Tracey McBean

Discovery Channel Kids (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Fairy Tales/Swap
      Fairy Tales/Swap
      Episode 45
      Part 1:Tracey is not ready to do the school's book report and goes a little berserk trying to prove that she's ready to handle the report. And, of course, she trapped in an ivention.

      Part 2: Megan Lost her voice

    • Zoo Story
      Zoo Story
      Episode 44
      Tracey takes care of an old man's pets, but some how they splatter everywere out or their cages. Can Tracy Stop them?
    • Surfbusters
      Episode 43
      Tracey & Smush gose on vacation
    • Time Skip
      Time Skip
      Episode 41
      Tracey & Shamus buits a time mechine so that they could win a base ball game.
    • Dirt Magnet
      Dirt Magnet
      Episode 40
      Sandy the Dog runs away in order to a voide a bath
    • Party On
      Party On
      Episode 39
      Tracey Make the new kid look bad & Shamus & Megen helped
    • Glaxay Blasters
      Glaxay Blasters
      Episode 38
      Tracey & Gordon discovers that there new friend is an alien
    • Teddys
      Episode 37
      People Still sleeps with Teddys
    • 13/Anti-Shamus
      Episode 36
      13:Tracey find a rare Card

      Anti-Shamus:Shamus becomes jealous when his mom plans his bithday. So Tracey decides to build a dream chair to get ideas. Shamus feels sleepy, but a darker verson of him grows
    • Big Things/The McConnelly Cousin
      Big Things:Tracey, Shamus, jim, jake, & Lazlo must make the best float ever.

      The McConnelly Cousin:A little girl annoys the town, while Tracey, Shamus & The McConnelly Brother are blamed
    • Gentleman Jim
      Gentleman Jim
      Episode 34
      Jim ends up losing his hat in the process and must now questions his masculinity as a result.
    • World Record
      World Record
      Episode 33
      Tracey & the school set-off a World Record.
    • The Vegetable That Cried Wolf
      Lazlo played a trick on Shamus so he can win a vegetable contest.
    • Election
      Episode 31
      Tracey & Shamus are in the class election.
    • Marble Mania
      Marble Mania
      Episode 30
      Lazlo & Shamus compete in a marble match-off in school called "Marble Mania". Tracy is force to do a cooking class
    • Bald Bob
      Bald Bob
      Episode 29
      The Story about a guy's wig. Tracey & Shamus must help find him
    • Bad Luck Lee
      Bad Luck Lee
      Episode 28
      Tracey has to help her friend with the his cousin and people are a a shamed as usual. When Lee gets carried off somewhere due to the gym's fury, Tracey has to find a way to fix this before it's too late.
    • Sherlock Tracey
      Sherlock Tracey
      Episode 27
      Tracey must find who took her dog's bowl. So She Turn herself into a dog & find it
    • Freckle Frenzy
      Freckle Frenzy
      Episode 13
      It's class piture day and Tracey wants to look her best. Shamus was on a holiday vacation and he just came back in time for the class picture. When Shamus was just about to join the class, Jim and Jake noticed that Shamus had freckles. This made Shamus desperate but Tracey tried everything to cheer him up. She even tried to up make-up on Shamus. Finally, it was time to invent away to get rid of those freckles. She invents a machine that would spin off the freckles. It does work but not noticing that the freckles spreads out in the whole town. Tracey and Shamus must get things back to normal before they end up in jail.moreless
    • Fallout
      Episode 12
      Tracey is just waiting for Shamus so they could finish their flying machine for their science project. Shamus just bought a new skateboard that almost took his allowance. When they made up some minor mistakes on the plane, Shamus' new board just broke. Tracey wanted to fix up the board and just trying to take it away from Shamus, it just broke into pieces. Also, Tracey had to get new wheels for her flying machine. She could find anything else that was perfect except for Shamus' wheels. She used it without asking Shamus and this started the argument. But afterwards, it really started to bore Tracey to invent by herself.moreless
    • Ultimate Jungle Gym
      The city's mayor demolishes the old playground and rebuilds a safer one. Unfortunately, the new playground is so lame, so Tracey and Shamus rebuilds it to make it more exciting. Instead of the kids playing, the grown-up take over. Now, the grown-ups doesn't want to do their jobs ever again and Tracey has to convince them.moreless
    • Gordon's Makeover
      Gordon's Makeover
      Episode 10
      Gordon gets a crush on the new girl student and he wants to impress her. Tracey also wants to get to the Leonardo exhibition except that her parents are too busy to take her. And they also think that she's too young to go alone. Tracey's only option is to ask Gordon. As in return, Gordon wants her to help him impress the new student.moreless
    • Gordon's Bed
      Gordon's Bed
      Episode 9
      Gordon hates getting up early, which makes him late to go to school, and the principal is going to suspend him if he's late again. And also, Tracey gets a crush on the scicence club's president. Tracey is really independent to join the club, but the president didn't allowed her. So, to prove that Tracey is good enough for the club, she's going to invent the Gordon Get Ready Bed, which would also solve her big brother's problem. Tracey gets in but also the club president wants to compete Tracey's invention to the science fair. What would Tacey choose to do?moreless
    • Finding the Beat
      Finding the Beat
      Episode 8
      Tracey hates Thursdays because she has to go to cooking class and she's more worst at cooking than at malfunctioning inventions. But in order to get out of cooking class, she has to join the sports team, and guess what? She's more worst at sports than cooking. What would she choose? Burn a cake or break a bone?moreless
    • Bugs
      Episode 7
      Shamus wants to join the gardening competition and grow the biggest tomato. But he grows his naturally, so, now he's losing hope since everyone else is using chemicals. Tracey puts up the greenhouse in her backyard. But when they did grew the biggest tomato, they also made a bug as big as a tomato.moreless
    • Zoom Boots
      Zoom Boots
      Episode 6
      Shamus has to join in the country's running race, because it has been a family tradition. Even if he doesn't win, as long as he beats a McConaly. Tracey trains Shamus in the track but she thinks Shamus is too slow. So, Tracey invents the zoom boots. And also, Tracey has to deal with the chores her mom and dad assigns her.moreless
    • Horsing Around
      Horsing Around
      Episode 5
      When Mrs. Carmody took the class to a field trip to the farm, Tracey just got bored until she saw a horse. She knew it had a pretty good name, only it was Tinkle. She asked her parents if she could have a horse, they didn't said no, but rather, they tried to let her know the responsibilities to taking care of a horse. It was really hard but just as she was about to give up, instead, she had a great idea. She'll make her very own horse. But this also makes Megan in love with the mechanical horse. Also, this sends Tracey's little sister into the rapids of the river.moreless
    • Robo Tracey
      Robo Tracey
      Episode 4
      Tracey is going to join this year's kite festival but the only problem is that she just had to invent the perfect kite. Too bad she's stuck with chores and homework. All she needs is an assistant that would do the mindless work while she gets on her kite. So much for having an assistant. Robo Tracey gets all the attention from the real Tracey's family. So, Tracey decided to make her own robot family. The kite festival is just about to arrive and the two Traceys just made up the same kite. The two of them were flew up in the air and the McBeans and the robots just had to work together to get them back on the ground. But in the end, it was just one McBean family is enough.moreless
    • Rainbow
      Episode 3
      Shamus' bike is a collectors item, but not all the people appretiate it. Especially, the McConaly brothers. Shamus secretly wants a new bike, and Megan, give the duo a very riduculous advice but a great idea. So they invent the Rainbow Machine. The Rainbow Machine is a success for earning money and also a target object for the McConalys to steal.moreless
    • Fancy Dress
      Fancy Dress
      Episode 2
      Tracey and Shamus plan out a costume for the fancy dress party at their school. While they're planning for the party, they also make the alien spaceship as one of their props and somehow, it malfunctions.
    • The Great Race
      The Great Race
      Episode 1
      When Shamus goes for something, he goes for it one hundred percent. This year it was frogs and he knows frogs more than any other kid. Shamus is just to drop out more frogs in a little pond when the mischevious brothers showed up with a racing car. This really annoyed Tracey and Shamus. The two brothers kept messing up the place. So, the two of them had to beat them in their own game. The only problem is that they don't know how to drive. So, they ask Uncle Arthur for help.moreless
  • Season 1