Tracey Takes On... - Season 0

HBO (ended 1999)


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Episode Guide

  • Tracey Ullman in the Trailer Tales
    Tracey Ullman returns in an all-new special starring the one-and-only "Ruby Romaine"--After a long career, veteran Hollywood makeup artist Ruby Romaine has finally decided to call it quits. Or has she? In a series of funny tales told from the confines of a make-up trailer, Ruby explains why she reconsidered her retirement and how she almost didn't get a second chance to do the two things she does best: touching up an actor's face and sharing the latest Hollywood gossip.moreless
  • Tracey Takes On...New York
    The Johnsons, Penny and Gordon, arrive in N.Y to see a Broadway musical, "Finnegan's Wake." Gordon gets the wrong subway train but agrees to meet Penny at the theater. It goes from bad to worse when he is mugged in Harlem, chased by the police and finally gets a ride with a "disgruntled ex-employee" with a bomb. Penny on the other hand has lunch with a handsome stranger, stumbles upon a photo shoot and becomes a model for an hour. She arrives at the theater just in time to see Linda Granger (star of "Finnegan's Wake") get run over so she takes her place. A disheveled Gordon arrives at the theater to find Penny on stage. Family Reunion starts with Janie Pillsworth's parents working for a rock star. Janie, now a successful New York magazine editor, is at work being filmed for an upcoming documentry. Unaware that her co-worker has hatched a scheme to make her look bad. It all comes to a head when Janie's parents (who are supposedly dead) arrive just as she's being interviewed. Janie comes to appreciate her family and puts them on the cover of her magazine. The Rosenthal Affair begins with Fern and Harry Rosenthal and their daughter, Sheila, arriving at a New York hotel for Sheila's wedding. They meet their future in-laws at the airport and begins to suspect that the in-laws are a little too perfect. It all comes to a head at the reception, when Fern causes a scene. However it ends happily when she finds out that the groom's mother is a recovering alcoholic.moreless
  • Tracey Ullman...A Class Act
    Trevor tells how the airline separates the passengers according to class: working, middle and upper. Kelly, Tim, and Peter have their lives documented from childhood through to the present. Kelly winds up with the director of the documentary, Timmy as a overly-stressed MP married to Virginia, and Peter becomes scared of his children. Janie explains how she became who she is today and why she disowned her parents. The co-pilot and Trever have a flirtatious moment while hes trying to deal with a problem in middle class. The show ends with Trevor singing "I am what I am."moreless