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Wednesday 8:00 PM on Travel Channel Premiered Aug 15, 2012 In Season


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  • Fun as it should be

    Stumbled on the show with low expectations. I like the enthusiasm of Jordon in his eternal search for toys and the excitement when he comes across a special toy.

    I find it educational to find out about some of the toys that I missed when I had 'better' things to do.

    And I always keep my eyes open for any toys that I have and his reaction... if any.

    I am glad that this show helps make toys more mainstream and to see some of the celebrities who are also collectors. I guess I can move out of the basement now. LOL.
  • old children's records

    I have old children's records looking to sell them hard vinyal
  • Really loving this show

    About halfway through season 1 so far, and really enjoying this show. Jordan has apparently been collecting, buying and selling toys for 25 years. And while he may not know everything about everything, as you would expect his knowledge is very broad - he seems at least familiar with just about everything, and certainly knows a lot.

    Anyone claiming he's inadequate because he "doesn't know" some particular thing THEY happen to know, is simply failing to see the bigger picture. Jordan probably doesn't know much about the particular toys I collect either. But if he knows even 10% of the toys manufactured since the 60s, he knows more than you or I, because there are literally MILLIONS of different products across all toy genres. Being a toy collector/expert across ALL toys is a massive undertaking.

    I collect toys too, and I'm also frankly baffled that some people take issue with Jordan's prices or methods.

    Sure, he offers to buy at low prices so that he can sell at higher prices. So what? That's every collectibles dealer on the planet for you, in every field of collecting. As well as every property agent, car dealer, and insurance broker. He offers convenience in exchange for a commission.

    What's more, he constantly tells the sellers (as if they didn't already know) that he "needs to make money" on top of his purchase prices. He's very clear about it.

    In some instances, sellers have no clue what items are actually worth, so he tells them - both in terms of what he can pay, and what he hopes to make afterward. And when they offer to sell at a figure that is dramatically too low, he increases *their* offer - in one instance, a guy was clueless about the value of his Jurassic Park toys and said "$600", but Jordan volunteered to give him $2000 for them - the guy was visibly shocked. Sure, Jordan went on to sell them for more than double that, but only to a particular Jurassic Park mega-collector with an absolute boat load (and entire basement) filled with Jurassic Park figures who Jordan flew to visit and meet in person.

    Finding a buyer ready to pay the best price is no easy task, not even on the internet. And Jordan does all the running, driving and flying around to make those personal connections, and often for sums of a few hundred bucks here and there. All the petrol costs and dead-end leads would wear me down. It's a job few people would do without absolutely loving toys!

    Aside of all that, the toys are the real stars of the show, and I've learned something new in every episode. It's just really great to see a TV program that taps into one of the great pop-culture phenomenons of our age - adult mega-collectors of toys from the past few decades, and above all, the enthusiasm and passion for old toys (whether they are cheap or priceless) is what makes this great TV.
  • I think he is great

    Honestly, and without being the uber-toy fan, I think that he is a very entertaining host.

    He might be a bit greedy, but hey it's his only job...

    Anyway, hope for many more seasons to come.
  • Doesn't know about comic books.

    Has no one noticed that he said Amazing Fantasy came out on Aug 15th??????

    He knows very little

    And I agree...he's a jerk. It would be nice to have another host.

    I've seen one good review of him on another site, mixed in with LOTS of bad ones.

    Rated 4 because of the toys.
  • Disappointing

    Very disappointing, I agree with the other reviewer. I had high expectations and the toys are cool, but Travel Channel didn't do it right
  • Lowballin jerk

    Why is Jordan Hembrough such a low balling jerk-itron? He acts like he cant make a single cent if his profit isn't at least 100%. Rapes actual fans and collectors out of their prize pieces for hardly anything. I think the Thumbnail of him below which is of a Gremlin fits him perfectly. As a nerd/ toy fan I really like seeing the rare toys and awesomely huge collections but this show could use some retooling with a new host and more focus on the toys and less on how much money this douche will scam out of honest trusting people.
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