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Season 2 Episode 4

Las Vegas

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Virginia is frustrated when her flight is diverted from San Francisco to Las Vegas. Just in time as she was arriving from the "gastronomical desert" of New Zealand. Linda is excited about performing in Las Vegas once again, but she doesn't hold as much sparks as she did twenty years ago, and looks back on her memories while giving an interview on a bathtub filled with nonfat milk. Ruby is helping a friend cover up scars for a performance and talks about the time she worked on "Showgirls". Trevor finds himself alone in the company of the maid of his high-profile German magician friends, and puts on a white tux to catch Linda's act on the Lapland Lounge. Chic gives Tim Bugge passes to an adult show in case he wants fun on his own. Hope is in town working on a paper and is mistaken by a hooker after almost being run over by a drunk. Later, Chic thinks she's a lesbian when she asks him to drive her to a strip club. Tim runs into Fern at a blackjack table on his way to the Lapland Lounge, where Hope is trying to interview strippers as one of their own. Trevor's tiger attacks Linda during her performance while Hope was giving Tim a lapdance, and back in L.A. Sydney agrees to represent Linda in court.moreless
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