Town Haul - Season 2

TLC (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • If You Build It, They Will Come
    The team's time in Laurens comes to an end with the successful opening of the Farmer's Market, complete with Genevieve's milk, Jimmy's honey and Patrick's pies. Meanwhile, the entire town is buzzing about who the special musical guest will be at the inauguration of the new outdoor amphitheater.
  • Eat and Be Musical
    Eat and Be Musical
    Episode 5
    Genevieve and her team scout three possible locations for a new town concert venue, including a huge concert hall, a rundown theatre and an outdoor amphitheatre. Meanwhile, Patrick begins to grate on the nerves of not one, but three Project Managers, when he disagrees with the construction of the Farmer's Market and provides poor leadership to the workers at the Amphitheatre.moreless
  • The Changing of Perceptions
    The 3-Star Club gets a new name and a huge face lift, as Babs and Dabs hire outside help for some varied input. Elsewhere, Sarge is moved to tears by the renovation of Backstreet. Meanwhile, planning on the Farmer's Market begins, with controversy from the get-go.
  • Abandoned and Unwanted
    Work begins on two new projects, including the restoration of an area that once housed the black community of Laurens. Former military man Sarge is put in charge, but Genevieve has a plan to get him to follow orders. Meanwhile, twins Babs and Dabs are made Project Managers of restoring the 3-Star Club, a local teen hangout that has fallen on hard times.moreless
  • Beauty and the Beast
    Gerald's family come from all over to hold an intervention to get him to pick up the slack and get to work as Project Manager at his father's barbershop. Work on the park is completed with a playground, golf course and horseshoe court.
  • Town Haul Heads Down South
    Genevieve and her team move south to Laurens, South Carolina for their next big overhaul. The town welcomes them with open arms, and the first two projects are underway. However, tensions flare when new general contractor Patrick Brown butts heads with Genevieve over a decrepid barbershop building, and things escalate when the Project Manager doesn't show up for days. Meanwhile, William is skeptical when Genevieve appoints a 7-year-old boy as Project Manager for the new town park.moreless