Tower Prep

Season 1 Episode 5

The Rooks

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2010 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Ian returns to his room and opens his wardrobe. He sees a hooded figure wearing a bird mask in the mirror and hears another figure outside. The one in the hallway returns and Ian follows it, only to lose it. Ian hears someone approaching around the corner and attacks, only to discover that it's Gabe. Gabe identifies the hooded figures as the Rooks, panics, and then starts cheering them. He explains to Ian that the Rooks are the coolest fraternity at Tower Prep, and assumes that they want him.

Back in their room, Gabe explains that the Rooks are a secret society, and their too powerful for even Headmaster to stop. Ian isn't impressed and goes to bed, but Gabe prepares to stay up all night waiting for them to recruit him. No one comes and he dozes off. The next morning, Ian wakes him up and points out that no one came for them.

At the cafeteria, CJ watches as Noelle puts several grains of salt in her oatmeal and then complains that it's too salty. As she greets her boyfriend, Jordan, they embrace and a Monitor breaks them up. Another student explains to CJ that dances aren't allowed, and demonstrates some moves. The Monitors give him a first warning. Headmaster broadcasts to the students, warning that the Rooks aren't sanctioned by Tower Prep, and the students involved will be transferred to West Campus if captured.

Gabe and Suki come over to join CJ, and argue about the Rooks. Suki objects because it's male-only. CJ wants to create a school-approved activity where boys and girls can hang out together, and proposes a dance. Suki wonders if Headmaster will give them permission. CJ goes to Headmaster, who denies her request. However, she reminds him that he owes her, and he reluctantly agrees as long as she upholds stands of behavior.

At the gym, Gabe watches as Coach uses a paint gun to train Ian in the use of his preflexes. He catches and avoids most of the pellets, and dodges the remainder.... except one. He complains that Coach is using two guns, and that he isn't getting anywhere. Coach explains that Ian's preflexes can't process multiple input sources... yet. Afterward, Gabe congratulates Ian and admits that he's perfected his powers. Ian suggests that he hypersuade the Rooks, but Gabe says that he can't find them. He talks about how the Rooks swoop in and kidnap a recruit... and discovers that Ian has disappeared. Another Rook grabs Gabe and puts a hood over his head.

The Rooks take Ian, Gabe, and three other top students to a secret chamber and remove their hoods. Ian notices Ray among the group and decides to leave, but Gabe asks him to stay for his sake. The Most Exalted One, Jeremy, introduces himself as Odin, and says that they will have to pass a series of initiations before they can become Rooks. He then brings out a vial of "blood," actually fruit punch, and pours it into a chalice, and then invites the members to drink from it. Jeremy says they can leave without repercussions, but if they stay then they're his. He tells Gabe to drink the blood and take their vow as his first test. Gabe does it, and Jeremy gives the chalice to Ian. He reluctantly drinks.

The Rooks then put them through a series of humiliating rituals. As they do so, Ian notices a book with the Rooks' insignia on it. Jeremy tells him that he can't see their secrets until he becomes a member, and admits that they defeat Gnomes. He then attacks Ian, displaying his own preflex ability and defeating him. Jeremy tells Ian that they know the things that Headmaster and the teachers don't want him to know. Ian tells Gabe what he's learned, and considers joining them to master his abilities and learn the secrets of Tower Prep. Gabe refuses, insisting that he wants to become a Rook

CJ and Suki organize the dance committee, and several teachers, including Coach, arrive and give them a 1950s regulations book. It was the only one they could find. When CJ complains, the teachers tell them that they have to play by the rules.

Ian and Gabe drink more of the blood, and Jeremy tells them that all of the Rooks are dedicated to furthering their special abilities, which makes them the most powerful at students at Tower Prep. He then informs the five candidates that only one of them will be chosen as a Rook. Jeremy takes out two paintball guns and explains that they will be loaded with blue paint balls, and red paint balls. Anyone hit by a red paintball will be out.

The Rooks take the candidates to the skills lab and fire at them. Ian and Gabe avoid the enemy fire and the other three candidates are eliminated. Jeremy gives the shooters the last red ball and tell them to avoid Ian. Gabe trips and Ian leaps forward, grabbing the red ball in mid-air. Jeremy is surprised and shocked, and Ian insists that they both stay. Gabe wonders how he did it, and Ian says that he plans to find out.

Suki and CJ read the rules, and have no idea what they mean since they're so outdated. Noelle comes over and says that she's excited to be going with her boyfriend. When CJ admits that she wishes someone would take her, Jeremy comes over and offers to let CJ dance with him, but she turns him down. He warns her not to wait too long and leaves. Once he's gone, the girls snicker and wonder how anybody could fall for such a lame routine.

Ian enters the Rooks' secret chamber and finds Gabe scrubbing the floors with a toothbrush and wearing women's clothing and a wig. He wonders why Gabe would want to join a group that's so intent on humiliating him, but Gabe warns him not to snoop around. Ian figures they need to snoop around while they have the chance, in case they don't make it. Ian's preflexes warn him that Jeremy is coming, and greets him at the door without giving himself away.

CJ reads more of the dance rules, while Suki tries to get permission from the teachers to play modern music. When they get back together, CJ admits that she only suggested the dance to get together with a guy, and to see what a normal life could be like. Suki figures out that she's talking about Ian.

Ian returns to the hidden chamber and opens the box with the initiation blood. He also finds a case with four vials of something called Corvus H-40. When he hears someone coming, Ian takes one of the vials and puts the others back. Jeremy and the others burst in, tie up Ian, and put him into a coffin. As the Rooks chant their oath and declare Ian worthless, he breaks out and finds them waiting for him, in their school clothing. Jeremy declares that Ian the Squab is dead, and he has been reborn as a Rook. They offer him a toast, and Ian asks where Gabe is. Jeremy says that Gabe means nothing to them.

In his room, Gabe seeks solace from his sock monkey.

Jeremy tells Ian that he could one day lead the Rooks, and they can make him more powerful than he'll ever be. Ian agrees and asks for the secret of accelerating his power. Jeremy tells him that there's no hurry, and Ray refills Ian's glass.

The next morning, Suki comes to find Ian, who has had a late night. He's worried about Gabe, but notices that Ian has food samples for the dance. He spits it out and she explains that it's watercress, and goes to find Gabe. Suki tries one of the sandwiches, spits it out, and drinks some of the blood from Ian's glass that he left behind.

In the cafeteria, Suki responds to Whisper 119 and unconsciously impersonates the computer's voice. CJ is talking to Jeremy and tells him that she may not be able to dance. When he asks her to wait for him, Suki repeats everything that CJ said early about his lame routine, in CJ's voice. She then continues to impersonate CJ and insult Jeremy. He storms off and Suki explains to CJ that her abilities are in overdrive. They realize that the blood drink is responsible. CJ drinks some of it and then takes it to Noelle to try. Noelle has enhanced perfect taste, and notices an unidentified chemical. Ian gives her a sample of the Corvus H-40 and she confirms that it's the same thing as in the drink.

The trio realize that the Rooks found the formula in the secret passageways leading to the various labs. They go down into the tunnels and find a lab, and discover the Rooks' sign. The sign forms the letters CT, and figure that they represent the initials of a man, Corvus Tower. They look for evidence that links the Rooks to the school, and Ian finds a file of clinical trial reports. There are photos of students, including Coach, and wonder if they're guinea pigs. Ian then remembers where else that he's seen the symbol.

Ian goes to Coach and asks him about Corvus H-40. When Coach tries to deny it, Ian points out that the symbol on his watch is the same symbol the Rooks use. Coach says that they haven't produced Corvus H-40 in years. While it was a performance enhancer, it was also addictive. Ian worries, but Coach assures him that it takes month to become addictive. He warns Ian that using it is a huge infraction, and Ian offers to keep his secret in return for Coach keeping his.

Gabe goes to the chamber to look for Ian, and Jeremy tells him to leave. When he asks why Jeremy wouldn't accept him, Jeremy says that they never planned to take him. Gabe realizes that they only used him bait, and Jeremy tells him that if he says anything, they'll make his life miserable for the next three yeas.

On the night of the dance, Suki comes to get Gabe, but he's not in the mood. She leaves without him.

Ian goes to the chamber to warn Jeremy about the effects of the drug, but Jeremy orders the Rooks to ruin CJ's dance in revenge for her apparent humiliation of him. When Ian refuses to go along, Jeremy attacks him. He holds his own, but the other Rooks knock Ian out and tie him up. They then don their masks and go to the dance, leaving Ian behind.

At the dance, CJ realizes that things aren't going well and nobody is dancing. The masked Rooks storm in and start pulling down the decorations. CJ tries to stop Jeremy, but Gabe comes in. He says that he cares about CJ and she cares about him, and they're not going to wreck the dance. He confronts Jeremy and uses his hypersuasion to make the ringleader remove his mask. When Gabe threatens to make the others unmask, they run away. Coach grabs Jeremy and hauls him off to Headmaster, and CJ and Suki hug Gabe. Gabe goes to the chamber and finds Ian, tied up. He can't help rubbing it in a bit, and then explains that he already stopped the Rooks. Ian admits that Gabe succeeded where he failed, and Gabe explains that Headmaster cancelled the dance.

Back in the dance hall, Ian assures CJ that her idea was great. CJ gives the regulation book to Suki and walks away.

Coach tells Headmaster that he informed Ian that Corvus H-40 was just a performance enhancer. He tells Coach to watch Ian and alert him if Ian takes any further steps to investigate the Rooks or Corvus H-40. Coach addresses Headmaster as Most Exalted One and leaves to obey his commands.

As CJ walks down the hall, someone puts a hood on her and abducts her. She's taken to the hidden lab, and Ian, Gabe, and Suki reveal that they set up a private dance just for her. Ian invites her to dance and they all celebrate.