Season 2 Episode 12

Sunday's Child

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 1958 on CBS



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    • Tenner: What's this about Cindy?
      Hoby: Oh, it's a personal matter.
      Tenner: That's vague enough to make me wonder, Mr. Gilman. I might be jealous, you know.

    • Joe: You know I'm learning something, Ranger. I'm learning it hard and fast. Once a man's wearing the Mark of Cain, he's not given much of a chance to wash it off. Is he?

    • Henrietta: You men, aah! You're all alike. I've never met one yet who would admit that another man was wrong.
      Hoby: Well you know right now, Henrietta, I wish you were a man so I could take a poke at you.
      Henrietta: And then I'd hit you right back. And when we got tired of hitting one another, we'd go to the nearest saloon and drink to each other's long life and future happiness.

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