      Gabe: Guys, come on. I wasn't cut out for this, all right? I can talk my way out of a fight, I can do that. Scaling walls to freedom, not so much.

    • CJ: You remember Gabe Forrest from class.
      Ian: Yeah. Funny guy.
      Gabe: It's a gift.

    • Ian: You guys were fighting back?
      CJ: We've been jerked around long enough. We had to fight back.
      Ian: Man, am I glad I met you guys.
      Gabe: Yeah, I guess we're glad to meet you, too.

    • Gabe: Hey, Ian, you want--you want to know what I can do?
      Ian: Unless you can teleport us home, I'll pass.

    • Gabe: Fine. Hey, guys. how are you? Love the eyes. Really brings out the creepiness. So listen, i think there's been a huge miscommunication here. Yeah, you see, my friends and I, these guys, we just took a wrong turn after study hall, chased a baby raccoon out here. You should have seen his face, he was so adorable.
      CJ: Don't worry. He can talk his way out of anything. That's his ability.
      Gabe: I don't think there's any reason for us to be running around the forest screaming our heads off like crazy people--or howling, for that matter, sir. Okay? We're just going to head back to campus, and you gentleman, well, you gentleman can fly back to the Batcave or wherever you hole up. I can see you're getting a little angry.

    • Ian: Picking up anything besides embarrassment and the desire to inflict pain?
      CJ: I see Zack's tear ducts welling up. Going to lose it.

    • Suki: You're different, CJ. You've been here all along. But the three of us--our parents knew about this. They decided to send us here. If we go back, what do we go back to? What will we have if they reject us?
      Ian: We'll have each other.

    • Headmaster: Mr. Archer. So Math tells me there was an incident last night involving your roommates.
      Ian: Guys just being guys, I guess, whopping it up naked on the lawn, setting off the security system just for fun.
      Headmaster: You didn't see anything unusual?
      Ian: I did mention they were naked, right?

    • CJ: Headmaster didn't appreciate your message.
      Ian: Well, we're even. I don't appreciate his school.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Gabe: We're just going to head back to campus, and you gentleman, well, you gentleman can fly back to the Batcave or wherever you hole up.
      Referencing the underground base of the DC Comics superhero, Batman, created by Bob Kane in 1939. Originally a simple chamber, Batman expanded it throughout the years. It has been invaded and all but destroyed several times, and Batman has created a number of subsidiary "Batcaves" throughout Gotham City and in other cities, although they are not all literally caves.