Tower Prep

Tuesday 9:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Oct 19, 2010 Between Seasons





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  • When you see a live action series on CN, it means one thing: CRAP

    But once I saw this show, I wondered, "Why did I think that?" And now I'm thinking, "Why the hell is (was) it on Cartoon Network?"

    Ever since 2007, Cartoon Network always bring in shitty shows, especially live action shows. And since I seen this, I knew CN would find some way to fuck up the production. It was only on air for 3 frickin months, and they pull it off the network. Just like that. Just like what they did to Sym-Bionic Titans.

    I swear, if I ever get famous, and earn over a billion dollars, I'm going to buy out the Time-Warner company, and just discontinue Cartoon Network. It's basically a waste of a channel at this point, except for Adult Swim however. I hope it will get its own channel soon. I can't stand waiting 16 hours for it to come back on...